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Tink on Dabb and Spn

@whyjm replied: I love how you find the good in things <3

@m-sherezade I love Tinkdw positive! <3

I dont know how this happened, I just am positive I guess but I have somehow become the beacon of positivity in this part of the fandom lol. My inbox his morning is just all people wanting hugs and fluffy things as they’re so upset (rightly).

Genuinely, the decision to kill Eileen sucked BALLS, especially how they didn’t even USE it well to show the man pain it was supposed to. Also, I am unsure how this sits with Sam’s endgame as she was literally the beacon for it in so many different ways (probably it will just be overlooked cos everyone else knows this decision is just BL bullcrap) 

BUT I keep saying… the rest of the episode sits with where I feel it is going which is a more positive ending. 

Part of me just thinks this is Dabb picking his battles, he can’t fight Singer (and his wife) on everything and I do feel and hope that the big things he is fighting for is:

- Endgame happy ending for TFW
- Destiel

I mean who knows, maybe the duo wanted to kill either one of or multiples of Garth, Claire or Jody or someone much closer to home and Dabb was like no, bring back someone, build them up, then kill them (as BL wrote 12x17…) It’s at least slightly better? I mean they may kill another but perhaps this was them sparing ONE of them? BUT the way in which they did it was horrific and SO uncalled for. Damn them.

I may be totally wrong and they may surprise me with how terribly they want to end the show, how Dabb is just toying with us, how Singer has learned nothing from the past and that they don’t give a crap about the PR of anything, but until really, unequivocally proved otherwise, I just don’t believe that… 

Until concretely proven otherwise I want to see the good in the world…

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“As much respect as I have for the trans community, I hate the idea of trans Marco. Things that have proof such as Danny Phantom, (him not ever taking his shirt off and Dani being his genetic twin) I am completely behind. But we’ve seen Marco’s nipples and that would not go over well in the media, ever for a transgender person.”
- @cheshire-cat-is-really-confused

this is actually true!! i’ve never thought about that. it’s probably just a super overlooked factor.

Imagine having to hold Dean back from a guy who was rude to you...

The air in the place suddenly felt like it was full of mercury; thick, pulsating, burning.

“What the hell did you just say to her?” Dean asked as he set his beer down.

You were still standing in the middle, looking down at your shirt which was wet from the drink the guy had spilled all over you. Uh oh… You gritted your teeth at the look on Dean’s face. “Dean,” you said, trying to head him off.

He held up a hand towards you as if to say “I’ve got this.” The guy at the bar now stood up from his stool and took a few steps toward Dean, matching his angry glare.

“What’s it to you? You going to do something about it?” The man asked, crossing his arms in front of his chest with a cocky leer.

“Dean,” you said again. You hoped your voice would jolt him off the road he was rapidly speeding down…

“I don’t think you realize who you’re talking to. Y/N over here is perfectly capable of kicking your ass herself. But she’s a little more reasonable than I am. She’s probably willing to just overlook this. Me on the other hand,” you saw Dean set his feet, getting ready to take a swing at the guy and you jumped in front of him.

“Dean. Come on. It’s not worth it,” you said holding your hands up. “Let’s just go.”

“I’d listen to twinkle-toes over there,” the man said with a sneer.

Dean tried to rush towards him but you squarely planted your feet and put your hands out, landing them firmly against his chest. He slowed immediately when he felt your hands on him, not wanting you to get hurt in the fray. He finally looked down at you.

“Parking lot. Now,” you said. You tugged on the front of his jacket and pushed your way outside. You knew he would follow. He wouldn’t want you alone, always fearful that as soon as he looked away something would happen to you.

Why Dumbledor let Harry grow up with the durselys

So the realization just hit me, a little late I may say, but in the philosophers stone Dumbledor is so keen on making sure that Harry stays with the durselys knowing how terrible they are, and in the half blood Prince we learn the Tom/voldemort grew up in an orphanage. What if the reason why Dumbledor wanted Harry to grow up with the durselys was becuase he was scared that I’d he grew up else where he would end up just like him [voldemort]. I mean it probably was the reason and I was probably just overlooking it the whole time.

What’s truly sad about Sammi’s character is all the potential being squandered in favour of having her fill Frank’s shoes in the Gallagher household. There are moments, so far and few between that they’re difficult to remember amidst all the more annoying scenes she’s been in, where Sammi is actually almost likable.

Although it was rushed (what else is new) I feel like the reason Ian felt so betrayed by Sammi is because she actually paid attention to him without judgement or looking at him like he’s a ticking time bomb. She noticed when he hurt his hand and insisted she help him look after it. He made a comment in passing about his time in the army, something his siblings probably would have just overlooked, but Sammi actually listened. And sure, it probably wasn’t out of the goodness of her heart by the time he was done because she used that information against him in the end, but it didn’t have to be that way.

And when Ian and Mickey walk into the house and Sammi stops them and talks about what a great person Ian is and about how it’s going to be hard for him, the look on Ian’s face is so vulnerable and surprised because nobody has ever said that to him. Ian is so often overlooked in this family that he doesn’t know how to react when he’s not just slipping under the radar. What Sammi said to him was honestly so important and something he needed to hear, but the importance of that is completely overshadowed by her turning him in. The writers seem torn between wanting her to be Frank and wanting her to be Fiona, so they keep going back and forth between the two, but the Sammi we saw last season listening to Debbie and painting her nails? That’s who she really is, if the writers would just let her. Unfortunately, there’s no going back from what she did and now we’re stuck with her filling in as an antagonistic character.

Carmilla Week Seven!

Damn. carmillaseries I gotta tip my hat to anamatics and Jordan - they can cram a metric fuck-ton of stuff into such a short time.

Yes you were. Which is a bit weird.

Perry is learning, and trying and it’s progress and I love it. Carm points out that Will wasn’t her nemesis.

THANK YOU. Perry, the voice of reason. As much as the whole LaFrankenstein thing is being played for laughs, it’s a bit weird. I said in an earlier post that this probably violates some kind of scientific ethical code and just because science can do A Thing, it doesn’t mean it NEEDS to do A Thing. Vampire or no, things were violated here. LaF is veering into murky, morally ambiguous Mad Scientist territory.
Also thank you Laura.

LaF: I fucked up.
Carmilla: This is fuckin’ weird.
JP: The fuck is that?

(JP’s exit made me laugh so much. I need to not watch this in public sometimes.)


Hold up. That timeline of great-great grandfather doesn’t line up. Original, Original, Original, yeah? He’s the original Baron who maybe isn’t immortal but found some way to slow down the aging process. Also note the “promised”. She likely had no say in the matter and as a wild babyvamp, yeah, she’s gonna kill people. Kinda what vampires do, kinda shouldn’t be a surprise right now, Hollis. “Murder her for Christmas” ring any bells?
Laura decides a protest is the way to go about stopping Mattie because that is definitely going to stop a centuries-old, very powerful vampire and not at all annoy her.

And then there was this. (I’m not defending Laura nor am I going to drag her for it). Was it a good thing to say? Not really. Is she young, rash and prone to acting and saying things without thinking? Yep. This is a “I’m too busy to help your brutally damaged self esteem and carry your emotional baggage, but I need you to be strong and heroic, so just do that” statement.
She’s so focused on Mattie, she’s not looking at the bigger picture. Mattie is a vampire who worked for the Dean and therefore she’s bad. The Baron was helping the students and is (as far as we know) entirely human, so he’s good. But is he really? We know as much about him as we do about Laura. One thing we do know about Laura is that she tends to see things in black and white, which is what she’s done with Mattie and the Baron. Will this backfire? Maybe. Is she right in thinking that Mattie=bad and Baron=good? Probably not. Mattie was at least willing to talk to her a bit more (though I admit we might see more of the Baron and learn more from him in the future).

So was her statement harsh? Totally. But consider the source. She’s trying so hard to save everything and everyone and since she still sees Carmilla as a heroic figure AND she’s her girlfriend, she’s going to lean on her for support. And since Carmilla loves her, she’ll do what she can, even if it’s not entirely emotionally healthy.

There are cracks in the foundation of not just the relationship, but of how Laura is seeing the world. The greys are seeping in and she’s trying her hardest to keep it all black and white.

Hoooooooboy. Episode 14. “Sous les Paves” is under the…stones? Underground? Hm.

Laura wrangles Danny into helping with the protest, “led by Heroic Vampire, Carmilla Karnstein” and bro you really gotta lay off on that stuff.

The enthusiasm is astounding.

The protest didn’t go well. Laura seemed to expect a quick visit from Mattie after their “civil disobedience” but come on now.

Exactly. She’s got bigger things to worry about.

Well that’s not fuckin’ creepy at all. Nothing good ever comes from eerie, ominously whispered Latin. “On dark wings I come, and I will be the keeper of your death.” That’s about as cheery as “from beneath you, it devours”.

Goddamnit Perry cannot catch a fucking break. So in case you couldn’t tell, I’m a bit of a nerd. I looked up what dreaming about crows would mean, since she had a dream about them:
“To see a crow in your dream represents death and the darker aspects of your character. The dream could also be pointing out your annoying habits. Alternatively, the crow may be conveying a message from your subconscious. To dream that crows are on the attack indicates a conflict with your subconscious.“ Darker aspects of your character, eh? Darker as in evil as in the Dean who occasionally possesses you? 

I’ll just leave this here.

Is it really Mattie, though? She’s old and powerful but would she also be a swarm of crows? And yes, why is Perry such a target?

Nope. Laura’s so caught up in the good-vs-evil fight, she’s probably overlooking this just a little. Mattie=bad=must be stopped at all costs. I spent a lot of this episode going “oh god Laura. Laura no. Laura, please think about this for a second.”


OH FFS use your brain. No. No it will not. I saw this and I literally snort-laughed. Gonna take a bit more than Mr Pointy to bring her down.

Aw shit, guys, we need a new plan.

So the Charter gives her legit powers. Awesome. There’s probably some weird clause in there too that says she can’t be kicked off or taken off and the powers are only revoked when she’s dead.


There it is. The jibes and poking and comments have reached a breaking point. The angst is coming, people. Grab a drink and a blanket and settle in. Carmilla FINALLY says no to Laura. Good for you. Good. Clearly she’s not catching on that you’re uncomfy with the hero worship and all that. It’s not Carmilla’s crusade, it’s Laura’s. And while I’m sure she loves Laura and wants to support her, there’s only so much she can do. And so much she can take. Laura’s off on her own heroic crusade and wants to save everyone but Carm still just wants Laura.

Still no Giraffe Shirt of Doom in the preview. Whew.

Crazy theory of the day: the Corvae guys are taking samples because they need a special kind of person to open the First Gate. A key, if you will.