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➳  Happy 20th anniversary Inuyasha !

On November 13, 1996, the first chapter of the manga series Inuyasha was published in Japan’s Shonen Sunday magazine. Thank you Rumiko Takahashi for giving us such a beautiful series and tons of characters that we adore! Inuyasha had a big impact on a lot of people’s childhoods and a lot of us are still obsessed with the series. Thank you ♥

“Dex, hey, I called you back at the number you called me at yesterday. Um…I forgot my key to the Haus, can you let me in? I brought food.”


“Hey Bitty, its Nursey here. Long story short me and Dex are at the Haus, and I don’t know where the extra blankets are. Call me back? Oh and I need a recipe for hot chocolate. One that couldn’t possibly end with me burning it, or the Haus down. Maybe I’ll just buy instant. Dex needs hot chocolate, and I don’t want to destroy the- your kitchen. Ok call me, thanks Bitty.”


“Hey Chowder, me and Dex are at the Haus, and we kinda took all your pillows and blankets. I’ll wash them before you get back, promise. Thanks C, talk later.”


“Hi mom, sorry I left early. In the middle of the night. Without saying goodbye. Um. But my frien-, my…. Will, my boyfriend, needed me. I’ll explain later, promise. Tell mama I’m sorry too yeah? Bye.”

So what if one day Atem gets a call by Isis saying the archelogists found what they  are 90% sure is Priest Seto’s tomb. Atem decides he wants to see for himself, he needs to. Isis managed to get him a special permission to go around and see what they found, and Atem knows at once that yes, this is where they buried Seto, they are all good archelogists but the weren’t around in Ancient Egypt but Atem was and Atem gets it the moment he takes a look at the writings.

And then he sees a mummy of a tall man and he feels like he’s been punched because one thing is knowing his friend became Pharaoh after him and then died and then Atem came back 3000 years later but seeing what remains of his priest is another thing. Mummies don’t rot like normal corpses, but that doesn’t mean they are pretty or lifelike and Atem has to take a moment and many deep breaths after seeing the thousands years old dry remains of a person he once knew, his head spinning with how damn long it had been since he had last seen Seto alive; sometimes he almost forgets the centuries that passed between his last memories and the moment Yugi completed the Puzzle.

In the end Atem decides to offer his help to the archelogists, to identify any mummies they may find or better understand the informations on the walls. With many things, he can’t help, Seto didn’t die young and even the thought of how many things happened to his friends after his death leaves Atem feeling dizzy. And where he can help it’s so hard, because he never really realized just how much time had passed. He keeps it cool, tries not to give in to his emotions - Isis notices, she tries to understand, but she wasn’t there, even when Atem points at a carved figure of a woman and says, ‘I think that’s you’ she can’t feel as Atem does - even cracks a joke here and there - he texts Kaiba a Congratulations on your past self’s six children and he and Isis laugh until tears at Kaiba’s irate answers.

And when it’s all done, when he did all he could to make history known because he had to, all those people deserved to be remembered, Atem lies down on his bed and cries, for all the things he couldn’t see and for those people he misses and for how out of place he feels, how lost and confused he is even if he never felt so after getting his memories back.

There was a smaller mummy in a secondary room, completely anonymous, hidden, almost as if it was meant not to be found by anyone ever. It confused the archologists, because nothing says who that person was or why it’s there, they only know it was a young man who seems to have died a violent death and that the mummification process had been executed with extreme precision. Atem hadn’t said anything, but he does send a picture of it to Yugi, and only Yugi, with the caption I think this may be a selfie


“It can all suddenly be over tomorrow, but… I’m still insanely happy I met him. I was fake before it. And I’m over that, now I want… my life to be real.”

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A Walk in Mistral Pt 3

“These people are all strangers to me…”
I had to continue I just had to because Ozpin needs to see how his little rose bud became a beautiful rose ready to take on the world and just be proud of his -children- students ok???

Also since Ozpin and Oscar share thoughts now, it’s only natural for them to share strong emotions with each other, right? Even though Ozpin wouldn’t cry from feeling all this, it doesn’t mean that Oscar wouldn’t tear up.

Anyways, this is probably the last part but we’ll see based on how the rest of this season goes! Also, thanks for all the notes I really appreciate it!!! ;;7;; *flops to the ground and weeps*

Part One, Part Two
  • Simon: Baz come here I have something to tell you.
  • Baz: Well, spit it out.
  • Simon: Come closer.
  • Baz: Why?
  • Simon: Just come on!
  • Baz: *comes closer*
  • Simon: *leans in, about to whisper*
They leave Omelas, they walk ahead into the darkness, and they do not come back. The place they go towards is a place even less imaginable to most of us than the city of happiness. I cannot describe it at all. It is possible that it does not exist. But they seem to know where they are going, the ones who walk away from Omelas.

Ursula K. Le Guin, The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas.

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insp: x and true detective

“My friend dragged me to a party and then abandoned me but you came up to me and we started talking and somehow I started talking about how I didn’t want to be here while you start smirking when my friend comes back and introduces you to me as the host of the party and I blush really hard because I’ve been ranting about how boring it was for 10 minutes” AU

“I’ve been dating your sibling but the first time I go over to your house I can’t take my eyes off you” AU

“Everyone keeps on trying to set us up but we’ve secretly been dating for years” AU

Love At First Sight - Part 2 - Kol x Reader

Hi, hello, bonjour :)

Part 2 (part 3 will probably be the last part, I don’t know when I’ll post it)

Please, note that I am French so there might be some mistakes here and there.

Summary: The day after you first kissed Kol, you spent more time with him and get involved in the town drama.

Enjoy :)

Part 1

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Family Drama.

“Stop it!” you giggled.

You were sitting on the grass with Kol. You were in the park, trying to study for your history test but Kol couldn’t keep his hands off of you. You giggled when he placed his hands on your waist to pull you to him.


“Oh, come on, love. Half of the things in this book are wrong!” he told you.

“What?” you looked up at him.

“Nothing,” he chuckled and he shook his head before he leaned to kiss you. You placed your right hand on his cheek and you deepened the kiss.

You broke it as you needed to breathe and he started kissing your neck.

“Kol, I really need to study,” you said but you didn’t push him away. You closed your eyes, enjoying the feeling of his hands on you, of his lips on your neck. “Kol.”

He sighed. “You’re no fun,” he said before he kissed your temple and took your history book from you. “What are you studying?”

You spent the afternoon studying and kissing. When night came and it was getting colder, you decided to have dinner at the Grill. There, you saw Klaus drinking at the bar and Alaric and Meredith Fell playing pool. You saw your sister coming in and she walked towards Klaus.

“What’s happening there?” you asked Kol.

He turned to look at his brother and you knew he was listening to what they were saying. Kol chuckled.

“My brother likes your sister but she doesn’t like him back,” he said in a mocking tone. You watched your sister leave the Grill followed by Klaus.

“I’ll be right back,” you said, getting up. He took your hand and stopped you. You leaned to kiss him before you left for the bathroom.

When you stepped out, you met face to face with Stefan.

“Stefan!” you breathed out. “You scared me!”

“I’m sorry (Y/N),” he said and you frowned. Someone was behind you and put a hand on your mouth so you couldn’t scream for help. You saw Kol turning around and see you get dragged outside by Stefan and who you believed was Damon.

Once you were outside, Damon released you. “What the hell are you doing?” you yelled at the vampire.

“We’re sorry, (Y/N), but this is to protect you too,” Stefan said.

“What?” you were confused.

Alaric showed up with a dagger in his hand.

Damon pushed you away from the door when it opened again.

“Kol!” you called when he stepped outside and Alaric instantly stabbed him in the heart. “Kol!” you cried when you saw his skin getting grey. Alaric caught him so he wouldn’t fall. “What are you doing?” you said. You were angry, scared and you were tearing up.

“They’re all linked and their mother is trying to kill them,” Damon said.

Suddenly, you saw Klaus removed the dagger and Kol fell on the ground. He pushed Alaric and Stefan aside and you rushed at Kol’s still unconscious body. You took his face in your hands. “Kol,” you whispered.

“I should have killed you months ago,” you looked up at Klaus who was threatening Damon.

“Do it,” the vampire said. “It’s not gonna stop Esther from killing you.”

You frowned.

“What did you say about my mother?” Klaus asked as he took a few steps towards Damon.

“You didn’t know I was friends with your mummy?” he said. “Yeah, we have a lot in common. She hates you as much as I do.”

You pulled Kol to your chest.

Klaus was about to kill Damon when he was interrupted by Elijah. “Leave it!” he told his brother and you looked up at the Original vampire who was on top of the stairs behind you. Klaus slowly turned around to look up at his brother whose skin was still a little grey. You were worried Kol still hadn’t woke up.

“We still need him, Niklaus,” the older brother said.

“What did mother do?” the hybrid asked but his brother didn’t answer. “What did she do, Elijah?”

He climbed down the stairs and took his phone out. “Tell me where the witches are or I’ll tell my sister to kill Elena right now!” he told Damon.

“You told me we had after nine!” Damon said.

“Well, I’m sure Rebekah will be more than happy to start her work early,” he said.

You felt Kol move and you looked down at the Original vampire who was slowly opening his eyes. You stroke his cheek with your thumbs and he slowly looked up at you.

“(Y/N),” he could only whisper.

“You’re okay,” you told him and you hugged him tighter.

Damon told Elijah what he wanted to know.

“What’s happening?” Kol asked as soon as he was back on his feet. He kept you close and you couldn’t let go of him.

“Mother had linked us all. One of us die, we all die. She is going to kill Finn tonight, we need to stop them,” Elijah explained.

Kol couldn’t believe his mother was trying to kill them. He looked down at you. “You should go home,” he said.

You looked up and frowned. “Be careful,” you told him and he nodded before he kissed you. You kissed him as if it was the first and last time you were going to see him. “Be careful,” you repeated before he left. When you looked up at the stairs you saw Caroline looking down at you. She had a guilty look on her face.

“What did you do?” you asked her, angry.

“I didn’t do anything,” she said.

“You knew what was going on?” you yelled at her.

She looked at you in silence for a minute.

“Elena told me… She wants to kill Klaus,” she said.

“So if Klaus dies it doesn’t matter if all of them die with him?” you yelled. “I thought you liked Klaus!”

“Klaus is the reason I’m a vampire!” she yelled back at you. “He killed Jenna,” she reminded you. “He’s a monster!”

You couldn’t believe what you were hearing. “Klaus likes you,” you told her. “He trusted you.”

She looked at you with the same guilty look she had earlier. You shook your head.

“You and Elena were ready to kill all of them just to get rid of one,” you said. “And you think you’re better than them?” you asked her but walked away before she could answer.

You sat on your bed, staring at the floor, worrying about Kol. About an hour and a half later, someone was knocking on your front door. You rushed to open and smiled when you saw Kol but you quickly lost your smile when you saw his face. He was looking down and he looked sad.

“Oh, Kol…” you said and you hugged him. “I’m sorry.”

He hugged you tight and buried his face in your neck. You took his face in your hands and stroke his cheeks with your thumbs. He leaned to kiss you and you kissed him back. He lifted you off of your feet and closed the front door as he stepped in your house. You wrapped your legs around his waist and in the next second he was laying you on your bed. His lips moved from your lips to your cheek to your neck. You slid your fingers through his hair and you moaned his named when he moved his left hand under your shirt.

The next morning, you woke up in Kol’s arms. You were only wearing his shirt and you knew he was already awake as he was stroking your shoulder with his fingers.

“Good morning,” he said and you could hear his grin in his voice.

“Hi,” you smiled and looked up. You propped yourself on your elbow. “Get that smile off your face,” you told him and he chuckled before he kissed you.

“Aren’t you gonna be late for school?” he asked and you frowned. You quickly looked at your clock and gasped.

“I’m supposed to be in history class right now!” you panicked. You tried to get out of bed but Kol stopped you.

“Relax,” he chuckled.

“No, no, I have a test!” you told him.

“I’ll compel your teacher to give an A, I promise,” he chuckled and then kissed you.

“You can’t compel Alaric!” you told him.

“You mean the guy that stabbed me last night?” he asked and you looked down and nodded. “You’re right, I’ll just kill him instead,” he said and you looked up at him and he saw the shock on your face. He laughed.

“I’m just kidding,” he said before he kissed you. You closed your eyes and relaxed in the kiss. You deepened the kiss and he moved so you had your back on the mattress and he was on top of you. But you broke the kiss.

“I’m missing school,” you said and he grinned.

“So? Let’s stay in bed all day,” he said.

You looked at him and sighed. He chuckled and kissed you as he took your silence for a “yes”. 

Written On This Skin Part 11 - Luke Soulmate Au

Part 1

Part 10

Part 12


A/N This is probably the second to last part.. so enjoy!


“She’s okay,” The group lets out a collective sigh. The worry seeping out of all of them, that some didn’t even realize that they had.

“Can we go see her?” Michael asks, ready to jump around Luke to help someone who has gone through the same as him.

“I don’t know,” Luke breaths out. He is unsure about what to do next, he is unsure if he should be doing anything. He would never be enough for her, so why try? Luke will never be enough for the girl who is destined to share a bed with him. And he knew it. He knew it when she said she didn’t want to be famous. He knew it when she didn’t want to be his soulmate. He knew it when she was crying hysterically about wanting more for herself. Luke will never be enough.

As if sensing his friend’s sadness, Micheal wraps Luke into a hug, followed by the rest of the group. They look at Luke in worry, they know he’s been going through a lot with Y/N right now, but none of them had stopped to think about how that would really be effecting him.

Ashton pulls away first and begins to take charge. “Okay, Mikey and Emily, go down and make sure Y/N is okay. The rest of us will stay up here, with Luke, finish packing, and be down in a half hour with everything,” Ashton says. He sends Michael down with Emily to see if Y/N is okay, because he knows the two of them are probably he most nurturing, well Emily is. Michael just understands what she is going through.

Ashton leads Luke to his room, where Luke begins to grab his things and put it back in his suitcase. “What’s wrong Luke?” Ashton asks, and Luke slams his suitcase onto the bed, which only caused it to bounce a little.

“Nothing,” Luke grits out. Luke is not an angry person, so what’s left of the group flinches back a little.

“Can we have some space?” Ashton asks the rest of the group. Jackie and Alex nod and turn to leave, but Calum stays put. Alex looks over her shoulder and motions for Calum to follow, but with a shake of his head, Calum stays put. Ashton looks over his shoulder to see Calum and Calum just gives a small shrug.

“What’s got you upset, mate?” Ashton asks, accepting the fact that Calum is here to stay.

“I don’t think she wants me.”

“What do you mean she doesn’t want you? You’re her soulmate?” Ashton exclaims, and Calum gives a subtle nod.

“I mean, she wants to do something more with her life! Something I can’t give her! She says she doesn’t want to be famous!” Luke exclaims, violently throwing clothes into his suitcase.

“She can be something while being with you,” Ashton tries to reason.

“Look, I don’t think she knew it was me in the room when she said this, but she said, ‘Why do i have to be his soulmate?’ If that isn’t enough to say that she doesn’t want me, I don’t know what is.” Luke says, throwing his suitcase shut.

“Mate…” Ashton begins to say, but Luke’s choking sobs cut him off.

“I just want to be enough for someone,” Luke says, sitting down on the bed. Silent tears roll down his face, as the horrible thoughts flood into his brain. Luke bows his head, as he thinks of what could’ve been. If he just had a different soulmate. If only he had someone who would thing he’s enough. He’s nice. He’s been told all his life how handsome he is. He brings home enough money to support them. Why does she want to have more? What could she want that he can’t give her.

“Luke…” Ashton starts again, but he is out of words.

“Luke, its not that you aren’t enough,” Calum says, kneeling down next to Luke. “There are just some things that you can’t give people. From what I hear from Alex, Y/N is not someone to sit back and relax. She is always doing something. It’s not that you are not enough, it’s that she wants something more outside of Love.” Luke nods numbly along to what Calum says. “She needs you, just as much as you want her. You can’t give up on these kinds of things,” Luke throws himself off the bed and onto Calum, wrapping him into a hug. “Let’s all finish packing and go down, yeah?” Calum asks after a few moments. Luke peels himself off of Calum and turns to finish packing.

When the whole group is ready, they proceed to the bus.

When Luke is outside the bus, a few steps away from the door, he feels something heavy jump onto him. He stumbles back a few steps, and drops both suitcases in an effort to catch the girl.

“I’m so sorry,” His soulmate whispers in his ear.