probably going to delete it soon

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Hey, if you really want to delete the blog it's okay, whatever makes you happy and less stressed. The only downside (for me at least) is that you seem a pretty cool person and I wouldn't know how you're doing anymore. Again, do what you feel, and I hope whatever you're going through it ends as soon as possible.

This problem is one I can’t run away from (literally) but I probably won’t delete I just need to figure out things and go from there. But thank you so much ily

It's OK, I Wouldn't Remember Me Either
It's OK, I Wouldn't Remember Me Either

i try to keep my eyes closed as my outlook isn’t bright,
compulsively complaining when i haven’t got the right.
i hate the way that i think and act.
i want to end reality but i feel hesitant,
optimistic that the future will be more concerned than the present,
and so for today i’ll remain intact.

Garnette/Banchomp/Puppet Shark

I couldve probably done better on the name. Haha This one was a so great to work on. I even recorded it from sketch to finish, and then unintentionally deleted the video. X.x Theres always next time I guess.


I found the sprite artist!! @pkmnfusionprof Go check them out they have some fantastic fusions!

Unrelated note:

I will resume posting speedpaints on my youtube channel very soon. The computer I did all my editing on needed some repairs and is now back in working order (yay for being a nerd!). If there’s anything specific you’d like to see me do or have me explain shoot me a message and Ill do my best to make a video of it.

Have a lovely night everyone!

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❗️I’m probably going to delete this very soon❗️
Before you go attacking me for posting “provocative” pictures or body shaming me because I’m too “fat”, hear me out. First of all, I want to state for the record that I’m not doing this for anyone else other than myself.
My entire life I’ve had self esteem issues. I was always so concerned that I didn’t fit the ideal standard of what beauty is. Magazines told me I needed abs and a thigh gap. While those things may be beautiful, they aren’t the only thing that make someone beautiful. They are not a confidence necessity and they are not a beauty necessity. I have spent so damn long being afraid to show my body to others. I would be so insecure that I’d wear jeans in 100 degree weather because I was so afraid of what others might think. But I’m so sick of hiding. I realize that no one can make me feel beautiful except for me. The change I seek is within me. By posting this today I hope that I can take the next step into believing in myself and loving myself for who I am. My hope in doing this is that you’ll realize it’s okay to love yourself first. I’m trying to and I hope that you all sincerely try as well. Thank you for taking the time to read this! .Xx

Pretty Little Black Dress
Request-Dean or Sam lose to a drinking game to their siblings and have to wear a dress.

Warning- Underage drinking 

Word Count- 776

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It was around 11 at night in the bunker and you, Sam and Dean were sat in the kitchen. Bored. “Seriously how is there no hunts?” You mumbled and putting your head on the table.

Both your brothers sighed and shrugged. “Apparently everyone has it covered.” Dean says going to get another beer while Sam closed his laptop.

As Dean went to sit down you looked at the beer bottle and smirked. “I don’t like that look (Y/n). What you thinking?” Sam asked curiously.

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Love you hope everything is okay! take all the time you need we'll always be here whenever you want to come back :)

Thank you so much, and thank you to everyone else who sent me kind messages I love you guys, and I promise I’ll be back soon 💜🖤

Edit: The queue is still up guys there’s no reason to panic… there will still be posts

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I hope you're okay! If you don't mind me asking, why are you in hospital?

—trigger warning—

thanks guys, i’m getting so many ‘i hope you’re okay’ and 'get better soon’ messages and i love you all!!!

i was in the hospital because of a suicide attempt, i’m really sorry to tell you. things haven’t been great these past few months and i haven’t been thinking straight, and on top of that my eating’s become worse. i’ll probably delete this later, but life has become really difficult for me. i just feel a little unloved and ignored rn (that sounds a little cliche haha) but honestly i’m a little sick of everything that’s going on. ily all though, and I guess it’s a sign that i’m still here, so i’ll do my best to keep going and helping you all! stay safe

#10 - What went wrong?

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Tuesday, 14 June 2017

Your alarm went off at the usual time - 7am. You reach for your phone to stop the alarm then turn over to see if Jay was lying in bed with you. He wasn’t.

You closed to our eyes and put your hand on your forehead. Was Jay with her? Did he leave the office then went to visit her after? Or was he just stuck at work? Tears began forming in your eyes and you didn’t want to start the day in this mood. Not only that but you still felt sick. You still had a slight headache. You thought maybe you didn’t cook dinner properly last night but you brushed it off. Sick of staying in bed feeling like shit you got up and headed to the bathroom to take a shower.

As you walked to the bedroom, you saw Jay sleeping on the sofa. He was still wearing the same clothes as yesterday. You were glad he was here and you walked over to him. He always look so peaceful when he’s sleeping. He was snoring quietly so you took a blanket and put it on him. You bent down to his level, looked at him and stroke his hair. You thought to yourself: Why didn’t he come to bed last night?


Jay sat in silence for god knows how long. He couldn’t believe what he had just heard. She’s pregnant? How? Well he knew how a girl can fall pregnant but he was so careful. He used protection and she had told him that she was on the pill.

Her: “Erm I need you to say something, Jay.”

Jay: I-I-Are you sure?

Her: Jay, I’m definitely pregnant. I took the test yesterday and the results were positive.

Jay: And it’s mine?

Her: It?

Jay: I meant like am I the father of the baby?

Her: I’m sure that you’re the father since you were the last person I had sex with.

Jay began to walk around the room. He couldn’t process all his thoughts at once. How is he going to tell his family and friends? How can this be contained so that the paps can’t find about it? How is this going to affect his business and career? He was about to become a father to an unborn child. But the mother of that unborn child isn’t you.. Fuck. You. How will this affect the relationship? Will this be the end of his relationship with you?

Jay stopped walking around and went to the fridge to get a bottle of water and drank nearly all of it in one gulp. He then rested his arms on the kitchen bench.

Her: Jay…

Jay couldn’t contain his thoughts anymore. He threw the half empty bottle across the room. She was startled by it and stood up to come over to him.

Her: Jay.. what are we going to do? I’m really scared. I don’t know the first thing to being a mother. 

Jay didn’t respond. He just started into space.

Her: I have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow and I would like for you to come with me. Please?

Jay finally broke his silence.

Jay: I don’t know… I’m not ready for this. How are we going to work this out? I have a business and a..relationship. How did you let it happen?! You said you were on the pill. 

Her: Are you blaming me?! You do know that the pill isn’t 100% effective nor is using a condom. Don’t blame all of this on me. This is no one’s fault, it just happened and now we have to accept and deal with it! 

Jay: I can’t-I need you to leave. Now.

Her: What the fuck, Jay. I came here wanting to talk to you and try to sort this out but nothing has been sorted. Jay.. I need your help. I can’t raise a baby on my own. 

Jay: I. Need. You. To. Leave. 

She didn’t need to be told once again so she took her bag from the chair.

Her: This isn’t over, Jay, we still need to work this out. I’ll be calling you tomorrow so you better answer. If not, I’ll be coming back here and I’ll let EVERYONE know about us, and that includes your girlfriend. 


After changing into a new pair of sweatpants and your favourite hoodie you came out of the bedroom to find Jay awake. He was sitting up with the blanket wrapped around him and he was on his phone. 

You: Good morning, sleepyhead. 

Jay looked up to you and let out a small smile then put his phone down. You walked over to him and sat down. Jay then wrapped part of the blanket around you and kissed you on the head.

Jay: Mmmm I love the smell of your hair. 

You: If you want the same smell, you should take a shower babe. I swear, your body odour is slowly creeping out. 

Jay let out a small laugh. 

You: Can I ask you something?

Jay half knew what you were going to ask and he wasn’t ready for an answer.

Jay: Ask me what? 

You: What time did you come home last night?

Jay: Um just past midnight. I didn’t want to wake you up so I slept here instead. 

You: I called you several times and you didn’t pick up nor return my calls and messages. Were you working or..?

Jay let out a sigh.

Jay: Yeah. There was an emergency meeting with the tour managers. And I’m sorry.

You: Must to be very important then but I thought you were um - anyway was everything sorted?

Jay shook his head.

You: Jay.. I know you’re busy with work but I need you to reply to my messages. I’m always calling you, leaving messages and voicemails and I never get a reply. I would then spend the day or night worrying about you. You know, just a simple message would be fine by me.

Jay: I’m sorry and I promise I will try to answer your calls and reply to you as soon as I can. Ok? Now breakfast? 

Breakfast. You were usually always up for breakfast but today you felt different. You weren’t in the mood for breakfast. 

You: I think I’m going to skip breakfast today. But I can make some for you, if you want.  

Jay looked at you confused. 

Jay: No breakfast? Are you feeling okay, babe? 

Jay put his hand over your head. Your forehead was quite warm. 

You: I don’t know. I still have a slight headache. I think it had something to do with dinner last night. 

Jay: Stay here. I’m going to brush my teeth. After that, I’ll make you something drink. 

You stayed put on the sofa and Jay got up. You turned on the tv and clicked through the channels. Whilst brushing his teeth, Jay received a message from her.

Are you meeting me at the doctor’s today? My appointment is at 11am. 

Jay stared at the message and not knowing how to reply. Jay didn’t want to leave you alone today but if he doesn’t go to the appointment, she will probably come back to the office. He was typing and deleting his responses. Finally, he settled with a reply.

I’m busy with work. Maybe the next one. 

He then blocked her number so that her messages or calls won’t go through.  After a while, Jay came back with some green tea and biscuits.

You: Thanks babe. I almost forgot! Our anniversary is tomorrow night. We haven’t actually planned anything. 

Jay: I thought you said a home cooked dinner then just chill at home. I’m still down with that.

You: Yeah but… shouldn’t we something else more fun? Also, you’re leaving for the tour soon. I’m going to miss you.

Jay: Right the tour. You know, if I could go back in time I wouldn’t suggest it. I’m going to miss you so much. If only you could come with me. Maybe you’ll come to the next one?

You: Of course!

You took a sip of your tea and held onto the cup to allow your hands to warm up. You snuggled further into Jay and he held you tighter. 

Jay: How are you feeling now? Better?

You: Yeah much better! I wish we could stay like this forever.

Jay: Me too, babe. Me too. 

Wednesday, 15 June 2017

Gray: Hey man. Everything okay?

Jay was sitting in Gray’s recording studio. He hasn’t spoken to Gray about what about the other night and he wasn’t sure if he wanted Gray to know. 

Jay: I’m fine.

Gray then stood up and went to close the door. 

Gray: Tell me what happened between you and her. [Y/N] took you back but you still look like shit so tell me. 

Jay sighed and buried his head in his hands.

Jay: Fine. But let me finish talking before you start lecturing me.

Gray nodded and sat back down on his chair facing Jay. 

Jay: The reason she was here was um she came here because she needed to talk to me…about something. Fuck, okay… She was here to tell me she’s pregnant.

Gray: Are you serious? Oh my god, Jay! Shit…And you’re the dad?

Jay: Yes! If I wasn’t, I wouldn’t be feeling like shit.

Gray: You haven’t told [Y/N], have you? 

Jay shook his head.

Jay: I haven’t told anyone about this so can we keep it that way? Please? 

Gray: Yeah man, I won’t tell anyone. But what about [Y/N]? She deserves to know. You can’t keep this a secret from her. 

Jay: I know, I know. But Gray if I tell her, I’m going to lose her and I don’t want that. She is everything to me.

Gray: She does bring out the best of you.. but Jay, [Y/N] going to find out sooner or later. And she’ll probably be more mad at you for lying to her than you telling her the truth now. 

Jay: I don’t want to talk about this anymore. [Y/N] is waiting for me. It’s our anniversary dinner tonight. 

So I can’t get this thing out of my head so I had to write it.

Spoiler warning for Supergirl 2x11 and based on this picture where Chyler is being an awesome troll.

Please leave a message after the beep. (Beep)

Hey Maggie, it’s Alex. (quiet laugh) Look, I know we have plans to have lunch today, but something’s come up and I have to take a rain check. (long exhalation) We’re on lock down to keep an alien from escaping into the populace. Standard protocol while we re-capture it. (sigh) Look, I… Kara has this thing where, when things get a little hairy, she doesn’t, she doesn’t like to leave things unsaid, you know? When her planet exploded, she just didn’t get a chance to say… things… Anyway, I just wanted you know the last few weeks have been the happiest in my life. (deep breath) I think I fall a little more for you every day. And I know, I know, this is way too soon and it’s going to scare you and I’m going to send you running for the hills, but… I… I love you… I need you to know if, if… (sigh) I just didn’t want to leave that unsaid. And you know, Kara has done this to me about a million times (nervous laugh) and everything is always okay and I’m going to regret this because I’ll have worried you and scared you away for nothing. I should probably have Winn delete this so… (muffled voice) I have to go. I’ll see you soon, Sawyer.

Clearing In The Woods
Clearing In The Woods

This is something I wrote/recorded a couple months ago. I guess it’s just sort of a demo, I know it’s pretty lame but I’ll re-record it someday with better equipment once I’m finished writing some other stuff. Either way here you guys go. I have a sheet of the words I’ll upload in a sec if I can find it too.