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This is a lame one lmao but what type of underwear do the members of the rfa wear 😂

That’s not lame, anon, it was actually very funny to think about it!

Hope you enjoy!


  • i’m pretty sure he mentioned having “childish” socks once
  • or something like that idk
  • he probably wears the same kind of underwear
  • like, i can see him wearing blue boxers full of doodles
  • very sexy lmao
  • he also owns Spongebob’s boxers, but no one - exept maybe MC - has ever seen them


  • this guy lives for boxer briefs
  • and so do I
  • i mean, he looks soooo perfect in them
  • especially his tights, they look fine as hell
  • and also his v-line
  • and his crotch
  • this is getting nsfw, i’d better stop
  • anyway, he probably prefers black or grey underwear
  • no white, no other colors
  • even though i think he’d look gorgeous in red  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


  • blue blue blue blue blue blue blue blue blue
  • he only owns blue underwear, i know for sure
  • 50 shades of blue, if you know what i mean
  • he probably wears handmade boxers
  • very very very expensive boxers
  • he has silk boxers made especially for him
  • and he looks so damn good in them
  • they’re his special boxers, if you’re wondering


  • big fan of everything that’s comfortable
  • i mean, she works a looot, she needs to wear comfortable underwear
  • pretty vanilla: cotton knickers and briefs are her favourites
  • but then
  • when she’s with someone special, like MC
  • you can bet your ass she’s going to wear an awful lot of lace
  • black lace, white lace, red lace, pink lace… even yellow lace
  • not a thong lover though


  • honestly, he only wears briefs
  • superman briefs
  • but he’s into crossdressing, right?
  • so you can see him wearing women’s underwear, right?
  • right
  • now, he loves thongs
  • on himself, on MC, on everyone
  • i know you’re trying to imagine him wearing a thong, you perv

So I think this is my first time writing real fanfic? I don’t know but it’s a post-Rogue One everyone lives AU where Bodhi settles into base life on Yavin and ends up adopting one of the Jedhan refugee children–because happy single dad Bodhi– also the rest of the crew shows up to help too–

2262 words ll Rated G ll fluff it’s just fluff ll AO3 Link

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Concerning Marshmallows

OK so Valinor definitely has marshmallows because why not? Its a paradise, right? If it doesn’t have marshmallows i’m not going. (They’re probably those  big luxurious handmade ones that you can buy in hipster grocery stores and such, because elves are extra like that and also not industrialized.)

So anyway, headcanon: Arafinwe aka “cool beach dad” invented marshmallows and tiny Galadriel invented setting them on fire roasting them. Finrod then perfected the art (Galadriel was mostly interested in putting them on the ends of sticks and to wave around like torches, she was very young OK). Finrod does not set them on fire. They are perfectly browned. It’s very impressive. (Tiny Galadriel does not see the point.)

Fingolfin fucking loves marshmallows, as do most of his children, and may or may not invent something not unlike s’mores. 

Marshmallows are Banned in the house of Feanor. Maglor and the twins however fucking love marshmallows, will eat them until they are sick, and hoard them like nobody’s business (the twins more successfully since they always manage to raid Maglor’s stash). Curufin dies never having eaten one. Celegorm eats like 500 of them on hunting trips with Aredhel. Caranthir thinks they’re stupid and pretends not to like them but kinda does. Maedhros can enjoy them on occasion but is not overly fond.

Neither Fingon nor Maedhros can roast a marshmallow without setting it on fire.   

credit: most of these headcanons were brainstormed in conjunction with @madtomedgar and the whole marshmallow thing was inspired by @lilac-buttons

padme at their wedding: [turns up in a beautiful lace wedding gown probably handmade with hundreds of carefully placed authentic Nabooian Pearls™ and wearing an equally gorgeous veil, looking like an angel sent down from heaven]
anakin at their wedding: [turns up in jedi robes that probably haven’t been washed in a week] lol im ready to wife you (:

Going home - part two

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(Part one)

Thomas Shelby - Going home part two

Sadly, it wasn’t a white Christmas. Not even a dry one. The rain thudded against the roof of the tent and had kept just about everyone up for the best part of the night. The inside of the tent was covered with a sorry state of decorations made by some of the nurses, put together with paper and what was left of the medical utensils at hand. Although Christmas wasn’t there in being, in the death ridden depths of France, in was certainly there in spirit. The girls began to woo and giggle at the sound of the soldiers cheering traditional Christmas carols outside on the tracks and the medical tent was soon becoming empty when they hurried out to witness.

She was one of the few left, sat on the end of her makeshift bed lent over her attempt at a Christmas card. Her frustrated groans echoed through the tent as she threw the pen to the floor sending it skimming along and stopping at the edge of the tent wall.

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When you hang out with Chenle and his friends

Thanks so much for requesting! I’d really love to do more NCT stuff, so when I open requests again, please send me requests y’all NCT stans~ ^^ I hope you like this and don’t hesitate to tell me if you didn’t~

i’m sorry, this is not good at all but idk i just couldn’t come up with anything else and i didn’t want to keep you waiting any longer >< i’ll definitely write more nct maknae line fluff when i have time! BUT okay yo DREAM IS MY BOYS I LOVE THEM SO MUCH LIKE HOLY COW I WAITED FOR THEM FOR LIKE TWO YEARS AND THEN THEY FINALLY DEBUTED BUT DIDN’T GET MUCH ATTENTION AND I’M PISSED, PLEASE STAN NCT DREAM THEY ARE AMAZING!!

Words: 1008

Fluff chenle is such a fluffball i can’t TuT

Requested by anon ♥

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You gave Chenle a confused look.

“Sorry,” he sighed. “They tagged along.”

Your eyes shifted slowly from Chenle to the six boys behind him who you had only met a few times before.

“Yo,” the oldest, Mark, greeted you with an innocent smile.

“We decided to tag along,” the third youngest, Jaemin, smiled his signature smile, just as innocent as Mark.

“I can see that,” you said, trying hard not to let your disappointment show.

This was supposed to be our day…

“So,” Donghyuck, fourth oldest, grinned. “Should we go in?”

You reluctantly nodded and walked over to the group of boys. They headed into the amusement park first and you were left alone with Chenle.

“I’m so sorry _____,” he apologized when you turned to look at him. “I couldn’t stop them from coming. They just… didn’t take no for an answer.”
You let out a small sigh. “Don’t blame yourself,” you said. “I just would have liked to spend our 100th day alone. I guess we can’t help it.”

He felt bad for you but it’s not like you two could drag them out of the amusement park anymore.

“Come on!” Donghyuck and Jaemin were getting impatient.

Chenle offered you his hand and you grabbed it.

“At least we get to spend time together,” you said with a small smile even though you were still feeling bad about the fact that his friends had tagged along.

You laughed wholeheartedly at Donghyuck’s jokes just like everyone else. You were walking around the amusement park, going on rides and chatting. Chenle hadn’t left your side since you entered the park and was trying his best to make sure you were having fun. His friends were quite nice and you were happy that Chenle had such kind friends.

“Let’s ride that!” Chenle pointed at a rollercoaster.

“No,” Jisung, who had been quiet most of the time, immediately shook his head.

“Yeah, no way,” Mark said.

In the end, only half of you ended up taking the ride. It was a thrilling ride and you and Chenle - who were sitting next to each other - held hands the whole time, yelling and laughing.

The ones that didn’t ride the rollercoaster with you, looked at you two while you were getting off.

“They are such a cute couple,” Mark stated and everyone agreed. “Young and cute.”

“Yeah…” Donghyuck said. “You’re old hyung.”

Mark turned around without a word and chased the younger one around until he caught him. He didn’t let go of him until you and Chenle and the others who rode the ride arrived.

“Was it that bad?” Donghyuck asked Jeno who wobbled over to him.

“Uh huh,” he said.

“It was fun!” Chenle exclaimed and you agreed with him.

“You were riding it with a pretty girl beside you,” Renjun said and wobbled to Jeno’s side. “You focused more on her.”

You chuckled.

“Jeno is almost as pretty as a girl though,” Donghyuck joked, earning a nudge from Jeno.

“Jisung, it’s your turn,” Mark grabbed the youngest one’s shoulders and pushed him toward the ride.

“No way!” Jisung escaped and ran so far away that you could barely even see him anymore.

Everyone laughed and Jisung eventually returned to you, still cautious of Mark.

The sun was slowly starting to set and you approached the last ride you were going to ride. The amusement park’s ferris wheel. You and Chenle managed to get a cart for just the two of you. Being alone with him made you a little shy.

“So…” he started when the cart was already near to the top. “Did you have fun?”

You nodded. “I thought it wouldn’t be fun with all of your friends around but it was surprisingly fun.”

“I’m glad,” he smiled genuinely, giving you butterflies.

You smiled too. “Did you have fun?”

“Mm hmm,” he nodded cheerfully. “It’s always fun around you.”

You blushed a little and looked at your hands that were resting on your lap. You didn’t notice him admiring you with a small smile.

“I got you something,” he said, making you lift your head up.

“What?” you were surprised.

He grinned while taking something out of his pocket. “Give me your hand.”

You gave him your hand and he grabbed it gently. His hands were shaking a little but you didn’t notice since you were shaking a little too.

He slipped a small bracelet on your wrist. It was a really cute, simple bracelet with a small heart hanging from it. It looked like it was handmade - probably not made by him though, it still looked like a professional had made it - and it was your favorite color.

“Do you like it?” he asked and you nodded immediately. “That’s good,” he let out a sigh of relief. “I actually got one for myself too,” he lifted his sleeve a little, exposing his bracelet. His was black and had a small heart hanging from it too.

“These weren’t expensive, were they?” you asked.

He shook his head. “They were super cheap. I got these both for just 10,000 won. Considering the quality, these weren’t expensive at all.”

You smiled. “That’s good.”

Your cart stopped at the bottom of the wheel and you got off, holding hands. The guys walked you to your bus stop and waited for the bus with you.

“There it comes,” Mark pointed at the bus that was slowly approaching your stop. 

When it stopped at the stop, you turned to Chenle and hugged him. He hugged you back and after you pulled back, you got on your toes and pecked his lips quickly, leaving both you and him blushing but also smiling. Then you hopped into the bus and went to sit down at the back of it. You waved to the seven guys from the window and they waved back with wide smiles on their faces. 

Later in the evening, Chenle sent you a text.

Happy anniversary my cute _____~ Let’s stay together for a long time ♥

Okay so as of wearing this outfit, I’m officially hired for the ESL teaching job?  (I’m writing this caption a week later.)  I’m wary of getting too excited, since I don’t want to jinx it and then get fired.

Anyway, I’m teaching every day for the rest of the summer–sometimes just mornings, sometimes just nights, sometimes both–so putting outfits together is hard and I may have to put the challenge on hold.  I basically have to look professional from the waist up every day!  There have been some times where I’ve just worn a nice shirt and gone without makeup because I didn’t have any time or energy to get all the way fancied up.  And other times I’ve done a nice shirt and some quick makeup but I haven’t gone The Full Outfit.  We’ll see how it shakes out, and my schedule should be less intense during the school year.

I can’t quite decide if I like this skirt or not–I got it at the last minute on the last day of the rummage sale.  It’s clearly handmade, probably also vintage, and I think it’s charming.  However, it’s a little tight in the waist and a little difficult to work into my wardrobe.  Maybe I’ll sell it on Etsy?

[Image description: one full-body photo of a young woman (me) with short, light purple hair that is pulled back into a half-ponytail with a clip.  I am standing in front of a blue wall.  I am holding a metallic pink cane in my left hand.  I’m wearing a blue lace T-shirt (the body has an opaque lining, while the sleeves are only lace and therefore sheer) tucked into a skirt.  The skirt is pink and goes to mid-shin; there is a ruffle around the bottom.  The skirt is hand-painted with colorful flowers, birds, and zig-zag patterns.  I have on brown sandals with thick straps.  I’m wearing purple earrings with big, stone (amethyst, my birthstone) beads as well as magenta lipstick.  As always, I have on my round black glasses.]


i’m so excited about wonpil’s au bc honestly I don’t think anyone would be surprised where I sorted him lol but I think we can all agree he was practically made for it. a big thank you to @wonpillows for her help with making some of the points and for her expertise in all things wonpil! 

jae | sungjin | young k | wonpil | dowoon

  • hufflepuff!wonpil is actual sunshine, no one is surprised
  • his default face is to smile the biggest smile you’ve ever seen
  • is he smiling at you? is he smiling at an invisible magical creature behind you? is he just smiling for no reason? ((yes))
  • sometimes kids go up to sungjin when they need advice on a bad day and sungjin just gets wonpil to come over and smile at them, suddenly their day is 100x better
  • have you seen those glasses
  • they’re his “let’s get down to business” working glasses
  • even jae doesn’t dare mess with him when the glasses are on
  • if you bother him when he’s working he won’t hesitate to send a few magical creatures at you
  • (he’ll apologize profusely the next day, probably with a handmade card or some candy from Honeydukes)
  • “hey wonpil did you study for the care of magical creatures exam?”
  • wonpil, trying to hold onto 3 pygmy puffs while petting Dowoon’s cat: “that’s what i’m doing right now”
  • aces the exam without even having to study that hard because he’s always surrounded by at least one magical creature at any given time
  • (in his spare time he reads up on the topic with books from the forbidden section using a note that he got brian to forge)
  • professor sprout’s best student
  • “where’s wonpil???” “idk he’s probably in the forest again making friends with some plants and creatures"
  • (yes he’s in the forest but he’s actually studying??? “the forest is the quietest place because jae’s too afraid to go in there” what a hardworking smol)
  • tends to be soft spoken and sometimes people walk over him (the boys would never let the bully live if that ever happens)
  • but if wonpil ever hears one of the boys getting made fun of it’s game over bro you better hide bc this sunshine will fight for his boys until the very end
  • cheers for everyone in quidditch, doesn’t matter if you’re winning or losing, wonpil has made a cheer for you
VIXX: Leo - As A Boyfriend

A/N: this was done with @i-wontaek-your-shit​ and wow if you read this completely, thank you thank you thank you for your patience.

  • please prepare yourselves because this is going to be a cry fest I kid you not. anyone who will be dating/marrying this hamji in the future could possibly be the luckiest and happiest person in the world. Forgive me if I’m wrong, I accept that I have placed him on a pedestal so high that the Eiffel tower cant reach him, but he really is a person worth cherishing. so are all of you.

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summary: love makes you stupid.

pairings: not rlly specific to any couple, but mainly ladynoir/marichat?

sidenotes: just got rlly random insp and im here, its midnight, please save me




Adrien remembered the first time he tried to tell Ladybug he loved her.

A complete disaster was a simple way to put it. A disaster that literally ended with Ladybug throwing him at someone, and only later, from details provided by Plagg, did he learn that he said awful things to her after being akumatized. Sort of.

Evidently the world was against him when it came to his adoration for Ladybug, because ever since then h’d been absolutely terrified of telling her his true feelings, but nonetheless…

He really was useless, wasn’t he?

“She’s going to hate me forever,” he remarked forlornly, laying his head on his keyboard so a series of aaaaaaaaa’s appeared on the screen. Plagg made no effort to comfort him, only groaned in dissatisfaction like his sadness was completely uncalled for.

“Relax. You’ve done dumber things.” He comforted (if that even counts as comfort).

“No. This is it. This is the end.” He wailed. By now, Plagg was at the end of his already short patience.

“Just remember to k.i.s.s, Adrien. Being extra isn’t going to get you anywhere.” Plagg advised him. Adrien sat up, hair messy from being smashed against his forehead non stop for the past 15 minutes.

“Are you making fun of me?” He asked, knowing full well that at some point while being under the akumatized Kim’s spell Ladybug had kissed him.

“Is that even a question?” Plagg asked.

Adrien’s eyebrows fell, and Plagg rolled his eyes.

“K.i.s.s. Keep it simple, stupid.” Plagg booped Adrien on the head and flew over to the keyboard, like there was something hidden behind it. He was probably expecting some sort of reward for his less-than-adequate advice.

“Stupid, huh?” He asked blandly. Love sure did make him stupid.




Keep it simple.

Flash-forward to present-day Adrien, who, in all honesty, wasn’t any less stupid than Dark Cupid Adrien.

“You know, for a guy who’s turning 18 today, you don’t look so happy.” Plagg commented in his usual bored manner.

“I’m dead inside.” Adrien answered simply.

“Well that’s a nice way to start off the morning.” Plagg flew over his head and sat atop his forehead. He had yet to official get up from bed, his motive to move around draining by the second.

“Happy birthday, buddy.” Plagg told him solemnly. “I got you a present!”

“Oh really?” Adrien asked, slowly sitting up and rubbing his tired eyes. Thank god it was a Saturday, school had been more draining than usual. Between constant modeling shoots and saving the entirety of France every other hour, he deserved some time to himself.

“Yup. It’s sitting on the bathroom counter.” Plagg informed him.

“Why the bathroom?” Adrien asked him, nose wrinkling in confusion.

“I wanted to encourage you to take a shower while you’re in there. You stink.” Plagg let him know sweetly.

You stink.” Adrien corrected.

“18 years old, and still can’t think of a better comeback.” Plagg chastised. “Now get up, ya lazybones.”

Adrien stood up and Plagg flew to his shoulder, thoroughly enjoying batting at the chunks of blond hair that fell behind his ears after ahard night’s rest. It was much longer that it had been years ago, the modeling agency insisted that he kept it long because apparently short ponytails were ‘in’, and if Adrien wasn’t ‘in’, he was out of a job.

The bathroom door was slightly ajar, and Adrien nudged it open, fully expecting to see a block of cheese from Plagg on the counter. Instead, he was welcomed by something he never would’ve imagined.

“No way.”

Yes way.”

Adrien reached forward and touched Plagg’s present, soft to the touch.

It was a Ladybug plush. About the size of a sock, but cute, and flat, probably handmade. Adrien let out a small laugh as he lifted it up and smiled.

“Where the hell did you get this?” He laughed. It was adorable, to say the least. Adrien’s ardent admiration for Ladybug had always been a topic only shared between him and Plagg. Kind of like an inside joke. It was particularly heartwarming to see Plagg so invested in it. Maybe it would make his already bleak day a bit brighter.

“I stole it,” Plagg admitted proudly.

Adrien blinked, waiting for him to laugh and say ‘just kidding’. It never came.


Plagg shrugged. “I just saw it in some girl’s room, she was old, so I figured she didn’t need it.”

Adrien looked down at the doll that had caused him happiness, emotions making a full 180 as he stared at it in horror.

Plagg, you moron! You can’t steal people’s dolls!” Adrien yelled.

“Hey, hey relax, I thought you liked it!” Plagg argued diligently.

“Well…yeah, I liked it until I realized it wasn’t yours to give!” Adrien shouted, setting the doll down lightly next to the sink. “Alright, alright. Here’s what we’re gonna do – I’m gonna take a shower, and then we’re gonna go return it. Got it?”

Plagg made a pfft sound. “You’re no fun.”

Adrien shrugged. “And you’re a pain in my ass.”

“Yeah, yeah.” Plagg mumbled as Adrien got ready to shower. His eyes drifted down to the doll he had so willingly stolen and smiled.

Plagg may be stupid, but he sure knew how to give birthday presents.

And the name stitched onto the side of the doll would surely be the best present he could give.




“We’re just going to drop it off, and then go. No harm done.” Adrien explained for the third time to Plagg.

“Right, right. Can you just hurry up and get it done? I’m hungry.” Plagg said. Adrien rolled his eyes.

“Just transform me already.”

Minutes later, Adrien, as Chat Noir, jumped near the familiar bakery where he knew the owner of the doll to live.

“I still can’t believe you stole from Marinette.” Adrien grumbled. “Asshole.”

He jumped onto the balcony and looked around. It appeared to be uninhabited, but he’d still have to be careful. It’d be a little odd if Marinette or her eccentric family noticed a local hero snooping around her room.

He snuck in through the trapdoor to her room, each step more silent than the last. Just in, and out, it was that simple. The doll in his hand was limp and helpless. He gave it a sympathetic look and jumped down into Marinette’s room quickly.

“Ok, where was it sitting when you stole it?” Adrien asked, a hint of annoyance flaring into his voice. Marinette’s room was exactly as he’d remembered it from his fleeting visits, for school and such.

Uuh, over there, in the closet.” Plagg murmured. Adrien paused.

“What’s wrong with you, you sound weird.” Adrien whispered, looking around the room to make sure, again, that he was alone.

“Just hurry!” Plagg’s voice bubbled up. Adrien shook his head and inched to the closet, letting his eyes take in the sights around him. Marinette’s room was quiet, filled with sketches and designs. He’d always known her to be the silently talented type, but this was just breathtaking.

Distracted, he walked over to a corkboard where several designs were pinned up. Dresses, shirts, skirts, the lot. Each one was unique, in a stylish sense where it wasn’t too weird, but it was just different enough to be original. Kind of fascinating, actually.

Oh would you stop ogling and just return the doll?” Plagg sassed.

“Hey! Don’t be snippy, it’s you’re fault we’re here.” Adrien grumbled. On his way back to the closet he caught a glimpse of himself in a full-length mirror next to a body mannequin and gave himself a once-over.

God, I can’t believe you kept your hair in a ponytail. You look like a douchebag.” Plagg insulted. Adrien pointed at his reflection and grinned.

“A sexy douchebag,” he corrected confidently.

Still a douchebag.” Plagg reminded. There was a sudden thumping sound above them. “Did you hear that?

“Shit,” Adrien whispered, his hand reached for the doorknob on the closet and he yanked it open, throwing himself inside and pulling the door back just enough to conceal a majority of his body.

A muffled voice surfaced from the quiet above them. The trapdoor opened and a pair of legs appeared out of thin air.

“Yeah, yeah, I know. Chocolate-chip is the best kind of cookie, but I still think gingerbread has its perks.” The voice that belonged to the pair of legs said. Adrien could barely see anything through the crack of the closet door – but he’d recognize those legs anywhere.

“Ladybug,” he whispered, voice dead quiet. Plagg stayed silent, for once in his life.

Ladybug dropped through the ceiling and shut the trapdoor. A million questions ran through his mind – what the hell was she doing in Marinette’s house? Who was she talking to? What the actual hell was she doing here?

“Well, that’s rude.” She said to no one. Adrien concluded that she must’ve been having a conversation with her kwami. “Just de-transform me, Tikki.”

Oh, god. Adrien thought as he forced himself to look away. He owed her that, he owed Ladybug that privacy.

But somewhere, in the back of his mind, he just knew.

He looked down at the doll and swallowed hard. Marinette Dupain-Cheng. The baker’s daughter. The sweet, brave designer girl who could barely form a sentence sometimes.

Happy birthday, Adrien.” Plagg said, his voice sounding more hollow than usual.

Adrien drew in a shuddering breath, painfully loud, and Marinette’s voice rung out.

“Hello?” She asked curiously. Dammit. She’d heard him. He was screwed. What the hell would Marinette say when she realized he was camping out in her closet like Paris’s #1 creep? Idiot!

He had to do the right thing. Just come clean. It couldn’t get any worse than this, right?

He creaked the door open and held his breath.

Marinette, who was standing in the center of the room, let out a blatant gasp and stepped backwards in surprise.

“Chat Noir? What are you…what are you…”

“I…came to return something…” He said quickly. His mouth was dry. His blood was on fire. He couldn’t look her in the eye, not Marinette.

Marinette. Her name rung in his head like a song, Marinette, Marinette, oh, how could he have been so stupid-

“What…what could you possibly – oh.” She let out a sound of relief when he thrust the doll in her general direction. He still refused to look up. Marinette, Marinette.

“It’s yours, I…found it. Sorry for scaring you.” He said quickly. His hands were almost shaking. It was her. It was her all along. Thousands of emotions ran through his brain, like a merry-go-round it spun, what to do, what to say? What could he possibly say to her?

His eyes flashed as she reached forward to take the doll, her soft skin brushing up against the cool leather obscuring his hands.

He remembered something from years ago. Something Plagg had said. Keep it simple. Keep it simple, stupid.

Love sure made him stupid.

“Marinette,” he cleared his throat and finally raised his head to meet her piercing, saturated blue gaze. So familiar, so breathtaking.

“Chat Noir…are you…are you ok?” She asked him nervously. She was afraid, probably afraid that he had seen her transform. He hadn’t, but he still knew.

18 years old. He was 18 years old, and he had nothing let to lose.

“I want to show you something.” He said, hoping his voice didn’t sound too strangled. “It’s important.”

“Um…alright,” she said softly. Her eyebrows lowered in concern.

“Please, just…don’t say anything.” He requested. Plagg said nothing, he knew, he’d known all along. This was his present. This was it.

Adrien closed his eyes and felt his Chat Noir suit disappear, Plagg had read his mind. This was it.

He heard Marinette’s choked up gasp and he opened his eyes, completely vulnerable to her. He had just revealed his biggest secret to her.

“Just listen,” he said, holding both of his hands out, tanned and bare. “This is me.”

“Adrien? What is this-?” She gasped out, her hand pressed against her mouth.

“It’s my eighteenth birthday today,” he told her slowly. “I had to tell you.”

“You’re Chat Noir…Adrien…you’re Chat Noir, Adrien, is Chat Noir, oh god-

“Marinette,” he began, “I-“

“I love you.” She said, looking up, eyes focused with sudden, deadly clarity. “Adrien, I love you.”

Adrien’s mouth went dry. She had just stolen his thunder.

He had nothing else to say. What else could he even tell her? No, I love you! What was this? Was this a sick prank organized by Plagg? He certainly wouldn’t put it past him…

“Uh…you do?” He asked stupidly.

“Nice one, genius.” Plagg complimented.

“Yes,” she said, by now tears had sprung to her eyes, no, why was she crying? Adrien felt his muscles clench. Why was she crying, had he made her cry?

“That’s…” he struggled to finish the sentence accurately. “Thank you…”

Uhhh…try again.” Plagg advised him. Adrien’s eyes widened In horror at what he had just said.

“I mean, no! Wait! I love you too.” He said quickly shaking his hands in the air, trying to erase what he’d said before.  “I love you, Marinette.”

She let out a happy laugh, like she was actually surprised he felt the same way.

“This is crazy,” she told him. “This is insane, I’m…I don’t know what to do next…”

“Me either.” He admitted. “I just…k.i.s.s.”

Her eyes widened. “What?”

“Uh…k.i.s.s? You know, keep-“

Marinette took one fluid step forward and her hands rested on his jaw, before her lips slowly rose upwards to meet his in a soft, longing kiss.

Right. Kiss.

He was eager to respond, even clumsy. Marinette, Marinette, Ladybug. She was Ladybug and he was kissing Ladybug.

His hand slipped down to her hip and his other hand reached up to stroke her cheek with his thumb. She tasted like gingerbread. Her lips were remarkably soft and he  felt a buzzing sensation in his stomach, and he leaned forward until their foreheads bumped.

She pulled away with a smile, and he held her head close, not wanting to miss the proximity.

“K.i.s.s,” he said with a laugh, “keep it simple, stupid.”

She laughed, god her laugh was beautiful.

“You’re not stupid,” she insisted, hands fisting at his shirt playfully. He smiled. This was the best birthday present he ever could’ve received. And to think that it was from Plagg.

“I am stupid,” he told her, “stupid for you.”

She looked up at him before bursting into a fit of giggles. “Oh god…I can’t believe you.”

He shrugged. “I gotta keep it simple, M’lady.”

She did a double take and shook her head. “…That’s going to take a while to get used to.”

He smiled down at her, his lady, his Marinette. Maybe it wasn’t all that complicated after all. Then, he knew exactly what he needed to say.

“We’ve got all the time in the world.”

Follower Submission: The Diner

This is a short little blurb that Anon user “Monsters in Black Silk” submitted today! I only edited it slightly for clarity. Hope you enjoy!

You blink as the werewolf enters. 

He’s six feet tall, arms and legs muscled, but thin enough to see thick bones pressing against his hide as he moves. The gray around his muzzle says he’s older, probably late fifties, early sixties, but otherwise you wouldn’t be able to tell due to the faded blue-jeans and tight black shirt that nearly blended in with his natural coloring. The door jingles a second time, and you’re even more stunned. 

The woman who enters behind him is short, plump, with a bright friendly smile and kind eyes. She’s wearing a pink blouse and off-white slacks; her hair is held away from her face with a hair clip. She too is a werewolf, and has a golden wedding band on her finger. You glance over and see an identical one on the fearsome male. 

Keeping you jaw locked as they approach, you’re unsure how this is even possible. 

A third jingle occurs, and a young female wolf runs in yelling: “Granpa, Granma!" 

The fearsome wolf turns, and his facade melts as he smiles broadly and embraces the little girl, hefting her up onto his arm. 

"Oh, what have your parents been feeding you? Fertilizer? At this rate you’ll be taller than me." 

Giggling, the little girl accepts a kiss from the male who sets her down. The small pink wrapped female hugs her. 

"Oh it’s so good to see you,” she says. 

The parents walk in next, and you feel your jaw drop. 

A young male werewolf has the kind eyes of his mother and the fearsome presence of his father, the female beside him however, is human, with short cropped hair and slightly underweight. 

The older wolf pulls her in for a gentle hug. 

“It’s good to see you up and about.” he says. 

The woman smiles. "It’s good to be over it. Touch and go there for a while.“ 

The older female is next and leads her over to a booth, the girl tagging along. 

The two huge males turn to you before sitting and you fumble briefly.

"Welcome to Books that Cook, meals from another world. What can I get you?" 

The males look from you to each other and burst out laughing. 

"Good lord, relax. You look like a deer in the headlights,” the older male says. 

His son nods. “We’ll have the blue book special, with…” he glances over to the booth, “…baby girl, what do you want?" 

"Chicken Fin'ers!” She yells. 

“Chicken fingers kids meal please." 

You take down their order and watch as the two huge males join their tiny mates. The grandfather smiles as his granddaughter shows him her handmade doll, probably from the shop down the street. You hear mention of a brother who’s home sick with his uncle and aunt. The little girl spills her apple juice a bit, but instead of yelling, both grandfather and father hurriedly clean up the mess. You get the feeling father taught son that way, and smile before going back to work.


“If it looks right…it probably is.” #blacksmith #blacksmithing #handmade #dirtysmith #dragonforgeltd #lambstounge

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Well here you are! This is part 3 to “transformation,” which was originally written for swimmersdonthaveboobs! You can read part 2 HERE, if you haven’t already! Hope you guys enjoy!!
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