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Imagine road trips with Chris.

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You stared at your MacBook, at the open Pages document with your latest screenplay that was- in your standards- far from done, and watched the line blink. You reread the final scene for what felt like the hundredth time and still felt like something was missing. You were working on a romantic drama; a genre you would’ve written with ease three years ago, but not now. Let’s just say that since Chris became a part of your life, there has been a lack of dramatic experiences.

There was no such thing as perfect but Chris came pretty close to it; he was sweet and kind and compassionate and loyal. He loved you with everything he had and he always made sure you left him after each encounter with a smile on your face. You were living a fairytale so how were you meant to write a tragedy?

“What’s wrong?” Chris reached for your hand and pulled it to his lips. “You look stressed.” He mumbled against your skin then pressed a tender kiss to the back of your hand. “Well- more stressed than usual.”

“That’s ‘cause I am more stressed than usual.” You answered, taking your hand back from him. “I’ve been working on this script for- God knows how long and it’s still so-” you groaned exasperatedly, “unfinished. Alex will probably give me an extension but- it doesn’t matter because I don’t know how to write it.”

“I think you do know how to write it and you’re just overthinking again.” He said as you turned off your MacBook and put it in the backseat. “Baby,” he chuckled softly and entwined his fingers with yours when you reach for his hand, “you’re a really good writer. I know because I’ve read all your work, whether it’s your personal writing or stuff for work- it’s all good.”

“Your judgement is askew,” you chuckled softly.

“Because I’m your boyfriend?” He quizzed rhetorically. “How dare you?” He scoffed, feigning offense. “I don’t mix work with pleasure.” You rolled your eyes because that was how the two of you got together. “As an actor and a man who’s dabble with directing- I think I know good writing when I see it, and your writing is amazing.”

“Really?” You countered, trying not to laugh. “And how is my cooking?” You asked and answered for him. “Amazing, right? And my makeup skills? Amazing, also.” You answered before he could and he chuckled softly; you had a point. “And my photography skills? I believe you said that-”

“I’m sorry you’re perfect and amazing at everything.” He cut you off, trying not to smile. “God, it’s not my fault your parents made you so freaking flawless.” You rolled your eyes but couldn’t contain your smile. “Sorry, you are flawed. You are a chronic over-thinker and a perfectionist, and not in a good way.”

“Yeah? Well- you’re too perfect and the reason I can’t get this script done.” He raised an eyebrow. “It’s a romantic drama and you don’t cause me enough heartache and angst to give me the experience I need to write it,” you told him and he laughed. “Honestly,” you bit back your smile as you pretended to scold him, “can’t you just be a douchebag for a second of your life?”

“You’re an idiot,” he shook his head, laughing.

“It takes one to know one.” You shot him a wink and kicked your feet up on the dash. “Speaking of, why’d you shave?” You raised an eyebrow at him and he shrugged, rubbing his jaw with his hand. “I can’t believe you had time to, you basically dragged me out the door in my pajamas.”

“Don’t be dramatic,” he rolled his eyes. “You’re not in pajamas, are you.”

“Yeah, because I fought you to go get change first.” You grabbed the iPod and pulled up the playlist, narrowing your eyes at the unfamiliarity. “Kanye West, seriously?” You scrunched your face in annoyance and he laughed. “As a fan of Taylor Swift, I am not happy to see his music on here. Christopher Robert Evans,” you chuckled as you teased him, “I guess you’re not as perfect as I thought.”

“Sorry to burst your bubble, but it’s not mine.”

“So Captain America steals,” you smirked, “who would’ve thought?”

“Captain America has done worst than steal an iPod, and we’re borrowing.” He pulled his hand out of yours and tapped your knees. “Take your feet off the dash, Missy. Your feet are perfect but I don’t need your footprints on my dash to remind me.”

“Why are guys so protective over their cars?” You quizzed as you did what you were told, plugging out the iPod to plug in your iPhone so you could play music you actually wanted to listen to and could actually sing along to.

“We’re protect what we love, it’s an instinct.” He answered then glanced at you, smiling. “We’re protective over our girls too,” he told you. You chuckled softly as the memory of him causing a scene at the bar came back; another patron tried to hit on you- in a less than polite way- while you were getting a drink, and Chris- well, he was not happy. “But you already know that.”

“Yes, and I love protective Chris.” You leaned over and pressed a kiss to his cheek. “I also love caring Chris, he always takes care of me after I decide to go out and get wasted.” You said and he chuckled. “And reassuring Chris, he can always make me feel better about the things I feel worst about. I just- I love you,” you smiled at him.

“I love you too,” he smiled back.

“I’m actually really glad to be getting out of town,” you admitted and went back to fiddling with your music. You pulled up your 'Favorites’ playlist and put it on shuffle, the song that came up- 'I Do’ by Colbie Caillat- brought a smile on Chris’ face because it reminded him of his upcoming proposal. “I could use the distraction, it’s not like I’m going to do anything productive at home.”

“True,” he agreed with a nod. “Stress you would probably just pace the hallways while eating Fruit Loops straight from the box, or Gummi Bears. It’s quite disconcerting,” he glanced at you and chuckled when you rolled your eyes. “But you’re cute, so- I don’t mind.”

You tapped your finger on your lap to the beat of the song and smiled at how sweet the song was; it was an oldie but definitely a goodie. It was the perfect song to listen to, really, considering how many of your friends were about to do what the song said at their upcoming weddings. You loved weddings and you couldn’t wait till you finally had your own with Chris. It wasn’t a subject the two of you had to verbally discuss, the longing looks and knowing smiles were always enough. Both your parents and his had been begging the two of you to tie the knot for years now, but with his schedule and yours- the timing hasn’t always been what you needed it to be. It was fine, you weren’t in a rush; you loved him and he loved you, that was more than enough for now.

“I can’t wait for Carly and Ben’s wedding,” Chris said and drew you out of your thoughts. “I think it’s going to be lovely, even though it’s happening a week before Christmas. It’s strange, really. But- hey, each to their own.”

“I think a December wedding is nice, but- you’re probably right about having it clash with the holidays,” you agreed and he nodded with pursed lips. “Personally, I’d have a wedding in September. I always think a Fall wedding would be beautiful, don’t you?”

“Oh yes,” he smiled, “September sounds like a perfect time to have a wedding. We should probably put that in the books,” he told you and you narrowed your eyes with a confused smile on your face. “You know,” he glanced at you then turned back to the road to hide his excited smile, “for our future reference.”

“I’m not putting anything in the books until I see a ring on my finger,” you joked.

He reached for your left hand and drew it to his lips, pressing a kiss on your ring finger.

“Duly noted.”

Maid - Joker x Reader imagine part 3

a/n: hiii here it is, its like a lil bit fluffy, they basically only talk and such so yeah :) hope you like it

characters: joker, reader

warnings: mention of & nudity, lil bit swearing, daddy kink, kisiing, implied smut

*next morning*

I woke up from a cold breeze hitting my back and groaned. Why was it cold? Where was I? What day was it? What’s the time?

I opened my eyes slowly, feeling light shining from a small window. I flinched a little and sat up from my horizontal position, my back was pressed against a silk-like surface. This isn’t my room, was the first thing that came to mind. I then glanced around the bed I was in - there was a pale white back facing me, tattoos covering it. 

Wait a second. Was it…? Oh, God, it’s him. It’s my boss there, the Joker, laying under the covers next to me. Was he… naked? Was I? I took a look under the blanket I was covered in - I was completely naked. Did we…?

And then memories of last night came back to me. Oh, we really did do it again. Was it a mistake? Did somebody see us? Will it happen again? I needed so many answers. I needed to talk to him.

Was he awake? Wait, what day was it? If yesterday was Thursday, then today it was Friday. Ah, thankfully it’s my day off-work. I looked at the digital clock on the night stand - 10:43am. I sighed in relief. I hoped he didn’t have any plans for today, especially in the morning, because I really needed to ask him about.. well, this. I’ll just have to wait until he wakes up, by himself. God knows what would happen if I disturbed his slumber. 

I stood up from the bed and with a blanket wrapped around my naked body, I tiptoed into the bathroom. I sighed once in ‘safety’ and closed the door to the point that only a small crack was open. 

I dropped the blanket and looked at myself in the mirror. I had so many hickeys all over my neck, and some bruises around the hip region. My casual makeup was a little bit smudged and my lips were redder than usual. I didn’t put on lipstick, ever, so I guess it smeared off of him. There were also red lip marks around my collarbones. Jesus Christ, am I sinning.

I pulled my hair into a messy bun and took off the makeup that was left. I sighed again and stepped into the shower, pulling the curtain closed. I turned on the shower and there was already hot water running down my body. God, it felt relieving. I closed my eyes at the good feeling and tilted my chin upwards. 

I still felt his touch on my body. It was like… a craving that nothing could wash away, not even water. His touches were rough, powerful, but passionate. They sent the vibe that he liked to be in control, dominant, the one in charge. 

Not really giving thought to it, I started quietly singing to myself.

Are we awake?
Am I too old to be this stoned?
Was it your breasts from the start?
They played a part, for goodness sake
I wasn’t told you’d be this cold
Now it’s my time to depart and I just had a change of heart                                I’ll quote on the road like a twat and wind my way out of the city
Finding a girl who is equally pretty won’t be hard
Oh, I just had a change of heart                                                                         You smashed a glass into pieces
That’s around the time I left
When you were coming across as clever
Then you lit the wrong end of a cigarette
You said I’m full of diseases
Your eyes were full of regret
And then you took a picture of your salad
And put it on the Internet

While singing, I finished showering and turned off the running water. I pulled open the curtain and saw what I wasn’t expecting. There he was, standing in just some sort of sweatpants, facing me, but looking at the floor with something in hand. I couldn’t help but to gasp as he startled me, all of a sudden being there. I grabbed a towel from the hanger and wrapped it around myself. He probably walked in while I was showering. How long had he been there?

J raised his eyes from the floor, along with the rest of his face and looked at me.

“No need to cover, doll. It’s nothing I haven’t seen before.” He spoke lowly, barely above a whisper. I just stood there, frozen, not knowing what to do. “Come on out, don’t be afraid.” He urged and I stepped out of the shower, following his orders. I didn’t know if he was in a bad mood, but I definitely did not want to make sure he was, so I did as told. He reached out his pale hand to me. “Come to Daddy, doll. I’ve got something for you. Take my hand.” He spoke. With one hand holding my towel, I reached the other and placed it in his and he pulled me closer to him in a second. Our faces just a few inches from each other, he was looking me right in the eyes. Oh, his eyes…

Joker suddenly took me by my sides with a bit force, making me yelp and then put me on the bathroom counter. I was watching him with curiosity as he spread my legs and stood in between them, then looking up at me.

“Let Daddy take care of you, baby girl.” He said. I nodded, waiting for his next action. I could talk to him now, when he’s… calm. Yeah, I’ll do that.

J slowly unwraps my towel from around me and lets it pool at my butt, almost admiring the sight before him. I was completely exposed to him again. 

“Daddy would love to fuck you right now, but he needs to take care of you first.” He says, running his hands up and down my sides and making me shiver slightly at his cold fingers. ”Don’t you love how Daddy’s marked you?” He then took the thing he was holding in his hand and unfolded it. A white, closed button-up shirt. “I’m sure this will suit you.” He said, undoing the buttons. When that was done, J put it behind me and carefully slid my arms into the sleeves of it. Once it was on me, - it felt so big on me -, he did only the bottom ones, leaving my chest partly exposed to him.

“Daddy?” I spoke.

“Yes, baby doll?” He replies, placing his hand on my waist.

“I have a question. Or a few.” I spoke, putting my hands lazily on his shoulders, letting them hang off of his shoulders. 

“Go ahead.”

“What are we?” I asked. “What do we classify as?”

“Well… I don’t think we classify as anything, at least we don’t need to.” He spoke. Oh. 

“But what is this between us, Daddy? You’re supposed to be my boss.”  I stated. “Are you?”

“Must be so.”

“Then what am I to you, Daddy?” I pushed, leaning a bit closer to him.

“What do you want yourself to be to me, angel?” 

“I don’t know, Daddy. I just… don’t want this to be anything un-special, meaningless to each other.”

“Why would you think this could be meaningless to me? Or you?” Anger appeared in his voice. “Everything has a meaning. Including this.”

“And what is this?” I said, feeling tears well up behind my eyes. Joker looked away from me, only a huff escaping his lips. “C'mon, Daddy, don’t you want me closer to you? Always by your side?” I pouted, the tears almost coming out. I leaned very close to his face, looking in his blue eyes. I saw anger in them which made me feel afraid and tears roll down my cheeks.

“Please, don’t cry, baby doll. Daddy doesn’t like to see you upset.” He said, stroking my cheek, which only made more tears fall from my eyes. “Is this what was upsetting you last night?” He asked and I nodded, pursing my lips together, but then letting a sob out. “Don’t cry, doll. Please. Am I upsetting you?” I looked down. It wasn’t his fault I had accidentally caught feelings for him. But it did involve him. “Baby girl, Daddy can make you feel better.” J said, bringing his lips to my neck and sliding his hands further down my body, but I weakly pushed him away. I looked him in the eyes, there was hurt visible. “Don’t you want Daddy to make you feel better?” I shook my head.

“Not in that way.” I said. 

“Then tell me what you want, baby. I’ll do it. Do you wanna go home or stay here or…”

“No, I want you. Here, always, every day, all day.” I confessed. “I want to stay here with you for whatever-how-long. Don’t you want that?”

“Listen, baby girl. Daddy likes you very, very, very much. I enjoy your company and the things you do for me.” He said. “So, if being… with me, mine, whatever, makes you happy, I will do everything to make you pleased. I would do anything for you.”

“Really?” I smiled.

“Yes, my angel.” Joker replied. I wanted to hug him, but knew he wasn’t the 'hug person’, so I kissed him instead. He grunted, but i could feel him smirk. “So what would you want?”

“I… want to live here. With you.” I confessed once again.

“Anything for my princess.” He said and kissed me again. “By the way,” he dragged out the last word, “I love how you sing, angel face.”


Interview at THR : 

‘Taboo’ Star Tom Hardy on Being a “Dick” and Those 'Star Wars’ Rumors

The Oscar nominee and star/EP of FX’s 19th-century period drama admits he’s earned his fierce reputation: “I’ve been a dick. But then, who hasn’t?”

If you believe everything you read, Tom Hardy is the best actor of his generation and also the most dangerous. Descriptors like “volatile” and “mercurial” trail his name, as do tales of on-set squabbles. But as the Oscar-nominated actor, best known for his roles in Mad Max: Fury Road, The Revenant and The Dark Knight Rises, arrives at The Ritz-Carlton on a snowy Manhattan morning to promote his 19th century drama Taboo for FX and the BBC, it’s hard to reconcile that image with the man seated before me. Between puffs of his e-cigarette, a thoughtful and exceedingly self-aware Hardy, 39, who both stars in and executive produces the limited series, spoke candidly about playing “scary blokes,” learning to love the awards circuit and just about anything but those Star Wars rumors.

Profiles of you typically include references to your “dangerous” reputation …

There’s this myth, which is quite asinine, that circulates about me — usually by those who haven’t worked with me. There’s only one thing worse than being talked about and that’s not being talked about in this game so I’d rather it be that, I guess. But there are other people who I work with consistently who know that’s not the case — who just wouldn’t risk having somebody like that in their midst because there’s too much at stake. Obviously you’re going to rub people the wrong way … and I’ve been a dick. But then, who hasn’t?

Is that reputation helpful when you play dark characters as you do on Taboo?

Of course. And I play a lot of scary blokes, and there are probably a few reasons why. First, villains are much more interesting than hero leads, who are, for the most part, really boring. The thought of going into work day in and day out to play someone who is just mind-numbingly boring fills me with dread, so I don’t bother. Another part of it is when I was younger I remember being frightened a lot — of being small and skinny and vulnerable and feeling that I could have been preyed upon easily. So, everything that I play is what scared me.

I’ve heard you say that you’re not “an ambassador” in the way a Matt Damon or your pal Leonardo DiCaprio is. What does that mean?

There’s a certain etiquette that comes with a very well-trained public persona, and I’ll probably get better as I get older but there’s a lack of filter for me in conversation.

Which can be refreshing …

It can be but at the same time it also opens one up to attack. But then you create this persona and you got to f—ing live in it, man — and it’s better to be seen as fierce than it is to be seen as something else sometimes in this job because there’s an element of danger that is required to the work.

You sat out the PR circuit during Oscar season last year when you were a supporting actor nominee for The Revenant. Are you more willing to play the game now?

Where relevant, I guess. But work is king for me, so if anyone comes and says, “Listen, we need you to flounce about in a f—ing dinner jacket,” I’m like, “No, I’ve got a job to do, and I’ll stay all night to do it.” Then we can flounce around court and posture and say how wonderful each other are. But if the work is good and you did your best, that really should be the prize. Interestingly enough though, now that I have been part of a lot of teams that I really care about, I’m really excited to celebrate their success in that world. I guess I just don’t feel like I belong.

When was the last time in this business that you felt like you didn’t belong?

The Oscars. Someone once said to me, “You’re not prepared to f— politely — metaphorically speaking — and that’s what court is.” But I’m over here when you need me. I’m one of the people on the squad who can get shit done. But I’m really happy that my wife and I have a photograph of us at the 88th [Academy Awards]. I’m in a tuxedo, and she’s in this beautiful dress and she looks gorgeous, and it’s like, “Whoa, that’s actually a piece of history,” and I would never have thought of that happening.

You didn’t think you’d be there or you didn’t think you’d enjoy it?

Both. And it was a lot to take in and lots of nerves, and I was extremely grateful to have not had my name called out. When Mark Rylance won, I was like, “Yeah.”

Had you prepared a speech?

No. I didn’t expect to win and was really grateful that I didn’t because it would be really terrifying to have to speak. I’m not ready for that. I get very scared of being exposed. … You’re not a character [on that stage]. And a lot of people have a sophisticated persona but I don’t. I haven’t paid enough attention on that front.

Taboo is your first collaboration with your father, who comes from the world of advertising. What precipitated it?

My dad writes, too. I went to him and I said, “Dad, I have this idea. I’d really like to play this character who does this.” I pitched him the world and the tone and the character, and he was like, “Thanks, son, can you get out of my office? I’m working on a book.” (Laughs.) I was like, “OK, just so you know, that’s something I would really like to do.” And I left it at that. I kicked it around a bit with some other people, and then it died a natural death. Then about eight months later, he came through with a treatment. He’d been quietly chipping away on it, and his treatment was awesome. We pitched it to Steve Knight, who I had done Locke and some Peaky [Blinders] with, and he came onboard.

This was the first time you’ve worn multiple hats on a project. What did you learn about yourself?

It was like university for me because I’d never done a short film or anything like that. I never really finished school properly or got my degree or anything. What was nice was I was allowed to observe from a position of having a relative amount of experience from working with some amazing film directors and talents in my career. But learning to move between departments was different to being employed to participate in somebody else’s infrastructure. I learned that I actually feel very comfortable as part of that infrastructure and that there are parts of me that really do enjoy the benefit of being able to look behind the curtain at what the problem could be, whether it’s financial or logistical, and help find a solution. When you’re working on somebody else’s job, you’re not allowed behind the curtain so you just get fed a lot of bullshit. Which is cool because you don’t need to know necessarily — it’s not your business — but there is a part of me that goes, “But I could help and I really want to help.”

As soon as you wrapped, you went to work on Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk. How challenging was it to go back to wearing just one hat?

It was great but that’s because Chris is firing on all cylinders in every aspect. There’s a genuine feeling of security with him. He has his signature on absolutely everything and he is still open to best idea wins, which is a profoundly confident [place to be]. But I used to irritate other directors, I’m sure, before I had the opportunity to do Taboo because I had that drive to be a bit more than just an actor. Not just because I want more meat in a hamburger or I want to be heard; it’s that I really care about problem-solving. I can do the acting relatively easily at this point, so my energy is kind of, “Oh, how can we make it better? I want to help the team.” But the team just wants you to “shut up because the team needs to think.” (Laughs.) It’s like, “But I’m on the team! I want to help you think.” “Just f—ing shut up, OK.” So now I have that place where I can go.

Taboo is being billed as a limited series. Would you like to do more?

Yeah, there is a mythology to it so we can and I love being in production. I definitely want to continue down that road. I have no desire to be an auteur visionary director but I do love being part of the machinery and the infrastructure, as well as the writing and acting.

At this stage of your career, how are you choosing projects?

It’s always been first come, first serve, whatever is interesting, whenever I’ve got time.

Leo was the one who brought you The Revenant, yes?

Yeah, I read that [script] a bit and I was like, “It’s Davy Crockett. I ain’t feeling it.” (Laughs.)

That wasn’t an easy shoot …

Actually, it was a lot easier than Taboo. But I had no control on The Revenant whereas in Taboo I was responsible and accountable for so many different things.

Did you call up Alejandro Inarritu, Revenant’s director, after Taboo and say, “Now I get it”?

No. (Laughs.) I do get a lot of things now, but also I’m aware that there were certain things that I did get at the time — that there were things that I wasn’t privy to because of my position in the team that I could have probably helped with and instead I irritated people. But I was right to pursue going into production of my own. I have a place to go now. So yeah, I do feel sorry for producers now to a degree, but also I’ve created a monster in that now I know as well.

Final question: Rumor has it you’re going to be a Stormtrooper in the next Star Wars movie. True?

I don’t know if I can even say that. Where did you hear that?

The internet.

Ah, the internet is a glorious web of deceit and misinformation, isn’t it? (Laughs.)

So that’s misinformation?

It could be, couldn’t it?

The eight-part 19th century drama, in which Hardy stars as an adventurer, presumed to be long dead, who returns home after years away to find his recently deceased father has bequeathed him an unusual inheritance, premieres Jan. 10 on FX. It airs first on the BBC.

Summary: When he’s not off being a serious actor, Taron is a stay at home dad to two trouble making boys who take after him. He has an elaborate plan to cook you dinner for Mother’s Day, not expecting you have a surprise for him as well.

“Daddy, daddy can I help? Can I?” When his dad didn’t move fast enough, Aiden caught the tail of his shirt tugging as hard as he could, the action causing Taron to nearly lose his grip on the wine he was carrying. He had just finished setting the dining room table, your mother’s day dinner finally complete. Though he was slightly skeptical only fifty percent of it was edible.

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*Request: you’re clay and Gemmas daughter so everyone is super protective, and you and juice have been flirting for a while, then your kidnapped and they have to rescue you, and juice gets really upset and eventually says that he loves you.* Part 2

*Splash* “Wake up bitch.” A guy in a mask told you. Your whole body was in an extreme pain and you noticed on your side that you had stitches in. “What happened to my side?” You said to the men but no one responded back to you. “What the fuck happened to my side shit face?! You a deaf bitch or what?!” You said gazing at them. One of them came towards you a slapped the shit out of you that blood flew out your mouth. You wanted to cry but you were raised to not show weakness. You spit in his face, “You hit like a bitch you know that.” You said with a big smile on your face. “That really is Jax Teller little sister.” Another man sitting at the table said. “Aye, bring baby doll here. Her boyfriend is on the news.” The fourth man said. The man who slapped you got you up and sat you on the couch… “The young man that was in this horrific car crash is in and out of consciousness, although he is in bad condition he is not in critical care. While out of on consciousness he said that his girlfriend had been kidnapped and the kidnappers were the ones who shot him. Police say that they are investigating who could take this poor young lady and why.” The news lady said. “This couple was on there way to an event and someone drove them off the road and then took the girl. We are not sure if she has some enemies or anything we are just trying to work with her family to find the young woman and bring her home.” The cop said. “Yes, and we do hope that this young lady returns home safely. Back to you Steve.” The news lady said. “Well baby doll, if your dad gives us what we want, we will definitely return you.” The fourth guy said.

“We need to find who the hell has my little girl.” Clay said throwing the remote at the TV. “We called LaRoy, Marcus, and Lynn to see if any of them has heard anything but the streets are silent.” Tig said. “Well make some damn noise, my little girl is gone missing!” Gemma said starting to cry, Tara consoled her. Juice shook his head then walked to the back hall way. He fell to his knees and for the first time in a long time, he prayed to God. “Please bring her back. Bring her back please. That’s all I’ve ever asked you for. You know I love her, just please bring her back and I won’t do her wrong.” He said and got up. His anxiety was catching up to him in that moment and he started to cry a little. “You okay Juicy?” Chibs asked him. “I love her, and now she will never know how I feel if she doesn’t come back.” Juice said slowly to Chibs. “Ay, she’s coming back so you can cry and tell her when we find her.” Chibs said and Juice chuckled a little. “Lets go find ya lady, alright?” Chibs said putting his arm around Juice… They walked back in the room and Bobby walked into the house, “We need to go meet up Alvarez now.” “What’s up?” Jax said. “We got a lead.” Bobby said and all the men hurried outside.


You hadn’t slept since you had gotten knocked out. You couldn’t sleep because you felt unsafe. You were dirty and all fucked up, but you didn’t even want to get clean around these bastards because you didn’t what they were capable of. You had already been gone for two days now and you payed attention to everything the four men did. You saw that they weren’t heavily strapped but two of them were meth heads, which meant they were white boys. You couldn’t see there faces but one of them looked Hispanic from his body skin color of his arms but you never heard him talk. The two meth heads were dumb as fuck and the other two were quiet. You could tell who was in charge. Only one fed you and brung you to the restroom, the one that slapped the shit out of you, he was a very big dude so if you tried to run away he would most likely be the one to get me. You weren’t that dumb to try and run because you knew one of the dumb ass meth heads would’ve probably shot you by accident. You sat back and waited patiently, you had already looked at how you could escape so you, you had handcuffs on but Happy taught you how to get out of those. When you went to the restroom, you checked to see if you still knew how to get out of them and you did so that was one obstacle checked off your list.

“Here, let me put some alcohol on those bruises and stitches.” The guy you thought was Hispanic said. Once you heard him talk you knew he wasn’t, but his voice was very familiar. He raised up his long sleeves and you looked at his ink. and saw the prison tattoos for Aryan brother hood. You thought to yourself, “What the fuck did my dad do?” “Ouch.” You said as he nursed your wounds. “Damn, you got fucked up.” He said putting a band-aid on your stitches noticing the big bruise on your stomach. “Oh yeah? I wonder how the fuck I got that.” You said, because that was just a dumb ass thing to say. Before he could respond one of the meth head spoke up, “Look bitch, he’s being nice by even helping you.” He said charging me up and kicking me in the face. “The guy who was nursing me got up and pushes the meth head. “What the fuck you doing? That’s a woman not no damn animal!” He said punching the meth head. The meth head retrieved back to the couch like a dog that just got his ass beat. He sat back down and continue to nurse your wounds. Not a word was said after that.


“Whats up man” Alvarez said “Trying to get my kid back.” Clay said shaking his hand. “Check it man, word around town is that some white boys that just got out of ail took your little girl.” He said getting straight to the point. “For what? We don’t have any beef with anybody right now. Especially on the inside.” Bobby said confused. “Shit!” Clay said. “Do you know where they are?” Juice asked. “I got a few motel names but I also got a few apartment names so there will be some looking..” Alvarez said. “So fucking what? We need to find her now!” Jax said interrupting Alvarez but then his phone rang cutting him off. “Yeah?” Jax said full of anger. “Jax.” You said talking to your brother. “Y/N are you okay? Where are you? Who has you?” Jax said. “Jax, I’m fine. You need to give them whatever they ask for or they will kill me.” You said saying everything your kidnappers told you to say. “What the fuck do they want?!” Clay said getting on the phone. You cried to Clay, “Daddy!” The kidnapper immediately took the phone and said, “We want guns and 4 million dropped off at Echo Park the day after tomorrow at 2 in the afternoon and we will release your kid.” He said and then hung up.

“What they say?” Jax asked. “We need to find her or find 4 million with some guns.” Clay said. “Lets start with those addresses then.” Jax said hopping on his bike… “Well, we finally gone get our money.” One of the meth heads said. “Aye, you think I can ave a taste of this sweet baby doll?” The other meth head said touching your face and you kicked him in his face. “You little bitch!” He said raising his hand to you. “Hey! The both of you need to quit your shit! I swear if any of yall touch her. Ill kill you myself.” The big guy said. You just laid back down and got lost in your thoughts. You prayed that God would get you the fuck out of wherever the fuck you were at and from these dumbass men. You promised that you would never disobey your dad again if God got you out of the situation. You felt so damn stupid for not going to your parents house whenever they told you. Now your boyfriend could be dead and the man you really love will never see you again. Juice was on your mind heavy and all you did was just hope that you was on his mind also.

AN: It’s been a while, huh? You all know that school has got me on the ropes (Stucky reference, anyone?) But, I’m here now! And I am so happy to write again! *Gif is not mine, found on google. Please ignore any spelling errors! Xoxoxoxoxoxo :3

Pairing: Reader X Steve

Prompt: Could you do a one shot of the reader and Steve and she has powers where she can read everything about a person and when she reads Steve and the have a very fluffy talk leading to kissing and then…..Dirty Stuff LOL it doesn’t have to end like that I just thought it would be cute

Warnings: Implied sex, no actual smut

((Not sure exactly how ‘fluffy’ this will be, seeing as my mood at the moment (or the past two weeks, rather) is anything but fluffy. Maybe?))


“It’s Personal”

You were painfully aware of the fact that you weren't a part of the group yet, you were still a stranger.

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Dean Winchester Fluff- Call Me Mom, Call Me Dad

Prompt- your parents already love Dean and they’ve never met him. He knows this, but he’s still nervous. After meeting them, Dean has a break down and tells you something important

A/N- This was requested by @carolinaclouds :) It was a great idea, and I actually enjoyed reading it. But seriously, could you imagine bring home Jensen/Dean? God that would be - well, everything. {Credit to gif owner} [Request something] I hope you like it, darlin.

        6 months Earlier     

       “So are you ever going to tell us about this boyfriend of yours?” Your dad gave you a genuine smile from his plate. “Well, he’s amazing, really. He’s tall-” Your mom cut you off. “SOLD.” She said, completely serious “Anyway,” you shook your head at your mom, chuckling. “He’s a hunter like dad and I, and he’s got a lot of walls I’m breaking down, but he’s a good man.” You spoke certain of yourself. “Also very protective…” you spoke this more directed at your father, who always wanted you to be with a protective man. Continuing to talk about Dean, your parents admitted that they already liked him. From what you had described, anyway. 

    1 week Earlier

        You were sitting at the table with your parents, talking about a recent case while your mom sewed up a cut on your father’s arm. “When will you bring him around, Y/N? All this talk, we want to meet him..” Your dad’s tone was soft, and your mom nodded in agreement. “Next week?” you raised your eyebrows at them, waiting for a response. 


   Dean stood in front of you, grabbing his leather jacket. “You ready?” you were about to walk out the door. “..Yeah.” Dean said , walking behind you. “They love you, don’t worry about it.” You spoke, letting him walk in front of you instead. 

    Dean was driving normally, but the steering wheel was being choked. “Baby, they already love you.” You were trying to contain the laugh that threatened to spill from your lips. “You sure?” Dean was speaking rushed, as if you would lie to him. “100%” you spoke, setting your head on his shoulder, his body language automatically resting. 


   Walking into your parents house, you were engulfed by your mother and father, Dean’s hand still in yours, holding tightly. Your mother didn’t waste a second, looking at Dean and hugging him, “You can call me mom” she spoke, looking at him happily. She actually looks happy with him, thank god. You let your dad hug Dean, telling Dean to call him Dad. His body language went from stiff to soft right after that, the actual nerve racking part over. Because they already knew so much about Dean, they carried regular conversation. 

   “How did the last case go? Y/N said it went pretty well.” Your dad was looking at Dean, seeming pleased. “I’d say it went really well.” Dean turned to you, giving you a wink. The case itself went well, but the sex after, that was the best part. The two men laughed at each others jokes, your mom occasionally asking a few questions you hadn’t gone over quite yet. 

     Talking cars, your dad looked up, “You have a ‘67?” he asked, excitement in his eyes. “She’s a beauty.” Dean spoke, a half smile on his lips. Getting up, they both walked out to look at Baby. 

    “Does he look that good naked?” your mom asked, being completely serious. You glared a little, looking at her. “Obviously” you said, laughing at yourself. 


      The drive back to the bunker was tense less, Dean wasn’t at all worried anymore. “So” you spoke, about 10 minutes into the drive. “I told you they loved you” you smiled at your boyfriend, kissing his jaw. “My dad would’ve loved you.” Dean spoke lowly, turning to give you a quick kiss. He had never said that before but once when he woke up from a nightmare. 

      While you were laying on the bed in your shared room waiting for Dean to come out of the shower, you were thinking about what he said. If he thinks his dad would’ve loved you, then he’s obviously in love with you? Right? You mean, that’s a lot for Dean to think. But that seemed far fetched. When Dean interrupted your thoughts by coming into the room in just sweats, you looked him over. “Come here.” you said, your arms out for him. Walking over, Dean climbed on top of you, laying between your legs. Not in a sexual way, but in a needing way. Dean’s arms were tight around your waist, and you worried he was upset.

   “Baby, what’s wrong?” you asked, running your fingers through his hair. “He would’ve loved you so much, Y/N” Dean’s voice cracked, as your heart did for him. “Hell, Mom probably would’ve loved you too.” with that, you wiped away a tear that escaped and Dean’s arms tightened. “Dean…” you spoke, pulling his head up from resting on your chest to kiss his lips. “I love you and I mean it” Dean spoke through tears and clenched teeth. “I know,” you kissed him again, softly but passionate. “I love you too.” You spoke into the kiss, your lips brushing his, his smile ear to ear.