probably it's not as funny as i think it is

okay i gotta get this off my chest

i like country music, okay? and i know some of my followers do, too. 

but if you can’t get it through your thick skull that country music has just as many nasty things in it as the rap/hiphop genre does, then get the fuck away from me

cause like man i like the genre!! and a lot of the music (esp. from the 90s/early 2000s). but boy oh boy am i not going to sit over here and pretend that country music isn’t riddled with disgusting shit. like just to start i could talk for days about how misogynistic it is. but y’all over here frowning at rap like your preferred genre’s any better lmao. newsflash, bitch: it ain’t. it’s the same exact kinda garbage–just using different words.

oban star racers is probably the most criminally underrated show I’ve ever watched ngl. bc i think about it and i think about how popular it would be if it was say, a netflix original right now. or airing on cartoon network or disney RIGHT NOW.  

Its one of the few things I own an art book to and beyond having a plot I ADORE, it definitely influenced me artistically. 

Also lil me was crushin so hard on Prince Aikka it wasnt even funny. 

So my little sisters teacher called my mom today apparently they were having carpet time and everyone was going around talking about what makes them special and my little sister said to one of the children “you’re not that special you’re just white” I just got a lecture for about 20 minutes because my mom thinks I taught it to her which I did not but my god now I have to talk to her about why that was wrong

  • Neil : please reach friendship level five before unlocking Tragic Backstory™
  • Andrew : *walks in door*
Hey guys, little question

Remember the shitshow “Operation Canada” that I abandoned because I was too busy actually going on adventures to be actually drawing them? Well.. now that I’m back in France and actually have time, would y’all be interested in comics, weekly, about memories of my time there (small comics  this time because tf was I thinking before?? it was so fucking long??) ?
Funny, very gay stuff that actually happened, quiet moments, sad moments, whatever I remember and feel like it’d make a good comic basically. A fun nostalgic little recollection of memories. (but really my life is super gay so it’ll be super gay for sure).

Not only would it make more exclusive (as in, not fanart) content for you guys, but it might also be a way for me to cope with the fact that I’m not there anymore. I don’t promise regularity, because every time I try it it stresses me out too much, but here and there from time to time? It’d be posted on the Operation Canada blog, but I’d reblog each comics here too

It’s just a very very young idea I’m entertaining, so nothing is set in stone yet, but I’d love your input, as always

Tell me if you’re interested, ignore this if you aren’t :) ♥

I think this whole new meme of manipulative women hiding their boyfriend’s phones or looking through their messages whilst they’re sleeping or in another room or whatever is so fucking toxic, it makes my blood boil whenever I see it. It’s not healthy to distrust the person you are with. It’s not healthy to have no respect for their space or privacy. God, if you feel like you have to be on high alert when your SO gets a text or a call then that relationship probably isn’t all that great for you.

anonymous asked:

How do you make funny comics?

Pffft. I dunno. My sense of humor is kinda dumb and I’m mostly entertaining myself?

I guess I like pointing out the ridiculous-ness or absurdity of pretty boring, normal situations? It’s of my opinion that you can make anything funny if you execute it properly.

S'all about that subtly?

Edit: Also it’s fun to think of the obvious logical, conclusion of something and subverting it.

example- a lot of people probably think the zen cat is named something like tranquility, or balance, or yin yang.

Its name is Checkers.


Dans gonna have to buy phil one of those backpack stuffed animals with a leash on it for american tatinof, he cant even keep track of him on the damn tube

I found a screenshot of a tweet that made me laugh that I took a while ago but now im realizing its fake, credit to @fakephan_tweets (on twitter i’m assuming) for a brilliant idea that has probably actually happened irl lets be honest

***Bonus points: reblog with what dan based story you think phil was telling that poor random old lady***

EDIT: Credit to the brilliant and lovely @destihelp on Instagram!!! go check her out!!! 

Reverse Heroine | (II)

parts: ➳ 1 | 2 /?

a supposedly only 2 part fic ft. fuckboy!jungkook x reader

summary: because platonic love is underrated

genre: college au, fluff/angst idk?

word count: 5.1k

a/n: I probably fluctuated too much with the comedy and angst on this but because i wrote on different days it just really goes by my mood. i also probably should stop thinking that I’m being really funny because i’m laughing at my own jokes like its so sad somebody halp me. 

shoutout to the cutest baby that i need to protect from Jungkook the rude hip thrusting brat: @mintmintyoongi you’re so cute and sweet omg my grandma heart is alive and well when i think of you

let me know what you guys think of the new chapter!

              After the interruption from the well-loved couple, the party resumed to its previous state. Smashed students downing on drinks and- wait, is that Kim Taehyung doing a keg stand right now? You shake your head in amusement; that boy never fails to go all out during parties. You’ve already walked around the frat house twice in search for Jungkook, seeing way too much going on for your liking, but the boy was still nowhere to be found. Popping a couple of beers yourself, your bladder was now urgently sending a signal – yep, it was definitely an emergency. You run to the closest bathroom, hand on the knob to find girl on the counter and your favourite fratboy standing between her legs, lips locked like they were about to devour each other.

               The caramel locks are recognizable at first sight, which are currently entangled in Jungkook’s hand like a wild animal. The sophomore has taken it too far this time, messing around with someone like her. With anger bubbling in your stomach, you pull on Jungkook’s t-shirt, separating the bodies apart. With some space between the two, you realize that the girl was indeed Park Sora – daughter of President Park of the director’s board. She looks embarrassed and flustered in being caught in action, immediately closing her legs together in hopes of saving her prim and proper image.

               “You’re coming with me, Jeon.” A hiss comes out of your mouth and Jungkook makes no attempt to resist, he was smart enough to know not to mess with you when you were fuming.

               Dragging the drunken body outside, you muster all your strength and throw Jungkook onto the ground. He groans in pain at the contact and your heartstrings tug for a second before returning to your iron expression once again.

               “It’s only grass, Jeon. You’ve been slammed countless of times like this in football, stop pretending like it actually hurts.” You roll your eyes as you wait for the boy to get up on his feet. The fresh and brisk air outside seems to have Jungkook sobered up a bit, who tries to push through you to get into the house again.

               “Leave me alone, loser.” He mutters, alcohol stenching his breath. “I have to get back to Sora.”

               You pull him back to stand in front of you, hands tugging on the collar of his shirt. “I’m saving your ass, you idiot! If President Park finds out about you messing with his precious little daughter, you can kiss your sports scholarship goodbye!”

               Your hands release Jungkook when he seems to finally realize the situation that he got himself in, no longer demanding to get back inside. He sucks in a breath of cold air as he kicks the grass on the lawn, obviously aware of the consequences of his actions but still pissed off that you called him out like that.

               “Kook, I thought you were better than this.” You groan, pulling your messy locks back from falling forwards. “You-you know that you shouldn’t mess with girls like that. She’s going to take everything for serious! And I can’t let you hurt her like that”

               Everything falls silent. Too tired to keep yelling at your friend, you watch as Jungkook stands before you – head looking down with his bangs covering his eyes. The climax of the party continues in the back of the house, muffled music filling up the dead space between you and Jungkook. The unsettling tension is making you crazy until he finally decides to speak again.

               “What if the one that’s hurt is me?” Jungkook looks at you for the first time since the two of you have been outside. His eyes are bloodshot and watery, and his pained expression makes your heart clench in sympathy.

               “What?” A soft sound escapes your lips, confused to what Jungkook was saying. “What are you even sayi-”                

               “I lied. I lied to you, Y/N.” Jungkook whispers. “That night, when you asked me if I ever loved someone before and I told you that I didn’t.” He continues when you pull his hand into yours as support, feeling relieved at the contact. “I was wrong.” Jungkook looks up into the night sky, in attempt to keep his gleaming tears from falling. But it was no use, it was just too easy to be himself – not the infamous bad boy that the campus knew him as – whenever you’re around.

              “That feeling you mentioned, I didn’t- I just didn’t know what you were talking about. Until today, when I saw Jimin’s hands around her.”

               Jungkook takes a deep breath and shudder, needing a moment to get over his rush of emotions that was overwhelming him. You take this time to bring him to the sidewalk curb, sitting down with him beside you.

               “I’m in love, Y/N. With my own fucking best friend.” A series of soft cries escape from Jungkook’s lips, leaning onto your shoulder as support. You didn’t realize that he was crying until you felt his tears staining your skin underneath the t-shirt. You should’ve noticed the signs. It was bound to happen – the way he looks at her, the way he smiles when she does, and the way he suffers when he saw Jimin with his beloved. You should have realized that Jeon Jungkook was in love with Lee Daeun.

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Imagine going to the karaoke with Woozi and singing to your heart’s content until you guys start losing your voice.

You vs. The guy she tells you not to worry about

This doesn’t necessarily have to do with McHanzo, but I guess it sort of does? You’d think my mom would catch onto McHanzo since I talk about it so often, but no, that’s not the case. Instead, she’s latched onto Genyatta. Because every time I play Overwatch, she’s like, “Are you playing Genyatta?” and I have to explain that Genji and Zenyatta are separate characters, but she winds up forgetting right after I explain it. So, no point in that. 

One time, she was telling me how she told a friend of hers I play Overwatch and she mentioned to this friend, “I don’t know what she does on that game. It has to do with this Genyatta thing,” which made me scream, “MOM, YOU CAN’T JUST TELL PEOPLE ABOUT GENYATTA. THAT’S NOT A THING NORMAL PEOPLE KNOW ABOUT.” Somewhere in the world, a woman thinks Overwatch heavily focuses on something called Genyatta, and it is because of my mother.

She and my sister are on a lil’ road trip right now and headed back home, so they called to check up on me ‘cause I’m here all alone. My sister is trying to explain where they’re at, okay? She’s trying to talk to me like a normal person, when my mom suddenly shouts, “GENYATTA!” and I stopped talking to process the fact that as soon as my sister called me, my mother’s mind instantly went to Genyatta.

Apparently that’s how we’re greeting each other now, by shouting Genyatta. I help run a McHanzo blog with 10,000 followers and frequently talk about McHanzo, but all she brings up is Genyatta. Every time she sees me playing Overwatch, she brings up Genyatta. She doesn’t even know who Genji or Zenyatta are, she just knows that Genyatta is a thing. 

(In her defense, she’s brought up McHanzo once or twice, but that’s usually when she asks me if I’m “playing McHanzo or Genyatta” in the game.)