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GOT7 Reaction to -

You grabbing their dick through their jeans while making out


Got7 reaction to you grabbing that dicc through their jeans while your making out?? TY MOM ILY 💜💜💜


i’m sorry for the wait, it’s just school and such keep me pretty busy, and i probably won’t write a lot starting 2 or so weeks from now, because of exams. But thank you all for being so kind and patient!

Also it’s one am and my wifi isn’t working well, so the gifs aren’t great, but I hope you don’t mind.

no gifs here are mine; credits go to the owners


Well, I see him wanting to be one way like, ‘yea baby I know it’s big’ but honestly he’d probably blush first. Bambi would feel your hand and his cheeks would turn red, since he didn’t expect it. He would end up breaking the make out session since he laughed out of embarrassment. But really as cocky as he would want to be, he’d just get all blush.

“Y-your hand is on my… dick… yea”
You “Do you want me to move it?”
“W-well n-no”
You “Alright, shut up so we can keep kissing.”


I can see him as one to expect it. Like in the moment, he’d want it/feel it coming. When you rubbed his dick, he’d groan a little. Jaebum, would honestly find it so hot dom mode activated it would make the make out session a little more than just A Make Out Session. Also if you moved your hand, you best believe he’ll grab it and place it back where it was.

“Fuck baby, you really know what to do.”


I wanna say this would make him kinda playful in a way, but overall like more turned on. Since I do see Jackson as more of a playful lover, he would really enjoy it. He would chuckle, and possibly grind against your hand. I mean really, he’d just be set off and lookin’ for a fun night. 

“Did I ever tell you how good you are with your hands?”


Jinyoung would be one to tease you for doing such a thing. I feel as though he’d really enjoy it. The movement of your hand would immediately change the mood making him more needy. He’d place his hand on top of yours and move it to create more friction for himself.

“Who knew you were so dirty baby.”


For him, it would change his mood. It would probably lead him to be more in control. He would take your hand off his crotch and pin it above you/or hold it. He would probably grind against the two of you, so you both got friction. I mean this man here to please. As for being embarrassed or anything, not really, it would be normal for make out sessions to go in that direction. 

“Somehow, you always make me like this.”


Literally, he’d be So Embarrassed. This little sugar plum would end up blushing like there was no tomorrow. I mean he’s already so subby as is and it’s so cute. He would definitely get more embarrassed than Bambi, but that doesn’t mean he wouldn’t like it. As he would get more comfortable with you, he’d end up asking for more.

“You can’t just do that and not give me more.”


Sugar plum baby 2.0. I see him going 2 ways, depending on his mood for the night. Either melting into you, or taking control. However, I think more often than not, he’d end up melting into you. He would blush, but the kiss would carry on. He’d probably grip you tighter as a way to signal you for more.

“Please, more than that, I need you.”

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How Dan and Phil probably broke up #57
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b>Phil:</b> Dan, The End is here<p/><b>Dan:</b> <p/><b>Dan:</b> Why did you name our child this way<p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>

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Sooooo I heard you do fic recs 👀 what are the best fics you know that have auror!harry? (Bonus points for auror!draco too!) thanks luvvvv

Hello, love! I had to split my auror!harry recs into two parts because there were just too many incredible fics!! So first, go have a look at my Drarry as Auror Partners list! Then enjoy these auror!harry with miscellaneous!draco (haha is that a thing?) fics as well :D

Auror!Harry Recs

tissue of silver by fearlessdiva (76K)- A love story concerning possessed furniture, black silk pyjamas, courtroom drama, premonitions of doom, assassination attempts, Death Eater yoga, absinthe, bare feet and a sensible werewolf.
Draco is a seer and somebody is out to murder him, so Harry moves in to protect him. According to the author, an attempt to explain ‘how Canon Draco could turn into Fanon Draco,’ and I LOVE FANON DRACO 

The Full Monty by magpie_fngrl / @cat-wolfe (10K)- Harry poses for a naked Auror calendar and Draco goes batshit crazy with lust.
I ALSO WENT BATSHIT CRAZY WITH LUST FOR THIS FIC. So funny. So hot. Baby chick named Arthur. Lawyer!Draco. Has sequel. Perfection <3 *kisses fingertips with flourish*

The Good Guys by Frayach (27K)- The Second Voldemort War is limping into its fourth year, and the Forces of Shining Light are slowly turning into the Forces of Expedient Grey. When Draco Malfoy is captured red-handed trying to sell an illegal potion to a clerk at Borgin & Burkes, he is handed over to the Department of Essential and Necessary Truth’s newest interrogator. And as soon as he sees Malfoy, bound and waiting in his cell, Harry Potter knows he’s in trouble. Deep trouble.
YO THIS FIC FUCKED ME UP. IT WAS AMAZINGLY GOOD. SUPER WELL-WRITTEN. Not what I would usually recommend because I am bad with endings that are anything but “happily every after,” but READ THIS ANYWAY IT IS ART.

The Unlikely Career Choices of Mr Draco Lucius Malfoy by who_la_hoop (5.5K)- Draco Malfoy is up to something. Something evil. Because he’s certainly not mixing drinks in Muggle London for the good of anybody’s health now, is he?
This fic was hilarious and adorable and Draco has all these weird muggle jobs and I LOVED EVERY SECOND OF IT and want to re-read it 27 times.

It Must Be (True Love) by frostywonder (45.5K)- No amount of playing by the rules has made Harry’s life any easier, and Malfoy has matured but also hasn’t. They are who they are, and though they try, neither one can fully change.
This fic was super wonderful and compelling and I’ve no idea why it doesn’t have more kudos!! Harry is assigned to watch over Draco’s (dangerous) brewing projects and they both keep almost dying it’s great

On the Turning Away by blamebrampton / @blamebrampton (25.5K)- It’s one thing to be good at not making a besotted fool of yourself over a man when he’s busy being the most famous wizard in the world and you’re tucked away quietly in Wiltshire. It’s quite another when you have to see him every morning.
Blaise sends Draco a Christmas Tree in the mail, and somehow this leads to Draco ending up with Harry as his parole officer. Who he has to see every day. Lovely, Christmassy pining! <3

A Fox’s Bargain by raitala (6K)- Harry made a bargain with Draco. He knew it was going to come back and bite him on the arse, he just didn’t think about what exactly Draco would ask for. Draco would say that Harry must have known deep down what he was agreeing to, but then Draco is a prick and what would he know?
AAAH so hot! I don’t care if you probably wanted case fics and this is pretty much just D/S style smut, READ IT SO SEXY.

Partners of the Four-Legged Variety by carpemermaid / @carpemermaidtales​ (18K)- “Training starts in the home, Potter, so your new Crup and I will need to stay with you for a few weeks while I show you how to properly train and bond with him.” The Auror Department is instating a K9 Crup Unit, and Harry is the first to sign up. Turns out the professional trainer is Draco Malfoy, and he has to live with Harry as part of the Crup training programme.
Praise kink!!!!! Pining!!!!!! Living together!!!!! PUPPIES!!!!!!

Chains of Earth by dysonrules (90K)- Draco is kidnapped and forced to make a choice between taking his own life or becoming something less than human. Of course, he makes the right decision. Enter Harry, who discovers he has a bit of a thing for wings.
This is a great long case fic!! With veela!Draco. Warning for some Weasley bashing.

Interoffice Communication by Snegurochka (10.5K)- Draco has convinced the Auror department to test his new messaging charm for secure communications. Harry really would have preferred that he not find out through messages like, ‘Yeah, tonight you’re going to beg me for it,’ that the system wasn’t as secure as they thought.
Soooo Harry accidentally receives a sexy message (or like twenty) from Draco intended for Blaise, and then he obviously can’t stop thinking about it. And it doesn’t help when Harry’s own name starts coming up ;). Super super hot!

Paint it Red by dicta_contrion / @dictacontrion (5K)- Draco’s a graffiti artist with a bone to pick. Harry’s the P.I. tasked with catching him. Or, apparently, stalking him all over town, asking a lot of questions, and showing surprising artistic talent.
Harry’s meant to stop Draco vandalizing, and he fails miserably. Or very very happily, depending on your point of view :D

The Auror Method by Lomonaaeren (43K)- Draco has constructed the perfect cover for his activities as a con-man specializing in thefts from a distance: Draco Malfoy, the redeemed Death Eater and Recluse of Malfoy Manor. But now there’s evidence that some people are onto him, and as a consequence of the death threats issued to him, he gets an assigned Auror guard. Maybe Harry Potter, their leader, could be a problem when it comes to Draco’s latest con. Although how could he, when he’s getting all distracted by Draco’s fluttering eyelashes?
This was a very thrilling read! I love Draco and Harry trying to con / figure each other out while totally falling in love at the same time, just GIVE ME THIS TROPE A THOUSAND TIMES.

Fight the Starless Midnight by Maab_Conner (22K)- Harry thought that he was going to arrest Healer Malfoy for practicing without a license. Nothing ever goes as planned.
Great fic with a really good case element! When Harry goes to arrest Draco, he discovers an even bigger problem involving Mungo’s. Meanwhile Draco is a (still snarky) saint <3

When Hearts Are Freed by oldenuf2nb (23K. Locked to AO3 Users only)- When Draco Malfoy’s gallery is robbed and a priceless magical artifact is stolen, he finds himself working with Chief Auror Harry Potter to both recover the fabulous necklace, and to prove he didn’t steal it himself.
Draco owns an Art Gallery, which is obviously amazing, and Head Auror Harry is sexy and confident, and YEAH. Great case, great build. YEAH AGAIN.

Here Be Dragons by birdsofshore (22K)- Harry doesn’t want to waste his time investigating illegal dragonhide trading, whether it involves a fetish club in Knockturn Alley or visiting a remote island in Wales. Why the bloody hell does Malfoy always have to be up to something?
Harry suspecting Malfoy of things is just the best, and I love this iteration especially. There are dragons!!! And lots of leather!!! And kinky(ish) sex!!!!


Contains : highschool!jungkook, mention of drug and alcohol, swearing, a bunch of illegal things, SMUT !  

Group : BTS  

Member : Jungkook/Jeon Jungkook

Words : +9,3K

Summary : Every each of his body screamed for revenge, since the very beginning. He hated how he had to change himself because of them, he hated how people viewed him because of them, he hated the person he became.
Maybe they forgot, maybe they thought it was just a little prank at the time, but it never left his mind.
And tonight, on the last day of highschool, he’s getting his revenge.
He had planed everything, every single move. He was confident, he knew he would finally get what he was craving for, but things take a strange turn when he finds out that he is not the only one seeking for revenge, and soon enough, his solo vegeance road trip welcomes a girl that looks oddly familiar.

Originally posted by theking-or-thekid

A/N  : Omg that’s the longest thing i ever wrote for tumblr so far, I really really really hope that you guys like it,aND I’M SO SORRY FOR THE END DON’T HATE ME.

You can leave your feedback or questions etc, here ! Please remember that english isn’t my first language.

Jungkook took a deep breath, tugging a little bit more at his hood. Tonight was his night, it all starts after this door. Tightly gripping his bag, the boy carefully listened, standing in the middle of his room. Everything was silent between the four walls, and it seemed like his house was as silent, the only sounds being the rare cars passing by.

He looked at the clock hanging on his wall, the dim light of the moon helping him distinguish the numbers. It was near eleven post meridiem, he knew that his mother was already long asleep after a day of work, but he couldn’t be too cautious, right ?
Crossing this door was the first step to his revenge, but if his mother caught him, he was screwed.

What was he going to tell her ? That he was getting a glass of water, fully dressed with a huge bag ? Knowing his mother, she would probably freak out and think that he was running out of the house.

Jungkook tried to shake these thoughts away, his hand grabbing the door handle. One last time, he repeated to himself all the steps he had planned, exiting his room. Closing the door as quietly as possible, he quickly locked it before looking around.

The hallway was dark, no light coming from his mother’s bedroom. Walking as quietly as possible on the carpet, he grabbed the car keys, dodging every furniture in his living room.

It wasn’t a hard task, he could walk blindfolded in his house.

Getting out of his house, Jungkook almost congratulated himself, but somehow, he was still tensed, maybe even more.
A voice in his head asked over and over again if this was a good idea, and sometimes, he almost gave in, abandonning the idea. But the other voice, stronger, told him to get his revenge. He was greedy, craving for his revenge after all these years. He built and gained their trust just so he could crush them down, he wasn’t, he couldn’t give up. Not now.

He knew it, he would regret it, either way, but his spleen took over him.

Jungkook looked up, the sky was dark, but thankfully they were no clouds, no signs of rain. He hummed the air, the odor of grass, trying to collect himself.
The cold air caressed his skin, calming his nerves, helping the boy slowly regaining his confidence.

He did it everyday, he thought, the facade he built tricking people in thinking that he was bold and confident, but here, but now, it was only him, he couldn’t project the illusion on himself, he couldn’t lie to himself. Truth is, he was terrified, his hand gripping his bag so it wouldn’t shake.

Somewhere, he thought that getting his revenge would help him, even though it wouldn’t take back or erase what they did to him, he though that maybe, just maybe, it would lift a bit of weight of his shoulders.

Jungkook shook his head, walking towards his car, steps after steps on the little flat rocks.
Well, his mother’s car. It wasn’t as nice as his friend’s car, but he couldn’t complain. He knew that she worked hard, and a new, expensive car was a lot to ask.
Playing with his keys, he immediatly stopped when he saw a silhouette leaning against his car.

He froze, was it one of his “friends” ? Was he so bad at hidding things ? He took a step back, grass crushing under his foot, eyes narrowing to distinguish the face of the person.
His heartbeat grew faster, a ball forming in his throat, he was fucked.

At least, he thought, blinking multiple times, it was a girl.

A wave of releaf crashed over his body, all of his stress washing away. His head cooked to the side, who was that ?
He had to admit, he didn’t have a lot of girl friends, even if the rumors told otherwise. To be real, he couldn’t think of a lot of girls that he actually liked as a friend, all of them seemed to have hidden intentions.

Now walking towards his car, his eyebrows furrowed when the face of the person became clearer under the light of the column. He didn’t recognise it, who was she ?
Leaning against the door of his car, rolling a lollipop in her mouth, what was she doing in front of his vehicle in the middle of the night ? And she didn’t seem surprised at all to see him, actually, she looked amused, it was as if she knew.

“Can I help you ?”, asked Jungkook, clearly not amused. He had a plan to follow, everything was timed in his mind, he didn’t have the luxury to stop and talk to a random stranger.

The girl removed the sweet from her mouth, the candy leaving a red tint to her lips. She smiled, head tilting to the side, “I think I’ll be the one to help you.”

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The Serpent Queen

Jughead x Reader

In which the reader is the one to go to Jughead’s trailer after the Jubilee and sees him put on the Southside Serpent jacket, and what ensues afterward.

Warnings: There is some straight up SIN ya’ll I said I wouldn’t write smut again but then things happened and now I’m here okay? Okay (although this is probably still just a once in a blue moon thing I have to be in the right kinda mood ya feel?)

Word Count: 3,060

A/N: I needed an ending to this scene and I can’t wait until season two so I wrote one myself.


The murder is solved, the town slowly healing, the thoughts of anything bad are being to the back of all of our heads, at least for tonight. After the Jubilee we all decide to go to Pop’s for milkshakes, and as we sit there in the moonlight we laugh at the jokes Jughead makes or just silly stuff that we see come up on Twitter.

We have way too many milkshakes, and Jughead’s arm wrapped around my shoulders, my hands around his knee that was up on the booth, and nothing seems to hurt us. As the clock strikes midnight we decided to finally get some privacy.

His trailer is empty, after all.

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Serpent!Jughead Jones: Hurt me harder -Smut-

Summary: After Juggie took his father’s Serpent jacket, Y/N just couldn’t help herself. She was honestly more turned than ever. She wanted it different this time. She wanted Jughead to fuck her like a Serpent would.

Warning: Total smut. Just full of sin. Choking, biting, lil bit of dirty talk, full on cursing, daddy kink, and probably some bruising. Oooh and some fluff at the end lol.

*This is not a request*

Reader’s POV

Our little make out session was sadly cut short by a knock on FP’s door. Juggie rushed to find his shirt, as we were half-naked, while I tried my best to cover myself up. Jughead of course went out the door, seeing as it was the South side Serpents. After the whole ‘FP going to jail’ shebacle, he was sent to South side High. Honestly the worst few days of my life. But, we’re good now. Sort of, anyway I peeped through the window just in time to see one of the guys handing him his father’s old serpent jacket. I could see the smile etched into his face, as he slid his slender arms into those leather sleeves. Jughead was officially a South Side Serpent. His smile faltered, when his greenish-blue eyes met my Y/E/C ones. He thanked his fellow members and slowly sauntered into the warm trailer. He finally looked at me with the most disconsolate face I’ve ever seen. I shook my head as I walked his way. “Y/N I-” I cut him off with a passionate kiss. “Baby, it’s okay. If anything i’m highly turned on.” His eyes were then filled with lust. He grabbed me by the waist, pulling me closer. We went back to where we started, me on the counter with my arms around his neck. He was trying to get the jacket off, but fuck no baby. You keep that shit on. “No, no, no, you keep this on.” I said, referring to the black leather jacket. He just moaned, and god it was the hottest thing. I pushed him away, as I hopped off the counter. Only to be pushed on the bed. “Not today baby girl.” He mumbled. He spread my legs roughly. “Look at this pretty little kitty.” “What? You just gonna stand there and look, while I fuck myself?” I asked as I slid a finger up my slippery folds. He swatted my hand away. “I’m the only one who gets to do the fucking here, do you understand?” I muttered. “I said, do you understand?” I spoke louder this time. “Yes, daddy.” He smirked at my submissiveness. “Good girl.” He trailed a hand down my thigh, sending shivers down my spine. He got down onto his knees I could feel his breath on my heat, it made me even wetter. “Please daddy.” I begged him. I wasn’t afraid to beg. I knew it turned him on. “What do you want daddy to do?” “I want you to eat me.” I groaned out. “Too bad, darling” He growled. I was so frustrated. How could he do this to me? I was going to protest, but once I saw the look in his eyes, I shut my fucking mouth. Juggie was never this controlling. I fucking love it. He climbed on top of me. “We’re going to do something even better.” He said as he ground his hips against mine. Causing both of us to moan. I reached down to his waist. Pulling him closer to me, so I could unbutton his pants. He sat up, pulling his pants down, mid-thigh as his cock sprung out against his stomach. He positioned himself at my entrance. I jerked my hips into air, trying to get some type of action. I moaned as I felt his tip dig into my heat. I could see the pleasure spread across his face. He wasted no time thrusting himself into me. I nearly screamed at the contact. God, it felt so good. His moaning was making everything better. I could feel his grip on my thigh. There’s definitely gonna be a bruise there tomorrow. “Oh my god, I’m so close daddy.” His thrusts were getting faster. “I want you to choke me. Please choke me daddy.” I managed to get out. He wrapped his slim fingers around my throat. Giving it a squeeze. “Harder” I moaned. He squeezed harder this time. Hard enough. I could feel myself getting light headed as my orgasm was starting to build up in my belly. Jughead was thrusting harder than ever before. It was great. “I’m so close daddy.” “Me too, baby,” He was getting sloppy. I could tell he reached his climax. I felt dizzy as I came down from my orgasmic high. He pulled out and collapsed beside me. I wrapped my arms around him as I turned onto my side. “My baby is just like his daddy now.” “You’re not disappointed that I’m a Serpent?” “God no. I have no problem at all with you being one. I’m not like everyone else in Riverdale. I still love you with all my heart Jughead.” He smiled “I love you too.”

Suga Daddy: Part Two

Suga Daddy: Part 2

Word count: 6.9k

Genre: smut

Okay, I’m glad that some people liked this because I want to turn this into a series. This is pretty dirty so be warned. Anyway, on to the next part :)

part one

You were over at Taehyung’s, on the couch with him and Jimin watching a movie. Sadly, you weren’t paying too much attention to it because tomorrow you were trying out for a seniors dance showcase. It was a big deal for seniors, it was what they worked for all four years. This would be what they would perform for tons of people and entertainment scouters. Your school was known for helping dancers get jobs after this showcase at the end of the year.

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I Wanna Be Yours [Tate Langdon x Reader]

Requests: “I’m actually not into fluff (give me all the smut), but you write some about Tate drawing reader (or the other way around)? I think of him, even though he is popular for his music taste, more as a painter than musician. Love your writings xoxo” - Anon 

“Can you do a kinky Tate imagine ;)” - Anon

“Can you do a post-death Tate Langdon smut please? I love your imagines btw! 😊” - Anon

“girl reader smuts pls. idrc who with:)” - Anon

“Hey! Love your blog by the way! Do you think you can do another Tate Langdon smut fic? I would love that 💕💕” - @gabygarcia5

Warnings: SIN, NOT PROOFREAD (at all), SMUT, FEM!READER, not proofread, blowjob, swallowing cum, spanking, dirty talk, rough sex, slight daddy kink, begging kink, unprotected sex (again), sorta OOC Tate, Reader is aware Tate is dead, tbh probably more

Word Count: 1.2k 

A/N: I’m going to hell. It’s fine, though, because you’re all going to be there with me. 

(This gets weird towards the end, I know. I stayed up until like 5am last night to finish this so I could post it today. Don’t judge me. This whole thing is just a mess though tbh. & it’s not proofread like I barely read the damn thing when I wrote it, so let me know about any errors.)

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Special Instructions (1/?)

Summary: Drunk Emma really likes pizza. She also really happens to like the cute delivery guy who seems content to carry out all of her wishes via the “Special Instructions” box on the website.  (AO3)
Rating: M (eventually)
Word Count: ~1700

This has been burning a hole on my desktop for a couple months now and I just really felt like if I didn’t start posting it would probably never get finished… I’m a couple chapters in with the writing but I think this is going to end up being like between 10 and 15 chapters, all roughly the same length if I can pull it. We’ll see how that goes. Anyway, this was gonna just be like a cheesy smut fic originally but I apparently like to overthink things and it became slightly cuter of an idea…

@stubble-sandwich THANKS FOR LETTING ME GUSH ABOUT THIS STUPID IDEA WITH YOU. Look at me, finally posting the fuckin pizza guy au… christ…

Special instructions: pls make smiley face with pepperoni, i could use something happy right now

She’d typically have left the box blank but Emma was currently full of self-pity and a little too drunk to really care how she appeared to the rest of the world.

Two years she’d spent with Walsh. Two years of warm embraces and whispered I love you’s and sweet kisses and integrating him into her close-knit group of friends despite some heavy resistance – especially from David; she reminded herself to give her brother a hug later for trying – and for what? 

For him to just “reconnect” with his ex at what was supposed to be their engagement party?

“I’m so sorry, Em. I never meant to hurt you like this. It just… happened. I can’t help how I feel.”

She scoffed in disgust. What an asshole. A total prick.

She finished off her fifth – sixth? – bottle of beer and popped open another. Maybe after another few she’d forget the sight of him with his tongue down that other woman’s throat. Maybe she’d forget the shock and guilt on his face when she’d dropped her glass of champagne at seeing them together, stunned to see her betrothed blatantly cheating on her by the bathrooms while their party guests mulled about in the main room, completely clueless.

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fwb // harry styles oneshot

The moment Harry entered your place, using the key you had left him, he was met with the sight of you in his black mesh see-through shirt that he had left at your place a couple of months back, your bum peeking out from underneath it and he silently growled from the fact that you were wearing his favourite red lace underwear.

You turned around at the sound of the door opening and you greeted him with a bright toothy grin, one that looked so innocent and sweet, one that contradicted heavily with what you were wearing. He cursed under his breath when he found his shirt unbuttoned, your sternum and part of your chest out on display. He approached you slowly and slid his hand under your shirt and around your waist, his lips pressing to your cheek and then very quickly letting go.

“Nice outfit.” Harry smirked down at you, stepping away and taking off his boots, leaving them neatly by the door.

“Thanks. I know.” you chuckled slightly, amused at his greeting.

You both stalked to the kitchen and he sat at one of the stools, his phone in his hands, typing away.

“So, how have you been? I haven’t seen you in a bit.” you broke the silence, preparing him and yourself some coffee.

“V’ been good. Great, actually. You know I’ve been busy with the album and promo and what not. But it’s a good time.”

The last time you saw Harry was about a month or two ago, and you two had spent the morning sprawled between the sheets savouring your time together.

“Well glad to know the rockstar cut some time out of his very busy schedule to come hang out with me. I’m honoured, really.” 

“Will always have time for you, petal, you know that.”  

You smiled at his sweet tone. You handed him his cup and climbed up the kitchen island to sit close to him, your feet dangling and occasionally touching his thigh.

“You know petal? Spending these past two months without you made me realize how much I miss having you around.” He grabbed your ankles and pulled you closer to him so that your knees would be surrounding his figure.

“Hm. Don’t you go soft on me, Styles.” You raised an eyebrow at his behaviour. You weren’t complaining, it was just odd. You usually spent your time teasing each other or making snarky comments. So, him being all sweet and nice was something you still weren’t sure what to think of.

“Oh, and I also missed fucking your tits.” He added, with a straight face, his head coming to lay on your chest. You laughed loudly at his comment, your hand weaving through his hair and massaging his head.

“There you go, I thought I lost you for a second in the midst of all that lovey dovey shit.” 

“But I really did miss you though,” he mumbled against your chest.

You lifted up his chin and locked eyes. “I’ve missed you too.”

When you leaned in to kiss his nose, his eyes fluttered shut. He felt frightened by the way that simple little action made his heart beat faster, and ignited a flame in his whole body.

You pulled away and jumped off the counter too quickly for his liking and he pouted at you.

“Listen, I’m gonna go take a shower really quickly, and then I’m going to give you all my time for the rest of the day, okay rockstar?”

“Can I join you?” 

“No, I said it was going to be quick, and we both know you and I have very different interpretations of the word ‘quick’.”

“Fine.” He huffed out, getting up from his spot and moving to the couch.

“Won’t be gone for too long.” You assured him again and headed to the bathroom, closing the door behind you.

As he sat on the couch, Harry let out a breath he didn’t know he was holding. He had missed you. A lot. Not just the time you spent together fucking each others’ brains out. But, your post-sex cuddles, your useless and silly conversations, all the inside jokes that you’ve accumulated throughout your time of knowing each other, the way you looked sleeping next to him, your blushing cheeks whenever he pinched your bum whilst cuddling, the way you would sometimes pinch his as payback, and your laugh. Fuck, he loved your laugh.

He was stunned by his own thoughts. He wanted to tell you everything he thought of you, but he was certain that you would undoubtedly end the agreement you two had set up, and he would probably never see you again. That would kill him. So, for now, he would just keep his mouth shut.


A/N: this was so fucking bad omg, but feel free to tell me your opinions anyway lmao

Dating Ethan Dolan Would Include:
  • Being introduced to each other by Grayson
  • Him being shy at first
  • Starting off as friends
  • Being friends with Grayson as well
  • Him being nervous that you like Grayson more bc you two are just so naturally close
  • Him nervously blurting out that he likes you at the most random time
  • Your first date failing horribly
  • Like he’ll take you to a nice restaurant and he’ll accidentally spill his drink on you bc he’s so nervous
  • But you two end up laughing about it in the end
  • And kiss anyways
  • Him doing literally anything and everything to make you smile
  • Tickle fights included
  • Grayson teasing you guys about your relationship
  • “Shut up Grayson”
  • Tons of cuddles
  • Midnight adventures
  • Introducing him to chick flicks
  • Him pretending that he hates them
  • Even though he secretly likes them
  • Did I mention cuddles?
  • Helping him and Grayson with their videos
  • You tending to be the one who does most of the cleaning up afterward
  • Him going soft (in a good way) and just turning into a lovesick puppy whenever he’s around you
  • Speaking of puppies, you’ll probably end up getting one together
  • Him being jealous when you give the puppy more attention than you give him
  • Him teasing you about how short you are
  • taking baths together
  • Netflix & chill
  • You being his everything
  • Him doing anything in his power to protect you & make sure that hate doesn’t get to you
Daveed Diggs x Reader: What’d I miss?

a/n: I’m currently working on a super loooong Daveed fic and I needed a small break so I decided to write this and make it shorter. Maybe. I don’t like ending fics.

Summary: You’re in New York and Daveed is on a month visit in Oakland. And you miss him. A lot. (happy ending I promise)

Tw: angst(ends happy), long distance, smut references, depression, loneliness, anxiety

Words: 1779

Pages: 4.5

“What’s wrong y/n?” Your friend asks watching you flop around on the couch. You moan lazily and stretch out your arms.

“I miss him so much,” You whine, wanting Daveed to be right next to you holding your hand. “How am I supposed to go through two more weeks of this?”

“I don’t know, why don’t you call him?” F/n asks.

“He’s probably sleeping right now but we always talk at least once when he wakes up,” You explain, looking at the clock and seeing it’s almost noon.

“What’s the time difference?”

“He’s about 3 hours behind us so hopefully he’s up soon,” You sigh.

“Well I’ve got stuff to do today and I don’t have time to see you mope around. You wanna come with me or not?” F/n questions, standing up to leave.

“Nah, I’m good, I’ll just stay here.”

This had been the case a lot since Daveed went back to Oakland. It wasn’t like he wouldn’t be coming back to New York but it was always hard for you to be away from him. It was very easy for you to get lonely though. The only thing you seemed to care about since he left were your phone calls and video chats. You would never let him know how you were feeling though becuase you wanted him to enjoy his time and not worry about you. He already knew your past and how easily you could fall into depression so you were always careful not to sound too distressed when talking with him, but you weren’t sure if you could help it this time.

“Hey Daveed,” You sigh happily, your smile evident even through the phone.

“Oh god y/n, how’s my baby girl?”

“I’m okay, I just miss you so much,” You tell him, longing to feel his body against yours. “But don’t worry about me. How are you?”

“I don’t know. All I can think about is how much I just want to feel you again.” He pauses for a brief moment before continuing. “Last night I woke up and was cold so I rolled over to wrap my arms around you, but you weren’t there. It’s always weird not waking up next to you but last night I just got really homesick.” You can hear the pain in his voice as he recalls the event.

“But you are home,” You choke out, his story being something you had experienced many times before.

“I would be if you were here.”

The line is quiet as you both stop talking momentarily. You never thought that Daveed would be struggling with this as much as you, but maybe he was. That just hurt you more. You try and stop thinking about it but it’s just too hard and you feel tears coming.

“Y/n, are you okay? You’re really quiet,” He asks, concerned. He hears sniffling and begins worrying.

“U-um, yeah, I’m okay,” You lie.

“Skype. Now.” He demands before he disconnects the call. You get incredibly anxious knowing that he would question why you were so upset, which only leads to more tears streaming down your face. Daveed’s name comes across your phone and you have no choice but to pick it up. He has a worried look on his face the moment you see him.

“Oh no baby, please talk to me,” He pleads, hating the state you’re in.

“I’m being overdramatic, I’m so sorry,” You respond, trying to clear away the water pooling in your eyes.

“Y/n, have you been taking your meds?” He questions, furrowing his eyebrows. This comment really hurt you, as you had been. It made you feel like there was something wrong with you beyond fixing. “Oh god, you stopped didn’t you? Why would you do this to yourself y/n?” He asks, shaking his head. “It hurts me too, not just you.”

You lose it at this point, letting the phone slip from your hands as you rest your head on your knees and bawl. You know he means well but it’s just not what you needed to hear. You remind yourself that nothing he could say would possibly make you feel better. The only thing that would ever help would be him by your side. You can hear the muffled sound of Daveed’s voice coming from the device below you and you know it would be wise to explain yourself.

You bend over and pick up your phone, hands shaking as you do so. Daveed is rambling on loudly and you can see he’s on the verge of tears.


He focuses on you.

“I’m still taking my meds,” You sternly tell him although your voice doesn’t carry the confidence that you wish it did.

“I-I know, I’m just so in love with you and I can’t take it that you feel like this and I can’t fix it,” He admits, regretting being so blunt with you moments earlier.

“I love you too but you can’t fix me Daveed. Even if you being here helps, you can’t stop my brain from making me feel so worthless,” You confess to him, hoping he understands. 

“But I sure can try, can’t I?”

“Yes baby, you can,” you tell him, starting to wipe away the tears and letting a small smile drift through your previous break down.

“You’re so beautiful when you smile,” He tells you, pulling his blanket off his chest.

“Mmhmm,” You respond staring at his now very visible and muscular body.

“Y/n, I know you’re totally concentrating on my eyes right now, yeah?” He asks, laughing at your expressions.

“Aw, c’mon D, it’s not my fault you’re such a fucking tease,” You shrug, feeling no shame.

“Tease? All I’m doing is sitting here. If anyone’s a tease, It’s you,” he accuses, reaching over to the stand beside his bed and putting on his glasses.

“What? how?? I’m just sitting here being a plain mess,” You laugh, brushing some hair behind your ear.

“Exactly. I love that,” He smiles again, enjoying the rolling of your eyes and blushing of your cheeks. He has always loved sliding little compliments into your conversations to see how flustered he can get you.

“Wait,” You pause. “Did you just call me a mess?” You ask, raising an eyebrow expectantly.

“Yeah, but you’re my little mess I wouldn’t want it any other way.”

Two weeks later.

Daveed walks into your shared apartment in the middle of the night. He wasn’t expecting to get home so late but there was a small delay at the airport. At least this way he could surprise you when you woke up. He had made sure to stop and pick up some flowers for you along with the countless other things he had gotten for you from Oakland.

He sets the flowers into a vase with water and kicks off his shoes. As much as he loves Cali, he missed not only you but this familiarity in general. He walks down the hall and into your room to see you sound asleep and curled up. The sight of you almost brings tears of joy to his eyes and his smile is as wide as it can get. He strips off his Oakland shirt and Jeans and crawls into bed next to you. You don’t stir and he pulls you directly to him. That moment he makes a promise to himself and decides he will never leave you again.

“I love you so fucking much y/n. God damn, I missed my baby girl. I don’t know how I went without you for so long,” He whispers into your neck, intertwining his fingers with yours. As much as he wants to savor the feeling of you against him he knows if he wants to enjoy his time with you awake tomorrow he will need some sleep.

It isn’t hard for his breathing to slow and deepen until eventually his arms become slack around your frame. He already knows he well sleep well and not wake up cold again.

The next morning.

You see the sun coming in from the outside world as you squint your eyes open. You go to roll over to check your phone but something’s stopping you. 

“DAVEED OH MY GOD YOU’RE HOME!” You scream, waking him up from a deep sleep. He looks scared momentarily until he realizes that it’s you. He doesn’t speak as grabs you and pulls you into a huge hug. You let tears of joy flow freely onto his chest as you wrap your arms around him. You both stay like this for several minutes just holding each other. He leans down and attaches his lips to yours for a long, wanting kiss. You both part and continue in your previous embrace.

“We should go do something,” Daveed whispers first, tracing circles on your back. “I know you haven’t done much since I’ve left.”

“Yeah, I’d like that,” You tell him, starting to pull away.

“Then we should get ready, Yeah?”

“Yeah, we should,” you conclude, getting up to put on some clothes.

“And y/n?”


“I love you. A lot,” he tells you, a satisfied look in his eyes.

“I love you too but Daveed, I have something to tell you,” You say nervously. “I uh, I-I was having such a hard time with you being gone becuase right before you left I-,” You stop talking, trying to figure out how to say this right. He gets up and walks over to you and grabs your hands. 

“What is it baby?” He prods, hoping you wouldn’t say that you didn’t want him anymore.

“I’m not the only baby you’re going to have,” You say quietly, immediately looking into his eyes for a reaction.

“Y-you mean you’re pregnant?” He confirms, not expecting to come home to this. “Oh my god, what did I miss??” He asks, beginning to smile brightly. You see his positive reaction and relief floods through you.

“A lot D, you missed a lot,” You tell him smiling while he embraces you.

“I have an urge to sing ‘That Would be Enough’ right now,” Daveed whispers to you, giving you one last squeeze as you chuckle at his cute comment. He moves his hands to your stomach although there is no noticeable bump yet.

“I can’t belive my baby girl is in there,” He spurts out, eyes lighting up.

“Nah, it’s a boy,” You tell him, leaning your head on his shoulder. He playfully glares at you as he lifts your head with his hand.

“Whatever it is, I’ll love them,” He smiles, closing his eyes and kissing your lips lightly.

a/n: Wow okay, I wasn’t expecting it to go there but it did holy shit. If you want a part two just send me an ask and I’ll gladly oblige becuase I really liked writing this one. I have like 3 more that are almost done but I do take requests for cast and characters. Thanks for reading!!

Apologize || Taehyung

Request - 1. alexandratae581 said:  Aah I am so surprised by your writing!! You’re so talented!! Anyway I’d like a smut with Taehyung with fluffy ending and not in a bar!! Thank youu 💋            

                 2. Anonymous said:  Hii there!! I would like you to write sth with Taehyung being jealous but at the end I want to end up with a rough smut, if you don’t mind!! All of this, with Taehyung and with fluffy ending,please!! Thank youu!! 💋            

Pairing - Kim Taehyung x Reader

Genre - Smut, Fluff

Summary - Taehyung barely reacted to you getting close to other men. But it get’s interesting when someone who had a particular spot previously in your heart comes back.

Warning - Daddy kink, Orgasm denial.

You knew you weren’t supposed to be going out with Haneul, not because Taehyung wouldn’t like it, but also because you knew it would (probably) end in a nasty way. But what could you do? Your boyfriend had been too busy for the past one month, that an invite from your ex-boyfriend was enough to get you excited for an outing.

Considering how Taehyung was always chill with you talking to other men, you reasoned that even this outing would be as harmless as ever as you debated on how to word your text message you were currently typing to Taehyung.

‘Should I tell him who I’m going with or should I wait for him to ask?’ You spoke to yourself as you stared at the screen, you already in your casuals as you got ready to leave. It was just this one last thing you had to do before leaving.

‘I mean.. He knows who Haneul is but..’ You scrunched your eyebrows together as you thought of a reasonable explanation. Finally deciding on just telling him the truth, you typed in your message.

Once you made sure it was worded right, you clicked the send button and didn’t bother waiting for a reply since you knew he would be busy. He always was.

You were, within around ten minutes, in the café where you were supposed to meet Haneul.

Haneul came along not too long after, the meeting being anything else but awkward, to your surprise.

'I really thought we’d be awkward the whole time.’ You said as both of you laughed, taking some time to recollect your old days. You both decided to visit the park which was not too far, a place which held very dear memories.

'Do you still come here?’ Haneul asked as he walked over to a swing before sitting on it, offering you the one beside it. You smiled before accepting it, 'Yeah, sometimes.’

You felt your phone vibrate and you took it out of your pocket, Taehyung’s name on your screen - he had replied.


Was all that the message had said. To be honest, you were half expecting him to lash out and get territorial, since you were sure he was insecure about Haneul and you. You sighed, placing your phone back inside your pocket before swinging your legs.

'You okay?’ Haneul asked from the side as he watched your face get dull. You shook your head, 'Is it alright if I mention my boyfriend?’

Haneul nodded, letting lose a charming smile, which assured in you in many ways.

'He has been busy for the past month, and I completely understand he barely has time for me. But, sometimes, I just feel I’m not even in a relationship - or I’m the only person who’s staying at home, not sharing it with anyone. I can’t help but think sometimes that he is seeing someone behind my back, but again, I know he won’t..’ Your self-doubt kept growing - the opposite of what you had actually expected since you and expressed it. You didn’t think your doubts of Taehyung cheating on you would get stronger, if anything, they were supposed to be getting eliminated.

'So why don’t you leave him?’ Haneul asked, makind you whip your head to his direction.


'Leave him, Y/N, and- and come to me.’ Haneul smiled at you, but you would never forget the time he had deceived you with the same exact smile.

Still, you didn’t flat out tell him no, you hesitated. You were torn in between both of them, out of which one was genuinely in love with you, and the other simply getting into your pants. The problem was, you were too confused to know who was who.


But as you were about to speak again, you thought you felt your phone vibrate again, making you check it. The moment you pulled it out, your eyes went wide.

You were on a call with Taehyung, and you hadn’t known.

'Shit!’ You cursed before bringing it to your ear, 'Hello? Hello- Taehyung-’ The line cut, and you knew right then Taehyung had heard every single thing you had just said.

'I’m sorry, Haneul- I have to go. Bye!’ You deserted the swing and ran as fast as your legs could carry you to the nearest Taxi stand. You couldn’t be more thankful to find a Taxi in seconds, asking the driver to take you Taehyung’s office.

You knew you were in just more than big trouble - heck, you were almost sure he was going to break up with you.

You paid the cash to the driver in such a hurry that you almost dropped most of your money. Cursing under your breath,  you rushed into the office, the staff already recognizing you.

You didn’t pause to even greet Taehyung’s P.A as you ran ahead and stopped right outside his door. You silently prayed he was not in any meeting or wasn’t particularly busy. You knews all eyes were on you, making you glance back at everyone, their gazes instantly shifting elsewhere.

Without knocking or barely catching your breath, you opened his door, his eyes darting to you with anger. It was like he knew you would come. You closed the door, locking it as you huffed, taking a minute to lean your back against it to calm your heartbeat.

Once you knew you could talk, you walked towards his table, dropping your purse along the way. You stopped in front of the table, his hands interlocked in front of his face as he watched you intently.


'Strip.’ His voice remained low, cutting you off. You shot a look at him,'What?’

'Strip out of your clothes, Y/N.’ Taehyung’s heated gaze made your breathing haphazard as your shaky hands went to the buttons of your blouse. You unbuttoned your shirt, your eyes following your hands because you knew you wouldn’t be able to handle his stare.

Once your shirt fell to the floor, Taehyung had to resist with all his will to not take you right there on the floor. He couldn’t be more thankful for the table that stood between you two. Your hands were fumbling with your jeans, and once you had them off, you dared to spare a glance at him. You knew he wanted you completely naked.

You quietly undid your bra and trailed your panties down your legs before stepping out of them, you feeling the embarrassment creeping up your body.

'Come here.’ Taehyung called in a gruff voice and you moved without delay to stand in front of him. He stood up, taking off his coat and throwing it on the floor before pressing you firmly against his desk, his left hand coming to your neck and wrapping around it.

'Look at me,’ His right hand, trailed down to your chest, while his eyes trained on yours. His fingers found your nipple and began playing with it, rubbing it and occasionally tugging at it, while he held you still with his hand against your throat and your body in between the furniture and his clothed self, 'I do not want a single moan from that pretty mouth of yours. You will only answer me when I ask you questions. Understand?’ His hand moved further down and stopped at your hip before he began grinding his clothed member against your heated core slowly. He pressed harder while his fingers teased around the insides of your thighs when you didn’t respond, 'Did you understand?’ He growled into your ear and you breathed before nodding your head.

'Speak up, Kitten. Daddy can’t hear you.’ He ran the tip of his tongue on a spot behind your ear, causing shivers to run down your spine.

'Yes.’ You managed, but his left hand tightened the grip around your throat, almost cutting off the air circulation, 'Yes, what?’

'Yes, Daddy.’ You immediately choked out. His breath fanned your ear as he let out a chuckle, 'Good Kitten.’

His fingers found its way to your folds, that were already dripping with anticipation. He tutted, 'Already so wet for Daddy when you know you have done bad. Is this how you apologize, baby doll?’

You bit your lip harshly to prevent the moan that was threatening to escape as his fingers rubbed your clit. You breathed, 'No Daddy.’

'Turn around.’ He left your neck and let you turn around so your back was facing him. He pushed you down, you resting your cheek against the smooth, cold surface of the table, his hands rubbing its way down your back before resting on your butt cheeks. His large hands pulled and fondled with them, pulling them apart before patting it gently, 'You should feel lucky that I’m not smacking your delicious skin here, Y/N. We don’t want anybody to know what a bad girl you’ve been to me, now do we?’ He didn’t expect you to answer as you could only help but feel embarrassed at the way you were exposed to him.

You were absolutely vulnerable in this state, and Taehyung loved it. And he didn’t want anybody else to know what you both did behind closed doors; he had a deal to settle in less than thirty minutes for Christ’s sake.

He took both your hands by your wrists before pinning them on your back, his other hand reaching for his zipper. He pulled his member out, pumped it a little and without warning pushed inside you, a silent cry escaping your lips.

'Does that feel good, Y/N?’ You had your eyes shut tight and felt tears well up from the pain but he was generous enough to let it subside before you nodded, letting him move slowly.

'It does, Daddy. So good..’ You moaned, and right then your eyes widened. You weren’t supposed to make a sound. You heard Taehyung chuckle mischievously, 'Looks like my Kitten didn’t follow my orders. Now I can’t let you cum, baby girl.’ He retained the same pace as he pumped in and out of you before he brought you up by your shoulders so your chest was off the table and your back pressed against his clothed chest.

You whimpered as his fingers moved harshly against your clit, as he slowly but surely began increasing his pace while his other hand played with your breast.

'Remember, baby, you can’t come.’ He reminded you with a mocking voice, and you breathed, 'Yes, Daddy.’

'Tell me, Y/N,’ He began moving faster, and it took all your power to not scream as his tip brushed against the bundle of nerves inside you.

'Do you think it was okay for you to go out with Han- whoever that was?’ He was angry, you knew that. But he was usually passive aggressive, and it wasn’t like him to take it out on you through sex. But you still had to admit - with the lack of any physical activities for the past month, this was definitely hot.

'N-no, Daddy, it wasn’t. I’m- sorry.’ Your hand went behind you, as you held on to the back of his head while resting your head on his shoulder. He pecked at the nape of your neck multiple times.

'And- ugh -’ He grunted as he found himself reaching his orgasm, 'Do you still think I’m having an explicit affair, Y/N?’ He was sure you were going to come with the way you had clenched your walls around him, but you refrained, as you felt him release himself inside you.

He stopped immediately, pulling out of you and turning you around. You looked at him with half-lidded eyes, exhausted from the denial of an orgasm and from running too much, 'I’m sorry- I just..’ You let out a sigh before you leaned into him, his hands around your waist, knowing you were tired.

He grabbed a tissue from the corner of the table and cleaned you before he walked to the lump of your clothes. Zipping his pants, he picked them up and brought them to you, helping you put on your bra and underwear and brought his coat over you before sitting on the chair and making you sit on his lap.

'Look, Y/N,’ He whispered as he cradled your body, feeling slightly guilty for blaming you. He knew he was giving more importance to his work than paying attention to you for the past few weeks and understood your need to meet people.

'I know that I’m not with you the entire day but please don’t ever think that I am cheating on you, okay?’ His hand caressed your head and you felt tears pool in your eyes.

'I know.. I’m sorry for doubting you like that and for meeting up with Haneul. I should’ve considered your feelings more.’ You lowered your voice to prevent it from cracking.

He brought his fingers to your chin and tilted your face, 'Hey, baby, don’t cry. I know I was harsh. But I’m sorry too, I’ll finish off all my work so I can spend more time with you.’

'It’s okay, pressure. Just come home early, alright?’

'Don’t worry, Y/N. Tonight - I’ll make it special.’ He said, bringing his lips to yours for the first time since you walked into his office.

Originally posted by btstaehyunged

Wade Wilson x Female!Reader - Idk what to title this tbh (smut)

Y/N - your name! 

 (Interested in requesting? Check out my preferred request format, pretty please!) I’m such a bad person tbh ……. Goddamn it, I’m going to hell! 

Warnings/Tags: Smut, Masturbation, Accidental(?) Voyeurism, Swearing, Probably a little OOC, if you think of anymore let me know. 

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BTS Reaction: Catching their S/O reading smut about themselves

Jin: He would be shocked at first but he wouldn’t want you to know that that’s how he was really feeling. He’d look over your shoulder and once he’d realised what was going on he’d cover his Mouth with his hand in shock. For the rest of the day he’d be making weird comments trying to tell you without actually telling you. He’d besides flirty sending winks and kisses your way the entire time.

Originally posted by theseoks

Rap Monster: omg he’d be smirks smirks smirks and more smirks. You would lock your phone instantly but it would be too late. “Whatcha ya reading there?” He’d say throwing a seductive look at you. You would retaliate and do the exact same thing back and you’d see the shock on his face slowly form as he didn’t expect that. “Wow, I didn’t know you were this perverted.” He would joke, earning a slap on the chest from you, but he’d grab your hand and kiss you.

Originally posted by sugaa

Jungkook: jungshook is more like it (i’m sorry). He’d sneak up behind you as you waited for him outside his dorm. Just as he was about to scare you he saw his name on your phone screen and became curious. As he saw what you were reading his hands with cover his mouth, partly in shock and partly to suppress the laughter. He sees a dialogue between him and the reader and whispers his line in your ear causing you to scream and jump. He laughs as your face turns bright red, as he continues to tease you but on the inside he’d be happy you were so attracted to him.

Originally posted by mvssmedia

V: He wouldn’t be able to look at what you’re reading for long since he’d be so loud, you’d hear him breathing. As soon as you notice him he’d try to grab your phone but fail. You run and he chases you before eventually catching you and trapping you in a back hug. “What were you reading?” He whispers into your ear. “Are you blushing? Omg you are blushing!” He’d exclaim causing you to try and wriggle out of his grip. He’d hold you tighter giving you a kiss on the cheek.

Originally posted by mvssmedia

Suga: He really wouldn’t understand why you would read smut about him when he was right there. He wouldn’t tell you immediately that he knew but would drop random comments about it making you suspicious. “Okay, what do you know. Spill.” You’d finally say, crossing your arms. “Are you sure you want me to say?” He’d ask a small smile playing on his face. He’d pull you in for a kiss and when he pulled away he’d say “You don’t need smut when I’m right in front of you.”

Originally posted by jeonbase

Jimin: He’d go one of two ways. Either super confident and teases you forever or gets super squishy and shy. He’d blush immediately and end up cackling behind you. You’d turn around and instantly regret all your life choice. “I’m that irresistible huh?” He’d probably wink and blow kisses at you for the rest of the day.

Originally posted by bwipsul

J-Hope: He would be looking over at you but as soon as you turn around he’d look away trying to be nonchalant. You wouldn’t realise that he actually saw everything you were previously reading until later on. He’d randomly kiss you and quote a line from the smut. You’d stare at him, confused and it would all sink in once he starts giggling.

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Pairing: Namjoon/Rapmonster X Y/N

Word Count: 3,280

Genre: Smut, fluff, will probably be some angst, but will always end up with a happy ending because that’s just how I roll.  

Notes: It’s a little known fact that both of my brothers are hardcore rappers. Like, they have mix tapes and go to rap battles and have fans lol. I was attending one of their battles today to show support, when this idea came to me. 

You were a good sister.

You weren’t going to leave before your brother even got to the stage.

You MIGHT get kicked out before then though, you thought to yourself, glaring as another random hand smacked your ass as they walked past you. 

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Dirty Mouth Part III

Originally posted by dean-ambroselover

This follows on from Part 1 and Part Two of this story so would probably help ifn you read that for some context!

Part 1 / Part 2

Characters : Jon Moxley (or Dean Ambrose, its more Mox era though) x OC/Reader

Summary: OFC is conflicted in her feelings towards Jon Moxley but still can’t help herself around him. He’s also questioning how he feels about her. They go out together for the first time, and things don’t actually end up as planned.

Warnings: NSFW, Sexual Content, Swearing, Dirty Talk.

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JB Scenario - Being Overheard - Smut

Scenario Masterlist

Anonymous said:

Can i request a Jaebum smut where you are at the dorm and end up having sex in his room but the members heard everything so when you get out they tease you please ?

“You promise Jinyoung took them out?” You asked for what was probably the eighth time since you’d arrived at their dorm. He rolled his eyes. He was probably just a little annoyed at your insistence of asking. After all, you’d already gone through most of your foreplay and he had been in the middle of putting the condom on. If you were going to have cold feet for fear of being intruded upon, you hadn’t picked the best of moments.
You couldn’t help that you anxiety about being caught happened once your breath had evened and ecstasy subsided.
“Yes, out to eat. And they just keep eating for a couple hours so we don’t have anything to worry about, ok?” He said but you frowned. You liked the members and would prefer to avoid having some unbearably awkward experience come between you.
“Did you lock the door?” You asked – probably the sixth time you’d asked that question.
“I’m starting to think you’re trying to avoid having sex with me.” He said, pouting as he pushed himself up and jiggled the handle of the door to prove it was locked, then he flicked the overhead light off, leaving only the lamp by his bed.
“I’m not…I’m just nervous I guess. This would be our first time doing it here rather than at my place.” You said, turning pink. Sometimes you could manage to pull off a confident cool girl front but in moments like this, that would all crumble away.
“You think I want them to walk in on us?” He asked, getting back onto the bed.
“No…” You said drawing out the word as his hand landed on your leg.
“Eventually I will not live with six other guys but for now…That’s the reality.” He said, but his voice had dropped, not only becoming lower, but softer, too.
“I know…” You replied. Your voice had dropped, too, slipping away as you began to sink into his gaze, into his soft touch as his hand moved up your leg and he began to move his leg between yours and hover over you.
“So do you still want to do this?” He asked and your mouth fell open, lost as his hand traveled lightly along your side. Tingles moved through you in an unescapable wave.
A soft mix between a sign and a squeak tumbled from your lips as his fingers brushed over your cheeks where a blush burned.
“Is that a yes?” He whispered, his eyes boring into yours.
You nodded and he smirked, moving to be on top of you. You sucked in a sharp breath when you felt his tip press into your heat. With a slow, fluid motion, he brought his lips to yours just as his length pushed into you. He took a moment just to kiss you, giving you a chance to adjust to his cock inside of you before he pulled out and slid back in. After a few pumps, he leaned into your ear.
“Should I try to make you scream?” Just after that sentence had wiggled its way into your arguably delirious brain, you felt him make some adjustments to his position, his length now reaching your g-spot at the depth of every thrust.
Without a thought, you had had gotten a grip on his shoulder, your fingernails digging in.
Usually you were not particularly loud in bed, mostly because both of your bedrooms had thin walls. However, recently he’d started to take that on as a challenge – actively trying to get you to cry out with ecstasy.
“Don’t you dare!” You hissed. Again, he smirked, giving a deep and hard thrust, one that made you gasp and cling to him even harder.
“What if I stole you away to a hotel? Could I try then?” He asked, nibbling at your earlobe. His thrusts were getting harder and deeper. The room filled with sounds, not yours, but the sounds of bodies coming together and very squeaky bedsprings.
“Maybe.” You gasped just as he landed another thrust on your g-spot.
“I’ll take that as a yes.” He said with another over-confident smirk. You managed to get in an eye roll before another thrust rocked through your body.
But you were thankfully he’d managed to forego his challenge, the only sounds your relatively contained gasps, moans and groans. But with those, you didn’t realize how loud the bed was or how loud it was overall.
Steadily, his thrusts increased in pace, growing sloppy and desperate until he finally reached his high and flopped over next to you.
Admittedly, you liked his blissed out expression while he regained his strength and came back down. It was cute to see him with sweat collecting on his brow, flushed cheeks and a smile on his face.
“They’re going to be home soon, right?” You asked after another few minutes. He nodded, pushing himself up.
“It’s probably good if we great them downstairs, they’ll suspect less suspicious behavior that way.” He said reaching for a pair of briefs, pants and a shirt before he tossed you some of the clothes you kept stashed in his room.
Once you were dressed, and the sex hair fixed and the room cleaned up, you left his room and started toward the living room.
That was when you heard the giggling.
“JB, I think we need to get you a new bed.” Jackson said, seeing you coming down the hall.
“What?” Jaebum said, catching on even slower than you did. By that point, your face was already beat red, about the same color as Youngjae’s. Jinyoung and Youngjae seemed to be the most embarrassed ones. Yugyeom, BamBam, Mark and Jackson were failing at holding in their laughs and even Jinyoung was smiling, just with pink cheeks.
“So…Are you going to be staying over more often? I can sleep on the couch, if you want.” Jackson said, getting those big eyes and big energy he got when he was doing a bit. You didn’t answer but it seemed like JB finally caught on.
“Jesus Christ…” JB sighed, beginning to accept the inevitable teasing.
“So if our leader can have a girl over, can we have girls over?” BamBam asked.
“No!” JB said firmly, looking at BamBam’s overly suggestive smirk.
“That’s no fair.” Mark said, but it wasn’t a serious accusation. His eyes were full of too much glee for that.
“Yeah well!” And that was all JB said. They just erupted into hoots of laughter, until BamBam turned to you.
“So is he any good?” BamBam asked, his sparkling with more naughtiness than you had ever possessed.
“She is definitely not answering that!” JB said, moving between you and BamBam. Another chorus of laughs erupted.
“We have more questions, don’t worry.” Jackson said wickedly.
“We’re going back to my room.” JB said desperately, putting his hands on your shoulders and steering you away, a chorus of hoots following you.
“Should we get noise cancelling headphones?” BamBam called.
“Should I sleep on the couch tonight?” Jackson added. Both of those questions remained unanswered. Admittedly when you thought about it later, they had been pretty funny. Just in that moment you were too embarrassed to appreciate their humor.

I’m Not a Kid: Part 2

I’m Not a Kid

Word count: 5.6k

Genre: smut, dirty talk

Another part was requested by anon (anon let me know if you like it.) I wasn’t sure if I was going to do it but then I couldn’t stop thinking about office sex with Jungkook. Anyway, I listened to TIO by Zayn while writhing this ;) 

part one

It had been a week since you’d seen Jungkook. You’d forgotten that his father had a business trip and wanted Jungkook to come with him so he see the ropes of the family business.

They were in Australia and wouldn’t be back until Monday. You’d gone all week and weekend thinking about Jungkook. It was Sunday night and here you were again, nervous and thinking about seeing him tomorrow. You were sitting in the living room with your roommate trying to focus on a movie while eating dinner but you couldn’t.

As soon as you got home Friday night you woke her up and told her what you had done. You were still on a high from Jungkook fucking you but you knew you were going to regret it in the morning, and boy did you, at first. You couldn’t believe that you had let the your boss’s 20 year old son fuck the shit out of you in a restroom at a nightclub, but as days went by with no sign of Jungkook, no flirting, no touches, no lingering looks, no singing of your name your thoughts became consumed of him.

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Late Night Phone Calls

Requested: Yes

Summary: Reader and Spencer have only been dating for a short while after having crushes on each other for awhile. Reader calls late one night insanely sexually frustrated, ends up going to his apartment. (No smut)

Author’s Note: This is super short, but I hope you guys enjoy!


Do not call.

It’s nearly 12, (Y/N). He’s probably not even awake. And you’ve only been dating a few weeks, that’s completely inappropriate.

But, that’s a boyfriend’s job, right?

Okay, I’ll call once. It doesn’t hurt to try.

I turned over in bed, reaching over to my bedside table for my phone. I slid my finger across the screen and searched for Spencer’s number, only taking a matter of seconds. I drew in a deep breath as I pressed the “call” button, pressing the phone against my ear. A few seconds in, Spencer’s voice finally broke through (I told myself it was only a few seconds when in reality it felt like I’d been holding the phone for ten minutes.)

“Hello?” He spoke and I faltered for a second, I didn’t expect him to answer.

“Hey, did I wake you?” I asked.

“No, just up filling out paperwork.” He replied.

“Oh.” I said, not entirely sure where to carry the conversation from here. This was all on a spur of a moment, I hadn’t really thought any of this through.

“Speaking of, why are you awake?” Spencer inquired.

“Couldn’t really sleep, figured I’d call you.” I replied.

“Well, you can come over if you’d like. I’ll probably be up for awhile.” He spoke, his hesitation evident. I wasn’t sure if it was that he didn’t want me over, but felt impolite if he didn’t ask or thought I might reject.

“Are you sure that’s okay?” I asked.

“Of course, I’ll leave the door unlocked if you wanna come up.” Spencer replied, sounding much more solid in his choices.

“See you in a few.” I replied.

“See you then.” He said before hanging up.

That was definitely not the outcome I was expecting, I’m not one to question a good thing though. I hadn’t noticed the grin that traced my lips until I was forcing it away.

I decided to stay in my t shirt, but slip into a pair of shorts. I turned towards the full length mirror that laid against my wall, looking over my appearance. I pulled my hair into a pony tail, just wanting my hair away from my face. I chewed on my lip as I thought through how I’d approach this.

Well, he’s a profiler. Maybe I wouldn’t have to. In his own time.

After a five minute drive that had never seemed longer, I was stood at Spencer’s door step. I brought my hand to the door and knocked three times, not even giving myself the chance to talk myself out of it. Spencer seemed to open the door almost instantly, he gave me a smile, stepping aside to let me inside.

“Hey.” I smiled once he’d shut the door behind us, leaning down to place a kiss on my cheek.

“Hello,” He smiled back in return, walking to take his place back at his desk, “You can lie on the couch while I work, are you feeling alright?” He asked.

I sat onto the cushion and glanced around the apartment. The apartment I’d been in countless times before, but from my perspective it felt completely foreign seeing as to why I came here. A reason Spencer still hadn’t seemed to recognize.

“Yeah, I’m fine.” I nodded, placing my hands onto my thighs, tucking them between.

“Are you sure? It’s unusual for you to call this late.” He asked, his eyes flickering down to the placement of my hands.

“I’m fine, Spence. Just continue your work. I only wanted to come see you.” I spoke, not entirely a lie. His brows furrowed, looking over my face before turning back to the short stack of papers that had previously captured his attention.

And it continued on like that. Small conversation, and Spencer looking for the occasional confirmation that I was okay.

“You need me to get you anything while you’re working?” I asked, cocking an eyebrow.

“I’m fine, love.” He spoke, his tongue darting out to wet his lips, causing me to sharply draw in a breath. Spencer turned his attention to me when he’d heard my sound and frowned.

“Are you sure you’re okay?” He asked for seemingly the hundredth time that evening.

“Perfectly fine.” I nodded, crossing my legs.

Spencer seemed to take note of my actions, his eyes slowly flickering up to mine before a smirk made its way onto his lips. He stood up from his chair, walking over to me in two steps before kneeling in front of me.

“A little frustrated, are we?” He asked, placing his hands on the sides of my thighs.

“How could you tell?” I mocked.

“Your breathing was uneven the second you walked through that door,” He spoke, cocking his head in the direction of the door to emphasize his point, “And your eyes are dilated.” He continued, grabbing my arm and slowly running his hand down until it was placed in my own.

“Is that it?” I mused, leaning down to where my nose barely brushed his, turning my head lightly to the side.

“Your tone is slightly intimidating, but your body betrays your act. I thought you’d notice I was taking your pulse as well,” He whispered, his eyes flickering down to my lips, “And every time I glanced over from my work, you seemed to continually be clenching your thighs.”

“Didn’t think you were watching me.” I spoke, leaning in to steal a kiss from his lips, one that barely lasted half a second.

“Oh, my dear, how could I take my eyes off of you?” He spoke softly. I let a small smile take over my lips, bringing my lip between my teeth to force it away.

“Don’t do that.” Spencer spoke, a slight layer of sternness in his voice. Commanding, but his expression was soft.

“Do what?” I asked.

“Bite your lip like that.” He replied, reaching up to place his thumb onto my bottom lip, lightly pulling it in his direction before releasing.

“I don’t know what you’d expect.” I lightly chuckled.

“I don’t know what you were thinking either, but if you need me to take care of you, I will.” He spoke, his hands returning to their place on my thighs.

“Are you sure?” I asked, I didn’t want him feeling obligated.

“Of course. After all, you are mine. Anything I can do to provide for you, whether it’s emotionally, financially, physically, I will do.” He spoke.

“Then please do.” I smiled, letting out a small yelp as Spencer lifted me up, wrapping my legs around his waist in reflex.

“Can’t risk letting you get away.” He whispered, his nose brushing against mine.

I gave him a small smile, nudging my nose against his before replying,

“Good luck with that ever happening.”