probably its because i read the manga

My favourite BL stories

I decided to make the list because of my own curiosity(?) and desire to share this with you :P (I made another two list with yaoi/shonen ai recommendation can check it here –> PART 1 and PART 2)

I’m in BL for about half a year and I must say that I really like the genre :) I mean I don’t like the typical yaoi with rushed story and relationships…like i don’t anything typical (shojo,kdrama,anime)
And for those I’m about to talk about you could check it out even if you are not in yaoi genre ;)

1. Doukyuusei

My number ONE story is Doukyuusei (Movie+manga sequels). It’s probably biased because its holding special meaning for me. It was my first BL story and it was actually the movie which made me also read the mangas too. I decided to watch it because i saw a lot of gifs on tumblr and i thought that Kusakabe was a girl (how silly of me). I’m glad i watched it, because it actually changed me as a person, or better my views on people with same sex orientation changed completely –> my family is Quite traditional so I was thought that same-sex relationship was wrong (not acceptable).
The story show us pure feeling about falling in love (it’s not about the gender but about the person–> you are my most important person) and here we have also portrayed realistic, healthy relationship (sweetness, misunderstandings, make ups) =D
The movie i recommend to everyone. Then you’  ll see if you want to continue with mangas.

Author: Asumiko Nakamura

2. Canis Series

This story and it’s way of showing same-sex relationship was definitly far from typical shonen ai.  This story contradicts every comment about manga or anime., especially shonen ai genre where’s lacking depth or meaning or creativeness. The story and relationship are not rushed, the most appealing was ending of first story(it’s still going on).
The art is outstanding compared to other mangas. It really fits the story.
I definitly recommend it…even to those who are not it this genre :)

Author: ZAKK, Hachie Ichie

3. Soredemo, Yasashii Koi wo Suru

Thank god Yoneda Kou made that spin off into a actual story/masterpiece. I love all Yoneda Kou’s work and i have 2 in my TOP 5 :) This story is spin off from Doushitemo Furetakunai and talks about two really good friends when one is in love with another. It can be said that the trope of “gay man and straight man” tends to be overused, but Yoneda Kou pulls it off flawlessly. I like the whole process of falling in love and acknowledging that love-confessing-confusing feeling-akward situations-decide or chose between romantic relationship or brake up the friendship. I read it so many time that I don’t count anymore…and it’s really satisfying.

Author: Yoneda Kou

4.Saezuru Tori wa Habatakanai

I just can’t describe with words how many emotions this manga brings out of me. It’s still ongoing so maybe that’s the cause because every new chapter is nerve wracking but satisfying at the same time. When I saw summary of the story i decided to read it because i was really interested in which way/how Will the main character recieve happiness (from summary: This is the story of a man who has never known happiness and of a man who is reborn by getting to know him.). Now that I read it till now I must say that I truly want that Yashiro find his own happiness (the prequel really touched my soul and I just pray that Yashiro would be told that he’s not alone anymore by Doumeki–> look prequel). This one is pretty great masterpiece by Yoneda Kou which i think is really good read for any yaoi fan.

Author: Yoneda Kou

5.Honto Yajuu

I think this one was my first actual yaoi(after Doukyuusei) and I wasn’t disappointed. The story is simple and the relationship is not complicated. The manga is truthfully one of the most refreshing ones. Yamamaoto Kotetsuko is known for one of the most cutest artstyle and stories. And it’s true…this manga is with one Word…CUTE :D <3

Author: Yamamoto Kotetsuko

This are my TOP 5 BL stories…yet i still have some of honorable mentions:

6. Smells like green spirit : great shonen ai…realistic

7. Hana nomi zo shiru : my favourite Rihito Takarais work.

8. Border : for those who like shonen ai and crime genre.

9. Sojou no koi wa nido haneru : one of the most realistic interpretation of gay-straight relationship.

10. Bokura no negai/Neon Sign Amber/Doushitemo Furetakunai : MUST READ ;)  

That’s all…maybe you could send your own top 10 list :D really appreciated :D


CLASSICS (you’ve probably watched these already):

  • Neon Genesis Evangelion : depression, adolescence & mecha: the anime
  • Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann : depression, adolescence & mecha: the remake
  • Kill La Kill: see above, but with a commentary on fanservice and the anime industry. also main female characters
  • Death Note : morally ambiguous main character kills people, eats potato chips. everyone loses their shit
  • Fullmetal Alchemist (both 2003 and Brotherhood) : 2 brothers fuck shit up, also save the world through alchemy.
  • Cowboy Bebop : guns in space
  • Every Goddamn Ghibli Movie : do it, you weakling. watch them all theyre all good
  • Ghost In The Shell : theres more than just the first movie. watch the other ones. also the tv series. do it. its about being human
  • Yu-Gi-Oh : believe in the power of the fucking cards karen

CLASSICS II (you probably haven’t watched these and it makes me sad):

  • Perfect Blue : the movie black swan tried (and failed) to rip off properly
  • Future Boy Conan : because miyazaki also does tv series
  • Revolutionary Girl Utena : sword lesbian, a lesbian with a sword
  • Oban Star Racers : racing, but in space. half french
  • Mushishi : spirits, in all their contemplative beauty
  • Black Jack (the OVAs are the best but you can watch the rest as well): the original Dr House, with more money and assholery
  • Koi Kaze : quite possibly the only redeemable anime about incest
  • Sherlock Hound: did i mention miyazaki doing great tv series yet

SHONEN (young boys fuck shit up):

  • My Hero Academia : crybaby protagonist turns out to be most loveable character of all time. becomes a cool hero. love him
  • Mob Psycho 100 : a show about a boy who just wants to be good. ONE manifests in your house to physically punch shonen tropes in the face. breathtaking animation. read the manga before tho. trust me
  • Avatar The Last Airbender (& Avatar The Legend Of Korra) : fuck you its anime because i fucking said so. watch it. the story is great and culturally diverse and also cool shit happens
  • Naruto & Naruto Shippuden : whatever you say some arcs were fucking legendary so whenever you want just watch some cool, non-filler shit. every thing after the Pain arc doesnt matter dont watch it
  • Soul Eater: i have no goddamn clue whats going on but it looks cool.
    also spirit vore
  • Hunter x Hunter : young boy adopts new adults in his family, gets killer best friend. literally
  • Keroro Gunsou : alien frogs try to take over the world. it,,,,, doesnt work very well. featuring otaku frog, angry frog, gay fanboy frog, gay nerd frog, alone frog as well as many other things. the humans are also good
  • Wakfu : its. basically french anime. fantasy stuff, it has great animation (especially in the later episodes) and the main villains are fucking incredible. its on netflix and by all that is holy watch it in french with english subs else i will physically manifest in your house and punch you.
  • One Punch Man : ONE tries to mock shonen manga, does it too well
  • Shaman King : the french OP is in my head and I CANT GET IT OUT
  • Black Rock Shooter (OVA + series) : this times its girls fucking shit up, and theyre also crying. it looks amazing

SPORTS ANIME (i dont give a shit about sports but goddamn i love these):

  • Baby Steps : the most realistic and likeable sports anime ever. weak art but great story telling and pacing
  • Haikyuu!! : what even is volleyball. i care about these characters and the animation is fucking phenomenal. the soundtrack is so good. watch it
  • Ping Pong - The Animation : weird-ass art in the best way, great story & characters. cant fucking believe this was achieved on flash
  • Welcome To The Ballroom : n e c k s
  • Hajime No Ippo : punching people and your own FEELINGS
  • Yuri On Ice!!! : gay ice skating. everyone loves quadruples. very nice and sweet. you will care about dogs
  • Akagi: lets just pretend playing mah-jong while using your blood to bet is an actual sport. also known as ‘wow thats a peculiar art style - the anime’

OTHER SHIT I’M TOO LAZY TO CATEGORIZE (but watch them theyre good i promise):

  • Fume Wo Amu : autistic man discovers how to make dictionaries and friends. some sad happens
  • Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu : like a greek tragedy, except sadder and directed by gods. incredible animation as well. gr8 storytelling
  • Doukyuusei : a short, sweet love story. the animation style is stunning i fucking love it with all my heart
  • Steins;Gate : time travel bullshit. great direction
  • Journey To Agartha : a movie i tried to get people to watch back when they didnt know who makoto shinkai was yet. pls watch its good
  • Usagi Drop : aka “dont read the manga - the anime”. the fluffiest piece of animation you will ever encounter. a dad dadding his life away
  • Psycho-Pass : great thriller/action show. makes you question morality
  • Uchuu Patrol Luluco : fuck you and your feelings im more important
  • Monster : naoki urasawa Does It Again™
  • Kiznaiver : a deconstruction of drama anime in general, with godlike animation and art. the OP makes me want to cry because its so good
  • Wandering Son : a touching anime about trans kids. read the manga
  • Akagi : just makin sure you watch that one. while youre ahead read the manga too
  • Nichijou : slice of life anime presented in the most hilarious way
  • Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica : magical girls but with a twist. dont fuckin trust that piece of shit plushie
  • Lupin III : arsène lupin except hes more of a piece of shit than usual
  • Parasyte : i am scarred for life by the things i have seen
  • Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures: whatever the fuck is going on here

thats it for now, i will probably update this in the future when i think of it. these are my opinions and my opinions only im not some kind of anime guru kthx

empressofeverything  asked:

I'm reading Inuyasha because of you and I'm about to start watching it even though I have ZERO time and it's all your fault. Accept the blame and answer two questions for me, pls. Sub or dub? And best Inuyasha fics for someone on volume 7? Go.

HAHAHAHA I’m not sorry at all watch and read it and be enlightened. (I love watching it but I actually suggest reading it because Inuyasha is a more thoughtful person in the manga than the anime.) DUB!! The dub is so quality and classic it’s great. Ohhhhh man haha… INUYASHA FICS man they are so good. There are many awesome ones and probably several amazing ones that I haven’t yet read, but here are a few of my all time faves in no order. They are ALL worth a read and all Inukag:

-Freak Attraction (Read it about seven times omg Inukag classic), Freak Attraction: Seven Man Circus, Miroku, Private Eye, Dizzy Defense for an Underdog (MPE and DDU both same 30s au) and anything else by @artistefish tbh

-Phony Digits (Lots of laughing) by StoatsandWeasels

-She’s the Man (God Bless) and Nothing But You (So cute) by One More Thing

-Elevator Music (Hilarious cute Inukag) , A Little Dessert (adorbs), Target Locked (M for certain skippable scenes, awesome story), and Tell Me I’m Crazy (This one cracks me the hell up–Inu is so relatable) by WitchyGirl99

-Awakened Dead (Well done and funny!) by K. Higurashi

-Tall Tails (Poor Inu lol) by vivaciousWordsmith

-Wrong Number Text (Classic au put to good use) by L.M. Avalon

-Ramen and Pepper Spray (Dorks) by firevixen73

-The Protector of Her Heart (Beautiful story!) by Eowyn Organa

-Fan Mail and Perfectly Flawed (Both very touching :3) by dolphingirl0113

-Missing in Action and Good Dog by FrameofMind

-Kagome’s Baby (Lol so precious) by TouchofPixieDust

-1025 FM (more hilarity and tsundere Inu) by whoknoez

Also uh… I wrote one too! >///< Maybe you could give it a try? High school gang war au (more lighthearted than it sounds). It’s called The Inugami. I’m going to update it soon.

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sorry to butt in but i 100% believe in the uraraka theory and im not changing my mind about it. but the latest chapter felt weird to me.. like when twice blurted out his quirk i was like whatever its probably just his split personality. but when toga blurted out her quirk and she was shocked why she did that, the first thing that came to mind was shinsou. and the panel after that showed a pretty suspicious masked guy. i was high while i was reading it so i mean...

i’m fairly sure it was the masked guy that made them blurt out the specifics of their quirks. he’s probably also the reason why overhaul trusted them when they said they didn’t have plans to betray him, because he has some sort of truth revealing quirk. -mod bakugou

goawar  asked:

So I just recently finished reading Hikaru no Go (what is up with that ending???!?), idk if you've read it, but would recommend b/c everybody acts so fucking gay in it, but I digress. The point is, I'm feeling kinda in the mood for some oldie but goodies because of it, and I've seen you reblog some stuff about Saiyuki occasionally. Obviously you enjoy it a lot, but can you give me a basic rundown of what it's like? The wikipedia description didn't give me much to go off of.

So Saiyuki is hands down my favorite fucking manga ever. Like - without hesitation or doubt, it’s number 1. That means I’m probably a little biased, but - 

Are you familiar with The Journey to the West? It’s a Chinese novel from the 16th century and just really amazing. Saiyuki is a quasi-modern take on that with a lot more bloodshed and snark. 

To start off with, the characters are amazing. You’ve got Genjo Sanzo (who happens to be my favorite character in anything ever), who’s a snarky, grumpy, homicidal priest who drinks, smokes, curses, and tends to shoot anything that annoys him for more than .002 seconds. Which is pretty much everything. (He’s also very, very pretty and very, very wise, though it kind of comes out of left field whenever he is.) There’s plenty of tragic backstory for him, and most of it revolves around his former master Komyou Sanzo (who is extremely awesome) and the five Founding Scriptures of Heaven and Earth, two of which were passed on to Sanzo when Komyou died, and one of which was immediately stolen. Sanzo is…complicated. He’s a bastard, but he’s simultaneously noble, and he gets attached to people despite himself. 

Second mc is Son Goku, who looks like a kid but is actually 500 years old. Saiyuki Gaiden goes into his backstory, but he’s basically a demon (the Great Sage Equaling Heaven and Earth, is his official title) who Sanzo rescued from the mountaintop where he was imprisoned. He pretty much sees Sanzo as his father figure/sun and their relationship is a lot of bickering and sacrificing for each other and it’s very sweet. Goku gets the most character development as the story goes, and he’s always amusing. 

Third mc is Sha Gojyo, who’s half-demon, eternally snarky, a playboy, and Goku’s partner in trying to make Sanzo commit murder at least once an hour. (They bicker. Constantly. It’s hilarious.) He also has an extremely tragic backstory as a taboo child, given his heritage, but doesn’t let it stop him from being awesome. His relationship with Sanzo is…prickly, to say the least, but they’re also hilarious.

Last mc is Cho Hakkai, who used to be a regular human but slaughtered 1000 demons and got turned into a demon because of it. Yeah, he’s kind of ridiculously badass, but also the Mom Friend who never drops his vaguely terrifying smile. Like the rest, his backstory is horrifically tragic, with the added bonus of incest, but except for a few scary moments when his power limiters come off, he’s fairly easy-going at this point. Hakkai is pretty much the only reason Sanzo & Co manage to survive any part of the trip. Not because of fighting, but because they would never get anything done without him and/or would have murdered each other in the first few minutes. 

As for the story, it takes place in a world with random technology and dragons that transform into jeeps and such, and Kanzeon Bosatsu (who is a massive meddler and also kind of Sanzo’s aunt? It’s complicated), who’s responsible for sending Sanzo and co on their quest in the first place. The quest is more or less to stop an Evil Overlord from being woken back up, though it’s admittedly a bit more complicated than that. 

Really, read this manga. It’s fantastic. There’s lots of humor, heart, and meaningful moments. I only wish I could write something as awesome as Saiyuki.  💕

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I read a theory saying Sakura love to Sasuke got weaker in gaiden because he was distant and her feelings for him are more like friendship, I know it's probably BS but I still got worried, could you make an analysis about this if you got time ?

I must admit, I got amused for a second - the rubbish people come up with, just for the sake of saying something negative, no matter how stupid it sounds, its just never not funny.

There’s nothing in the manga that supports this claim - zero. Quite the opposite actually, Gaiden exists to debunk this and similar theories.

A woman waiting for her lover to return is a very common story trope in japanese culture.
And Sakura has been the symbol for never fleeting love since the very beginning. Never wavering feelings, a love that grows and shines the longer the distance, that’s Sakura.
Sasuke was once lost in darkness, stubborn to severe all bonds, going as far as attacking his loved ones, a boy who appeared to be lost forever - not even that could stop Sakura from loving him, her love and desire to save him grew stronger. A simple ‘Thank you.’ kept her believing.
So why would her feelings change all of a sudden? Especially now that they’re married with a kid? Now, when she knows where she stands? That he loves her and their child, that they’re part of the reason he’s out there, protecting them?

Sakura’s entire role in Gaiden is to repeat over and over, how important she and Sarada are to Sasuke, and that their feelings are connected. Hell, it’s spelled out on the last page, literally “What you see here is the real deal - Love”.
Furthermore, she keeps blushing and smiling whenever around him throughout the entire 10 chapters.

In fact, the last chapter just proves how fresh and strong their love still is. After all those years, they still tease each other like teens in love.

anonymous asked:

I really like your explanation of why you don't ship Todomomo.In my opinion,their friendship and relationship is built on their admiration for each other.Momo admires Todoroki's skills and Todoroki respects Momo's personality that makes her a great leader.If you've read the manga you probably know what I mean by Momo's abilities. From the specific moment I'm referring to,she gains some confidence in herself and sure it's Todoroki,but that doesn't necessarily make it romantic.#Letthembefriendspls

Todoroki helps her by believing in her, and I think that moment during the whole teacher fight arc is a super great moment of character development for them both! But Momo deserves some credit for it, because she did lose confidence in herself and then after that wake up call during that fight, she realized she can’t let a few simple mishaps hold her back from greatness.

But that can easily be interpreted as a good developing friendship, and not romance, you know? I guess at this point in my life with fandoms I’m very interested in friendship dynamics compared to romance dynamics

~Admin Flame Empress

There are like 97% more bows happening than are strictly necessary.

Why the hair up as usual but with two additional braid pieces.

I have never seen more material that is barely material.


Is she wearing a bandanna around her neck? SHE IS PROBABLY WEARING A BANDANNA AROUND HER NECK

Gnawing on a flower like a peckish horse.

And then “KISS ME I LOVE YOU” on what I can only assume is her first date.

In other words, yes, world: Minako Aino.

That one time Saito Chiho said Utena is basically Kaze to ki no uta

In that new Takemiya Keiko fanbook, Saito Chiho said that when she read Kaze to ki no uta, she realized that Revolutionary Girl Utena was basically entirely based on it, just repackaged for the afternoon anime audience.

  • A boarding school closed off from the rest of the world.
  • A person who gets cruelly passed around among the powerful elite of the school – and secretly seems to enjoy this on some level.
  • Another person coming in from the outside to break this status quo and “save” the victim.
  • But was this “saving” what the victim wanted, or asked for, or needed?

My mind: blown.

She also says that the predominately male anime staff hired her on as an artist because they were afraid they’d otherwise end up making a parody of shojo manga, which wasn’t their intention.

Its kinda narcissistic for antis that are gay to assume that a piece of fiction is sexualizing them.

Dude, no one cares. This is not about you. Does this fiction have your name in it? No.

Overly sensitive people. That’s what I’m seeing antis. Overly sensitive and a bunch of followers. Because I bet none of you have read it. Torturing in fiction is nothing new. Abuse is nothing new. Actually, nothing in this is new.

As for the straight people thinking that somehow they’re just helping an agenda—

Seriously, the reasons you give are just because its gay. If it were straight people getting abused, tortured, murdered or whatever your problem is, you wouldn’t have a problem. Because that’s all you’re complaining about.

If it’s not, I want you to go to every other piece of fiction that features any of these elements and go complain. Whine about it.

What? Not gonna do it? Of course not. Because it’s not gay. Just admit that or admit that this is just not your type of fiction and you just can’t stand other people not agreeing with you. What; are you those type of people to shun hetero ships because it’s not gay either?

Should hetero people in fiction go through and everything should be rainbows and cupcakes for gays? So sad you’re a hypocritical fetishist.

The thing for antis (which aren’t really antis tbh because they wouldn’t even be here) that actually don’t like the manga because they’re not into its contents is that they don’t stay around to complain. So I probably won’t meet them.

The whole stupid thing about this is that it’s all over fiction. Hey, instead of complaining about something that’s not even happening IRL that we know of, go help the gays in the REAL WORLD. Complaining about fiction on Tumblr isn’t gonna fix anything.


You are not a sympathizer or support any mentioned unfortunate occurrences. You’re mature and you can handle what you decide to read. This is all fiction and you understand that concept.

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What're some of the worst animes you've seen?

LKJALSDFJKASDF honestly i don’t have any “worst anime” because if i don’t like it after the first episode i just stop and then i forget about it

but i definitely read a lot of bad manga as a kid THERE WAS ONE MANGA about a guy who gets into a car accident and the reconstructive surgeon finds a picture of the guy’s crush in his pocket and is like “oh this is probably a pic of them” so the guy ends up waking up looking exactly like the girl he likes LIKE WHAT KIND OF WILD

and re:ze/ro definitely disappointed me and i only finished it because i was cosplaying it with my friend LOL but i wouldn’t say it was the worst. the beginning was really interesting

youshouldreadmore  asked:

Hello! Just wanted to say thanks for your hard work with the translations and providing quality FnM content! I was wondering what you thought about the changes made in the anime regarding Ashiya's loss of vision. I loved it when the yokai teamed up to help him, but I preferred Fuzzy's anxiousness in the manga. To me, it made sense that he was so worried/mad at Ashiya in Ch. 25 since it ties into why he clung onto him in the first place, and Ashiya apologizing to him was a nice, sweet touch :)

Hi, and thank you so much for the kind words! I’m also sorry about the late reply - I’ve actually been wanting to make a post about my thoughts on the anime original content for a while but never got around to it, so thanks for giving me an opportunity and reason to do so, haha, and excuse me for the really rambly answer that this turned into (and there’s also stuff that has nothing to do with your question, so very sorry m(_)m).

My thoughts seem to be similar to yours actually, I really liked the part of the original content where the past Mononokean clients helped Abeno search for Tomori, and I even liked Abeno visiting the Legislator and Koura to some extent.

However, and it’s a really big however, I can’t be pleased with the reason that the anime original content in the ending happened.

In the manga, Abeno threatening to fire Ashiya is all part of his plan to get Ashiya fired up, because Ashiya hasn’t been thinking that his sight is urgent. He does not genuinely mean it, and it’s those words that Abeno apologizes to Ashiya for.

In the anime, Abeno tells Ashiya to quit before he ever goes to the Underworld, and indeed, he doesn’t go to the Underworld for Ashiya’s sake at all.

What difference does this make in the anime? It significantly changes Abeno’s character, and not in a good way. It shows that Abeno doesn’t trust Ashiya at all.

Something I’ll argue to death about is that Abeno is not mean. His constant irritation comes from the fact that Ashiya has genuinely made trouble for him on several occasions. He does not get angry at Ashiya for no good reason, even if that anger is exaggerated for comedy, and when Ashiya does something right, Abeno does not hesitate to honestly say thanks (Manjirou). Telling Ashiya to quit in the manga is a plan that Abeno comes up with because he believes in Ashiya, and properly apologizes for the way he went about it when everything is resolved.

In the anime, there’s no such thing. At this point, after all the yokai they’ve exorcised together, after all the good that Abeno knows Ashiya brings to the Mononokean, there is no reason he should genuinely be telling Ashiya to quit in such a cold manner. It gives the impression that all this time, Ashiya really has been expendable to him (even though we see a bit of Abeno’s doubts in his talks with the Legislator and Koura).

I suppose most of the above relies on the fact that the anime went ahead and gave an explicit explanation for why “Ashiya is dangerous” though, rather than how it’s still vague even in the manga, and so it becomes the reason why Abeno tells Ashiya to quit in the anime, and when he goes to see the Legislator would be a really nice scene if not for the fact that Abeno is way too cruel about it and it seems too late in his and Ashiya’s relationship (as employee/employer/friends) for Abeno to be doubting Ashiya like that.

So yeah, not super happy about how the anime original content started, although the middle of it was nice and creative, but because of how it did start, Abeno’s apology to Ashiya felt sort of flat too.

(Another nitpicky thing, the mundane world’s supposed to be really hard for yokai to travel to without permits/fees/etc (like Egen did for the inspection), but while all the past Mononokean clients showing up for Ashiya was sweet, it didn’t really make sense based on the rules set up in the manga.)

Well, there’s other things I’m dissatisfied with the anime about, such as all the cuts made including the Fuzzy cheering-up scenes (another part that immediately come to mind includes Yahiko’s debut), but for this part I can at least understand that it was due to time constraints in the episodes. It was definitely disappointing not to see Fuzzy being genuinely being angry at Ashiya and the touching moment where the Mononokean tells Fuzzy that he should enjoy being with Ashiya every moment he can. (I’m also a little bitter about the atmosphere of Abeno’s talk with the Mononokean not being quite right either lol).

Speaking of atmosphere in the anime, it also couldn’t quite capture the absolutely beautiful facial expressions made in the anime as well as I hoped. There’s one scene that stood out to me especially in terms of comparison (mostly because it was a favorite scene of mine and I was really looking forward to it…)



Where is the tension? Where is the chilling moment that everyone realizes “Ah, Ashiya might really be dangerous” when he goes as far as to shove the woman back? The anime version just seems really understated in how angry Ashiya got, which I think was a really important moment in the manga.

I’m just diving straight into complaining now pfft but in my personal opinion, they also made Ashiya way too cute in the anime (he has cool moments too pls) and he yelled about everything too much (there were definitely lines that came off as calmer in the manga). At this point, I think I’ve kind of separated the manga and the anime into two separate universes, because I can’t really reconcile the anime original content with the manga anymore.

ANYWAY TO SUM IT ALL UP I probably sound really petty and ungrateful lmao but I still love the anime because it’s how I found out about the manga in the first place, also the OP, ED, and VAs were wonderful, but the manga is… just superior in every way…

tl;dr please read the manga too, the art (the art!!!!) is beautiful and the composition (pacing/timing) of the panels is livelier than even the anime, imo.

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Mori headcannon stuff, like the kyoya and hikaru ones

Thanks for the request! I suppose I should probably just make one of these for each of the hosts, huh? Anyway, I hope you like it!

Relationship Headcanons:

  • he doesn’t really get jealous like the other hosts do (not as obviously or obnoxiously as them at least) because he’s more mature and level headed about that sort of thing
  • since he’s quiet, he usually shows his affection through actions, which is why I think he likes to cuddle a lot, especially really casual sorts of cuddling, like him using his S/O’s lap as a pillow
  • not really into PDA because he’s rather traditional
  • along with that^, I think he’d wait until marriage to do the horizontal hokey-pokey
  • again, he shows affection through actions so he really likes to hold hands


  • he’s really good at calligraphy
  • I feel like he reads a lot because its a quiet activity that he can do while chillin’ with his pet chick
  • I also think he’d be kind of crafty? like in the manga he puts together this really tiny toy thing, so like any sort of craft that requires steady, nimble fingers he’d be good at
  • he probably scrap books too and has a whole bunch of ones filled up with pictures of the host club because he is more sentimental than he lets on
  • really good at origami
  • excellent at ballroom dancing, very graceful

Random other things:

  • he wears his glasses a lot when he’s at home
  • he also accidentally falls asleep with his glasses on a lot
  • if he played a sport (besides doing kendo) he’d play either volleyball or basketball
  • he secretly adores chick flicks because he’s a romantic at heart and a sucker for a hppy ending
  • he likes to wake up really early
  • if he played an instrument, it’d be the drums 
  • his favorite movies are old, black and white classics
  • he had a crush on Snow White when he was little because she had all the cute forest animal friends and was very kind
  • I think he’d also be pretty health conscious? like he goes for a run every morning and eats mostly healthy food
  • he NEVER breaks a promise
  • What she says: I'm fine.
  • What she means: Elfen Lied is a tragedy about the human condition and how terribly we treat one another. There is practically no antagonist for the majority of both the manga and the anime. The anime should be looked at on its own rather than as an adaptation of the manga, as it's so different, yet still very good. I cried during every episode and it wasn't any different when I read the manga and cried during every chapter. Kouta and Lucy could have been such great friends if he hadn't fucking lied and she hadn't killed his sister and his father right in front of him. The children in the orphanage deserved to get torn apart because they killed a puppy and that's not okay. Lucy might still be alive in the anime despite what the firing squad scene might make you believe. There's a fan theory that it's probably Nyu who appears at the end of the final episode because she liked the clock, which was chiming the moment she stepped in, whereas Lucy


  • Three weeks recess from college beginning from the second week of September.
  • It will be Netflix and mangas and food and that is it, with no obligations, no sunlight, no busses, no human interaction.
  • It will be heaven.

took litearlly 0 screencaps of this one cuz its not very screencap friendly but Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind manga: Complete!

fun, I liked it. Great art direction, characters, and world. I definitely feel like it’s hard to follow at times due to the weird pacing of the manga, but i kinda feel half of that is because the uploads don’t go by chapters and just by the volumes.

i should probably watch the movie or something


Happy Birthday Levi!! 

In another lifetime, you’re living happily ever after with your mom and uncle.

In another lifetime, you’re probably ridiculously in love with Erwin too…but you get to do lovey-dovey things since he didn’t get hit by flying boulders and bled to death ok chapter 84 didn’t happen

(also this is a bit early, it’s still 24th haha)