probably made some mistakes in the text

EXO as high school seniors


•  a bookworm who’s turned into eyecandy throughout his high school years
•  everyone is convinced he’s some sort of young genius who skipped like 4 grades
•  so needless to say no one is convinced that he’s an actual senior
•  hangs out with the jocks but he’s always reading some book and doesn’t care about the social classes in high school tbh
•  won’t hesitate to call you out if you’re cheating and smirks when you’re handed a detention


•  basketball and soccer captain (his mom forbade him from joining football bc he’s too precious)
•  has hella stans around the school and you’d think his Friday afternoon practice is the world cup since there’s so many people showing up
•  is considered a jock, but he’s so nice and he’s a teacher pet despite him always denying it
•  offers tutoring for those in need after school on Thursdays
•  probably owns some vintage car that everyone swoons over

•  president of the art club
•  advocates for lower prices for school art supplies and wants the school to hand out cameras to everyone
•  “everything is so beautiful man, all you gotta do is spread your cheeks and let the wind blow and just enjoy life, you know?”
•  no one can believe he’s made it this far in school bc he’s always so dazed
•  but you’re the one who’s gonna be dazed bc he does dancing low key and his moves are sick when he decides to do the talent show


•  thinks of it as his job to rebel against the school and the system since it’s his last year
•  gathers up a bunch of freshman at the beginning of the year and plans a senior prank with them
•  he barely has any senior friends bruh, he’s always hanging with the lower classmen and pulls pranks on like every teacher
•  can and will flirt with you even on a bad hair day
•  looks devilishly handsome in anything he wears tbh, no one knew he’d glow up so hard since freshman year (he knows how attractive he is smfh)


•  the jock of the jocks, runs all the school committees and was probably voted king of prom even when he was a freshman
•  wants to show off his vocal skills at any chance he gets
•  bc even tho he’s the captain of the football team, he’s hella passionate at singing
•  takes selfies with everyone just to prove he’s got friends in every group
•  wears his varsity jacket everywhere and you could probably spot him from a mile away screeching I mean laughing


•  that one annoying kid who’s always blasting his music on his backpack speakers on the bus and before class
•  tbh he doesn’t know how annoying it is, he just thinks everyone loves his music taste
•  no one has the heart to tell him off bc he’s so nice and gentle and loves everybody
•  sits outside on the grass during lunch periods and strums on his guitar while talking to his friends
•  steals everyone’s snacks bc he always forgets his own lunch but totally would pay you back with a song


•  runs the drama club with some of his friends
•  the teachers just let him do whatever he wants during projects tbh, he’s totally aced every single class since 1st grade and they’re not about to tell him off
•  you can see his ears turning red whenever someone makes fun of his height
•  no one can tell that he’s a real sweetheart
•  bc his smile is only reserved for those who try to get to know him


•  model material AP student
•  knows everyone has a crush on him, he’s just too focused on studying and juggling dance lessons on the side
•  has a nice af car, but refuses to give rides to anyone unless they buy him lunch (aka chicken)
•  is genuinely nice to all the teachers despite this being his last year, and helps them out with freshman projects
•  brought his puppies to school one day and hid them in his bag but totally got caught


•  you’d think he’s hella pretentious but it’s just his face
•  and the fact that he never buys lunch at school, his lunchbox is neat and organized with all sorts of side dishes and deserts
•  you’ll swoon when you see him walking by himself to class, he just carries himself really well (his tall legs afsghddj)
•  has some friends here and there, but sticks to like 3 or 4 people when he really wants to hang out
•  gives the teachers a hard time bc he’s so sassy bruh, probably calls them out if they made a spelling mistake or if their breath smells bad 

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Omg I didn't know I needed this, but I NEED IT!! “i thought you hated me but i just accidentally sent you a booty text and you accepted and i am seriously considering it” au

this is rated M for Mature 

Bellamy’s first mistake was not deleting Clarke’s number from his phone. That was what Miller told him to do, and he knew Miller was right, but there was just something so final about deleting her phone number. And then if she ever got in touch with him, he wouldn’t even know about it.

His second mistake was, therefore, letting Miller change Clarke’s name in his phone from Clarke to DO NOT CALL THIS NUMBER, which was a good idea in theory, but hasn’t really helped in a lot of ways. He’s never been tempted to call Clarke, has always known that was a shitty idea, so when he sees the number, all it does is remind him that he wishes he could call her, and that he hadn’t fucked it up so badly.

The third mistake is deciding to text Echo to see if she wants to hook up, because, really, he doesn’t want to hook up with her again, he’s just kind of drunk and kind of mopey and in the mood to make some bad life choices. He’s not even really expecting Echo to take him up on it, but her shooting him down seems like the perfect ending to his mope fest of a night.

Which makes his fourth mistake not checking that he’s sending the message to the right person. It’s just that DO NOT CALL THIS NUMBER and Echo happen to be right next to each other alphabetically, and when he’s scrolling through only half paying attention while he plays video games, well. It’s a mistake anyone could make.

And he probably wouldn’t even have known he made it, if she didn’t text back.

Me: Hey, you busy right now?
Want to come over?

DO NOT CALL THIS NUMBER: Are you booty-texting me?

He nearly drops the phone, staring in shock and horror at the notification as it lights up his display. There’s no good response to her question, of course; he can’t tell his ex-(semi)girlfriend, whom he’s still not over, that he sent her a booty-text meant for another girl. He could try to say he just wants to talk, or something equally inane, but he doesn’t really think she’d buy it.

And then she adds, Because honestly, I really need to get laid.

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Thoughts for today

Me: It’s finally happening. It’s EVEN! It’s here after what feels like eternity. Don’t get your hopes up though, there is probably just going to be a clip and a couple of text updates.

Skam: *gives us Isak’s contact name in Even’s phone (mannen i mitt liv), a clip exploring Even’s POV, a homemade video about Even’s love for Isak, a Hei Briskeby video showing Even and the balloon squad’s friendship and talking about Even’s past, a text between Mikael and Even (best bud!!), and a 21:21 update*


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Would it be possible for you to do a Big Bang reaction when you call them daddy on accident?🙊

TOP: Most likely top would be very shy at this accident but he would be going crazy on the inside.

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GDRAGON: While this guy has some kinks, he had never thought about a daddy kink until you brought it up. Knowing that this was somewhere in your mind, he would bring it up every once and a while, normally when he wanting you to do something cute.

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TAE YANG: Obviously he would be overly excited about this mistake and would ask you to call him daddy again, especially when he was in need of some attention.

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DAE SUNG: He wouldn’t be too sure about this, in fact, he would probably assume that you made a mistake since Korean wasn’t your first language. He would ask if you meant to call him Oppa, not realizing the true meaning.

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SEUNGRI: Oh glorious day in his world. He would immediately text the other members, bragging about how amazing he must be.

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Sorry that it has been so long! I am trying to get back into things after losing my uncle….please keep supporting and enjoying the stories! ~Admin Courtney

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Same like I don't even wear my retainer anymore which I mean I probably should but anyways can you post or link that video you were talking about

Wait nevermind i totally thought in that retainer text post you were saying there was a snap of Shawn with his retainer saying goodnight lol

lol yeah i think i made a big mistake making that text post, i was just tryna meme but now everyone thinks i have some inside gossip about his dental hygiene, well let me be clear……. i dont know anything about anything 

On the breaking point

I’m going to make a stretch here and say whatever the fuck the homeworld gems did to the earth was probably: The equivalent of a Nuclear bomb. 

A lot of what’s been going on in Steven Universe has been talking about ideologies, the horrors of war, ect. ect. 

But comparing Rose Quartz to AllLivesMatter is a bit ridiculous. She wasn’t against fighting the homeworld gems physically, she was probably afraid to escalate the violence.

A better comparison would be to the predicament in World War II and the weapons used, World War II was a completely different war than most wars fought in the past, newer and more dangerous weapons such as tanks, better guns, and bombs changed the patterns of war and thus people wanted to *shorten* the war because it was all so unpredictable. 

Rose Quartz reminds me more of Albert Einstein on the Manhattan Project (the nuclear bomb used on Japan in WWII) he was originally the person who urged President Roosevelt to build the bomb but after he realized the effect it would have on humanity he tried to stop it from ever being used realizing that he would possible ruin all of humanity by putting this power in anyone’s hands. A quote from Albert Einstein: 

He wrote to physicist Niels Bohr in December 1944, “when the war is over, then there will be in all countries a pursuit of secret war preparations with technological means which will lead inevitably to preventative wars and to destruction even more terrible than the present destruction of life." 

Rose Quartz realized that once they started shattering gems like that the homeworld gems were only going to get worst and retaliate worst. Remember the series’ emphasis that the Homeworld Gems technologically overpower the Crystal Gems dramatically. 

Rose Quartz may have used terrible means, lied, and but she wasn’t stupid, she knew what the Homeworld gems were capable of. And Bismuth had her justifications too and wasn’t completely in the wrong either the Homeworld gems were probably going to escalate the war ANYWAYS.  

I’ll just leave this with a quote from Einstein that I think summarizes both points about the breaking point as a weapon pretty well: 

In November 1954, five months before his death, Einstein summarized his feelings about his role in the creation of the atomic bomb: "I made one great mistake in my life… when I signed the letter to President Roosevelt recommending that atom bombs be made; but there was some justification - the danger that the Germans would make them.”


Imagine #135 Make a choice (Pt.4)

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

I went in my bed and looked at my phone. Rafinha and I made a few photos together with our food and I couldn’t help myself then smile at him being cute as always. Was I really in to Rafa, is my heart finally making a choice?

I opened my Instagram and noticed Neymar posted a new selfie with his son Davi, they were both cute. I loved Davi, he was always smiling, just like his father. I missed that smile on Neymar’s face, the one he had when he was with him.

When everything was fine between Ney and me, I used to see that smile on daily bases. He was always messing around with me; we spent a lot of time together. The day I will never forget is when he took me on a road trip. We were singing, dancing, and having a laugh every two minutes. I missed that, I missed the old Neymar, my old Ney.

I don’t know why but thinking about it my smile disappeared. He had a strong impact on me, being with Rafa made me forget about him, but just for some time. When the night came and my thought were killing me he was back in my head.

I knew my feelings for Neymar were stronger than the ones I had for Rafinha. However I felt like I can only trust Rafa, with him I felt safe. Neymar was showing me two different sides of himself and I can’t be in a relationship with someone and doubt about the person he actually is.

I finally fell asleep after an hour. When I woke up, I had to get ready, since I had to go to the hospital. I was happy, because Rafinha had an appointment today, which meant he would be there and we will spend two hours together, even if I will have to be walking around helping other penitents also.

When I came to the hospital, I took a coffee and walked y way to the office. Some penitents were already outside waiting for their turn, but Rafa was most probably already inside, since he has his own private schedule and doctors, but he needs to be in the same department, yet a different room.

“Morning” I said once I walked inside and my two colleges were getting dressed to start the day.

“Hey, how are you? Had a good rest yesterday?”

“Yeah, it was nice. But you know I love being here with the two of you.” I smiled, because I was lucky to enjoy my job, “is he already inside?” I asked referring to Rafinha.

“Rafinha? I think he came half an hour ago yeah.”

“I’ll go check on him.” I said and made my way to his room.

“Be honest, are you really just friends?”

“I’m not saying yes, but it’s also not a no.” I joked and walked inside ignoring any more questions.

When I got inside, he was laying on the bed and since he was on his stomach, he could not see me. I noticed the doctor was also not there, since he probably just started the machine to massage Rafa and then went to the room where other patients would be called.

“Doc is it finished already?” he asked thinking I was his doctor. Then I thought of pranking him, joke a little.

I didn’t answer so I made sure no one would see what I was doing, I locked both of the doors, the ones where the nurses were and the one where patients and the doctor were. I knew I could totally lose my job if someone would see me, but since there were, no cameras and no one could see anything from the windows I decided to do it.

I slowly walked to Rafa, who got a little confused no one answered and he probably did hear me lock both of the doors, however he could not turned around and see what was going on. He was just in his underwear; I was so in love with his muscular back.

I then moved myself up, sitting on his beck, with my legs apart.

“Jesus Christ, what is happening here?” he said shocked, but before he could start shouting or just call someone I made sure he would stay quiet.

“Shh. I’m not going to hurt you.” I said whispering in to his ear as I slowly caressed his back with my nails.

“(y/n), are you crazy?” he said laughing.

“I’m not (y/n). I’ the girl that will take you to another world.” I still whispered and then kissed his neck.

“This will not end well. Get down.” He said more serious now, because he was getting turned on.

I laughed and decided to stop there, since I had to unlock the door before anyone would try to get inside. I got down and went to unlock the doors.

“What the hell just happened?” rafinha asked shocked, not expecting me to act like this.

“What?” I asked joking with him when I came in front of him so he could see me.

“You are crazy, you know that?”

“I just walked inside; I don’t know what you are talking about.” I still played innocent laughing at him.

“If I would be able to move, you would get in to big troubles.”

“So sir, how is it? Is your knee okay?” I asked ignoring him.

“Except the fact that I almost had a heart attack now, I think I’m good and so is my knee.”

“(y/n), sorry. Doc said he needs you in the other room.” Suddenly my colleague walked inside. Thankfully I ended my prank soon enough.

“Sure, I’ll go now. Sir I’m leaving you now, enjoy.” I said as I walked my way to the other door.

“Can you call your colleague from before to keep me company?” Rafa joked, but I just laughed and went to work.

I was so busy I was not able to go see Rafinha before he had to leave. When I had my break, he already left, so when I went to have lunch and took my phone out I noticed two texts.

“Such a busy nurse. I hope I get this kind of surprise again, I liked it a lot :P” was one that rafinha texted me.

“Would you like to come to my place tonight, I called some other friends also. Rafa included no worries ;)” Was the one Neymar sent.

He ruined the entire invitation with the last part of the text, was he jealous? Why was he being such a difficult person?

If he wanted to be funny and play with me, I’ll play along.

“Sure, if he is coming I’m in ;)”

Then I texted Rafa, “I don’t know I’ll talk to my new colleague if she can find the time to ;) Are you going to Neymar’s house tonight also?”

“Yes, did he invite you?”

“Yes, but if you are not coming I most probably won’t go.”

“Yeah, I’ll go. Want me to pick you up?”

“That would be nice yes. See you later then! : )”

Neymar however did not reply to my text. If he was jealous of Rafa and if he maybe did like me more than he showed, he was making a mistake. He was pushing me away; he was the one who was slowly getting me in to Rafinha’s arms.

When I finished working, it was already 5pm and I went to take a shower and made myself dinner. Rafa would come and pick me up at eight so I had some time left to just chill by myself.

When I got ready and I heard Rafa’s car outside I ran inside. He was laughing and I was confused.

“What?” I looked at him still laughing on his own.


“Oh c’mon! Tell me!” I punched him in the arm.

“I just remembered what you did this morning; I would never imagine you like that.”

“It was a joke!” I said embarrassed and looked out of the window.

“Wish it wasn’t thought.” He said so when I looked at him rolling my eyes he winked.

It wasn’t long until we finally arrived in to Neymar’s house. When we walked inside, there was many of his friends, which I met already. Then I looked for some girls, to keep me company while they will most probably play poker. There were about six of them, I recognized Joana so I walked to her.

“Hey.” I said as she hugged me, “hey!”

“Listen about last night, I am so sorry for being rude, I’m not usually like that.”

“Hey hey… you did the right thing, I would get angry too.”

Then we talked a little and of course, the guys got around the table and played poker. I loved how Dani every time they finished a game he came to Joana too see how is she and if she wants to leave or something. They were a beautiful couple.

“You two are so cute.” I said once Dani went back to the table.

“Thank you, he really is amazing. What about you? Is there someone you like?”

“Let’s say it’s complicated.” I smiled at her.

“Between you and Rafinha or Neymar?” she winked, since she clearly noticed I had feelings for the two of them.

“Is it so obvious?”

“I’m a girl; I know how a girl acts. However if the two of them don’t see it, it’s normal. Boys hardly notice any signal. But wait, who is it?”

“Both. I can’t decide.”

“Really? Oh a love triangle, love it.” She laughed, even though I did not find it that much entertaining, “but you already know who you want, you just don’t know if it feels right.”

“What do you mean?”

“Deep down inside you know who you love, you are just afraid it won’t be the right choice.”

She was right. I knew whom the one I wanted was, but I was afraid that choosing him would make me regret it, that it would hurt me.

After that, I went to the bathroom and just felt as if I had to make a choice today, as if it was the time. I either had to open up my feelings to Neymar and risk it, or tell Rafinha he is more than a friend to me. And this had to happen this night.

I walked out of the bathroom and got back in to the living room where the guys were laughing around and joking. So when I walked passing their table I overheard their conversation.

“So? Tell us which one you like, it has to be one of the girls you invited.”

“Nah, they are all just good friends of mine.”

…Just good friends…

cold on the inside - part 3

[ Ray LaMontagne - let it me me ] 

So he added this to the list of the things he’d done to sabotage himself.

He Tian wasn’t answering his phone and hadn’t responded to his, very well thought, out text.

‘Dude, c’mon…’

If that wouldn’t get him, nothing would.

That…was as far as he’d ever had to go to get He Tian to listen, so he was at a loss.

Let’s just say this wasn’t his strong suit.

He should probably just wait for him after school like he usually did…

But that’s not what He Tian would do.

He Tian had pissed him off once. Like, really pissed him off.

He’d made some stupid generic joke about his family, obviously not thinking about it.

Right as it left his mouth he realized he’d fucked up and immediately started apologizing, approaching him.

The red haired boy had shoved him away and stormed out of He Tian’s apartment.

He knew it was been a mistake.

He Tian would never intentionally hurt him like that, and he knew he was being silly, but he ignored his calls and texts for days.

Eventually He Tian cornered him at the park where he’d been playing fetch with his dog.

She had immediately gone to him.


He Tian handed him tickets to the early release of a movie he’d been dying to see.

He’d forgiven him. 

It wasn’t about the tickets. It was the fact that he’d been paying attention.

He’d only brought that movie up once, and that had been months ago.

He’d actually been listening.

Listening to someone who didn’t talk much and actively avoided talking about his life, and gone, God knows how far, out of his way to get those tickets.

That’s the day he realized he was in love with him.

That’s what He Tian had done for a simple, silly, accidental mistake.

How was he supposed to apologize for this?

This wasn’t exactly a small offense.

Time to get serious.

He skipped the rest of his classes. He gave He Tian a night to, hopefully, cool off.

He managed to find, and bribe, (with all the fucking money in his wallet) the kid that did the announcements to announce that He Tian was needed in the office.

He stationed himself strategically.

He grabbed He Tian’s arm as he passed and pulled him into an empty hallway.

‘Please, please, hear me out.’

He Tian wouldn’t make eye contact with him as he tried to pull away.

‘He Tian, please.’

‘No. It was a mistake. I shouldn’t have said it, I didn’t mean it.’


What are you supposed to say to that?

‘He Tian…I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I…I love you.’

He held his breath, waiting for He Tian to look at him.

But when he did, he wished he hadn’t.

‘You love me?’

He asked, face impassive


He’d gained confidence in this fact in the last 24 hours.

He did.

He loved him.

He studied He Tian’s face, waiting for his expression to soften, waiting for him to kiss him, waiting for…anything.

He reached out slowly, he didn’t care.

He didn’t care who noticed, he didn’t care what they thought.

He was ready for this.

He took a step forward, to hug him, to kiss him, to do whatever it took.

He Tian took a step back, knocking his hand away.

‘I don’t care.’

He turned around and walked off.



I had many…MANY versions of this so I only finished one main one, and simplified it in several pictures in case one was too overwhelming. 

Anyway, I’ve been listening to THIS SONG, and I thought that the tone and creepiness fit Vincent so well…. I MEAN C'MON NOW. XD

I was going to make a comic, but for some reason it just wasn’t happening… Hm.. So I made this. I hope this doesn’t seem lazy or anything…

EDIT: So, after looking at everyone’s advice ‘n all I realized I had some mistakes. One being that writing. *facedesk* THIS is what I get for making the drawing around 4 in the morning when I’m supposed to be using that time to get my college assignments done. Anyway, I fixed the text (though those who have reblogged it already won’t see the update probably). Yeah I had caught the writing before I posted it, but then I was like “nahhh. It’ll be just fine. Don’t worry about it! People will know to read down then go to the other side”…. welp, that ended up turning into another walking dead incident… Oh well. xD;

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could you write one where luke breaks up with you and then it causes the girl to harm herself and then he finds out about it through a fan or a gossip website or something? I know it's a lil weird but yeah c:

Thanks for requesting! :)Luke’s POV It’s been a week since I broke up with Y/N. I still can’t believe I actually did it. The only reason I did it was so I wouldn’t hold her back from a guy that’s better for her, and can be there for her whenever. I wasn’t that guy; I was always away on tour wherever, and I felt like it just wasn’t working. I missed her like hell, and every day I was tempted to call her or text her and tell her that I made a stupid mistake. But for some reason, I never did. After the show in Chicago, I sat down on my bed, and unsure of what to do, I began to scroll through twitter. Probably the thing that sucks about this breakup most is that we always talked whenever we could when we were together, and going days without hearing her voice once leaves an empty, aching spot as I sat in hotel rooms wondering what to do. As I scrolled through my timeline, I saw one hashtag that stood out. It was #StayStrongY/N. I was confused, and I clicked on the hashtag and immediately saw a picture of a magazine with her face on it, along with the words “Y/N Self Harms?” I dropped my phone and raced out to the lobby, where they had a collection of magazines. I glanced over them until I found the one I was looking for. I flipped to the page with the article and nearly screamed. The article contained pictures of Y/N with gauze around her arm, and then pictures without the gauze, and deep cuts were all down her arm. With a shaky hand, I set the magazine back on the shelf and walked back up to my hotel room, almost as if in a trance. Only when I closed the door behind me was when I sunk to the floor and broke down. “Luke!” Ashton called, running over and putting his arm around me. “Sh-she…it’s…it’s my fault,” I gasped in between tears, hiding my face in between my knees. “Is this about Y/N?” Ashton asked softly, and I nodded. ”Luke, this isn’t your fault,” he comforted, rubbing my back. “B-but if I hadn’t ended it…she…” I choked. “Hey. Look at me,” Ashton said, and I looked up at him through blurry eyes. “This. Is. Not. Your. Fault. Okay? She tweeted a few days ago about how her brother got hurt, and you know how close she is to him,” he told me. “I should’ve been there for her then,” I whispered, averting my gaze to my vans. “Then call her. You say how much you regret it, call her up and tell her everything. It won’t erase what’s already been done, but it can help prevent anything from happening in the future,” Ashton said, handing me my phone. I reached out to take it, but hesitated. What if she didn’t want me to talk to her? I decided to try anyways. “Thanks Ash,” I said, wiping away the last few tears. “You’re welcome,” he replied, giving me a quick hug. “I’ll go down to Mike and Cal’s room so you can have some privacy,” he said, stepping over me and leaving. I turned to my phone, taking in a shaky breath before unlocking it and finding her name. Before I could chicken out, I pressed the call button. It rang a few times before I heard her soft “Hello?” “Y/N? It’s Luke,” I said.