probably johnkat

That moment when someone asks you what you ship and you have to take a moment to think ‘cause -


anonymous asked:

how many of your followers/mutuals do you think write fan fiction and ship USUK or JohnKat?

hmm… those that write fanfiction, i would say maybe around 20? and those that ship usuk or johnkat, probably all of them, because i post a lot of usuk and johnkat and it would take a lot of tolerance for someone to have to see so much of that without liking it.

  • me: *takes a deep breath*
  • me: though johnkat at this point has little to no hope of becoming canon, I should find comfort in the amazing fanworks that is ship has been blessed with such as featherbent, the boyfriendleaders blog, marchingstuck and promstuck, everything everlind ever writes, Battlefield Terra, etc. Promstuck even includes pale karkan, which has a chance of becoming canon, so I should take comfort there, as well. Johnkat probably never had real hope of becoming canon (you're my favorite troll karkat, okay no, no, calm down) and I should not shame ships that are in all probability canon because my ship didn't make it.
  • Me: also Rosemary is canon af so there's that
i still ship johnkat and i will probably still ship johnkat until my filthy soul is being reaped into the deepest layers of the eternal hellscape