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I am so, so sorry. I was careless when I published the anon I received about Mendel eating dirt at Whizzer’s funeral and didn’t even think about the implications. I have deleted that post, thank you to the people who reached out and let me know that it was offensive. I love this show so much and I’d never intentionally disrespect it, but now I will be much, much more careful about the content on my blog. I’m probably gonna step back from this blog and stop posting in the tag for a while, and I’ll get to all your asks/hc’s as soon as I can. I’m still available if anyone wants to talk about what I’ve posted. Please, guys, think about what your hc’s could mean before you send them in, and know that going forward I will delete any hc’s that I think could offend someone. I would be very grateful if people could spread this post around so that we can soon move forward, because I don’t like seeing all the conflict and drama in the tag. Again, I am truly sorry. This is not a matter I take lightly and I will do my very best to right my wrongs.

It's OK, I Wouldn't Remember Me Either
  • It's OK, I Wouldn't Remember Me Either
  • Crywank
  • Narcissist On The Verge Of A Nervous Breakdown

i try to keep my eyes closed as my outlook isn’t bright,
compulsively complaining when i haven’t got the right.
i hate the way that i think and act.
i want to end reality but i feel hesitant,
optimistic that the future will be more concerned than the present,
and so for today i’ll remain intact.

this is from february? why haven’t i deleted this

last on so i can go pretend i’m productive 

Marinette isn’t sure when her parents put their not at all subtle plan to unofficially adopt Adrien Agreste into action. Probably as soon as he showed up at their door with his gorgeous green eyes and polite manner and charming personality.

And she really shouldn’t be surprised when they start asking about Adrien along with Alya and Nino. Constantly. They did keep trying to give him food, which was the tactic they’d had for Nino. Bribery with sweets. (It had worked.) That, and they almost definitely had wanted to spy on them.

And that’s how Marinette ends up screaming at her crush at nine thirty at night. She screams in defeat as he crosses the finish line first.

“I WIN!” Adrien yells, jumping up from the couch and throwing his arms in the air. He points to her with the controller. “Take that!”

Marinette stares at the screen in shock. “You cheated,” she deadpans after a few moments of Adrien’s celebrating.

“You’re a sore loser,” he says with a smirk. “You’re just mad that someone finally beat you in Mario Kart.” He reaches for his phone, and Marinette hits A as fast as she can.

Adrien drops onto the couch as the results screen vanishes. “Ohhhh… You’re the worst person in the world,” he murmurs. “I hate you so much.”

Marinette shrugs smugly. “You weren’t fast enough.”

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so i’m here to embarrass myself but here’s the limitless cover i was talking about !! as someone who danced to 7th sense & chewing gum too ( they’re both on my instagram ) , i got to say limitless was pretty easy to learn but the execution of the steps are so hard wth ?? okay so as you can see i like dancing in socks and as much as i want to wear shoes i cant because my mom would kill me if i dirtied ( is this even a word ) the floor . I learnt this in just two days so there are many mistakes and please ignore my facial expressions , i tend to over exaggerate when i dance and i cant control it but hope y'all liked it

Short Reader/Bones as a couple

Requested by @yourtropegirl
Author’s Note: If you feel like you’ve read this before, you probably have!  I just moved my blog to a new account, so please feel free to re-like and re-follow, as I will soon be deleting the old blog!

  • You are 4’11”, Leonard is 6’1” – you only come up to his pecs.  He thinks it’s the most adorable thing in the world.

  • Every time he gives you a bear hug, your feet leave the ground, whether he intends them to or not.

  • You have to go up on your tip toes to kiss him, even when he stoops a little, but he loves it.

  • You enjoy standing in the shade cast by his height, shielding you from the sun while he slowly bakes.

  • He sometimes rests his arm on the top of your head, until you remind him with a small fist to the stomach that you really don’t appreciate being an arm rest.

  • Cuddling is the best because you always get to be the small spoon, and you love the way it feels to have his body wrapped around you.

  • When you hug, your head sits perfectly in the centre of his chest and you can listen to his heartbeat.  Also, he can rest his chin on your head while he embraces you and he likes the feeling that he’s protecting you.

  • You can easily hop up into his arms and wrap your legs around his hips and get carried around – perfect for both flirting and sexy times.

  • Everyone thinks you’re the cutest damn couple around.

wowza look @ my face i literally took these just then bc i realised i never did any of the selfie tags i was tagged in lmao oops!!!! these r rly bad n i’ll probably regret this soon but i am exhausted and jetlagged it is 1am and i cant process anything rn n i’ve literally never posted selfies on tumblr so this is going to be a Mess

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anonymous asked:

hi!! how about RFA + V and saeran reacts to getting home and finding MC uncoonscious due to a serious illness she didn't tell them about and her being in danger of dying. (up to you whether she dies to instensify the angst) hahah thank youuuuuuu me likes angsty stuff so yeah hope this is okay

Ill write some fanfiction about this but right now I’m really stressed but I love this request and don’t want to keep you waiting so Anon just request the fanfiction version so you can see more in depth what happens but my laptop is glitchy and it kept deleting so this isn’t my best but soon you’ll have what really happened 


~Poor baby probably panicking
~What does one do when person is dying
~Probably call an ambulance Yoosung
~Eventually calms down enough to call an ambulance
~When he finds out your probably going to die he cries
~You tell him you knew and not to waste his money that its no use
~Tries to convince you to let him pay for treatment but you dont budge
~You guys find out you ave a month to live and he just loses it
~”Lets get married while we have time”
~Small ceremony since it would be really overwhelming for you to have a big one
~Only the RFA and yours and his parents
~You don’t even last a month though…….


~Refuses to except that your dying
~They tell him that you probably have about a month to live
~He doesnt tell you but you already know your not better
~But for his sake you go along with it
~He spends so much time with you and pampers you
~And you have to act naive about it for his sake
~Then one night it just gets worse and you cant even get out of bed and you tell him that you know your going to die
~Finally confesses that he knew and wanted you to spend your last days happily
~So for the next week your “alive” you cant even move
~When you guys tell the RFA its most likely your last day they all go to Zens house 
~You might think it would be overwhelming but it was surprisingly really nice
~And like you predicted you died the next day…..


~Pays doctors as much as it takes but they tell him it wont make them better only live longer but in pain
~He decides not to go through with the treatment because who wants to spend there last days getting pricked with needles and attached to machines
~Pampers his princess 
~Your not allowed to move a muscle
~Its not like you can anyways
~He wants to take you everywhere but you cant go you’re just to sick
~Then you wake up one day feeling awful and you both know whats about to happen
~He allows you to make some final calls but you cant have any visitors because it would just be way to much for you to handle
~When you tell him your tired he just cradles you to sleep and sobs telling you its ok and that you can go whenever you want


~Closes the coffee shop and hangs out with you
~You guys just stay inside and drink coffee and watch movies
~When your told that you dont have long to live she just loses it
~Like Jaehee honey calm down
~Honestly she would close the coffee shop for good but then Yoosung says he’ll run it without pay
~Sweetie Pie
~When you do go she decides to just sell the coffee shop and ask if Jumin will accept her back
~He does and she throws herself into work 


~Poor baby cant lose you
~Honestly probably just quits his job to take care of you
~Vanderwood is pissed
~He wants you to socialize as much as possible
~Invite your parents over
~Have a day with your friends
~Check Check check 
~When you die he just cant except it


~Cant deal with this
~Acts strong for you but on the inside hes freaking out
~Is crying the answer because that sound good right about now
~When you die he just goes and hugs Seven and they both cry onto each other


~Takes alot of pictures of you
~I mean a lot
~He needs them so he wont be lonely when you die
~Very peaceful and calm with you
~On your final night you guys cuddle together 
~Poor V

[SEEINGRED] posted:


>So…. I need to talk about everything that’s going on right now

>Because, well…. heh, everything’s about to change, for good or bad, and…. idk, i just need to get my thoughts in order and all that shit

>i’ll probably delete this as soon as i post it

>so, uh

>first thing, i’m quitting the Guard

>This has been a long time in coming tbh, it’s just not. fulfilling enough any more i guess? Also I’m at the end of my fucking tether with the Queen. Fuck the Queen. Fuck the entire fucking timeline

>idk why i didn’t leave as soon as i realised there was something better

>okay, second thing, I’m quitting the timeline; since my piece of shit brother upped and left without a fucking warning there’s nothing really keeping me there anymore, so I’m moving into my boyfriend’s line with him

>I’ve been living there the past few months anyway and just commuting back and forth but it’s too fucking stressful and i need to stay somewhere solid cause


>he’s carrying

>has been for a while, his timeline’s undyne says we should expect at the end of next month


>Like I said, everything’s…. about to change


>why the fuck am i even writing this, not like any of you fuckers are gonna care

R U Mine? [Josh Washington x Reader]

Please don’t send in requests right now! Requests are closed.

Author’s Note: I’M SORRY I DROPPED OFF THE FACE OF THE EARTH. I’ve had so much work these last few weeks, it’s insane. I couldn’t even write a birthday-themed imagine when my birthday rolled around last week. I’ll probably write one soon because I feel the need to lol. Also please don’t send in requests anymore. If you sent one recently, it’s going to be deleted. I closed requests indefinitely back in November. Any requests you see until the submit box opens back up are requests I’ve had since it last closed. The title of this fic doesn’t really fit because I had an idea for this story but then it went in a completely different direction and I didn’t feel like changing the title ha ha.

Word Count: 1,194

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can we talk about how this gif is so relateable I mean

when your innocent friend turns out to be dirty af

when you don’t understand a joke but laugh anyways and your friends notice

when you see your ex on the street while you’re on a date

when your parents come back home while you’re having fun alone and you forgot to do the chores

when a big ass bug flies in your direction

when some shit is about to go down

when you suddenly realize that you said something you weren’t supposed to say

when you see your crush walking over to you

when you realize you aren’t as funny as you thought you’d be

Hey guys if any of you need some urls I’m going to be deleting a bunch of mine so feel free to check them out and let me know if you want one or more!!! I’ll probably give you whichever one you ask for, most of them I don’t really want, but I might ask for a trade cause some of them are my favs

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