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M!A: you and your husband are fused together (like in Steven Universe) for 5 asks

I’m Davenport! I’m Davenport… I̼͉͍͉̦̼͜'̛̥̦̯̝̣̮ͅM̻͍͞ ̩͎̹̣͕̹̰͝D̨͍͍͠A̵̤̖̫̰͈V̱̝̼͔͓̭͘ͅE͕̳̰̩͞N̵̦͔͝P̺̦̬͚̤̭̻̕O҉̴͔R҉̺̤͙̯̤̫ͅT̩͓̻͉̦̝̹

The Dregs + Waffles 

(as requested but sort of crack/modern?? i wanted to do something fun) 
cw: in detail food mentions under the cut

  • A diner in the city is having an all day special on waffles. They decide to go late at night, as some of them (Kaz) complained about crowds. 
    • He prefers silence. And although The Dregs are anything but quiet when they’re all together, especially with Nina in company, their voices have become the type of noise he can find comfort in.
  • Also, he’s lucky Nina had a busy day because she would’ve had no problem getting everyone else to go without him in secret.
  • When they arrive, they are not disappointed.
  • It’s a buffet set up, an all you can eat waffle bar!!
  • Every topping you could ever imagine are laid on display. The waiters bring out freshly baked, hot waffles in ten minute intervals. And fortunately for Kaz, only a few other people are present.
  • There’s a soft murmur in the diner; chatter amongst anxious staff as they near closing, laughter between the gathering of girls in the corner, and a whisper of an indie singer from the stereo. It’s not too intolerable; there are no bodies to weave through to get to and from the waffle buffet.
  • ….anyway
  • The Dregs arrange themselves into a booth with lime green vinyl covers.
    • (The only person who doesn’t think this color is an eyesore is Jesper. He wants to come back all the time because it’s his aesthetic)
  • Matthias sits near the window, Nina’s adjacent to him, Inej on her other side. Across from them sits Wylan and Jesper. Kaz has a chair aligned at the end of the table rather than squeezing into a booth with them.
  • Inej sits near the edge of her seat to be in closer proximity to him. She’s on the side of his good leg and when he stretches it out she brushes hers against it. He doesn’t pull away; they sit with their legs touching the whole time.
  • Who would’ve thought you could learn so much about people through their topping selections, though?

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for those of you who love books as much as i do, i have a blog that i am putting all the books i own into over at captaindaisho you can search for any title or author and all my posts follow the following format

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it’s like a personal library catalogue for everyone to look at! it will also definitely have new books added every week so keep an eye out!

“Running Away”

A fic I’ve had on the backburner for a long time ever since @thickerthanectoplasm destroyed me with clone angst. 

Valerie doesn’t know how long she lays in bed waiting for her alarm to go off. She didn’t know how much sleep she’d gotten, if any. Last night she’d gotten back from hunting -alone- spoke maybe three words to her dad and locked her door before falling into bed and stayed there until she had to slap her alarm quiet before it could let out a second blare.

Going through the morning routine helped. First she showers with the apartment’s lukewarm water, brushes her hair and teeth, stands in front of her closed closet before deciding to pick out an outfit from her dresser, instead. Breakfast is cereal she eats maybe three entire bites from, then she goes to the roof and suits up so she can ride her glider above the commuters circulating sluggishly through the streets on her way to school.

Danny isn’t in Homeroom. Tucker dutifully raises his hand and explains that he was “really sick” to Lancer, who shakes his head while marking his clipboard.

For the rest of class, Valerie ignores the itch on the back of her neck where Manson is glaring three seats behind her.

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Mutuals like this for a starter !! They’ll be pretty random and varying in length BUT if you want anything specific or have an idea floating in your head, feel free to IM me and we can plot something out too ! 

I will get to them tomorrow along with any memes/asks I get after I’m back from class. Time to get some activity here B’)

  • me, shouting at the television: dennis wasn't born this way this asshole was bred from emotional neglect and a toxic family life
  • me, muttering at my computer screen: dennis's hypersexuality comes from his lack of nurture and comfort growing up, and his need to control other people comes from his failure to control himself
  • me, repeatedly punching a couch cushion: dennis is so damaged and so fragile his vanity is just a mask of his deep-seated insecurities and crippling fear of imperfection--an inevitability that ensures constant anxiety
  • me, sobbing into a pillow: dennis will never be able to understand genuine love and kindness because he wasn't raised with either, and he has been rejected so many times

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wait so how many exactly ??? im curious