probably going to end up as smut

Drowsy // Taehyung

Pairing: Reader x Taehyung

Rating: M

Word Count: 2.1k

Author’s Note: This is the result of my post-concert depression and there will probably be more of these before I go back to my requests because I’m in too much pain to think about anything or anyone else at the moment. (!teeny tiny bit of angst at the end!)

R E Q U E S T || M A S T E R L I S T

He lit up when you walked out of the bathroom, flashing you the cheekiest smile. His pink lips pressed together and turned upwards, his eyes heavy as he fought the sleep that blanketed itself around him comfortably. You couldn’t help but smile at his reaction to you. His eyebrows rose with excitement as you shook your damp hair out, raking through it with your fingers before walking towards the edge of the bed where he sat now.

“The show was amazing tonight.” You said it quietly, as though he were already drifting off and you had to whisper so as to not wake him up.

“I liked the rainbow ocean,” Tae spoke gently, thinking fondly back to the night’s concert. He was bright again; sleep could hardly touch him. “Our Rainbow ARMYs do so much for us,” he smiled to himself. The show was indeed flawless, but then again, everything he ever did was flawless in your eyes. He blinked slowly, his eyes dragging with fatigue. You wanted so badly to just wrap him in a blanket and rock him to bed. It wouldn’t take much. You had been jumping and screaming throughout the night and you were ready to fall asleep standing up. Then, there was Tae. He had been the one doing the actual performing and singing and he was steadily fighting off sleep like a champion.

“Come,” Taehyung patted his thighs with another drowsy smile, leaning back against the headboard. The loose black t-shirt that fell around his body bore too much of his neck and chest for you too resist. You smiled and gently climbed on top of him, straddling him. You rested your arms on his shoulders, idly fingering the hem of his neckline. He looked at you for a while, simply staring in silence as he took in your features. Your skin was fresh, your hair falling around your face neatly, water still dripping from your strands. You smelled like grapefruit, which always made him scrunch up his nose, adjusting to the tart scent. He looked cute when he did that.

Tae slipped his hands beneath your shirt, his hands cold against your freshly showered, warm skin. You inhaled sharply at the contact, your fingers instinctively scratching at his shoulders. “Tae…” you breathed. Your stomach tightened at the thought of where this was going.

“Please?” He said, leaning forward. His grey knit beanie brushed against your neck softly as he lifted his hands, letting the air brush across your skin as he ran his tongue up your cleavage. Your head fell back weakly.

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since it's in your intro post, could you do boyfriend jimin?


Originally posted by itschiminie

  • he’d be such a fluffy boyfriend ok trust me 
  • probably loves pda but gets super flustered by it and ends up only doing small things
  • like you’d kiss his cheek or somethin and hes blushing 
  • but when y’all get alone ;) he’s super comfortable and likes constantly touching
  • loves calling you baby
  • tae coming with yall a lot but not too much bc jimin wants time with just you 
  • likes going on really cute dates like walks at the park, visiting flower shops (he buys your favorite flower while you’re there)
  • loves attention so if you’re alone and not giving him attention he’s pouting 
  • the boy is aL W ayS smling 
  • unless he’s super upset
  • or trying to get your attention bc he knows pouty jimin is too cute to ignore
  • probably super clingy like he’d know when to give you space but for the most part he wants to always be touching you whether it be holding hands or you’re running your hands through his hair, anything
  • if you two get in a fight he’s probably not the type to get SUPER angry, at least not visibly like he’ll probably stop arguing and leave for like 30 minutes
  • comes back so you can talk the problem out calmly 
  • he’d probably be really sad even after the problem is solved and will just wanna lay in bed with you 
  • the type to really want to talk about his feelings with you if he feels bad
  • and would want you to talk to him too, bU T if you’re not good at it he’ll understand and won’t pressure you
  • he will however encourage you, he wants you to be as comfortable with him as he is with you 
  • likes taking showers together (which most likely turn into baths afterwards)
  • nothing sexual (well… maybe) he just really likes the intimacy of it 
  • constantly talking about you 
  • like one day joon pulled jimin away and was like “are we ever gonna meet them?? you talk about ‘em an awful lot” 
  • so jimin is like.. well now i have to arrange somethin
  • when you do meet the boys jimin is blushing bc he’s told the boys so much about the relationship you two have
  • you get along with them all really well and they all love you 
  • you get home that night and jimin is so HAPPY 
  • he’s extremely glad that you got along with his pals because it would have been hell if you didn’t 
  • when he’s horny he’s like “…babyyyyyyyyyy i need your help” 
  • his lead up to y’all actually fucking is so sweet like he’s peppering kisses all over you and wants you to know you’re loved 
  • the next morning would be so cute don’t touch me 
  • he’d be super shy but like also lowkey not 
  • if things were more on the rough side the night before he’d be like “i made you a really cute & sweet breakfast since last night was anything but” 
  • he’s smirking, but he’s also bllushing
  • would be the best comforting person ever
  • if you’re sad he knows exactly what to do to help you feel better 
  • he’d always be there for you, and you for him 
  • you guys wouldn’t be just lovers but best friends too which would make everything 100x easier
  • you’d be a power couple people looked up to 
Late Night Phone Calls

Requested: Yes

Summary: Reader and Spencer have only been dating for a short while after having crushes on each other for awhile. Reader calls late one night insanely sexually frustrated, ends up going to his apartment. (No smut)

Author’s Note: This is super short, but I hope you guys enjoy!


Do not call.

It’s nearly 12, (Y/N). He’s probably not even awake. And you’ve only been dating a few weeks, that’s completely inappropriate.

But, that’s a boyfriend’s job, right?

Okay, I’ll call once. It doesn’t hurt to try.

I turned over in bed, reaching over to my bedside table for my phone. I slid my finger across the screen and searched for Spencer’s number, only taking a matter of seconds. I drew in a deep breath as I pressed the “call” button, pressing the phone against my ear. A few seconds in, Spencer’s voice finally broke through (I told myself it was only a few seconds when in reality it felt like I’d been holding the phone for ten minutes.)

“Hello?” He spoke and I faltered for a second, I didn’t expect him to answer.

“Hey, did I wake you?” I asked.

“No, just up filling out paperwork.” He replied.

“Oh.” I said, not entirely sure where to carry the conversation from here. This was all on a spur of a moment, I hadn’t really thought any of this through.

“Speaking of, why are you awake?” Spencer inquired.

“Couldn’t really sleep, figured I’d call you.” I replied.

“Well, you can come over if you’d like. I’ll probably be up for awhile.” He spoke, his hesitation evident. I wasn’t sure if it was that he didn’t want me over, but felt impolite if he didn’t ask or thought I might reject.

“Are you sure that’s okay?” I asked.

“Of course, I’ll leave the door unlocked if you wanna come up.” Spencer replied, sounding much more solid in his choices.

“See you in a few.” I replied.

“See you then.” He said before hanging up.

That was definitely not the outcome I was expecting, I’m not one to question a good thing though. I hadn’t noticed the grin that traced my lips until I was forcing it away.

I decided to stay in my t shirt, but slip into a pair of shorts. I turned towards the full length mirror that laid against my wall, looking over my appearance. I pulled my hair into a pony tail, just wanting my hair away from my face. I chewed on my lip as I thought through how I’d approach this.

Well, he’s a profiler. Maybe I wouldn’t have to. In his own time.

After a five minute drive that had never seemed longer, I was stood at Spencer’s door step. I brought my hand to the door and knocked three times, not even giving myself the chance to talk myself out of it. Spencer seemed to open the door almost instantly, he gave me a smile, stepping aside to let me inside.

“Hey.” I smiled once he’d shut the door behind us, leaning down to place a kiss on my cheek.

“Hello,” He smiled back in return, walking to take his place back at his desk, “You can lie on the couch while I work, are you feeling alright?” He asked.

I sat onto the cushion and glanced around the apartment. The apartment I’d been in countless times before, but from my perspective it felt completely foreign seeing as to why I came here. A reason Spencer still hadn’t seemed to recognize.

“Yeah, I’m fine.” I nodded, placing my hands onto my thighs, tucking them between.

“Are you sure? It’s unusual for you to call this late.” He asked, his eyes flickering down to the placement of my hands.

“I’m fine, Spence. Just continue your work. I only wanted to come see you.” I spoke, not entirely a lie. His brows furrowed, looking over my face before turning back to the short stack of papers that had previously captured his attention.

And it continued on like that. Small conversation, and Spencer looking for the occasional confirmation that I was okay.

“You need me to get you anything while you’re working?” I asked, cocking an eyebrow.

“I’m fine, love.” He spoke, his tongue darting out to wet his lips, causing me to sharply draw in a breath. Spencer turned his attention to me when he’d heard my sound and frowned.

“Are you sure you’re okay?” He asked for seemingly the hundredth time that evening.

“Perfectly fine.” I nodded, crossing my legs.

Spencer seemed to take note of my actions, his eyes slowly flickering up to mine before a smirk made its way onto his lips. He stood up from his chair, walking over to me in two steps before kneeling in front of me.

“A little frustrated, are we?” He asked, placing his hands on the sides of my thighs.

“How could you tell?” I mocked.

“Your breathing was uneven the second you walked through that door,” He spoke, cocking his head in the direction of the door to emphasize his point, “And your eyes are dilated.” He continued, grabbing my arm and slowly running his hand down until it was placed in my own.

“Is that it?” I mused, leaning down to where my nose barely brushed his, turning my head lightly to the side.

“Your tone is slightly intimidating, but your body betrays your act. I thought you’d notice I was taking your pulse as well,” He whispered, his eyes flickering down to my lips, “And every time I glanced over from my work, you seemed to continually be clenching your thighs.”

“Didn’t think you were watching me.” I spoke, leaning in to steal a kiss from his lips, one that barely lasted half a second.

“Oh, my dear, how could I take my eyes off of you?” He spoke softly. I let a small smile take over my lips, bringing my lip between my teeth to force it away.

“Don’t do that.” Spencer spoke, a slight layer of sternness in his voice. Commanding, but his expression was soft.

“Do what?” I asked.

“Bite your lip like that.” He replied, reaching up to place his thumb onto my bottom lip, lightly pulling it in his direction before releasing.

“I don’t know what you’d expect.” I lightly chuckled.

“I don’t know what you were thinking either, but if you need me to take care of you, I will.” He spoke, his hands returning to their place on my thighs.

“Are you sure?” I asked, I didn’t want him feeling obligated.

“Of course. After all, you are mine. Anything I can do to provide for you, whether it’s emotionally, financially, physically, I will do.” He spoke.

“Then please do.” I smiled, letting out a small yelp as Spencer lifted me up, wrapping my legs around his waist in reflex.

“Can’t risk letting you get away.” He whispered, his nose brushing against mine.

I gave him a small smile, nudging my nose against his before replying,

“Good luck with that ever happening.”


For the anon who requested a Jimin Professor AU. You didn’t specify if you wanted a smut, so I just assumed it was a smut request. I hope you like it. <3

Summary: Y/n is Professor Parks plaything if you will. One particular day Professor Park makes it quite hard for y/n to focus in class, but y/n ends up getting a reward.

Warnings/ Genre: Smut, Professor AU, & Oral Sex

Pairing: Jimin x Reader

Word count: 862

Originally posted by sugutie

60 minutes into your lecture, your laptop was open in front of you yet you’ve taken no notes. Your foot was tapping on the ground, only 15 more minutes to go. Would you regret not taking notes later? Probably, but you couldn’t concentrate on the lecture even if someone paid you a million dollars to. 

I mean how could you when your professor was Park Jimin? He probably wore that tight ass (literally) slacks on purpose just to tease you. Everything he did while you were in his class was just to tease you. 

Today was no different than any other day in his class. Right as the lecture began the first thing he did was ‘accidentally’ drop his remote for the projector, then bending over giving you a great view of his ass as his picked it up. Then it was him propping up his leg on his desk chair flexing his glorious thigh muscles. Also it didn’t help that he would constantly make eye contact with you and run his tongue over his bottom lip. 

10 more minutes, all you need to do is get through 10 more minutes y/n. Your mind began to wander, you bent over professor Park’s desk while he rammed into you from behind. Unconsciously you began to rub your thighs together. 

Soon professor Park was dismissing the class and the sound of your classmates footsteps as they all filed out of the classroom, took you away from your thoughts. You started packing up your things extra slowly making sure you were the last one to leave the classroom. 

Once you were sure everyone was gone, you headed over to the door locking it before turning around a walking over to Professor Park’s desk. 

“Did you have to be such a tease today? One day I’m going to have to actually pay attention to one of your lectures.” You said in a sarcastic whiny tone. 

Professor Park chuckled in response, dropping the papers he held onto his desk before walking towards you closing the distance between you. His lips ghosted over yours teasing you as if he were going to kiss you before quickly pulling away. God, he was such in a teasing mood today that little shit. 

“Sorry about that babe, but I promise I’ll make it up to you.” He said in a husky voice. 

His words sending shivers straight to your core. You could already feel yourself getting wet just hearing him say that. 

Before you could response he was kissing you. Using his tongue to force your lips apart licking his way into your mouth. He lifted you onto his desk, breaking away from the kiss to get in between your legs. 

He knelt down in front of you pushing your skirt up letting it bunch at your waist. You lifted your hips off the desk so he could pull your underwear down to your knees. He nestled his head between your thighs, kissing a trail from your inner thigh to your core. 

“Please, Professor Park I need your tongue” you practically moaned. 

“Since you asked so nicely.” With that he was licking up and down your slit, spreading your lips and teasing your wet entrance with his tongue. He felt so good were starting to buck your hips into his face. Shoving your hand in his hair needed something to grab onto while your other hand laid flat on his desk. 

He was alternating between sucking your clit and running his flat tongue over it. He was grunting every time you moaned. He loved hearing the noises you made when he was pleasuring you. This only fueled him more. Bringing his finger to your soaked entrance he began to finger you. Curling his finger upwards while teasing your clit with his tongue. 

Now you were bucking your hips upwards like crazy. Professor Park had to place his free hand on your abdomen to hold you down. Your juices now dropping down onto his desk. You feel your end coming soon. 

“Please please don’t stop” you pleaded. “Oh fuck, just like that!” Your orgasm was quickly approaching. Professor Park could tell by how your walls squeezed his fingers tight. He was thrusting his fingers faster now brushing sweet spot. He took your clit between his lips and started sucking on the swollen nub.
With that, you were crying out and cumming all over Professor Park’s face. He lapped at your pussy sucking your juices up. 

“Your pussy always tastes so good for me” he hummed relishing the taste of your juices. 

You were helplessly trying to catch your breath. You came so hard the wind was knocked right out of you. Once you finally came down from your high Professor Park was pulling your underwear back up and pulling down your skirt. He helped you off his desk and your legs a bit unstable still from your orgasm. 

You pulled him for a kiss before retrieving your bag from your seat. You were about to leave the classroom when you turned back to face Professor Park. 

“Maybe you should distract me more often.” With that being said you were walking out of his classroom.

Crazy Fucks

Originally posted by lovinthelustxx

Word Count: 1k

Pairing: Joker x Reader

Warning: Smut and violence

The title is a pun and it was absolutely intended. Sorry for the wait, my dudes. It was a cycle of me writing it, hating it and re-doing it. Hope you enjoy!

Sneaking into The Joker’s nightclub probably isn’t one of your best ideas. There is a good chance of you getting caught, everything going horribly wrong and you ending up cut up into tiny little pieces and spread across Gotham.

You didn’t really care about that though. No, you would risk dying a horrific death just to see him. 

He’s magnificent. A true masterpiece.

You’ve been watching him for the past few months and now here you are, curiosity and obsession getting the best of you.

Right now you are in one of his private rooms; a dining area.

It’s a lovely set up. A small table covered with white cloth, sprinkled with rose petals.

He’s set it up for you, hasn’t he?

He knows you’re here, and wants to give you a proper welcome!

Or maybe it’s for that Harley whore.

Before you can settle on which it is, footsteps and voices echo from the other side of the door.

In your infinite wisdom, you decide to dive under the table. You hope the table cloth is enough to keep you hidden.

You jump in surprise when the chair pulls out and someone sits down.

It’s him. You can already tell. At this point, you know every inch of him…well, every clothed inch of him.

You refrain from reaching out to touch him. You’ve come too far to get yourself killed.

“Anything else you need, boss?”

He slowly taps his foot.

“Cancel tonight’s meeting.”


“It would seem I have someone else to deal with instead,” he growls, flipping the table over to reveal your hiding spot.

Your eyes lock onto his and you don’t dare to move.

“Leave us,” he commands and Frost obeys.

“It’s good you’re here, doll. Saves me the trouble of hunting you down,” he says, sitting down again.

“Hunting me down?”

He laughs, the soft light of the room glinting off of his teeth.

“I know you’ve been watching me. Something like that doesn’t go unpunished, kitten.”

“Are you going to kill me?” You question bravely.

Oh, as much as I’d love to blow a hole straight through that pretty little face of yours, I have a better idea,” he states, leaning back in his chair.

He pats his leg. “Come sit on daddy’s lap.”

You don’t hesitate to pull yourself up onto his lap. One of his hands runs up and down your thigh and his other grips the back of your neck.

“Do you know what’s going happen to you from now on when you’re naughty?”


He squeezes the back of your neck tightly.

“No what?” J growls.

“No, daddy!” You whimper.

He smirks, loosening his grip.

His fingers travel between your thighs, brushing against your panties.

He flips you, bending you over his knee. His hand caresses your ass, hiking your dress upwards.

He startles you with a quick smack to your rear, and you jerk back with a yelp.

He smirks and does it again and again, your whimpers muffled by your hands.

J spanks you one last time and pushes you off of his lap, leaving you on your knees.

He flips the table back over, then lifts you up and slams you down onto the table, knocking the wind out of you.

You hear him undoing his belt and you grip the table with excitement.

Fuck, you’ve been waiting for this.

Waiting for him to bend you over and have his way with you.

His fingers hook around your panties and he rips them off, tossing them away.

A low chuckle escapes his lips as he positions himself behind you.

“Say the magic words, princess.”

You turn your head back and lock eyes with him.

“Fuck me, daddy.”

You cry out when he pounds into you without warning. He grabs your hair and slams your head down into the table, your vision clouding for a few seconds.

“Stay down, little slut.”

Warmth drips across your forehead and stains the table crimson, much to his pleasure.

His hands are on your back, keeping you firmly pressed into the table. It’s harder to breathe and your breasts are squished but you’ve never been more turned on in your life.

His thrusts turn slow and rough, and you moan every time he slams forward.

“Oh, daddy!” You shout when he picks his pace up again.

You can’t take anymore. His cock hits every sweet spot you have and you find yourself trembling beneath him as you orgasm.

He pulls out of you abruptly and flips you onto your back, tossing your leg over his shoulder and slamming into you again.

His hand grasps tightly around your throat, keeping you still - and quiet for that matter. Your incoherent muttering began to annoy him.

Your vision clouds again as his grip tightens and your head slams back into the table from his violent thrusts.

“Such…a good…girl,” he rasps, grinning down at you.

Pl-please…” You beg, clawing at his hand.

“Daddy has to finish first.”

His cock throbs inside of you, ramming into you sporadically. Your pussy clenches around him and the burn in your abdomen builds again.

When your second orgasm hits, you’re a shaking mess beneath him and that’s all it takes to make him cum, swearing under his breath.

He pulls out of you, and by the time you regain some composure, he’s already dressed.

He walks over and plants a quick kiss on your lips.

“Stay here until I get back, doll. And leave the dress off,” he commands with a wink before leaving the room.

Finally! You’re finally his!

You’re finally together. And you’ll kill anyone who gets between you two.

Requested by @kamagarigirl

Fuckboy Next Door (Jimin Smut)

Summary: Park Jimin was predictable. Cocky, good-looking, a flirt… a common fuckboy. Who just happened to live next to an apartment that you visited every weekend without fail. He was someone you swore to yourself you would never have sex with. But maybe going against your own promise was better than you thought. Smut.

(AN: okay, so obviously nothing could top the Jeoncheol threesome and I was feeling a little off my writing game when I wrote this anyway… I got waaay to into the ending and backstory once again, I hope the actual smut part measures up. Requested by @babyboo2018426835 and obvious smut warning -Tanisha<3)

House-sitting. Probably one of the coolest common chores a person could be hired to do. Getting paid to do measly tasks like take in the newspaper and water half-dead plants, and just lazy around and eat someone else’s food. It was really your idea of a good weekend.

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So this was originally supposed to be cute fluffy yoonmin but then it somehow ended up with tongues, them both with swollen lips and Jimin with hickies and tbh I’m not even surprised because yoonmin are killing me right now (and the amount of yoonmin smut I’ve read over the past few days is unholy…I should probably go to church or smth)

And when did my sketches become so gross omfg xD

I’ll eventually get around to polishing this up, but I’ve gotta get back to commissions heh~

Coming Home In Your Arms

A/n: No matter how hard I try to make a drabble serious…I always end up injecting unneeded humor. Why self, why are you like this?? Anyway, this is not beta’d or edited at all. So there are probably TYPOS and things I’m going to fix later, so I’m very sorry! But I had teased you guys enough and I really wanted to get this up for you lovely shippers! Enjoy the super-powered sexy times.

She didn’t know it was like this. She didn’t realize talking to a person could be like coming home, like stepping back into a role you forgot you had. She thought she had found who she was on Earth and she was totally comfortable with that.

But the first time Mon-El talked to her about his parents taking him to other planets, beautiful far away stars, she felt something shift. She realized that he was the only person in the world that really got it. Of course, Clark was Kryptonian so he was even more like her than Mon-El was, but….Clark didn’t remember home. Clark hadn’t had it all ripped away from him. Mon-El knew exactly what that was like. Maybe even more so-he was an adult when his world was destroyed, while she was a child.

And when he talked to her about his home, about the couple of times he had visited hers, it felt like she was simultaneously unlocking a new part of herself and remembering who she used to be, back on Kyrpton. The latter part of her found comfort and warmth in discussing other planets, their planets, like it was completely and blissfully normal. But it was different with him than when she was a kid on Kyrpton. With him, she got sassier. She spoke up more. She wasn’t too shy to tell him when he was being an idiot. Because around him, she felt…free. Natural. Like she didn’t have to second guess what she said, keep a secret. She could talk about home. She could slap his arm HARD without fear of breaking him. She wasn’t awkward and stuttering when he did something she didn’t like. She was strong.

Maybe it was because that’s how he obviously saw her-fearless- or maybe it was because that’s who she really is, underneath all the facades she puts on in order for Earth to accept her. Of course she had family, real family, that knew her secret. But they didn’t understand it; they couldn’t feel the weight of it like she could.

Of course, it wasn’t just that they were from neighboring planets that persuaded her to walk to his door that night. No, he didn’t earn points just for being an alien. It helped, but the real reason she felt free around him was because he was the one person that expected nothing of her. And everything. He didn’t expect her to GIVE anything. She didn’t have to be Supergirl and save the day for him to like her. She didn’t have to be a good sister or responsible daughter for him to be interested. She didn’t even have to be a good friend for him to look at her the way he does. (Actually she wasn’t always the best friend to him, but that’s beside the point.)  

He asked for nothing form her, just that she be his partner and help him save people. He actually confessed his feelings tonight without having any hope that she would feel the same. He was simply being honest, like she asked him to be. And boy, did she ask a lot of him.

Not only did he ask nothing of her, but he believed everything of her. He probably thought she was capable of anything. And with her powers, she likely was. But something gave her the feeling that even if she had no powers, if it was a red sun, he would still think her capable of holding the world on her shoulders.
She almost couldn’t believe it. For one, he had listened to her and opened up like she asked. Secondly….comets. Come on, no girl would ever get over that. The look on his face….he was so vulnerable and genuine. She rarely gets to see his eyes that shade. Like a storm, swirling in on itself, blue skies invaded by worried grey cumulonimbus. He looked…afraid. More afraid than when she first met him and his whole word had suddenly disappeared. That look shook her to her core. She had just sat there, staring at him mutely. She supposes it’s not his fault that he assumed she didn’t reciprocate his feelings. She didn’t give much indication if she did or not. She was just too…stunned. She had tried dating before. When she was an awkward preteen, she was  too ignorant of Earth’s culture to be seen as anything but weird. When she was a teenager, she was so afraid of her own powers that she couldn’t control them. The couple of dates she decided to give a go ended up in disaster. Like a poor, innocent human boy injured and bruised disaster. And as she became an adult….she focused on her career, on what she was supposed to be doing with her life and the gift of her powers.

There was Winn. Sweet, clueless, sensitive Winn. He could hack into a government facility-and has several times-but couldn’t tell if a woman was interested or not. He admitted his feelings and her immediate rejection lost her a best friend for weeks.

Then there was James. She was struck by cupid the moment she saw him. Or she thought she was. She pined for months, but when her chance came to actually have him….the sparks seemed to fade. Something didn’t feel quite right when they tried. The kiss was good, but…she just didn’t know if she was actually ready for a relationship. She knew she wanted his friendship, for sure, but…she suddenly wasn’t sure about anything more than that. It almost felt like girlfriend wasn’t supposed to be her role in his life. She realized after the fact that what she felt for James was probably akin to puppy-love. Her first serious feelings for someone at all as an adult. Of course she didn’t know where to put them.
There had been a couple moments of questioning herself about some of the ladies in her life, but that was a completely different story….

But he hadn’t let her answer him. He assumed she didn’t like-like him before she could say anything. And that was frankly unfair. She….did feel something. She was just so scared and…she had never felt quite this MUCH before. It was overwhelming.

And that, ladies and gents, is how Kara Danvers ended up sneaking into the DEO after hours like a rebellious teen and knocking on Mon-El’s door. How cliché.

She waited impatiently as she heard the shuffle of feet before the door opened, revealing a tired and disheveled Mon-El. He had taken off the long-sleeve he had been wearing at her apartment and was now clad in a wife-beater-that she assumed he had on under his shirt-and dark blue boxers. His hair was messy and sticking up a little bit at the back. His expression registered sleepy as he rubbed his eyes and blinked, registering it was her.

Ok, so maybe she stewed and paced in her apartment for a couple hours before she came over here. At 1 am in the morning. Oh, bad idea, Kara. Why do you have such brilliant ideas? She berated herself even as her eyes ran over him.  His biceps were tugging at the armholes of his wifebeater distractingly, a clear indication he needed the next size up. She guessed he HAD been training more without her recently. His shoulders were wider too. And his bleary eyes pierced into her, his mussed up hair definitely not adorable.

“Kara?” his voice sounded unsure, enough of a shock to make her remember that he was speaking to her and expected her to answer, “What are you doing here? I thought-“

“You-“ she stepped into his room and his space, poking him in the chest with one accusing finger, “You…you didn’t let me answer! You just said your piece and assumed that the way the world seems in Mon-El’s head is the way it must be. Isn’t that right?”

Well, that wasn’t what she had planned to say, but she always was good with righteous tell-offs. It was her comfort zone.

To say the boy was non-plussed would be an understatement. Now Kara being mad at him certainly wasn’t a new feeling. But as far as he could tell, he had done nothing to make her this mad. Not recently.

“I….hold on,” he shook his head, “I’m confused. Why are you yelling at me again? Because I cut you off earlier…I don’t remember…”

“Of course you don’t!” she huffed, deciding to go with the angry thing; any other emotion scared her too much, “I’m yelling because you just SPOKE for me! You assumed I didn’t care about you the way you care about me! And that’s another thing-comets?? Who says things like that? That is not fair. Uh-uh.”

He didn’t know if he could frown any harder, he might be accidentally stealing her Crinkle ™, “So….you wanted to tell me for yourself that you don’t have feelings for me like that?”

She couldn’t believe him! It was as if the universe was forcing her to outright say it. But…she couldn’t. if she said it, it was real. There flirty, friendly banter was ruined and their friendship was no longer a safe friendship that she could depend on…she had so few solid friendships right now with Winn and James having lied to her and Alex being busy with the new girlfriend and all…
But if she says nothing again, then she’s stuck with this unbearable tension that’s always between them. Like a cloud in the air, shocking them if they get too close. Something that made her furious whenever he dared not listen to her and made him ache to have her look at him like he was worth something. That same thing that makes him act like a stupid puppy. Did she have magnetic powers too….Question for later, he filed away.

“Are you serious?? I come barging down here to tell you that I DON’T like you back? Are all boys on Daxam this dumb or-“

And that was it. In every relationship, there is a specific button that person A can press to set person B off like a volcano. Daxam and her prejudice against it was that button for Mon-El.

“Excuse me?! Just because we’re not the all-knowing high and mighty Kryptonians does not mean we’re dumb? I’m assuming you didn’t come down here just to insult me….so…what is it?” he almost glares at her expectantly, too tired for this much emotion. He had just had to deal with her rejection like a bullet straight to his heart. He didn’t know you felt actual pain in your chest when your heart broke.

“What is…why did I come?” she huffed, losing steam, “To…to tell you that you need to go shopping! You’re outgrowing your clothes and you look sloppy!”
There was a heat in her eyes, mingled with fear, like a cat ready to pounce, but afraid of the counter-attack. And from that look, he suddenly understood. Maybe the gods had given him a divine strike of insight. He didn’t know how he realized it, but he did. Kara liked him back. She CARED. Kara felt the same. It kept repeating in his head, a hopeful wish that maybe could come true.
He could tell she was too shy to say it, that much he knew. And he knew they would have to have a serious talk eventually, but maybe…if he pushed her far enough, she would forget her fear, just give in and tell him how she felt.
He scoffed, almost amused, “My clothes?” he raised an eyebrow, knowing his calmness would set her off even more, “What about your clothes? Do you think that tiny little red skirt is really sufficient?”

“My-my skirt?? I have tights on under it! And what about you? Running around, half-cocked, trying to show off your ‘hero’ skills!” she further invaded his space, shoving him backwards. Showing her anger like this really wasn’t like her, but she knew she wouldn’t hurt him. It felt good to let out her frustration physically without fear of causalities.

He had just planned to goad her into being honest, but she was starting to get under his skin. He wasn’t showing off; he really was trying to do good, be better.
“I was only doing what you said! Be the hero, Mon-El! Use your powers for good!”

“Until you left the people defenseless to save me when I didn’t need saving!” she rolled her eyes and he couldn’t stand it. He hated when she rolled her eyes at him like that, like he was a child.

He gritted his teeth to hold back his anger and almost laughed in disbelief, like he had when she asked if he liked her, “Oh my god! I’m so sorry! I forgot the perfect Kara doesn’t need saving!”

She refrained from stomping her foot, but only just, “I never said I was perfect! But I wanted to trust you so badly, Mon-El. I want a partner that knows I can take care of myself!”

He almost snickered, “Of course you can take care of yourself, Kara. You’re the most self-sufficient person I know.”

“But you had to save me because you care about me, huh?” she meant it as a taunt, but she came off sounding a little insecure and unsure of her choice to ask that question.

He couldn’t believe she was still asking this-hadn’t he opened himself up raw for her? Was that not enough yet? “Yes, Kara! I do! I care about you! And your stupid adorable crinkle and the blinding goodness shining out of your damn soul!” he was breathing harder now, the intensity of the emotions exerting themselves on him now. He wanted to be good for her. No, for him. She made him see that he COULD be a great man and he wanted that. Not just because he wanted to deserve her, but…maybe he did deserve to make it off Daxam. Maybe he was meant for something more than to be the prince people blindly bowed to.

His chest suddenly felt heavy with the realization of what he was feeling and what was happening. It didn’t help when she walked towards him, pushing him back towards the wall behind him. Her eyes were tractor beams of blue holding him frozen in place with her indignant glare, somehow touched by yet another of his confessions and annoyed….How does one person even convey all that??

“And maybe, if you listened for once in your life, Mon-El of Daxam, you would realize that you’re not alone.”

He could hardly breathe. She was so close to him, “You mean-“

“My turn to talk,” she frowned with adorable determination and took a deep breath, stealing herself, “Yes, I mean I…feel…I don’t know! I feel SOMETHING towards you and it’s stronger than anything else I’ve ever felt. I mean I love my sister, obviously, and I would die for my friends, but this is…different. I tried my luck with boys when I was young and god I was so bad at it…but even then, all I felt was butterflies. I was nervous of what they would think of me. But it wasn’t this…this…” she looked straight into his dark eyes and did the bravest thing she could ever do-she was honest with herself, “This is overwhelming. This isn’t something I know how to do, Mon-El. You do some pretty stupid things and you make me so ANGRY. And then you do something amazing just because you feel like being good and it makes me question my judgements. You surprise me. I expect one thing and you do the other. You make me feel…safe. And familiar. Like I can say anything to you and it’ll be okay…and then there’s your puppy dog eyes that don’t give up and geez that one time you came out of the DEO shower and-“

He was beyond words. Everything he wanted her to feel…she was saying she did. And he didn’t care that she didn’t know how to go about it. He didn’t really either. Relationships weren’t exactly what he did on Daxam.  He didn’t care that she was awkward and rambling and sometimes yelled at him too much. He would take her for all of that. He wanted her. You didn’t choose your partners on Daxam. But here you did. And she was his choice.

He accidentally cut her off with a laugh of awed disbelief. In that moment, there was nothing left she could do. She obeyed the only logical option screaming at her in her head and kissed him. She grabbed him by the shoulders and yanked him towards her, her lips finding his as a release of all the pent-up, confusing feelings neither of them could get a hold on. He startled at first, making a short, deep humming noise in his throat before he slid his hands around her waist, holding her like she was precious. And she was.

She tangled her arms around his neck and leaned her full weight on him, sending them crashing against the wall behind him. His back hit the concrete and he didn’t know if it was that that send his head spinning or the taste of her lips. She tasted like she smelled-the scent that invaded his dreams- vanilla donuts and lilac soap. She was sweet to the point of being dizzying. He lost his fingers in her hair and marveled at how soft the gold strands were in his grip. She was so strong in every aspect of her life,  yet her body was so soft….How?
She pulled back when she felt the  little bits of concrete fall onto their shoulders. She looked at his face, nervous of his reaction, even after he admitted his feelings not hours before. But what she saw made her laugh giddily. The man was….there is no better word than flustered. His face was shocked, but there was a small smile there, like he had just woke from a dream. If she ever doubted he was head over heels for her…

But then his eyes locked onto hers and his gaze became a flame, burning through her, “Kara…”

She looked up at him and nodded, “Yeah?”

He smirked at her wickedly, “Tell me to stop right now or the wall will not be the only thing we destroy tonight…”

Her nerves were set ablaze.  She would usually laugh at that kind of come on, but combined with the desire in his eyes and the gruffness of his voice… she may have felt her knees wobble. He was holding himself back. Because he wanted to make sure she was okay with this. And that might have been the hottest thing he’d ever done.

She swallowed the tightness in her throat, still a little nervous, “No, I-I’m not gonna say that.”

His answering smile was bright and genuine and possibly the most beautiful thing she’d ever seen. He squeezed his arms wrapped around her, almost like a hug. He brushed back a lock of hair from her face that had fallen out from behind her ear, “Kara…don’t be nervous. I would never hurt you. I’ve messed up before and probably will again, but hurting you….that’s not something I’d ever think was okay.”

“It’s not that. I just…” she looked down for a second shyly, “I’ve never done this before.”

He laughed gently, “I know.”

“You know?? How do you know? You don’t know,” she babbled, blushing crimson.

He lifts one eyebrow, “Contrary to popular DEO opinion, I’m sure, I am not an idiot. You were a child when you left Krypton so you obviously did nothing there. Once you got here, you had super strength you couldn’t control. Just learning to keep a hold on that myself, I understand how hard it is to control how much force you put behind your grip. I certainly didn’t think someone as compassionate as you would be ok with breaking your partner in that area…”
She giggled, actually giggled, and nodded, “No one thinks you’re dumb, Mon-El…”

“Eh…beg to differ. But Kara….?”


He smirked lustfully at her and started laying sweet, nipping kisses from just below her ear to her breastbone, “You can’t break me…”

She inhaled sharply at the first touch of his lips on her neck; it was like everywhere he touched, her blood heated up and she wanted to jump out of her own skin. Her heart hammered as he bit her earlobe gently, playing with her until she was ready to make a move of her own.

Quite unlike herself, she started to feel at ease with the foreign situation, a large grin starting to grow on her face, “Oh, I don’t know…I’m pretty strong.”

To back up her words, she grabbed the neck of his shirt and yanked him off the wall only to slam him back into it even harder. Dust fell from the ceiling at the impact and his eyes eyebrows shot up, pupils blown wide, “Woah…”

She laughed at him and gripped him in another searing kiss that he had no hope or power to resist. His hands were quick to work, throwing off her lose sweater and sliding up under the back of her shirt. God, the feel of her was addicting. He could spend hours mapping the curve of her back and the way it arched into him when he traced her spine. Hmm, the feeling of her breasts smashed against his chest wasn’t bad either. It was all doing things for him.

He was so caught up with her tongue licking his bottom lip that he didn’t even notice the feeling of his blood running south, hardening his cock. But Kara did. She was not used to feeling that against her.

She gasped and pulled back, smiling coyly at him, “Really? Just from kissing?”

He rolled his eyes in annoyance at her, “I’ve felt this way for a while, Kara….bottled up emotions and all that.”

“In that case…let me help you out a little,” she grinned teasingly as she hooked her finger in the top of his undershirt, just one finger. She pulled it down with her inhuman strength and ripped it right down the middle like tissue paper.

He laughed in surprise at that, “You know, you’ve got a lot of tricks for a virgin, Kara Zor-El,” he kissed her sweetly on the lips and muttered, “But I’m not a virgin. I’ve got more.”

He pushed his hips into hers with one smooth thrust and he watched her face, feeling these things for the first time.

Her eyes went wide, almost startled, at the reaction it got out of her body. Her core was tingling and she suddenly wanted to be wrapped around him like a monkey. She shook that image out of her head and promptly jumped, wrapping her legs around his waist. He stumbled slightly and caught her, flipping them around so she was the one with her back against the wall. He could tell the time for teasing was over, at least with words.

He dove back in, kissing her soft lips, drinking sweetness from her. His little shining light in the dark. He closed his eyes and pressed his fingertips into the flesh at the small of her back, needing her closer as he forgot himself.

Soon she was catching on, tugging at his hair and running her lips down his neck this time, sucking the skin into her mouth. Making out she had done before. But no man had ever responded to her like this before. His head dropped back as she bit and licked at the pale skin just above his shoulder. He moaned and his hips pushed up against her again, pinning her to the wall. She didn’t think he was aware he was doing it this time. He seemed dazed. She tightened her legs around his waist and started grinding back against him. The moment she did, he grunted from deep in his throat and opened his eyes.

“Kara,” he laughed, sounding more like a growl with the timbre of his voice, “You don’t understand what you’re doing to me.”

That was good then, she was taking mental notes for later, “Then show me.”
With any other woman, it would sound overly flirty like a blatant tease, but with her, he could tell she was just being honest. She didn’t quite know what to do. She wanted him to show her what he wanted.

All he wanted was her. So he decided to show her that. The first thing he wanted was her skin on his. With that in mind, he tugged at her shirt, possibly a little too hard, ripping it apart and sending the buttons flying.

Her mouth dropped open at that, “That was a work shirt. Is that payback?” she laughed.

“No, uh…” he blushed, “That was an accident.” Yes, he had had sex before, but never with superpowers. This should be interesting.

He flashed her a brilliant, cocky smile and watching him with that mega watt grin and his chest straining with the effort of keeping her in his arms…Kara’s nerves disappeared. It was like that smile was a magic trick. And the look he was giving her was contagious. It was like that, the one and only time she’d been drunk, when he was laughing with her. Carefree. And she couldn’t help but just smile back at him, weightless. Floaty. And now she knew it wasn’t because of drinks.
“God, you’re so beautiful…” he sighed against her neck, trailing kisses down between her bra, tugging the soft cotton cups of the undergarment with his teeth, feeling a little wild. He pulled her close against him with all of his strength, nipping at her cleavage expertly. She groaned, feeling the force of his hands was strange. It wasn’t oppressive at all because she knew he would stop if asked. But it felt…real.
She exhaled out a sound

of pleasure that she had never heard herself make and suddenly the spot on the wall behind him that she’d been staring at was scorched, a singed hole in the concrete….Oh. She wanted to hit herself for her loss of control, but she quickly got distracted. Mon-El hadn’t even realized what she’d done. He was continuing his ministrations, reaching around her to unhook her bra. He pulled back just enough to get a look at her.

And when he did, breathless and grinning, she could feel him twitch in his jeans against her stomach, “Stunning.” She was like a dream, what he had imagined angels looked like. He slid his hands up from her waist without even thinking, cupping her breasts in his hands. He watched her expression as he squeezed, flicking one nipple with his finger.

She jerked in his arms, her hands digging into his shoulders as she huffed out a breath, “Mon-El…”

That expression on her face was going to become his favorite pretty soon-flushed and pleased. She was squirming in his arms as he dropped his head down to suck a rosy nipple into his mouth. She whined at the feeling, kissing over his shoulders as she clung to him, “I…I didn’t know…”

“Didn’t know what?” he muttered as he walked them across the room, talking in between kissing her lips.

“That this felt so good. I wouldn’t have waited if I’d known,” she panted.
Though the words were innocent, they turned him on immensely. Having the honor to show this whole new world to her was exciting him. He restrained a growl and sped forward, another dent in another wall. He slid her hands up above her head so that she couldn’t use her sneaky touch to distract him from his mission. He wanted her to beg. It had been way too long since he’d had a woman in his arms. And he’d never held one he cared for this much.

She bit her lip in anxious anticipation, “Mon, what are you-“

Before she could finish her question, he was back to her breasts. He kissed between the valley of them, giving the neglected nipple a soft tug with his teeth before he continued his path down her body. His lips worshipped her stomach, the skin there like vanilla velvet under his tongue. He swirled his tongue in her belly button for a brief moment. When she giggled at the sensation, he smiled to himself, memorizing her ticklish spots for later. He nipped at her hip bone, dropping to his knees now, like a man at the alter.

She let out her first real moan of the night, the sound almost getting caught in her throat. She blushed, trying to stop the heat from invading her face. She shouldn’t be embarrassed by the sound, but this was all so weird to her. Wonderful, but not usually a part of her day to day life. His lips on her skin felt like…oh she didn’t even know! But it was as if wherever his mouth went, all the nerves in her skin centered in that one place and lit up, “You’re good at this…”
“Well, I have done this before.”

His actions made something in her lower stomach tighten. It was heated pressure…down there. It made her want to move, need to move. She envisioned tackling him to the ground for a brief second before his fingers slid under the waistband of her panties. He teasingly slid his finger just under the panties, spanning the skin across her hips. Her hips, in response, flexed and pushed up against his hand without her permission. Her eyes widened and she briefly considered the very silly possibility that Daxamites were some kind of wizards.
He chuckled against her skin, his hot breath ghosting over her like torture. She dropped her head back against the wall in frustration and groaned.

“Relax, Kara. I’ve got you.”

The words were reassuring when she needed it. Without a warning-because he knew it would scare her- he slid his fingers downwards, pulling off her underwear. As he explored, his fingers found the nub right at the top of the juncture between her thighs. He pressed down lightly, testing how reactive her body was.

“Fuck!” her voice went higher, breathless as she cursed reflexively and thrust against his touch. A thrill shot up through her body from her center, little streams of white hot sensations racing through her veins. Very sensitive, apparently.
He squeezed her hip, prompting her to lift her head off of the wall and looked at him, “Watch me, Kara. I want to see your eyes light up.”

She nodded, trying to focus on his face and sort out one feeling from another as he began to play her body like a piano. He continued testing her, sliding his fingers in between her lips.  He had to stop for a second and collect himself when he felt how wet she was already, making him throb in his jeans.

“Oh…” she was almost mewling, small erotic sounds tumbling from her throat as her body felt something new. When he slipped a finger inside her, just wanting to feel her, she slid her hands in his hair and gripped it hard, “Mon-El…”

He looked up at her, stroking her hip with one hand, “Yes?”

“That-I…I” he could feel her clenching around his finger, scared of not being in control of her body.

“Shhh,” he kissed her hipbone affectionately, “I know. but it’s ok. You’ll like it. Trust me.”

And-she realized quite suddenly-she did. She did trust him now. The only reason she hadn’t before was because he didn’t listen. But the reason he didn’t listen was ironically now why she felt so safe. She understood he put her before everything.

She nodded and took in a deep breath, relaxing her body as he slid another finger in, while rubbing her clit in circles with his thumb, “Oh…ooookay,” she smiled as she relaxed, leaning back against the wall as an onslaught of hormones hit her, “That’s good…that’s really good. Mon,” she moaned.

He watched her, somehow finding her adorable and sexy all at once. He focused on her pleasure and ignored his body screaming at him to take her against the wall. Later.  For now, he decided to distract himself from the heavenly sound of her moaning his name by finally tasting her. He may have never acted on it before now, but he had dreamed of this. Oh, had he dreamed of this.
He amped it up a notch, dropping his mouth to her core and licking a straight line up to her clit, focusing there. He flicked his tongue over the little bundle of nerves over and over again.

She screamed, “Oh my God! Mon-El!” her hands tried to grip onto something, anything. One hand went to the wall beside her and punched it, rubble falling to the ground in the wake of her passion. The other hand squeezed his shoulder so hard, he knew he would have a hand shaped bruise there tomorrow. He knows he’ll get hard everytime he sees that bruise for the next couple of days.
He pumped his fingers faster inside of her, curling them on the up-stroke, searching for something. He wanted her to know what the BEST could feel like. He wanted to give her everything he could. He sucked her clit into his mouth while his free hand slid up to rest on her ass. Oh, how gorgeous that was too. Damn her.

She cried out above him and thrust wildly into his movements, “Un-there! Right there oh god yes!”

Her voice was like music and he closed his eyes to listen. He could tell she was close, her walls starting to flutter around his fingers.

He smirked against her as he got an idea. Without warning, he started moving his fingers as fast as he could, in and out, in and out at inhuman speeds. It was a little rough, but not enough to hurt her.

“Oh my god, oh my god, yes, that feels so good, Mon-El, keep going, please, I’m gonna-MMM!”

And beautifully, she exploded. Her nerves went off in a million directions as she moaned at the top of her lungs, not even words, but unintelligible sounds of ecstasy. Of course, she had tried to do this to herself before, but…she was not as practiced as him. She never would’ve been able to imagine what this felt like before. It was indescribable and overwhelming and Jesus she was drowning and she just never wanted it to stop.

“Oh Rao!” she cursed as she slumped back against the wall, sighing. She opened her eyes and started to collect herself as he rose back to his full height in front of her.

“I take it, you’re not scared of losing control anymore?”

He was smirking at her boyishly and there was a fine sheen of sweat over his chest that made the crappy fluorescent lights shine slightly on his skin. She wasn’t sure if it was the orgasm she just had or if she was just finally being honest with herself, but god damn, was the man gorgeous.

She shook her head rapidly at him and slid her hands down his chest, quickly trying to undo the button on his pants and pull his zipper down as fast as she could.

He moaned as her fingers brushed his erection, but took her hand, “Woah, that’s a little fast. You ok?”

She grinned like an idiot and shot her eyebrows up, “Seriously? I’m beyond ok! Just…ugh, take these off.”

Right after the joint effort to remove his pants, she did what she had been wanting to do for the last 30 minutes and tackled him to the ground. He fell to the floor with a rough thud and a naked blonde straddling him.

“Ok, I’m alright with this,” he chuckled as if he was weighing his options. He wrapped his arms around her, kissing her with every emotion she had ever made him feel. She laid her hands on his chest tenderly, pushing a curl behind her ear as she smiled at him, pulling back.

“I didn’t really have a plan after tackling you…” she admitted, still a little shy somehow.

“You never have to apologize for jumping on me, Kara,” he looks over her with hunger in his eyes, “But uh…” he moaned, shifting his hips, “You’re right on top of where I need you most and I’m kinda dying here. If you don’t decide on a next move soon, I’m gonna flip us over and fuck you into the floor.”
She startled at that; she had never heard him curse this much before tonight. She didn’t expect to be that kind of woman that enjoyed dirty talk, but….despite her recent release, those words combined with the look on his face had her tingling everywhere once again. She was ready for more. Actually, she thinks she was just…ready.

A crooked smile lifted her lips as she leaned down into his face teasingly and whispered, “Then do it.” A challenge he was willing to take.

He growled and flipped them over before a second ticked by on the clock. He kissed her passionately, licking the inside of her cheek and nipping her tongue, “Are you sure about this?”

She rolled her eyes at him and this time, he didn’t mind, “Mon, El…I am ready for this. Trust me.” She echoed his comforting words from earlier and she saw relief flood through his eyes.

“Good.”  And without another word, she felt him lining up the tip of his cock to her opening. She watched him nervously as he slid himself up and down her slit, coating himself in her wetness to make the entry a little easier for her.  The muscles in his neck flexed as he restrained himself from entering. He had to make this good for them both. Just the touch of her flesh against him had goosebumps shivering across his back and his shaft aching to be inside her. He looked up at her face, still obsessed with watching her reactions, as he slowly thrust into her, inch by inch until he was fully seated. He was a little surprised she could actually take him all. She was a virgin, after all.

Her mouth dropped open, her kiss-stained lips making a beautiful pout as she squeezed her eyes shut, back arching off the ground. Her breasts pushed up against his chests, nipples hard and brushing against his. She fit so perfectly into him. Or him into her. He couldn’t tell anymore. She was keening, a low humming sound. he couldn’t tell what the sound meant though.

“Kara,” he stroked her cheek to make her open her eyes, “Does it hurt? Are you ok?”

The moment he thrust into her, she had gone to another world. She never understood the phrase seeing stars until now. The intrusion did feel sort of odd; he was stretching her as much as she could stand and pulsing against her. Her mind was on overdrive, trying to process the feeling of being so full and whole. God, it felt good. Her face was burning, her skin was on fire and the molten coil in her stomach was growing tighter again. So much heat everywhere.

She laughed lightly, like a tinkling of bells in his ear, and nodded, “Oh…yes! Yes, I’m good, Mon.” she wiggled her hips experimentally, delighting in the feeling of him swelling even more inside her at the movement. She tightened her walls down on him and dropped her head back against the floor, reveling at how good he felt inside of her-solid and so warm and…perfect. She sighed.

He choked on his own groan and glared down at her, the feeling of her wet heat enveloping him so tightly almost making him lose his mind, “That was evil.”

He took her words to mean that he was free to move as he liked. He braced his hands on either side of her hand and thrust up into her as hard as he could, pulling out slowly to torture her, before pushing back in forcefully.

“Uh,” she grunted, clawing at his shoulders, “Mon…El…please,” she looked up at him, pleading for him to give her what she wanted, “Just…faster!”

Somehow, she knew that would feel even better. An instinct was telling her what she needed from him. She didn’t know how that worked and she didn’t care.
“Kara,” he groaned gruffly into her, “That’s just what I was thinking.”

He started pushing into her body faster and faster, harder than any human man could. Not that she minded, he lifted his hips at the end of every thrust into her, hitting that spot that fried her brain and scrambled coherent thought.

His deep, contented moan of “Fuck, yes!”  was met with her light “Oh, that’s amazing,” as they both struggled for breath.

She lost her shyness and her desires took over as she slid her hands around to his ass, squeezing hard and pulling him even faster into her body.

He lost his mind as barreled into her without end. He could hardly breathe. His thoughts were a jumble of her name and the beautiful look on her face right now and the smell coming up off her skin while their bodies slid against each other, sweaty and overheated.

“Mon, I need you right…” he anticipated what she wanted and angled a particularly strong thrust straight against her favorite spot, “THERE!” she laughed through a ragged moan, “Oh! So much…,” she rested her face against his shoulder, trying to catch her breath.

He growled a reply as he stroked her hair, “You’re so tight…” he felt her heat seeping into his skin, “I almost can’t take it.”

She got a sudden idea, wanting to take control. She flipped them back over, making her the one that could control the pace. She sunk down onto him again, feeling him deeper in this position. Her toes curled as her head fell forward, “Shit, I can feel you…so deep,” she whined, not caring what she sounded like.
“Ungh!” he grunted, pumping his hips up into her, searching for any kind of friction to relieve the ache in his balls, “Please, Kara, move.”

She blinked, quickly deciding her best course of action was to lift herself up and down over him. She understood the cowgirl metaphor of riding a man now. And she had to say, it might become a favorite of hers. Having stronger powers than him, she was able to thrust over him so quickly, their bodies almost would’ve looked like a blur to anyone watching.

“Oh, lord above!” he shouted at the ceiling, holding onto her hips for an anchor, “Damn it, you feel good!”

Seeing him so blatantly enjoy himself sent a fresh wave of lust washing over her, making her even slicker against him. She circled her hips at the end of a thrust, curious to see what it would feel like and her eyes rolled into the back of her head as she released a breathy scream, “Shit!”

He chuckled and counter thrusted back up against her, “Do it again, but slower,” he instructed, slowly learning what she liked.

She took a second just to breathe, feeling her head spin, before she listened quietly. She sat herself fully down on him and rotated her hips slowly in a circle. Right as she did, he ground his hips upward against her most sensitive spot.
She screamed out an “Oh!” in complete satisfaction, teetering closer to the edge. The knot in her abdomen was beginning to tingle so intensely, it almost hurt, “Mon El,” her voice broke as she tried to communicate just how much she was feeling to him, “It’s gonna happen a-again…I need-“

He sat up slightly and slid his arms around her back, pulling his knees up for her to lean against, “I know what you need, beautiful,” he whispered into her ear, caressing her back. The new position had her sitting in his lap. He kissed her deeply as he slid slowly and smoothly in and out of her, drawing out every last bit of the pleasure. She sobbed against his shoulder at the feeling of his cock dragging against her overly sensitive walls, “Oh, please.”

She could almost feel the hot prick of tears in the corners of her eyes, the intensity running her nerve endings raw.

He was not much better, having long since lost the ability to form entire words. He kissed her cheek right before he thrust back up into her one last time, as hard as he could, “Ungh!” he breathed out the primal sound, the throbbing in his shaft releasing all at once. His brain short-circuited and all he ever wanted was this feeling and her in his arms forever.

He could feel Kara’s nails scratching down his back and she let go once again, crying out like a siren, “Ah!” her hair was gold under the lights, a halo around her as her spine formed a lovely curve. She came undone with sweat glistening on her top lip, part of her curls matted to the side of her face, the ghost of a smile on her red lips. Now THAT was a comet-striking, a flame shooting across the sky, lovely and strong at the same time, shooting soft light down on everything around it. He could watch her shoot across the sky for the rest of his life.
As she came down from her high, she looked around them at the sleeping quarters of the DEO. There were several mysterious dents and hand sized holes in the walls, rubble lined the floor. One of the lights overhead was flickering on and off as dust fell from the ceiling tiles, “Oh no!”

The furrow of his eyebrows at that moment could’ve rivaled The Crinkle, “That’s really not what a guy wants to here with a woman on his lap.”

She slapped his shoulder playfully and gestured to the room, “Look around you, hot shot.”

And he did; he surveyed the room much like she had seconds before. Except, his reaction wasn’t worry so much as hysterics.

He bust out laughing, “Oh ho ho! Oh my GOD! J’onn is going to kill us!”
Her face went stark white out of nowhere, “Mon-El…that’s the least of our worries.”

“What?” he pouted in confusion until she pointed at a camera in the corner of the room, “The cameras in private dorms turn off at night.”

She shook her head, feeling sick, “Alex overrode that order last week once she heard that white Martians might be attacking soon. All cameras are to remain on at all times….”

“So….are you destroying the security tape or am I?”

A/n: Phew! That was long! But it’s finally done! So excited. Anyway, i kind of want to write a morning after drabble to this, showing Alex’s reaction to the tapes and J’onn’s reaction to the destruction of property. But I am too tired at the moment. If you guys have any suggestions for prompts, lines you want included or whatever, then as always, just let me know!

Starbucks and Bathrooms

Day 22 of 25 Days of Christmas

Summary: Dan and Phil are finally having their first date after their meeting in the plane. Is it going to be just a date, or will they be unable to keep their hands off each other?

In which Phil is starting to think they have a thing for bathrooms.

(Sequel to ‘Unexpected Plane Journey’.)

Read it on AO3

A/N: Day 22! What even is the title to this fic? I couldn’t come up with a decent title and ended up sticking to this even though it’s horrible. The summary is kind of shit as well, sorry about that. Anyways, enjoy day 22!

Phil found himself feeling surprised once he received a text from Dan after two days in New York. They had both agreed to meeting up once at New York but didn’t actually make any plans so Phil had been a little unsure on whether or not it would actually happen.

Even though the time they had spent together on the plane had been fun and he felt like they had gotten to know each other quite well, most people would probably think it was just a fling. That was probably why, once out of the plane, Phil started thinking that it might have been that way for Dan as well.

That didn’t mean he wasn’t excited when he received the text from Dan asking him when he was available to meet up in New York. Phil had almost replied straight away to tell him that he was available right at that moment if he wanted but he realised, on second thought, that Dan would probably think he was desperate. Or, even worse, he would think he was a loser with nothing better to do. That actually wasn’t far from the truth but it didn’t mean Phil wanted him to know that.

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Ah, noona: Hanbin x Reader

Title: Ah, noona
Genre: Smut
Warnings: Foreplay, smut.
Word count: 3704

A/N: This is a request from @bellatrix87 , I really hope you enjoy it! I also wrote like 4 different versions of this, I’ll probably end up posting them all eventually.

Summary: You’re Hanbin’s noona, and no matter how much you tried to deny your feelings for him, he eventually works his way around them.

“How much longer are they going to be?” You groaned, letting your head fall back onto the material of the couch the ring of Hanbin’s laugh caught your attention. “Jinhwan is stuck in traffic, Junhoe’s in an interview and Bobby is…” His voice trailed closer and closer as he neared the couch you sat on, eventually your eyes caught a glimpse of the boy speaking to you and a small smirk perked on your lips. Hanbin sat down heavily next to you, knocking your shoulder slightly as he did so but you paid no attention to it. “God knows where Bobby is.” He puffed heavily with a shake of his head, it made you giggle a little as you turned your head up to look at him properly. You had only known him months but there was an instant connection. Out of all of the member’s Hanbin was who you were closest too, and it showed. He showed you the caring side not everyone got to see, his funny side, he was a natural leader with charisma and it was that exact trait which had led you to your first mistake. Calling him oppa. ‘No, no I’m not your oppa Y/N, in fact you’re older than me!’ You remembered the slip up perfectly alongside his shy laugh ‘Ah, does that mean I can call you noona?’ A quick shiver shot through your body and jolted you back to the present day. It wasn’t that you disliked noona but rather… you preferred if the guy you had a crush on was older than you. You were old fashioned like that, the guy caring after the girl and that assumption generally fit with older men. Yet there you were, falling for this guy –this boy- younger than you.

So you trained yourself to stay away from those feelings. That was possible, right? Each time Hanbin called you noona you put a grimace on your face and thought bad thoughts to make it uncomfortable. Yet there was something about the way he said it, each syllable spilling over his lips made your heart skip another beat and it drove you crazy, in the worst of ways of course. “Y/N?” Hanbin nudged you out of your day dreaming, your wide eyes blinking up to him as you found yourself slipping down the couch slightly in your daze. “I said you can start the movie if you want.” He spoke again, a slight agitation to his tone, probably because he had to repeat himself, but he shrugged it off quickly. “The other guys won’t mind, they’ve seen it before.” Hanbin turned to his side slightly away from you, rummaging for something in a bag he had brought in from the kitchen. “Ah, noona. Chocolate or vanilla?” He asked, finally turning back to you he held two bars of candy out to you for you to decide. Oh but that word, the heavy thump in your chest appeared again and you tried to repress it quickly, ‘think bad thoughts, think bad thoughts’ you reminded yourself, and with a heavy frown on your face as you looked back to him Hanbin raised a curious eyebrow. “Okay, so… neither?” He half-questioned as he removed the apparently offensive treats from your view. A quick realization to what he meant made your eyebrows rise, and you quickly turned your attention towards the television to start the movie. Pressing play on the remote you tried to sink into your own world. Just you and Hanbin. How comfortable.

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Surprise - Part 1 (Dedication for Rob Benedict’s Birthday Today!)

Pairing: Rob Benedict x reader
Word Count: 3,498
Warnings: fluff, drinking, surprises, smut
Authors: Sam, @totallysupernaturaloneshots​ (Becca), @crowley-you-sinnamon-roll​ (Caitlyn)
Request: This anonymous request was passed onto me by @totallysupernaturaloneshots​ — reader is Rich’s sister and has known Rob for a while. One night after a party at Rich’s, Rob confesses his feelings for her and it ends up in some cute smut ;).
A/N: I was so excited to write this! It was a lot of fun! There will definitely be more parts to this!

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Saving Lives pt. 2 (M)

Pairing: Baekhyun x Reader

Genre: series, doctor!baekhyun au, fluff, angst, smut (in this chapter)

Word Count: 804

Warnings: smut, sex, swearing, you know the usual

Summary: You’re about to start your internship in Seoul’s most prestigious hospital but before you devote your whole life to medicine, you decide to have one more night of freedom and meet someone you didn’t expect to meet again. (inspired by Grey’s Anatomy)

A/N: Sorry this chapter is shorter than the other, and this chapter is basically just smut but hey, who doesn’t like smut … anyways I will probably post two more chapters this week before posting only on weekends because I start school on Tuesday and its my senior year, so I need to take it seriously. anyways look forward to new chapters every weekend, pacific time zone ~admin L

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9

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Prompt: you, an irl acquaintance, have seen my nsfw blog, I am now going to die, goodbye

Word Count: (a note before writing) this probably going to be short-ish, but it’s really just for fun. 559

Warnings: mentions of nsfw content, language, bucky being a little shit

Author’s Note: tbh I need a happy, funny prompt up. I need shit eating smirk Barnes messing with someone. You just happened to be that someone. Depending on how it ends, I’m up for a smut part two where Bucky has you pull some of the shit they do (def consensual , obviously).

One more update.” You whispered to yourself as you sit in your bed. It was late and you should be sleeping. Unfortunately you were such Evanstan trash that every hour was Chrisbastian hour (okay but me). You made one more post about updating your A/B/O fic tomorrow before turning off your phone. Time for a snack before really going to bed.

The halls of the tower were empty which didn’t shock you. No one was awake at this ungodly hour. You didn’t feel bad about it though. They couldn’t ask what you were doing this late at night. They didn’t need to know what you were doing. It’s bad to lie to your teammates.

You enter the kitchen to see it was dark and empty. ‘My soul’, you thought to yourself. A Sprite, a bag of honey roasted peanuts, and your phone were in your hand before you headed back to your room. Tony stopped hounding you about snacks in your room when he realized it just wasn’t happening You loved midnight snacks.

While waiting in the elevator, you saw it stop. The doors open to show Bucky, who was in workout gear. That was actually pretty normal. He worked out either really late at night or early in the morning. You two had a few run ins in this spot.

“Sup, Miss Americana?” Bucky asked, voice in a whisper but the most “I know your secret” smirk on his face. You turned your head so slowly it almost didn’t move at all. Eyes wide and heart beating a mile a minute, your mouth cracks open.

What did you just call me?” Your voice barely above a whisper as well. Bucky only kept the coolest smirk in your face.

“Well, that’s what you call yourself, don’t you?” Bucky asked. You could feel your cheeks turn bright red. The only reason that was your tag name was because it was an old inside joke between you and Natasha.

“No, my name is Y/N.” You tried to play it off. Bucky pushed the button to stop the elevator. Had he been this glistening earlier? Why was it so damn hot in here?

“Oh I know. You didn’t mask your works too well…or maybe I just know you that well. Even better now if you ask me.” Bucky winked. Sputters came from you.

“How did you find my Tumblr? Why did you-you read those? W-what?” You asked. Bucky chuckled to himself.

“Tony got me addicted to Twitter. Someone messaged me in suspicion of it being your account.” Bucky confessed. You raised an eyebrow.

“How did you know it was me though?” You asked. Bucky shrugged casually.

“Intuition, knowledge….the fact that you posted a joke I told you the other day.” It was official, your were going to die of embarrassment thanks to Bucky Barnes. He’d tell everyone. You were absolutely sure of it.

“Okay, it’s my account. Just please, please, don’t tell anyone. I’ll never live it down after.” You pleaded. Bucky seemed to think on it, pressing the button again to start the elevator.

“You owe me a solid. I’ll decide on what it is later.” Bucky said when the doors opened again. He made sure to wink one last time before leaving you there. He always knew how to shock the shit out of you.

Get A Room: Monsta X Wonho Smut

Okay here it finally is! The ending is probably crap but, I couldn’t keep you all waiting anymore. So I hope you enjoy!

Admin Mel~

“AHH… NOONA THAT’S NOT FAIR!” the young boy screeched as he tossed the controller down in a fit.

You chuckled as you saw the angered boy turn red from being beaten at his favorite game.

“Oh Changkyun suck it up!” you giggled, pinching the young boys cheeks only making his face go even more red; getting the other boys to follow.

“Okay my turn!” you heard your boyfriend call out behind you.  Settling himself in between your open legs. The teased Changkyun, taking this as an opportunity to obliterate his hyung. You tried to help your boyfriend as much as you could; but from your current position, you could barely see over his wide back! “Okay Hoseok oppa, push the square button!” you directed.

“What square button? They all are circles!” he stupidly stated, “Oppa the one with the square printed on it!” you continued. Your boyfriend struggled to beat the little one; as you had so swiftly done. Before you knew it, the young one was cheering; Hoseok tossed his hands up. The game controller slipping from his palm, crashing down onto your head. The small pain surged down to your ears. Causing you to lay back as you rubbed the spot. Some of the members laughing and others looking at you in concern. You kicked your boyfriends back in retaliation.

Sliding on his knees to face you, realizing what he had done. He lifted you up with a half-smile, wanting to laugh but holding it in, not knowing how you will react.

“Oh baby I’m sorry!” he chuckled softly as his hand replaced yours and rubbed your injury.

“It’s fine!” you snapped, trying to hold back a smile. His hands cupped your cheeks and peppered kisses all over your face. Causing giggles to come from you as he repeatedly kissed your lips. You pushed yourself around him, by his knees. Reaching for the game controller.  His arms enveloped your body into a back hug, his nose nuzzling into your neck. Cutely saying he was sorry, over and over again; while placing butterfly kisses on your neck and exposed shoulder 


You both broke away and looked at your scowling audience. You burned with embarrassment.

“Yeah, guys go get a room” Hyungwon looked at you both with a cringing expression.  “Please go get a room, we don’t need to see that!” Jooheon added.

Hoseok squeezed his arms around you tighter before grasping your hand, pulling you straight up from the floor with him. “Fine” he stated and planted a kiss on your cheek, “Will do” he added. They all looked at you expressionless, and slightly satisfied at them being able to kick you two out of the area. You were worried, because even if they were okay now. They most likely won’t be the same; because you knew exactly what your boyfriend was planning.

Being tugged down the hall, you could feel excitement build in your stomach with each tiny step you took. The door slammed behind you as he pulled you by your sweater into his chest. Feeling the warmth emanate from his body immediately. You pulled back, with his hand still entwined with your own “But oppa, what if they hear?” you giggled, biting your bottom lip. Pulling the pastel knit sweater over your head and down to the floor; settling yourself on top of his bed. He charged towards you, having you fall to your back; his hips straddling yours. 

“My girl has gotten so naughty” he breathed while his lips worked on your chest. Wanting to feel them on your own so badly, you pulled his face up to press your lips against his. Needing to taste as much of him as possible. Grasping your face in his hands, he pulled away and shook his head.

“I’m going to make you all suffer” he smirked. And worked down your chest again. You sighed as he unclasped your bra, and took your breast in his hand. Back arching automatically as his hand massaged one breast and his tongue worked on the other. He rolled your bud between his fingers, tugging on it slightly. Causing you to hiss in reaction. Warmth shooting down to your core.

His hands hooked into your jeans and pulled your jeans and panties off your body. His fingers traced along your legs, massaging your calves as he slowing spread your legs. A smirk creeping on his face as he watched your core drip. Lips leaving a fiery trail on your legs, as they very slowly kissed to your center. His lips pressed a soft kiss before his tongue delved across your slit. Biting your lip so hard it felt as if you would draw blood. Body twitching at the way he licked and sucked at your clit. You would steal a glance at him and he would look at you with piercing eyes. As he made you whimper and jolt from the way his tongue worked your core. Your hands reached for the sheets, trying to keep yourself steady and grounded. Biting your lip to keep from yelling out. But his hands caressed your stomach, reaching for your palms; pulling you up from your laying position. Forcing you to drop your head when you sat up, being unable to keep it up from the electricity shooting through your body. Your mind was fuzzy and clouded, barely being able to keep your eyes open. His tongue continuously lapping your clit. Taking one glance at him and he was staring up at you with lust filled eyes; cause your toes to curl, body tensing as the knot in your stomach built. You began to grind your core into his tongue; the feeling forming in your stomach. Slowly dropping back down to the sheets. A loud and heavy moan fell from your lips as your body fell back in to bed. Threads of pleasure ran through your spine, as you felt yourself gush onto his tongue.

He crawled back on top of you. Watching through hazed eyes as he licked the last bit of you off his lips. You would have repaid the favor if he had let you, but you knew that wasn’t what he wanted this time. And you weren’t going to fight him about it.

He unbuckled his jeans and ground his still boxer clad hips into yours; only being able to bite your lip and roll your eyes.

“No teasing” you stated, out of breath.

“But that’s no fun” he answered before placing his lips on yours. Taking your bottom lip with him as he pulled away to take off his boxers.  

He centered himself a your entrance and moved his member along your slit, his body shivering. Because all his teasing was just as painful for him.

He looked at you with questioning eyes. “It’s okay, go ahead” you whispered and nodded. Grasping the nape of his neck, running your fingers through his hair. He pushed his hips into yours; your body feeling pleasuring chills run down your spine as he continued to slowly thrust. His thumb pushed the strands of hair that had clung to your perspiring forehead. He continued thrusting slowly until he couldn’t take it anymore. His motions picking up as he felt himself coming closer to the edge. He held onto your hips, lifting his torso and continuing to push himself into you. A layer of sweat covering his now glowing body. You found it hard to keep your eyes open while his length continued to it that spot. As your back arched his name falling from your lips “Hoseok~” fell continuously between soft whimpers.

“My god….” he cursed as he felt you pulse around him. He tried his best to keep going as he laid body back down to yours, rolling his hips holding his release as much as he could. You felt yourself falling off the edge once again, but you knew he was close as well; by the way his member throbbed inside you. You began kissing along his jaw, leading your way to his ear. Before taking a nip at his lobe and whispering his name. He pushed himself into much deeper and extremely faster, bringing himself over the edge. No longer able to hold back. He groaned heavily and his teeth dug into your shoulder. Your body convulsing as you felt his seed pour into you.

You felt him still slowly but roughly thrust, his thumb resting on your still swollen clit. He continued, determined to make you release for the second time. His still tender and sensitive member twitching inside you; only dragging out his orgasm. Feeling yourself come undone from beneath him, he watched you below him writhing in please. Toes curling and eyes rolling back; the need to scream was overwhelming. As he made one last thrust into you, finger flicking your clit one last time before you felt your center pulse around him intensely.

Your throat was dry, your whole body ache, and you could barely even let your eyes open fully.

He jolted once as he slid himself from you. Grabbing a clean towel to clean you both off. He settled himself on your chest as you played with his hair.

Both laying there for a while before hearing a vibrating coming from the floor. Hoseok recognized the sound and began looking through his jean pockets. Pulling his cellphone from his jeans, and looked through his messages. He smirked and chuckled as he scrolled through them.

“What is it? Is it the boys?” you asked. He looked back at you with satisfied eyes and tossed the phone on your chest.

“Looks like I accomplished what I wanted” he laid back on your chest, cuddling into your side.

Your fingers scrolled down the chat room messages:









anonymous asked:

Hiiyyya!! I know it's to early to say but the Jimin AU part 8 please? I love youuuu❤❤❤❤

Originally posted by sotaehyung

Part 1 // Part 2 // Part 3 // Part 4 // Part 5 // Part 6 // Part 7 // Part 8 // Finale

THE LONG OVERDUE 8TH CHAPTER WOOOOOOOOOW!! Sorry for not posting this before, honestly…I’m going through some writers block rn. I think I’m going to end it next chapter, because it’s just gonna be a smut and there’s nothing to really go on after that. THIS WAS A RIDE THAT WE ALL WENT THROUGH TOGETHER AND I FEEL PROUD.

Words: 1348

You were grounded after your mom came home. It was just obvious that she’d automatically know you were up to something. Although you’d kept you and Jimin’s relationship on the down low around your house, suspicions never failed to creep into your mothers mind.

It’d been probably two weeks since that happened, and it still bothered you so much how you’d been interrupted. You weren’t embarrassed, you were more pissed off by the fact Jimin didn’t get to continue on you.

Your grounding was long, but for the soul reason your mom gave you the choice to tell your father what you did, or endure two weeks of not being able to use any technology, no hanging out with Jimin, and being unable to leave the house on weekends. Obviously you took the longer route, which ended with less pain.

Jimin and you had barely spoke of that time, so you wondered if Jimin was embarrassed or unhappy about it. You were too afraid to bring it up, so the both of you just had an unspoken elephant between you whenever you hung out during school.

It wasn’t a bad thing that you didn’t talk about it, just awkward and it upset you a little.

Finally, your grounding had ended and you were able to hang out with Jimin. He didn’t know, and you weren’t quite sure if telling him was wise or not. Still, he’d be waiting for you as usual.

You collected your things from your locker, pulling your bag free only to have the door slammed shut.

“Holy shit!” you shouted in shock, looking over at Jimin. He was leaning against the locker, trying his hardest to keep a straight face but failing sadly.

“You could’ve closed my fingers in that locker!” You hit him with your bag, making him cringe away from you. Jimin wrapped his arms around your body once the assaulting ended, and he gently kissed your forehead. Little things like that sent you crazy, making you want to just hug Jimin and tell him he was the cutest.

“I wouldn’t have closed my girlfriend’s fingers in a locker, come on.” He snorted, letting go of you to snake his arm around your shoulders. You began to walk down the hall with him, heading for the exit.

“You know…It’s been exactly two weeks since you were grounded today.” He brought up quietly, looking down at you with a somewhat sheepish, smut expression. You rolled your eyes, but still felt a stab in the pit of your stomach.

“Did you write it on a calendar or something, stalker?”

“It’s on my phone. Are you un-grounded yet? What parent keeps their kid grounded for more than 3 hours?”

“The parent that comes home to her daughter getting fingered by her boyfriend.” You’d said it. Stiffly, you walked in front of him, now unable to look at his face. Jimin chortled, keeping up with your pace rather easily.

“My mom wouldn’t ground me for that, which is why you should come over.”

“I can’t.” You lied as smoothly as you could, which ended in absolute sad failure. Jimin saw straight through you, but he was obviously still playing up your charade. What a good boyfriend.

“I’m going to send a complaint to your mother. Did you know we exchanged numbers? I think I’m going on the next level with her. Maybe I’ll be able to go to your place just to get cookies from her. Man, we have real love, me and her.”

You turned around, and Jimin began to laugh harder than you’d ever seen. Either, it was the dark expression you wore, or he thought he was hilarious. Both ways still made you unhappy.

“Alright,” you began. “my mom is married to someone known as my father, and you sir, are in a relationship!”

“No one said our relationship had to be a legal one.”

“It’s not even illegal to cheat on people. It’s just a dick move, and speaking of dicks, it’s something you won’t have if you cheat!” You snapped, crossing your arms tightly across your chest.

Jimin took hold of both of your elbows, pulling you closer to him. “Why are you so jealous? I’ve never liked anyone as much as you.”

Without giving you time to reply, he kissed you. His lips were soft, so you melted right into him. Your hands cupped his cheeks so he couldn’t move away, and his arms held you firmly against him.

“Jimin…” You mumbled between kisses, and he made a noise of acknowledgement. “You’re the worst-”

“I can’t hear you-”

Your phone began to ring. Jimin groaned, pulling away from your lips.

“Why would someone do this to me?” He watched as you reached for your phone, and his eyes lit up as spotted who was calling. Immediately, he snatched your phone away and answered it.

“Mom, do you miss me?”

He put it on speaker phone, so you had no chance but to be quiet.

“Yes Jimin, I miss you. Are you coming over today since (Y/N)’s grounding is over?”

“Mom-” You tried to cut her off, but it failed sadly. Jimin wasn’t smiling after he heard that, but he still acted as if it were nothing.

“I don’t think (Y/N) want’s me to come over.”

“That’s too bad,” your mom interjected, obviously smelling something fishy. “I’m not making cookies today, though. It’s probably best if I’m prepared when you come over.”

“You’re enough for me, mom.” Jimin murmured sweetly into the phone, and your mom made a very audible choking noise.

“Alright Jimin, where’s (Y/N)?”

“I’m here.” You spoke quieter, ignoring the obvious eyes Jimin was shooting you. He handed you the phone to take away from him, and you decided to take it off speaker.

“I was just wondering when you’d be home.” She sounded as if nothing was wrong, despite hearing your 100 warning sighs you kept giving her.

“I…I’ll text you later, bye.” You didn’t wait for a reply before hanging up, taking extra care to make your phone silent before throwing it into your bag. Jimin stood there awkwardly, digging his hands into his pockets.

“Well, if we’re not going to hang out…just call me.” He turned away quickly, walking off in a different direction. Panicking, you stepped forward and took hold of his jacket to stop him. He didn’t turn around even after you let go, so you knew he was upset.

“Let’s not go to my place…” You mumbled, trying to pull anything reasonable into play. Jimin leaned his head back as if he were looking up at the sky, and you were afraid he was going to walk away again. You held onto his jacket tighter than before.

“Let’s go to mine. It’s empty, nobodies home. This time we won’t get interrupted.” He suggested, whirling around and pinning his arms around you. You looked up at Jimin, feeling your cheeks redden.

“W-what?” You were still touchy about this topic, even after getting touchy with him. Jimin smirked down at you, nodding his head.

“This is why you’re trying to avoid hanging out alone with me?”

“No, I just thought you were annoyed by it…” You replied, and automatically felt his grip falter on you. Jimin sighed dramatically.

“I am annoyed by last time. Can we not talk about this here, on school grounds? Are you coming over or not?”

“I’m coming over.” You pushed him away, walking forward on the street. He kept pace with you as you walked, obviously as determined as you felt.

Once you got to his place, Jimin pushed you into his room. He didn’t bother locking the door or even flicking on the light. He almost shoved you down onto the bed before ripping his jacket off.

“I’m annoyed because last time, I didn’t get to make you feel good. This time I will.” His voice was dark and quiet, sending a thrill through you. You pulled him down on you by his tie, pressing his lips onto yours in a rush.

‘I definitely want to wake up to that everyday.'

Author’s note: Somehow between cleaning my room, planning an essay and writing more EWTWE, I ended up writing a smutty Seungri drabble…I dont really know what that says about me xD But I thought i might as well post it- So here you go! ;) 

Warning: Thigh riding kink- …don’t ask -_- (also, i literally wrote it in 5 minutes, so its probably shit, but still.) ;)

A few hours after you’d both fallen asleep, you began to dream of Seungri touching you, his hands running over your hips as you were sat making out on the sofa, and you could feel yourself getting wet from his touch, fingers inching their way closer to your core, your breaths coming out in harsh pants as he sucked at the spot on your neck that he knew drove you insane.

You woke up with a start, face pressed into Seungri’s chest, just like when you’d fallen asleep, but now you were on the bed and somehow you’d managed to entangle your legs with his so that his thigh was pressed closely to your core. You cursed yourself for having woken up, desperately needing the friction that the dream had granted you in the form of Seungri’s hands, the damp between your legs, being embaressingly too close to his, but its as you move away that you realise the man beneath you isn’t actually asleep.

‘Babe, you dont have to stop.’ he murmurs, and you look up to see him looking down at you, eyes filled with lust, irises practically black as his hands squeeze your backside, where you hadn’t realised they had been sitting.

You want to pretend that you dont know what he’s on about, but from your close proximity- his thigh between your legs, and his hands that are beginning to guide your hips in a slow rocking motion against him, its easy to guess that you had infact been using his leg whilst you were asleep as friction for your burning need.

You’re shy at first, as you buck your hips against him, but as soon as your swollen clit rubs against his leg you moan out, stabilising yourself with one hand pressed to the mattress and the other on his chest. Your movements quickly become faster and you press your forehead into his chest as you rock against his thigh, letting out strangled moans when his fingernails dig into the skin of your ass, forcing you to go faster and helping you when your thighs begin to get weak, hearing him panting above you. You cry out as you get closer to your climax, feeling his skin growing damp with your juices and you curl your hips faster, pressing ever closer to him, the friction against your clit become too intense and your nails dig into his chest as you scream out, orgasm flooding over you in waves as he continues to press you against him, rolling your hips for you to prolongue your orgasm, before you collapse on top of him, panting heavily.

As you get your breath back you tilt your head to look up at him, seeing the smug smirk on his face as he looks down at you, feeling his fingers drift between your legs, through your juices, causing you to shiver and gasp and watching him bring them to his lips, sucking his fingers languidly.

'I definitely want to wake up to that everyday.’


P.S. Also I just watched Zico and Zion.T’s new m/v and holy hell, thats some good shit! O.O

What I’m writing

Tagged under my civilian tumblr name *coughcough*, can’t say by whom without outing myself. :D

1. A Mouthful of Ash - Star Wars, Obi-Wan/Anakin. Canon-divergent AU exploring what could have happened if Obi-Wan hadn’t left Anakin to burn on Mustafar.  Slow burn.  Currently working on chapter 22 of… probably 23 or 24.  Working on illustrations too, but those are secondary.  

2. Miscellaneous Quinlan Vos/Obi-Wan Kenobi smut vignettes.  Really obscene but also kind of sweet, starting out with them as older Padawan and going up til they are both masters.  I dunno if I’ll ever have the guts to post this because it is filthy.

3. Starlight on a String. Quinlan/Obi-Wan complex bromance-with-benefits, working an undercover mission together and generally being great.  still working on the first chapter.

4. Currently unnamed Spiritassassin story that may not end up going anywhere.

5. Followup to An Armored Shell, Fives/Echo mostly fluff with some clone psychology.

Dunno what I should be working on.  Probably A Mouthful of Ash since that’s the only one that has an actual update schedule.

Hump Day Smut

Finals edition! That just basically means please don’t get mad at me if this post ends up being short and/or shittily crafted. I am but one woman.

After hours smut! But I mean come on, it’s probably for the best. Y’all be out at school and work reading the smut and melting into a puddle. I simply timed my posting so that you could read in the comfort of your own home. Yeah, totally on purpose. 

Just What You Needed by @mrsjohnsmith (After you’re dumped, Dean shows you how you should be treated.)

The Shared Bathtub by @assbutting-everything (This Dean smut was a special birthday gift for me, but because I love you guys I’m gonna share it with you.)

Amazing Grace (How Sweet the Sound) by @mysupernaturalfics (Cas uses his grace to edge you all day before giving you what you want.)

Very Bad Day’s End by @bkwrm523 (Dean shows up after your boyfriend dumps you and after you help him save Sam, he gives you the night you deserved. And yes, this is the same plot as Just What You Needed up top. That’s because @bkwrm523 posted the prompt as fair game and then decided to tackle it herself as well. So please lets not send anyone nasty messages accusing them of plagiarism or tattle on them to me as if I could do something about it. They’re both good fics so enjoy them.)

Please Daddy by @mysupernaturalfics (Daddy kink with Sammy.)

Suspenders by @abaddonwithyall Battery Burner (Happy birthday to ME. It’s Dean smut to feed my suspenders kink and it’s all I could ever want.)

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Happy Birthday by @unadulteratedstorycollector (Guys, I am SO feeling the birthday love! And I also giggled while reading this because I love bows and the joke is that if you put a bow on something, I want it. A dress, jewelry, doesn’t matter. If it’s got a bow, I must have it.)

Hello, Cop Kink by @mrsdemonackles (Sexy officer Dean, reporting for booty.)

Fuck the Police by @icecream-and-winchesters (Officer Sam and his big dick are also here and also reporting for booty duty. (but not butt stuff… just ‘booty’.))

Love ‘em and Leave ‘em by @snowballackles (Good old Winchester threesome.)

I’m Yours by @dashingwinchester (A little bit of dom!Sam for ya.)

If you tagged me in smut this week and I haven’t liked it yet, chances are it’s open in a tab on my browser right now. I’m super behind on my smut reading, but I’ll get to it I promise!! In fact, there are like 5 more one shots I could put on this post, but they are just going to have to wait until next week because I haven’t read them and I can barely keep my eyes open.

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Brother’s Best Friend

Well any ways, this is my first smut, well my first piece of writing really. I don’t even know if anyones ever going to read this but I’ll give it a shot :). For my first piece of writing, i’m gonna write one about Ashton but I’ll probably just end up going about in a pattern. So let”s do it I guess. No hate, I might suck at writing so yea, but feed back would be great. :)

Rating- R(smut bitch)

Pairing- Ashton/reader

Summary- well I guess the title says it all ;)

Word Count- 4,893 words

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My Favorite Part VI

Prompt: My Favorite Part VI
[Part I // Part II // Part III // Part IV // Part V // Part V ½]
Character: Endverse!Cas
Author: dammit—cas
Reader Gender: Female
Word Count:  abt. 12,900 (I was going to split this into two separate parts but decided not to make you guys wait any longer. Get ready for some marathon smut reading!)
Warnings: Angst, mentions of addiction, possible dubcon, violence, death, alcohol/drugs, language, smut, dom/sub (switching), oral (giving/receiving) sacrilegious themes (I think that’s it? Basically just everything X-rated).

A/N: Finally! Part VI to my favorite! I started writing this a year ago, but got caught up with life so I never got a chance to finish it. Now, here it is! Just a warning, the ending probably has a ton of plot holes, but if I’m being honest, I just wanted to finish it so I could post it for you guys.  If you have any questions about the plot or character development (why certain characters did certain things) please ask me! I love answering questions like that! I have reasons behind everything, even if I don’t write it into the story.  It’s like having headcanons about my own writing. So please, don’t hesitate to ask!
Anyway, enjoy!


It has been so long since he came here. The gravel crunches under his boots as he makes his way closer to the river’s edge. It’s so peaceful here; quiet. Cas remembers when he first found this place, how it had become a new heaven for him since the one upstairs closed.

He just needed to get away, that day his whole world came crashing around him. The remainder of his grace faded away. He felt the first pangs of hunger and thirst, the pain of strained muscles and aching joints. He had to fight on, but some days he couldn’t handle it. The hollow, empty feeling of a graceless body left him completely hopeless.  The only person he could turn to was Dean, but the apocalypse had made him callous, uncaring. Once, Dean would have taken him out for a drink, or tried to make him laugh with some pop culture reference Cas didn’t understand. But when those words came out of Dean’s mouth, that’s when he knew everything had changed: “Nobody cares that you’re broken, Cas.”

This is the one place where Cas is allowed to feel, to hurt. But he hasn’t needed to come here since you came into his life. You’re one of the best things to happen to him in this godless, graceless world. But he waited too long to tell you. He let his pride get in the way, and now you’re gone. Walked out of his life for good, just when he needed you the most.

His gaze falls to the large, flat boulder on the edge of the river: his rock, both in the literal and symbolic sense. This hunk of stone had become an altar of sorts, a place where he could come to think, meditate, and even, occasionally,  to pray. Pray to what? He still doesn’t know. The drugs, alcohol and sex helped to fade some of the pain, but the emptiness remained; an emptiness that Cas knew only faith could fill. But even that slowly began to mean less and less to him.

Cas hauls himself up on his rock and smiles softly at the familiar texture against his calloused fingers. Laying with his back against the cool stone, he let his mind wander back to you: his favorite, his nephilim.  Well, not his anymore.  And possibly not a nephilim for much longer either. Since your grace hadn’t come back to full power, surely it is beginning to fade again, just as Cas’ is. He huffs angrily at the reminder.  You had given him his grace back, his hope and faith, then ripped it out from under him like some cruel joke.  Sure, he still has some grace left.  Not a lot, but maybe enough to…

Cas smirks to himself and closes his eyes to concentrate.


You’ve dreamt of Cas every night since that day you walked out on him. The first one was strange, to say the least. You don’t remember much, but you woke up with a searing sense of loss. Your other dreams were somewhat normal, or as normal as apocalypse dreams could be. You and Cas in the truck on a supply run, you and Cas fighting off a hoard of croats.  The usual.  

But this dream! It wakes you up, panting and sweating.  You try to calm your quivering muscles as you grasp at the last tendrils of your dream before it slips away.

Silken lips dance across your body, raising goosebumps on every inch of your flesh.  Tongue and teeth join, making you moan and squirm under calloused hands. A flash of blue winks up before traveling down, down, down…. Yes!  The friction of a rough, unshaven cheek rubs against your thigh, exciting your nerves.  In an instant, you’re filled to the brim with pleasure.  Every movement, every second, brings you closer to release, but just as you’re about to overflow, everything comes to a halt.
“Not yet, my little nephilim. Not yet…”

With a groan, you bury your face into your pillow and silently curse at yourself.  You’re already sexually frustrated enough as it is, the last thing you need is your subconscious giving you these ideas. Shifting your hips in bed reveals the dampness that your little fantasy created.  A soft sigh escapes your lips as you place a pressured palm between your legs. You’re so achingly neglected that even the slightest friction sends you close to your edge. You push past the hem of your shorts and easily find your slick bud, giving it small gentle circles. Anything more would be too much for your sensitive core. Your free hand grips the inside of your thigh as you bite your lip to stifle the mewls threatening to escape.
Mmmmh, Cas…. Castiel
It’s a fleeting thought, not one you meant to have, but it helps you along. The image of his face between your legs sets your skin ablaze. With a finger, you imitate the teasing circles and flicks of his skilled tongue that always drive you mad. Your breathing becomes heavy and heat seeps into your chest as you imagine his heady, gravelly voice demanding that you cum for him, that you scream his name so everyone knows you belong to him.
Yes, Castiel I’m-
“Rise and shine, sleeping beauty!” Robbie’s muffled voice interrupts that last thought and you quickly pull your hand from your shorts. He gives a couple short knocks to your door before you hear him make his way down the hall to the kitchen.
Trying to catch your breath, you feel the last flutter of your impending bliss die away.  You throw your blankets off with a huff.

Can’t catch a fucking break.


The morning goes by in a blur.  You go through the breakfast prep on autopilot, unable to rip your mind away from the tantalizing fantasy.  The very last thing you need is for Cas to saunter into the mess hall while you’re manning the serving station, yet here he is.  Fuck.
When he arrives to collect his tray, his expectant gaze searches your face. Silence.  Your heart begins to beat faster. Where’s the snarky remark? His usual flirtation?
To diffuse the tension, you hold the breakfast before him and, without breaking eye contact, he takes the tray, letting his fingers graze over yours. Your stomach lurches as the warmth begins to spread up your arm. The corner of his mouth curls upward in a mischievous grin. You yank your hand away with a meaningful glare and turn to load the next tray.

Ten minutes later, the peak breakfast rush comes in. You’re busy spooning oatmeal into bowls while Robbie hands out the full trays. Mid-scoop, you feel pressure between your thighs.  What the hell?  At first, you try to ignore it, but it travels upward until it reaches your core, pressing pleasantly against your sensitive bud.  With your legs clenched together, you bite your lip to stifle the moans bubbling in your throat.  Panicked, you glance around the mess hall to make sure no one notices that you’re beginning to come undone.  That’s when you notice Cas. More specifically, Cas’ fingers.

He’s sitting with his back to you, eating his breakfast nonchalantly, but under the table, his left hand is making sinfully suggestive movements that seem to work in time with the pressure now delving deeper inside you.  That’s not possib-fuck! The flick of his wrist and the swirl of his thumb sends you reeling.  An inhuman noise falls from your lips as the serving spoon clatters to the floor.  
“Hey, you okay?” Robbie watches you with concern as you grip the edge of the counter and try to level your breathing.
“I’m..mmmm, fine.” It’s nearly impossible to form sentences, especially with the new friction around the peak of your breasts. “Just, um… cramps.”
Robbie’s face turns red and he focuses on serving again, sorry he asked.

When your eyes find Cas again, he’s glancing over his shoulder at you, that mischievous grin still in place. He watches you with eyes ablaze as he makes more deliberate movements. The speed increases and your legs begin to give out.  Your head falls back at the friction and you can’t help but rock your hips in time, giving in to the building pressure at your core.  It’s almost too much,  like you have three skilled hands searching your body, hitting all the right buttons.  With your eyes shut tight, you wait impatiently for release.
“Please, please!” you whimper under your breath, but the pressure slowly dissolves away.
“Not yet, my little nephilim.”

Your eyes snap open just in time to see Cas’ smug, satisfied face as he piles his tray with the rest of the dirty dishes. With a quick hand, you reach out to slap him, but he catches your wrist.  Experimentally, he runs his thumb along the pulsepoint below your palm.  All your nerves spark to life at his touch.  You start to lean over the counter to get closer to him, wanting his hands to wander over the rest of your body.
He knows exactly what he’s doing. He knows you can’t resist his touch. There’s no way you’re going to let him win.

“Fuck you, Cas.” You free your hand from his grip.
His glance flicks down the length of your body before settling on your face again, “Yeah, that’s the plan.”


Once the breakfast mess is cleaned up, you storm back to your room to look for your gun.  Since leaving Cas, you’ve been spending a lot of time at the shooting range.  It’s mostly just to let off some steam from sexual frustration.  You weren’t mad at Cas, not at first.  Even after you saw women, and occasionally a few men, leave his cabin looking sated and satisfied.  You ended things with him, so you have no room to get upset with him for seeing other people. Hell, you probably would too if there was anyone you were remotely interested in. But Cas could have anyone he wants, so why does he have to play these games with you again? Why does he have to reopen this wound, right as it finally started to heal? It’s just not fair!

With a frustrated grunt, you fire a few shots right into the center of the closest handpainted target.

“I like the way you handle that weapon,” Cas’ amused voice greets you from behind.
“I have a loaded gun,” you reply, focusing on a target further in the distance, “I suggest you don’t piss me off.”
His body nears yours and you feel his breath flirt with the nape of your neck, “Where’s the fun in that?” he whispers.
His words throw off your aim, and your next shot lands just outside the largest red circle.
“Here,” Cas places his hands over yours on your handgun, freezing you in place.  Goosebumps begin to form on your arms and your heart rate picks up. “Widen your stance,” he forces his knee between your legs.  You tense up at the feeling of his hips pressed firmly against your ass. Cas lowers his face over your left shoulder, sharing your line of vision to make sure you’re aiming properly.  If you turned head, his lips would be just inches away from yours. So close.
A tingling warmth begins to travel up your wrists and you can feel yourself melting in his arms.
“Breathe in,” he demands and you obey, inhaling deeply through your nose.  Cas’ body swells with yours as he matches your breath. “Exhale…” your bodies contract against each other, “… and squeeze…” You pull the trigger and, in a moment of crystal clear lucidity, everything seems to slow down. You can see and hear every mechanical movement as the gun fires.  The bullet spins gracefully through the air and sinks cleanly right into the center of the target.

"That’s my girl,” he traces his fingers up your arms and down to settle on your waist, leaving a trail of tingling heat.  You shiver at his touch.  It’s been too long since you’ve had someone elses hands on your body. You miss the way it feels.
Cas pushes your hair aside and lays his lips behind your ear, sending a shock down your spine.  The grip on your waist tightens before he turns you around to face him. His eyes burn down into yours with primal lust, and just a hint of a challenge. He’s daring you to close the distance, to succumb to the gravity that’s pulling you in.

“I’m not your girl, Cas,” you say flatly. The muscles in his neck and jaw tighten for a moment. “I can’t do this,” you continue, “whenever you’re around, whenever you touch me, I can feel the grace inside me try to surface. I don’t want it.”
“But you still want me,” he rasps seductively.
Yes. “No.” I need you. “Just, leave me alone. Stop playing your stupid little games. I’m done.” You break free of his grasp and march back toward camp.


That night, you lay on your bed, staring blankly at the book in front of you.  It’s too hard to focus on the story.  You’ve read it about 20 times anyway, so you could quote that thing line for line if you had to.  You just need a distraction, something to take your mind off Cas and his hands and his voice and his lips.  But the words on the page before you are doing little to help you escape.
You close the book, place it on the bedside table, and reach instead for the half empty bottle of whiskey.  Ah, yes! Good old Jack never lets me down. Taking a long drink straight from the bottle, you think back to dinner.  Cas didn’t show up, or if he did, he did a great job staying out of sight.
Good. You think, replacing the cap and laying back against the bed. With your eyes closed, you wait for sleep, but it doesn’t come.  Your mind continues to race, thinking about what happened at the shooting range. You run your hands down your waist, trying to mimic the way Cas felt against your body.  Your fingers play with the waistband of your shorts, but you need more.
“Fuck it,” you curse under your breath. Without fully realizing what you’re doing, you pull on your boots and make your way across camp to Cas’ cabin.

He looks startled to see you push past the beads hanging in the doorway, but his shock is soon replaced with a crooked grin.
“Couldn’t sleep?” he asks.
“I, uh…” shit, what am I doing? You glance around the room and spot a collection of empty booze bottles by his bed and your heart sinks. He worked so hard to get clean, why is he throwing it all away?

“You’ve been drinking?” you motion angrily at the pile of bottles.
“Get off your high horse,” he rolls his eyes, “You’re not exactly sober Sally.”
“Yeah, but I’m not an addict,” you point out.
He narrows his eyes and stands to meet you in the center of the room, “Aren’t you?”
You scrunch your face in confusion at his words, but he continues with a sly smile, “I’ve been an addict long enough to know another one when I see it.”
“What the fuck are you talking about?” Your voice wavers slightly.

“Why are you here?” he lifts an eyebrow at you.
“Because I… Um..” you wipe your palm nervously on your shorts, “I just wanted to tell you to back off and leave me alone.”
Cas chuckles lowly, “You made that clear earlier today, and I’ve stayed away. So why. Are. You. Here?” with each word he takes a step closer until you’re face to face.

You look down at your feet, but Cas lifts your chin, forcing you to look into his eyes as he studies your face. Your pulse quickens at his touch.
“Dilated pupils, sweaty palms, increased heart rate, labored breathing,” he lists before tilting his head slightly to whisper in your ear, “Looks to me like you’re here for a fix.”
You try to regain your composure, but it’s hard while he has his hands on you. You can already feel the fluttering of your grace at his touch.
“You’re so full of yourself,” you sneer up at him.
He raises both hands in surrender and you almost growl in frustration at the loss of contact, “Hey, if I’m wrong, prove it. Just walk away.”
You want to leave, you want to just turn around and prove him wrong, but your legs refuse to move.  You’re stuck, feet firmly planted, staring up at him with your lips pressed tight. You hate this hold he has on you.

He lowers his hands with a chuckle and grips your hips to pull you closer. “I knew it the instant you came in here.  I know that look.” his voice drops to that gravelly tone that drives you crazy and goes straight to your core.  He slants his lips until they’re just a breath away from yours, “You can’t resist.”

Without hesitation, you close the gap, smashing your lips against his in a forceful needy kiss. Cas meets your passion, snaking an arm around your waist to pull you flush against his chest. He deepens the kiss with a rumbling growl and fists your hair with his free hand. You feel your bottom lip drag between his teeth as he pulls away completely, leaving you breathless. Looking into his eyes, you can see he needs this as much as you do.
His mouth comes down on yours for an instant before pulling away again. And again. And again. As if he can’t decide whether he wants to kiss you or look at you.

Finally, he makes up his mind, choosing to ravage your neck and chest.  Teeth and stubble scratch against you with delicious friction.
“Fuck, Cas…” you moan, running your fingers through his hair to pull him closer. The familiar heat deep within you begins to simmer.
He mumbles and unintelligible reply against your skin before freeing you from your shirt. Sinking to his knees, he marvels at your body for a moment and runs his hands down your bare curves.  Your head falls back with a groan as you feel your nerves spark to life.  

He picks up where he left off, trailing wet kisses down your chest to the valley of your breasts, stopping for a moment to savor each peak.  His eyes flick up to your face as he continues down further, slowly sliding the shorts off your quaking legs.
“You know,” Cas muses as he places hot open mouthed kisses across your hips, “My grace might not be back completely, but,” his lips move down to your inner thigh, “there are some things I can still do.” He moves to your other thigh. “For instance, hearing prayers.”
He stops to glance up at you and you stare back in confusion, wondering why he’s suddenly decided to use his mouth for talking instead of ravishing your body. With a small tug of your wrists, he pulls you down to the rug to join him.
“Your prayers are especially loud,” he continues, “and… needy.”
Your eyes narrow for a moment before widening with realization. He chuckles at your shocked and slightly embarrassed expression.
“Yes, I heard you this morning. Your prayer to me. Your aching need for my touch.” He leans forward to kiss your collarbone between words, “I felt the slick on your fingers as if they were my own,” hot kisses slowly climb up your neck, “I felt your grip in my hair. I heard your moans like they were for me.” His voice becomes a salacious whisper, “But they were, weren’t they?”
“Castiel,” you sigh.
With a growl he lays you flat on your back, hovering above you, “Is this what you want?” he slowly moves lower to nestle between your legs, “Is this what you prayed for?”
You moan an affirmative reply.
“Pray to me again,” he demands.
His breath is hot against your wanting flesh, making you squirm, searching for contact.
“You’re going to have to pray a lot harder than that,” he smirks. His lips lightly graze your thigh.
Cas… Castiel… please.
He takes his time, tracing a line up your thigh with his tongue before softly tasting your center. The lazy circles and teasing flicks have you practically screaming with frustration.

Cas! Please! I need you, I need you, Castiel please!
With a strangled moan, he gives in, devouring you completely. Not a single inch of your core is ignored as Cas greedily tastes everywhere possible.  When you move to grab his hair, he catches your wrists, pinning them against the floor by your hips. Unabashed moans pour from you as you scratch at the capet, desperate to find anything to hold onto. A tingling numbness forms at your fingertips. Oncoming orgasm? Awakening grace? You don’t care what the cause is, you just need…
I want to touch you… I need to touch you! I need you against me, please!
Answering your prayer, Cas pulls back, wiping the shine away from his lips with the pad of his thumb.  Instinctively, you sit up to meet him, and your lips connect again, tongues feverishly intertwined.   You push yourself closer, needing to feel his skin on yours, but there’s too much clothing in the way. You tug at the closure of his pants with desperation making him laugh against your lips. He pulls away with a lopsided smile and helps you removes his clothes.

Once the fabric barrier is out of the way, you press your chest against his, running your hands down his back.  Cas moans at your touch and mimics your movement, sending a shiver down your spine. The spark of your grace sets every nerve ablaze and you can feel the heat building, threatening to explode.

Cas digs his fingers into your hips and spins you so his chest is against your back.

“Let me have you,” he begs, taking your earlobe between his teeth.  You lift your hips, giving him the room he needs to slide into your heated center. He sinks into you, letting out a shaking breath against your neck. A moan escapes your lips as you relax into him, finally getting the friction you’ve been craving.  

He starts to move against you, with one arm snaked around your waist, and the other hand gripping gently under your jaw. You’ve become acutely aware of where his skin meets yours, every inch of contact sends electricity through your limbs.  You reach up behind you to grip Cas’ hair, trying to stable yourself.  His movements become harder, more deliberate, and you can feel the coil tighten at your core. The building heat from your grace only adds to the tension, making you cry out.
“Castiel!” his name falls from your lips, making his body shudder behind you.
He drags his nails down your arms and ribs and waist to your hips, setting fire to your nerves.

In a flash, you find yourself on your back again, staring up into Cas’ searching gaze. You groan in frustration at the sudden hollow feeling and wrap your legs around his hips to bring him closer again.
“I want to see it,” he whispers against your lips. His hands find yours, pinning them above your head with interlocked fingers.  Using his elbows for support, he slides back into you and you sigh with relief.  His pace becomes dizzying and frenzied, filling you until you think you’ll burst.  Your eyes roll closed to give in to the feeling completely.
“Open your eyes,” Cas demands, “Look at me.” He releases one hand to cup your cheek, tracing your lower lip with his thumb. His gaze dances around your face expectantly while his brow knits in concentration.
With the shift of his hips, he hits that sweet spot making you yelp at the sensation. A smile tugs at the corner of his lips as he deliberately hits it again and again until your mind is spinning. With each thrust, your moans increase in volume and pitch, growing along with the tension building at your core, drawing your muscles taut.
One more touch, one more movement, one more shaking moan and you’re done for. It starts as a numbness at your curled toes, then an exploding heat in your chest as your vision goes grey. The feeling is all encompassing, body and soul release with pure ecstasy. As your grace vibrates within you, your muscles quake uncontrollably.

Your arched back slumps against the floor and you try to catch your breath. Cas hovers above you, eyes widened in pure awe.
He pushes a strand of hair away from your face, “So beautiful.”
His body remains rigid above you, his pupils blown wide, heart pounding furiously, sweat glistening on his forehead and chest. You wrap your legs around him once more to sink him deeper into you. He groans, grabbing your hips to stable himself before setting a new rhythm. It doesn’t take long for his breathing to become ragged and his pace more erratic. His bruising grip digs into your flesh with pleasured pain as he hits that sensitive bundle of nerves again.
“Castiel!” you cry out, scratching at his back to hold on.
The sound of you screaming his name is his final undoing. For a moment, his eyes flash with an inhuman glow.  The blue intensifies, growing brighter until he shuts them tight and furrows his brow. His body shudders against you as he drags his fingers down your thighs with a growl. Finally, he collapses on top of you, breathing heavily against your shoulder.

You let Cas recover for a moment before wiggling under the uncomfortable weight, “Can’t breathe.”
“Sorry,” he chuckles and rolls over to lay beside you.  With a soft smile, he reaches out to ghost his fingers above your skin. Even the lightest touch tickles you with small static shocks under his fingertips. You seem to be surrounded by the familiar scent of crisp air right before a thunderstorm: the smell of raw angelic power.

Then the regret hits you like a freight train.

“Please don’t,” you whisper and Cas’ smile fades. You slowly get up and start locating your clothing.  Cas sits up, watching you in confusion.
“I’m sorry,” you say, tugging your clothes back on.  “I shouldn’t have come here tonight. It was a mistake.”
“What?” Cas’ voice is heavy with anger and pain as he pulls his clothes on as well.
“You’re right, I can’t resist,” you comb your fingers through your hair to tame the tousled mess.
“Then don’t.”
You shake your head, advice from an addict, “I have to.”
“Why?” he challenges.

“Because I don’t want this grace. It’s changing me, I can feel it.”
“It’s making you stronger.”
“It’s making me inhuman, a monster,” your voice cracks.
Cas folds his arms over his chest with a smirk, “Is that what you think of me?”
“Shut up, Cas, you know what I mean. It’s like you said, nephilims are an abomination. They’re not supposed to exist.” You blink a few times and stare at the floor, “I’m not supposed to exist.”
He steps forward to grab your shoulders, “Your grace is a gift, I don’t understand why you want to push it down.” He glares down at you with frustration, “You can’t hide it away, I won’t let you.”
“It’s not your decision to make.”
He exhales sharply and releases his grip.
“Goodbye, Cas.”


It must be around 1 in the morning by the time you make it back to your cabin. Your body is heavy with exhaustion, shame and regret. You want nothing more than to crawl under your covers and sleep until the next apocalypse, but as you quietly make your way down the hall, Robbie opens his door and calls your name.

“Hey, you okay? I heard you leave in a rush a while ago,” his voice is laden with concern.
“I’m fine, Robbie, thanks,” you pinch the bridge of your nose, hoping he’ll see how tired you are. God, just go back to bed so I can get some sleep.
“Well, I’ll just go back to bed so you can get some sleep,” he says, stepping back into his room, “Goodnight.”
You’re left staring at his closed door for a moment, trying to process what just happened. Coincidence, your rational brain tells you, but the shiver rolling down your spine suggests otherwise.


“So beautiful.”
The words echo through your consciousness as heated pleasure washes over your body.  The pressure fills you, bringing you to the edge with thrilling excitement. You move together, working as one. Two bodies, two souls intertwined in endless passion. Breath heavy, muscles taut, moans exchanged with increasing fervor.  Building, building, higher, tighter, almost…

“Castiel!” Your own voice pulls you from sleep.  You stare at the ceiling, heart hammering wildly against your chest. Just another dream, just another fucking dream!
You launch your pillow against the opposite wall and bury your face in your hands.

It’s still early, but you decide to get a head start on breakfast prep.  You throw on some clothes with a bit more aggression than necessary and walk heavily down to the kitchen.

You’re elbow deep in last night’s dishes when Robbie shuffles sleepily into the kitchen.
“You’re here early,” he states in confusion.
“Yup,” you slam the clean tray down and move to pick up a large pot, “Couldn’t sleep.”
He senses your distress, “Wanna talk about it?”
Just as you’re about to tell him everything’s fine, the pot slips from your soapy grip, clattering to the floor and dumping dirty dish water all over your shoes. You throw the sponge down with a frustrated yelp and turn away to fight back angry tears.
“Whoa, it’s okay,” Robbie stoops down to retrieve the pot and sponge then hands you a towel. “What’s going on?”

You don’t mean to, Robbie is the last person you want to pull into this, but everything comes pouring out. Well, you don’t mention the whole grace-awakening-nephilim thing, but you tell him about your relationship with Cas and how you wanted to end it, but he’s making it hard to move on. It actually sounds quite soap-opera when you leave out all the angel business.  
You sob your story into Robbie’s chest while he hold you, rubbing your back awkwardly.
“I’m sorry,” you pull away with a sniffle.
He wipes your tears away with his thumb, “Don’t be.”
You smile weakly as he moves to wipe your other cheek.

“Well, isn’t this cozy?” Your stomach drops at the familiar voice. Suddenly, you realize how intimate your position with Robbie looks: Your arms around him as he gazes down at you with your face in his hands.
“Cas, what are you doing here?” Your voice is more panicked than you intended.
Robbie steps in, blocking you from Cas with his body, “You need to leave.”
“Oh?” Cas looks amused, “And why’s that?”
“Haven’t you done enough damage?  She’s made it clear she doesn’t want to see you. Leave her alone.”
Cas saunters forward until he’s nose to nose with Robbie, “And what are you going to do about it… boy.

“Guys, stop it,” you move between them to break it up. Cas steps back with a chuckle while Robbie continues to stare daggers in his direction.
“Robbie, go get some more clean dish towels from the supply cabin, please,” you need to get these two out of the same room. With this chest still puffed, Robbie slowly makes his way out the side door. Rubbing your eyes, you turn back to Cas.
“Just leave.” you say tiredly.
“Trouble sleeping?” He muses with a knowing grin, “Dreams will do that to you sometimes.”
You stare at him in disbelief for a moment before you feel the rage well up inside you. “Go!” you wave a hand at him, “Get out, now!” You give him a light push on his shoulder, but he flies backward, his back smacking against the wall with enough brutal force to shake the whole room.

Cas rubs his shoulder in confusion as you glance down at your hands. Your palms emit a soft gray glow that pulses in time with your heartbeat. Your fingertips feel like they’re crackling with energy. Angrily, you shove your hand in Cas’ face. He looks at it with eyes sparkling in wonder.
“This is why we can’t be together,” you say firmly, “Look at what I’m becoming. I can’t control it.” Fear seeps into your voice, “I could seriously hurt someone. I could have hurt you.”
“I can teach you to control it,” he takes your wrist in his hands and the glow grows brighter, “Just let me-”
“No!” you yank away from him, “Leave.”

He exits the room without another word.


During breakfast, you’re in a complete haze.  You numbly dish out the too-watery instant cream of wheat, but inside, your mind is racing.  You keep replaying what happened, watching Cas fly backward with supernatural force… your supernatural force.  You see it again and again; slow motion, fast forward, backward, forward, you can’t escape it.  And the glowing of your hands!
“… can take over so you can come by my cabin after breakfast.”  It’s Dean’s voice that pulls you away from your thoughts.
You blink at him a few times before you snap back to reality, “Um… wh-what?”
He stares at you as if you just sprouted an extra head, “You alright?”
“Yeah, I’m… It’s just… I didn’t… I didn’t hear you.”
“I need to speak with you after breakfast. Robbie can clean up.”
You give a quick short nod, “Okay. Is this about another supply run?”
“Eleven o’clock,” is his reply before he makes his way out of the mess hall.

The last of the breakfast rush trickles in and Robbie tells you he can take care of the rest.  When you reach Dean’s cabin, the door is left ajar and you push your way in, only to be assaulted by the stench of whiskey.
“Drink?” Dean asks from the table on the other side of the room.  He pours one glass then looks at you expectantly.
You take a seat across from him, “It’s not even noon yet.”
“Well, it’s five o’clock somewhere,” he pours a second glass and slides it down the table to you.  Dean tips his own glass toward yours before downing its contents in one enthusiastic gulp.
“So, uh… where’s Chuck?” You lift your drink to take a sip.
“You’re close with Cas, right?”
You pause, glass poised at your lips, staring at Dean over the rim, “Y-yeah… I guess? Why?”
“So you know what’s going on with him?” He was trying to hide his concern, but it was written clearly across his face.  He cares about Cas. A lot. You didn’t know Dean could care about anything other than croats and the apocalypse.
“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” you feign innocence.
“Has anyone told you that you’re a horrible liar?”
You frown down at your still untasted drink and swirl the glass nervously, “I guess I just don’t understand why it matters to you.”
Dean looks taken aback for a moment.  He pours himself another round before returning his attention to you, “Look, I know you think you know the guy, but there’s a lot about Cas that’s… complicated. He’s-”
“An ex-angel?” you finish for him.
Dean raises his eyebrows, “So he told you?” He takes another long drink, “That’s not something he tells just anyone.”
“Mm-hmm,” you hum, taking a small sip, allowing the burn to run pleasantly down your throat.
“So you know all about Freya then,” he states matter-of-factly.
“Freya?” The name is new to you, and you wonder why you’ve never heard of her before. “The goddess?” you ask stupidly.
Dean snorts with laughter, “Far from it.” He pours himself a third drink, setting the bottle at the end the the table next to an old revolver, “That bitch did a number over on Cas.  She fucked him up real good.  He wouldn’t be the way he is now if she hadn’t gotten her claws into him.” He takes this drink slowly, taking the time to savor each sip, “Although, I guess I can take some of the blame too.”

“So you knew Cas before?” Your interest is piqued at hearing some pre-apocalypse stories about Cas.  He never talks about it himself.
“Yes, I knew Cas before,” he says it almost offensively, as if it was blatantly obvious.  Then realization settles in: that means Cas never talks about him. “Yeah, you could say he saved me from a hell of a lot of trouble,” he smiles before indulging in the whiskey again.
“What was he like?”
Dean considers your question for a moment, “Different. Really different. He was just a weird… dorky little guy.  He would have been completely useless if he didn’t have his angel mojo,” his smile fades for a moment before his face lights up, “Wanna see a baby picture?”
Without waiting for your response, he gets up and rummages through a desk drawer.  He produces a faded, wrinkled photo.  It feels delicate in your hands, and the edges look burnt like it had been saved from a fire, but all the faces are clear.  You recognize Dean first, physically he hasn’t changed much, other than the way he holds himself.  He has his arms around two women you don’t recognize.
“That’s Jo and Ellen,” he says, pointing to them.  “Bobby…” there’s a sadness in his voice when he speaks about the man in the wheelchair.
You point at the tallest person in back.
Dean averts his eyes, “Sam. My brother…”
“Oh. Sorry.” Everyone always told you his brother is dead.  It’s probably hard to talk about him so you turn you eyes back to the last person in the photo, “That’s not…?”
“The one and only baby in a trenchcoat,” he laughs before downing the rest of his drink.
You hold the photo up for closer inspection.  Everything about Cas is different.  Everything.  His hair, his clothes, his posture, even his eyes.  He looked regal, like he had purpose, authority, determination.  Your gaze drifts down, “Is he wearing a tie?
“He never could get the hang of that thing, but at least he tried.”
You can’t rip your attention away from the picture, your eyes dance around the image, trying to memorize every detail.
“If someone had told me that that Cas would turn into the one we have now, I would have called bullshit.  No way would I have believed that innocent little buzzkill would have turned into a pot-smoking hippie love guru.”
“Innocent?” you laugh at even the thought of Cas being innocent.
“You think angels usually go around getting high and having orgies?” Dean ponders for a moment, “Well, actually I can think of a couple but that defintiely wasn’t the kind of angel Cas was.  He was all work, no play.  I practically had to drag him kicking and screaming to a strip club,” he lowers his voice to mimic Cas, “‘This is a den of iniquity.’”

Finally, you look back up at Dean.  You definitely aren’t used to seeing this side of him and you wonder if this is how he was before everything went down.  As amusing as this story-time is, you’re curious why he asked you here.  
“What’s going on, Dean?” you lay the photo face down on the table.
He fixes his gaze out the window, “I guess I’ve just been doing a lot of thinking lately. About how things have turned out, and how I could have made them different. For Bobby, Ellen and Jo. For Cas and…” He returns to the whiskey at the end of the table, forgoing a glass and drinking straight from the bottle.  “They were the closest thing I had to a family and I lost them all,” there’s anger in his voice, anger at himself, “They depended on me and I let them down.”
“Cas is still here, you can still-”
“I don’t even know who that is anymore,” Dean cuts you off, “and it’s my fault.  He spiraled out of control, fell into a fucking k-hole and I wasn’t there to pull him out.  He needed me and I didn’t do a goddamn thing!” He grips the edge of the table, his knuckles going white. After taking a deep, breath he continues, “But I’m going to fix this,” his fingers absently trace over the pentagram engraved in the revolver’s handle, “I’m going to fix everything.”
You stare down at the table, still shocked by Dean’s sudden outburst.
“I need you to do something for me,” his ‘fearless leader’ facade returns as he rummages through the desk drawer again.  He rolls a long silver knife across the table to you, “Give this to Cas.”
You eye the strange weapon, “What is it?”
“It’s his angel blade.  He tried to get rid of it a while back.  Said it’s useless since there aren’t any angels to fight anymore, but I kept it just in case.”
The metal feels warm beneath your fingertips.  You can feel the angelic power coursing through it as you grasp the handle.  It’s no wonder Cas didn’t want it anymore; it probably served as a constant reminder of what he lost.
Dean makes his way toward the front door and holds it open for you, “Just make sure he gets that.”
You tuck the blade into your belt, making sure it’s concealed by your jacket.  As you’re about to exit, Dean catches your shoulder.
“And let’s keep this chat between you and me,” he waits for your nod of understanding before letting you leave.


After your meeting with Dean, you find yourself walking toward the edge of camp and into the surrounding woods.
Where am I going?
Something is pulling you, calling to you, not with words but with feeling. You just know you have to go, to follow it. Your instincts won’t let you ignore the nagging feeling at the pit of your stomach.
You’ve never explored this part of the forest. If it weren’t for the small beaten path through the overgrowth you’d think no one had ever been out here either.

You continue to follow the path, climbing over fallen trees, ducking under low branches. The further along you go, the faster your feet carry you, until you’re sprinting through the trees with twigs slapping your skin and pulling at your hair.  Everything becomes a green and brown blur, but your feet know the way.  You’re running faster than you ever thought possible, no strain on your muscles, no shortness of breath.  You could run like this forever, but you come to a halt in the middle of a clearing, at the edge of a river.

Where? Where? Your eyes scan your surroundings, not knowing what you’re looking for until you see it.
He’s crouched at the edge of the river, staring at his distorted reflexion as the water rushes by. But his back… surely you must be imagining things. You blink several times, but the view remains the same: Two massive wings, covered in onyx black feathers, sprout from his shoulder blades, but something’s wrong. They look mangled, broken, the feathers crumpled and matted.
“Cas…” your voice makes him jump, shedding several feathers to join the inky black pool gathered at his feet. He turns sharply, readying himself for a fight, but when he sees it’s you he lowers his fists.
“What are you doing here?” Cas’ gaze searches behind you, seeing if you’re alone, “How… how did you find me?”
You’re shocked into silence. It’s strange to see him like this, so vulnerable and defeated. You helped him through withdrawls, possibly one of the hardest things he’s gone through as a human, but you’ve never seen him as beaten as he is now.  The pain of seeing him this way nearly tears you in half.
“Cas, your… wings?” you take a few small steps forward.

He observes you in bewilderment, “You can see them?”
You swallow thickly and nod.
He cracks a broken, hollow smile, “Beautiful aren’t they?” His words drip with sarcasm as he tries to flex and spread his crumpled wings, but his face quickly contorts with agony.  He falls to his knees, breathing heavily from the effort.
“Cas!” you rush to his side and hold his face in your hands. He looks at you with tired eyes. “What’s happening?” you whisper.
His body rumbles with a pathetic chuckle, “Don’t worry your pretty little head about it.”
“Stop,” you grip him tighter, causing the tingling of grace to work its way up your arms, but you don’t care, “Talk to me. What happened?”
His stone-cold gaze bores into yours, “You.”
Your hands fall to your lap and you watch numbly as Cas slowly stands up again. “What?”
He makes his way over to a large flat boulder near the edge of the river, absently running his hand over the rough surface. “I was fine being human.  It was awful and I hated it, but I was fine.  But this… this never would have happened if I just…”
You stand to meet him, trying to catch his downcast gaze, “If you just what?”
“If I didn’t let myself fall in love with you.  I tried not to. With every fiber of my being I tried to stop it. But I fell. Hard. Harder than when I fell from heaven.”
Your breath catches, “Cas, I-”
“But look where it got me,” he continues.  “I’m too human to be an angel, but too angel to be human.  I’m exhausted but I can’t sleep, hungry but have no appetite.  I’m falling from grace all over again.  And the pain…” he closes his eyes and exhales sharply, “the pain from losing my grace again, from losing you, nothing can stop it.  Drinking, pills… sex, nothing will dull the pain this time.  Nothing will help me forget.  And I tried, I tried fucking hard to ignore my grace, to forget you.  But then you had to go and… pray.”
You feel your cheeks burn, “I didn’t-”
“That fucking prayer,” he chuckles shaking his head, “Do you have any idea what that did to me?  It wrecked me.  I couldn’t escape it.  Your voice was in my head, begging for me to come to you, to touch you and please you in every way that I was trying to forget.  And the most fucked up part was that I knew you wanted me, that you needed me, as much as I needed you.  But I still couldn’t have you.”  His jaw tightens as he glances at you out of the corner of his eye.

Without another word, you pull his face down to yours and press your lips against his in a slow, needy kiss.  Just as you feel the warmth spreading through your limbs, he pulls away.
“Your grace,” he reminds you, his gaze searching your face.
“It’s okay.” With your eyes locked on his, you lift his hand up to rest on your cheek and relax into his palm.  

He moves his thumb over your lips, “Are you sure?”
You nod before wrapping your arms around him.  With your face in both his hands, his lips crash onto yours once more, hot and fast.  Your fingers tangle in his hair to hold him close, feeling your grace spark its fire and ignite your soul.  It’s already happening. It’s too fast, too soon.  You begin to tremble in Cas’ grip.  He rests his forehead against yours, trying to catch his breath.
“You’re scared,” he pants and you nod softly in response.
He takes both of your hands in his and runs his lips gently across your knuckles before flipping them over to tenderly kiss the pulse points on your wrists.  The act sends a zing of grace up your arms to warm your heart, making you gasp.  You can feel yourself start to melt, giving in to the numbing heat that consumes your soul.
Your shaking fingers work at the buttons on his shirt, the need for his skin against yours intensifying, but he halts your movement, “Not here.”
You trail a finger down what little you exposed and lay your palm flat against chest.  With every beat of his heart you feel the pulse of your own soul.  Closing your eyes, you tilt your head back and pray,

Cas, I need you.  You feel his muscles tense and his heart pound rapidly against his chest.  Please, Castie-
Your prayer is interrupted as a pair of lips attack your neck.  Cas groans against your skin, grabbing you by the back of your thighs to sit you up on the edge flat boulder.  You wrap your legs around his waist and he presses his hips firmly against yours.  His hands frantically run up and down your legs, tugging at the denim in frustration.  The scruff on his chin scratches deliciously against your chest as his mouth continues its exploration.  You moan when his lips latch onto the tender pulse point of your neck.  Liquid fire runs through your veins and you can feel every nerve in your body snap to attention.  
Cas lifts his head to yours, capturing your lips once more before pulling away to inspect your face.  
“I can feel you,” he whispers in awe. He holds your hands between his and rests his forehead against yours.  Closing his eyes, he takes a few deep breaths before speaking again,
Var beh seh,” the language is unfamiliar to you, but it sounds ancient and beautiful, “Hoh ah teh,” Cas seems to be speaking from the pit of his chest, drawing out every syllable.  Each word reverberates within you, filling you, making your heart and soul pulse in unison, “odo kee klay kuh ah ah.

His last word forces you to throw your head back with a gasp as a comforting warmth blooms in your chest.  Instead of going grey, your vision sharpens, as if seeing through new eyes.  With every pulse, you feel raw power and energy coursing through you.  You can sense… everything: The heartbeat of a squirrel hiding in a nearby bush, the scent of pollen stuck to the tiny hairs of a passing honeybee, the breath of the trees, the route of the wind, the movement of the earth on its axis. The experience is fantastic, unbelievable.  You feel whole for the first time in your life, and you want to weep with joy.

A tightening grip on your thigh pulls you from your elation, “What’s wrong, Cas? Are you-”
Suddenly, the ground begins to quake and he stumbles backward before collapsing onto one knee.
“Cas!” you jump down off the boulder but he holds his hand up to halt you,
“Stay back!” he grunts through gritted teeth.  When his eyes meet yours, they flash the same unearthly blue that you recognize from last night.  A soft glow pulsates in his chest, growing brighter by the second until you have no choice but to shield your eyes against the blinding white light.  With your arm thrown over your eyes, it’s hard to see what happens next, but out of nowhere an unseen force throws you off your feet.  Your back slams violently against the boulder behind you, knocking the wind out of you.

When you regain your breath, you peek over your arm just in time to see the white light fade back into Cas’ chest.  He stands tall, shoulders back, scanning his surroundings.  You gasp as a gust of wind rushes past, and your eyes fix on the black wings towering over Cas’ head.  This time, though, they look strong… beautiful.  With his eyes closed, Cas gives his wings a final stretch before folding them away again.  Finally, he turns his attention back to you.

“Are you okay?” he asks, helping you to your feet.  When his hand closes around yours, you expect a zing of grace, but instead feel a comforting and familiar warmth fill you.
“Yeah…” you trail off, running your hands down his arms.  You can feel the grace course through his body, you can smell the power.  Looking down at your own hands you wonder if he can feel your grace as well; if the experience is as intoxicating for him as it is for you.
“Look at me,” he says, gently lifting your face to meet your gaze.  “I’m sure grace can be overwhelming if you’ve never experienced it before.  I need you to tell me if you’re okay.”
“I feel amazing,” you beam up at him with a laugh.
“Okay, so you’re ready?” he wraps an arm around your waist to pull you flush against his chest.
“Ready for what?” you knit your brow in confusion.
He smiles mischievously at you before tilting his face up toward the sky.  Suddenly, the ground drops from beneath your feet and your surroundings are consumed by the bright light of Cas’ grace.  You don’t even realized you closed your eyes, but when you open them you find yourself somewhere else entirely.

“Where are we?”  You know you should feel panicked, but you don’t. You have never seen this place before but somehow it feels like home.  You’re surrounded by an overgrown jungle of trees and plants you have never even seen in books.  The air feels electric, and smells clean and fresh.

“Heaven,” Cas states matter-of-factly, moving away from you to inspect a nearby tree.

“You mean that symbolically, right?” you ask, “Like, ‘heaven on earth’? We’re in you favorite rainforest, or something?  We can’t actually be in heaven.”
Actually, we can.  And we are.”
“You have got to be fucking kidding me,” you shake your head, trying to let everything sink in.
Cas smiles at you in surprised amusement, “You just find out you’re in heaven and that’s the language you decide to use?”  He shrugs with a chuckle, “It’s your decision, but if I was you, I’d show a little respect.”

Maybe it’s the grace pumping through your veins, but you’re feeling especially bold, “Make me.”
He looks taken aback, for a moment, at your challenge but steps toward you with his narrowed eyes locked on yours, “Oh, you have no idea what you’re getting into, girl.”  Your heart begins to beat faster, but you continue to stare defiantly up at him.
His gaze slides down the length of your body before meeting your face again, “Run.”  The single word comes out as a growl that sends you sprinting in the opposite direction.  You scream with excitement as you hear him chasing after you.  Following the remnants of a path through the trees, you push past the large leaves of palm-like plants and easily avoid exposed roots jutting up from the ground.  You glance behind to see Cas still a distance behind as you near the edge of the thicket.  But, as you turn your eyes forward again, he is suddenly right in front of you, as if he appeared out of thin air.  You dig your heels into the dirt to come to a halt and try to quickly turn and run the other way, but Cas catches you.

With both arms around your waist he pulls you against him.  “Gotcha,” he whispers.

You squirm in his grip, not ready to admit defeat just yet, but he turns around and dumps you ungracefully onto the grass at the edge of the forest.  He takes a few slow steps toward you and you start to scramble backward on your elbows.
“Where do you think you’re going?” he asks, dragging you back toward him by your pant leg.  He drops to his knees between your legs and pins your shoulders to the ground.
“That was a very naughty thing you did back there, using that dirty word in the garden of God.”  He traces the outline of your mouth with his index finger, “These lips should be used to praise God and his angels.  They’re too beautiful for such profanity.”
You take his finger between your lips and watch his pupils widen as you swirl your tongue around the tip.
“Are you trying to tempt an angel of the lord?” Cas tests, forcing his finger further into your mouth. You moan in response, gladly taking all that his is giving you.  Slowly, he begins rutting his hips into yours. Glancing down, you see his pants straining to contain him.
You pull his finger from your mouth with an audible pop. “It looks like I’m succeeding,” you say, grinding harder against him to prove your point.
He stops his movements and looks down at your with new fire in his eyes, “Foolish girl.”  With the wave of his hand, the clothes that were once on your body lay in a pile beside you.  You squeal as the air rushes to meet your newly exposed flesh.
“What the hell?” you yelp in confusion.  Grace can do that? Useful.
When Cas’ hand clamps over your mouth, you realize he’s just as naked as you are, and you gulp at the closeness of his manhood.  He clicks his tongue at you in disapproval, “Still using that language?” With his free hand, he lines himself up and just barely pushes past your folds.  You try to move your hips to meet his, but he holds you in place and you groan into his palm with frustration.  He keeps you just at the edge of getting what you want and wanting more, smirking down at you as you writhe beneath him.

He brings his face close to yours, “Let’s see if we can draw praise from those lips.”  His hand slides from your mouth down to your waist to hold you steady as he sheaths himself completely.  He watches you expectantly, driving himself deeper, but you still won’t let him win.  You bite down on your lip to prevent the moans from escaping.
Cas grows impatient with your defiance. “You always were a stubborn one,” he snarls. Taking a fistful of your hair, he turns your head to speak directly into your ear, “But I know how to break you.”  Without warning, he bears down on your clit with his thumb, drawing quick, rough circles that force screams of pleasure to freely flow from you.

“Oh, God!” you pant as he continues his ministrations.
“That’s better,” he rewards you by releasing your hair to hike your leg up on his shoulder. The new angle lets him drive even deeper, hitting your sweet spot.
“Castiel! Oh my god, yes!” you cry out.  He works you over so completely that it becomes hard to form words, and soon your praise becomes a string of wordless mewls and sighs.  

Cas gives you a dangerous look, “Don’t stop,” he growls between ragged breaths.  But soon, he too starts to lose himself in the rhythm of your bodies and the melody of your moans.
“Please, Castiel! I’m so close,” you reach between your legs to help him finish you off, but he slaps your hand away.
“Not until I say so.”

Fuck that! Without so much as a thought, you wrap your legs around his waist and roll until you’re straddling his hips and pinning his wrists to the ground.  You’re surprised at the ease with which you are able to subdue him. Cas, too, looks shocked at your new-found strength as he tries to free his arms from your grip.
You throw your head back with a laugh at his attempt, “Not until I say so.”
He glares up at you with a faint smile on his lips, both impressed and aroused at your sudden switch.  But he’s not ready to give in just yet, “Watch your tongue, gir-”
You cut him off, forcing your mouth over his and pushing your tongue past his lips.  He moans in surprise at the thoroughness and dominance of the kiss.
“Oh, you mean this tongue?” You pull back, licking your lips. Slowly, you crawl down his body and settle between his legs, “Why don’t you watch it.”
Keeping your eyes locked on his, you flatten your tongue against the underside of his cock and draw a long, leisurely line from base to head.  Cas’ breath catches as you take him between your lips and swirl your tongue around the tip.  You can taste yourself on him, sending a new wave of arousal through you.  Inch by inch, you take his entire length into your mouth and savor the way he tenses beneath you.  His head falls back with a groan as he hits the soft flesh at the back of your throat, his hand moving down to tangle in your hair.  Gently, he guides your face closer, and you swallow down as much as you can.  Grabbing his wrist, you pull his hand away and slowly slide your lips back up his shaft.  His head snaps back up as you start to bob your head around him, slowly at first, but picking up speed. He watches, lips slightly parted and brows draw up and together.  He looks absolutely helpless; a slave to the pleasure coursing through him.  You love that you’re the one who can make him lose himself.  You’re the one who can draw shameless moans from the angel that, moments earlier, held such power and authority over you.

Finally, you pull back, smacking your lips obscenely.  You kiss the lines of his hips before sliding back up to meet him face to face.  He stares up at you wordlessly.  He has completely given in, given himself over to you, and he watches expectantly for your next move.
“You were a perfect little soldier, weren’t you?” you smirk down at him.  He eyes you with confusion.  “That’s all angels are, right?  Servants of God?”
You slide your slickened heat along his length, letting it brush deliciously past your clit.
“Your job is to do as you’re told,” you continue, “to take orders from your superior.”
A glint of rebellion shines in his eyes, “And who made you my superior?”

Shifting your hips, you take him all at once, tightening around his cock as force your hips against his.  Cas presses his head back into the grass and a burst of breath hisses past his clenched teeth.
“Mmmmmm,” you hum, fanning your fingers across his chest, “Good little soldier.”

You set a slow rhythm, taking your time to feel every inch of his length slide through your velvet walls.  He watches every movement your hips make, fighting the urge to reclaim his dominance.  Cas’ internal struggle is plain to see, but you want to make him suffer for a bit longer.  Tilting your hips back, you find your sweet spot once again.  With your eyes closed and head thrown back you start a deliciously sinful grind, rolling your hips against his as filthy moans fall from your lips.  Your fingers find your clit again and you rub rough circles, building the pressure at your core as you continue to use Cas’ body to please you.  You lean back, grabbing his thigh with your free hand for support and leverage.  Soon, your slow, steady grind turns fast-paced and turbulent.  Every muscle in your body is tensed and waiting for release.  With your back arched, and mouth open in a silent scream, the tension finally snaps, sending wave after wave of numbing heat through your quaking muscles.  Your fingers continue to draw slow circles around your sensitive bud to draw out as much pleasure as possible.

You draw in a deep breath before collapsing over Cas’ chest, panting against his neck.

He moans happily, running the tips of his fingers down your spine to grab your hips.  With a short, staccato breath he grinds you down on him again.  He’s still extremely hard inside you.
“Damn, that angel stamina is no joke,” you chuckle.
“Shut up,” he replies, playfully, kissing you deeply, this time with more passion than dominance.
Limbs and tongues fully entwined, he gently rolls you onto your back once more.  His hips roll against yours in a slow, sensual rhythm.  Your arms snake around his neck to keep him close as his lips dance across your neck and chest.  His hands begin to explore, worshipping every curve, every inch of your heated skin. When his fingers come back up to tangle in your hair, his brow furrows and he places mouth over yours again.  In one final movement, he pushes his hips against yours, burying himself within you as deeply as he can.  You hold him tightly, legs and arms wound around him, feeling his taut muscles quake with release.

When he finally relaxes, you untangle yourself to lie side by side, smiling blissfully.  You roll onto your stomach and prop your chin in one hand, using the other to card your fingers through the grass.  It’s unnaturally soft and vibrant.
“Mmmmmm,” you sigh, spreading both hands across the plush turf and laying your cheek against the feathery softness.  “Feels like…”
“Heaven?” Cas answers for you, eyes still closed.
“Yeah…” you sit up, blinking several times.  The fact that you’re in heaven still isn’t sinking in completely.  “So… you just had sweaty, raunchy sex… with a nephilim… in the ‘Garden of God.’ That’s gotta be a smidge sacrilegious right?”
A satisfied smirk creeps onto his face, “Maybe just a smidge.”  With a sigh he sits up, his smile slowly fading, “Not that it really matters.”
“What do you mean?”
“Look around you,” he says, getting up and fishing his clothes from the pile.  As he pulls on his jeans, your eyes wander back to the forest path that brought you here.  You realize how overgrown and unkempt it is.  Gnarled branches and roots obscure the trail and some trees had fallen, dead due to disease or rot.
Cas’ voice catches your attention again, “Are you starting to understand?”  He throws his head back and shouts at the sky, “There’s no one here!
You start rummaging for your clothes as well, “You can’t know that for sure.”
“Here’s what I do know; Joshua loved God, he loved Heaven, and he loved this garden.  He would never abandon God and he would never have let His garden become what it is now.  So if Joshua’s not here, no one is.”  He pinches the bridge of his nose with a sigh, “I don’t even know why I came here, why I brought you here.  I guess I just hoped…”
Cas trails off, his eye caught by the long silver blade falls from from your belt loop.
“Where… did you get that?” His gaze pierces yours.
“Oh, I um…” you finish fixing your clothes back into place and stoop down to grab the knife.  You try to fit it back into your belt, but Cas grabs your wrist.
“Do you know what this is?”
“It’s a blade,” you say defensively.
“It’s an angel blade,” he corrects you.  

You let the blade roll into his hand.  He grips it tightly before readjusting his grasp with an expert flick of his wrist, “It’s the only thing that can kill angels.  It’s the only thing that can pierce their grace, their soul…” His eyes flick back up to yours.

He moves toward you, slowly sliding the blade back into your belt.
“Can I show you something?” he asks, sincerely.
“Show me what?”
“I’ve seen your soul.  I’ve touched it,” he cradles your head in his hands.  “I want to show you mine.  I want you to see me, the real me, not just my vessel.”
“How?” your voice shakes slightly with nerves.
“Close your eyes.”

You stare up at him, and he nods to you in reassurance.

You shut your eyes tightly as Cas presses his forehead against yours.

The world around you melts away.  Your body seems to dissolve to nothing, leaving your raw soul vulnerable and exposed.  It’s only then that you realize that you’re being gently held by a glowing presence.  
It’s me, a whisper deep within you speaks. Beh lee ah rah deh
Castiel? You recognize the ancient sounding language
See me,
it responds. Mee kah meh ar

Suddenly, you can see clearly what is before you.  Were you in your human body, it would have taken your breath away.

Castiel’s true form towers over you with unimaginable height.  You recognize that the tiny wisp of your soul is being cradled in his tremendous palm.  He has three pairs of gorgeous wings all covered in peering eyes; one pair from his back, one at his feet, and one covering his face.  Yet behind the curtain of these wings, you can just barely see four faces, some of which are animal.  His whole body glows with golden, heavenly light. Beautiful.

Pain.  Anguish.  Fear.  Chaos. Anger.  Panic. HELP! CAS!

Your eyes snap open to Cas, or Cas’ vessel, with his face twisted in terror.  Your own heart races, adrenaline pumping through you, as if faced with some invisible threat.
“What the hell was that?!” you gasp.
Cas’ eyes dance back and forth, not really seeing what’s in front of him.
“Cas!” you shake him.
“It was a prayer,” he finally responds.
That was a prayer?
“Dean needs our help.  We have to go,” he grabs your wrist, “Now.

The ground drops from beneath your feet and you’re flying again, surrounded by the light and sound of Cas’ grace.

The world tilts back into place.  You’re back at camp but… No!

No no no! This can’t be happening! After all this time, you finally found a place of comfort, security.  You finally had a place you could at least call home, and people you could actually depend on.  Now it’s all gone.  Literally up in smoke. You blink your eyes several times, nothing changes: the skeletal remains of cabins still smoldering, the trucks and jeeps all crushed beyond repair, and blood splattered… everywhere.  The ground, the trucks, the sides of the cabins all glisten with dripping blood.  But, there are no bodies.  It’s as if everyone has been-
Oh God!” you choke back a sob at the mental image.

“Dean!” Cas rushes toward his lifeless form, lying in the open like bait.  In Dean’s hand you recognize the ancient-looking revolver he had with him during your morning meeting, the other holds a strange knife with foreign letters etched into it.
Cas’ face swims with confusion and rage.  He punches the ground next to Dean’s head, “Dammit Dean, what did you do?”

“I was beginning to wonder if you were going to show up, Castiel,” a voice behind you startles you both.  Cas grabs the knife from Dean’s hand and prepares for a fight.  The stranger is tall and handsome, wearing a spotless white suit.  You recognize his face, but don’t remember where you’ve seen it.

“Lucifer,” Cas growls.  Your heart skips a beat and you take a few shaky steps back.
“Brother,” the stranger greets in reply.
“You are no brother of mine,” Cas narrows his eyes at him before glancing at you.
Run, Cas’ voice echoes in your head.  But you refuse to move.  You won’t let him fight this battle on his own.  Even if it is between two heavenly beings.  You have a little bit of angel juice in you too.  What are you doing? Go! An invisible force grips at the pit of your chest and pulls you into the alley of two charred cabins.  You huff in frustration at the assault of your free will and make your way around the backside of the cabin.  You hear their muffled conversation continue as your sneak around the building.

“You know I’m just going to find her and kill her once I’m done with you,” Lucifer chuckles, “Although, a nephilim? Quite exotic. I’ve never had one before.  Maybe I’ll just keep her for myself.”

You peek around the corner just in time to see Cas take a few threatening steps forward, “If you lay a finger on her-”
“Do not worry, brother.  I will make sure her death is quick and painless,” he motions towards Dean’s body, “Just as your friend’s was.”
At the mention of Dean, Cas looks absolutely murderous, “Why?  After all this time, why now?  You could have come and destroyed us all whenever you wanted, but you didn’t until now.”
“I never had reason to,” Lucifer replies, conversationally, “This little camp of humans here never posed a real threat.  If anything, they kept my demons sharp and on their toes.  It was entertaining to watch them think they could defeat me.  But then, I heard that they got their hands on a weapon that could defeat me.  I couldn’t let that happen.”
Cas looks down at the gun in Dean’s hand, “The Colt?”
“Now, Castiel,” there’s a smile in Lucifer’s voice, “You and I both know it takes more than a toy made by mere humans to destroy me.  Only a weapon forged in heaven, handled by a being filled with grace can end me.”
“It’s me,” Cas realizes, “I’m the weapon.”

“I never imagined you would get your grace back.  I took pity on you, an empty, soulless vessel.  Helpless, really.  I may be the epitome of evil, but I can still have mercy.  But now I see I should have killed you while you were still human.  I shouldn’t have taken the chance.  That is why I must kill you now, brother.”
Lucifer slowly raises his hand, fingers poised to snap.  In the blink of an eye, Cas rushes forward and plunges the knife into Lucifer’s chest, but he seems completely unphased.  Without missing a breath, Lucifer reaches out to seize Cas by the throat.
“Why would you go and do something so stupid, Castiel?” he questions him, not even bothering to remove the knife.  “I was going to make your death fast, but now I think I might take my time, really enjoy it.”

Cas yells in pain as he’s lifted off his feet.  The hand around his neck begins to sear into his flesh, but he is powerless to stop it.

Suddenly, you feel your grace take over.  Your mind and vision snap into clarity as you sprint from your hiding place, angel blade at the ready.  Before Lucifer even realizes your presence, you sink the blade into his spine.  He staggers for a moment, releasing Cas from his hold.  You keep your grip tight on the blade as Lucifer collapses to his knees.  He tilts his head back to view his attacker, and gives a pathetic smile.
“Silly girl.  You cannot slay me,” even as he says these words, you see him, feel him, growing weaker.  “You are no angel.”

You allow your grace to flood your body, to take over every inch, every cell.  It flows through your fingertips, connecting and becoming one with the weapon in your hand.
“I’m a nephilim, remember?” you twist the blade deeper into his back, pushing all the power of your grace behind it.  Lucifer’s eyes widen in awareness and fear.  You can see his grace welling up inside him until it can’t be contained anymore.  His eyes erupt with a blinding white light as his voice, his true voice, pierces your ears.  Finally, his grace explodes from his body, throwing you several feet back, slamming your back and head against the ground.  Then, darkness.

When you regain consciousness, Cas’ concerned face hovers above you.

“Lucifer!” you shout in panic.
“He’s dead, it’s okay,” Cas assures you.  “Can you move?”
You sit up, moving slowly to check for any broken bones, but everything appears to be in order, “I’m good.”
“I thought I was going to lose you,” Cas wraps his arms around you, pressing his lips against your forehead.  He tilts your face up to look search your face, “I thought that I was going to have to watch you die.”

You silence his worry by catching his lips with yours, and he holds you closer.

When you break the kiss, you notice someone sitting over Lucifer’s empty vessel.
Dean?  Cas follows your gaze.
Give him a minute, Cas’ voice responds in your head.

Dean just stares down sadly at the limp body, surrounded by scorch marks in the shape of wings.  A silent tear rolls down Dean’s face, which he quickly rubs away with his knuckles.  That’s when you finally realize where you recognize the stranger’s face from.  The family picture Dean showed you.  Sam.  His brother.

Cas walks over to Dean and places a gentle hand on his shoulder.
“Let’s go,” Dean says gruffly.  Cas helps him up, he still seems weak.
You rush over to help, “Dean, how are you alive?”
“Cas never lets me stay dead for too long,” he replies with a grimace of pain.
You gape at Cas in astonishment, Bringing people back from the dead? That’s a new one.
He cocks an eyebrow at you, I’m an angel, remember?  Miracles are kind of my MO.
You roll your eyes at him, shaking your head with a smile.

“Hey, can you guys not do that telepathic thing around me? It’s creepy,” Dean interrupts.

Once you have Dean’s arm securely around your shoulder, giving him the stability he needs to stand, you take one more look at the ruins of your old home.  

You glance from your former ‘fearless leader’ to your rejuvenated angel,
“So… now what?”