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This Ain’t Over (Part 1)

Daryl Dixon x Reader

Summary: This fic takes place in Alexandria, right around the beginning of season 6. Reader and Daryl have a close relationship since she joined the group at the prison. The reader still has nightmares about the things she’s seen, and Daryl takes it upon himself to insure she has a good night’s sleep.

A/N: This is my first fic, sorry if Daryl is a little OOC. I’m still working out the kinks, thanks for reading.

Words: 2,699

You have been with Rick’s group since the prison. Maggie and Glenn found you one day on a run, huddled in the corner of a closet hiding from some walkers. They allowed you to come back with them to the prison, probably had to do with the fact that you were alone. All alone.

You had a group when it all began, your sister amongst the people that you tried to survive with. Your group was weak and lacked any kind of leadership, a deadly combination. It wasn’t long before they were all picked off by walkers one by one, leaving you all alone. 

When you joined Rick’s group, you had a hard time opening up and connecting with people. You were afraid that in the end you’d just be watching them all die, just as you had your other group. You listened to Lori’s worries about Carl and her unborn baby, Beth question if fighting was even worth it anymore, you saw your family members die in front of you. However, there was one man that caught your eye. He believed wholeheartedly that you would all make it, and his harsh words masked the way he truly felt about his family. But you saw the kindess he possessed, you saw past his hard shell. 

Alexandria seemed like the perfect opportunity for you all to catch your breath and begin a life that you didn’t believe was possible anymore. You were all trying your best, but you couldn’t help but fear that you were all just delaying your inevitable deaths.

You shared a house with Carol and Daryl. Part of you always felt like a third wheel, but as time went on you realized the two did not have romantic feelings for one another. You cursed yourself for secretly being happy for that fact, not that you believed he would ever have these feelings for you.

You awoke that night to the sound of screaming, ear-piercing screams. It didn’t take long before you realized that the screaming was yours. 

“What happened?” Carol came rushing in. You tried not to take notice to the way she clutched her knife in her belt. A scream from a nightmare was a normal occurrence in the old world, but now any scream in the middle of the night meant the worst.

“It was- I just had a bad dream,” you tried to shake off your nerves as Carol sat down beside you on your bed and rubbed your arm comfortingly.

You heard a pair of feet rush up the stairs.

“Y/N!” Daryl came running down the hall. He was the man of the house, and he took total responsibility for whatever occurred under his supervision. You felt terrible for waking him up in the middle of the night and seeing that terrified look on his face.

“I’m okay, I’m sorry,” you sighed apologetically. You saw Daryl pace back and forth outside your room. He was running his hands through his hair, sweat dripping down his face. You couldn’t understand why he was so distraught, surely you didn’t mean that much to him.

Carol rubbed your back as you watched Daryl stand outside your room, showing no apparent signs of leaving.

“Is Daryl mad at me?” you asked. You couldn’t be sure, you knew he hated to be woken up out of his sleep. Not to mention the fact that for all he knew walkers could have invaded Alexandria, or worse, people with ill intentions. It was the worst kind of false alarm.

“Of course not, honey. He was just worried,” she smiled softly as Daryl walked into your room. She took that as her cue to leave and walked back to her room.

He avoided your gaze as he slumped down the wall, taking a seat on the floor. “Ya okay?”

“Yes, I’m sorry I just…” You didn’t like being this vulnerable in front of Daryl. He was always so strong, showing little emotion. You wanted to be strong like him, not let your fear hold you back from showing him how you truly felt about him. 

“S’okay, you can go back to sleep,” he tilted his head back against the wall, finally meeting your eyes. He wasn’t leaving. He needed to make sure you felt safe, he wanted to protect you from all the things that burned you so badly in this cruel world. But he would never tell you that, no, he knew you wouldn’t feel the same.

“You don’t have to stay, I’ll be fine,” you bit your lip. The idea of him spending the night in your room, regardless of the fact that he was just sitting on the floor, only heightened your nerves. 

“But would you feel safer if I was here?”

You knew there was no use arguing with him. He would protect his own to the death, even if that meant protecting you from nightmares. You admired his kindness, and the way the candlelight in your room bounced off his face.

He watched as you fell asleep, watched the rise and fall of your chest. He hated that these nightmares still consumed you. They were bad that first week at the prison, but he thought you had grown comfortable around everyone…around him.

You woke as Daryl quietly exited your room, preparing himself for gate duty with Rick. He rubbed roughly at his neck, he slept awfully against that wall. But for him, knowing that you got a good night’s rest was good enough. He felt these things for you, though he wished he didn’t. Part of him knew he wasn’t good enough, knew you would never feel the same.

“Rough night?” Rick grinned, keeping one eye on the small group of walkers that approached the fence. 

“Spent the night with Y/N,” he groaned, twisting his torso in one direction to crack his back. It was worth it, he knew it. But right now his shoulders were hurting something awful.

“That so?” Rick’s eyes took a playful turn as the smirk grew on his lips. He knew the two of you had feelings for one another, though he knew neither of you would make the first move. It was almost comical to him that you were both so blind to each other’s affections.

“Not like ya think,” Daryl glared at his friend, a red tint covering his cheeks. He hated the fact that he began to think about spending the night with you, just the two of you in bed. Surely that would never happen, but a guy could dream.

You spent the day with Carol taking inventory in the pantry. You wished that you could be of more help in Alexandria, maybe go on runs like Tara or go recruiting like Daryl or protecting the gates like Rosita. But Daryl would never let you leave the gates. There were so many close calls between the prison and Terminus, and now that you were safe behind the walls of Alexandria he wanted to keep you that way.

“Daryl stay all night?” Carol asked.

You nodded, smilling like an idiot. Just the thought of him being so comforting to you made you gush.

“He really cares about you,” she smiled. Daryl and Carol have been close since the beginning. He let slip his feelings for you on a few occasions to her, quickly trying to back track. She was just waiting for the two of you to admit your feelings for each other. And after last night, she thought you were both close.

“I care about him,” you blushed. You did, you really did.

You and Carol spent the rest of the night cooking and serving dinner to everyone in Alexandria. It was one of the things you loved doing, pickings were so slim when you were all in the prison. It was nice to be able to give everyone a fair helping. You knew it raised spirits.

“I’m going to head back now,” you said your goodbyes to Carol. You knew that Daryl and Rick had a run in the morning, and you didn’t want to wake Daryl up by entering your home at a late hour.

You quietly opened the door and headed up the stairs to your room. You walked into your dark room and peeled off your tank top and jeans, leaving you in just your bra and panties.

“‘Should probably stop there,” you heard a voice from the other side of your room. 

You gasped, jumping nearly ten feet into the air. “Daryl! What are you doing here?” you jumped into bed, pulling the covers up over you.

“Thought ya might need some company again,” he shrugged. His fair fell down over his face as he looked down at his feet.

“I’m fine, Daryl, really. You should get some sleep, you have a run tomorrow.”

“Can’t have ya wakin’ up the whole fuckin’ town again,” he grinned. He tried not to concentrate too much on the fact that you had just unknowingly stripped right in front of him. He couldn’t deny the fire he felt.

You smiled, you knew there was no convincing him otherwise. He was always so stuck in his ways. “You can leave after I fall asleep,” you mumbled, already closing your eyes.

He watched you sleep, your soft features finally looking relaxed. You had too many troubles for a young girl. He wished to god that you could have all those things you deserved, but in a world like this, you were lucky to make it through the day.

“Daryl?” you whispered. It was some time in the middle of the night you figured, right before the sun would rise. You could still see him leaning against the wall in the moonlight.

“Go back to sleep,” he mumbled. You could tell he was getting tired. Not only would it be dumb, but it would be dangerous to go out on a run without a decent night’s sleep.

“At least come lay down,” you turned to face him. He would have thought you were just talking in your sleep had you not lifted the covers up for him. What surprised him even more was that he felt himself stand up and walk over to your bed.

Daryl shimmied under your covers, your hot skin briefly rubbing up against his own. He tried to talk himself out of the aching that he was feeling for you, that you were simply just wanting him to not be uncomfortable on the floor.

He tossed and turned all night, not being able to fall asleep with your perfect body just inches away from his. Just out of reach. 

“Daryl?” He heard your voice in a soft whisper, clearly sleep-ridden. He didn’t even have time to respond before he felt your left leg swing across his waist, you pulling yourself close to his chest.

He froze. Surely you were sleeping, but he still didn’t know what to do. Did he nudge you away? He didn’t want to. He loved the soft touch of your skin. The heat radiating from it.

You awoke the next morning in a daze. You felt something stiff beneath you, and smelled the familiar menthol scent you had grown so accustomed to.

“Shit,” you silently cussed yourself. There you were, half-naked, slung over Daryl’s waist. You decided to ignore the fact that he had a death grip on your waist.

You silently climbed out of bed, careful not to wake Daryl. You wasted no time running to the shower, praying to god he was just as knocked out as you were last night. You tried to ignore how good his big hands felt so heavy against your hips.

“Hello?” you heard someone enter the bathroom from behind the shower curtain. You figured Carol was just grabbing something. You heard the sink water running. “Carol?”

“Just brushin’ ma teeth,” Daryl mumbled with a mouth full of toothpaste. You blushed at the sound of his voice so close to you. “Ya know,” you heard him spit out the toothpaste, “you sure do move around a lot in your sleep.”

“Fuck,” you mumbled under your breath. You stayed silent, your heart racing and your cheeks burning. You hadn’t meant to sleep so close to him, but you sure didn’t mind.

“Woke up to ya all over me,” he chuckled. His playful tone surprised you. You two joked around a lot, but he was never so forward when it came to a more intimate relationship between the two of you.

You didn’t speak, you weren’t sure what to say. But from the other side of the curtain, you could tell that he wasn’t leaving until you gave him an answer. “Can you hand me a towel?”

A moment later Daryl’s hand appeared on your side of the curtain, it outstretching a towel to you. You quickly wrapped it around you, pulling the curtain back and stepping out of the shower.

Daryl sucked his bottom lip in between his teeth at the sight of you. He couldn’t help it as his gaze lingered up and down your body. His eyes finally met yours, taking notice to the blush that was painted on your cheeks. It took everything in him not to just take you right there.

The small bathroom suddenly seemed much smaller. You had to slide past Daryl to get to the door, but the proximity between you and him and the steam from the shower was making your head spin.

“Excuse me,” you made your move towards the door, your back against Daryl. Suddenly, without warning, you felt Daryl’s calloused fingers rub gently down your back. You froze, both confused and enjoying his touch. His index finger traced along your neck, his hot breath fanning out over your ear.

You peered over your shoulder at him, mouth slightly parted, a look of lust unmistakable in your eyes. You wanted this for so long, and he was so close.

Daryl smirked, enjoying watching you hanging on his every move. He had you right where he wanted you. He gave you one last gentle touch and exited the bathroom without a word, leaving you rubbing your thighs together with want.

You dressed and went downstairs to make breakfast before Carol woke up, she needed a break. On a typical morning Carol would make breakfast for you and Daryl. However, this morning she was sleeping and to both your dismay and satisfaction Daryl was leaning up against the kitchen counter.

“Daryl,” you strutted over to the cabinet to grab a frying pan.

“Y/N,” his eyes followed you.

You gasped slightly as you turned around to find Daryl standing right in front of you, his thighs brushing up against yours. He leaned in slowly to you, eyes burning holes into yours. You didn’t know if you should close your eyes or wait for him to kiss you first. But at the last second he reached behind you in the cabinet to get a cup. You could tell by the smirk on his face that he was loving teasing you. But if teasing was what he wanted, teasing is what he would get.

Daryl resumed his position next to the counter, leaning against it and watching you as you approached.

“Excuse me,” you smiled sweetly and opened the drawer under the counter. You quickly bent down in front of Daryl, your ass pushing harshly into his crotch.

A sharp hiss elicited from him, his hands immediately pulling your hips into his.

“That’s it,” he snapped, turning you around and shoving your back against the kitchen table. His knee slipped between your legs, pinning your body against his. You moaned quietly as you felt him growing hard against you.

His lips were centimeters away from yours, neither of you knowing which one was going to make the first move.

“Daryl?” You heard your front door open and Rick’s voice.

“Fuck,” Daryl pulled away from you, adjusting his pants as Rick walked into the kitchen.

“You ready for the run?”

“Comin’,” Daryl nodded at him.

As the two walked out of the kitchen Daryl looked over his shoulder and gave you a grin. “Don’t think this is over.”

Ten staples that every woman needs in her closet

1. A vast empty hooded cape that you can control with the power of your mind, sending it forth from you to terrify and amaze.

2. A dress that can be whipped off by a bare-chested dancer to reveal another, more sparkly dress underneath, for those occasions when you accidentally find yourself in the Eurovision Song Contest.

3. A formal grappling-hook, for arriving at all the best parties. Make sure to have yours personalised, so that you do not arrive at the party via the same grappling hook as another attendee.

4. A khaki tank top. That is, just the swivelly bit with the gun on. The caterpillar tracks bit is probably too big for a closet but can be stored in a shed or garage until it is needed.

5. A leather jacket tanned from the tattooed hide of the last bull to cross you, as a reminder to other bulls that you will be crossing this field now, thank you very much.

6. Pumps. You will thank me for this recommendation when your boat starts to fill with water. Using buckets to bail is just tedious and may require more crew members than are left after the mutiny.

7. Pencil skirt. Never forget, wear with the pencils facing outwards. Inwards is super-uncomfortable and much less helpful in getting personal space on metro systems.

8. A dragon-proof cardigan.

9. Trousers that can be worn by a horse, in case you should meet a horse that wants trousers or that curse ever comes to fruition.

10. A good book with a light attached, so that on bad days you can just get into the closet and read without having to bother about all that clothes stuff. Make sure not to sit on the pencil skirt.

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Yeah, you know how Viktor hates Yuuri's baby blue tie? What if Yuuri starts to wear the tie everyday that makes Viktor annoyed, only to find out that Yuuri has a collection of it then suddenly, "NOOOOO!!!!" he screamed dramatically that even rivaled Georgi and then Yuuri stirred up awake and ask, "What;s wrong?" and Viktor was panting heavily and even sweating and everything was just a dream... oh but the evil tie (in Viktor's POV) is just hiding in the deepest part of Yuuri's closet.

yuuri’s tie, probably:

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actually jason anything with headcanons, spoil me please

headcanons ahoy!

  • jason’s just a tad taller than bruce and i would actually fight DC artists for that, i would fight anyone. line up if you disagree and PUT EM UP
  • city boy through and through - he can’t fall asleep without the sound of car horns going off and a few people screaming “FUCK YOU” in the street, the sound is home to him
  • has the drawing skills of a walnut and is secretly frustrated by it
  • if you don’t answer the phone immediately when he’s trying to get a hold of you, he’s going to call over and over again until you finally respond
  • definitely participated in illegal street racing with one of bruce’s fancy cars as a kid. he was also convinced that bruce had no right to be mad, because he won
  • pack rat. when you grow up with nothing, you want to keep everything you can get a hold of, so he’s got stuff tucked into places he didn’t even know existed
  • was really excited to go to prom, and then he died before he could
  • hung over balconies during galas to shoot spitballs at gotham’s elite, also probably tied the ends of two ladies’ dresses together while hiding under the table. jason, to this day, is under the impression that bruce didn’t know he did this. his impression is false and actually bruce was trying to hide behind a plant so jason didn’t see him laughing
  • since his resurrection, he’s claustrophobic. closets are basically just large coffins if you think about it
  • his voice is really loud. it’s just naturally loud, like he’ll be trying to speak in a normal conversation, and it could carry across a football field. he never realizes that he’s basically screaming all the time. it’s even worse in the helmet, because the helmet does weird things to your ability to hear
  • would talk you into a bar crawl and then only pretend to drink so he can get hilarious videos of you while drunk. he always has some form of blackmail on you. it makes him feel secure
Snapchat Mishap{Part 3}

 { Warnings : S M U T & NSWF GIFS ;) } I hope you guys like it, feeback & ideas are  always wanted!

{ Part One }  { Part Two } { Master List }


   It’s girls night &  you just came clean to Wanda & Natasha about the game with Bucky. Natasha just smirks, but Wanda is not pleased with the fact you waited this long to tell them. Questions begin shooting from her, no space In between for you to even answer her. When she finally finishes, she’s out of breath, and giving you a  'well I’m waiting bitch ‘ look. You answer them all, telling them how it started with an accidental snap, about the snaps since then and about the other morning in the kitchen before Steve and Sam showed up.

  It’s been three days since that happened, and the snaps have increased between to two of you. While you drink with the girls, the boys are having their own night, which usually includes beer & poker . Girls night is so much better; you have booze, face masks, pizza & movies. Tonight though Nat suggest something new,

  ” what do you guys think about crashing the boys poker game?“

” I thought the point of girls night was to ignore the guys!“ You groan .

” yeah yeah , but how funny would it be to kick their asses at poker ! Plus it could be a good chance to play with Bucky a little y/n, I heard Thor sent them some as guardian mead… you could win this thing tonight .“ Shit, she’s so right.

” I don’t think it’s fair if I do it when he’s drunk natty.“

” but your drunk too!“ Wanda cheers. Well she’s not wrong .Nats secret stash of vodka was strong as hell, barely 45 minutes in you& wanda were about to cross the border from tipsy to drunk. Time for some fun .

  When you step off the elevator on to Tony’s floor, you hear the boys voices echoing through the halls . All eyes turn to you and the girls when you appear in the doorway

” got room for three more guys?“ Nat asks with a smirk .

” did girls night get too boring for you ladies?“ Tony asks as he pulls three more chairs to the poker table

  ” we can only experiment with each other so much Tony.“ You tease with a wink. You pick the seat next to Bucky, sending him a quick smirk before turning away .

  You suck at poker , absolutely suck . But you don’t feel too bad, wanda is just as bad. You both opt out of playing after a while and just watch Natasha kick the guys asses. You notice the guys drinks are getting low & the bowl of chips is nearly empty so you decide to busy yourself .

  ” I’m going to refill everything , I’ll be back.“ You grab the empties and and head down the hall to Tony’s kitchen . You place the bottles on the counter, as you go to turn and grab the liquor bottle you feel two familiar hands on your waist . Game time .

  ” need help doll?“ Buckys voice was rougher than usual , making you shiver at the sound .

” sure Barnes .“ He Hunms in response, he doesn’t move though, his hands tighten on your waist instead .

” buck what are you-“

” these shorts look amazing on you doll.“ He whispers into your ear . Between the vodka and his voice you’re turning into a puddle too fast. When you don’t answer his hands crawl from your hip to the front of your pants, popping the button open and sliding under them. His hands just rest for a minute over the front of your panties , before moving even farther down until they are over your clit. His finger start slowly pressing against you, the friction from your lace panties causing you to squirm . ” what’s the matter doll ? Don’t you like this?“ 

He nips at your ear, resulting in your head falling back against his shoulder . His lips trail down to your neck, placing kisses in the crook of your neck .

” James -“ he placed more pressure on you clit , now starting to run fast circles against you.

” say it again y/n" oh no, you’re not getting the upper hand here barnes . You remove his hands from your shorts, then spin around and grab onto his shirt. You flip your positon, pressing him against the counter now . Your eyes don’t leave his as your hands play with the bottom of his black V neck. You run your hands underneath, and find the band of his boxers . 

You slip your fingers under the band and move them across is waist . Buckys breath hitches and you hear it, sending him a quick wink. You stop above his growing bulge, and go to slide your hand but he stops you. Your position is changed again and your back against the counter . You both stare at each other , lips parted as you breathing quickens. His tongue darts out to lick at his lips and you lose it, you need to feel his lips on yours . You fist your hands in his shirt and tug him to you, but before you lips can touch you stop. You know once you kiss him, you might not be able to stop yourself ; and you aren’t about to lose . Not tonight .

  “ everyone’s waiting for us .” Is all you say as you duck out of his grip. You grab the bottle of booze from the other side of the counter and go back to what you initially came here to do.

“ you’re driving me crazy doll .”

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“ that’s the idea sweetheart.” You hand him the bowl of chips and grab the tray of drink and head back to your friends .

   Poker doesn’t last much longer , Natasha’s winning streak finally made the guys quit . By now you’re all drunk , but not completely trashed .

“ let’s play hide and seek!” Wanda says through her giggles . Surprisingly everyone agrees, tony has Friday randomly select someone to be It first , and lock the floors that aren’t part of the playing field . So far the only floors to use for hiding are Tony’s, the communal level & the party room level. FRIDAY selects Sam To count first, and after 5 minutes of him bitching he finally begins counting . You all dart out of Tony’s living room to hide . You know how sam thinks , he’ll probably assume no one would be obvious enough to hide on Tony’s floor( since that’s where he’s counting) but you do . You go to hide in Tony’s massive closet , but find it already taken.

“ well hey there doll face.” Of fucking course he’s here. You hear Sam call the last number and fling yourself into the closet . The door shuts quietly behind you leaving you in th dark with Barnes . He manages to find you , startling you when he tugs you against him.

“ mmm doll, I haven’t stopped thinking of you all night .”

  “I don’t think now is the time for-” your words turn into a gasp when you feel your shorts being popped open . Buckys metal hand slide under your panties, going right to your core. “ fuck y/n , you’re drenched ! Is this all for me? ” his fingers roll your clit , making you whimper . 

“ god you smell good Angel. ” his fingers dip into your pussy, making you arch your back.

“ fuck.” You whimper , his fingers pick up speed , plunging into you at a harsh pace. His thumb presses against your clit and you feel the coil in you tightening .

“ are you going to cum for me doll? ” he asks, his lips hovering over yours now . Fuck it . You lean up , pressing your lips to his . His lips are soft and warm against yours , he doesn’t waste time and coaxes your lips open for him to slide his tongue against yours .

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His finger are fucking into you , and you know you only have a few seconds before you finish. Using all the self control you can muster up in this moment, You tug his hand out of your pants. You guide them to your mouth, and proceed in sucking your wetness off then. Bucky moans at the feeling ,

“ I’m not ready to lose just yet James .” You purr

“ oh for fucks sake Y/n.” He breathes out . Before he can kiss you again the door whips open , revealing a smirking Natasha .

“ I didn’t know we were playing 7 minutes in heaven guys.”

  “ where’s Sam?” You ask

  “ him and Tony got into an argument so they quit. But on the bright side , you two are the last ones to be found!” You roll your eyes and exit the closet , buttoning your pants as you do . You hear Natasha giggle behind you and Bucky grunt . This fucking sucks .

  Everyone says their goodnights and goes to their rooms, but before you leave Bucky grabs onto your wrist , “ I’m not done with you just yet gorgeous.”

 He drags you to his room , slamming the door shut behind him . His lips are on yours a second later , his tongue slipping in & swirling around yours . Your head is spinning at the feeling, and you barely register falling onto his bed . His lips are only off yours for a few seconds before he reattaches them in a desperate kiss. You weave your hands in his hair, tugging it hard and making him moan into your mouth. His lips migrate from your lips to your neck , then stop when they get to your shirt . He sends you a wicked smile before moving down your body until he’s level with your pussy. He spreads your legs , and tugs your shorts off . You’re positive there’s a wet patch on your panties , but you’re too flustered to be embarrassed. Bucky nuzzles his nose into your heat making you whimper .

“ fuck doll. I just want to taste you.” You buck your hips towards his face , making him chuckle . He moves down , mouthing over your covered cunt . You can feel his tongue against you and you have to fight not to beg him to just fuck you . He wraps his arms under your thighs and drags you to the end of the bed, kneeling on the floor in front of you

 " just say the words doll,please.“ He begs .

 Neither of you are ready to lose , you’re not ready To give him that satisfaction .

” I don’t think so Barnes.“ He moves away , locking his eyes with yours . Fuck , I can’t do this . The anticipation is killing you , mixed with the sexual frustration you feel like every inch of your skin is on fire . You sigh, deciding on your next step. You roll off the bed , and shed all your clothes . You lay down on his bed like you where before , on the edge of the bed . Buckys eyes go straight to your bare, dripping pussy.

  ” holy shit.“ He breathes out , ” thank god .“ He goes to strip but you giggle & stop him

” oh no sweetheart , this isn’t me caving .“ His eyebrow raises in question , but quickly drops when he sees your hand go to your core.

  One hand plays with you clit , rubbing circles while the other hand roams up your body , stopping when it gets to your nipple. You tug on your nipple, moving to slide two to tour fingers into yourself . You whimper at the feeling , moving your fingers faster and faster . Bucky is moaning, leaning forward and watching your every move .

” James “ you moan , he lets out a whimper at the sound.

” Say the words and you can have this Bucky. You can be fucking into me , over and over -“ You thrust particularly hard, making your words fall into a whimper as you tumble into your orgasm . His name repeatedly falls from your lips as you do, Bucky panting the entire time as he watches . He’s rutting himself against the bed as he watches , which is hotter than you’d like to admit . You finally pull your fingers out , and you can feel yourself spilling onto the bed . You hold your fingers out to him , he moves forward in a blur , sucking Your fingers into his mouth with a moan.

” you taste even better than I dreamed .“ He leans in closer , flattening his tongue and licking from your pussy to your clit , a loud moan ripping through you .

” what are you-“

” just cleaning you up sweetheart.“ Fucker.

 When he stands you see a wet patch on the front of his pants . ” looks like I’m not the only messy one .“ You giggle , getting up on you knees on his bed . Your hands fly to his pants , undoing them and pushing them down his legs along with his boxers . His tip is still slightly leaking and he looks painfully hard still . Must be the serum. You slide off the bed to your knees, then without a warning take his tip into your mouth, sucking at it while flicking your tongue against it in your mouth .

  ” ohhh- stop stop , I can’t -“ you fee him tense up, and you know he’s about to release again. So you let go with a wet pop, sending him a smile before standing . You grab your clothes off the floor , and his discarded v neck. You slip into your panties and his shirt .

  ” where are you going ?“ He asks . You give him a quick kiss ,

” it’s late , I’m going to bed duh.“

” you could stay .“ His words catch you off guard , he wants me to stay? His hand gently grabs onto yours , turning you so you face him again . His hands are cupping your cheeks now , his lips landing on yours in a sweet kiss. This kiss is different from the other ones, it’s not rushed or dirty . It’s sweet , slow and addicting . When you part you open your eyes and see a glimmer of something unfamiliar in his eyes .

  ” okay, I’ll stay.“

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pleeeeease tell me there's a story about nate and aj? ❤️❤️❤️

WELL ANONS (from this fic):

Andrew Joseph Minyard doesn’t know a thing about Nathaniel Wesninski until he’s sent to kill him.

That’s perhaps more unusual than one would suspect, knowing Andrew. His general disinterest is well known, but he has a personal stake in knowing the movers and shakers of the magical families on the East Coast.

Know your enemies, and all that. Andrew didn’t used to have those, until he met Kevin Day and finally picked a side that wasn’t himself and his best interests. Now he kills people for righteousness, or what the fuck ever.

“The Wesninskis have a new leader,” Wymack tells them, hands folded on his desk like this is very serious news. “It’s Nathan’s kid, apparently. He’s cleaned house. Or it might be more accurate to say that he wiped the old circle off of the map entirely.”

Like he always does, Kevin goes pale at the mention of one of those families. Wymack flicks him a glance before continuing, “It’s not immediately clear where he stands on the old family alliances, but it makes sense for us to move now while he’s unsettled.”

Andrew can see where this is going already. “I didn’t realise we were killing off children now.”

Wymack shoots him a level look. “He’s twenty-two. Barely younger than you.”

“Well, I suppose that’s alright then,” Andrew replies agreeably. “When do I leave?”

“Hold on. Didn’t he kill his own father?” Nicky cuts in. “Shouldn’t that require a little more investigation than ‘when do I leave’?”

Dan waves a hand. “He’s a mage. Killer or not, he won’t be able to protect himself against non-magical weapons.”

“Don’t worry Nicky. I don’t like to be too well prepared,” Andrew says. It’s not meant to be soothing.

That’s how he ends up crawling through an upper-storey window of the Wesninski mansion, cursing mages and rusted locks. The house is probably warded - Andrew couldn’t say. To him it’s just like breaking into any other house.

What he does notice is the complete emptiness of the building. While mages don’t often have non-magical defence - and Andrew would be a lot less successful if they invested in some attack dogs, or even burglar alarms - they do generally at least have people. But every room he passes - soundlessly, of course - has its door flung wide open to display its total emptiness.

Every instinct he has is screaming. For a moment, he wonders if Wesninski has cleared out of the house entirely. But, despite the limited information for this trip, Andrew knows Wymack wouldn’t send him on a wild goose chase. The mage is here.

He creeps down the stairs, sticking close to the wall. It’s a broad staircase, gaudy even in the near-darkness. Apparently the elder Wesninski had more money than taste.

The lounge is no more elegant, and still empty of people. Beyond it, though, light falls from the doorway. Andrew creeps towards it, palming one of his knives.

Apparently, all his quiet was wasted. The person through the door is waiting for him - and this, having met Nathan, is definitely his son.

Twenty-two he may be, but Wesninski looks like a kid. With his fair falling into his face as he slouches against the kitchen island, he looks nothing like someone who could have killed Nathan and the entire rest of his circle in one fell swoop. Any tracery of magic in him isn’t detectable to Andrew though - for all he knows, the air could be singing with it.

The only giveaway that this man isn’t as normal as Andrew is the curling tattoo emerging over the collar of his t-shirt. It’s a mage-mark, and it’s large. Even Kevin, the most powerful of the Foxes in terms of sheer strength, doesn’t have one that extends so far across his skin.

“You’re AJ Minyard,” Wesninski says. He looks excited about that. Andrew didn’t realise he was a groupie. It’s the danger of being a contract killer - being known by your signature. Andrew is Andrew, except when he’s AJ and earning his keep in blood.

“Usually, your kind is throwing spells by now,” he replies blandly. Not that it ever helps them.

“That would be a waste of time, though. Wouldn’t it?” Wesninski says. “You’re immune.”

Well then. “You’re smarter than you look,” Andrew informs him. 

“It doesn’t take a genius to figure out why you’re so successful,” Wesninski shrugs. “I need to send a message to Kevin.”

Wesninski isn’t following the script. Andrew glances at his watch - usually they’d have gotten past the initial failed attempt to blast Andrew off of the face of the earth with magic and moved onto either running - unusual, mages didn’t like to run - or begging. “Do I look like a messenger to you?”

That earns a thin smile. “Oh, I’m sorry. Is that demeaning?”

“If you think I’m here for that, then you’re confused,” Andrew says. 

Wesninski throws his arms wide. “Well, go ahead then. You know I can’t fight you. And it’s not like I can run.”

Fuck’s sake, Andrew didn’t come here for a conversation. Still, though - he throws a glance at Wesninski’s legs. “Too lazy for it?”

“Not exactly. I know you probably don’t care for magical theory, so the short explanation is that right now I can’t leave this house. Hence wanting to speak with Kevin. The best I could do is hide in a closet, and I can’t imagine that would deter you.”

“As sob-stories go, you might want to try ‘but I have children and a wife’,” Andrew advises. 

“As if that would help me.” Wesninski rolls his eyes. “That’s fine. I wasn’t expecting you to help me for free. I’ll give you something you want in exchange.”

Andrew really should have just killed him instead of saying a word. Corpses are so much less trouble. He raises an eyebrow to signal that his patience is wearing thin.

“If you want a chance at getting anywhere near Riko Moriyama, you’ll help me,” Wesninski says.

That’s an interesting offer. “What makes you think I care about that?”

“Do you think it isn’t common knowledge in the upper circles about what happened between him and Kevin?” Wesninski says. “Plus you’ve been working your way through all the high blood families over the last year. I figured a Moriyama must be right up there on your wish list. Particularly that one.”

He isn’t wrong. “I’m not here to make a deal with you.”

“Are you sure about that?” That smile again. It’s really a wonder someone so irritating hasn’t been killed already. “I have access to the Moriyamas now, whether they like it or not. I think you’d like to make use of that. Better move fast, though - you aren’t the only one who wants to kill me.”

Riko would already be dead if he were easier to get to. And Nathaniel now has his father’s seat on the council, even if he killed for it - succession is muddy  and ugly amongst mages at the best of times. He’d hardly be the first to do it that way. 

He’s right. Andrew could use that. Getting into Castle Evermore is difficult, and Nathaniel has a free pass through the front gates. If he could smuggle Andrew inside…if he were willing to do so…

“What’s in it for you?” Andrew asks.

“What, you mean besides you not murdering me tonight and me getting out of this fucking house?” So sardonic. “I don’t like the Moriyamas any more than you do, Wesninski blood or no. I don’t care if I die, as long as Riko goes first.”

It seems their interests all line up. Andrew can deal with Riko at last, and might even get a shot at the other Moriyamas in the process. He smiles a little bit, feeling his face cracking.

“Well, Nathaniel. Looks like you might be useful to me after all.”

Wesninski makes a face. “I go by ‘Nate’.”

“I really don’t care,” Andrew tells him. “I would say ‘wait here’, but I suppose that’s irrelevant, isn’t it? I’ll come to you.”

The with a message or a knife is unspoken but clearly implied. Nathaniel - Nate - smiles thinly.

“Better hurry,” he says. “Offer ends if I’m dead.”

Mischief Managed - Archie Andrews Imagine (Riverdale)

Originally posted by ferrisbueller

Warnings: Slight seduction, more flirting and playful than anything :P 

Request: @nouxtani: hi! I noticed your ask box wasn’t open so, can I request 2 & 7 with archie please x 

2. “Please, put some pants on, you’re embarrassing me.” 

7. “Honestly, if you wanted sex this bad you could’ve just told me!” 

Summary: (Y/N) and Archie have just started dating after many years of friendship. One day (Y/N) decides to surprise Archie after school and gets a surprise of their own. 

A/N: Whoopsies, sorry I didn’t realise I hadn’t opened it. Enjoy the imagine!! 

You and Archie had been best friends since…well birth really. You know literally everything about each other. You even knew about what happened with Ms Grundy, and while you despised what happened between them, you stuck with him right through to when he ended things. A few months later he asked you out, and while you kinda got over him when he dated Grundy, you still accepted. Now, you were very glad you did as things had only gotten better since you two became a couple. Even Betty was happier with you by his side then Grundy. 

Since you were a prankster by nature, mischief was always something you made sure you had a daily dose of. Today being no different. Since Archie had football practice you decided you were gonna scare him…in his very own room. After stopping by Pop’s to grab some snacks for the hideout, you make your way to the Andrews’ residence and wait for Archie’s dad to let you in. 

“Oh (Y/N)! I didn’t know you were coming over today. Archie is at football practice so he won’t be home til 6,“ Fred greeted. 

“Hi Fred, I was actually hoping to scare Archie when he comes home later. Is it ok if I camp out in his room til then?” you ask politely and hopefully. Fred was a pretty chill parent and he knew you guys wouldn’t do anything…at least not while he was home. He releases a deep chuckle while he opens the door. 

“Sure (Y/N), come on in" 

“Thanks Fred!“ You call while walking upstairs and straight into Archie’s room and scoping out the layout. While looking around you see a giggling figure through the window. You skip over to it and open it. 

“And what kind of mischief are you managing (N/N)?” Betty curiously giggles. 

“Oh you know, just trying to scare the crap out of Archie, the usual,“ you wink. That only causes her to start laughing even more, resulting in you joining her in her fit of giggles. 

“Ok well I’ll leave ya to it, have fun!” And she walks to her desk and starts writing something. Shaking your head you look around and decide that the closet would probably be the best place to hide. You sit on his bed, devouring your snack and pulling out your phone. A couple more hours later you hear Fred loudly calling up the stairs to Archie. Bless him! You think as you grab your stuff and jump into the wardrobe. 

You hear Archie shuffling around and you silently pull open the doors. And while his back was towards you, you slowly walk out and lean against the wall. Still not noticing you yet, he pulls down his jeans and you while you enjoy the view of his nicely toned legs and backside, you decide that you should probably reveal your presence. 

“Honestly, if you wanted sex this bad you could’ve just told me!” You announce, hilariously scaring your boyfriend into the best reaction you could’ve gotten. 

“Jesus (Y/N), you scared me,“ he puffs, "what are you doing here anyway?" 

“I wanted to scare you.” You smirk. 

“Of course you did,“ and after a bit of a pause, an unspoken staring contest begins between his annoyed brown eyes and your mischievous (E/C) eyes. About 5 minutes into the contest, with neither one of you willing to surrender, you decide to play dirty. 

“Please, put some pants on, you’re embarrassing me.” You say lacing feigned shock, scandal, and innocence into your tone. His eyes widen and his gaze drops down to confirm what you had just said. Revelling in the inevitable win, you smirk at him with a different kind of confidence. 

“I’ll be downstairs if you need me baby,” you wink at him and glide out of his room, down the stairs and into the kitchen to grab a glass of water. 

“How’d it go?“ Fred asks stirring a pot at the stove. 

“Better than I imagined,” and before you could recount all the details of the previous event, Archie enters the kitchen and grabs an apple.  

“So dad, can (N/N) stay for dinner?“ 

“She can, but you’ll need to make sure she wants to,” he answers nodding towards you. Archie looks at you, quirking an eyebrow at you. Before you can answer, Fred interrupts with an amused tone, “really Arch? You can’t ask (Y/N) properly?“ 

“Its all good Fred, I’d love to stay for dinner,” you quickly answer not really wanting Archie to ask in a way that’ll make you want to kiss, kill, or hit him all at the same time. 

“Ok then, dinner will be ready in 30 minutes,“ He smiles turning his attention back onto the pot. 

“Awesome dad, we’ll just be studying upstairs until its ready,” and you follow Archie back up into his room and close the door. 

“So are we actually gonna study? Or are -“ your question is interrupted by a pair of lips pressing onto your own. 

I guess not.

A/N: Y/N = your name, N/N = nickname, E/C = eye colour. Let me know what you think and 50 points to your house if you spot the reference :P

  • Ron: Come on Harry, it's time to finally accept the fact that you're free now and you no longer live in the closet
  • Harry: Yeah you're right, I can't hide my gayness anymore
  • Ron: Huh
  • Harry: Wut
  • Ron: That's not what I meant, I was talking about living life to its fullest now that you don't live in that closet under the stairs but ooookkk then.Anyways, we all already now you're gay Harry.
  • Harry: How? Is it that obvious?
  • Ron: Well I mean you constantly talk about how good looking Malfoy is everyday and you can't seem to stop staring at him
  • Harry: *not listening and watches every move Draco makes* He really is dreamy isn't he? He probably has a six pack under that uniform. What do you think?
  • Ron: *sighs*

anonymous asked:

I'm showing my age here but to add to the discourse on closeting of artists it's not just about whether an artist is a homosexual. When Bon Jovi started out he was forced to hide the fact that he was married to his High school sweetheart (a woman, for the record) because it didn't fit with attainable womanizer rock image execs seem so fond of. I'm adding this to illustrate that the label can control an artists image how they see fit, read most profitable $$$- The forced closet is real kids

Yep absolutely. 

The same goes for John Lennon. He was married with a kid but they hid it from the fans for years because it ruined their romantic fantasies: 

it probably didn’t help that John and Cynthia had Julian out of wedlock and had to have a shot gun wedding (not quite the dream most young girls dreamed of when they fantasized about marrying their favourite beatle):

So I was around polyamorous people in Michigan

and multiple times they (so many cishets) referred to “coming out” as polyam.

Stop it. Stop it right now.

No, polyamory is not the norm. No, polyamory is not broadly accepted. No, your parents probably won’t approve of you being polyamorous.

But stop fucking appropriating the terminology of LGBT+ people.

Now before I get a million hate messages, let me remind you, this is my family:

That’s me, in the wheelchair. That’s my beautiful child with the dark blonde hair. And those are my two (count them, two) committed partners who I live with.

I came out as bisexual.

I came out as nonbinary.

I announced that I was polyamorous.

Lifestyle choices are not the same as inherent identities. You do not “come out” as a gamer. No one “outs you” as a student. There is no “closet” to hide in as a vegan. 

Might some of these things cause you backlash? Of-fucking-course. But that doesn’t mean you equate them to marginalized identities.

Kinky Night (Jaehyun)

anon said: Smut with Jaehyun please. Jaehyun’s back from performing abroad and he’s brought you a little present, lingerie. you’re more than happy to oblige and give him what he wants but you’ve also bought a few surprises, a pair of handcuffs and blindfolds. your both eager to get it on in an ‘extra special’ way tonight. Feel free to play with any other fetish or kink. maybe ice play, breath control and overstimulation. what can I say I have a wild imagination lol. Peace!~~ 

author: admin ni ayeee

word count: 2,834 (i got a little carried away, so not sorry :) )

genre: kink smut for ya nasties

a/n: luv ur request marry me (again the “sex” is referring to ya naughty parts lmaooooo)

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So, I’ve been seeing an AU called Scandalore started by @forcearama play out on my dashboard all day long and I must say, I LOVE EVERY SINGLE MINUTE OF IT. I love Obitine and so I love this AU to bits. Throughout this whole thing, I’ve been wondering things such as, how much does Korkie knows? Not to mention the implications of Anakin meeting Satine at an earlier age. Did he constantly tease Obiwan about her? Or what about the Mandalore arc in this AU? Perhaps not only was Satine frustrated with the clone wars but the fact her HUSBAND was participating in it, making the fight between the two much more of a big deal. But did I write about any of the above? NOPE. Here, have 1.4k of how these two ended up secretly wed in the first place.

When Satine starts throwing up in the morning, she dismisses it as her illness of the month. Satine has never been the peak of Mandalorian health. Her immune system has always taken harder hits than most, and it is one of the many reasons her opponents have used against her ascend to leader of the houses.

But it goes longer than it should, and when she is finally persuaded to see a medical droid, it appears to be something far more drastic.

“You are pregnant.” The droid announced stoically.

“Pregnant?” Satine’s heart starts beating wildly.

The medical droid starts rattling on about the medical definition of being pregnant but the duchess tunes him out. She can’t be pregnant. Not right now. She has just reached a tentative peace among all of Mandalore–she knows there is still pockets of groups who are waiting for any first sign of weakness. A child with a Jedi father would cause a massive scandal. Many willingly overlooked her Jedi protectors, but none would be willing to overlook the fact she conceived a child with one of them. Mandalore’s hatred for Jedi still ran strong in some houses.

She knows what she must do. She must sacrifice the child for the sake of peace. She knows this, and yet her mind can’t help traveling back to Obiwan. She remembers the time he played with some children in a village they spent a few days in. How his eyes gleamed as he patiently answered each one of their numerous questions. He would be a great father, she knows it.

She thinks long and hard about the issue, before coming to a conclusion.

Drawing a deep breath, she wipes the medical droid’s memory before dismissing it from the room. She then reaches for her comm and clicks on the senior padawan’s contact.

“Sa-satine?” He asks, a bit surprised. He hadn’t expected her to contact him after the dust had settled and she retained her status as rightful Duchess of Mandalore.

She seemed adamant in the two ceasing contact with one another. It was perhaps for the best, as painful as it was for him. She was a duchess and he a Jedi. Both had duties to uphold, and had no time for attachments to distract them from their goals.

“Satine, are you alright?” He questions after she doesn’t respond the first time.

On the outside, she looked relatively fine. No one except her closest confidants would notice her that her hairpiece was slightly crooked and the vacant stare in her eyes.

“Obiwan, how I wish you were by my side,” Her voice cracked, but she continued on, “Something unexpected has come up, and I am unsure how to proceed.”

“What is it?” He asked, growing increasingly worried, “Are you being threatened again? I’m sure the Republic wouldn’t mind–”

“It’s not like that,” She interrupts, shaking her head, “It’s a completely different it’s–I’m pregnant, Obiwan.”

Oh. OH.

“with my child?” He asks weakly, collapsing onto his chair in a startled heap.

“Of course, your child, Obiwan Kenobi,” She says in a scandalized tone, but she smiles gently despite it.

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Shopping in the Guys Section

A Guide to Masculine Apparel

Hey, it’s mod Jay again! This past weekend I went shopping, looking exclusively for men’s clothing (rather than glancing at the men’s stuff then taking shelter on the women’s side lol). That in itself was an experience, so I thought I’d share a few tips for shopping in the men’s section, what to look for in terms of masculinizing your wardrobe, and some store and website recommendations. Buckle up, cause this is a long one :P 

First. As nerve-racking as it may be, no one will care that you are looking in the men’s section. Women and afab people shop in the men’s section all the time for many reasons—They could be shopping for a partner or a family member. They could simply prefer the style and fit of men’s clothes better. Cashiers and workers will not care if you are in the men’s section or buying men’s clothes. This is not to say it still can’t be nerve-inducing (I was still pretty anxious the entire time, despite passing relatively well as male),  and felt like everyone was staring at me and wondering what I was doing. Just remember, people generally do not care what strangers are doing unless you are somehow making a dramatic scene lol. If shopping in the men’s section is something you really want to do, do not let the fear and anxiety stop you from doing it. It can help to bring a friend or family member who is willing to help you. They can give you solidarity, tell you what looks good on you, and help you shop without feeling like you’re alone and singled out. 

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> bts reacting to you staining their sheets when you’re period makes a surprise visit


seokjin ; this mama would be absolutely fine with it, it probably might’ve happened before to be honest whether it was your sheets or his. he’d have no problem, assuring you that it’s fine. jin may be a little ticked off that he has to clean a little more tho.

yoongi ; to be honest, he’d probably make you clean it lmao. to make it worse, he’d tease the heck out of you, making you want to cringe and hide in the darkest corner of your closet.

hoseok ; hobi would be so concerned, not about the stain but about your well being. i think while you excused yourself embarrassedly to use the rest room, he’d run off to his “period kit”, probably full of advil, dark chocolate, etc etc. what boyfriend material ;;

namjoon ; joon would have his blank stare playing, only snapping out of his daze when he hears you apologizing profusely, promising that you’d clean it up and make it up to him for the stain. he’d say it’s alright and that he’d clean it later.

jimin ; would be squish and try to gather all the things to help you with your period. chim would be blushing as he brought you a pad that he probably had stashed a long time ago. ( he was probably teased for having it when one of the members found it knowing them lmao )

taehyung ; legit would be so scared, he probably thought that you were injured or something. such a squish tbh, would take care of you like a princess. there may be cuddles too :)

jungkook ; jk would be so shook lmao. he probably let you do whatever you needed to do about your period and probably google what to do about a period stain. would embarrass you so much by mentioning over and over again oml.

genius-logan-sanders  asked:

Tree bros

Tree bros

Connor x Evan

Evan x Connor

This is gonna suck but let’s go

• proposes

Well. So basically it’s there five year anniversary and they both have rings in their pockets. They’re both hella nervous. Evan keeps fidgeting with it and Connor is like ‘oh shit he probably has a ring. He’s bad at hiding things. Fuck I have to ask before he does’ so unexpectedly Connor gets up from his seat and goes to their waiter and hands him the box and asks him to do something with the dessert. When Evan sees the ring on the cake he glares at Connor ‘damn it Connor, why’d you get to ask first?!’ Connor just laughs.

•Shops for groceries

Connor does cause Evan hates the interacting with the cashier part. Connor always forgets the list at home and Evan has to send him it over text. Connor also likes to buy little treats that Evan loves even when they’re not on the list. Evan gets really flustered even though it’s small and just food.

• kills the spiders

THEYRE BOTH FUCKING TERRIFIED OF SPIDERS ARE YOU KIDDING Evan hides behind Connor. He was bitten once and had to stay in the hospital for the weekend for it. He was very disappointed that he didn’t become the next spider man. He was five, and now it’s turned into a huge fear. Connor will take of his shoe, take on look at the beast and wack it.

•Remembers to feed the fish

They don’t have a fish??? They’re boring??? Instead they have a dog cause they’re very therapeutic for the both of them!!! It’s a corgi husky mix and they named her Maple cause they got married under a giant maple tree, where they also carved their names and wedding date into. Oh yeah, basically they have a schedule and they’re both really good at remembering

• initiates duets

BOTH if one of them is in the shower, and the other hears them singing, they will burst into the the bathroom and sing with them

• falls asleep first

It really depends? Usually they fall asleep together. Especially if one of them has a really bad day cause they stay up to comfort the other. But Evan works late every Wednesday so he gets home to a sleeping Connor, gripping onto one of Evans hoodie with Maple on top of him

• plans spontaneous trips

Evan always talked about places he wanted to go when they were in high school and college and after they’re married Connor researches a shit ton. He makes sure that their are always hotels and things they can do that are dog friendly cause Connor knows Evan would want Maple with them. Connor always surprises Evan with a random trip, first London than Egypt then Rome then Baghdad and so on.

• wakes the other up at 3 am and demands pancakes

Usually it’s Connor after he has a dream of him eating a lot of pancakes. It happens a lot. He lives off of chocolate chip banana pancakes. Evan always wonders why he even likes that combo but he’s really good at making them according to Connor so why not? However, twice a year or so, Evan will really crave so strawberry pancakes. It’s usually when they’re out of season so Connor always has a bag of frozen strawberries cause they lay forever??? How???

• sends the other unsolicited nudes

Connor. It’s always when he knows Evan is coming home a little late, and when he’s really in the mood. Evan cause storming in the house and just slams Connor against the wall. Connor loves dominate Evan.

• brags about knowing karate even though they never got past their yellow belt.

Connor. His dad signed him up for lessons and he never really tried so it’s not really bragging but he always says that if someone messes with Evan he’ll use his mad karate skills. When someone actually messes with Evan, Connor gets turned on cause it turns out Evan has a fucking black belt???? What?????

• comes to a complete halt outside bakeries/candy shops.

Connor fucking loves bakeries and always gets macaroons. He loves them. However Evan will drag Connor into candy shops for lollipops and jolly ranchers and chocolate.

• blows sarcastic kisses after doing ridiculous shit

Changing it a bit, Connor will do something dumb and have a really goofy grin on his face and he’ll be like 'babe! Did you see that! Wasn’t I awesome!’ 'Yes Connor, you did it perfectly you dumbass’ 'What? No kiss’ *evan sarcastically blows Connor a kiss then walks away*

• Killed the guy (and who hides the body)

Connor kills the guy cause it’s Connor. Evan hides the body cause 'CONNOR YOU DUMBASS YPU CAN GO TO JAIL FOR THIS I MUST PROTECT YOU FROM THE LAW!’

• wears the lest amount of clothing around the house

At first, Connor wears pans with crop tops, Evan feels like he should start wearing less too. He starts to walk around the house in shorts and crop tops. Connor views this as a competition and starts to wear shorts with no shirts, Evan wears sweaters with no pants, Connor retaliates with short shorts, Evan just wears boxers. Now they’re both just in boxers. Then Evan gets cold and puts a hoodie on in the winter. 'HA I WON!’ 'I WAS COLD YOU DOUCH! TURN THE FUCKING HEAT UP’ Connor chuckles and does as he’s told.

• has random sentimental moments for no reason

Both really. Connor will feel super giddy for some reason and just picks up Evan and swings him in a circle and hugs him. Evan will feel super cuddly and drag Connor to the couch and curls up like a cat on top of him.

To all the new followers and people who liked/read my superbat drabble: You are awesome <3

Anyway, have a continuation? I’m a sucker for reactions

Clark Joseph Kent, I cannot believe you bothered to show up to work!!

“Um. H-Hi, Lois.”

Gah!! I could just-!” While Lois pantomimed strangling the soul right out of his body, Clark adjusted his glasses and tried to not listen too much to the whispering.

Who was he kidding, he was both ‘curious and obscenely nosy’, as Bruce liked to put it.

“Braver than he looks, if that’s real-

Actually sleeping with Batman, holy shit-

“How did Batman pick that up? I’m surprised Clark didn’t faint at the sight of the Bat.

“-cannot believe we spent all these years one cubicle from each other, and you have the audacity to keep something like this from me- hello? Clark?!” Lois snapped her fingers impatiently, and Clark blinked several times.

“Sorry. Spaced out.” Lois pinched the bridge of her nose. She breathed very slowly.

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anonymous asked:

do you know any YA books where the characters are already out and it's not really an issue in the book? Just something fluffy and nice like a traditional YA romance just with queer characters? I'm so hungry for something gay and happy.

Yup! The Ask right before this was for wlw, so here’s my list of bi and lesbian faves:

And two fave fun ones with a bunch of POVs that include a wlw one with a cute romance:

Those are all contemps, but if you want SFF too, check out Labyrinth Lost by Zoraida Cordova, Of Fire and Stars by Audrey Coulthurst, and Otherbound by Corinne Duyvis.

That’s all bi and/or lesbian rep. (I should also probably add Georgia Peaches and Other Forbidden Fruit by Jaye Robin Brown - I’m always on the fence about whether that counts as coming out because she has to go back into the closet and hide the fact that she’s out from her love interest and new friends, but she’s Out when the book starts, kinda like Openly Straight by Bill Konigsberg, so, your mileage may vary.)

For gay and bi male rep, check out:

  • Perfect 10 by L. Philips
  • How to Repair a Mechanical Heart by JC Lillis (still a bit of an issue because reconciling faith and queerness is a big part of the book, but it’s still delightfully fluffy. Highly recommend reading this and then A&B.)
  • The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue by Mackenzi Lee
  • The Love Interest by Cale Dietrich feels worth a shout here because even though it doesn’t quite fit…it also kinda does, and it’s a good choice if you want gay and happy without angst being centered around coming out

Trans rep is pretty limited on this front; all I can think that’s already out is Jess, Chunk, and the Road Trip to Infinity by Kristin Elizabeth Clark, which is not my fave in certain rep respects but I do appreciate for this. 

chessala  asked:

Prompt: how about a yuuri that crushes on a Viktor he drew and then ends up meeting him ...ohohoho

wellwellwell you know that @forovnix, @exile-wrath, and i have been plotting out an au where yuuri writes kings in couture, so i’m going to tweak this a bit

Yuuri is beyond confused. 

He’d done nothing but pull back the shower curtain, and, well.

This is not the Detroit Skating Club locker rooms. 

Yuuri steps out into the darkened room, shivering as the cold air conditioning hits his shower-heated skin. He’s a little thankful that he’d at least put on a towel, though it’s the only thing he has on him and now his hair is dripping in his eyes. His bag of clothes is nowhere to be seen, which is unfortunate considering his glasses are in there. 

The room is a dark blur, so it comes as no surprise to Yuuri when he finds himself bumping into a rack full of clothing. As he gropes blindly around him, trying to reorient himself, Yuuri discovers that this rack isn’t the only one.

The entire room is full of them. 

After some careful stepping and feeling, Yuuri manages to find the wall. And then the light switch. And having some light in the room only makes things a tiny bit better by letting him at least see the blurred shapes of the gleaming silver racks and the clothing arranged by style, size, and colour hanging on them.

With some intense squinting and internal cursing at himself for not being able to focus precisely, Yuuri makes his way around the room to pick out an outfit. Some of these clothes look and feel like they’d cost him all of his sponsorship money to purchase, which sends a shiver down his spine. The pair of jeans he’d tossed on, for example, had tags that said they were from Calvin Klein. Whoever was in charge of this closet had expensive tastes, and was also apparently Yuuri’s size.

There’s a sudden sound from the door. Yuuri scrambles to hide himself, buttoning up the shirt he’d ‘borrowed’ and grabbing his towel as he dives behind one of the racks along the back wall. The door into the room swings open, and someone steps in.

There’s a pause. Yuuri’s heart pounds in his chest, echoes in his ears. He strains to listen, hearing the smart click of expensive-sounding shoes – probably Italian leather loafers – against the cold linoleum. He closes his eyes, trying to quiet his breathing, slow his heart. The footsteps stop. 

Yuuri’s vaguely aware of the fact that he’s holding his breath. He looks up at the clothes he’s hiding behind, feels their softness on his cheeks. The other person in the room heaves a sigh. 

“Is someone in here?” they ask. Yuuri feels a chill run down his spine. That voice is too familiar – light, with a faint Russian accent. Pleasant. Charming. He’d listened to all its interviews and talk shows. Fallen asleep at night to its pleasant hum, imagining its speaker’s breath tickling at his ears.

That’s Viktor Nikiforov’s voice.

Yuuri’s heart seizes tightly in his chest.

“I know someone has to be in here. The light’s usually off.” Viktor’s voice seems to be getting louder. There’s no way that voice belongs to Viktor Nikiforov, though. Because Viktor Nikiforov is in Saint Petersburg, not Detroit, or wherever this closet is. “You don’t need to hide yourself, you know. The interns borrow date clothes from this closet all the time.”

Yuuri says nothing. Maybe Viktor will just assume an intern forgot to turn off the light on their way out, and leave. Whoever those interns are. Are there rink interns in Russia?

The footsteps begin again, getting louder and louder. Yuuri bites down on his tongue, tries to hold his breath further. But the shoes are now too close. They’re right in front of him. They’re definitely patent Italian leather.

A hand reaches out, and the next thing Yuuri realises, he’s being pulled out into the light once more, blinking brightness out of his eyes in time to see the very puzzled expression of Viktor Nikiforov.

Yuuri gapes. 

“Viktor?” he asks. “What are you doing here?”

Viktor’s eyebrows furrow. “I could ask the same of you, Mr –”


“Yes.” Viktor’s tone is clipped, polite. “How did you gain access to this office?”

“A-Access?” echoes Yuuri. “I just came out – I stepped – where are we?”

Viktor stares at him like he’s sprouted a second head. “You’re in the offices of of History Maker Couture. Now, do I need to call security?”

The room spins, suddenly. History Maker Couture. Oh no.

And that’s the last thing Yuuri thinks about before everything goes dark.

Patience (Shawn Mendes Imagine)

requested: can you write something based on Shawn’s song patience?

pairing: reader x Shawn Mendes

word count: 2,095

a/n: patience is my favorite song by Shawn, thank you so much for requesting this, I teared up while writing it! Of course it’s based off of patience, but I found another great song to listen to while reading this is Waves by Dean Lewis. tell me what y’all think!

“What do you mean she took it back?”

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Creepypasta #1068: Hide And Seek

Length: Short


I stifle a giggle as I climb up to the tippy-top shelf of the linen closet. Mary and Josh never look on the top shelf, and even if they do, I’ll be too covered in towels for them to notice. Climbing used to be hard for me, but I got better over time. It’s weird Mary and Josh haven’t found me yet, since I hide here every time. Josh will probably pick some stupid place, like the shed, and then they’ll both look for me until I decide to come out.

Except not this time.

I want to see what will happen if they keep looking. Who knows? Maybe they might actually find me this time. But for now, I’ll take a nap, since the warm, fuzzy towels are making me sleepy…

Loud noises wake me up. I shift carefully, making sure not to make any towels fall, and listen. It’s loud yelling, mostly. Mary and Josh have always resorted to making loud noises to draw me out. But not this time. Snuggling into a more comfortable position, I decide to take another nap, just to let them panic. And I can tell they’re getting panicked, since the noises and shouts get louder, but the towels block out the noise, and then I’m drifting off again…

I hear the door open, and I get a little excited. Did Mary and Josh finally find my special hiding place? Shoving layers of towels out of my way, I poke my head out and look down from the top shelf. An annoying light in in my eyes. Mary and Josh are not standing there, as I expected, but a strange man in a blue suit. 

“We found him,” he says into a strange black rectangle, and he asks me to climb down. He grabs my hand and squeezes it real tight. The blue-suit man covers my eyes with his hand, which is large like Dad’s.

We walk through the house, and I begin to wonder what’s making that weird noise outside my house. It’s familiar. I think I’ve heard it on TV. What I don’t tell the man is that I can peek through his fingers, and gosh, do Mary and Josh have something to explain to mom.

I know they wanted me to come out, but why splash red paint everywhere?

Credits to: TeamShadowWind