probably math or physics


[Partial] Map of Mathematics Poster by Dominic Walliman
Via Flickr:
All of mathematics summarised in one poster. I made this map for my youtube channel After my successful Map of Physics video, many people requested that I make a Map of Mathematics, and this is the result. I hope you enjoy it!

   Missed algebraic geometry and prolly a couple more of fields but still it’s great. :)

Hello!! I am a new studyblr from Singapore and have been greatly inspired by the studyblr community hence I decided to start one as well!! Here’s a few facts about me:

1) I’m Hazela, 16 turning 17

2) currently in a junior college in sg

3) most probably studying H2 Physics, Chemistry, Math and Economics

4) I love languages! Currently trying to learn Korean in my free time, but I doubt I will have much free time when classes and tests kicks in.

5) Follow me to join me in this study journey!! Hopefully I will inspire you as much as these blogs do @study-well @totes-my-notes @successobsessed @a-cademic @arihstotle @elkstudies @theorganisedstudent @studyblr-for-days

How to be an Effective Tutor // by starPLATINUM

Hey guys, Star here. I’m a new studyblr, so you guys probably don’t know but I’ve been a math and physics tutor for two years now (ever since I started college!) and an engineering Statics tutor for one year. I’ve been told by a bunch of our freshmen that I’ve somewhat of a fan favorite, because I have a bunch of experience with the subjects I tutor and with tutoring in general.

Some of you bright students may be offered tutoring jobs at your schools/universities, so I thought I should offer some tips on how to tutor effectively. Alternatively, these tips apply to study groups, as well, if you have to catch any of your friends up with the material!

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