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College headcannons? ♡.♡


  • Majors in Political Science and Government
  • DIdn’t really have a choice in his major.
  • Low key doesn’t want to be in college
  • He hates school
  • Why should he pay for it?
  • Well… his dad pays for it.
  • His dad is the whole reason he’s going.
  • Ugh. He doesn’t want to be here.
  • His entire dorm room is a mess
  • Whenever he has friends over to visit…
  • Well… they’re scared of potential creatures dwelling within the piles and piles of trash and dirty laundry.
  • Never studies.
  • He tries to every so often, but ends up falling asleep.
  • Face planted completely in a text book.
  • Drool dripping from his chin.
  • School isn’t for him, guys. 
  • It really isn’t.
  • Has gone to one college party.
  • Did not enjoy it.
  • He’s waaaay too introverted for this.
  • Low-key scared of college students
  • He watched someone down a whole keg of beer.
  • He was pretty sure they were going to die.
  • They didn’t.
  • Noctis is shook.
  • Lives off of chips
  • He’s too lazy to even heat up cup noodles.
  • He’s too lazy to go to the dining hall.
  • Chips for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
  • Erryday


  • Majors in photography
  • Really really really loves college
  • There’s a big sense of freedom he had obtained that he couldn’t get in high school
  • There’s such a big campus!
  • So many photo opportunities!
  • His dorm room… is okay.
  • I wouldn’t say it’s exactly clean
  • And I wouldn’t said it’s messy.
  • Somewhere in between?
  • He just has a lot of photography equipment
  • He doesn’t have enough room to put them away properly.
  • Besides, he uses it all everyday.
  • Might as well keep them out for easy access.
  • He sometimes forgets to study.
  • He looses track of time and forgets whether he has an exam a particular day or not.
  • Every quiz is a pop quiz for Prompto.
  • Believe it or not, Prompto is a party animal at college parties.
  • I’m gonna let that sink in for second.
  • Yeah, he loves dancing.
  • And drinking.
  • He can’t hold his liquor though…
  • So… be careful around Prompto at a party where drinking is involved. 
  • He just loves being surrounded by people to chat with.
  • Alcohol gives him a self esteem boost.
  • He’s always the camera man. 
  • Morning after a party he has to delete some of the pictures that got a little bit too… hardcore. I’ll leave up the definition of hardcore to your imagination, readers. 
  • Probably has the best diet out of all the Chocobros in college.
  • He eats the healthiest food the dining hall has to offer.
  • All organic. 
  • Gotta keep that weight off and stay healthy!


  • Majors in Criminal Justice
  • Really excels in his classes.
  • He’s passionate about his major so he’s going to do really well.
  • He’s in a lot of clubs and groups.
  • Most of which are related to sports.
  • He’s got a lot of friends of varying ages around campus.
  • He’s just a cool dude.
  • He really enjoys college
  • Gladio feels like he’s on top of the world, pretty much, throughout his entire college career. 
  • He’s got a full schedule
  • Like he’s constantly doing something. 
  • I don’t know how or if he sleeps. 
  • Studying takes up most of his time.
  • Good ol’ studious Gladiolus
  • Clubs and hanging out with friends takes up another portion of his time.
  • His dorm room is pretty tidy.
  • Every so often it will become filled up with dirty laundry.
  • But his messes don’t linger that long.
  • He’s got his life together. 
  • Likes to party more than Prompto
  • Duh. 
  • Has pulled many all nighters just for the sake of partying.
  • I’m pretty sure the “College kids and ramen” stereotype came from Gladio.
  • That’s all he eats.
  • I’m serious. He eats nothing else.
  • He’s got an addiction.
  • Cup noodles anonymous
  • I’m sorry


  • Oh boy.
  • Is it possible to major in everything at once?
  • Ok. *ahem*
  • Majors in Political Science and Government
  • Minors in Culinary Arts
  • Will probably return to college after graduation just to major in something else???
  • I don’t know. Ignis… He’s just… He’s an astral okay?
  • Does he even have an opinion on college?
  • I don’t think he has enough time to form an opinion. 
  • I would think he likes college since he’s so involved. 
  • Dorm room is tidy as tidy could be.
  • His dorm is cleaner than it was before he moved in.
  • Definitely an RA.
  • No time for partying.
  • Hasn’t gone to a single party.
  • He’s well involved with everything at his school.
  • He was like this his entire career as a student.
  • I wouldn’t be surprised if Ignis has a full ride to college just from all the scholarships he has earned.
  • He’s a smart, talented young man.
  • I love him
  • Often forgets to eat.
  • Often forgets to sleep.
  • All nighters are a consistent thing.
  • Ebony is a must have for Ignis.
  • College is the reason he is addicted to caffeine 
  • Caffeine Anonymus
  • I’m gonna stop. 
  • All his professors love him
  • On the Dean’s List.

«In related Jared news, [Alec] Berg says that the audience will learn that he has “some skills that he had picked up when he had to learn how to survive on the streets.” How about a clue? “As Richard mentally and physically decomposes under the stress of his job,” he says, “Jared’s job of keeping him standing gets tougher.”» ~ [Source]

Maybe it’s the dark part of myself, but the thing that makes me the most exciting for season 4 is this quote. We know that Jared has a disturbing past, and, even tho he’s a nice guy and all, we all know he’s capable of some shady stuff. He hired a “click farm” by himself in order to help Pied Piper in season 3 and it seems that he’ll (somehow) betray Dinesh according to the teaser trailers for season 4. This fandom likes to point out how much a cinnamon roll Jared is, but everything has an equal dark side, including our beloved fave.

(I also hope Jared is included on the “sex” that everyone is promising for this season. I need to see some of that lanky ass.)

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Casino Night - Tyler Seguin (Part 5)

Requested by anon: Pt 5 of the seguin series? When’s that gonna be up? If you have a tl ofc!

Part 5?

A/N: Okay, first of all, I’m so sorry if it is awfully bad written, my English is not collaborating with me rn. I know that this episode is quite boring, but it is a linking one and next one will be better. Let me know what you think about it.

Word count: 831

Warnings: mild cursing, unedited.

Part 1     Part 2    Part 3     Part 4

Master list

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I look at piece of tape, a million thoughts going through my head. I’ve been staring at the sticky material so long that it feels that it will never come off my table. It’s almost four in the morning and I haven’t been able to fall asleep since I got back from the game, the small piece of tape screaming at me from the pocket of my jacket. It seems like I won’t be able to sleep until I make up my mind about Tyler.

The truth is, I don’t know what to do. I’ve read about how he is, or at least how people on the internet say he is, and I don’t know if I want to find out if they are right or not. But on the other hand I know that I will regret it if I don’t give him a chance since I’ve never felt so attracted to someone before. It is stupid, almost insane if you ask me, we’ve literally had one conversation and played one game of cards.

“What’s the worst thing that could happen?” I whisper to myself, not taking my eyes off the numbers.

Public humiliation? I’ve seen what people say about the girls he has hooked up with and some of it isn’t pretty. Him not being the one? Hey, you don’t know until you try. Heartbreak? Beautiful things come from hearts being shattered.

“Here goes nothing.” I say, grabbing my phone and going to the agenda and making a new contact, naming it ‘Potential heartbreak’.

Hello.” I type, not sure what I should say. He doesn’t know my name, so I can’t just say hi, I’m (y/n). I’m about to just delete the whole thing and forget about it when I miss the erasing button and press the small arrow instead, making the message send.

“Oh, shit.” I say, dropping my phone on the couch and trying to get away from it, like it is a dangerous animal. Okay, there is not going back now… probably he will see a random message from a number he doesn’t know and just ignore it. Yeah, he will.

It is four thirty in the morning anyways, so worrying about it isn’t worth it until later. I get on my feet, grabbing my phone from the couch and walk to my room, hoping on my bed and getting under the covers. I’m about to shut my eyes close when my phone’ screen lights up. I have a text.

Hello beautiful.” I read the words on the screen while my heart is running a marathon inside of my chest.

Do you say beautiful to everyone that texts you?” I ask, biting my bottom lip.

Not really. Only you and my mom.” His answer makes me giggle like a teenager.

You don’t even know who I am.” I type quickly, not leaving the I’m-not-waiting-for-you-to-answer minute before sending it.

Beautiful eyes, breathtaking smile, eye candy with that red dress on.

It doesn’t ring a bell.” I text, feeling my cheeks heat up because of his compliments.

The screen of my phone goes dark and there is no response for a couple minutes, making me sigh. Of course he has fallen asleep, it is incredibly late and he has played a game tonight, he must be exhausted. But I can’t help it but to feel disappointed, he has me all giddy and excited and he just falls asleep. I’m about to put my phone down when a new text goes to my inbox. It has a picture attached to it.

You sure that it doesn’t ring a bell? Even a small one?” I roll my eyes, scrolling down to see the picture expecting some sort of meme or gif, but it is a selfie.

He is lying on his bed, the lighting is dim and he seems fairly sleepy. His hair is messy and his eyes are kinda droopy, like he is going to fall asleep any minute and he is fighting against it. He is also shirtless, allowing me to see the intricate patterns of his tattoos. And then I see it…

PUPPIES!” I text, laughing as I look at the two labs laying on the bed besides him.

Not the reaction I was expecting…” He texts back and I smile, turning on my bedside lamp, warm light inundating my bedroom.

I open up the front camera of my phone and point it at myself, trying to find a flattering angle to take a selfie. After a couple tries I take a decent one and send it to him. I entertain myself scrolling through instagram, waiting for his text.

As I said, stunning.

You said beautiful.” Both of us texting back quickly.

My memory played a trick on me, you are more beautiful than I remembered.” I am about to text back when I receive a second text. “That’s reminding me of something.

And what’s that?” I ask, raising an eyebrow.

You owe me a drink.”

a response, an apology, and a request:

(in response to this post, involving @aminiyvrd, @myfoxholecourtshit, and @andrewminyarrr, which i decided not to reblog because i don’t really want people needing to scroll through the whole thing unless they choose to. other relevant posts include this, my original post, this extended version, and this comment. also probably this anon, who never came back, but i’m assuming was referring to a similar thing, and this anon)

myfoxholecourtshit sent me a message this morning apologizing for the way they reacted to my original post. i sent a response back apologizing for the misconception and stating that i’d changed the tags on the post (and i’ve now changed parts of the reblogged headcanon as well) in an attempt to address the concerns that were raised and the issues that caused this argument to happen.

i will reiterate: both of us have apologized, and we have moved the discussion to a private format. whether or not we come to a consensus about all of the issues raised, we’ve both made an effort to make amends, since we were both in the wrong.

and we were both in the wrong. we both made mistakes and got angry and lashed out. but arguments do not get solved by letting our own hurt feelings simmer on the back burner and then yelling at each other when the pot boils over, they get solved by talking to each other in private and making concessions and offering apologies. this is the way we approach trigger warnings – people should feel comfortable coming to me when i haven’t tagged a post that is triggering to them, and i would never think to tell a person that i wouldn’t tag a post for a personal trigger, no matter what that trigger was, because i recognize that i shouldn’t be preventing them from enjoying something by disregarding their personal trauma. in the same way, if someone tells me that some part of my post is harmful to them, i will make adjustments, because i know that i can make mistakes or forget things or overreact or be misleading in ways that cause problems for other people.

the fact of the matter is that whether or not i intended for my post to be harmful, it did cause harm to at least one person. and instead of coming to me about that discomfort, they made an angry comment, which i then misunderstood and got angry about in return, causing an argument that could easily have been prevented. i have listened to myfoxholecourtshit’s concerns and tried to solve the causes behind this argument; in return, i have asked that they come to me with any future concerns before making it a public fight.

this isn’t about being right or wrong, it’s about someone saying they’d been hurt by something i did. people may not be entitled to each other’s experiences,but they are entitled to their own; there is no headcanon that is more important than someone else’s well-being.

if you still have a concern with my posts, send me an ask or a message. if you have a concern with any of my future posts, send me an ask or a message. i come from a place of privilege; i don’t always think about things from every angle; i am bound to make mistakes. but i can promise you that once you point something out to me, i will do everything i can to make it better.

and thank you to myfoxholecourtshit for being the first to concede and apologize to me, since i was too cowardly to message them myself.

Akira is such a supportive bf and I want to hold his hand and go on dates with him and hang out afternoons into evenings playing video games and listening to all the Latest Tunes with him and Futaba and go to see movies together and stuff T^T I like imagining hanging with all the Phantom Thieves but Akira and Futaba’s sibling dynamic is /my shit/ and Futaba and I both struggle with social anxiety and a lot of other similar Bad Feelings™ (even if they stem from different experiences) but I want to be best friends with her and date her adopted onii-san who loves and cherishes us both and we all hang out until we crash on Akira’s bed with Morgana snickering at us before he, too, curls up with us to top off the snuggle pile

There comes a time when you’re just itching for something new; a clean slate, probably. And for me, that feeling materialized through revamping conquerheinne. It’s something that I have been thinking of for months now, and I only had the time this morning, to actually move my plans into action.

This blog has been going on for nearly 4 years now, so deleting it is not entirely an option. But in that long journey, I realized that the posts in here would seem thoughtless—like I made them in the spur of the moment or just because I felt like publishing it. I felt like the content I published lacked quality and honesty. I felt like reading a blog of a really stupid girl.

It made me think that as I grew older, it’s not the kind of content that I would like to share with the people in this blogging platform. I felt like it was time for my blog to grow up alongside of me. Ultimately, I felt like this blog should start harboring what and who I really am now.

So, what can you expect in the new conquerheinne? More organized, well-thought, and well-written posts, still me in the midst of baring—parts of myself—open to the world, and yeah, basically, this blog is still about me. Just a more mature me, I guess.

So hello, and thank you for staying. Here’s to a new set of adventures. Thank you for not leaving me, and conquerheinne behind.

I actually feel sick to my stomach thinking about the results for the election tomorrow.. most people probably don’t care but if Theresa May gets in, it’s honestly going to fuck the whole country over..

she’s a liar: said she would hold a snap general election, and what does she fucking go and do?

she’s the reason there’s so little security in this country. She was home secretary for 6 years and over those 6 years she cut policing down to the bare m i n i m u m, she’s the whole damn reason there’s little control over these recent terrorist attacks here..

she wants to privatise the NHS, which means we will no longer have the free health care that this country is renowned for..

she wants to cut school funding even further and my school is already struggling. I may be leaving in 2 weeks but I don’t want it to crumble apart, it was a place I spent the majority of the past 7 years and as much I hate it I love it and I love the people there..

that was a long winded rant and tbh that’s just the tip of the iceberg of this woman and her selfish policies.

mikami  asked:


Send me a character and I’ll provide a brief headcanon on the following topics:

  • a lesson they learned in their childhood: Other than the explicitly canon Evil Must Be Deleted and Nobody Can Be Depended On!!  and God Is My True Bff assortment of wonderful lessons he learns, he probably also thinks more frivolous things like “people who chew gum are more likely to be assholes” (from one too many experiences of feeling old chewed up wads of gum under the desk). 
  • a reason they have for getting out of bed each morning: Because he has Important Things to do and nobody else can be trusted to  do their due diligence. …Plus the guy genuinely loves going to work and his whole life is defined around work. 
  • a fear: I don’t think Teru consciously fears anything because his world view is so set in stone that he’s long written off the fear that his world view is incorrect as one that’s impossible by tautology. You could argue he fears this unconsciously, I suppose, but I feel like that’s a bit of a cop out answer. 
  • a strength: Work ethic can power a small city. 
  • how they think others perceive them: Efficient, punctual, a bit of a social recluse. In reality, he likely comes off intimidating and judgmental and even if told this, he’d make no attempt to change it. 
  • how they perceive themselves: Efficient, punctual, orderly, dedicated – basically the textbook model citizen. 
  • whether or not they consider themselves a ‘decent’ person: There is absolutely no doubt in Mikami’s mind that he is a decent person. He is someone deeply committed to upholding the law of the land and conducting himself in a righteous manner. 
  • a temptation / proclivity they have: Keeping things neat and tidy. He gets annoyed when people touch or move his things because he finds it disrespectful. 
  • an alternate career to what they have in canon (if applicable): Mikami is an example of someone who would literally die if they couldn’t be a state prosecutor. He wouldn’t settle for any other kind of legal profession. I suppose I can see him getting promoted to becoming a judge…. but frankly, I think even that he’d be disinclined to take on because he likes breaking criminals during interrogations/investigations just as much as he likes being able to get them convicted. 
  • how they waste time: …what is this wasting time you speak of. He reads books if anything, and they are all coma inducing legalese. He’d probably consider sleeping a waste of time if he didn’t literally have to sleep. 

Okay guys I’m going to leave this here before I go to bed:

I need you to spam me with prompts from this post bc tomorrow morning I’m gonna do all the requests in my inbox (yes even the ones that have been sitting there for ages) and I just want a shit ton of fluffy prompts to go with it. (Also feel free to submit your own prompts, I’m down for anything).

Tomorrow’s going to be writing day :D. I do enjoy writing and I want just a day (or morning) where I get to write a whole bunch. So just…. spam me with any cute prompts from either that list, a prompts account or something or your own head and I will write write write

Am I asking too much of you? Probably I am a needy bitch lmao

Sorry for this post I’ll delete tomorrow

“The Modern State of Turkey is very diverse ^_^ “

ya and it used to be even more so before the Armenian, Assyrian, and Greek genocides, the rise of Turkish nationalism, the depopulation & resettlement of Armenian and Kurdish villages, forcible resettlement of ethnic Greeks as well as pogroms to drive them out of Istanbul, and the exorbitant taxes forced on its minority populations to the point where many fled the country. Like…Turkey largely participated in population control tactics to ensure Turkish majority, it expanded its borders via ethnic cleansing and forced resettlement, and it purposely excluded many of its minority populations from its national identity.  So idk what you’re trying to get at by claiming Turkey is a diverse country, and idk what that has to do with whether or not you can compare the country’s history to Israel’s or not.  The point is, if you’re willing to go easy on Turkey like “ah well, they expanded their borders some, sure, but ya know they’re really diverse :3 “ but refuse to recognize Israel in any shape or form (especially when the majority of Turkey’s Jewish community emigrated to Israel as a result of oppression by the state), then it looks to me like your problem isn’t really with ethnic cleansing and violent oppression.  

Look After You - John Laurens x Reader

Anon- ‘Could you please do #24 and #80 with Laurens please? Thx!! 💕’
Word count- 1826
Warnings- pregnancy ??, mentions of vomiting, swearing
Notes- first fic of 2017 (!!) I do plan on writing much more this year so hopefully I stick to that resolution
enjoy !!

Prompts- “Say it!” & “I’m pregnant”

(a/n I didn’t mention anything about abortion in this because everybody has their own opinion about it. Personally, I’m pro-choice but i know that not everybody else is, so to not make this too problematic, i just didn’t include it)


Two baby pink lines were clearly situated on the plastic stick you held in front of yourself. All because of one stupid drunken mistake. Shit.

Immediately, your thoughts clouded from the panic that was now settling in your mind. Were you old enough? Would he want this? How were you meant to look after your own tiny child? And what about childbirth? You weren’t ready for this, you convinced yourself, you had no experience whatsoever.

I mean, sure, you thought, you’d had experience with children before. A few of your friends had kids, and you had family members who’d had kids as well. But when it came to actually looking after a child’s life constantly, until they left home when they were adults? How were you honestly meant to be left with that responsibility.

You disposed of the test in the trash can and exited your bathroom, grateful that you lived alone in that moment. The quiet, dead air comforted you, until you realised that you technically weren’t the only life living in your apartment anymore. You felt your hands begin to shake slightly before you took a deep breath. This was it. You were going to have a child.

Walking over to your laptop, you opened it and instantly opened up google, typing into the search engine: ‘what not to do when pregnant’. You clicked on the first result it provided you with and began reading.

1. Don’t drink alcohol! - especially during the first 3 months, although some say that there is no evidence that the occasional drink can do any harm.

Well that one was obvious. You knew that you had drank alcohol since that night. Hell, you were even drunk when you made the mistake. But you had to cut down, you knew that.

2. Avoid x-rays and vaccinations- they can be dangerous to the fetus and could cause defects

That was do-able, you thought to yourself.

3. Don’t wear stilettos - stick to heels that are 3 inches high or less- your back will be strained enough as it is!

That was easy enough. You were sure you’d be able to find plenty of shoes that wouldn’t cause your feet major discomfort.

4. Don’t believe everything you read - often you’ll come across a story that will both scare you and also not be true. If in doubt, ask your doctor.

Again, easy. The more you could avoid the scare stories, the better.

5. Lastly, don’t let anyone tell you what to do with how you deal with your pregnancy - although if it comes from a medical personnel, it’s probably advisable to follow it. However, it is your own body, you’re the one who’s carrying this baby and you know yourself better than anyone, not the doctor, not your family, not the father-

The father. John. Shit.

How were you meant to tell him? You were barely coming to terms with the prospect of your future suddenly being changed much earlier that you thought it would. Now you had to bring him into this mess as well.
You weren’t even sure whether he remembered the night that well.

You, him, and the rest of your little group - Hamilton, Lafayette, Mulligan and the three Schuylers to be exact - had decided to go out to celebrate something that had long since escaped your mind. It was meant to be a semi-casual outing with a few drinks being bought, but, needless to say, it got a little out of hand. You weren’t entirely sure who had first initiated that first kiss but either way, it happened and now you were paying the price.

You had to tell him. How, you didn’t know. But there was no way you’d be able to raise this child knowing it was his, unbeknownst to him. No, you had to tell him. You just hoped that he’d take it well.



You head rose from the palm of your hand that it was resting on at the sound of your phone waking you. Your hands fumbled slightly with the home button, as you cleared your head from your recent nap.
It was a text from John. In an instant, all the thoughts of guilt, worry and terror came flooding back in. Despite your better judgement, you opened the text, expecting some simple 'hey, how are you’ text. You were out of luck.

John- hey, we haven’t seen you in a bit, wanna go out w the guys tonight??

It was the first time he’d planned something since that night with you all, as far as you were aware. Whenever the lot of you had gone out in the brief period of time in between then and now, it had been Herc or Hamilton who had organized the outings. Of course, it could have been that he did remember that night and was too reluctant to invite you and so he had just invited the others instead.

You realised that you hadn’t even replied so you tapped out a positive accept to his invitation before pausing and realising what you were agreeing to. 'Go out’. Probably to a bar. Where there would be alcohol. Which you couldn’t drink and would have to turn down. That would immediately arouse suspicion. Although you knew you’d have to tell them eventually - the large bump that would soon be appearing on your stomach would give the game away anyway - you’d rather figure out what you were going to say to him first.

You deleted the message, wondering how you were meant to turn him down without sounding like you were ignoring them all. You could use the classic 'feeling unwell’ excuse, which wouldn’t be too far from being untrue. You had woken up that morning with the indubitable urge of violent vomiting, which you regrettably submitted to. It had been the thing that had encouraged you to buy the god forsaken pregnancy test in the first place. Having nothing better to give him, you typed out a new message explaining that you couldn’t go out and put your phone back down, exhaling a breath that you didn’t know you were holding.

It wasn’t too long before he came back with a reply, however, and you quickly picked your phone back up.

John- you want me to come round and bring anything?

How were you meant to say no? You knew that he was too good for what he’d now have to deal with. You mentally apologised to him but still you agreed and, as if no time had passed, he was soon on your doorstep.
His hair looked like he’d recently tied it back, and you were certain that his socks weren’t matching, but other than that he looked completely normal. You wondered whether he’d be able to tell that there was something else wrong by the look on your face but he quickly pulled you into a warm embrace, surprisingly you slightly. This wasn’t unlike John - he was, to some extent, and touchy-feely type of person - but the way he seemed to handle you with care made you relax and you rested you head on his shoulder.
“You okay?” He asked quietly, still not pulling away.
“I’ve been better,” you admitted with a shaky laugh. You felt him smile and you two parted. You pulled him into the apartment, not wanting to stand in the hallway much longer. He pulled off his shoes, as he always did when he came round to your apartment, despite you never asking him to.

You felt his eyes watching you as you sat down on the couch but you ignored them, knowing that they held a thousand questions that you wouldn’t be able to answer. Instead, you picked up a stack of dvd cases left on your wooden coffee table and turned to him.
“Movies?” you asked, holding them up.
“Sure,” he replied. You walked over to your cheap tv and placed the dvd into the player, once again detecting his eyes on you. You flopped back down on the couch, him joining you, and the movie started with the two of your in silence. You were relieved to see that his attention was no longer on yourself but rather the movie itself. You shifted your body slightly and kept your eyes on the film that you were inevitably no longer paying attention to - instead your mind was running wild once again, for what seemed like the millionth time today.

“You’re not telling me something.” John spoke up, his eyes on you once again. You shot him a confused look and he carried on. “I can see it. In your face. Something else had happened.”
“John- it’s fine, I’m-” you started, not feeling ready to have this conversation yet.
“No, you constantly look like your thinking too hard about something. And, although it’s frustratingly cute, it’s also not like you. So fess up.”
“John, please-”
“(Y/N)…” he dragged on the last syllable of your name, making you smile slightly. “Say it! You can trust me,”

You looked at him hard, taking in all his features. His eyes were lit up but still had a level of concern evident in them, locked onto yours. His lips were upturned in the ghost of a smile. You took a deep breath before saying the words out loud. “I’m pregnant.”

“Shit,” he breathed out, his facial expression now looking torn between being happy for you and also confusion. “Shit, that’s- wow. And it’s-” he trailed off, looking away, suddenly becoming the one lost for words.
“It’s what?” You asked him gently, grateful that he hadn’t panicked yet.
“Is it mine?” he asked his eyes locking with yours.
“Yeah,” you smiled gently, expecting the worst but being relieved when it didn’t come. Instead you were met once again with his arms wrapped around your body, even tighter than ever before. Your own arms mimicked his own and you felt a massive weight that had been unknowingly weighing you down all day lifted off your shoulders.
“Shit,” he half laughed.
“Yeah,” you said again with the similar tone.
“I’m gonna be a dad,” he said to you with a goofy smile on his face.
“You’re okay with this?” you asked, gesturing towards your stomach.
“As long as you are,” John assured.

Thankful that he had taken it better than you had ever expected, you felt your lips connect with his own. You pushed him back slightly, taking him by surprise but he quickly adjusted and deepened the kiss, placing his hands on your waist. You felt him smile against your lips, before pulling away and resting his forehead against your own. You regained your breath and looked at him.
“So,” he started.
“So,” you copied, the smile on your face not threatening to leave anytime soon.
“You wanna do that more often?”
You responded by pressing your own lips to his once again, this time wrapping your arms around his neck, pulling him closer.

If you have been paying attention to KJ’s Instagram, you probably noticed how some picture or video including Cole is always in the top 9…well, unless KJ fucks up, like he did yesterday.

When I went to bed last night Cole was out of his top 9 and another one of his stalker style photos was at the top. I wake up this morning and he’s deleted that photo, so, oh look, Cole is back in his top 9.

Wonder what pictures will come next…bet it’s one of Cole. If not, it’s not going to be the first picture for long.

Suddenly, I am gone.

[Because my family hates to notify me of anything major going on within a reasonable time frame, I am leaving my house to stay with some relatives before my trip as the first plane of many is early in the morning and far away from my home, what a good combination. So starting today most likely, I will be gone forever at least a month. With that, I will probably see the few of you that actually care when I return, whenever that is.]

okay you know what im giving up mostly for tonight but i have an idea: gonna go find a prompt list for drabbles, reblog it, and write a couple in the morning to get in the mood to work on trfl. im mostly having starting trouble and i think this would help me circumvent that

Bucky waking up one morning to see a naked, sweaty stevie in the arm chair. He’s got one leg over the arm, the other hanging off the edge. He’s working himself open. His head thrown back, his eyes shut and heavy his mouth open and whimpering. He doesn’t hear bucky, so bucky just watches him finger himself. He finally speaks, in the softest whisper imaginable “good morning gorgeous” an stevies eyes open slowly and a small grin traces across his face. But he closes his eyes again, the grin falls from his face because he’s been at this for over an hour and the ecstasy is too much. Bucky strips down and picks up stevie. He sits in the chair with steve on his lap, and all in one go, stevie pushes down on bucky. Luckily, it’s a Saturday so they’ve got all morning. And all morning they use, making sweet sweet love in an arm chair.