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Lightbulbs Are Useless

Pairing/Characters: Bucky x Shy!Reader

Warnings: Nothin really just fluff Bucky’s so nice and patient

Summary: Bucky’s fallen for Tony’s shy assistant who is actually more than she seems.

Word Count: 930

A/N: I actually suck at writing shy!reader because I’m not shy and none of my friends are omgbut I still hope this is remotely good hahaha

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The memories of you

Characters: reader, Dean, Sam, Rowena

Pairing: Dean x reader

Warnings: little angsty, bit fluffy

Word count: 3013

A/N: based around the episode: Regarding Dean

You couldn’t believe your eyes as you looked over at Dean, you were so angry that you thought steam must have been coming out of your ears and your face must have been bright red. Sam tried to calm you down in the bar, but all you could think about was that stupid bitch with her hands all over Dean. It’s not like he tried to stop her, you didn’t even want to watch more after it looked like she was about to lean in and kiss him.

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Dearest (Joker x reader) 10

Y/N’s curiosity got the better of her when she went exploring by herself in an old insane asylum. Little did she know of the murderous psychopath lurking in the shadows, obsessed and determined to break her and make her his.

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Chapter 10

Mister J hadn’t spoken a single word the entire drive. Frost and I had decided it was best not to question him. Although I hadn’t known Mister J for long, Frost had, and he had never seen him act like this before. Usually Frost could predict to some degree what Mister J had in mind, but right now, his mind drew a blank. ‘’Get out of the car’’ Mister J growled. I looked over at him with confused eyes.

I still couldn’t understand what we were doing out here. When I didn’t immediately do what he told me to, he slammed both hands on the wheel. ‘’I SAID. Get out of the car.’’ This time I didn’t hesitate to unbuckle my seatbelt and kick the door open. The air had a sour chemical scent to it and I scrunched my nose.

Frost remained in the car and waited for further instructions. When I looked at the car, I could see Mister J still sitting there. He wasn’t moving a muscle and his face wore an expression I’d never seen on him before. He was leaning his head back in his seat and looking up at the ceiling. I could see genuine confusion in his expression. He seemed to be thinking about something, or maybe deciding something?

I stood outside in the chill air, probably more confused than him, waiting for him to explain what was happening. After 2 minutes of him staring at the roof of the car, he suddenly slammed his fist yet again on the wheel and burst out the door. He was walking aggressively and quickly towards me and I felt my heartbeat increasing for each step he took.

Without thinking, I covered my face with my hands, afraid he was going to slap me. When he saw, he grabbed my hand and squeezed it roughly while forcing it behind my back. ‘’Ssshh, ssh. Don’t worry, I’m gonna fix you.’’ I furrowed my brows. ‘’What are you talking about?’’ He didn’t answer me, he just led my body with his grip and started walking into the building.

I kept my mouth shut and followed him. The building was old and bore brown, rusted walls. Inside of the building, the chemical smell was even stronger and I felt like I was breathing toxic. We entered an elevator and the doors creaked as they closed. We both stood, at different sides of the elevator and looked at each other. This was the first time in a long time I felt nervous in his presence.

Lately, so much shit had gone down that I hadn’t had any time to focus on my emotions. His eyes were glued to mine. He looked like he wanted to eat me. His eyes were wide and his breath heavy. It made my heart race. I couldn’t decide if it looked like he wanted to kiss me passionately or tear me to shreds.

The elevator finally stopped, after what felt like minutes and minutes on end. Mister J turned on his heel and stepped out, waiting for me. I took a step out and he grabbed my hand. It felt strange. It was such a normal and gentle thing for him to do. His grip wasn’t rough or sexual. He just barely squeezed it, as if my hand was made of glass and he didn’t want to break it.

He led me towards the middle of the room. His breath was heavy and his eyes still looked a little confused. It was a mix of confusion, lust, hate, desire and a feeling I don’t think he understood. An unfamiliar feeling none of us could describe in words. It could only be felt.

I drew a sharp breath, anxious about what all of this was about. When I stopped focusing so much on my thoughts, I noticed a sound. Bubbling. I walked over to the edge of the platform and leaned over to see where the sound was coming from. 8 meters down, I could see five or six large chemical vats. The brown liquid was bubbling and steaming. ‘’Mister J why- Doll.’’ He interrupted me.

I looked at his eyes. Those crazy, deranged eyes that I had fallen in love with. Then I looked back down at the swirling chemical bath below us. That’s when it all made sense to me. His skin, his hair. He was born down there.

Mister J grabbed my shoulders and I looked back up at his eyes again. His eyes, the same color as his chemical birthplace. ‘’Would you die for me?’’ he asked me dead serious. Yes, yes, yes, anything I thought. ‘’Yes.’’ I said honestly. Then he looked up the roof and shook his head. ‘’No, no, that’s too easy.’’ He looked back down at my eyes again. Then he flashed a toothfull smirk. It sent chills down my spine and honestly, it scared the hell out of me.

‘’Would you?’’ he stopped, thinking. ‘’Would you live for me?’’ he growled. My heart tried to push itself out of my ripe chest. ‘’Yes’’ I replied. He caressed my arm with his hand. I was trembling under his touch.

He had a power about him that I could not deny. My chest rose up and fell. I was the mouse, he, the lion. ‘’Will you embrace me, and only me?’’ Yes, any day, every day, forever.’’ His hypnotizing eyes capturing mine. ‘’Will you bind your spirit to mine, in hate?’’ Anything, anything. I nodded eagerly. ‘’Do you consign your soul to me?’’ I opened my lips slightly. ‘’Yes.’’ ‘’Do you laugh at the world in disgust?’’ Always have, always will. Especially if I can laugh at it with you, I do. I do.’’ He put his finger to my lip and dragged it down my sore bottom lip as he kept his eyes on mine. ‘’Yes.’’

‘’Do not say this oath, thoughtlessly’’ My breath hitched in my throat as I stared into his gleaming eyes. ‘’I want it.’’ ‘’Say it, say it. Say iit.’’ He groaned between heavy breaths. ‘’Pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty’’ ‘’Please?’’ I finished. My voice was weak, like an innocent little child. He lifted his hands from my shoulders and curled them together in delight as he watched me beg. ‘’Aaw, God, you’re so, good.’’

He took a few steps back and raised his arms slightly, looking at me, gesturing for me to let myself fall into the chemical vat below us. I was happy too, there wasn’t a thing I wanted more in this life. I would live for him, I would die for him, I would spend each and every moment of my life embracing him and only him. My puddin.

Just as I was about to raise my arms and let my body fall down into the gooey chemical bath, someone fell through the roof and landed in-between us with a loud bang. ‘JOKER!’’ a dark voice roared. Once the dust had cleared, I squinted my eyes and opened my mouth in surprise and shock. It was the Batman. ‘’Let the girl go.’’ He commanded and started walking towards my Mister J. Mister J started hysterically laughing at the bat’s face. ‘’I suggest you back of batsy, the girl belongs with me and she stays here.’’ He roared back at him.

‘’She’s an innocent young girl with a family and friends who are looking for her. She doesn’t belong with a psychopathic, emotionless clown.’’ I looked down at the floor, my heart churning when he mentioned my friends and family. Batman turned his head in my direction and used his free hand to reach it out for me to grab. ‘’Come here, miss. You don’t want this. He’s a manipulative psychopath who has been toying with you since the minute he saw you.’’

No. That stupid batman didn’t even know the first of it. Mister J wouldn’t have brought me here, or come to save me if I was just a chew toy to him. I slapped his hand away and crossed my arms over my chest. Mister J looked at me with so much passion. Seeing his girl beat the batman turned him on beyond belief.

He took the chance to slam his own head into batsy’s head. The Batman fell to the ground and the Joker jumped on top of him, beating him whilst laughing hysterically. I just stood there, watching them. There wasn’t anything I could to. This was between them. The fight escalated and they launched themselves at each other, throwing each other into walls and down on the floor. You could sense the hate between those two. Despite that, they needed each other. They were, in some sense, dependent on one another. Without each other, they would be, incomplete.

Frost threw a bat in Mister J’s direction and he grabbed it with his free hand. He looked down at the bat and smiled before he smashed the bat’s shoulder with the wooden bat. I couldn’t help but start giggling. He was beating the bat with a bat, how ironic.

When the bat was down, Mister J rushed over to me and grabbed my face. ‘’Do you want this? Do you really want this?’’ he panted. I looked at him with puppy eyes. ‘’I do.’’ He smiled crazily at me. At his point, Frost burst in through the elevator and tackled The Batman from behind before he could reach Mister J. ‘’Then, goodbye Y/N.’’ He pushed me off the platform and I plunged into the churning liquid below. 

‘’NO!’’ Batman shouted and reached out his hand, but it was too late. The acid devoured me as I screamed in pain from the burns. Impressed and satisfied, he watched me disappear into the hellish brew. At this point, batsy had gotten back up on his feet and grabbed Mister J by the neck. 

My puddin was quick, and kneed batsy in the stomach before kicking him to the ground. ‘’Come on boss! We gotta go’’ Frost exclaimed as he turned around to escape before Batman regained enough strength to fight back. ‘’No, no, no, no, no’’ Mister J mumbled to himself and kept pacing back and forth on the platform. Frost looked at him in shock and confusion as Mister J suddenly ripped his jacket off and plunged himself into the churning mass below.

Frost held his gun at the bat as he walked over to the platform to see what happening. Time was ticking, tick, tick, tick. Then, they broke surface. I was limp in his arms. He looked down at me and saw a change. My hair and my skin had been bleached and my skin had this alluring alabaster glow to it. I felt the air of the surface brush over my painted body.

The Joker looked down at my face and placed his lips on mine. My eyes opened in a gasp and I looked at the man holding me in his arms. His face was dripping with chemicals and his eyes were more deranged than I’d ever seen them. ‘’Who do you belong to?’’ he asked as he grabbed the back of my neck. ‘’You. You’re my Mister J’’ I grinned at him. Mister J moved in and kissed me hard on the lips while I began gnawing on his. He leaned his head back and started laughing hysterically as I joined in. From now on, it was the two of us, together.

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Is Penhause's hand on backwards? Right hand. Or is he missing a thumb?

it was around like 4am when i drew it, so i’ll go back and fix it rn, although given the amount of reblogs, thumbless Penthouse is probably gonna be around for a while

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How would you describe Dean and Castiel's relationship over the course of the seasons? (and how did it evolve?) I've been thinking about this a bit over the last few days (my current headcanon is that Castiel fell in love with Dean somewhere in season 6, and Dean fell in love with Castiel in season 8).

Hi, dear! Wow. This is a very interesting and challenging question. I hope I can do it justice. Buckle up because this is gonna be a hell of a long post! I’ll give you my interpretation in the most canonical way possible.

In season 4, Dean and Castiel were reluctant allies. They weren’t friends, at least not at first. But this was the season Cas started to see for himself that Dean was a good man and that Heaven wasn’t pure anymore. Finding out that some of his brothers and sisters had been corrupted and seeing Dean trying to do the right thing made Cas have even more doubts and questions than he already had on his own. This was the season when Cas’ superiors began to question his sympathies because he was getting too close to Dean and was starting to express emotions (doorways to doubt). I don’t think that means Cas was falling in love with Dean or anything like that. I think Cas started to consider Dean more righteous than Heaven, and therefore, his obedience to Heaven could falter, which actually happened. Dean, on the other hand, had problems to believe in angels and hated the guts of Castiel at the beginning. He couldn’t understand why or how he was rescued by an Angel of the Lord, and he definitely didn’t want to do Heaven’s bidding. It was this season when Dean started to realize that Cas was different, that deep down he cared, that he was not a “hammer” because he questioned his orders and even disobeyed Heaven to help him (in 4x18). This was the season when Cas first rebelled against Heaven even after he was dragged back to “Bible camp” (and we learned four seasons later that brainwashing and resetting an angel was a cruel and painful procedure). This was the season Dean started to see they were really making the story up as they went.

In season 5, Dean and Castiel became friends. Cas rebelled against Heaven for Dean (and Sam). He did his best to keep Dean and Sam away from the other angels who just wanted them to say yes to Michael and Lucifer. This was the season when they went from allies to friends. Dean and Cas helped each other in their missions, reluctantly, but they did. Dean helped Cas in his search for God; Cas helped Dean when trying to kill Lucifer with the Colt. Both missions failed horribly, both of them thought the other’s plan was pointless, but they helped anyway. This was the season when Dean got sent to 2014 and realized that his fucked-up, poisonous self could destroy even an angel like Cas. This was when he realized Cas would follow him anywhere, and he probably didn’t know how to feel about it. For Cas, this was the season when he totally lost faith in God and learned to have faith in Dean. Angels were created to love and have faith in the Lord, and they associated love with faith for default. When he started to have more faith in Dean than in God, he somehow started to love Dean more than he loved his Father. In 5x21, when Cas realized Dean said no to Michael, he apologized to Dean for doubting him, and I think that was the moment Cas’ faith in Dean became unbreakable. And so did his love for the righteous man. At this point, Cas’ love for Dean wasn’t romantic. Dean became his role-model. He put Dean up in the altar where his Father used to be, and he loved him deeply, as one of God’s best creations. When season 5 ended, Cas cared about Dean a lot more than Dean cared about Cas. As friends, brothers-in-arms, they parted ways once the war was over. Cas wanted to see Dean happy, but he still felt he belonged in Heaven and liked the idea that God had brought him back to life (for a second time now) to fix things up there. Dean, on the other hand, saw Cas leave and probably thought he wasn’t gonna see the angel ever again. He had other pressing matters, anyway. Sam in the pit, for example.

In season 6, Dean and Cas became a dysfunctional family. Before going back to Heaven, Cas rescued Sam from the pit to give Dean the grand prize he was asking for at the end of 5x22. However, he didn’t know he’d left Sam’s soul behind and the whole thing blew up in his face later on. He thought he could set things right in Heaven, but he wasn’t expecting Raphael to have totally different plans. When he realized he wasn’t strong enough to defeat Raphael, he went to Dean to look for help, but once Cas saw him living his apparently happy and peaceful life, he couldn’t pull Dean back in. Crowley took advantage of the moment and managed to convince Cas to work with him. It’s totally true that Cas did a lot of regrettable things in season 6 and that he lied a lot, but everything he did was for Dean and because of Dean; everything was in the name of that profound bond he thought he shared with Dean. On the other hand, Dean, who was raised in an environment of neglect and abuse, and therefore considered that kind of behavior “normal” in a family, started to treat Cas in a very poor way. As I said in another post:

[Dean] only called Cas when he needed something and didn’t really care about anything that was happening to Cas. That’s what Castiel perceived. He loved the Winchesters a lot, especially Dean, but he somehow thought he couldn’t really count on them. “Of course. Your problems always come first,” Cas told Dean in 6x07. “It sounds so simple when you say it like that. Where were you when I needed to hear it?”, Cas asked in 6x20. These two jerks really had communication issues at that time. Cas didn’t ask Dean for help at first because he didn’t want to disturb Dean’s apparently peaceful life, and he didn’t ask for help later because it was already too late (the deal was already made) and because anyway, he kind of thought Dean didn’t give a damn about his civil war. Dean was so worried about Sam and “the job” that he never cared to ask Cas if he needed anything. Probably because he thought an angel was so powerful, he didn’t need help. But also because the Winchesters are not exactly the most helpful people to their closest ones. Remember how Bobby didn’t get any help from Dean and Sam in 6x04 until he finally asked for it (and called them “self-absorbed”)? What was the boys’ reaction? “Bobby, all you gotta do is ask.” The whole speech Bobby gave them in that episode showed how the boys didn’t really give a second thought to other people’s problems. It was not because they didn’t love those people, it was just because that was the Winchester way. Dean didn’t know how to listen to Cas, how to offer help, how to empathize. And Cas didn’t know how to ask for help, how to consider that he might not be in a righteous path, how to doubt himself. I guess the “Next to Sam, you and Bobby are the closest things I have to family” Dean said in 6x20 came too little, too late for Cas at that point.

Cas desperately wanted Dean to have faith in him, but Dean didn’t. In Cas’ notebook, that meant Dean didn’t love him (no matter if he said Cas was family or that he would have died for Cas). Castiel had to finish what he had started. To defeat Raphael, he made very bad decisions. The ends justified the means, so he hurt Sam in the process. Castiel was disappointed. Nobody had faith in him, nobody loved him. That’s why he told Dean “You’re not my family” in 6x22, and that’s probably why the first thing he said as Godstiel was “You will bow down and profess your love unto me.”

In season 7, Dean and Cas had to reconstruct their relationship.  I’ll quote myself from another post:

Season7!Dean had so much going on in that head of his. I don’t think Dean had feelings for Cas at that point. When Dean said that Cas was like a brother to him in 6x20, I believe he really meant it. However, the guilt, anger and frustration Dean felt toward Castiel was drowning him little by little. Guilt because maybe if he had just listened, if he had said something, if he had been less self-centered, he could have saved Cas and prevented the whole Purgatory souls fiasco. Anger because how could Cas betray him? How could Cas break Sam’s wall? How could Cas lie to him? How could Cas die without giving him the chance to say everything he had to say? Frustration because he had to clean up Cas’ mess, because Cas was gone, because he had lost his best friend. It was so much for such a complex person as Dean that he couldn’t move on and dealt with all that the best way he could: drinking. When Dean found Emmanuel, everything that I just mentioned came crushing to his mind. Just add another frustration item: Cas didn’t even remember him. The frustration list just got bigger and bigger: Cas going kinda insane; Cas refusing to fight; Cas behaving like a little child. And the only method to deal with things like these Dean has known all his life is to lash out. That’s how he communicates. He learned it from John Winchester and has used that lots of times with Sam. He needed to take it all out, to yell at Cas in order to move on and start the healing process, the forgiving process (because he really wanted to fix things with Cas, he just didn’t know how to), but Castiel was denying him even that. Poor Dean! At this point, I felt sorry for both, Dean and Cas, because I could really empathize with both.

Cas realized too late that he’d made a huge mistake and before dying all he wanted to do was Dean’s forgiveness and make things right. He was absent most of season 7, and when he reappeared and remembered who he really was, he felt extremely guilty. Taking Sam’s pain was the only thing he could do to make things right. If drinking was Dean’s coping mechanism, staying away from all sorts of violence was Cas’ once he woke up in 7x21. Dean needed Cas to take out Dick Roman, and Cas agreed to help (and even protected Dean when the time came) because he wanted to show Dean gratitude for the faith he was showing him when he told him “I’d rather have you, cursed or not”. Faith equals love. Was that a “note of forgiveness”?

In season 8, Dean and Cas weren’t on the same page regarding their feelings. It was in Purgatory, the place that felt pure, where Dean realized that no matter what Cas had done, no matter what had happened, he loved his angel. He cared about him so much that he wasn’t going to leave Purgatory without him. In season 6, he was a shitty, selfish friend, but he wasn’t going to make the same mistake again. He needed to find Cas and take him home, where they could start over. It was in Purgatory where Dean understood he preferred a life of constant hiding, running for dear life, and killing instead of a life on Earth without Cas. He knew that if everything he suffered during the year Cas was gone was terrifying, the guilt he would feel about leaving his friend without even trying to look for him was definitely going to kill him. When he finally found Cas and realized that Cas had left him alone to try to protect him from the Leviathans, he decided to tell Cas how much he cared. He told him “I need you” and “I’m not leaving here without you”. Dean didn’t need Cas to be able to get out. He just needed Cas to be with him, and he wanted Cas to understand it. Cas, of course, understood, but he felt too much shame and guilt to consider the possibility of leaving Purgatory, so he just made sure he got Dean out.

Leaving Purgatory without Cas was so painful to Dean that he had to change the memory of what happened so he could blame himself. Once Castiel was back, even though Dean was suspicious of how he got out of Purgatory, he wasn’t about to make the same mistakes he’d made before. He was all “talk to me” with Cas. He wanted to make sure Cas was OK. He wanted to prove that he cared. No matter how shady Cas was, Dean still prayed to him. He still poured his heart out to Cas. Even when Cas was about to kill him, he didn’t fight back. He just reminded Cas that he was family, that they needed him, that HE needed him.

On the other hand, Cas was brainwashed into killing thousands of fake Deans so he would be ready to do Heaven’s bidding without interference from the elder Winchester. It took for the real Dean to say “I need you” to break the connection between Cas and Naomi’s mind control, but when Dean asked him what broke the connection, Cas honestly didn’t know what to answer. Unfortunately, there wasn’t time for Cas to analyze what had happened. There were more pressing matters, like the angel tablet. Cas wanted to make things right and got fooled by Metatron in the process.

At this point, I’m fairly sure Dean already understood he loved Cas. All season 7 Dean couldn’t understand why he couldn’t move past what Cas had done. In Purgatory he was free enough to say “I love you” in the Winchester way: “I need you.” He’s told Cas “I need you” a lot of times. Why? Because Dean Winchester is not really with the whole love and… love, so he says the next best thing. The question is what kind of love does Dean feel for Cas? I’m sure that’s something Dean doesn’t want to understand. He’s gotten hints from his family that he should try to understand his feelings for Cas (“he’s dreamy”, Charlie said; “because it’s Cas”, Sammy said), but he didn’t really get it, and even if he did, it didn’t matter anyway because his angel was going home.

In season 9, Dean and Cas weren’t on the same page regarding their feelings AGAIN. But this time it was Cas’ turn to start to understand. Castiel, angel of the Lord, has loved Dean Winchester since he decided to have faith in him. Faith equals love. However, I don’t think Cas understood what kind of love he felt for Dean. That’s why he couldn’t answer the “what broke the connection” question. HE DIDN’T KNOW. He had to be human to be able to understand that he can love his brothers and sisters, humanity, Sam and Dean, but each love is different. His love for humanity is agape. His love for his brothers and sisters is storge. His love for Sam is between storge and philia, but what about his love for Dean? I’m ready to bet it’s eros, but Cas didn’t know that before. (ETA: For more info on the kind of love Cas has for Dean and why I think eros is involved, you can read this). That’s why the PB&J conversation between Cas and Sam in 9x11 was so important. Being an angel, Cas has the physical capacity to eat or even drink liquor, but he can’t enjoy things the same way a human does. That’s why it’s been emphasized that emotions and even simple things like flavors are human things. I think it wasn’t until 9x06 that Cas realized he was in love with Dean. What about Dean? Well, 9x06 was probably the moment he realized he was in love with Cas, too, but this time it was Dean’s turn to let Cas live a normal and peaceful life.

Cas’ weakness was revealed in 9x22: he’s in love… with humanity. But, of course, everybody (Hannah, Metatron, and Dean himself) agreed that Cas sacrificed everything for just one man, to protect Dean Winchester.

In season 10, Dean and Castiel need to figure out what they want. They both don’t know. They both want more but are too afraid to go for it. Dean thinks he’s gonna die soon, but he acknowledges there’s people, feelings that he wants to experience differently or maybe for the first time. He has no doubts that Cas loves him. If he had any, he lost them after Cas gave up an entire army for him. Cas doesn’t know what he is anymore. He doesn’t belong in Heaven, he’s not a human, but there are human things he considers good –art, hope, love, dreams. However, he knows emotions… feelings are dangerous temptations. How does he know? Well, he’s been consistently screwing things up to protect the one thing that has become his priority: Dean Winchester. Everything has been, is, and will always be about saving Dean. It’s pretty much obvious Cas doesn’t have vessel issues anymore in case he decides to stay on Earth (whether angel or human). But his big questions are still the same, “What broke the connection?” “But as what [do you want to live] Castiel, as an angel or a man?” “Who are you? What’s your mission?” And the answers to all those questions are related to Dean. Therefore, Cas has to figure out what he wants.  

Dean, on the other hand, is afraid of losing control and hurting the people he loves: Cas and his brother. Notice who Benny (Dean’s subconscious) mentioned first. At this point in the story, I think Dean knows how he feels about Cas, but Cas doesn’t know. And Cas knows how he feels about Dean, but Dean doesn’t know. They both think they’re family for the other. They both are a couple of emotionally constipated idjits. Dean also has to figure out what he wants, but right now, he doesn’t give much thought to it because he thinks there’s not a good future for him.

I just hope that whatever the consequences of what Sam and Cas are doing to save Dean don’t separate Dean and Cas that much for season 11. However, they both already know how they feel. It’s just a matter of telling the other and we can’t get that yet. That’s why it makes so much sense that TPTB have kept Dean and Cas apart so much during season 10. So, I guess more conflict will be a must for next season.

If you notice, the thing that makes Destiel one of the most popular ships is that it feels real. It doesn’t feel forced. They have gone through a lot and overcome a lot together. This is definitely one of the best love stories ever told!

It Starts...

okay just saying this now, i’m in love with this au and i cAN NOT BE STOPPED. so here’s more of this thing that is the retro therapy au. these are gonna be all over the place in terms of timeline.  and i’m probably just gonna keep like…submitting these to the renaissance and then re blogging them onto my tumblr. hope you like this mod Carrie!

Danny floated outside the window to Vlad’s hospital room.  Thinking very hard about what he was going to do.  In truth he should have been back home with his family already, ecto–acne cure in hand.  But…Vlad.

 “Years in the hospital robbed me of that!”

 He’d tried once to fix that.  But Vlad not getting hit with the portal was worse than getting hit by it.

 Danny nibbled on his lip.  He should go home, to his own time.  He shouldn’t mess with history.  No good would come of it, or so Clockwork implied.


 Lonely, sad, mad, unable to deal with the changes he’d start noticing any hour now alone.  Danny remembered his own start as a halfa.  How much easier would it have been if Vlad had been there from the start?  There to tell him how to stop falling through things, how to fly, how to produce an ecto blast, to protect him from ghosts too strong for him.

 Having someone there who knew what was happening to him, had gone through it too, and could tell him with certainty that everything would be alright because it had been for them.

 Danny sighed and looked through the window to Vlad again.  It sounded like heaven, really.  Closing his eyes, Danny mentally prepared himself for what he was going to do.

 Phasing through the window, still invisible, Danny caught the tail end of the call the other man had been on. “Jack, I’m dead. I’m so dead.  And hospital food is still awful.”  He was crying.  Danny had heard about the lost scholarships and the lost dorm and the new and continuing hospital bills in the last few days he’d been shadowing the man (NOT haunting no matter what the multitude of other minor ghosts said.  There was no way he was haunting the man.  Merely hanging around out of concern.  That was IT.), and was overwhelmingly aware that originally Vlad had likely robbed a bank the moment he could figure out how to pay for the growing bills.

 Solidifying beside him, Danny set a hand on Vlad’s shoulder, “It’ll be okay you know.  You’re not alone in this.  I’ll make sure of it.”

This statement was clearly meant to be comforting, and were Danny not a halfa and therefore very used to Vlad always being aware of where he was, it likely would have been.  What Danny had forgotten was that this was not 40 something year old Vlad Masters, billionaire, mayor of Amity Park, and most experienced halfa in existence.  Instead the other man startled, fell of the bed, kicking Danny in the chin, and started yelling in a language that Danny was not previously aware Vlad spoke, and did he just call Danny a hell demon?

 The younger halfa got the sinking feeling that this was going to be a lot harder than he had originally thought it would be.

submission by gutterlights around the retro therapy au!


Character(s): Dean Winchester

Warning: None

Word Count: 1,175


           Late at night is the time you feel the best, and sometimes Dean can’t sleep, so your relationship works out nicely. You talk or do something quiet until the Winchester finally starts to feel like sleep is a possibility, and you join him when you decide to sleep as well.

           Tonight he went out on a supply run by himself, leaving you and his overtired brother in the second story motel room. Just as you begin to wonder when he’s going to come back, something small makes a plink noise as it strikes the window. The first one you ignore, but when the ‘plinks’ continue, you get curious and get up to investigate. One last plink hits the window as you open the sliding, screen-less frame and stick your head out. Old habits make you look down at the parking lot below.

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Classy Dogs(P.15)

Title: Classy Dogs(P.15)
Pairing: NewtXReader
Warnings: Crude remarks, cussing, sexual content, other triggers to be present.
Summary: Newt, Thomas and Peter(OUAT), have always been good at getting the girls in their small school wrapped up in their blankets before ushering them out of their lives for good. Newt finds a new attraction in the girl that just transferred and he’s willing to do whatever it takes to get her before anyone else, but as time goes…He’s not so sure it’s just a chase for sex.


“Well, it’s been two weeks and he hasn’t gotten any. He’s gonna give up, you know that, right?” Minho responded, trying to calm Newt down, but it never seemed to do anything and they’d had this conversation a few times the last few weeks.

Newt rolled his eyes, shrugging some “Yeah, that’s what I thought, but they’re always together. It’s frustrating. Have you talked to her?”

Minho tossed a hand up. “Of course I have! That girl means a lot to me, you know?” He sighed. “But she doesn’t believe it, apparently he’s really sweet and respectful.” He threw in a flutter of his eyelashes, pretending to have a girly voice as well. 

“He’s a good actor, I have to admit. Even I can see how nice he acts around her. He has the whole story mixed around. He’s the good guy, I’m the player.” Newt scratched the back of his head. “Not that she has any reason to believe me over him. He hasn’t given her any reason to not trust him…I sure have.”

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“Yeah well, I believe you when you say he said all that shit about fucking her.” Minho ran his hand across his mouth and shrugged. “Not much we can do now, what about Thomas? You and him still friends or what?”

Before Newt could answer, there was a soft knock at the door. Minho raised a brow and leaned forward to see who it was as Newt pulled the door open. Thomas seemed a bit upset, but he hid it with a grin, nodding at Minho. “Partying without me?”

“Usually keep to partying with friends.” Newt said bluntly, his arms crossed, eyes narrowed. 

Thomas sighed, stepping into the house so Newt could shut the door. “Still mad, huh?” He didn’t wait for Newt’s answer before tossing Newt his phone. “Thought I’d try and make up for it.” 

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The blond read over the boys screen, his expression changing. “How is this supposed to make up for it?” He said in distaste, throwing the phone back. 

“You still have time, you can intervene.” Thomas said as if that was obvious. 

“Y/N already thinks I’m a jerk, getting in the middle of that would probably make it worse.” Newt shook his head. “Just go, Tommy.”

“Come on…You know what’s gonna happen if sh–”

“I know! And who practically pushed her into his arms, Thomas? You can’t just fix this by telling me Peter and her are gonna have sex tonight.” Minho’s brows shot up. 

“What?!” He growled, standing up. “Who says?!” 

Thomas handed him his phone, showing the picture of the made up bed with roses that Peter sent him and a message saying ‘no more fucking around with this chick. Gettin’ it done.’

“I’m gonna kill him.” Minho said, grabbing his keys “I’m gonna strangle him and you’re gonna help me hide the body.” He added pointing at Newt.

Newt sighed. “Just leave it alone. You warned her, I did. She is only gonna get even more upset if we show up there with guns blazing. Not literally, but still. The only thing we’re gonna be able to do is be there for her afterwards. She’s gonna need it.” He sat down on the couch, setting his head on his hands and gripping at his hair. “Bunch of bloody bullshit.”


I had been spending a lot of time with Peter, despite the warnings from Newt and Minho, no one else made any remarks about the boys reputation and I knew that Minho was only trying to help Newt. Peter hadn’t given me any reason to think badly of him, not like Newt had.

Peter had taken me out to lunch that day and tonight we took the dogs for a walk around the park before dropping them back off at my house. He kissed my cheek before telling me to come over later and then headed home in his truck.

Knocking on his door about an hour later, I couldn’t help, but feel a bit nervous about tonight. I knew me and him both hinted and joked about sex whenever we kissed or things got a little hot, but I had a feeling that this is what he had planned for tonight, even though he never pushed the subject. I knew if I chickened out last minute, he would be okay with it.

It didn’t take him long to answer the door, he grinned as he took my hand and pulled me into him. “Once again, you look bloody beautiful.” He smirked, kissing the side of my neck. 

I giggled a bit and wrapped my arms around him. “You look handsome, as always.” He chuckled at my response, pushing me up against the wall.

“I had a fun time with you tonight, love.”

I reached up to slide my fingers through his hair. “I always have a fun time with you, Peter.”

He grinned again, kissing up my neck. “Come to my room?” 

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We both knew, by the tone of his voice, what the question really meant. If I said yes, I wouldn’t turn back, but if I said no I was worried about how he’d react. I know he’d accept it, but I also know I’d said no a few times before, I worried he’d eventually get upset about it. 

This time though, I didn’t really want to say no. I grinned as I felt him nip my earlobe. “Yes.” I breathed, smiling internally when I felt the grin against my skin.

He lifted me up, helping me wrap my legs around his waist before making his way towards his room. Most of the way we were lip locked, my hands entangled in his hair while his gripped at the bottom of my thighs, rubbing up and down my bare skin underneath my dress.

I moaned softly when he set me on the bed, his hips pressed up against mine from the sudden barrier behind us. 

The kiss didn’t seem to stop for a long time, but finally we both broke away. Peter stared down at me, his eyes searching mine as his hand trailed down my thigh slowly.

“Are you okay with this?” He asked, ghosting his fingers over the cloth of my panties. “If you want me to stop–”

“I don’t.” I breathed, my hips arching lightly. “Keep going.”

He nodded, leaning down to nip and kiss down my neck and across the top of my chest. I ran my hands up his sides, pulling his shirt up along the way. It didn’t take him long to get the message before he tossed his shirt off, quickly discarding it to the side before making an attempt to remove my dress.

The rest of the time seemed to speed up suddenly, clothes were removed, hands traveled from place to place, kisses were laid all over the skin that was being revealed and then it slowed again when he flipped over, letting me settle on top of him, my hands running over his chest. 

I stared down at him with a smile, my hand traveling down and slipping between my legs. He gasped when my fingers entwined around him, squeezing gently as I moved him towards my entrance.

He groaned, his hips trying to arch off the bed, but he was allowing me to set the pace. Watching me closely, he tilted his head back as I lifted my hips, positioning myself before settling down slowly.

I moaned at the feeling of him filling me up, my fingers gripping onto his sides as I shut my eyes. “Fuck.” Peter breathed, his hands gripping my hips. “YN, you feel so amazing.”

Slowly, my eyes fluttered open, I gave him a flirty grin before leaning down to catch his lip between my teeth. “So do you.” I mumbled before sucking on the plump flesh, letting go just as he began to move my hips against his.

I moaned again as I began to move faster, Peter’s breath hitching each time I sunk down or lifted up my hips. It didn’t take long before Peter flipped me onto my back. 

He slid back into me roughly and picked up the pace. My legs wrapped tightly around his waist as he pushed himself into me as fast and hard as he could, the two of us making plenty of noises that explained how good it all felt. 

After a moment, he slowed down, taking the time to kiss me before nipping down my chest, his tongue lapping over my nipple before his mouth latched around my breast, sucking roughly. He nipped the reddened flesh before going back to thrusting against me. 

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I held onto him, panting and gasping lightly before shutting my eyes, the two of us slowing down, our rhythm skipping beats. Finally, he pulled back, quickly discarding the used condom before settling into the bed next to me, both of us panting heavily, coated in sweat. The room smelt of sex.

He rolled towards me, placing a kiss on my shoulder. “We have to get dressed.”

I raised a brow, a bit surprised. “Hm?”

“Trust me, I’d love to cuddle, but my parents are gonna be home any minute.” He replied, tucking a piece of hair behind my ear. “I’m sorry, love.”

I nodded and sat up. “Alright, well we’re still on for dinner tomorrow, right?”

Peter licked his lips, watching as I pulled on my panties and then my dress. “Uh, yeah. I’ll text you when I know what’s going on for sure, kay?”

I glanced back at him, a little unsure. “Okay…you gonna walk me to the door?”

He cleared his throat, moving from the bed. “Gotta shower before my parents get here…But you can uh…find your way out okay, yeah?”

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He made his way towards the bathroom as I did my best to keep a straight face, trying not to burst into tears. “Yeah…I can.”

“Talk to you later, Y/N.”

“Yeah. Alright.”

Sleep Therapy (Ashton Irwin Oneshot)

Summary: The first time you ended up in Ashton’s bed it was out of necessity. The second time, it was out of convenience. All the times after that…well, all you know is that you can’t seem to stop yourself from knocking on his door.

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anonymous asked:

A bit of destiel for you love(: Cas gets upset because he can't find his name on a keychain at a gas station and dean finds those boyfriend/girlfriend necklaces (obvi has to buy 2 sets for bf/bf) and surprises him? :D

Title: Stupid Key Chains
Author: landofrunawayangels

“Hey, Sam, I found your name on here!” Dean shouts casually across the convenience store. They’re only there for a refuel and to grab some food while they drive to Missouri for a werewolf hunt, but it’s a warm morning and they’re all a bit lazy, stopping to mill about a bit.

“Dean, those things are stupid,” Sam calls back, unable to help himself. He gives a wry smile, grabbing an apple for breakfast. It’s better than whatever crap Dean is eating at least.

“Well, thanks, glad to know you care. Hey, mine is here too!” He plucks the key chain off the stand, holding it up in triumph. It’s some dorky thing that says “Welcome to Arkansas!” but it’s got Dean’s name on the bottom at least. “I don’t remember the last time they had my name. Hell, they always have yours, but I haven’t seen mine in a while.”

“Is my name there?” Dean turns as Cas walks up, leafing through the rows of key chains. He reaches the section for C, going past Cassie and hitting Chad.

“Probably not, Cas. Castiel isn’t exactly a common name,” Dean gently breaks, his voice going a bit quieter. Castiel, so interested in human nuances, won’t get to experience this one, and it makes him sad.

“That’s too bad,” Cas murmurs back, continuing to leaf through the key chains as if he’ll find his name hidden somewhere inside. A frown cross his face and Dean hugs him from behind. Castiel leans back and Dean circles his arms around Cas’s waist.

“We don’t even need stupid key chains.”

“I would have liked one,” Cas says quietly and Dean places his chin on Cas’s shoulder, hugging him a little tighter. If there’s one thing he hates, it’s being helpless and this is one of those helpless moments.

“I’m sorry, babe. They probably have Cassie if you want.” It’s weak and Dean knows, but he’s trying to fix this somehow because he hates seeing Cas look upset.

“No, it’s okay.”

“I’m sorry. I’m gonna go pay for this. You want anything?” Dean puts a hand on Cas’s shoulder, getting his attention for the second. Cas takes his hands from the key chains finally, still frowning.

“No, I’m okay. I’ll just go wait in the car.” Cas turns away, walking out of the convenience store stiffly. Dean stands back for a second, watching how tense his angel looks.

“Damn key chains,” he curses, turning back to the stand. He searches for a few more seconds, turning to more of the novelty junk that seems to exist only in highway convenience stores.

“Oh…this will work.”

“Hey, Cas, got you something,” Dean calls as he settles into the driver’s seat. Sam closes the door to the passenger seat, climbing in as well.

“Dean, you know I don’t require any food.” Cas leans forward, genuinely confused because Dean knows this. There’s no reason to get anything for Cas.

“No, I got you a necklace.”

“What? I don’t need a necklace.” Dean sighs in exasperation, smiling as he shakes his head. Sam snorts as he looks over the map, giving the two their privacy.

“Just take the damn thing, Cas. Here.” Dean hands the key chain to Cas, watches him look down. His eyes widen and a small smile breaks out along his face. He looks back up immediately, staring at Dean intently.

“And you?” Dean pulls his chain out of shirt, holding out his matching necklace for Cas to see. The word “Boyfriend” is emblazoned in cursive writing on the silver metal.

“I’ve been needing something since I lost the amulet.” Dean smiles as he turns around to start the car. Through the rearview mirror, Dean sees Cas put the necklace on.

“They’re perfect, Dean.”