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[Partial] Map of Mathematics Poster by Dominic Walliman
Via Flickr:
All of mathematics summarised in one poster. I made this map for my youtube channel After my successful Map of Physics video, many people requested that I make a Map of Mathematics, and this is the result. I hope you enjoy it!

   Missed algebraic geometry and prolly a couple more of fields but still it’s great. :)

grew up as best friends but you got hot over the summer can i touch ur biceps AU

Modern day Javid AU where Davey is the awkward neighbor
Part 1 of 3

“Mom do we have to?” Les whined from the backseat.
Davey wiped another tick mark on the dusty dash with his finger.
“That makes 8 times he’s asked that question.” Davey announced to the entire car.
Sarah kicked the back of his seat and threw a goldfish cracker at Les. “Can both of you stop? Like seriously.”
Mrs. Jacobs sighed. “Play nice now. How old are you guys again? And Les, please stop asking. We are spending the summer at grandma’s and that’s final. This might be the last time you get to see her and she really needs our help.” Her kids all fell silent as they fidgeted uncomfortably in their seats. “I would hope you haven’t forgotten that Grandma is the one who let us stay with her for years when you kids were younger. We owe her a lot.”
“Yeah, but isn’t Grandma also the one who kicked you out when you were 19 and pregnant with me?” Sarah muttered from the backseat.
Mrs. Jacobs closed her eyes and sighed. “Please guys. She needs us and she’s family. It’s just for the summer.”
The kids were silent the rest of the way there as they all tried not to think about the awkward tension that had overtaken the car. Davey had never been more relieved to see his Grandma’s house in his life when they pulled into her drive a few hours later.
The Jacobs family began unloading their suitcases and duffle bags from the trunk when they heard a loud engine rev and all turned to watch a black pick up truck fly down the street, swerving just in time to avoid their grandmother’s recycling bins and screech to a halt in the drive next door.
“What is all that noise?” Davey’s grandmother appeared on the porch to investigate the source of the commotion but Davey wasn’t paying attention to her. He was focused on the driver of the truck who was now hopping out of the drivers seat, grinning.
“Are those the Jacobs kids?” The boy squinted in the bright Florida sun and pulled a worn baseball cap from his back pocket to set on his dark hair. He began crossing the strip of grass between his house and the Jacobs’ to greet the neighbor kids he used to play with everyday for 3 years when they were little.
“Jack Kelly?” Mrs. Jacobs grinned. “How are you honey?”
“He’s awful loud, is what he is.” Grandma Jacobs complained from her perch on the front stoop.
Grandma’s noise complaint didn’t seem to phase Jack as he accepted Mrs. Jacobs’ hug and kissed her on the cheek. “Mama Jacobs, I’ve missed you.”
Jack pulled away and turned to his former playmates.
“Sarah, you lost the pigtails? How am I supposed to annoy you now if I can’t pull your braids and get you to scream bloody murder?”
Sarah punched him in the shoulder but hugged him after. “Believe it or not, I actually did miss you. Nobody builds a blanket fort like Jack Kelly.”
Jack puffed out his chest and grinned. “You got that right.” He turned and ruffled Les’ hair. “Is this baby Les? I haven’t seen you since you learned how to use a toilet.”
Les stuck his tongue out at him.
“And my god Davey Jacobs, you haven’t changed at all.”
Davey tried to respond but his brain stopped functioning the minute Jack stepped out of that truck. Davey might not have changed, but Jack sure as hell had. The scrawny seven year old boy who used to have a gap between his teeth and long hair that always fell in his eyes was now a 6 ft tall Abercrombie model with a dazzling smile and biceps that made it look like he never missed arm day. Davey suddenly felt self conscious about the fact that he got winded carrying the laundry basket upstairs.
“Hello? David?” Jack waved a hand in front of Davey’s unfocused eyes. “You still there?”
Sarah rolled her eyes and slapped Davey on the back. “He’s probably daydreaming about math or physics of something else boring.”
Davey blushed and looked at his scuffed sneakers. “Hey Jack.” He mumbled to the ground.
Jack just laughed and patted Davey’s shoulder. “Can I help with those bags?”
“That ruffian isn’t allowed in my house!” Grandma Jacobs called loudly from the porch.
“Doreen, you’re looking stunning today as usual. Are those new dentures?”
The Jacobs kids snickered as Jack backed away to his own house.
“You guys gotta stop over sometime and we’ll hang out like we used to. Come by anytime!” Jack waved goodbye as he disappeared into his house, screen door slamming behind him.


Davey survived the first few days at his grandmother’s home, but only by holing himself away in his room to read. He was halfway through the fifth Harry Potter book one afternoon when Sarah barged into the tiny bedroom he and Les were sharing and snatched the book from his hands.
“Come on. Let’s get outta here.” She jingled the keys to their mom’s car in his face before he smacked her hand away.
“Go away. I’m reading.”
“You’re always reading.” Sarah grabbed his feet and tried to drag him from the bed and Davey clung to the headboard. “Besides, I already asked Jack and he’s taking us to a party tonight.”
Davey couldn’t help the involuntary blush that spread across his face at the mention of Jack. “I’m not going.”
“Davey please. How are you ever gonna get in Jack’s pants if you stay in this room all day long?”
“What! No, that’s not- I mean” Davey squeaked as his face grew even more red.
Sarah succeeded in getting Davey off the bed and he rolled to the floor with a huff. “Davey. I can see you making heart eyes at his house all day long. Like somehow he’s gonna know you’re in love with him because you stare longingly at his shutters.”
Davey thought he hadn’t been quite so obvious. “It doesn’t matter, he’s probably not-”
“Yes he is.” Sarah interjected.
“Sarah he spent half our childhood chasing girls on the playground.”
“He swings both ways stupid. Now get up and put on something besides that tshirt you’ve been wearing for three days. We’re going out tonight, I already cleared it with mom.”
Davey scrambled off the floor as Sarah flung open his closet door and began rummaging through his clothes.
“How can you possibly know which way he swings? We’ve only been here a week!”
Sarah shrugged and she held up a blue button down up against Davey’s chest before tossing it aside. “I have connections in this town. Also, remember that girl that used to hang around with us all the time? Katherine? She also bats for both teams.” Sarah wiggled her eyebrows. “She’s still good friends with Jack and filled me in. Also, she got hella hot and will be there tonight so you need to get ready so I can focus on my own appearance.”
Davey pushed Sarah out of his closet and dug around til he found the shirt he wanted.
“I guess I could go for a little bit…”
“Perfect! Be ready in the car in 20 minutes!”
Sarah hurried out of the room, slamming the door behind her. Davey stared longingly at his book before signing and pulling off his tshirt to get dressed for their night out.


The party was loud, the kids were drunk, Davey was sandy and Jack was nowhere to be found which culminated in a rather unsociable Davey, sitting in a folding chair at the fringes of the beach party nursing a Pepsi. Sarah had long since disappeared with a red solo cup in one hand and Katherine’s hand in the other and the keys to the car in her pocket. Davey really should have seen this coming. He knew Sarah was smart enough not to drive drunk but now he was stuck at the beach until Sarah reappeared. And given her track record, that might not be until tomorrow morning.
Sighing, Davey pushed himself out of the lawn chair and began the long walk back to his grandmothers house. He was only 10 minutes away from the party when a car slowed on the street next to him.
“Hey stranger!” Jack rolled the passenger window down and put the truck in park as Davey as stopped walking. “Where are you going?”
“H-home.” Davey stuttered. He blushed when he heard how nervous his own voice sounded.
“Get in!” Jack unlocked the door and leaned across the seat to open it for him. Davey bit his lip, weighing his options for a moment before hopping up into the truck. The walk back to his grandma’s house was a long one and the view was much better from the passenger seat of Jack’s truck.
Jack fiddled with the radio as they drove in silence for a while. When they passed the turn off street for both their homes, Davey spoke up.
“Hey, you-”
“I know.” Jack cut in, eyes not leaving the road. “I wanna show you something.” He looked up at Davey, sounding slightly nervous. “I mean if that’s okay?”
Davey tried to think of something cute or flirty to say but ended up shrugging and making a weird affirmative squeaking noise that made Jack smile and Davey sink further in his seat blushing.
Jack pulled off the road onto a dirt path that lead toward the ocean. This beach wasn’t full of loud, drunk teenagers though. It was quiet except for the waves lapping against the sandy shore and the hum of insects in the grass.
Jack unbuckled and opened his door. “You coming?”
Davey nodded and hopped out his own door. He followed Jack down to the beach where they both removed their shoes and walked quietly together along the shoreline.
“So how have you been Davey?”
“Oh, you know. Alright I guess.” Davey shrugged and dragged his toe in the sand.
Jack studied him closely. “They bully you in school don’t they?”
Davey looked away quickly. “I… No, that’s not- I mean a little I guess.”
Jack traced his finger along the bruise on Davey’s arm that he told his mom came from tripping down the stairs. Davey flinched.
“I’m sorry.” Jack reached for Davey’s hand cautiously.
“Do you like me?” Davey turned to him, surprising himself with his authoritative tone.
Jack’s eyebrows shot up. “I mean-”
“Because I like you. A lot.” Davey interjected. “I think you’re really hot and I would like to kiss you if that’s okay.”
Jack tried to keep himself from grinning but failed miserably. “That would be very okay.”
With that green light, Davey leaned on his tiptoes and pressed his chapped lips against Jack’s soft, warm ones. They only broke apart when Jack stepped backwards too quickly and began to stumble. Davey stepped back as he watched Jack fall to the ground as sand puffed up around him. He began laughing as he extended a hand to help Jack back up on his feet but Jack yanked his arm so Davey toppled forward, landing on Jack’s chest. His laugh faded away as he realized that he was practically laying on Jack and he attempted to get up with mumbled apologies.
Jack’s strong arms held him down and he pressed a kiss to Davey’s nose. “Don’t be sorry.”
“We’re gonna get sandy.” Davey pointed out as Jack rolled them over and began kissing Davey’s neck softly. Davey lost all ability to form a coherent argument when Jack sucked at the pulse point where his neck and shoulder met.
“Ohhhhhh Jack!”
Jack grinned at him. “You were saying?”
Davey ran his hands down Jack’s hard arms and he fumbled with the hem of his tshirt as he tried to tug it over Jack’s head. “Ignore me. I don’t mind being sandy at all.”
“Well what would your grandma say if she saw you rolling around with that rascally neighbor boy in the sand?” Jack said teasingly as he let Davey pull the shirt over his head and began working on Davey’s own button down.
“Fuck my grandma.”
“Well I would rather fuck you. You’re a lot hotter than Doreen.”
Davey’s giggle quickly turned into a moan as Jack started mouthing his way across Davey’s bare chest.
“I suppose we don’t really have to go home tonight.”


“Where have you been?!” Davey froze in his tracks and cursed the squeaky screen door.
He turned to face his mother, who tapped her foot impatiently.
“Davey it’s four in the morning.”
Davey fiddled with the collar of his shirt, hoping to hide the hickeys from his mom’s eagle eye. She sighed and stepped out of his way to let him pass.
Davey breathed a sigh of relief and started up the stairs.
“Tell Jack that if he’s trying to sneak you home again this summer, he needs to buy a muffler for that truck.”
Davey opened mouth, trying to come up with a reason why he would be out with Jack til the early hours of the morning without giving away what had happened on the beach but his mom just turned off the lamp.
“Goodnight Davey.”

New studyblr

Hey guys, I’m Bay (that’s not actually my name but I don’t want to give me real name out just yet) and next year I’ll be going into year 11. I decided to make a studyblr to help motivate me for GCSEs but also to share any useful revision tips if I find anything which really helps me

aqa English language , aqa English literature (Macbeth, animal farm, Jekyll and Hyde, power & conflict poetry), aqa German, aqa food prep and nutrition, aqa RS (Christianity & Islam), edexcel history (Warfare through time, Richard & John, Russia, the Cold War), ocr gateway biology, ocr gateway chemistry, ocr gateway physics, ocr maths & further maths

I’ll also probably rant about the new exam specs and grading system because well…

☄ I’m vegetarian
☄ My star sign is Capricorn
☄ I prefer tv shows to films
☄ I have no clue what I want to take for a-level
☄ I also have no clue what I want to do in the future
☄ my favourite subject is probably history but it’s always changing
☄ I’m a ravenclaw (I think, it’s been a long time since I did the quiz)

Studyblrs which I have been following (from my main account @aholidayfromdealing , this is a side blog) and loving for a long time include: @nutmegstudies @colorfulstudiess @revisiign @studylustre @cosmicstudies @elkstudies @solsticestudies @studyablr @studyblr @classicalstudies @studyfeather @peepstudies
There are also loads of other studyblr who’s work has inspired me!

How to be an Effective Tutor // by starPLATINUM

Hey guys, Star here. I’m a new studyblr, so you guys probably don’t know but I’ve been a math and physics tutor for two years now (ever since I started college!) and an engineering Statics tutor for one year. I’ve been told by a bunch of our freshmen that I’ve somewhat of a fan favorite, because I have a bunch of experience with the subjects I tutor and with tutoring in general.

Some of you bright students may be offered tutoring jobs at your schools/universities, so I thought I should offer some tips on how to tutor effectively. Alternatively, these tips apply to study groups, as well, if you have to catch any of your friends up with the material!

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My Study Blog Introduction

Hello everybody!!

My name is Lety and I’m new in the studyblr community, I literally decided to begin a studyblr yesterday, so I will do my best to not let it be a crappy studyblr!

I am 17 going into my senior year of high school, the subjects I will constantly be posting about will be

• Physics
• Math
• Calculus (differential calcculus & integral calculus)
• Probability & Statistics

Hopefully some music, language and possibly bullet journaling in the future.

I leave here a list of the studyblrs that inspired me!


Quantum Math Could Explain Irrational Reasoning

by Gabriel Popkin, Inside Science

Quantum theory, developed about a century ago to explain the puzzling behavior of elementary particles, could also help explain seemingly irrational aspects of human reasoning.

The mathematics behind this highly successful physics theory has now provided a way to explain why people respond differently to survey questions depending on the questions’ ordering, scientists report June 16 in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Human reasoning is notoriously fickle, inconsistent and full of seemingly obvious fallacies. A prime example of such apparently irrational decision-making is the “order effect”: Researchers routinely find that the sequence in which they ask survey questions affects how people respond to them. In a 1997 Gallup poll, for instance, when surveyors asked people if they thought Bill Clinton was honest and trustworthy, roughly seven percent more respondents answered “yes” if they were first asked whether Al Gore was honest and trustworthy.

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this week was a little less stressful than last week. so I decided to keep my weekly spread and maths homework fun and fluorescent pink. I’ve decided I’m not going to do the typical tiny neat handwriting for my notes as it will not help me at all. I will probably post homework and occasionally some notes 💕

A real Flash? (Chapter 6)

Summarized: You became a real female speedster, but you didn’t exactly know how this was even possible, or what happened to you. No one knew something about your secret not even your family. You wanted to keep it a secret when an accident forced you to show that you were real and not just a legend.


(Please let me know if you like this kind of stories. )

You went back to your friends with a huge smile on your face and dreamy eyes.

“So what was this conversation all about?” Caroline asked curious.  

“Uh nothing. He had to go.”

“And what else?! I mean come on! “

“He invited me for dinner, I guess. A BBQ with friends of his and his brother, actually.”

“What?!” Everyone said at the same time and they were looking at you with a very surprised and confused expression on their faces.

“Why that? Are you friends with him or what?” Liam this time.

“No … we’ve just met once, this week when this Flash thing showed up at this accident downtown. We talked a little but not much more. I am surprised too, but he said he wanna get to know me better.”

“Wait, you’ve seen this Flash thing? What else didn’t you tell us?”

More than you think…

“Yeah I’ve seen it. Or not, I mean it was so fast, but I didn’t think that you would be interested in something like that.”

“Everyone is talking about the Flash or however it call itself! I mean, have you ever seen something like that? This cannot exist in the real world! This is not possible!”

“Calm down Patrick,” you laughed. You’ve never seen him so excited about something like that. But he was probably because he studied physics and maths and The Flash would change the whole knowledge about both of it. Probably even more.

“It surely can. You’ve seen it yourself!” Liam said in a harsh tone, obviously annoyed at the topic. You could only imagine how much Patrick was talking about it with him.

“You’ve seen it too?” You asked.

“Yeah today actually. There was a bank robbery and I was walking down the streets when this thing just ran past me! All I’ve seen was a red blur and even a lightning was behind it! And with the blink of an eye it was gone! Incredible!” You started giggling because Patrick put one fist upon his head and tried to look like superman, just with a goofy smirk on his lips while singing out the Darth Vader song which made no sense at all, but this was just how Patrick was. Always goofing around and doing funny but weird stuff. Not believable that he was actually the smartest kid in his whole class.

“So when will you go to his place? Will he pick you?” Emily asked you, desperately wanting to change the topic to stop Patrick from doing more awkward stuff in public.

“Patrick stop it!” You laughed. “Don’t you see that everyone is embarrassed because of you goofing around all the time?”

He just stuck out his tongue in your direction. “Pff when they can’t handle my coolness.”  He ran his fingers through his hair, pretending to have a mirror in front of him.

You just rolled your eyes.

“It’ll start at 8pm but he said that he wouldn’t mind if I would come sooner … whatever this means.”

“Oh my Gosh!” Emily and Caroline exclaimed and giggled over your confused face.  

“What? What is it?”

“He wants some alone time with you! But invites you over to a BBQ with friends so it’s not so suspicious and it’s less grimly! How can’t you see that?!” Emily explained dramatically shocked that you didn’t see it yourself in the first place.

The boys took your conversation as a goodbye to them, because they probably knew that the girl’s talk had just took over and they didn’t want to be in the way beside that it was already getting late.

“I don’t know … I-I just don’t think that he thinks about me that way. I mean maybe he just thinks that I am likeable and that’s it! Can’t imagine he may like me that way, when he could have every girl he wants.”

“Yeah but that’s the point! He wants you!”


You had talked a bit too long with Emily and Caroline, but now you really had to go.

Back at your place you wanted to prepare a salad and maybe a dessert for the dinner, but you were torn between a tiramisu or just a cake. Or nothing of those? Maybe this would all be way too much.  

In the end you decided to make the tiramisu just like your mother always did it. It was an easy and quick recipe. The preparation for both, the salad and the tiramisu, took you less than one minute. After that you put the tiramisu in the refrigerator and begun to make yourself ready.

But that was way harder than you thought. After you came out of the shower you searched for something to wear and even though your wardrobe was full with al kind of clothes, you didn’t find something.  

There you stood totally desperate, because everything was overwhelming you. You put too much pressure on yourself but for what? Were you afraid that he wouldn’t like you when you would wear something he wouldn’t like? Or were you afraid of what his friends and brother would think about you? That made absolutely no sense, because he clearly liked you even though you were all sweaty today and looked like a hobo in your eyes, but still he invited you. And was it really important what his friends and brother would think about you? Everything that counted was that Grant liked you the way you were. And again, he clearly did… or not? But should you really do this? You couldn’t hide forever who you were. He was smart, he would find out sooner or later. Was it selfish that you kinda wanted that to happen? Just to have someone to talk to? Of course you wouldn’t, because you couldn’t be selfish with him. Not if that would mean that he would get in danger because of you. But wouldn’t that mean that you should stay as far away from him as possible? To not let this happen? To make sure he’s save? But why didn’t you? Why was it such a temptation to be near him … to be with him?

You shook your head to shake all these bad thoughts off. You weren’t a bad person, because you just couldn’t stand not being with him, or were you? You didn’t know, not at this point, but you had the dark feeling that you would find out sooner or later.

It felt like you changed a hundred times, maybe you even did, but in the end you found something quite wearable. You wore a blue skirt and a white crop top which had flowers on it and you wore normal sandals with it. It was quite hot and just in case it would get colder in the evening you took a cardigan with you. Your (Y/H/C) hair fell on your shoulders and made waves like a shiny waterfall.

Your (Y/E/C) seemed to be even more intense because of you decent make-up. All in all you were quite happy with the result and you also felt good and confident in this outfit.

You checked the clock, it was 6.30 pm now, which you thought would be a good time to go.

You took the tiramisu out of the refrigerator and you put the salad into a box which was big enough for the salad but small enough so you could carry it in your bag.

With a deep breathe you walked out of your apartment, holding the paper Grant gave you in your hand and so you could find his address. And then you ran, Flash speed of course. This was easier with all the things you carried with you than taking the bus, because you didn’t own a car, and it was much faster of course.

Without any problems you found his address but as you stood in front of the door you didn’t have the courage to ring. All the bad thoughts came back. Should you really do this?

Before you could think about an answer the door opened itself.

Grant had opened the door and looked down at you with sparkling eyes and a huge smile on his face.

“Did you want to wait out here until it’s dark?” he said and laughed.

“I was just about to ring,” you said in a sassy but still friendly tone.

“Howsoever, you wanna come in?”

“I would like that!”

He closed the door behind you and showed you the way to the living room and the open kitchen. The whole wall was made of windows so you could see the beach and his garden. Jett and Nora were currently outside and laid in the evening sun and slept.

“Wow,” you said, because everything was so huge, but still not too much at all. It didn’t look palatial in a way that intimidated you. It was a decent luxury which seemed to fit perfectly to him.

“I could say the exact same thing to you! You look … “He searched for the right word. “Stunning!”

You blushed right away. “You don’t look too bad either,” you said and laughed just like he did.

Grant wore a normal Jeans and a normal shirt, so nothing really worth talking about, but for some reason he looked incredibly hot in it. But this was probably just the advantage of being hot no matter what. He always looked good, he didn’t even have to try. Sometimes you asked yourself if he knew that himself.

“Uh I brought something with me. I don’t know if you’ll like it but I made a tiramisu and a normal salad … which was probably not necessary, but I didn’t want to come without something.” You walked over to his kitchen island and took out the salad and the tiramisu.

“That is really attentive, thank you! And I guess, everyone will love it!”

You were still wondering why he wanted you to come sooner. Was it like Caroline and Emily said? Did he want some alone time with you? Why? Should you ask him?

As you wanted to say something, one of his dogs barked. You looked through the window, seeing both of them standing in front of the door and waggled with their tails.

“Can I?”

“Of course!”

You opened the door and stepped out smelling the scent of the see and hearing the sound of the waves a few feet away.

“Hey, Jett and Nora. Wanna play? Where are your toys?” you talked to the dogs and made your super silly but adorable baby voice. (Come one guys! Everyone talks in a baby tone with their pets! xD). You grabbed a ball and threw it so they could bring it back. Jett ran after it right away, but Nora just stood there and wanted you to pet her which you did. Jett came back with ball in his mouth and you threw it another time. And as he ran again you couldn’t help laughing about how adorable he was. Grant didn’t say something, he just watched you. You felt his looks in your back but you didn’t turn around. And then after a little while he sat down on the grass just like he did this morning.

“They both like you a lot, I guess. Normally they’re shyer around strangers, especially Nora.” He pointed to Nora. She was about to lay down in the grass next to you, so you could still stroke her.

“Do you have pets?” he asked then.

“Yeah I have a dog too. They remind me a lot of him… “

“Why do you sound so sad, talking about him?”

“He’s not here with me. Haven’t seen him for three years now…”

“Oh, I am sorry. So this means you’re not from here originally? “

“I just moved here, because of collage… My finals are coming up in a few weeks, I don’t know what I am doing after that…”

Grant nodded with an expression on his face which you couldn’t tell what it meant. But honestly this wasn’t just the only reason why you sounded sad talking about your dog or family generally. You felt guilty. You felt guilty because you could have easily visited them over the last year, when everything changed. You could have told them about your powers, you could have seen them every day since, but you never did. You thought about that every day, but even though you wanted to do it so many times, you just didn’t do it actually. Sometimes you asked yourself why this had happened to you. Why you? From over seven billion people on this planet, why you? Although you were grateful most of the time, you felt like a monster or alien as much as you felt good about it. You were different. You were the one thing no one could explain. No one could figure out. People were afraid of that and sometimes you even thought your family would be too. And you just couldn’t stand the thought of them looking at you with fear in their eyes.  But you never even tried to explain yourself.

Once you actually ran to them, the day you got your powers. You stood in front of your family’s house which once was your house too, but at this moment you didn’t feel like you would belong there anymore. Everything felt different. You remembered standing in front of the kitchen window, seeing you mother and dad preparing dinner. They seemed happy and carefree. You didn’t want that to change and out of a sudden you felt like an invader. Someone who didn’t belong there. And then you just turned around and ran away again.

“Hey, everything okay?” Grant looked at you with a worried expression on his face.

You flinched as he snapped you out of your thoughts.

“Yeah, I-I am fine. “ You tried to smile. Why could I just not tell him the truth? You felt so lonely. You had good friends and now you weren’t alone either, but still you felt lonely. All the time.

You were guarded all the time, very carefully about not saying something about your secret. What would he think about you if he knew who you really was? Would he be afraid? Would he understand you?  

“You sure?”

“Actually, … I-I-I need to talk to you about something,” you stuttered.

“What’s up?”

And then the bell rang. It just shouldn’t be, you thought then. So you wouldn’t tell him anything now, he would probably forget it anyways.

“I’ll be right back.”

You petted Nora with the right hand and Jett with the left.

“I don’t know what to do. I am torn apart and it feels like I can’t do this anymore… Am I a monster?” You talked to them.  

You turned around as you heard someone opening the door again. You stood up.

“So, Tyler – (Y/N). (Y/N) – Tyler.” Grant introduced the two of you.

“Nice to meet you!” you said and shook his hand.

“Nice to meet you too (Y/N), Grant couldn’t stop talking about you on the phone!”

Grant made a gesture which should tell Tyler to shut up. Tyler laughed, you too.

“Did he? But we just met…”

“You know just the normal stuff: prettiest girl he has ever seen…” Grant slapped him on the shoulder.

“Ouch! I will not say anything anymore, okay! Calm down, bro.” Grant rolled his eyes, but Tyler just laughed. “But he was right though…” he said and Grant tried to look mad, but couldn’t help smiling as he saw you blushing.

“Okay let’s get this party started! Should I heat up the grill?” Grant nodded and gave him some coal and a lighter.

I know it’s kinda boring, but there will be more action in the upcoming chapters xD Does anyone have notifications on? I am just wondering… So?

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Science masterpost?

i’m not sure if you’re requesting one or asking for them, but here’s what i have in terms of science-related things i’ve reblogged:

feel free to reblog if you have anything to add!

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any tips on making truly useful notes? I always worry I`m leaving out something important and start re-reading the textbook.

First of all, I would recommend you take a moment to evaluate whether detailed notes are actually what you need. Because some classes only require the bare bones of notes and instead need a lot of practice problems (e.g., math, physics), meaning you’re probably wasting precious practice time if all you’re focusing on is your notes. If you’re taking a class where it would definitely benefit you to have solid notes (e.g., history, literature), then proceed from here.

(Btw, there are some classes where some units might be better suited for notes vs. practice. So evaluate the unique needs for every unit.)

The Cornell note taking system is a great way to take useful notes. It’s based on recall, which helps you learn. So you should consider them. If you don’t like that particular style of page, you can improvise. For example, you could mark a short code next to a part of your notes and create a corresponding question flashcard with that code on it. Use color coding, as well. That way it’s easy to find the bigger explanation in your notes.

Either way, find a way to transform your notes into questions, then practice with them.

A strategy for book notes is to write down all the headings and subheadings in your notes as you go. You could even write down page numbers in the margins. That way, if you need to go back and reference some specific detail you didn’t write down, you know where to find it. That gives me peace of mind, personally.

Overall, notes should be a summary of the important concepts written down in a way that makes the most sense to you. If you’re given a list, make a chart. If something can be made into a mind map and you prefer it, do that. If it would only make sense drawing a diagram, draw a diagram. Your goal should not be to copy down every detail. Rather, your goal should be to understand the material.

Notes are for the purpose of making you understand. The process of note taking should be helping you better understand the material.

If you’re making new notes just for the sake of trying to remember things, you’re missing the point of note taking. There is no magic formula to remember the details. You will remember the details if you force yourself to recall them through practice, which could mean practice problems or just plain repetition with flashcards. I really do think the key part is realizing that the purpose of notes should be to help you better understand or conceptualize. Which is different for everyone. But that’s the bottom line.

If you’re really concerned about the small details, don’t be. Focus on the big picture and the details will come. Any small details you miss along the way will not be as important as the bigger concepts you need to understand.


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