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accidental spoon

Rating: Teen
Pairing: Cassian x Jyn
Characters: Cassian, Jyn, K-2, Bodhi, Baze, Chirrut (the crew)
Tags: Bed Sharing, Watching someone sleep
Summary: Cassian and Jyn fall asleep together after a long mission.
Find it: AO3
Notes: Written for this week’s @rebelcaptainprompts prompt: “one bed”

As per usual, I blame @jeeno2 enabling this. But also, many thanks to her for the quickie beta. ;)

Exhausted beyond words, they fall wordlessly onto the same bunk together after the intense mission. Everyone else busies about with the post-mission activities of gear maintenance, eating, and washing, but neither Cassian nor Jyn find the energy to participate. They’d taken part in a covert side mission requiring them to trek ten miles through rather rough terrain and stormy weather, and quite simply, neither gives a damn about moving in the near future.

For all intents and purpose, the bunk is simply a temporary place to sit and rest their tired legs for a few short minutes until joining the rest of the crew, but the soothing hum of the ship and the unexpected comfort of the flimsy mattress quickly lulls them both into slumber.

In sleep, Cassian moves first, his head lolling gently against Jyn’s shoulder. Over the next few hours, Jyn slumps to her side, the movement of which causes Cassian to continue his wayward lean, and he settles on his side behind her. So deeply asleep, both adjust naturally on the bunk, pulling their legs up and find some form of comfort.

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can we do yuri (snsd) and A, F and K

A = Aftercare

Yuri would be snuggly after sex, and she would be roaming your body with her hands just to make sure you’re alright. She would probably want to talk for a bit before falling asleep with her arms wrapped around you.

F = Favorite Position

Anything where you guys are facing each other. Yuri just likes being able to see your face.

K = Kinks

Yuri’s not a very kinky person, but she really likes it wearing cutesy lingerie and letting you take it off of her. She may has be down for you littering her with lovebites.

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I hope this has the general fandom questioning UAs. If Kim K, who has a constant pap tail in LA, can keep her birth under wraps, then how on earth could UAs have known about this birth before the grandmother confirmed? Real or fake, that's absurd. Either they're being fed strategic information or they're up to some terribly invasive, probably illegal stalking behavior. Either way, not cool.

the fact that anyone would believe they would announce a birth like this… completely out of the control of the ‘parents’… by UA and a crazy drunk granny… it just baffles me. even Kim K like you said has control of letting everyone know when she has her kids… i just. i actually feel a little bit sorry for the people who believe this is real life and how things are done.