probably l.joe

Teen Top Reaction: When you call him Daddy.

C.A.P: *I think he’ll enjoy being called daddy the most, he just looks like daddy material.*

 “That’s right baby, say it again.” 

Chunji: “I didn’t know you were into that jagi, but I’m glad you are.”

L.Joe: *Probably fuck you into another dimension.*

Niel: *You better be ready for what you just brought upon yourself.*

Ricky: *At first he’ll be surprised, but he’ll quickly come to love the nickname.*

Chanjo: *You just unleashed a different side of him you didn’t know existed.*


anonymous asked:

how would chunji, changjo, ljoe, L and sungyeol react when you tippytoe up to them (you're alot shorter than them), kiss them on the cheek and then run away? gif+text reaction please, thank youu

Chunji: “What was that for?” He`d probably ask you as you run away, giggling and ignoring his question. He`d shake his head, a smile spread across his face. “This little cutie, really…”

Changjo: Oh, he would find it so endearing. Changjo had mentioned liking girls who make him want to take care of her, and who can give that feeling better than a cute little lady? He would give you a warm smile, unable to hide the affection even though you`re far away already.

L.Joe: His reaction would be much similar to Chunji`s. L.Joe would probably not ask you what that was for. He would groan due to the cuteness overload, touching his both cheeks to get himself together after this lovely action from you.

Myungsoo: I can see Myungsoo being dumbfounded for a few seconds after you kiss him on the cheek and run away. Then he`d giggle to himself, saying that you were a cutie pie.

Sungyeol: He really wanted to tease you about your height, but you ran away. Then it`s… time for Sungyeol`s emotional fanboying over you being too cute to handle. “Why do you have to be so cute?”

(As always, gifs aren`t mine. Credits to gif owners)