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Tricks (Part 1)

Request: Hello! How are you? Could I request a Joker x Reader where the he and his friends are arguing about who the most attractive/best with the ladies is and joker ends up betting he can seduce the reader. They fall in love but then reader finds out it was all a bet. Sort of a ‘10 things I hate about you’ scenario haha Thanks lovie

A/N: I COMPLETELY fell in love with this idea this is cute AS FUCK. Part 1 of ??

Pairing: Joker x reader 

Summary: Joker makes a bet he can seduce the reader but finds out he’s met his match. 

Warnings: Sexual implications? Probably swearing? Joker stuff. 

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Balls of Fire

Summary: Sam’s gone on a hunt, but that doesn’t stop him from giving you a new toy to play with.

Warning: smut, use of Ben Wa balls, phone sex, dirty talk

Word Count: 2300ish

A/N: I just really wanted to write phone sex with Sam. Hope y’all enjoy! Feedback appreciated!

“Ben what?”

“Ben Wa balls.” Sam’s voice is pure sin tonight, pouring through the speaker of your phone, vibrating down to the deepest parts of you.

The small metal balls are cool in your hand, seemingly innocent as you roll them between your fingers. “You know I was making fun of Fifty Shades of Grey, right?”

Sam’s smirk is almost audible. “I know. Doesn’t mean it wasn’t a good idea.”

You sigh, but you both know your heart isn’t in it. You’re already buzzing, already wet at the thought.

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How would uf, ut, and us sans react to their kids fighting over a toy while their s/o is out. Like kicking and screaming at each other?

Underfell Sans:

He’s probably that parent that has two pair of those inflatable boxing gloves and would just let his kids go at it. He’ll take the toy away from them.”Listen I’m tired of you little shits fighting. Take these and work it out. Whoever get’s knocked down the least amount of times gets the toy. Oh and don’t tell your Dad/Mom.”  Then he gives the toy to the one that lost.  He’s not the best parent.

Undertale Sans:

He’s gonna take the toy away and make them try to get along. By forcing them to sit with him and watch a science documentary. A really boring one. Where the narrator has a droning voice and doesn’t change his tone at all throughout the documentary. They’ll hate it so much they won’t fight again for a while. Just to avoid having to watch it again.

Underswap Sans:

He quickly breaks them apart and he’s scolding them. He’d figure his children would know better than to try to hurt each other. He’s very disappointed in the two of them. He’d take the toy away and not give it back until they promise to play nicely.

Imagine the Winchesters teasing Kevin about his crush on you.

“Hey Kevin when you’re done staring at (Y/n) mind reading this and do some work for real?” Dean’s voice made Kevin’s head instantly snap in his direction.

His eyes went and a pink rose on his cheeks, hoping you weren’t going to hear them even if you were sitting close to them.

“Dean leave him alone. He’s perfectly allowed to stare and daydream about the girl he likes anyway” a snicker left Sam’s lips as Dean chuckled along with him.

Kevin’s eyes widened even more. Just when he thought Sam was going to defend him and not let him be the victim of Dean’s teasing.

“Yeah but just be careful cause you’re gonna burn a whole through her head” he laughed and Kevin only glared at him.

“Dean” he grumbled.

“No, no I think Dean’s right on that one. Sides you will probably make a fool of yourself if you daydream about her and she catches you”

Kevin glared at Sam as he and Dean both laughed.

“Daydreaming or maybe something else” Dean wiggled his eyebrows at Sam and they both laughed more.

“Ew Dean how did you think about that?”

“What- as if you think he doesn’t have those kind of thoughts about her?” Dean grinned “I mean I can practically see it”

“Though we’ll have to stay as far away as possible”

“Ewww yes. No, no I’m not gonna let them stay in the bunker if they do that. I sure as hell don’t want to run in on that” Dean made a face as Kevin tried to steal glances at you to make sure you were not listening to any of what they said.

“Guys, enough” he hissed at them.

“What Kevin? Scared we might embarrass you to your girlfriend?” Dean teased with a smirk.

Kevin opened his mouth to speak but couldn’t manage to say much as a book slammed on the table.

“You’re more embarrassing yourself than him. Sides who said I don’t daydream about him when he’s not looking huh?” you snapped and Kevin’s eyes surely went wide.

“Besides if we want to talk about embarrassing things you boys have a lot to hide so you wouldn’t like me to speak”

Silence met your words as all three stared at you frozen.

“Good.” you nodded your head.

“Now-” you sat back on your chair “- why don’t you two do some actual work?” you shot at the Winchesters whose heads immediately bowed down.

You looked at Kevin who still was frozen, a small smile forming on your lips as you winked at him.

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the equation of love (pt. 7)

Pt. 1 | Pt. 2 | Pt. 3 | Pt. 4 | Pt. 5 | Pt. 6 | Pt. 7 | Pt. 8 | Pt. 9

→scenarioWhen you met Yoongi in a club, you thought it was fate that brought the two of you together. But after you walked into your college math class for the very first time, you weren’t so sure anymore.

→genre: smut | fluff | angst

→word count: 12,021

→warnings: sexual assault

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i was wondering if you had any tips for dealing with sensory overloads n meltdowns at school? im also autistic and have a really hard time dealing with these things. i understand if you dont want to/cant answer this, no hard feelings. have a nice day!!

hi!! yeah i actually do have some tips :) idk if they’ll work for you too but it’s worth a shot!

avoiding sensory overload

  • keep a change of clothes in your locker/backpack. i tend to wear things without noticing how overloading they are until later in the day, so having something to change into helps a lot
  • avoid loud and crowded spaces. know where people in your school tend to hang out, and find a place that’s more isolated and quiet where you can spend your free time. libraries are good, and so are side hallways or empty classrooms (if you’re allowed in them without a teacher)
  • don’t stick around or discuss tests and stuff after you’ve taken them. the environment can b really stressful and could make u more sensitive
  • in classes like art, where you have to work with your hands, talk to the teacher (if you can)! let them know ahead of time if there are substances or materials that are hard for you to work with so that the two of you can find out alternatives or things you could do to make up for it

dealing with sensory overloads and meltdowns

  • find a place where you can be alone for at least a few seconds. bathroom stalls are probably the easiest option. if you know any stairwells that people don’t use or empty hallways, that works too. better yet, if your school has a library, go there. especially if it has a silent or quiet study room
  • nobody’s gonna judge you for sitting down, putting ur head down, and wrapping ur arms around ur knees. especially if you r crying or shaking, they’ll probably feel awkward and just leave you be
  • if your friends are supportive, find some way to let them know when you’re having sensory overload or a meltdown. if you go nonverbal, a hand gesture or note that you can just show to them works well. they can tell people that you’re feeling sick or don’t want to talk
  • if you go nonverbal, have a card or something that explains “i’m having a panic attack / sensory overload / meltdown / feeling sick and i don’t want to speak. you can do (x) things to help me. please don’t do (y).”
  • most teachers are really understanding and will probably let you work in the hallway or something if your class is being loud. just tell them you can’t deal with the noise and you would be able to work better outside.
  • if you can’t tell people that you’re having a meltdown or sensory overload because they’re not supportive, just tell them you had too much coffee. the symptoms are really similar, and they’ll probably be willing to accept that as an explanation
  • if having stim toys helps you calm down, keep one or two in your bag or locker. i like to have kinetic sand with me because it lets me focus on one thing and get rid of bad tactile sensations on my hands, but i can still listen in class while i’m playing with it

sorry this isnt super comprehensive, i’m tired and there’s probably stuff im missing so feel free to add on! hope this helped a bit and u have a good day

Stay in Touch

Summary: When the Reader goes on a solo hunt, her and Dean text on a regular basis
: DeanxReader
: 1430
: Fluffy Fluff to begin with… then… well, then there’s angt
AN: This is something kinda different from my other fics, and I LOVED writing it!!! It was seriously a LOAD of fun to write!!! I may do something similar in the future, because really… year. Loved it!  XD
I’ve also never written in front of a Live Audience before… @poemwriter98 and @idreamofhazel, I hope you guys enjoyed yourself! And Thanks so much for all your help and feedback!!!  :D
Constructive Criticism Welcome!!!

Messages from the Reader start with ‘-’
Messages from Dean’s Phone start with ‘~’
This fic is kinda from Dean’s Phone’s POV?? It should make sense when you read it…


Oct 14th
Missed call: this person/number called at 20.47 on Oct 14th, but left no message.

- Hey Dean!
Just letting you know I got into town ok, considering you just ignored my call… rude!
I’m tired, and am gunna get some sleep before tackling the case… the drive was too long! Especially since I didn’t have your dumb ass keeping me company  :p

~ hey sweetheart. bit early for bed, ain’t it? and excuse you, I’m a delight to be around. i bet it was my amazing singing you missed, right?

- Don’t be a jackass, I just drove halfway across the country with nothing but toilet breaks and food stops. I’m tired! And if I’m being honest, it’s not your vocal skills I’m missing right now…

~ uh huh… i miss you too. but it’s only a small hunt, you’ll be home before you know it. and we ain’t leaving the bedroom for at least a day.

- Is that a promise, Winchester?

~ definitely a promise

- Good… I’ll hold you to that  ;)
Love you  xxx

~ night, baby. love you too

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Luke being completely in love with you would include

him always touching you in some way

Always wanting you to be sitting on his lap

Him always staring at you in awe

“You’re so pretty baby” when you called him out

Him sitting on the couch and just pulling you by your hands trying to get you to sit


always wanting to treat you

constantly resting his head on your boobs

placing innocent kisses on them over your shirt

letting you style his hair whenever and however you want

liking your legs being draped over him

him having no shame carrying your bag

Cute “I love yous” whispered

“I’ll go get you a drink babe”


“Baby girl”

“Love me”

this was bad but I was gonna write another nsfw one and I probably still will but ya

anonymous asked:

It was the 4/4 blurb one about you not feeling comfortable giving them a bj. Please don't make it all sweet and understanding, they're horny teenagers, of course they're gonna be a but annoyed. Thank you, I love your blog btw :)

luke probably wouldn’t say anything, he would kinda let it go, but for the rest of the night he would almost be passive aggressive, like speaking in short phrases or not looking you in the eye. when you would confront him about it, he’d just shrug and say he was a little disappointed (which you knew was lie) and he would try to drop it, so you would sit down next to him and say you’d make it up to him. of course, he would grin, ready to continue what you’d started earlier, but before he would do anything you would turn on the tv, give him an innocent smile, and say that you’d marathon himym with him.

tbh calum would be the type to come home from the studio & be sexually frustrated, so when he got there he’d be sweet talking you & complimenting you, and you would know what he was doing, but you liked the attention so you’d let him continue. he would have you pressed up against the wall, slowly kissing down your neck, when he would mumble something about you doing him a “little favor about my growing problem” and you would just raise your eyebrows and say “a favor? like cooking and doing your laundry and all the other things i did today?” before going back to whatever you were doing before he got home, and as you were walking you’d hear a pitiful groan of “even just a handjob?”

michael would be obviously displeased, although he would try not to make you feel bad. you would suggest that the two of you cuddle instead of doing anything, and he would agree, glad that he could still at least be close to you, but he would soon realize that it wasn’t a good idea. having you pressed up so close against him would only make him more desperate, so he’s slowly start to beg you to help him (even trying to bribe you with new songs) but eventually he would just sigh and roll of the bed, walking into the bathroom so he could relieve his own problem.

i feel like ashton would give you such an offended look, like he would have been expecting a bj the entire night and when you said you didn’t want to, his initial reaction would be like “wait… are you serious?” he’d stop, but for a little while after that he’d occasionally question you if about if you wanted to keep going, and eventually he’d get tired of hearing the same answer so he’d quit & you’d think the whole thing was over with. however, the next day he would be sure to use that to his advantage, so if you had wanted him to do the dishes, there would be little chance of that actually happening because as soon as you would ask him, he’d pull the “okay, but remember last night when you wouldn’t give be a blowjob?”

Steroline Season 4 Drabble- Someday

Caroline had just gotten home from the Miss Mystic Falls pageant when she heard her phone ring.  Frantically, the blond kicked off her heels, set down her purse and ran to answer the home phone before it stopped ringing.  

“Hello?”  She asked, a little out of breath.
“Hey, it’s me.”  Caroline paused.  She could hear the faintest quiver in his voice.
“Stefan.  Is everything okay?”
“Not- not really.  Do you mind if I crash at your place tonight?  I’ll explain everything when I get there.”
“Of course.  Just come over whenever.”
Stefan scoffed.  “Yeah, well I’m kind of already here…”

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The Mission Impossible

What about a ‘hey I’m sorry to bother you but i’m trying to convince myfriends I’m a sex god so can you please write a fake number on this napkin for me real quick’

I saw this on my dash and just had to write it. I hope you like this!

“It’s true,” Skye shrugs with a smug grin on her face, “I am in fact a sex god.”

“Sure, and I’m Santa Claus,” Lance mocks, tipping back the last of his drink. “I want to see that.”

“What, you want to see Skye having sex?” Trip jokes and Skye laughs. Lance just rolls his eyes and punches Trip’s shoulder.

“Of course not. Gross. Ew. And besides that I wouldn’t want to have sex with any of you, thank you very much.”

“Now I’m offended.” Skye winks and takes another swig of her beer.

“What? Never mind. I want to see you pull someone. A girl. Because you’re an outstanding bisexual, and I’ve seen you pick up a man before. But never a woman. And you claim to be a sex god, so you should be able to pull that one off right, love.”

“Sure,” Skye says and takes another shot that’s standing around on their table. Mostly for courage. “Why not.”

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Portalstuck - Dirk: Confront GLARDOS

Script/Audio Editing/Voices:
Video Editing:


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the thing that’s fucking me up the most about the new SU, besides like, the obvious? is probably “I DIDN’T WANT TO HURT ANYONE”

Bismuth and the Rubies? Steven was defending himself, if he didn’t he’d be dead. sometimes you just gotta make those kinds of choices

Jasper? he didn’t actually hurt Jasper at all. she corrupted, and Steven thinks failing to save her is basically the same as corrupting her himself

but jesus h christ. his mom was in the list. thinking of his mom is what tipped him over the edge, as it were. and she. looked. pissed. there’s an argument that he thinks he hurt her with his being born, and that is something that has troubled him throughout the series! but Steven’s never overtly addressed those feelings with “no, no, no” before. he’s never overtly thought Rose herself was hurt about her death, just that others are.

all Steven knows about Rose is what people tell him. and he’s heard almost nothing but praise. Rose was the best and kindest person any of the crystal gems had ever met. she changed their lives for the better, helped them to discover themselves, helped them to help others. Steven’s been told she was the best leader, and he surely has a ton of feelings about “taking her away”, and he certainly feels super pressured to be as good as she was.

and then in Back to the Moon his good perception of her, uh… shattered. 

Rose in Steven’s mind looked angry, bordering on contemptuous. does Steven think Rose feeling mad towards him, for hurting so many people? is Steven feeling mad towards Rose, for killing Pink Diamond? is Steven feeling contempt towards himself, for becoming like Rose, someone who hurts others because she “did what she had to”?

we don’t know!! and neither does Steven!!! that’s why he’s gotta sit down and let himself think about everything! when you don’t let yourself mull over anything, your brain tends to just jump to horrible conclusions. and if you ignore them too much the thoughts get overwhelming! that was Garnet’s lesson, really, and i’m so glad Steven’s gonna start working on it.


Rated: R

Pairing: Luke Hemmings/Reader

Requested: Yes

Requests Are Open

Studying is literally the most stressful thing on the planet, and it’s not any better when you have a roommate that distracts you all the time. I was trying to catch up on a little bit of my chemistry homework, but I was interrupted by the sound of a smoke alarm going off and the smell of burning food lingering in the air. 

“Luke, What did you do!” I screamed through the apartment, trying to amplify my voice so it outshined that alarm. I got no response so I decided to leave my work behind and see if Luke had ended up setting the kitchen on fire. 

I walked into the kitchen to see Luke standing in the middle of the room, covered in flour and other materials that I didn’t know. They counters were drenched in grease and water, and the pan on the stove had a cloud of black smoke surrounding it, the smoke expelling into the room. 

“What the hell Luke, you made a mess,” I said to the boy standing in the middle of the disastrous kitchen. His only response was a small, guilty smile and a raise of his eyebrows. Even though Luke pissed me off all the time, he was my best friend and around a year ago we decided that we should move in together, both of us being the relationship-less individuals that we are. 

“This is going to take forever to clean up,” I groaned, already knowing that this was going to occupy my time instead of my much needed studying. 

“I’m really sorry y/n, I knew that you were stressed out and I thought maybe I could make a home cooked meal for us this once since all we’ve eaten this week is take out,” Luke said, and I couldn’t deny that his gesture made me blush a little, the fact that he cared was something special to me. 

“Well, I’m sorry for snapping at you,” I replied before going under the sink and getting out some clorox wipes, hoping to clean up the mess as quickly as possible. 

“Let me do this and you go study,” Luke said, ripping the cleaning wipe out of my hand and gently shoving me towards my room, before closing the door and giving me some much needed studying time. 


Before I knew it, I had the few chapters that I needed to know memorized word for word, and my head was pulsating. I rubbed at my temples, trying to make the aching pain go away, but it wouldn’t subside. I stood up to go and grab some advil, leaving the room, only to find that Luke had gone out to get pizza and was sitting at the table waiting for me to exit my room so we could eat together. 

“Aw, thanks Luke,” I said, sitting down in one of the dining room chairs before snatching a piece of pizza. I was about to take a bite before I remembered that I should probably grab some medicine, because the headache wasn’t just going to go away. I stood up from the table, Luke’s eyes following me with a curious gaze, until he saw that I was opening up the cabinet that had all of our medicine. 

“Are you sick?” Luke asked, and I shot him a smile before popping three advil in my mouth and swallowing them with a swig of water. 

“No, I just have a headache and I’m a little tense,” I replied, before sitting down and taking a bite out of  my pizza, savoring the taste.

“Here, let me give you a massage,” Luke said cheekily, me shooting him an unimpressed glance. 

“Luke, I don’t think a little massage is gonna help,” I said, but then I felt him starting to target the knots in my shoulders and I couldn’t deny that it felt fucking amazing. 

His fingers worked magic on my muscles, it was probably from the constant guitar playing, and I couldn’t help but let out a soft moan at the feeling. I felt Luke’s body tense up behind me, stopping his actions for a second before beginning to massage my shoulders again. 

I was so out of it, the pleasure overwhelming, that I didn’t feel Luke’s hands gradually moving a little bit lower, his fingers rubbing the skin right above my bra. Before I even knew what was happening I felt Luke leaving butterfly kisses on the sides of my neck. My body went slack at the feeling, and I started to let out gradually louder moans at the feeling of the kisses and his hands, which were now starting to rub my breasts through my bra. 

His fingers slowly walked their way down my sides to the bottom of my shirt, Luke grasping the hem of it before carefully pulling it off. His lips were still kissing on my neck, his lips slowly making their way up to my jawline before Luke attached his lips to mine, him moving in front of me so he could have a better angle. The kiss was filled with passion, symbolizing something that we had never even recognized before. I tangled my fingers in Luke’s hair, deepening the kiss. 

My fingers grasped the bottom of his shirt, ripping it off of his body before going back to kissing him. Luke’s hands reached behind me and unclasped my bra, him groaning at my exposed chest. His lips slowly made their way down until his lips latched onto one of my nipples, his fingers toying with the other one. I moaned at the feeling. Luke slightly grazed the firm bud with his teeth, lightly biting, before soothing it with his tongue. He repeated this process on both nipples, alternating between the two, before he attached his lips back to mine, his fingers skillfully undoing the button on my denim shorts. 

“Bedroom,” I mumbled through the kiss, Luke’s arms grasping me and carrying me to his bedroom, not breaking the kiss until I was lying on the soft fabric of his comforter. 

“God you’re so beautiful,” Luke groaned whilst pulling my shorts and panties down my legs, leaving me completely naked. 

“Why are you still wearing so many clothes,” I said seductively, before nimbly undoing the button of his jeans and pulling them down, his large bulge now very prominent through his red boxer-briefs. 

I leaned forward and lightly grazed my fingers across his bulge, making him shudder. I could see a small pre-cum stain beginning to form in the middle of his boxers and I decided not to tease him. I pulled the underwear off of him slowly, making sure to savor the moment. Once they were off, his cock slapped up and hit his stomach, it being almost painfully hard. 

I left a little kiss on the tip, tasting the saltiness of him before going back to his bedside drawer and pulling out a condom. I was too ready for him to waste time on foreplay. 

“Put this on,” I said handing him the condom, and Luke happily obliged, ripping open the foil packet and rolling the condom on in what could possibly be record time. 

Luke carefully pushed me back on the bed, before spreading open my legs, and lining himself up at my entrance. His teasingly rubbed his cock over my folds, spreading my wetness, and making me impatient. 

“Fuck Luke, do something!” I screamed, before he slammed into me, making my breath hitch.

He was a lot larger than I imagined he would be and the feeling of him stretching me, the slight pain mixed with the pleasure, made me want to cum immediately. 

Luke started to thrust at quick pace, sometimes stopping when his skin was against mine and savoring in the feeling of how deep he was inside me. 

It didn’t take long for my climax to build, the familiar warm feeling in my stomach starting to grow. 

“Luke, I’m close,” I said between my moans, him still thrusting quickly inside me, his stamina surprising. 

“Wait just a bit princess,” he said, and that nickname alone made me want to rocket into a world shattering orgasm, but I held off until I felt like I was about to explode. 

“Luke, I can’t hold on any longer!” I screamed out, tears starting to form in the corners of my eyes from the intense pleasure. 

“Okay baby, let go,” he said and I didn’t hesitate, my climax hitting me harder than it ever had before. My vision was blurry and my body was convulsing at the feeling. 

While I was coming down from my high, Luke hit his, shooting his load into the condom. 

After we both started to slowly come down from our climaxes, I started to laugh, Luke joining in quickly.

“What just happened?” I asked through my giggles.

“I have no idea, but I would like for it happen again,” Luke said, raising his eyebrows up and down quickly.

“Me too,” I said before getting under the covers and cuddling with Luke. 

How to deal with the signs when they’re mad

Aries: let them rage, don’t say much bc if you do you’ll be giving them more fuel for their flame, just let them go until they burn out naturally (fire jokes hahahah sorry)
Taurus: sit by them and listen, be supportive but not too cuddly or anything, if they want cuddles you’ll be able to tell
Gemini: talk about it for as long as they need, let them vent and maybe try to crack some jokes to soften them up
Cancer: tell them that they’re gonna be okay, just reassure them that everything’s fine and tell them how much you love them, they’ll probably feel better but if that doesn’t work, leave them alone
Leo: maybe try and boost their ego in some way like giving them compliments and/or telling them how cool they are, make sure they know that they’re special
Virgo: let them be, but if they want to talk about it, let them! offer them something to make them feel better
Libra: listen to them complain for as long as they need, then just comfort them and be kind
Scorpio: let them go, they’ll most likely want to be alone
Sagittarius: tell them to calm down, it will probably work when they realise they’re not chill
Capricorn: just try to do something nice for them, but in the meantime let them be by themselves to calm down
Aquarius: let them have their alone time, but as soon as they come out you gotta give them some loooove
Pisces: smother them in some TLC, they’ll love it and get over their mad-ness?? real fast ;-)

Don't want it be awkward (Part 9) - Nash Imagine

Part 8 -

The party in Nash’s room didn’t last long. Everyone was tired so we called it an early night and all went back to our rooms. Me and Mahogany decided we wanted to I shopping tomorrow. We had a show tomorrow but it didn’t start till 7. I had showered and gotten in bed and plugged in my phone right beside me. When I got a text from Nash. ‘Want to hang out tomorrow before the show?’ I replied ‘I would but I just made plans with Mahogany to go shopping…’ He replied ‘oh well then is it cool if me and Cam go with you?’ Sure I thought. I mean we are trying to rebuild our friendship after all.. ‘yeah sure. We’re gonna leave at 12 so go to sleep!’ He replied ‘goodnight beautiful’ I smiled slightly. I really wish he didn’t do things like that. It was much easier to hate him when he was an asshole. I settle back into the bed when I got another text. It was from Shawn. ‘Hey babe I’m going down to a studio tomorrow wanna go?’ What was with everyone wanting to hang out with me? ‘I would buy I already made plans with Hogs’ hogs was her nickname ok. She hated it but it was easier to say so she just accepted it. ‘Aw. What you 2 doing maybe I’ll join you. The studio isn’t going to be until an hour before the show.’ I replied ‘just gonna do some shopping’ i hope that didn’t sound appealing to him before he replied I got a new text message ‘Hey babe you busy tomorrow?’ It was from Matt. of fucking course. ‘I am actually..’ I replied. Then I got my text from Shawn ‘well I would love to join you if you don’t mind?’ I replied ‘yeah sure’. Text from Matt ‘aw boo doing what?’ ‘Going shopping with hogs..’ He replied ‘I actually wanted to go too. Mind if I tag along?’ Yeah sure why not. I mean it’s already going to be slightly awkward with Mash but now Shawn. But now even Matt. ‘Yeah sure why not’ I sent. Text from Shawn ‘alright see you tomorrow night babe’. ‘Night. Oh and we’re leaving at 12’. I send the same text to Matt and he replied ‘alright see you then night 😘’ (in case you can’t see it’s the kissy emoji.) well tomorrow is going to be one hell of a day. “Hogs?” I asked sitting up. She had her face in her pillow “hmm?” She asked turning around “yeah Nash Cam Matt and Shawn just invited themselves for tomorrow..” She rolled we eyes “well of you get to bring you’re boyfriends then I get to bring mine” she said turning back around “None of them are my boyfriend.” I said sassy. “But seriously don’t bring Jacob please you two won’t leave each other’s side. The boys are probably gonna stay together anyways.” I pleaded “alright fine shut up and let me go to sleep” she mumbled. Before I knew it I woke up the next morning. Hogs was still laying in bed on her phone. I got up and went to the restroom to brush my teeth. “Will you help me pick out an outfit?” I asked grabbing my bag “why trying to dress to impress? I thought they weren’t your boyfriends?” She said smiling sitting up I rolled my eyes sarcastically “oh shut it lox and help me” I said throwing a shirt at her hitting her in the face. She laughed and made her way to my bed. “This and this” she said quickly putting together something. I looked at her like ‘seriously’ “what?! It actually looks good” I took her advice and changed and it actually looked pretty damn good. I put on a bit I makeup.. By that I mean some bb cream and some mascara. I was wearing some faded black skinny jeans that went up my hips a little higher than normal but they weren’t high waisted and a a brown shirt that was over sized and went off my shoulder and I had tucked it in the front a bit with some black doc martens. By the time hogs and I finished getting ready it was already close to 12 do we went to get the other boys. I knocked on Nash’s first cause he was the closest. “ready to go?” I asked when he opened it. He just stepped out and shit the door “yeah but Cam’s not coming anymore.. So it’s just gonna be me and you and Mahogany” he said wrapping his arms around the both of us. “Actually…” I started “Matt and Shawn are coming too” Mahogany finished. “Oh shocker” Nash said sarcastically removing his arms. I got the other boys and they were all shocked that it wasn’t just them. Wen we got to the mall I told them all that we’ll all meet up at the food court at 4 so I basically sent all the boys on their own way. I told Mahogany that me and her were going to hang out so that’s what we’re doing. We walked into a few store all which I of course purchased at least one thing. I was in Urban Outfitters when I felt arms snake around my waist. Now it had to be either Matt or Shawn cause me and Nash agreed to be just friends but who knows.. I turned around and it was Shawn. (Alright guys I just watched like all of Shawn’s YouTube videos and I am having extreme Shawn feels right now so..) “What are you spin in my favorite store?” I asked with a smile. He pulled me in closer to him. “We never got to talk about what happened last night..” He said looking down at me. I shrugged. “Well if you wanted to know if you were a good kisser then your answer is yes” I said followed by a smirk. I saw his cheeks go a bit pink causing me to smile a bit. “Well if you thought that was a good kiss wait till I actually give you a real kiss” he said walking in towards me. “So we’re going to kiss again is what you’re telling me?” I asked raising an eyebrow. He smirked at me leaning down. “YN what do you think about this?” Mahogany asked turning the corner seeing me and Shawn. “Oh..oh my bad” she said awkwardly Turing around. “To be continued?” I asked he smiled and nodded and I went after Mahogany. “Listen. I’m sorry I’ll explain everything to you tonight just let’s not let this ruin our day.. And I think that would look amazing on you” I suggested about that top she had brought to me earlier. “Thanks. And I need details. You better tell me every single thing” she said pointing a finger at me. We were in foreign exchange when I saw Nash walk by. He looked in the store and saw me and quickly walked in toward me. “There you are!” He said approaching me “I got you something.” He said setting down all his bags and lifting up one. “You know that shirt that you always wear of mine the you would sleep in or even wear?” He asked I nodded “well… I saw the same one and I got it for you"he exclaimed pulling it out of the bag. I took hold of it and smiled. "Thanks but there’s a reason I liked the other one so much.. It’s cause I knew it was yours” I said staring at the shirt he just stared down at me with his lips pursed. “But I like it thank you” I said with a smile “Now we can go twinning” I said in a completely happy mood. “Well are you about ready I want to go back” I said pulling out my phone and checking the time. “Yeah I guess” he said picking up all his bags. Tbh I just really wanted to get back to the hotel to continue mine and Shawn’s almost make out. I texted both of the boys asking them if they were about ready and we all met at the food court as we planned. Me and Shawn kept staring at each other and maybe it was just me but the sexual tension was off the charts. As soon as we got to the hotel me everyone went to their rooms. “Alright let me see what you got that I want to borrow” she said as soon as we set our bags down. “You know what Hogs just give me like 5 minutes I need to do something I’ll be right back. Go ahead and go through my bags just I’ll be back” I said setting my stuff down and making my way to the door as quick as possible. I don’t know what it was but I wanted Shawn so bad right now. I think it’s cause he’s never expressed any sexual tension toward me. He’s always just been sweet cute innocent Shawn. But it’s like he has the body of a man so you wouldn’t expect him to be as nice and unsexual as he is. I knocked on his door for him to open it quickly surprised to see me “to be continued” I reminded before I wrapped my arms around him pulling him down to my lips. He wrapped his arms around my waist and we stumbled to his bed where he fell and I fell on top of him straddling his waist I ran my hand up his short feeling his toned abdominals. Nash’s body was nice but nothing compared to Shawn’s. We slightly pulled away from our kiss to breath “haven’t you ever heard singers are the best kissers?” He asked before he put his lisps back on mine. I couldn’t help but start removing his shirt. When it was completely off I pulled away and looked down at him and bit my lip. I could feel his hard on in between my legs pressing up against me which wasn’t helping. I mean I was straddling him directly over his waist so… He had both hands on my waist almost to my butt. He look up at me while I looked down at him over his body. “I want you so fucking bad right now you don’t even know” he said through his teeth. “Oh trust me I know” I said with a smirk swaying my hips on him. He just chuckled. And I leaned back down and gave him a quick peck and rolled off him. He quickly sat up in frustration “where are you going?” He asked when he saw me walking toward the door “I told Hogs I’ll be back in 5” he sighed “to be continued?” He asked this time. I winked at him “maybe” and I walked out.

The set up

Bucky x Reader / 2,445 words / SFW

Steve sets you and Bucky up on a surprise date to see The Little Mermaid replaying in theaters. 

Note: This is my first Bucky fic and the first thing I’ve written in months. I apologize for any mistakes and for the ending being so rushed. If anyone has any critiques or corrections please send an ask!

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Okay but just imagine it’s the final showdown at the lake. It’s almost midnight and the air is filled with an eerie silence. Brooke and Stavo were last seen bleeding out in a driveway. Eli is dead. Noah and Kieran are missing, believed to be hostages of the killer. And Daisy and the sheriff were in the middle of falling for another one of the killer’s traps. The killer has both Emma and Audrey tied up, much like Piper had done to Daisy only a few months before. They aren’t facing each other, their chairs back to back. Both are covered in blood. There was a knife laying in the middle of the dock, just out of reach. It was taunting them. They wanted to scream, but knew it was useless. There was no one to save them, everybody was dead.

Audrey has her eyes closed shut, trying to block it all out. She blames herself. She caused this. She brought Piper to Lakewood. And Piper brought the new killer. She killed everyone. Nina, Tyler, Riley, Will, Sheriff Hudson, Greyson, Eli, and Zoe. She killed Rachel. She probably killed Noah. And next up was Emma. They didn’t deserve this. She did.

Emma is angry. At herself, at the killer. She let the killer get in her head, he made her question her sanity, and he killed her friends. She let him control her. Not anymore. She wasn’t gonna just sit back and take it. She was going to win. He was going to pay.

Before either of the girls can say anything, they hear it. The sound of footsteps. They turn their heads to the other end of the dock. It’s the killer, slowly walking toward them.

“What do you want you dick?” Audrey shouts, unable to contain her anger.
The killer says nothing, just stares.

“Who are you? Why are you doing this?” Emma tries, but still gets no reaction from the killer. “Take off the mask! Show us your face.” She shouts at him.
The killer slowly raises his hand and reaches for the mask. He pulls it off to reveal himself. His back is to the camera, so while we can’t see his face we can see Audrey and Emma’s reactions.

Both of the girls looked shocked, betrayed even. The stare for a moment, mouths wide open, trying to make sense of this. Finally, Audrey manages to say the first thing on her mind. “N-Noah?” Her voice breaks. It’s full of shock, confusion, betrayal, and pain.

“You knew I liked serial killers, you just didn’t know I was one.” Comes the reply of our favorite podcaster.

“What did you do with Kieran?” Emma screams.

“Don’t worry, he’s fine. He’s just… a little tied up. Much like yourselves.” He laughs. “I must say Emma, you sure know how to pick them. Will got taken down by a girl and Kieran can’t even get out of a little duct tape.”

“But why?” Emma cries, confused. “Why did you do it? Why do you want to kill us?”

“I was an outcast, just like Brandon. Nobody understood me. Nobody loved me.” As Noah speaks, his gazes moves from Emma to Audrey. “Just like nobody loved Brandon.”

“But Brandon James wasn’t even the killer!” Emma screams, all the while trying to escape the ropes.

“Well it’s too late now.” He deadpans.

Emma is taken back; she’d never heard Noah sound so… cold. It was as if he didn’t care at all. She realizes that if her and Audrey have any chance of escaping they had to distract him, and it looked like Audrey didn’t have it in her right now. It was up to her.

“But you had Zoe. Why did you kill her?” Emma demanded.

Noah lets out a laugh. “You’re worried about why I killed her? Shouldn’t you be asking how I got in that box?”

“You had a partner.” Emma’s voice is quiet, almost as if she’s scared to say it aloud.

“Just Like Piper.” Noah reminds her with a smile before turning back to Audrey. “Enough about me. How’s my favorite final girl?”

Audrey had been silent up until this point. She looks up and you can see the heartbreak on her face. “H-How could you?” She chokes out, her eyes filled with tears. “I- You were my best friend, Noah. My partner in crime. Bi-Curious and the Virgin. World’s saddest crime fighting duo.” Silent tears streak down her face. “I trusted you.”

Upon hearing the brokenness in her friend’s voice, Emma reaches out for Audrey’s hand and intertwines their fingers together. Despite all that Audrey had done, Emma didn’t blame her. Audrey made a mistake, one that will haunt her forever. She had lost the girl she loved, and been betrayed by the person she trusted most for the second third time. Audrey had been Emma’s first friend, her best friend. And if they were gonna get out of this alive, Emma had to forgive her. She gives Audrey’s hand a tight squeeze in an attempt to concave her emotions.

“That was kind of dumb of you. I mean, I had a podcast called The Mourge for fuck’s sake. Then again, it’s the perfect cover.” Noah appears unfazed by Audrey’s reaction.

Audrey’s grip on Emma’s hand tightens. She takes a deep breath before answering. “You’re right, who would have thought the geeky virgin sidekick was the one behind the mask?” Her voiced is laced with anger. “You’re sick.” She all but spits at him.

“Everybody loves a good plot twist.” Noah replies, as Scream’s typical murder music begins to play in the background.  The killer stares into Audrey with his cold emotionless eyes so deeply she feels uncomfortable, violated even. But before Audrey can make another snarky comment, he keeps talking. “Although is it really a plot twist? I mean eighty percent of murder victims know their killer and this is the second time it’s happened in this town in six months. Then again people will do anything to forget. No one likes to believe that your best friend is capable of murdering half the town. He- “But before Noah can finish his creepy murder monologue, he gets cut off by the sound of laughter.

It’s Audrey who is laughing. It’s a loud, awkward laughter. “I’m sorry to interrupt your little psychobabble, Foster, but are you freaking kidding me? Is this a joke? This has to be some twisted joke. Is that knife fake?  Where is Haley with her camera? Oh right, She’s dead! Are you telling me you killed her? What is this some stupid plan to get me and Emma to be friends again? Payback for the whole carnival incident? Huh? What is this Noah?” She asks, in disbelief. “If you were really the killer you wouldn’t be giving us a damn speech right now. You have watched enough horror movies to know that that is always the killer’s downfall. If you talk too much you give the victim time to escape!” Audrey yells at him, convinced that this has to be a prank or better yet a dream.

The killer looks at both of his final girls for a moment before saying. “You’re right.”
Emma and Audrey both gasp. “Wait what?” Audrey shakes her head.

Noah slowly makes his way over to Audrey, knife in hand. He places the blade against her throat and whispers. “There really isn’t time for a speech, is there?”

Audrey makes eye contact with her tormenter, attacker, the Lakewood slasher, and best friend.  “Untie me.”

Noah tilts his head for a second, as if to consider it. “Okay.” He says, and then leans over and cuts the rope tying her to the chair, leaving Emma’s rope in tack.
Audrey slowly stands up, but before she can say anything Noah points at the knife on the ground. “Pick it up.”

She looks at him in shock. “What?” He continues pointing at the knife, so she slowly moves to pick it up. “What is this about Noah? Come on, the joke’s over. It isn’t funny!” Still in denial.

“You’re right Audrey. It’s not funny.” Noah’s voice is cold and angry. He sounded like a killer. Maybe that’s because he was one. His voice low, he speaks so that Emma a few feet away can’t hear. “Now Audrey, what you are gonna do is take that knife and plunge it into Emma’s heart.”

With those words, all color drains from Audrey’s face. She is no longer angry, she is scared. More scared that she has ever been in her life.  Noah isn’t playing games, he’s a killer. And he wants her to kill Emma.

“Why would I do that?” she asks, her voice shaky.

“Because if you don’t do it I will. I’ll make her suffer, and you will have to watch every second of it. If you do it at least it’ll be quick.”

Audrey and Noah look at each other for a moment, before she finally responds. “Okay.” She gives a small nod before turning around to face Emma. She slowly, painstakingly walks over to her. She closes her eyes and swallows the lump in her throat. She knows what she has to do.

“Audrey?” Emma’s eyes widen as she looks at the knife.

Audrey gives her a tight lipped smile. “I’m sorry but this is the only way.”

She raises the knife with shaky hands and lets out a laugh. Its wild, maniacal, and seductive. She shoots Emma a crazed smile, much like Piper’s at her big reveal. “What’s the matter Em? Are you scared?” Audrey asks, using the knife to caress Emma’s cheek, pressing just hard enough to draw blood.

She takes a step back and watches her former best friend. Emma looks lost, empty. She doesn’t say anything for a while, doesn’t cry. She just looks at Audrey for a long time, before finally asking, “How long?” No emotion.

Audrey turns to look at Noah and the two share an evil smirk. “Since the very beginning. We hatched this plan years ago Emma. Since the day you ditched me for that bitch Nina.” Audrey explains. “Noah and I found Piper in a serial killer chatroom and discovered she was your sister. She was angry and so was I, so we decided to get revenge. Only, Piper got a little bit too excited. She wasn’t supposed to bring you and Maggie to the lake that night, not yet. I wanted you to suffer for longer. I wanted to break your heart like you broke mine!”

Before Audrey can finish, Noah walks up behind her and wraps his arms around her. “Calm down babe, you’ll get your revenge.”

She leans into him for a second, before turning to face him. Grabbing the collar of his rope, she pulls him into a kiss, much to Emma’s surprise.  It only lasts for a second however because before they even get started Audrey takes her knife and stabs him in the back, twists it, and pulls it out. Noah falls to knees, gasping for air. Audrey leans down and whispers “Nobody tells me to calm down, not even you Foster.” Before taking the knife and slitting his throat, just like she had done to Nina. The last shot we see of Noah before he dies is his heartbroken expression.

Audrey stands over him before shrugging. “At least he didn’t die a virgin.” She chuckles, turning back to Emma. “Neither will you. Speaking of death, do you remember when we were kids Emma? And how we talked about how we wanted to die? I think you said you wanted to go peacefully in your sleep.”

At this point Audrey has made the way back to Emma and is mere inches from her face. “Well I’m sorry to say that it’s not going to be that pleasant, but don’t worry Em, I’ll make sure to give a nice speech at your funeral”

She looks at Emma with an evil look in her eye and just as she goes to plunge the knife into Emma’s skin there is a loud bang.  Blood splatters across Emma’s face. The bullet hits Audrey directly in the head causing her to fall back onto the dock.

The camera pans the other end of the dock where Brooke and Stavo stand. Brooke pointing a gun.

Brooke looks at Stavo and motions to Emma and he reluctantly agrees. He runs toward Emma and begins to untie her. Emma looks at him as if to ask “Is she really dead?” to which Stavo shrugs.

Meanwhile Brooke Maddox, looking like she had just been hit by a car, is wearing freshly applied red lipstick. She makes her way across the dock, high heels clanking, and stops in front of Audrey Jensen’s dead body. She raises her gun, aims for her heart, and unloads the clip. She pulls the trigger until no more bullets come out.

“That was for Jake!” Brooke announces.

And then the scene fades out.

5SOS: He Makes You Feel Insecure - Part 3

Michael: When you woke up the next morning, you rolled over to cuddle Mikey but his spot was empty, going cold. You humphed in indignation, you were expecting morning snuggles after last night. Instead, you found a note on his pillow. Come down as soon as you wake up ~Mikey. Well, that was specific. Following orders, you got out of bed and threw on a pair of old sweats.

On the kitchen table was a stack of pancakes, covered in syrup and practically calling out to you. You dug in quickly while they were still warm. When you finally reached the bottom of the plate, you found yet another note from your boyfriend. Enjoy? I should hope so because I slaved away for hours in this kitchen! Now go and get dressed, I know you’re only in sweats… ;)  

Once again you did what you were told and got dressed. When you opened your underwear drawer you found a third note. You rolled your eyes at your boyfriend’s game. I was kinda hoping you wouldn’t find this note…you know, go commando ;) oh well….Now meet me at the studio xx

You grabbed your keys and phone and ran out of the house. You felt like your car couldn’t take you there fast enough, wishing you could be with Michael already. He was so sweet to do this, and the pancakes were really good. When you finally arrived at the studio Michael was sitting with his guitar, gently strumming the tune of The Only Reason. That was your favourite song right now, it was just so beautiful and the fact that your gorgeous boyfriend wrote it made it even better.

“So you got my notes then?” he asked, looking up at you. 

“I did…so, why did you want me to come here?” you replied, raising a brow in question.

“I, the amazing Michael Clifford, am going to teach you how to play the guitar,” he said, winking at you. 

“Seriously? I thought I was crap?" 

"You are…but that’s because you’re trying to learn off the internet. You need a real teacher,” he told you. You mulled over what he had just told you before shrugging your shoulders and going to sit next to him. 

“Okay, so where do we start?” you asked him. He handed you the guitar and looked at you expectantly. 

“Show me what you know,” he said. You began to play Wonderwall and he winced slightly. “Okay, first of all, your hand should be here…not there,” he began. You tried it again and Michael looked at you approvingly. “Better, definitely better.”

You spent the rest of the day learning to play and goofing around with Michael. He was definitely forgiven…

Calum: The next day you were having a lazy day with all the boys…well it wasn’t that lazy really because you had to get dressed and go to their apartment. You just threw on leggings and one of Cal’s big hoodies, they were just so comfy. When you finally arrived at the flat with your boyfriend, the boys were waiting for you.

When Luke opened the door he pulled you into one of his amazing hug, they were honestly the best hugs in the world. Due to the fact that he was such a giraffe, he had to lift you up a bit and then he’d squeeze you so tight that all your problems instantly dissipated. Before he let you go he whispered in your ear, “I hope you’re milking this for all it’s worth." 

You got an evil grin on your face that only Luke could see and nodded your head. He smirked in response and led you into the apartment, his arm around your shoulder. When you entered the kitchen, Michael was the next to pull you into a hug. He too took the opportunity to speak to you without anyone else hearing, "Torture the bastard." 

You laughed at that and nodded before making your way to Ashton. He already had his arms open and you fell into them, comforted by his embrace. "He’s an idiot, love. Don’t listen to a word he says, you are absolutely perfect,” he told you. You smiled and leaned up to kiss his cheek. 

“Thank you guys,” you said. Just then, Calum walked into the flat, he had been bringing up food from the car. 

“What are you saying thanks for, babe?” he questioned.

You shook your head as if to say nothing and simply replied, “Oh, just for them having us over.”

“Okay…even though we’re here all the time anyway,” he said, giving you a strange look. “So, what movie are we watching first?” he asked. 

“Oooohh…we should watch The Empire Strikes Back!” you suggested, it was one of your favourites.

“Again, really? We only watched it last week, Y/N,” Calum said.

“Please, I really want to,” you looked at him pleadingly. “I wanted to watch it last night but….” you trailed off. You knew you were evil, you could see the others smirking at each other. Fortunately, Calum didn’t notice. 

“Oh…yeah okay, sure baby. We can watch whatever you want,” he replied. 

Luke was right, you should milk this. You knew it probably wasn’t the best way to handle the situation, but who cares? He’d never insult you again. You gathered all the junk food and brought it into the living room before popping in the DVD. You let all the guys sit down first, leaving two available places; beside Cal or between Luke and Ash. 

You chose the latter, just to torture your boyfriend further. “Babe, are you not gonna sit here?” he asked, looking slightly hurt. You almost lost your resolve when you saw his pouting face, but quickly composed yourself before replying.

“No Cal, I want Luke cuddles, I haven’t had them in ages.” Once again the boys smirked at each other. You began to watch the movie and quickly forgot about the previous night, snuggling into Luke’s side.

After a relaxing day of watching movies and playing video-games, you and Calum finally said goodbye to the other and went home. As soon as you got in the door, Calum pushed you up against the wall.

“Are you ready to stop torturing me?” he asked, you loved when he was a little dominant. “Do you know what it was like watching my girlfriend snuggling up to my best friend? Can you even comprehend how much I wanted to grab you and bring you home, just to prove to you that you’re mine?”

Calum’s demeanor had completely changed, he was no longer being quiet and sulky. He was letting you know exactly who was in charge, and you loved it. You leaned up and kissed him teasingly. “Don’t worry babe, you’re forgiven now,” you said, winking at him before slipping out of his grasp and running upstairs. Calum soon followed…

Ashton: After a minute, you realised that your best friend had just run off crying and you hadn’t gone after him yet. Cursing yourself you scampered after him, praying to whatever deity was listening that you’d find him before someone else did and he had to explain why he was crying. 

Luckily, Ashton was pretty predictable. You found him on stage, sitting behind the drum kit, looking down at his feet. You hated seeing him like this, he was always so happy and full of life…and now you just wanted to cuddle him until he smiled again. What killed you the most was the fact that you were the reason why he was crying. The concert didn’t start for at least another hour so you knew you had time to do this. The others were all in their dressing room, relaxing before the gig.

“Ash?” you whispered, not wanting to startle. His head snapped upwards in your direction before looking down again once he realised who was there. That broke your heart a little bit.

“What do you want? To turn me down? To tell me that you love me…but only as a best friend?” he asked, a sharpness in his tone that you had heard him use before, but never on you.

“No, neither of those actually…” you trailed off, not knowing how to continue.

“Please don’t tell me you’re here to say we can’t be friends anymore because of this, if you are…just go. I don’t think I can handle hearing you say that,” he said. The sorrow in his voice felt like a knife twisting in your gut. You walked over to where he was, perched on the small stool.

“No, Ash. Of course I’m not going to say that. Ash-…just please, look at me,” you pleaded, fresh tears beginning to fall. When he did as you asked, the sight of his red-rimmed eyes close up caused another wave of tears. Wanting so bad to comfort your best friend, you sat down carefully on his lap and threw your arms around his neck. You felt him tense beneath your touch and that caused you to sob into his shoulder.

“Y/N, please stop crying. I can’t handle this right now…” he said.

“Ash, you need to know…” you paused, trying to regain your composure, “…that you, Ashton Irwin, are the most important thing in my life. You are the one who has always loved me for me. You are the one who has never hurt me. And you, Ash, you are the one that I can’t live without,” you told him honestly. He pushed you back a bit so that he could look at you.

“Wait, Y/N…are you saying that-" 

You cut him off by nodding your head, "Yes, Ash. I love you too, alright? I didn’t think you felt the same as me so I tried to focus on Luke. And, don’t get me wrong, I do love Luke…but not the way I love you. I have no idea how we’re going to manage this, I will not allow the band to be torn apart by this. If that starts to happen, I will just take myself out of the equation and-" 

Ashton had cut you off by pressing his lips to yours. You lost yourself completely with him, Ash, your best friend, the love of your life. You didn’t know how long you kissed for; it could have been a minute or twenty. 

Your time was suddenly cut short by the indignant shout of your boyfriend, "WHAT THE FUCK? Y/N? ASH? WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?" 

Oh shit…

Luke: It had been a couple of days since you had seen Luke outside of English class. You hadn’t been called on to read again, thank god, so you were doing okay. Nobody else had said anything to you either, you hoped that Luke had something to do with that but you weren’t sure.

Well…nobody had said anything until today, that is. You were eating lunch alone in the cafeteria, it seemed no one wanted to befriend the new girl who couldn’t read. You had stuck in your earphones and tuned out the rest of the world, blasting All Time Low and escaping reality. 

You were pulled out of your reverie when someone tugged one of the buds right out of your ear, effectively causing your head to be pulled as well. "What the hell?” you shouted, looking up at the perpetrator. Unsurprisingly, it was a numskull jock whose IQ was probably lower than the number on his jersey. “Can I help you?” you snapped rudely, you really weren’t in the mood for this shit.

“Yeah, you can. Could you help me read this?” he asked, holding out a copy of Great Expectations.

You scoffed at him, “What did you do? Find the longest book you could and decide to shove it in my face?” This boy was testing your patience, you could see by the smirks on his and his friends’ faces that they were trying to get a rise out of you. 

“Well, there’s no need to be rude. If you can’t read it…all you have to do is say so,” he grinned maliciously. He was a bully who loved to make others feel inferior, the kind of dick you hated. 

There was a pregnant pause, all of the cafeteria listening in; someone openly watching, others pretending that there attention still remained on their lunch. You were about to reply, but before you could another voice joined the discussion.

“Last time I checked you were a D average student in English, Carter. Or did I hear wrong when you asked me to tutor you?” You looked up to see Luke standing with his arms crossed, glaring at the jock who was apparently called Carter.

“Stay out of this, Hemmings. It’s none of your business, this has absolutely nothing to do with you!” Carter retorted. 

“Oh, well then, do tell me what Y/N’s learning difficulties have to do with you, dickhead?” Luke asked, raising a blonde eyebrow.

You could see Carter getting angrier and angrier so you stood up and pulled Luke out of the cafeteria by his arm. “Why did you pull me out?” he asked when you finally stopped.

“I didn’t want to watch you get the shit kicked out of you, I’d feel bad because you were standing up for me,” you stated bluntly. Luke chuckled at your choice of words.

“If that was you thanking me, then you’re welcome,” Luke told you, a genuine smile lighting up his face. You laughed at his cheekiness before turning to walk away.

Looking back over your shoulder you said, “You know, you’re not half bad, Hemmings…just lose the cardigan, okay?” …