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What would you think the Crows would be like in a modern au?

so kaz would be that ride or die kid who would help you bury a body without asking any questions. one word texter. always leavin ppl on read. super ominous, all the time. has a snapchat but he never snaps anyone. still uses a cane, and gets suspended for beating other students with it. still as over-dramatic as ever. probably calls himself dirtyhands bc it gives him street cred. “hey kaz why do you drink black coffee it tastes awful” “suffering is like anything else. live with it long enough and you learn to love the taste”

if this were a cheesy teen movie, inej would be the basic love interest who is a girl but!!! like sPOrT???!!! unheard of??? to the boy population at the school. most boys think she is just one of the guyz but one local boy sees something ~*more*~ and there’s a slowmo scene in the hall where they make eye contact but then she brushes off the boy to go skateboard or something equally better than love (she gets w the guy in the end but thats lame skateboarding is more fun)

jesper is meme-central alright like he just doesn’t stop and kaz keeps threatening him but jesper just mocks it back to him w his hands on his hips. would rather send an unrelated meme than an answer to a serious question. he dresses like macklemore. literally, he buys all his clothes at a thrift store. and he’d pop tags. kids can’t really gamble in the modern world, and there’s not a lot of epic gun showdowns, so he’s gotta get his adrenaline from somewhere. wylan is proud of him for getting through one shopping trip without stealing anything, but as soon as they’re outside, jesper yells yeet! and throws wylan a bright blue fedora he’d shoved in his backpack. 

wylan is already a pretty modern kid? rich white kid who plays the flute?? runs away from his parents. he probably let anyone copy off his homework at first but after getting in with kaz, some of dirtyhand’s cruelty rubbed off on him and sure he’ll let you copy off him still, but what is he going to get in return? his style of humor is gay jokes. anything he doesn’t want to do? homophobic. someone blocking his way? “move, i’m gay.” sometimes does prank videos but only on kuwei.

nina. food blogger. instagram famous. probably does youtube makeup tutorials, and “what i ate today” recipe videos. fights for a ton of different causes and uses her platforms to bring attention to gofundmes and campaigns to donate to. always super busy hanging out with a hundred different people. sometimes she takes off days for herself and gives herself a lil spa day. and somedays she just stays home to watch romance movies and try creative popcorn combinations. (popcorn and pickles or popcorn topped w syrup?? posts a poll on twitter. pickles win but she strongly disagrees)

matthias pretends to hate his name in nina’s phone (brooding yellow 🌷) but he really loves it. pretends to hate nina’s cheesy romance movies but he really loves it. just really loves nina. he’s probably big into sports, any sport, all sport, mostly hockey. has a really quiet social media scene; probably just posts videos of his husky talking. nina is always trying to explain memes to him and he only starts understanding how to use it after it’s died. probably wears socks and nike slides.

kuwei is a certified nerd™. will stay up until 3am watching bad memes, illuminati theories, and bill nye. actually got along rly well with wylan when they were kids. only has a ginger ale at raging parties bc one time kaz thought it would be funny to get kuwei sloppy drunk and he’s never drunk alcohol or trusted kaz since (kaz filmed him trying to make out with jesper and sent it to wylan and so began the rivalry) tries a lil too hard to be in with the dregs. he doesn’t wait for anyone’s permission to do anything. always runs out of data on his phone. has at least 5k photos on his phone, at all times. dabs unironically


OH BOY OH BOY OH BOY! I received this same ask 4 times, in less than 24h. It just took me some time to answer it because I had to gather data.

I didn’t had a tumblr when that video was out so my detailed analyses wasn’t shared with ANYONE! But now you asked and I am ssoooooo glad you did. Because OH BOY!! I can easily spot a liar. And Jungkook was clearly caught in a lie.

Here we go : It starts with Taehyung doing a Vlive. A viewer asks him to go to another member’s room. 

He states that he doesn’t know their room’s number.

So He texts the other members to ask them about their whereabouts (using a group chat). You can hear him texting around 5:20. Somebody (we will discover later that he was talking to Jin, who was taking a bath) offers him to go to JK’s room and even gives him the room’s number. 

But he definetly texts JK to tell him that he is coming (5:35 to 5:41). He was smiling as he kept looking at his phone, waiting for a reply. However, He will not wait for an answer from JK. Because normally he is known to be always on his phone especially if the other members are doing a Vlive (Remember when Jin and jimin were doing a Vlive and kookie just came in). So he will assume that it is not a nuisance. Just a fun way to entertain Armys.

I want you to focus here: The text was sent at 5:41 and tae was in front of JK’s door at 6:14. Be it more than half a minute. 6:14 to 6:18 V will be calling Jungkook while knocking the door. JK will answer at 6:21 (It took him 7 seconds) to ask who it was. Of course he knew it was Tae tae. the members always joke how they can know eachothers just by their breathing or footsteps. He was just delaying the time. One more thing to take into consideration. The hotel rooms are not soundproof. Is this why JK is playing the music? (We will comeback to this point later). At 6:28 JK will be like asking someone ‘Who could it be?’. Then quickly finds the first excuse that comes to mind ‘I am not wearing clothes’. Because think about it, no other excuse could have worked better. This is also the first excuse you think of if you want someone to not just barge in into your room.

He will keep making unnecessary noises before opening the door. as if he was trying to hide the footsteps of someone (6:45).  Only at 6:49 JK finaly opens the room. It took him (6:14 to 6:49) 35 seconds. Knowing that he didn’t even wear pants… that take 3 seconds to put on nor the least tie his bathrobe belt that took him 7s on camera. So even the mere 10 seconds were precious doing something else? 

The light was  dim. And I could understand someone staying in a weak lighted room. (i am like that too). BUT a soft lighted room, naked and with some soft music he doen’t even know? This is called a mood setter to Bang Bing Bara Bing Bang. Maybe being naked can mean being at ease by himself in a hotel room (Who will believe that?) But why did he not take his makeup off. Jungkook is known to be allergic to foundation, so he is usually the first one to take it off. But our boy had a full glam on. Who were you trying to impress BOYAA~~

AND the anxious bunny got scared. But again why would you be scared? If you were in the room alone. We will just assume you were watching some video or masturb…. BUT there was someone else in the room … SO?

After that V was about to answer JK’s question “I wanted to be on V…” When a song starts playing. He first thought it was the ringtone of the phone on the table (7:16). But it was JK who was controlling the song using his OWN phone via bluethooth. So Whose phone was that? It was jimini’s phone (Chimchim used that same phone the next day for his Vlive).

Add to this jimin’s hoodie … (Don’t ask me how we knew. It is scary but we know their clothes. there is even bogs who just follow their fashion).

Then JK will keep asking again and again. “Why are you here?”. Tae will give him a simple obvious answer “to do V app”. and JK will be like “Ahh~~~” (Seriously boy why are you so nervous?!)

Jungkook will spot lot of food trash. He will say that he ate it all ALONE?! (JK was dieting) … So he is telling me: he was in the room naked, with the dime light, and the unknown romantic music? Eating bread? BOY I know you can’t lie … BUT THIS? You were totally eating something else but mainly not just bread

Can we talk about the bed? wasn’t the bed too well made? maybe that was the thing that took them time to open the door? Because if he was alone in a Hotel room while everything is all over the place. Why is the bed the only thing that is tidy? Even the pillows?

At 7:59 you could hear the bathroom door open while JK was adjusting the light and V was laying on the bed. Then Jk will tell Mr J “You scared me”. He was clearly not talking to Tae (8:05). That’s when we were 200% sure someone was hiding, AKA Mr J. 

At the start of the video The bathroom door was closed. But then the light in the bathroom was turned on and the door was slighty open. (Do you believe in ghosts? maybe but I believe in Jimin more). 

The mood in that video was so awkward. The tension was unbearable. And Jungkook was restless. Again out of the blue JK will say “I didn’t wash up yet” as “I still need to take a shower, so you better leave as soon as possible”. yet Tae answers by “I didn’t shower either”. Even V’s face darkened during a moment. remember how his face was all smiles at the start. 

The “I am too nervous to hear you, and have a proper discussion, so i will just talk about whatever” will keep going on and on. V will try to propose singing a song. But our bunny will be like “My makeup is smeared” … Boy why do you keep giving us clues we could have just ignored? *sigh* The makeup BTS get, is not the one you girls put. It is stage makeup. Made so even if they run, dance, be exposed to strong hot light. It will not budge. The fact that it smeared … and that he is concerned about it …OH GOD …*use your imagination da*mit Imma not describe everything. This is not smut GAH* 

There is also this discussion. V made JK believe that ALL of BTS sang before him. BUT Jk was like “How can it be true when one of them was with me the whole time kinda attitude” (8:58). he is so sure even if he didn’t watch the Vlive. 

Recall how he said he was hungry, that’s why it took him 5 decades to not even finish that small piece of bread? then says he was full? then asks to eat ramen??? Boy? Have you heard of logic? Yes it happens to me to be hungry exactly after finishing a meal. BUT I will finish the meal first … *He looks cute tho! Focus Mimi focus. don’t get distracted by that bunny*

A lot of people misunderstood this part. They tought Jin was taking a shower in JK’s room. No no no! It was Tae informing kookie that he came after Jin notified him via text. AND Jungkook will ignore that and keeps asking Tae “Can we stay on V for a long time?”. 

Plus him glancing at the washroom all the time. I’ve never seen more obvious than that … 

And this last part, was the cherry on the cake (13:42). Just watch it. You will laugh for 5 min at Jungkook trying to stay as calm as possible. Also, Tae “WE are coming”. JK: Are YOU going..”

The door also closes as soon as V leaves (4 SECONDS: the exact time it took V from the washroom to the door). The doubtful. Is that we didn’t hear JK rushing to close it either. That means it was Mr J who did.
If you have good ears around 14:03 you could even hear Jimin’s voice. 

A liar doesn’t make sense and is full of contradictions. Seems to be thinking hard. Is nervous, tense, and fidgety. Makes few complaints or negative comments. JK was hiding Jimin but the question is: Why was he hiding. The non shippers will tell you he was probably not wearing makeup. I say nop, he wasn’t wearing something else … 

So what do I think? 3 words: JIKOOK IS REAL!

Thanks for the ask ^^
By @mimibtsghost 

WOOOOOOO OKAY 2.2k sidgeno beauty vlogger au for @honeycombhenry because i got e M O t i o n a l thinking about her art 

“A lot of you have been asking me about how and why I started a makeup and beauty vlog,” video-Sidney says, his voice a little scratchy. Zhenya had been listening to the new update on the accidentally-stumbled upon channel, which had quickly become one of his entertainment go-to for the charmingly shy and genuine personality (Crosbeauty, he thinks fondly, what an adorable little nickname) and lovely face behind the camera, in the locker room as he changed sluggishly, when video-Sidney admits, “I’ve been really putting off answering that question, but I hope that my answer will help encouraging some younger people who may be in a similar situation.”

At 8.7 million subscribers, Crosbeauty is one of the most-followed and loved YouTube channels, featuring a Canadian man who talks about his love for hockey while testing various makeup brands to see if they really live up to the hype. Zhenya’s favorite thing, he thinks, is watching Sidney tuck back a stray curl behind his ear as Sidney gazes off-camera, talking about the team’s stats, his day, visiting in parents in Cole Harbour and, as always, thanking his audience with his usual ending catchphrase and thumbs up, “Thanks, everyone, see you next time. Remember to get up every morning and do something that you love. Wouldn’t that be amazing?”

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I always have this theory that a lot of the companions have high-maintenance looks that take a while to sort out, and getting ready must be a pain. So I was thinking about some of my DAI favourites and ended up with the “six AM and just got up” headcanons: 

  • Cassandra sans-makeup is just as scary gorgeous. But more scary. And the hair is… vertical. She looks glorious. And like she might commit murder. Consciously works to straighten her posture and seem more soldierly.
  • Cullen is insanely curly and eye-bags ahoy, because he barely gets any sleep anyway. Even more pale than usual. Very, very Fereldan in terms of accent, and grumpy if it’s been a bad night. Sheepish if it hasn’t.
  • Dorian can join the vertical-hair camp (though parts of it are also flattened) and is also stubbly plus pissed off because he hasn’t had chance to wax his moustache yet. Probably making his way to the nearest bath ASAP. Slightly hairier than anyone expected.
  • Josephine… glorious cascades of wavy hair. And maybe a lot of frizz. And trying not to tired-blink because it’ll ruin her diplomat-paying-attention image. And I also agree with the frilly-underwear headcanons I’ve seen. She’d so have bloomers.
  • Sera looks like… Sera. Less eyeliner, I suppose.
  • Bull occasionally forgets - or pretends to forget - he has a pillow stuck on his horns. Yawns a lot. Eyepatch slightly askew. Insists he sleeps in the nude but people have mainly just seen an even more awful pair of “circus pants” that must be his pyjamas.
  • Krem tends to end up with his undercut flopping annoyingly into his eyes, and when he’s half asleep he goes all mumbly and even more Tevene. Probably wears something sleeveless by way of pyjamas to show off the arms.
  • Leliana… no-one actually knows. No-one’s ever caught her less than perfectly preened. Everyone’s too terrified not to knock.
  • Blackwall’s bedhead is legendary. Even the beard has bedhead.
  • Vivienne is either never seen unprepared, or perfectly businesslike and will probably politely murder you if you draw attention to the slightly-more-scalp-stubble and the lack of makeup. She’d probably just brazen it out, so maybe the latter.
  • Cole doesn’t sleep. It’s rather unnerving.
  • Solas is just slightly sharper than usual. Other than that, he has a worrying amount of composure. But then, he’s pretty used to dropping in and out of the Fade.

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The Average Intergalactic Cadet’s Field Guide to Understanding Their Human Classmates and Crewmates.

Written in Earth English
Current as of Earth Date 05-09-17

Understanding Their Competitive Nature and Occasional Aversion to Physical Activity or Friendly Sports

The Barbaric Practices of Young Human Physical Education.

Physical Education in many Human Schools

In the required Physical Education class, the students play all sorts of physically demanding games such as: Kickball/Matball, Dodgeball, Prisonball, or Linetag. These names may sound alarming and rightfully so. In our observations, the “games” they play are often humiliating for some and potentially injury inducing for others. Pardon our generalizations, but if your human is academically inclined, it is likely they do not have fond memories of their Physical Education classes and you will understand why after reading this breakdown of a typical class period (45 minutes to an hour long)

In Kickball and Matball, the small humans are divided into two “teams”. This may be done by the “coach” or by an outdated and socially cruel process of assigning “team captains” among the students who then alternate picking their fellow students to be on their teams. From this, the students who are either athletic or popular or both are easily determined from the shy, clumsy, or awkward students.

Once the teams are decided, the team that will be attempting to score points will line up; they are called the “visiting” team. The team trying to keep the opposing team from scoring points fan out across the gym; they are called the “home” team. The defending team will roll a spherical object called a “ball” at the line of students visiting team. One of the offensive students will then kick the ball as hard as they can and then run for a mat/base like a Idjwluge is chasing them.

Now this is the part where things get interesting. The home team students will attempt to catch the ball. If they catch the ball in the air before it hits the ground, the kicker is “out”. Three “outs” will cause the teams to switch roles. The kicking team doesn’t want out; the defending team wants to cause outs. If they don’t catch the ball, they can still grab the ball and throw it. We do not joke: the only way to get the kicker out after a non-catch is to THROW THE BALL AT THEIR BODY SO THAT IT HITS THEM. There is another option where the defensive team holds the ball and taps the running player with the ball, BUT THAT NEVER HAPPENS; THEY ALWAYS RESORT TO THROWING THE BALL AS HARD AS POSSIBLE. BECAUSE HUMANS LOVE TO MAKE THEIR LIVES AS DIFFICULT AS POSSIBLE WITH THE MOAT POTENTIAL FOR PAIN. However, if the runner gets to the base/mat before the ball hits them, they are “safe” and cannot get out as long as they are on the base.

This is one way where kickball and matball differ. In kickball, the runner on base is required to keep moving to allow room for the next kicker in line to get on base. In matball, there can be as many people on base as can fit on the mat. This routine will continue: kick, run, kick, run until you can run “home”. “Home” is the place where you kicked from. The bases form a diamond and there are four of them that form a circular running pattern. You kick from “home” base, and run towards “first” base. You then head for “second” base. Then “third” base and then back to where you started. If you safely make it home, you score your team a point. In kickball, you run the bases once. In matball you run them twice: first, second, third, back to first, second, third, then finally home. This probably to makeup for the advantage of choosing when you run to the next base rather than being obligated to.

The goal is to score as many points as possible before the other team gets any person on your team out three times.

If you thought that game was horrid prepare yourself again. After this description, the word “dodgeball” will strike fear in your heart. The entire goal of dodgeball is TO THROW A BALL AT THE OPPOSING TEAM WITH THE EXPLICIT INTENTION OF HITTING THEM WITH IT.


The humans are split into two teams similar to the kickball teams. They line up on opposite walls. Precisely in the middle of the “gymnasium” (which as near as we can tell is the official name of the torture chamber of public schooling) are a row of spherical balls lined up parallel to the lines of students on each side. When the “coach” blows a whistle the students sprint for the balls, grab them and retreat. What follows is a chaotic battleground the likes of which we haven’t seen since the Battle of Wakowwnoif. The “game” is simple. Throw the ball at a member of the opposing team. They avoid the ball. If they are unsuccessful at dodging the impact, they are “out” and move to the wall. If they do dodge, they are fine and nothing happens. If they catch the ball thrown at them, they can bring one of their teammates back into the game and the person who threw the ball is out. If the person gets hit in the head, the person who threw the ball is out (this is the closest we could find to any sort of safety precautions laid out in this game). The game continues until one team systematically hits every member of the other team out.


Prison ball is exactly the same as dodgeball, it just has a few more enhancements and opportunities for social humiliation. Teams are still split in two. However, each team has three figurines called “bowling pins”. They are placed on the gymnasium floor. The goal of prisonball is to knock down the other team’s figurines and get the other team out. So each team is guarding their figurines while still playing dodgeball. Another twist comes when you are hit with a ball. Instead of simply being out, you are in Prison. Prison is an area in enemy territory separate from your team.

There are two ways out of prison. One is statistically unlikely. On each side of the gymnasium, located high up on the wall is a hoop with a net hanging from it. If the opposing team manages to to throw a ball through that hoop from their side of the gymnasium, everyone on their team in prison gets to rejoin the game.

The other way out is if a teammate throws a ball from their side of the gym, over the enemy territory and the enemies heads and the comrade in prison catches the ball, then the prisoner is set free.
This method requires a few things. First it requires the prisoner to have a friend on their team willing to throw them a ball. Second, it requires the non-prisoner teammate to be able to throw a ball that great distance accurately. Third, it requires the prisoner to be able to catch the ball. Fourth, it also requires the non-prisoner to also get hit in the process of doing all this, and if the prisoner and would-be rescuer don’t have any other friends-they are simply out of luck. In other words: the human must be popular and athletically inclined or just very very lucky. This is where the social humiliation comes in. However, many of our reports have shown that this game is prefered to dodgeball because once the human is “in prison” they simply have to pretend that they are trying to get people to get them out but then can just fritter away the rest of the game not participating. These are the humans we want to recruit for strategic planning.

The game ends when all the figurines are knocked down-either by the opposing team throwing balls at them or by the guarding team’s clumsiness.

Linetag is the least strenuous “game” the humans play in Physical Education. In all honesty, it looks rather fun. The human game of “Tag” is usually characterized by chaotic running around and avoidance of the human that is “it”. If “it” touches another human, that human is now “it” and must “tag” another human. There are many variations of this game that we will detail below since they are the least barbaric of the human “games” and might be useful in certain training exercises.

Linetag is one of those variations. Linetag requires a floor with different sets of intersecting lines. For some reason, humans decorate their gymnasium floors with a design of lines. Further research is required to discover if these are sacred markings, if they have special meanings, or if they are just for aesthetics. Two to four humans are chosen to be “it”. They remain “it” for the remainder of the game. Their goal is to tag every one of the non “it” students. When the student is tagged, they must sit down right where they are-no matter what.

The trick to the this game, however, is that the humans are only allowed to walk on the lines. They cannot deviate from a set of prescribed routes. They cannot hop lines. They must find intersections to avoid “it”. When a player is tagged and they sit down, they become a “roadblock”. The fleeing humans cannot pass them-but the “it” humans can. The game continues until all students are sitting.

Other Tag Variations:
Freeze tag: chaotic running pattern, but when “tagged” the player freezes though touched by a Nxiebxwoie. Game continues until every player is frozen. Players can unfreeze friends by crawling through their legs. (We do not understand why this would work to unfreeze someone but we have discovered that humans have very vivid imaginations when it comes to recreational activities)

Amoeba tag: also known as “sticky tag” or “worm tag” one player is “it” until they tag another player and then they are “stuck” together and must hold hands while chasing the other humans. With each tag, the “it” group gets larger and larger continuing to hold hands, link elbows, etc. Great fun to watch.

Circle tag: humans pair up and link elbows in a circle. “It” and a “runner” will begin a pursuit. The “runner” can link elbows (the bendy bits of their upper limbs) with anyone of the pairs and the partner that didn’t get linked must then run away. If they are tagged they are now “it” and the former “it” is now the “runner” and must find a pair to break up.

For the athletically disinclined human, you could understand why these activities would be traumatizing. Oftentimes these games were treated as though they were the equivalent to our Yeqipguited Games by the more athletically inclined. The less talented humans may have been mocked. If the human you are working with seems less inclined to participate in a game of Bejbpoi, you now understand why.

The Signs During Fall

Aries 🍁

Always up to trend so they have to have a pumpkin spice latte. They are usually the ones to complain about the cold so you can catch them near a fireplace. Making arrangements to hang around their friends. Usually the ones you spot out at a coffee shop catching up with their friends. They also love to travel to get unique pictures.

Taurus 🍂

Fashion. The ones to go shopping for Autumn attire. Takes lots of Fall inspired pictures to post. Loves to bake the Phillsbury pumpkin sugar cookies. Loves to decorate their house for the holidays.

Gemini 🕸

Spends time to read. Will be the one to attend a Halloween party. Brings food and drinks to the party. Is excited to go to a pumpkin patch and pick a pumpkin out. Likes to write. May write about scary stories or an Autumn inspired poem.

Cancer 🎃

Pumpkin spice everything. Is a basic witch. The one to have a yearly Halloween party. Can be found hanging around their family. Plans to go trick-or-treating with their friends in matching costumes. Takes pictures outside to post on the internet.

Leo ☕️

Likes to take a drive around town to see all the decorated houses. Hangs around friends and watches horror movies. The ones to impetuously jump in snow for fun with a bathing suit on. Goes to their friends house for the food. Carves a unique looking pumpkin.

Virgo 🕷

Cozied up in bed reading a book. Puts the cooking channel on and loves to cook. Is outside enjoying nature. Picks out the perfect fall outfit and plans to take a trip somewhere different. Calls their loved ones to invite over.

Libra 🖤

Is excited for all the romantic Fall ideas. Dinner dates with home made cooked meals. Watches corny Halloween movies. Loves to invite their friends over. Is probably applying Fall inspired makeup to take aesthetic pictures.

Scorpio 👻

Perfect time to watch horror movies. Goes to haunted houses and visits grave stones. Stares at the moon at night. Likes to go camping around Fall. Plays with a Ouija board with friends.

Sagittarius 🦇

Bike rides in the woods. Skinny dipping at night. Does the usual Fall trends like carving a pumpkin and trick-or-treating. Likes to go to theme parks around this time of year. Is the one at a Halloween party to drink. Makes up “scary” stories.

Capricorn 📖

Likes to go on walks in the cold. Likes to be active so they’re either skiing or building a snowman. Finds time to read books. Enjoys the cold and likes to look out a window and contemplate. The one to enjoy dressing up for Halloween.

Aquarius 🍬

Is the one to get the most Halloween candy. Will take more candy then what someone wrote on paper. Will prank their friends. Is either sipping on coffee around their friends or at home alone singing to Halloween music.

Pisces 🌑

Draws in their room. Is the one to be watching a Halloween movie alone. Texts that one friend about their crush. Loves to bake and probably finishes a whole plate of cookies. Is probably at a relative’s playing with a baby or pet.

Ugh…..Okay, I am so upset rn. Why this boy can get laid and i cannot? Like he is an idol and working his ass 24/7 barely finding free time in his busy schedule. And I am here literally (sexy)free&single (ready to bingo) and still no one want my ass. F u Jeon Jungkook.  

*playing “Single Ladies” in the background*

if three cheers for sweet revenge is your favorite mcr album you’re a goddamn emo. you know it. you accept it. you’re probably into makeup and you may or may not have a blood kink. your hair is black. you think current fall out boy sucks. you’re also very thirsty

The Friendly Wager (Part 6)

Summary: AU. Reader and Bucky Barnes are neighbors and best friends. After yet another bad date, reader comes home to find Bucky with his typical weekend target. They decide to make a wager about dating, but is there more on the line than reader cares to admit?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: 4,608 (went really overboard)

Warnings: language, lots of bad language, fluff, sarcasm, drinking, implied drunkenness, angst, regret, hangover, confrontation, stupid feelings are stupid yeah?

A/N: This is my submission for the lovely Kait’s ( @bionic-buckyb) 5k AU Challenge. Congrats on the followers, friend! My prompt was “Can you please come over so I don’t feel so alone?

Second to last part! Tags are closed. I loved all your messages so much!

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One More Day Until I’m A Part of This World Again!!

((In simpler terms, tomorrow is my last day of high school ever and I decided to get into cosplay instead of studying for a final to give you a sneak peak of a new OC!))


She tries to start shifting in desk chair. 

Alright…just give me a minute.

Oop, you can’t see my fin…what if I…

There ya go- oh oh, losing balance-

So yeah, there it is. I’ll be back soon- gotta find water! Bye!!


Happy Purim, all! I am the butterfly princess. :)

please never call them papi chulos again

But yes we do accept the kiddos! This was a really nice idea and i hope that you enjoy!

- Lucien definitely came out to his dad before anyone else, seeing as his father is trans too. Damien was definitely excited when he had told him.  He bought him binders and started calling him by the correct pronouns right away.

- Lucien was pretty scared to come out to his friends or the school. They saw him as a man, and he didn’t want to ruin that by coming out as trans. He always did anything he could to cover it up. Not going to gym, not using the bathroom, binding his chest, etc.

- He was definitely scared to tell Ernest, as the two were pretty close, and he didn’t want to ruin the friendship. He didn’t even know if Ernest was fond with the trans community.

- Ernest probably found out by complete accident. Like he walked in on Lucien changing and they just start screaming. Lucien would probably slam the door on him and try making up excuses but Ernest is just fucking freaking out.

- Ernest started avoiding him after that, and Lucien was scared that he’d tell everyone, but surprisingly no one seemed to have found out. 

- When Lucien asks him about it, he just shrugs saying “I thought you wouldn’t want anyone to know”. Lucien’s surprised at this, and they start hanging out again.

- Lucien’s constantly worried that Ernest thinks of him as a girl, especially since he had been treating Lucien differently ever since that encounter. Though he’s scared to bring it up to him.

- Ernest is pretty bad at showing it, but he’s trying to get Lucien to be more comfortable around him. He’s never been in this situation before, and whenever Lucien does anything as small as looking at him strangely, he feels like he messed up somehow. 

- They both ended up having to talk it out with each other in private. After they sorted everything out, they seemed to get closer, and they weren’t as uncomfortable with each other anymore.

- People would probably joke about them being gay, and they’d just laugh along with it. Though it did kinda annoy them and make them uncomfortable.

- It probably bothered Ernest a lot more than it did Lucien. He still didn’t understand the full reason why he was trans, and he just assumed that Lucien liked girls. It really bothered him to the point he had to ask Lucien, and Lucien bursted into laughter before trying to explain gender an sexuality to Ernest.

- Ernest tried his best to understand, and he seemed to know Lucien better too, but ever since that talk Ernest started questioning his own identity. He was having problems with his sexuality mostly, and wanted to experiment with it, but was too scared to. What if people made fun of him? What if they hated him?

- He just tried his best to ignore it. It was kinda hard though when he was around Lucien all the time though that cute bastard

- He ended up talking to Lucien about it, and Lucien offered to let him experiment by dating him for a while.

- They actually got along really well! They’d probably hold hands and hug a bunch, and would always look after each other.

- Ernest would try to remind Lucien to take off his binder from time to time so he wont hurt himself, and Lucien would help Ernest out with homework and projects.

- Lucien definitely likes doing Ernest’s makeup. He always complains during the process, but how amazing he looks when he’s done always makes up for it. 

- They definitely like to tease each other. Lucien will always tease him for his height and hide stuff from him and use him as an arm rest. And Ernest likes to tease Lucien about his gothic style and makeup and probably calls him out a lot for it.

I hope these were okay? They were really fun to write and I absolutely love the idea of a trans Lucien! I hope you enjoyed!

~ Mod Damien