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I'm showing my age here but to add to the discourse on closeting of artists it's not just about whether an artist is a homosexual. When Bon Jovi started out he was forced to hide the fact that he was married to his High school sweetheart (a woman, for the record) because it didn't fit with attainable womanizer rock image execs seem so fond of. I'm adding this to illustrate that the label can control an artists image how they see fit, read most profitable $$$- The forced closet is real kids

Yep absolutely. 

The same goes for John Lennon. He was married with a kid but they hid it from the fans for years because it ruined their romantic fantasies: 

it probably didn’t help that John and Cynthia had Julian out of wedlock and had to have a shot gun wedding (not quite the dream most young girls dreamed of when they fantasized about marrying their favourite beatle):

Creepypasta #1068: Hide And Seek

Length: Short


I stifle a giggle as I climb up to the tippy-top shelf of the linen closet. Mary and Josh never look on the top shelf, and even if they do, I’ll be too covered in towels for them to notice. Climbing used to be hard for me, but I got better over time. It’s weird Mary and Josh haven’t found me yet, since I hide here every time. Josh will probably pick some stupid place, like the shed, and then they’ll both look for me until I decide to come out.

Except not this time.

I want to see what will happen if they keep looking. Who knows? Maybe they might actually find me this time. But for now, I’ll take a nap, since the warm, fuzzy towels are making me sleepy…

Loud noises wake me up. I shift carefully, making sure not to make any towels fall, and listen. It’s loud yelling, mostly. Mary and Josh have always resorted to making loud noises to draw me out. But not this time. Snuggling into a more comfortable position, I decide to take another nap, just to let them panic. And I can tell they’re getting panicked, since the noises and shouts get louder, but the towels block out the noise, and then I’m drifting off again…

I hear the door open, and I get a little excited. Did Mary and Josh finally find my special hiding place? Shoving layers of towels out of my way, I poke my head out and look down from the top shelf. An annoying light in in my eyes. Mary and Josh are not standing there, as I expected, but a strange man in a blue suit. 

“We found him,” he says into a strange black rectangle, and he asks me to climb down. He grabs my hand and squeezes it real tight. The blue-suit man covers my eyes with his hand, which is large like Dad’s.

We walk through the house, and I begin to wonder what’s making that weird noise outside my house. It’s familiar. I think I’ve heard it on TV. What I don’t tell the man is that I can peek through his fingers, and gosh, do Mary and Josh have something to explain to mom.

I know they wanted me to come out, but why splash red paint everywhere?

Credits to: TeamShadowWind

the worst part about mickey being alone in mexico is that he’s hiding again. he doesn’t have anybody to “make him free”, he’s alone and he’s probably scared and i pray to god that he’s not the same angry kid that ran from his problems who we met in season 1. he spent way too long hiding in the closet and now he has to hide his entire identity from the world and it just fuckin sucks man. mickey deserves to finally be free in every sense of the word.

Love in War

Ship: Lafayette x reader

Genre: i’m not sure

Warnings: Its canon time so war, guns and maybe some slight blood? Cursing probably, A lot of french pet names that i dont want to translate, but they’re couple nicknames so,,,

Word count: 2,514

You ran. Tripping over the stairs and yet, you wouldn’t stop. He always told you not to, get somewhere safe. He would be here soon, you just had to stay calm. Your dress would catch at your feet as you ran through the cellar, completely in the dark. You slowed as you felt for the door to the understairs closet, your hiding place. Lafayette kept you prepared, making sure you knew what to listen for and where to go if you had to get out. You trusted him, you had to. You left your life in his hands, whilst doing so, forfeiting your heart to him.

Footsteps came from up above as you slowly closed the closet door, trying to keep it from making a sound. You had to be silent. You promised.

The voices upstairs started yelling in a tone you tried to completely block out. The harsh tone of the soldiers above was frightening to say the least. It sounded like it could bite a man in half without so much as any effort. The strong commander continued barking commands at the others. From what you should tell, there were at least three men, excluding the commander. They ran on the floor above you and maybe even upstairs in your bedroom.

Your breathing was haste, thoughts running through your mind. Lafayette didn’t want you to even come with him to the colonies but you did. You were suppose to get married  to him once he came back but you couldn’t stand being away and not knowing what may be happening to him. He couldn’t have stopped you, he knew that once he realized you came with him, so he told you what could happen, making sure you were prepared because he wouldn’t always be there to protect you. You knew he would try to get there to help you, to keep you safe but if he was far from home, there’d be no way for him to know.

New shouting voices entered earshot, yet you could still hardly recognize any of them. One, that only yelled occasionally, sounded familiar but you couldn’t put a name or face to it which was pretty frustrating because you couldn’t tell if it was someone trying to help.

Shots fired. It was too loud, you had to cover your ears to try and block out the screaming. More shots continued, loud enough for you to count. One and then another, then a moment or break and then fire.

It must have been opposing sides, why else would they be shooting at each other? It stopped a few minutes later and someone started toward the stairs. You could hear as the wooden cellar door creaked open.

You reached behind you, your hand frantically feeling around for the blade Lafayette made you keep in there just in case. You hadn’t ever stabbed anyone, and surely the soldier would shoot or capture you before you could even try. You found the blade, your hand wrapping around it tightly and holding it close.

Footsteps eased further down the stairs. The voices from upstairs talked quietly, you couldn’t make out a word the said. The footsteps got louder and once the man was half way down, you heard him yell back up, “Are you sure he said here? It’s dead quiet!”

“Yes I’m sure! He knows what he’s talking about, sir!” A voice from up the stairs yelled back down, almost echoing against the unfurnished walls.

The other man sighed and descended the rest of the stairs quickly.  

Your grip on the sharpened blade was tight but shaky as you listened anxiously for the man to near your door. You would have to be fast, faster than you had been for anything else before. The blade was pointed out to the door so you could lunge as soon as the door opened.

“Really? Are you sure she’s even here? He wouldn’t have known that much, maybe the young miss isn’t around.” The man in your cellar suggested. His voice was the familiar one but you still wouldn’t be able to tell why.

“Have you even looked?” The other voice was much younger and impatient,

“Of course I-”His voice was right outside your door now.

Your breath hitched as it slowly opened and quickly you shoved the blade into his thigh, closing your eyes tightly.

“You were right, Alexander! And she was damn well prepared!” The man yelled up the stairs, supposedly to the other man.

“Of course I was right! But ‘prepared’? What do you mean?” You could hear the other man start walking down the stairs as well.

You finally opened your eyes, looking up at the man you stabbed slowly before the other came into view.

“Woah! Okay so there’s knife in your leg, Sir.” The younger man pointed out, barely snickering.

“Oh yes, Alexander, I didn’t even notice it.” The other man rolled his eyes, reaching down to pull out the blade. “Take her upstairs, will you? I’ll patch up my leg upstairs.

The long haired man nodded, moving into the doorway as the other man began back upstairs. You moved back, shuffling up against the wall. The man took a step closer to you, efficiently blocking out any light that had seeped down the stairs.

“Hey, I’m not about to hurt you or anything, come on.” He held out a hand.

You shook your head, watching his movements carefully. The moment he took another step toward you, you began screaming, kicking out your legs to hopefully hit him. What you didn’t expect was for him to grab one of your outstretched legs.

With a sigh, this ‘Alexander’ man picked you up. “I really didn’t want to have to force you to do this, but damn i promised we’d get you back safely.”

You kept screaming and trying to get out of his grip as he carried you up the stairs. The entire way you were screaming until the tears and screams and struggling became too much and you passed out from the lack of oxygen you managed to keep in your body. Alex still carried you even as you stopped moving. He wasn’t worried, your chest continued to heave unstably, you were still breathing.

They marched all the way back to the camp, where Lafayette’s division was already waiting, back from their travels. As soon as he was able to see Alex carrying you, Laf ran to meet them, afraid something had happened.

He took you in his arms as soon as he could, whispering sweet things to you as he walked.

No one had seen him like that, a new look in his eyes when he looked at you, something many of the young soldiers couldn’t place. He sat down back at the camp, waiting patiently as he waited for you to wake up.

Alex walked over to him first, ignoring the French being whispered to you. “You are aware that she stabbed the general, right?” He sat down next to him, though keeping a bit of a distance from you.

The Frenchman laughed a little, not tearing his eyes from your sleeping form. “No, I wasn’t aware. She must have been scared, she doesn’t really know you or the commander.”

Alex looked at you. He noticed Lafayette had draped his jacket over you, one of your hands gripping it tightly while the other was occupied by his. This was the first good look he had even gotten of you, and only now did he realize one of the reasons Laf must have chosen you out of anyone he could’ve had. You were stunning and Alexander was very surprised by this fact. Not that he had expected you to look bad but you seemed crazy and he never thought anything other than that you probably could’ve stabbed him at any moment, of you.

“That was what i figured. She screamed and kicked while i tried bringing her here because, well, she didn’t know this stranger holding her. I’m not even sure I said who we were or who sent us or told us.” Alex sighed, leaning back on his hands.

“I’m sure. She isn’t the fondest of most people and the conflict frightens her.” Laf kissed your forehead as you shifted slightly in his lap.

“Why did she come here with you then? If you don’t mind me asking. I just find it a bit strange, she knew what was going to be going on here, didn’t she?”

Laf nodded, “Yes, of course she did. She didn’t want to be that far. I wish she had stayed though, it’s safer there right now.”

Alexander nodded, glancing back over at you. You were starting to wake up, from what he could tell. He got up, deciding to leave you and Laf alone for some time together.

You opened your eyes, nuzzling into the familiar warmth around you, “Bonjour, mon amour.”  Your voice was quiet, muffled by the fact that your face was buried in his chest.

Laf jumped a little, though later you knew he wouldn’t admit to it, looking down at you with a soft smile, “How are you feeling, chéri?”

“I feel alright, my head hurts a little.” You shrugged, sitting up to look at him though you still held his jacket on tight.

The sun was setting behind him, and wow, he looked amazing like that, almost only an outline against the still bright background. You leaned forward onto your knees, pressing a kiss to his nose gently.

“What are you doing, mon ange?” Laf laughed softly, setting his hands on your hips to steady your form.

“Nothing to worry for, mon nounours, nothing bad.” You leaned your forehead against his gently, smiling softly. “I missed you, the house is lonely all by myself.”

He sighed, closing his eyes, “I know, (Y/n), I promise, I know it isn’t the best but it’s what we have to do right now. I love you so much for sticking through this, I know it’s hard, but they need our help right now, they will until they win.”

You nodded, taking a deep breath. “I know, I know. I am painfully aware.”

That wasn’t a lie, you knew what you were signing up for after he told you. You wouldn’t beg him to stay, wouldn’t be that selfish, but you put yourself at risk to be as close to him as you could for as long as it would take and from what you could tell, it would be a long while until either side gave in.

The Americans were motivated, it amazed you how much so. This was their chance at a nation, to get away from the king, to build a name for themselves, give a reputation. These men that Laf worked along side were astonishing, even if they lacked in skill and experience.

One skill they did possess though, was sneaking or spying. Alexander and one of the other soldiers who you had yet to meet, one Hercules Mulligan, were watching from afar. Hercules had a happy smile on his face, watching the young couple while Alex had a vacant expression.

“Aren’t they beautiful together, Alex? You can practically feel the love radiating off the couple.” Hercules laughed softly, or as much so as he could with his loud and hearty laugh.

The younger only shrugged, glancing back at the couple that was now laying in the grass, laughing and poking at each other. He would admit, they were cute, together or apart, it was hard to say but he didn’t want to jinx anything bad happening. He knew you could take care of yourself, but you were small, it was easy to overpower you and if the wrong people did, Lafayette would risk himself to get you safe. The Americans would lose without him, which sounded petty but it was true. They didn’t have the experience or training or weapons they needed.

Soon enough, it was dinner time but neither you nor Lafayette had noticed until Mulligan came over shouting about how you would miss supper if you didn’t hurry. Laf got up quickly, pulling you up after and fixing his jacket back around you. During your struggles against Alex, the back of dress tore a bit and Lafayette didn’t want to leave you exposed so he kept you wrapped in his jacket to cover you. You wouldn’t complain though, the jacket smelt like him and it was nice to be engulfed in his scent and a large jacket for warmth.

You sat beside him during dinner, keeping your gaze down whenever the general walked by your table. Alexander, John and Hercules sat on the opposite bench to you and your fiancée. The four men were laughing and telling jokes, some that you could laugh along with and others that you had to fake through. Dinner was awkward and uncomfortable to say the least.

There wasn’t a lot of time before everyone was told to get to their cabins. Well with an exception being you and Lafayette. Apparently the general wanted to talk with you both but you weren’t really eager. You held Laf’s hand as you walked beside him Washington’s tent, him giving some sort of warning knock before walking in.

The older man gave out a sigh, turning to face the two of you. “Good that you both came, there are a few things needing to be discussed. Take a seat, why don’t you?”

You both quickly sat down, Laf holding you as close as he could without being super obvious. He could tell you were nervous, you had been all afternoon. You knew you would have to talk about what you did but, it wasn’t really you, it was nerve, it was impulse, worry, fear. You could barely remember that you had even stabbed him.

“Well, I suppose, first thing is first, Lafayette, you are aware of why we were inclined to bring (Y/n) back here to camp, correct.” The general was still standing though he was moving about.

Lafayette shook his head. “I am not fully informed, only enough to assume. A break in, of sorts, British soldiers, presumably. You must have noticed and remembered and done something.”

The general nodded, “In a shortened version, yes. Are you also aware that she stabbed me in the thigh?”

“Yes, sir. Though, in her defense, she had never met you before and our cellar is very dark.” The French soldier resisted the urge to snicker.

“Then you also know that I can not allow her to stay other than tonight? Though I’m making an exception for tonight, do not think that this event will happen again..” His voice started to trail off in your mind though he continued talking.

For a while everything sounded fuzzy and your eyes grew tired with strain. You leaned your head on Lafayette’s chest. You closed your eyes as the men continued to talk, the discussion slowly shifting to war plans. Soon enough everything faded into a dream and you would wake in your lover’s arms in the morning.


This was longer than i wanted but this ended up cute ahhh. I hope you guys liked it and feel free to send requests and asks whenever!


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On Ember Island Zuko and Katara are sneaking around. They're in Kataras room abt to get ;) when Suki knocks on the door and Zuko has to hide in the closet listening to Suki talk Kataras ear off. Whether or not Suki finds him is up to you...

This was really sloppily written, and probably a little wrong in the whole knowledge part of Avatar?? I don’t know?? Thanks for the request though, love talking to you by the way!

His lips were hot against her neck. The feeling of his skin against hers making her feel hot and bothered. There were only a few barriers between them at the moment, Zuko’s pants, and Katara’s wrappings. Other than that, nothing was in their way.

Zuko left kisses in his wake down her throat, biting occasionally at her skin. Most likely going to leave some hickies that she would have to heal. The pleasure was delicious to her. Katara wrapped her legs around his waist, feeling him against her thigh through his pants. She wanted this. She needed this.

Katara felt him as he slipped lower and lower, leaving kisses all down her body. A path that he had left. She moaned into his hand as he caressed her abdomen with his hands, suckling on her skin. This was too much. It felt so good. She started to pant with need. When he was about to unravel her underwrappings, they heard a noise. They instantly stopped. It was a knock.

“Katara? Are you in there?” It was Suki. “Can I come in?”

Katara panicked and lifted Zuko’s head up back to her. “You have to go. Now.”

Zuko groaned and grabbed at his clothes. There wasn’t any time, Katara heard the door slowly creak open. Katara pointed to the closet, she made a motion of ‘go in there’ with her hands. Zuko ran into the closet and shut it quietly behind him. Katara got up and grabbed at her clothes. There wasn’t any time to put them on, so she just threw them back on the ground.

Suki walked in. “Hey.” She smiled at Katara. Katara blushed.

“Hi.” She answered. Suki looked around the room, nothing new. She looked down at Katara’s clothes and raised an eyebrow.

“Why aren’t you dressed?”

Katara tried to swallow the lump in her throat. “Well, it was really hot. It is gods awful hot in here, so I decided to just–y’know, strip down?” Katara cringed inwardly at her words. Suki nodded, she understood.

“Hey, wait.” Suki walked up to Katara and pointed to the hickies on her neck. “What are those?” Katara swiped at Suki’s fingers.

“They’re just bug bites, Suki.” Katara snapped. “What did you need to talk about?”

Suki put her hands on her hips. Katara knew at that moment–she messed up. Suki, of course, knew those weren’t bug bites. She knew that Suki knew they were hickies, mainly because Sokka gave Suki hickies and sometimes they were very visible. Katara sighed.

“Yeah. I know.” Katara looked at her bare feet. Suki giggled. Katara looked up at Suki and raised a thin eyebrow. “What?”

“I never knew Aang was old enough to know how to give hickies.” She giggled. “Man, that’s something new.”

Katara heard a noise in the closet, she coughed loudly to cover up whatever noise Zuko had made. “Yeah, Aang. He’s pretty knowledgeable.” Katara cringed again. Knowledgeable, what the hell, Katara?  

Suki’s giggles went down. “So, how long have you and Aang been-”

“-we haven’t. Not that far.” Katara lied. How could Suki not see through her lies? Well, she did know about the hickies, but how does she not suspect…?

Oh.” Suki merely said. “Well, I wanted to talk to you about your brother.”

“If it’s about sex, Suki. I’m definitely not going to venture into that subject with you.” Katara felt the air get warmer. Zuko was probably still hung up on the whole Aang subject.

“It’s not that.” Suki puckered her lips, and looked down at the floor, “Well maybe it’s a little bit about that,” Katara made a noise, “No, hear me out though.” Suki paused. “Your brother always moans Yue’s name out whenever we…” She trailed off.

Katara held back a gag. “Are you here so you can learn more about Yue?”

Suki nodded. Katara sighed, she deflated a little bit. This was going to be a long talk.

“Yue was just the first girl Sokka was remotely interested in. Not that you’re not the other first-well you get what I mean. She was his first unofficial love, I guess. They weren’t really together. It’s really complicated, but long story short–she turned into the moon.” Katara smiled at Suki. “Is that all you wanted to know?”

Suki grimaced. “How did she turn into the moon?”

Katara internally screamed. How long was Suki going to be around? The air was getting warmer and warmer. She was surprised that Suki didn’t notice.

“She gave herself up to become the moon spirit. That’s about it.”

“Oh.” Suki thought hard for a moment. “Okay. That’s it.” Suki smiled at Katara brightly.

As she walked away she said over her shoulder, “By the way, I know Zuko is in the closet.”

Katara smacked her forehead. 

Dear Future Husband || Klaroline

Klaroline Infinity Day 2 - Pre-canon

Thirteen was an ugly age for Caroline: braces, frizzy hair, her parents’ bitter divorce. But there was a part of her that knew she was destined for more, and she kept her hopes high. She probably shouldn’t have put them in writing, though…


She squeezed her knees tighter to her chest, digging her bright orange nails into the skin of her palms. Maybe it was babyish to hide in her parents’ closet, but she didn’t want to go outside. Instead, she cowered in the dark and recently half-emptied closet, waiting for her mother to track her down.

Damn those cop instincts.

The door slid open, and Liz poked her head inside. “Sweetie,” she said in that sternly sweet voice. “It’s time to say goodbye.”

“No.” Caroline hated the tears burning in her eyes; she wished she would never cry again. “I shouldn’t have to say goodbye because he shouldn’t be leaving.”

“Your father is waiting.”

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What do the signs do when they're at home alone

Aries: watching YouTube videos, ends up in that weird side of it (you know what i’m talking about)

Taurus: checking the empty fridge every 15 minutes, other than that they’re just probably surfing the internet

Gemini: talking either to themselves or to their pet, who knows what they’re discussing about

Cancer: binge watching tv shows and sometimes checking social media

Leo: dancing in front of the mirror in their underwear

Virgo: happy that they finally have some time for themselves and doing whatever they love, such as reading, sleeping or just watching TV

Libra: summoning satan

Scorpio: kissing posters in their bedroom and snacking

Sagittarius: ready to fight the ghost who’s hiding in their closet (it’s really there)

Capricorn: stalking their crush on the internet and spamming their friends with pictures (caption ‘dis u’)

Aquarius: who knows but they end up setting their house on fire

Pisces: using comb as a microphone, they’re pretending that they’re a winner of a singing competition

Mekakushi Dan playing hide-and-seek
  • Everyone forces Shintaro to be "it"
  • Kido: disappears and goes about the day as usual
  • Seto: probably the only one who plays the game normally
  • Kano: turns into a banana. Goes unnoticed for the majority of the game sprawled out on the coffee table in the middle of the living room
  • Marry: goes to Seto's room and hides under the blanket. Somehow gets tangled in the blanket, falls off bed. Seto hears Marry's cries for help from across the hideout. Shounen save
  • Momo: hides in the closet and uses her power to direct attention away from her when someone comes close. Shintaro gets the sudden urge to stare at the wall. Spends five minutes trying to find Momo while being unable to look away from the wall
  • Ene: hides in Shintaro's leg folder. Starts downloading hundreds of images of legs from the Internet so when Shintaro eventually opens the folder she will be impossible to find
  • Hibiya: leaves the hideout because he knows Shintaro won't stop asking him about where everyone else is if he happens to find him first
  • Konoha: tries to hide behind a lamp. Goes to find Shintaro, brings lamp with him. "Am I doing this right Shintaro"
  • Ayano: has been hiding for years. She's dead
Wonwoo x Reader

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I chose this gif just because he looks cute in it

Prompts: 40 & 44

“You know what? I wasn’t even surprised by that. I’m that used to you.”“EVERY TIME I SAY THAT YOU ALWAYS MAKE THE SAME PUN”

Genre: Fluffffffff

Requested by: @w-wicked-chips

“You’re late.” You spoke nonchalantly as you sipped your coffee.

You looked up at your boyfriend huffing and puffing, his hair disheveled probably from the run, “I know, Mingyu thought it would be funny to hide my glasses.”

“Yeah I know.” You showed him the text messages you received from Mingyu, pictures of him hiding in a closet with Wonwoo’s glasses were present in the text, “He explained you were gonna be late.”

Wonwoo sighs, “I swear to god I’m going to hit him one day.”

You laugh at his words and he excuses himself to order his drink. You admired the tall boy from your table, he was definitely more different than a year ago when you had met him. A bit taller, more lean, his hair shorter than before, and he stopped wearing sweatshirts and sweatpants everyday.

The memory of meeting him replayed in your mind. You actually never thought you would have fallen for the boy he was at the time. If you were to describe it, in a way he hated, it was like he was still in his emo teenage phase. Black sweatshirt and sweatpants, black shoes, messy hair almost covered his eyes. It’s a memory Wonwoo would like to forget.

“You’re thinking.” Wonwoo slides into his seat, “What are you thinking about.”

You smile at him, hands wrapped around the warmth of your coffee up, “A year ago…..”

“Oh no.”

“Hey. Let me finish.” You wait until he looks at you, “A year ago, you were so different.”

Wonwoo takes a sip of his drink, “I swear if you say something about the ‘emo teenage phase’ I’m breaking up with you.”

You slap his hand playfully with laughter slipping from your lips, “No. Stop. Let me finish. I was just thinking. I sometimes wonder just exactly how did you manage to get a date with me. I mean I was really focused on school and wanted nothing to do with relationships. You never told me how you did it.”

Wonwoo leaned in, “You really want to know.”

You leaned in also, “Tell me.”

He gave you a serious gaze, “I guess I just Wonwooed you.”

“EVERY TIME I SAY THAT YOU ALWAYS MAKE THE SAME PUN!” You fumed at the same response he had been giving you for the past year. Having enough of his cackling, you grab your drink and head out the door.

“Wait! Babe!” Wonwoo follows you out into the cold weather, “Come on you know I was just joking. You really wanna know.”

You stop walking, staring at him, you nod in response. Wonwoo steps closer, his height towering over you. He leans his head down, forehead bumping yours, noses brushing together, his lips taking in yours. It felt like an eternity before he pulled back, resting his head against yours.

He whispers, “I just Wooed you.”

Instead of fuming, an amused smile appears on your lips, “You know what? I wasn’t even surprised by that. I’m that used to you.”

Wonwoo take your hand into his, interlocking fingers, he listens to you talk about your day as you two walk to who knows where. His secret of that question sits in the back of his head, because in all honesty, it’s a mystery to him just as it is for you.

Send a number and a member (only Wonwoo and Seungcheol for now)

Coming Out

I came out several times before I figured out what my identity was properly. Each time I did, it was through a letter or note to my parents.

Lesbian, bisexual, genderfluid, transgender, transgender, transgender. The last few times I came out were reiterations of the previous time; Yes, I’m really a trans man, please, remember me, remember me, acknowledge me. 

I never had the courage, until I was about 18, to come out face-to-face with my parents. I did it through letters, left before I went to school, so that I didn’t have to face the initial reaction they had. In retrospect, that was probably why they never took me seriously, why they said (when I came out at trans male) I’d never given any indication of being “actually” trans. 

I used to literally hide in closets as a kid. They were small, enclosed spaces, I could hide from bullies, people, things I didn’t like or that hurt me. Small, dark, and safe. About the time I stopped being able to fit in my preferred closet, I stopped trying to fit in my proverbial closet too. That doesn’t mean I’m not forced  back into the proverbial closet now, but it does mean that the term doesn’t hold the subconscious implication of safety to me anymore. 

Coming out is hard, and I did it several times to family. Still doing it to other people. And every time I get pushed back into the closet, I brace myself to barrel out again. It doesn’t get easier, but I’m getting better at handling it.

“You really shouldn’t come out at your new school, you might get bullied!”

[she doesn’t ever use my correct name or pronouns, I have several passing trans friends at this school, it would be perfect because, again, it’s a NEW SCHOOL, and we live in washington, which is probably one of the most liberal states in America.]

Cislated: I know full well that discouraging you from coming out is transphobic, so I’m going to disguise it as trying to protect you instead.

Also, I think all this transphobic bullying that goes on in schools can be stopped if all those trans people just got back into the closet. Clearly, it’s just their own fault for not spending their whole lives hiding who they really are!

How To Cleanse A Room

This was originally posted in response to an ask here, but I thought it needed its own post as well too! This spell/ritual will help you cleanse a room of negative energy that might be lingering around in there. This was originally made for a bedroom, but you can do it for any room, or even your whole house. Feel free to adapt this to your use.

What you’ll need:
Sandalwood Incense
White candles (optional)

Open all drawers, windows and doors. this includes closets, dressers, desks etc. Anything where that negative energy can hide, you want that open so you can hit it with smoke.
Pull off your sheets, covers, pillowcases, blankets, etc and wash them.
If you have sage essential oil, mix it with water and put it in a spray bottle and you can spritz the bed & other furniture with it. (Optional)
Probably a good idea to run your pillows through the wash as well too, if you haven’t recently!

Now, start at the door to your room, and work through it, ending at the window. Think of it as pushing all that negativity out and out the window. Light the sage and go through the room, hitting every little corner with the smoke. You can say any incantation you want to at this point, but just make sure you get everything. Inside all your drawers, on top of the bed, under the bed, in the closet, top of surfaces… everything. Push out the negativity with that smoke, and push it out the window.
You can make your bed at this point if you like, and put everything back to normal.
Now if you have the candle, charge it with your intent. You can do several candles if you like, and then burn 1 candle per day over a course of 3 or more days if you like. Your intent with this will be simple: purify and cleanse.
Now light your incense and the candle if you use it, to help purify the room some more.
Over the next few days, light the sandalwood incense and the candle, completing the cleanse.

Rinse & repeat as needed.

scassira-revmore  asked:

△ for my muse to get trapped in a small closet with yours... bwaha! Cause you know this would probably happen.

Dragaur had found himself in the worst possible situation one he would normally not have a problem with but today everything had gone wrong. First he gets asked to do some snooping then he broke into the wrong house and knocked over a potted plant as he crawled through a window. He found a closet in the bedroom to hide in. A few moments later he thought he was in the clear until the closet opened abruptly and Scassira stood there. They quickly exchanged hushed greetings of “What the hell are you doing here?” 

There was no time for answers when they heard foot steps and he grabbed her arm and yanked her in the closet closing the door quickly and quietly. The closet barely fit him so to fit her she pressed up against him with very little wiggle room. He listened to the people speaking outside for a moment as his eyes drifted from the slotted door that let a bit of light in to their faces, to her. He smirked at her and quietly said. “I didn’t see my day turning out like this…but I’m starting to enjoy it.”

When Owen’s eyes adjusted to the contrast, he realized it was Ianto who’d woken him by pushing his shoulder. It wasn’t like him to touch Owen, to touch any of them, really. The lad could throw the Torchwood SUV into a hairpin turn, knock a Weevil down with a well-placed blow, and run a hundred meters like Christian Malcolm. But he wasn’t the sort to put a comforting arm around someone or punch them playfully on the arm, and he’d die rather than hug you. Ianto never gave a second look to Gwen or Toshiko. And Jack was always hitting on him, so he was probably gay, hiding in the closet with the lights off and hoping no one could hear him breathing.

Another Life by Peter Anghelides (Torchwood Novels #1)

I love this quote for several reasons: 

1. Ianto is SO CAPABLE … he’s amazing and yet so quiet about it

2. Ianto is very withdrawn – which makes his relationship with Jack so much more interesting, because it’s quite a reversal

3. Owen fully recognizes how great Ianto is at everything

4. Owen’s assessment of Ianto’s sexuality, which is kind of hilarious. He recognizes that Ianto might be up for something with Jack, possibly before Ianto does.
Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed and Something...Green? - Chapter 1 - Mustang_Girl16 - The Avengers (Marvel Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
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Haha! I am on a roll today and determined! Here are the next two chapters and we’ve go Peggy back and Laura’s joining in for the wedding-WHITE-dress hunt. hehe. you’ll understand that wen you ready the first of the two chapters. And also look out because I will probably post the second part of the white dress hunt with in the day. At least that’s what I’m aiming for.

Also if your at work or in public you may want to hide in a broom closet so you no one hears you arguing with the fic or losing your shit. That applies to like the next four chapters and really the rest of the story.

a-box-full-of-tulips  asked:

Where would the 2ps be found at in a college dorm party?

at a college party

2p!america: the one starting a dance off and slaying everyone w/his mad breakdancing skillz

2p!china: the one who brought all the bags of weed

2p!england: the one who’s acting like the mom of the party such as taking care of drunk people and/ or making sure the dorm doesn’t get rekt

2p!france: the introvert sitting alone on the couch drinking a beer and scrolling mindlessly on his smartphone

2p!russia: the one who leaves right when things get too lit

2p!italy: the one who gets shitfaced and starts a bunch of fights

2p!germany: the fuckboi grinding on the dance floor

2p!japan: the one taking advantage of everyone’s drunk/ stoned moments by snapping photos of them for future blackmail

2p!canada: the one eating all the food in the kitchen/ refreshment area


2p!austria: the DJ who goes hardcore

2p!prussia: hiding in a closet probably

// No doubt now in the Baku timeline Ryous the boss :‘3
I understand ryou more now xD it’s rather more cats than a demonic child Kura and tkb fine with this - heck he doesn’t really know he’ll just come home open the fridge and the ring will be a block of ice probably xD //

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7 Minutes In Mavel Heaven - Peter Parker Fluff

Requested by @crazyfangirl345 I had to change it a bit because I got a lot of requests for Tom Holland as Spiderman and this is the only way I could make it work…

Find the complete 7 Minutes in Marvel Heaven Here!

Rummaging through the bag, you pulled out a fake spider, although it was painted blue and red. “Dad…” you mumbled, Tony grinned and turned to Peter Parker, one of the youngest members of the team – other than you. “Parker didn’t want to play so I added in something for him.” Tony pulled you into the closet and through you at Peter, who had already been pushed in. Peters quick reflexes caught you as you literally fell into the closet, his arm wrapping around your waist as you crashed into his chest. Blushing furiously, staring down at the floor and using you hair to hide your bright cheeks “S-Sorry about this…” Peter stuttered, “I know there is probably a hundred different guy you’d rather be in here with…” ‘No there isn’t.’ You thoughts screamed at you, but of course you couldn’t tell him that. You could never seem to form a single sentence around him, giving a new meaning to the phrase ‘love struck teenager’. You were constantly burning teased for it and being Tony Starks only daughter, he was just thrilled you were lusting after drug addicted thugs. (His words) There was silence between you in the closet, you where trying to work up the nerve to tell him. ‘Now or never…’ “Umm.. Peter-“ you sighed, even in the darkness you could see he was smiling at you. “I, errmmm… Wanted to tell you something…” “Yes?” Peter asked, reaching forward and brushing his fingers against your arm, making you shiver. “I wanted to tell you…” You trailed off, all confidence leaving you and the words being stuck in your throat. Peters smile grew, his hand trailing down to your wrist and pulling you closer. “Mr.Stark already told me.” He said, kissing your burning cheek. “W-what?!” You uttered, “Mr.Stark pulled me into a corner at the beginning of the night and have me the whole ‘hurt my daughter and I’ll show you how scary Iron man can really be.”he laughed, you giggled and leaned your forehead on his shoulder, you down shoulders shaking as you laughed. Peter let go of your wrist and entwined your fingers with his. “I would never hurt you, you know. If you did want to go out with me, that is.” He through out the words quickly, a blush rising on his own cheeks. You stepped closer to him, making an extremely bold move and pressing your lips to his in a chaste, shy kiss. You lingered slightly before pulling away completely, your grin matching Peters. “So that’s a yes to a date?” He asked, you giggled and nodded. Peter smiled and wrapped his arms around your waist. Pulling you closer for another kiss. **Extended Ending** “Has he asked her out yet?” Natasha asked, looking down at Tony, who had his ear pressed against the closet door. “I don’t know, it’s all muffled!” Tony groaned, “Wait! I hear laughing, is that good or bad?”