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Stop staring at me with them big ol’ eyes

Name help needed! Do you like Caroline, Jane, or Winifred (with the nickname Winnie) better for this sim? Or something else if you have any other ideas. :) Thank you. <3


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What happened to your account today? I was worried that you just deleted 😰😰

okay so basically Saturday morning it was working alright, everything was working normally and then like i went to fix a post in my drafts and it kept saying ‘won’t load’ or something like that so i was like ‘okay it’s probably just the mobile app’ so i went to go log into my account from my laptop and when i went to log in it said that my account was terminated. so i contacted support and asked why it suddenly wasn’t working when it was working fine just a couple moments before and why it was terminated and just waited for a email, but today i decided to log in to see if it worked and it did!!! but i still haven’t heard anything about why it was suddenly terminated and what happened

honestly i don’t really care i’m just glad i got my blog back (though i am really curious about what happened and why i wasn’t notified). i promise i wouldn’t leave without saying anything!

A random moment after Trespasser.  It’s 5am in the morning.  The content  makes little sense, probably.  Because I delete multiple scenes, to get the strip done.

Need to go to bed now, seriously.

So how do you say Iron Bull/Lavellan?  Bulavellan?

I’m playing DAI for the third time.  This time with this new Inquisitor Kati.

I think my most satisfied Warden was also named Kati.

imagine tsukishima going over to yamaguchi’s house to study and practice and they end up getting side-tracked and watching a movie or smth (probably jusrrasic park since tsukki’s there) and yamaguchi isn’t really a big fan, so he ends up falling asleep. when tsukishima notices of course he’s annoyed because ‘yamaguchi is missing the movie, how dare he fall asleep while a film masterpiece is on?’

but as tsukki looks at him even more, he starts to realize small things about yamaguchi. like the way his mouth is slightly agap as he sleeps, the adorable small snores that escapes it. or the way his whole body seems to relax, as if he trusted tsukishima in his most vulnerable state. or the way his freckles lined his eyes and cheeks as if they were drawn on by angels, giving the blond an urge to kiss every one of them. 

tsukishima ends up forgetting about the movie, since the real masterpiece is sleeping right in front of him.

Left: 355.5 lbs
Right: 317 lbs

I’m probably going to regret having posted this in the morning 🙈 But I’m so proud of how far I’ve come since the end of April. I’m almost under my highest pre-pregancy weight and I’m just shy of hitting the 40 pound mark. I still have a long, long way to go, but I’m far from where I used to be.

Difference between the Thrilling Adventure Hour and Welcome to Night Vale

Thrilling Adventure Hour: If you love something, never set it free! That way you can love that thing for all eternity. If you’re filled with affection, you’ve got to let it flow, if you love something, never let it go

Welcome to Night Vale: If you love something, set it free. If it doesn’t come back, it probably died of sadness because it thought you loved it.


I don’t like doing this sort of thing but here goes, the picture on the left was me in December 2015 just when I started training. On the right is this morning 16th April 2016.

It’s been pretty hard and there is still a long way to go but for the first time in my life I have some confidence in my appearance and myself. I’ll do another one of these in August/September and see if there is a difference then. I might attempt to clean my mirror by then as well 😂😂

Lovely start to 2016...

someone is spreading the video again and you all probably know which one I am on about… Do we have to go over everything that Dan and Phil have said MULTIPLE times… they DO NOT under any circumstances want this to be spread any further… How is that hard to understand??? You aren’t going to get “popular” or be more liked for sharing the video it just makes you a complete idiot if I’m being completely honest… What went through your head this morning “oh yes I know I’ll spread a video that’s already been private for a while, deleted off every social media and copyrighted & I’ve even been warned by Dan and Phil themselves but I’m selfish and bored so yeah lol!!!1!1!!!!!!1!!” No sit the fuck down and get it through your head that this video is not yours and is not to be shared at all for their personal reasons… It’s a thing called privacy idk if you’ve ever heard of that??? But it doesn’t look like you have???… Phil went as far as to get copyright on this video and if shared it can go as far as getting your blog and any others you own deleted and in other cases can even go further… Not only this but everyone knows what their feelings are towards this video or at least towards the phandom having it… We do not need a bad start to the year because of some children who think it’s acceptable to make blogs dedicated to this matter who only reblog it more AND EVEN WORSE we have people thanking them????????? AND YES THAT DOES MAKE YOU AS BAD AS THEM!!!!!! We don’t want another shit storm happening so early into the year especially over this as I feel like people are constantly repeating the sleeves telling people and honestly you get sick of it after a while… There’s this thing called respecting people’s decisions… Some people might want to try it this year… I’m not tagging the people because they will be childish and start saying “oh thanks for the promo haha” this is in no way funny or a promo for your silly little blogs… And to all new phandom members I know you may be curious about this but please just report it and let that be the end…

Jibcon update: Day 1

I am really tired, but this day was magical! I was very very nervous in the morning about meeting/seeing everyone, and I was panicking, but it got better with time & I managed to enjoy the con a lot! The best thing was probably seeing Misha on the corridor (i took a video for twitter, but it wouldn’t post and got deleted, smh)
ALSO: big thanks to Alessia who advised me to go on the corridor when Misha went out of photo op room! Let me tell you, this man is so sweet and makes sure to look at every person waiting on him, it’s incredible how sweet of him this was!

After that, Misha had his panel and you probably saw the tweets of all that happened. There was a girl in question line that fainted and Misha was really worried about her, but tried to continue the story about his friends Darius&his cycling incident. The atmosphere got really tense because misha’s voice was doing the shaky thing, and I was almost ready for him to tear up :( i have no idea why he decided to tell this particular story, but it was really heartbreaking to listen & watch.
Then after that, Daniela came on stage - she was already there at the panel because of the girl who fainted (and during that story also got better). Misha was like ‘ok, now I’m gonna go", but Daniela was like “no stay stay, we have an announcement” “And misha was like ‘we’re really sorry about it, but we have to inform you that jared can’t make it to the convention!’ At which point I thought he was joking. So some fans were like 'yeahh right’ and he was like 'no, it’s not a joke, he’s really not coming’, with a very serious voice, and we all just remained shocked. I saw girls crying and i felt so so bad for them :(((
So if there is any stupid rumours that cockles fans are celebrating jared’s absence or whatever, you can shove those lies up your ass, because all of us were shocked and extremely sad for jared fans!
Anyway, after the panel&announcement there was a big confusion, staff giving out new schedules, people getting new photo op tickets without jared, etc etc….
After, I saw some of Osric&Felicia panel & then got the opportunity to take my first photo op with Felicia, and then with Osric! I was so nervous - this was 1st time ever standing close to any of the cast, so i just got my hugs & ran out of the photo op room 😂
After, i could only catch the tiny bit of Grayston&Tahmoh’s panel - which was very very empty :’) Tahmoh has a really nice voice though!! When you listen to him, his voice sometimes sounds really similar to Misha’s!! (So whenever he said Jensen I kind of died a little inside, oops).
After that we grabbed some food, and later got some drinks in the bar, where we had a really lovely conversation about Dean, Cas, Misha, Jensen, their chemistry, etc etc :D

All in all it was a very dynamic day, with all kinds of stuff happening, and I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings!