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Daryl x Reader - Stargazer (Request) [SMUT]

-Anon: hi! I have a request for daryl & reader where daryl &reader are together.

Daryl is struggling to settle at Alexandria which makes him distance himself from reader.

The reader senses that he’s uncomfortable and notices him always fidgeting in the house so she finds a tent and sets it up in the garden with a little camp fire and makes his favourite dinner, ending with a little camp fire and makes his favourite dinner, ending with lots of smut and fluff after, please and thank you! I’d be so grateful

Hope you like it ♥ 

WARNINGS: SMUT (and fluff♥)


The sunlight enters from the window, waking me up from my sleep.

Moaning I stretch up my arms ready to wake up, not before a cuddle from my favourite man:

“mmh…Daryl…” I call him while I try to reach him with my hands.

However, my fingertips don’t feel a warm body but an empty mattress.

“Daryl?” I call for him again, standing up and heading downstairs.

“..He’s not here either…”

I decide to check outside and I notice him working on his bike.

I go back into our bedroom, dressing myself with a simple tank top and jeans.

Finally ready I exit our house and I walk toward my man.

I circle his waist with my arms, hugging him from behind:

“hey stranger…” I say with a sultry voice, leaving a soft kiss into his neck “…you woke up early this morning, leaving me there all alone and needy”.

Turning into my embrance he kisses me sweetly: “Good morning sunshine”.

We stare into each other eyes for a little before I interrupt the silence:
“So…what do you say if today we stay at home, cuddling…”
I stand on my tip toes and reach for his ear: 

“…and maybe have a lot of sex” I whisper, biting his earlobe.

I feel his body get stiff, and he interrupted our embrance.

“Okay…that wasn’t the reaction I expect”

“Actually…I’ll go hunting, I packed some food so I’ll probably be back for dinner time”

“But Daryl…It’s the third day in a row that you go outside Alexandria”

He turns around, getting on his bike before turning his head toward me:
“I’m sorry (Y/n)…I need my space…I’ll see you tonight”.

After that, he starts his bike and ride outside Alexandria gates leaving me dumbfounded.

It’s already the third week since we arrived here, everybody settled here very well…everybody except Daryl.

He has been through a lot, he lost so many people he deeply cared of, and now that we can finally have a normal life again, he feel so… uncomfortable.

When he’s into the house he hardly speak, he’s nervous and he try to find an excuse to go outside.

Outside the house…outside Alexandria…all alone.

I even suspect that he waits for me to fall asleep and then walking outside.

It hurts me so much seeing him like that.

I want him to be happy and I want him closer…I feel like he keeps distance himself from me and from everybody.

“I have to do something!”

I start to walk around Alexandria, thinking about something to make my loved one happy again.

I was so absorbed into my thoughts that I didn’t notice I was walking toward someone until I slam into them.

“Hey (Y/n)! be careful!”
“I’m really sorry Olivia! I’ll pay more attention” I say with an hint of sadness.

Olivia noticed that, making her worry: “Everything is okay? I can help you somehow?”

Remembering what Olivia’s job is gave me an idea.

“Actually yes, you can help me” I say smiling at her.

“I’m home!”

I could hear Daryl’s voice from inside our house.

“I’m in the back garden!” I scream.

I was so impatient to see how he would react at what I just did.

Once he stepped into the garden his eyes were open wide.

In the garden there is a big tent, and inside he can catch a sight of big cushions.

In front of the tent there is a little camp fire, I am sitting on the wooden bench, giggling at his reaction:
“C’mon Daryl, dinner is ready”.

He sits right next to me, I can see a small smile forming on his face:
“Here you go some spaghetti, I know these aren’t Aaron’s spaghetti, but I bet that you’ll love them”.

Nodding he eats his spaghetti with gusto and I do the same.

At the last bite he almost choked:
“Hey there! easy!”

I giggle, giving him a glass of wine.

“Sorry, it’s just that…they’re so good” He says while taking little sips from the glass.

Once we finish our dinner, Daryl get close to me, giving me a side hug.

I lean my head onto his chest, enjoy the heat of his body.

“How you did all of this?” He whispers, kissing the top of my head.

“Olivia helped me…for the record we can’t keep the tent”.

We both laugh, a little tipsy from the wine.

“What’s all of this sunshine?”
I lift my head, looking into his eyes: “I notice how much you’re uncomfortable around here; I thought that since you like staying outside so much, I could make you happy making all of this…it’s not like camping into the wild, but I did my best”

Daryl has a serious expression on his face, he listen to me silently and I can tell that he has a lot into his mind.

“You did all of this just for me?”
“Of course! If my man doesn’t like stay inside, then I’ll sacrifice all the comfort in the world to  make him happy” I say smiling at him.

“I love you so much sunshine” He murmured before kissing me.

“I love you so much princess” he keeps whispering, kissing me everywhere on my face.

Things get heated really fast, he push me gently to lay down onto the bench.

I can feel his big hands going under my tank top and touching me everywhere, giving me goose bump.

“What do you say if we move into that tent, don’t want to show my princess to everybody”
Laughing at him, we both stood up and entered into the tent.

Once we’re both inside, we start to tear off each other clothes, too impatient and needy.

“(Y/n) you did all of this for me, now let me show you how much I appreciate it”.

His raspy voice made me so wet, and it doesn’t help that the light coming from the camp fire highlights his big arms.

He start a trail of kisses from my mouth, down to my neck.

Once he arrives to my breast, he start to kiss and lick my left nipple while he play with the other with his fingers:
“Look at this beautiful tits, they’re all mine”.

His words make me moan loudly, he’s so good at playing with my breats.

After a little while he moves down, stopping on my navel, licking around it.

“We ate dinner, now I need my dessert” he says while grabbing my legs.

I was so lost in pleasure that I couldn’t say anything to him.

Daryl he’s a quite guy, but when he’s horny he became someone else.

Settled between my legs, he start to blow on my sex:

“Please what princess?” he keeps blowing cold hair on my mound, and living little bites on both my thighs.

Such a tease.

“Oh god please Daryl, eat my pussy” I cry out.

I couldn’t take it anymore!

Satisfied, Daryl start to kissing and sucking my clit:
“Oh yeah…like that” I grab his hair and I start pulling them.

Feeling his hair being pulled made Daryl moans into my sex.

After a little, he keeps drawing little circle on my clit with the tip of his tongue while he enters me with two of his fingers:
“You taste so sweet sunshine”.

His actions and dirty talks almost send me over the edge:
“Daryl…please…I’m going to…”

His mouth and fingers disappeard, but before I can complain, he enters me with his big cock.

“This is all for you (Y/n), this is how you make me feel” he moans into my ear.

He keep thrusting hard and fast into me, I can tell he is close and so am I:
“Daryl…don’t stop…don’t ever stop” I moan, thrusting my hips agains his.

“Let’s come together sunshine”.

With a few hard thrust we both came with each other name coming from our mouth.

Daryl lay down next to me, bring me close.

I lay my head down onto his chest.

We were laying with our head almost outside the tent, so we can stare at the sea of stars over us.

“I wasn’t uncomfortable staying into an house after a long time…”

“Mmh?” I mormured sleeply

“It’s just that everytime we find a safe place, just when fe start to get used to have a normal life, something bad happens…the way I acted…it’s because I’m scared that if I get use to this, it will be over after a little while”.

Understanding what he means, I snuggle into him: “I promise Daryl…I promise that whatever happens we’ll stay together…but you have to relax and try to live a normal life here. Nobody knows what will happen in the future, but if you keep seeing things just from a negative point of view, you can’t enjoy all the little things that can make you happy.”

I feel him lay little kisses on my forehead:
“I guess you’re right princess”
“As always, my prince” this makes the both of us laugh loudly.

So we spend that night like this, watching the stars and enjoying our each other company, dreaming about an happy future together.

Forerver taglist: @youandyourstupidrope





EXO GIF React - You Being Important Person at SM/Being Busier Than Them

Request: Hello there. Can you do an exo reaction when youre their gf and youre one of the most important people in SM plus youre busier than them? I hope you get what i mean! And thank you wish you have a good daaaay.

A/N: HELLO! You’re my very first request on this blog. I’m crying so hard rn. I’m so happy. And I think I’ve got it. Like maybe you being an important idol at SM, or maybe being a manager, or just someone with a high position in general. You would be loads busy!

Okay, this is my first one, so I will try my best. 

Please bear with me and take care of me! <3

Note: I’m doing this one ot9 because the request makes it kind of difficult for me to write a reaction about LuTaoRis, since they’re no longer part of SM Entertainment. But otherwise, I will try to make most requests ot12.

I realize there are only 9 now, but it is a personal choice to include all 12.

*bc luhan is my bias. there, i said it* <3

Also, sorry these get longer as I go down the list. I tried to keep them rather short, but I just had so much to say about the members.


baekhyun: i feel like he’d be super whiny, but that teasing/playful type of whiny where he misses you even though he understands that you’re busy. 

“jagi i feel like i haven’t seen you in forever! you seem busier than i am these days.”

but tbh i also think he’d be the type to grab you by surprise when he sees you walking down the hallway, just to give you a quick kiss.

chanyeol: i think he’d be similar to baekhyun in the sense that he would be whiny and needy for attention. just imagine him whining with that deep voice of his!

“hi jagi!”

he’d probably be the type to wave hello at you EVERY TIME you pass him in  the SM building. i also think he and baekhyun would go the most out of their way to make you smile if you look stressed or you’re having a bad day.

not that the others wouldn’t. just that baek and chan would take it as their personal mission in life–for the day.

d.o.: of all the members, i think he’s one of the top three who would most be concerned with your health if they see you’re overworking yourself. he would probably try to get you something to snack on or some tea. something quick and nice to make your day better.

he would miss you and want to spend time with you. but rather than burdening you with complaints, he would shower you with affection. without many words though, since we know soo is rather the silent type.

“you should get some rest, you’re overworking yourself.”

sehun: our little maknae is used to being loved and coddled, which is understandable since he is the youngest in exo. so i feel like he’d be even needier than chan and baek. 

he’d probably be texting you with cute but whiny little texts.

“jagi,” or noona, since i feel like he’d be into girls who are older than him. “how long has it been since we spent time together? i can’t even remember what you look like.”

“sehunnie, i saw you this morning…”

suho: he is a more understanding person, especially because he of all people in exo know what its like to be busy.i mean, he is the leader of exo–the guardian–and he takes care of all the members like they’re his little brothers. 

also, of the three that i mentioned earlier that would be the most understanding, he would be one of them.

he would definitely miss you and would be upset that you were busy. but he would smile through it, for your sake. he would also try to take care of you as best he can.

“if you need anything, just send me a message. you’ll get through today. FIGHTING!”

he’d even probably send you one of his infamous dad jokes in a lame attempt to make you crack a smile.

lay: another who would be super understanding and sweet–probably the sweetest of all. yixing would treat you so well, and would go out of his way to see you if even for a few minutes throughout the work day.

he would also worry a lot about you and ask every so often how you were feeling with your schedules.

“when we get home tonight i’ll treat you to dinner and then we can just cuddle together.”

chen: he would be that whiny self, the king of whining. 

with his famous, “ah waeee?”

jongdae would let you know that he doesn’t like the way work isn’t letting you both spend time with each other. 

“when are we gonna have time for ourselves?”

kai: another maknae. but even though he’s a maknae, along with his fellow member oh sehun, i feel like jongin would be more understanding as well. occasionally he might make a remark or two and be a bit whiny.

but he is rather reserved.

and then there’s the fact that he only has sisters. a boy being raised around only girls makes them behave a bit differently, mostly if the sisters are older. which is the case with jongin.

“i miss you, jagi. lets try to get together when we have some time.”

xiumin: ah xiumin xiumin xiumin. another one who i feel would be in between whiny and non whiny. like it could probably go either way, depending on how you look that morning. like if you look super stressed he would most definitely take care of you.

but if you look like you’re having a good day, he’d probably catch you in the hallway and tell you in a whiny voice that he misses you.

“i just want schedules to be done for the day so i can spend time with my favorite person.”

ENDING NOTE: remember guys, this is just my honest opinion and its my first gif reaction post. so please bear with me. i’m sure they’ll get better as we go along.

thank you for the requests! have a nice day!

How the Team Acts on Valentine’s Day

Genji: very over-the-top affection but with a very thoughtful twist; think a messily hand-sewn teddy bear that looks like his s/o, and gifted in a box that substitutes normal stuffing paper with hundreds of tiny slips of affectionate phrases on them

McCree: the classic romantic sop, just as you’d expect. Huge teddy bear, three colors of rose bouquets (red, pink, and white), petals strewn all over the floor. He cooks a nice candlelit dinner and puts the most romantic, soft country music he can find on the record player.

Pharah: she’s a little less good at being showy, but Mercy gives her hints both romantiac and plantonic, depending on how you ship them. (personally, PHARMERCY FTW!) She’s probably going to dress up in a suit and insist a bit more aggressively that she pays for dinner. The real fun begins when they return home ;)

Reaper: He’s the one who taught McCree all that soppy crap, so you’d expect him to be even showier, right? Actually, he’s more heartfelt than anything- minimalist, but with meaning. He’ll take off his mask over dinner (their favorite dishes, no matter how bland he may find them) and raises a glass of lamb’s blood a fine red, saying, “There will be no single day that I love you more than another, cariño, but today we can remember some of the best moments.” There will definitely be slow dancing afterward, and very soft cuddling. If they want to take it further, he will do anything they please tonight. 

Soldier76:  There will be no going out- all his suits are from his golden days, so someone would be bound to recognize him. Not that anyone would ever complain about his food- it’ll be hard getting to the couch after he;s done serving all four courses.  He takes his time getting all done up in a suit and shaving his stubble for the dinner, but what will probably end up happening is him changing into sweats and cuddling with them immediately afterward. His presents are always a little extra to make up for his tiredness, stuff along the lines of Genji’s, but with neater stitching. 

Sombra: She get’s some good tricks up her sleeve for this one; imagine having almost every singer, band, composer and producer at your disposal (literally, with the amount of blackmail she has on literally every and any celebrity.) She has somehow found a way to collect a handful of every single flower on this side of the ocean decorating the restaurant she’s reserved- and probably bought out- for the night. It’s undoubtedly some penthouse-suite, 3-Michelin Star type of restaurant, with a menu she has personally customized to fit the tastes of her boo.

Tracer: She zips all around King’s Row trying to book a reservation at a fancy restaurant before Valentine’s Day. But let’s be real, she’s probably doing this at 5:00 on Valentine’s Day, so there probably won’t be a reservation open until 12 am. Exasperated, she throws on a suit and video-calls Winston, begging him to guide her through a basic dinner to make before her S/O gets home. By the time they’re home, Winston is in tears on the other end of the line, and Lena’s suit is covered in flour and soy sauce and Gods know what else- but it’s still a sweet gesture. Who knew that she could steal a rose that fast?

Hanzo: He lays out a simple, elegant display. Red and white roses, a silken tablecloth, one of his old well-tailored numbers in a red that accents his new gold nose bar. He lays out a red carpet- where does he even get these things? It astounds everyone- and is thankful that takeout from fancy restaurants is now a thing. He’s awkward during dinner, but makes up for it by giving an even more awkward speech professing his love and dedication for his S/O after his hastily made dessert (which was probably vanilla ice cream with Hershey’s syrup drizzled elegantly on top.) It’s the thought taht counts, right?

Junkrat: Have you seen those photos of a thousand dominos falling down to form a huge heart and the words “I Love You” in some ridiculous calligraphy font that can only be seen from and airplane? yeah, he does that, but with gunpowder somehow. And the plane is just his Concussion Mine, but he ‘s holding his S/O when it goes off so they see it together.

Mei: She painstakingly carves an ice sculpture of something basic, like two swans with their heads dipped in a heart. That’s all she does. It takes up all of her time, and honestly, she cares more about the swans than she does her S/O’s reaction to them at the end of the night. 

Torbjorn: What is love? Love isn;t real. Not for this goblin. 

Widowmaker: She doesn’t even notice taht it’s Valentine’s day until her S/O brings it up. When they do, all she really does is shrug and mumble, “It is not a real holiday, anyway. Just an advertisement.” However, she betrays her own aloofness by immediately grabbing for and kissing them after she says this, which will (as usual) lead to very sensual things happening ;))))))))

D.Va: SHE IS ONLY 19, SHE WILL GAME WILL HER BOO ALL DAY. The mech will be programmed to do the heart emote over and over until it self-destructs.

Reinhardt: He likes to say that going to Valentine’s Day dinner at some fancy restaurant would attract too much attention since he’s a living legend, but he’s really more hesitant because he’s always tired lately. What’ll probably happen is him dressed up nice and kicking Torbjorn out of his own house as a romantic, homey setting. 

Roadhog: He cooks a five-course meal that somehow has meat in every single one of the dishes… even the dessert. Nothing unusual, except that he’s cleaned up a little bit (nicer clothes, maybe a suit if he really has that much energy) and might keep his mask off for longer than usual whilst eating. I headcanon Roadie as being the kind of like baths and bedttime right after dinner, so perhaps he has stolen a bath bomb from Widowmaker to make the bath tonight a bit more luxurious for his boo. As an extra course, he stole some top-quality chocolates for them during his daily escapades with Junkrat, and will probably nudge them to share during the bath as well. 

Zarya: She and her S/O spend the day out helping others in her hometown, which is what Zarya spends most of her time doing on a regular day. Today, she insists on spending a bit more on food for the homeless couples they encounter, as well as on chocolates for the children. However, due to the help of certain old compatriots, no matter how late they arrive home together, the apartment will be decorated at least half-decently. The roses will be half wilted and the dinner cold, but it won’t matter. She’ll style her hair up a little and slap on some formalwear for a dinner they’ll dine on half asleep together. 

Ana: She writes Fareeha and sends some cheesy card she ordered off of whatever version Etsy of the Overwatch era has. If she has a S/O, they’ll probably get about the same treatment, along with a simple dinner. She’s not one to go all-out, and she’ll probably have a S/O who understands her not needing to. She doesn;t need to be flashy in order to make her affections known. 

Lucio: He’ll go around the same route as Zarya, but on epic high-speed skates instead. And he’ll definitely have enough energy to quite literally zi[ them around to some high-tech new restaurant at the end of the night, so they can try something new together. That will also carry on into later hours….

Mercy: She will make time for her S/O on Valentine’s Day even if she’s half a world away from them on call. There will be some awkward videocall dinner, at the very least. However, if they’re together, she pulls a Tracer and rushes some presents, probably even running to Genji for a messy teddy bear commission. 

Symmetra: Let’s talk about the kind of fancy, over-the-top arrangements she’ll make with her tech, while completely disregarding the actual dinner bit of the day. Presents are no problem, arrangements are barely worth a second of concern, but she completely forgets that food can;t be made with hard-light technology. Guess it’s a takeout kinda night. 

Fic: Creeper (Part 3)

Summary: The conclusion of “Creeper,” but can totally be read on its own as a separate one-shot. It’s time for Dan to go home, and nobody is happy about it.
Word Count: 2,216
Rating: Teen
Tags: Fluff, 2009 Phan, Non-explicit sexy times, Sad bois
Author’s Note: After all that work on my phan timeline, I’m too lazy to look up what time Dan’s train was actually scheduled to leave Manchester on October 21. For the purposes of this fic, I’m saying sometime in the late afternoon. It’s fiction, ya know?

[Chronological list of all fic posts in the Creeper series]

Creeper Part 1
Creeper Part 2

Sofa to Manchester Piccadilly

Dan’s train home isn’t until Sunday afternoon, so they decided to spend that last morning cuddled on the sofa, marathoning old Buffy episodes, because they’ve both seen them before and so it doesn’t matter if they miss long sections of plot when they start making out.

Which happens frequently.

Phil lies on the couch with Dan lying on top of him, a blanket pulled over them for warmth … though they’re doing a pretty good job of generating their own warmth whenever Dan initiates another bout of kissing.

“I don’t want you to leave,” Phil says softly while Buffy and her pals are battling some Native American ghosts over Thanksgiving dinner on the television screen. His arms are around Dan, but he’s making sure not to hold him too tightly, like Dan is made of something delicate and breakable. This whole weekend, he’s been careful to let Dan set the pace of things between them, not wanting to spook him, not wanting to push him into anything he isn’t ready for.

And it seems that what Dan is ready for is lots and lots of kissing.

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(HEY HEY HEY~ SOLDIER MADI HERE 😁👌 I TOOK A NOTICE THAT MORE PEOPLE ARE DIGGIN MY HEADCANON, SOOO. Here’s another Rfa headcanon thingy. V and Saeran included. (P.s; I’ll probably never not include V and Saeran because let’s be real here..they’re poppin fresh.))



Surprisingly, he was the one who suggested you watch a horror film. Poor lil cinnamon roll was afraid he wasn’t manly enough, so, he decided to prove he could handle it.

He couldn’t.

Half way through it, this boy was shaking so bad, you could feel the couch rattling?? Like? Calm down?

Of course, you were there to give him comfort, rather than the other way around. Nonetheless, you still enjoyed yourself.

“Yoosung, open your eyes..! Look, I promise. The blood practically looks like ketchup. It’s not that bad!”




When you suggested a horror movie, he wasn’t really phased by it. Stuff like this never bothered him. He knew it was fake.

So, there you two were. Snuggled up on the couch, (with Elizabeth 3rd, of course.) watching a mild horror movie.

Even though it was mild, it had its moments. Occasionally you would jump up a bit, and Jumin would lightly tighten his grip on you every time.

While you were anticipating the jump scares, Jumin was analyzing e v e r y t h i n g.


“Can’t you tell? The moment he got to this town, he should’ve realized it wasn’t any good. The guy in the back gave it away.”

“What guy?!”



Let’s be real, you two are going to criticize the whole movie.

You aren’t even scared. You two more than likely picked an old, cheesy horror film.

Originally, you were going to actually take it seriously, and quietly watch the movie. Luciel had better plans.

He would start making stupid jokes about the characters obvious faults, and pointing out how fake everything looked.

Soon, you just had to join in with him. I mean, come on. This movie is s h i t.

“Did he just run into the zombies arms? Are you kidding me?”

“I didn’t know we were watching a roma- oh. Well that happened.”

“What an idiot.”

“That would be you, thoug- OW DONT HIT ME! UHM? BOYFRIEND ABUSE??”



Zen must have made a horror musical.

Since it was new, she was one of the first people to get a hold of it..and boy, was she happy.

You just couldn’t say no when she had asked you to watch it with her that night. I mean, come on. LOOK AT THAT LIL GAEHEE FACE, AWH.

So, you two cuddled up in some bean bag chairs, sharing a big bowl of popcorn.

You both ended up feeding a little bit to each other when the other was too busy drooling over Zen’s abs. (Mostly Jaehee.)

Ends up with one of you falling asleep on the other before the movie is done.

More than likely you on her. (Kink)

“(Y/N)! Even as a hairy werewolf..ohh, he truly is a beast…wait..(Y/N)?”


“Oh! So cute..I guess we’ll be sleeping down here, tonight..good night, (Y/N)..”




Zen would be trying to play it cool throughout the entire thing.

He’d keep making small remarks on how it was “o so predictable.” Eventually, you got tired of these little comments, and decided to give him something that wasn’t predictable.

You’d lean over, acting as if you wanted to cuddle..then..


You’d let out an ear piercing (w̸a̸r̸r̸i̸o̸r̸ c̸r̸y̸) screech, tackling him into a hug.

Let’s just say, he was a little bit more than frightened.


“This is so damn predictable.”

“Yeah..I guess you’re- SCREEECHH”

“(Y/N)!!! DO NOT DO THAT! God…you know what? I just might have to punish you for that, baby girl~”

“You- I- OH”



Can he even see what’s happening, tho?

You’re probably going to be bored, and suggest you watch a horror movie in spirit of Halloween (you’re feeling extra SpOoPy)

This lil pastel cutie will agree instantly. If it makes you happy, then he’s 420% up for it.

You two will probably be the calmest out of everyone else, staying quiet while you watch it. Of course, you’ll have the occasional dialogue.

He’ll wrap his arms around you, snuggling his face into you, since he can’t really see the movie all that well, anyways.

If you get even a little scared, hE IS LITERALLY SO COMFORTING LIKE, Y e S.

“I hear more suspenseful music in the back ground. Get ready, don’t be too scared, (Y/N).”

“Crap, how did you hear that? All I hear is that stupid win- OH DEAR GOD.”

“I warned you..oh..come closer, it’s okay, (Y/N)..”



He picked the movie, and let’s just say you are more screwed than America.

He just HAD to pick the scariest movie he could get his hands on.

10/10 will tell you to hakuna your Tatas when you start flipping your shit. (Not literally but.)

Like, how can you handle that?

But, not to fret..he’s surprisingly more comforting than you imagined.

He will pull a fluffy blanket over you both, doing his best to cover your eyes when he thought something overly scary was going to happen.

When it’s all over, he’s probably going to want to cuddle you all night, at least until you both fall asleep..just to insure neither of you get a nightmare.

“I don’t even know if I can fall asleep now, thank you very much.”

“Mmm~ then stay with me tonight. I promise I can keep you safe. Just..Trust me?”

Let Daddy Apologize

For the Unnie who has been waiting what seems like forever!! Sorry for the wait, I hope you like it :)

Pairing: Rap Monster x Reader

Genre: Smut

Request: “Can I request a Namjoon smut where he is a teacher and his student is his gf and one day his gf sees him talking to one of the students and thinks his flirting so his gf is ignoring him and Namjoon is confuse and leans to smut. Thanks ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️”

From: @cookiemini4

You entered the school building walking a moderate distance away from Mr.Kim Namjoon also known as Namjoonie your boyfriend. You two had been seeing each other for a while, in secret of course.  You weren’t usually the jealous type but you had an argument this morning and felt extremely anxious about his actions. “Good Morning Miss (Y/S/N)” He said as he held the door opened for you, entering the school with his status instantly changing from boyfriend to teacher.  “Good morning sir” you said bowing at him politely as there where other teachers in the front lounge, you bowed at a few of them before continuing to your locker. The day dragged in, your first period was so boring that you fell asleep for around 40 minutes of it and had to be awoken by your best friend. 

“Geez! (y/n) are you okay?” She asked you concerned, “Yeah, I had an argument with my parents this morning…” You said, not being allowed to tell anyone about your relationship with Namjoon. “Awh again? that sucks…” She said, it seemed like a regular thing to tell her now, between actually fighting with your parents and being annoyed at Namjoon. The bell soon rang and you made your way to the second period class, you knew that Namjoon didn’t have a class at this time however you weren’t focusing on that when the teacher told you to go to the toilet and freshen up, as you weren’t feeling too good. 

You had a lump in your throat and a weight in your stomach in fear that your boyfriend might do something to get back at you for your argument, It seemed impossible but at this point you couldn’t tell. You finally reached the toilet, flipping your long blond hair back into place and powdering your t-zone, making sure you had no smudges or dark circles round your bright blue eyes. You walked back to your class room, having to pass Mr.Kim Namjoon’s class room. You could see him leaning against his door talking to (Insert school slut name here) with a smirk plastered on his face. 

Although you couldn’t hear them you where almost 100% sure that they where flirting and you weren’t happy about it, because of the argument you had earlier that morning you, being the emotional and hormonal teenage girl that you where, began crying. You tried to walk straight passed them however Namjoon seen you and quickly dismissed the girl, calling you into his room for a few minutes. “Hey, whats wrong?” He asked walking over to the door and locking it as you stood at his desk. You scoffed turning away from him, giving him the silent treatment. “Look (y/n), can’t you just tell me why you’re ignoring me?” He asked, grasping your hand, you threw him off in attempt to remain in a bad mood with him. “Look, Namjoon. I can’t deal with this, anytime we argue I go through the same thing. It’s always just before school and It makes me worry that you’re going with different girls. I hate seeing you flirt with that slut too, she doesn’t deserve to talk to you like that. I don’t care if we’re a secret or not DO NOT FLIRT WITH OTHER GIRLS!!!!” you said almost certainly screaming the last part. 

“I wasn’t flirting with her (y/n). She was telling me about the experiment my other class done whilst you and I where in Jeju actually.” He said folding his arms. You rolled your eyes, “Is that so. Why don’t you go to Jeju with her next time then?” you said turning away from him. “Hey, don’t get sassy with me when I’ve done nothing wrong” He said edging closer to you. “Yeah, whatever” you said running a hand through your blonde locks. “Look, I know what’ll make you feel better. I’ll even include a note to tell the teacher you where helping me out.” You turned round at his words, as he walked closer to you snaking his arms around your waist. “I hate you Namjoon.” 

You said as you placed your hands around his neck. “Yeah, try hating me. I dare you” he said leaning down to kiss you. His plump lips as light as feathers on yours. Your kiss instantly became heated, he trailed his tongue over your bottom lip, asking for entrance to your mouth which after a small fight you gave. His tongue entered your mouth, exploring every preregistered crevice. His kiss moved to your neck, pulling your tie off, and unbuttoning your shirt, exposing your collar bones, and the tops of your breasts. His kiss became harsh almost like bites as he kissed from your jawline to your collarbone to your breasts and back up. Your moans where quiet but very difficult hold them back. 

His hands trailed up your skirt, spreading your legs open a bit, rubbing you through your panties before removing them, he turned you round so you where facing away from him. “Tell me what you want me to do to you” he whispered in your ear, sending a chill down your spine. “I wan’t you to touch me, Daddy” You said quietly. “Where do you want Daddy to touch you?” He whispered again, “Take Daddy’s hand and show me” He said placing his large, soft yet rough hands in front of you. You took one of his hands and placed it over your mouth while you placed the other directly above your throbbing heat. “Here, Daddy” You finished. “Oh you mean here” He said, placing the hand over your mouth but taking your sensitive clit and pinching it with his nail, causing you to squeal, however the hand over your mouth managed to stop it being so loud. 

“That’s it, stay quiet while Daddy makes you feel better, princess” He said as he kneeled down, he positioned you to be leaning over the desk slightly, your thighs tickled as stray hairs on his head feathered around, when you felt a tongue up your thighs. You shivered as the wet organ explored your thighs and close to, yet never reaching your heat. Without warning he slammed two fingers into you, you gasped at the sudden pleasure as your legs began to wear out, he sped up with the more moans he earned, you wanted to scream for the roof tops when he curled his fingers, reaching your g-spot but you had to remain calm. 

Your moans where quiet and restricted, in his attempt to push you over the edge his mouth took to your clit, sucking harshly, instantly pleasuring you enough for you to release. He continued to use his lips all over your wet core, licking and sucking on your juices until it the pleasure shuddered over your whole body as you came for the second time. Your legs gave out as your moan strained your throat, you had fallen into Namjoons lap. “I’m not joking, I really do hate you” You said, cuddling closer to him. “You probably hate Namjoon, but you sure as hell love your Daddy” he said smirking, your face turning bright red.

“Hmm, how bout that note now please sir?” You said ignoring his statement. “Here you go” he said handing you a bright yellow post it note. “So i’ll see you tonight?” He asked smirking. “Yup, my house at 8pm, don’t be late” You said blowing him a kiss, finally fixed up as you made your way back to class. You hated what Namjoon could turn you into but you figured, who better els? exactly, no one.


BTS Reaction #28

BTS’ reaction when you fall asleep on another member.


*walks into the living room*

“J-j-jagiya?! What’re you doing?!”

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“Guess who’s not getting cuddle time tonight?”

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*glares at you*


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*when you wake up*

“Don’t even think about coming to bed tonight!”

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*ready to beat some boy up*

*probably won’t let this go for a month at least*

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*not sure what to do*

“He doesn’t even look like me, how can she even mistaken me for him?!”

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“It’s okay Jungkook, it’s okay, you don’t care…”

*can’t resist it anymore*


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Shaky Hands and Heart

Request: Could you do a fanfiction where Newt has a panic attack and the reader calms him down. I love all your other fanfictions!!! 😍😍😍

~I have had panic attacks before, so I used my own experience as a reference, kind of. Thank you for requesting and liking my writing! It means a lot. :) I hope you enjoy!~

You climbed down into the case and started walking around, trying to find Newt. It was getting close to time for you to sleep, you were really tired from the day’s events.

“Newt?” you called out, searching for him. Hearing his voice from nearby, you turned and followed it.

You cleared some bushes out of the way and saw Newt pacing around the Bowtruckle tree, looking around frantically.

“Newt? Love, what’s wrong?” you asked, walking over to him.

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The Best of Friends

Backstory: This isn’t a request. This is just something I thought of and wanted to do. You and Evan have been the best of friends since five years old. Cuddling, hand holding and being really close are a totally normal thing for you two. One night you go out to a bar with other friends and then go back to his house.

“Hey, we’re going to the bar tonight boo. Me, you, Taissa, and Sarah.” You got a text from Evan. “Oh. Well thanks for telling me how my night is gonna go. Maybe I don’t want to be seen in public with you.” You type back. “Y/N, being seen in public with me is probably the greatest thing that has ever happened to your sad life. :)” “You’re a dick. But okay, I’ll come.” “I have a dick, yes this is true.” “It’s so sad that a perfectly good appendage is wasted on you.” “Wow.” You laughed as you re-read the conversation. You pulled on your tightest pair of skinny jeans and your tightest low-cut tshirt. You accessorized with a necklace with a beautiful blue gem, and your favorite leather boots. You let your hair fall down around your face in loose, shiny curls. After applying just a little bit of light, natural make-up, you stuck your license and some money in your back pocket, leaving your purse on your bedside table. You walked out of your apartment, and locked the door behind you heading out to your car. After you sat down and buckled your seat belt, you took off towards Evans house, blasting some Arctic Monkeys. When you pulled into the driveway, you slammed your door shut and skipped up to the front door, not bothering to knock. You haven’t knocked in 20 years. “Hey, fuckface I’m here. And I’m driving with you.” “The fuck you are. I don’t know what diseases you have and I’m not letting you sit on my seats.” He giggled, coming out of the kitchen with a sandwich in hand. “Only disease I have is the one where it makes my brain think being your friend is even remotely okay.” You took the sandwich from his and bit off almost half of it. Evan glared at you, and you took a bow. “Let me go get dressed.” He sauntered off to his bedroom and closed the door. You plopped down on the couch and peered at the table next to you. There was a framed picture of you and Evan at Disneyland about 10 years ago. You picked it up and smiled, being flooded with memories of you and him in your teenage years. That particular day you were too terrified to even go on any of the rides and Evan stayed with you the whole time, even though he wanted to ride everything. You heard his door open and you shot your head up. He was wearing a nice pair of jeans and a black tshirt, with his old worn out converse. You smiled at how handsome your best friend had gotten, and how successfully his acting career had grown. “Come on babe.” He swooped up his keys and opened his front door for you. You probably imagined it, but as you walked by you could have sworn you heard him sigh “That ass.”

He opened the passenger side door for you and then walked around to the drivers side and slid in, starting the car up. “We’re going to Sarah’s house and taking her car with Taissa.” He explained as he pulled left out of his driveway. The ride to Sarah’s was quiet, due to the loud music coming from the car speakers. You were excited. Always excited to hang out with Evans co-workers. When you guys had turned into her driveway, you noticed her truck was the only car there. “Are we all gonna have to squeeze in her truck?” You asked, knowing there were only three seats. Evan shrugged his shoulders and you stepped out of his car. Taissa was sitting on the front porch. “HI Y/N! It’s good to see you!” She pulled you into a hug. “Hi Taissa!” Sarah hugged you next, and you all piled into her truck. By the time everyone had gotten comfortable, you were sitting on Evans lap. He had placed a hand on your thigh, leaving it warm and tingling under his touch. Sarah started the truck and backed out of the driveway, heading towards the bar, which was about 30 minutes away. 30 minutes of an uncomfortable car ride. You tried to wiggle your hips, and make it more comfortable but there was no relief. Evan had his chin resting on your back. Every one was talking and laughing and trying to find some good songs on the radio. You leaned forward a little, to tighten the laces on your boots, and you felt Evans whole body stiffen up. When you came back to your normal position you scooted your butt up a litter higher and put a hand on Evans thigh to steady yourself. The hand that was resting on your thigh came up to your hips and squeezed tightly, causing you to look back and make sure he was okay. When your eyes met he mouthed, “Stop moving.” “Sorry.” You mouthed back. You didn’t know if you were hurting him or what, but you tried to stop moving. Sarah turned down a road with some potholes, which she was swerving to avoid. Everyone else was fine, considering they had seat belts on, but you were sliding around on Evans lap, grabbing onto his knees to try and stop. He was clutching onto your waist a little harder than before, and Sarah hit a pothole that she couldn’t manage to escape on time. Once she turned off the road, you adjusted yourself on Evans lap again, wiggling your hips to get back to a comfortable spot. He brought his lips up to your ears, and you stopped to listen what he was going to say, “Y/N. Stop. Moving.” you looked back at him with a quizzical face, and he blushed a little. “Just please, for the love of god, keep your ass still.” You suddenly realized, a little embarrassed that it took you this long to figure it out, that you were rubbing your ass all over Evans lap, and he was probably getting turned on. You smirked to yourself and turned back to face the road. He had his hand on your thigh again, and you didn’t move the rest of the way there. But it did feel good that you were making Evan Peters, your handsome ass best friend, a little turned on. When you arrived at the bar, you all headed inside and showed your ID’s, ordering drinks and sitting down at a table. You sat across from Evan, and pulled your shirt down a little, exposing cleavage, because you noticed he couldn’t stop looking at your chest. Everything you said to him, you added a sexual undertone, hoping he would catch on. You knew it was mean, but it was so adorable watching him squirm.

After three in the morning, everyone piled into Sarah’s truck again, only Taissa was driving this time due to the fact that she only had two shots and that was when we first got there. You weren’t drunk, but you felt good. Sarah was wasted, and Evan was slurring his words a little, which was surprisingly adorable to you. You sat on Evans lap again, but didn’t do much moving around. You figured he had had enough. The ride to Sarah’s sobered you up completely, and you were able to drive Evans car back to his house. Evan was pretty much almost normal again by the time you reached his house. “You wanna come in and watch a movie? I can’t have a night of drinking with no cuddles.” he stuck his bottom lip out and you laughed. “Okay, I can stay and watch a movie.” You guys walked into his house, he went into his bedroom and came back out wearing sweats, and he tossed you a big shirt with some swears, and he headed into the kitchen to get snacks and you popped a movie in. When he came back into the living room, the movie had already started and you were laying on couch, covered up by a blanket. He came up to you and laid behind, draping one arm over your waist. A million times you had done this, a million times you had cuddled and watched a movie, but for some reason this time was much different. Your belly was doing flips, and you could feel his heart beating in his chest. You smiled to yourself and fake yawned, stretching your body against his, pushing your hips and ass into his sweatpants.

Evan put a hand on your side, underneath the shirt he lent you. You looked up at him, and smiled. “Everything okay dear?” He grabbed your jaw in his hand and turned your head, so his lips were at your ear, “You keep moving your ass on my cock, and you’re gonna have a problem you can’t handle.” You stiffened, and your heart started racing. Wow. You turned your body to face him, and you pushed yourself up onto his body. Your noses were almost touching. “What about this? Is this better?” Evan put a giant hand on your bottom, and pulled you into him, even closer than before of that was still possible. He ran that hand up your side and under the shirt, laying it over your breast. You reached around and unclipped your strap, getting yourself free from the bra, you tossed it the ground. Evans hand was warm on the mound of skin. He ran a thumb over your nipple and you inhaled sharply. He kissed you. It was a quick kiss, but the way he invaded your mouth with his tongue, still rubbing your nipple with his thumb, was enough for you. When he pulled back he also pulled his hand away, bringing it up to his mouth getting his forefinger wet with his mouth. He then put his hand back under the covers and into your sweat pants. You separated your legs for him, inviting him in, and he moved your underwear out of the way, parting the folds of skin, and finding something even more sensitive. He ran his entire hand over it. He moved it down, until the tip of his middle finger slipped inside of you and you gasped out loud, bringing your hand up his shoulder. He pushed inside and rubbed your clit with his palm. “Oh, Evan..” he started to slow down, and eventually stop, causing you to sigh at the sudden loss of pleasure. He brought his hand back up to his face and pretended to watch the movie, “Why did you do that!?” he was quiet for a moment. “You make me suffer, I make you suffer.” He smiled at you, goofily. “And maybe, if you deserve, we can continue that later tonight.” He winked at you.

Sugar Daddy Calum

Pairing: Calum & Y/N

Word Count: 1,010

Requested: Yes

Warning: Very, very light smut towards the end.


You stir quietly, a small yawn escaping your lips as you turn to see Calum resting his head against your shoulder. He smiles, kissing your collarbones gently as you run your fingers through his hair, humming softly in content.

“Good morning, princess.” He murmurs against your skin.

“Good morning.” You beam, admiring the way his skin glows from the sunlight peeking in through the baby blue curtains.

“I think we should go shopping today.” He states, pulling you closer to his body, peppering your neck with light kisses.

“You just took me shopping the other day, Calum. I can’t possibly need more clothes.” You protest.

Calum pouts, his thumb lightly brushing across your cheek as he shakes his head. “My princess can never have enough. I want to take you shopping, okay? I like seeing you in the prettiest of clothes, and I know you’ve been eyeing some things online, so just let me do this, okay?”

You nod in agreement, burying your face against his chest, your head rising and falling gently with his steady breaths.

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What did I do?

Request:I love your blog so much lol, can you make an imagine where Theo And the reader had planed a special date night at a restaurant and Theo never showed up and the read was upset that he stood her up and the next day at school she slapped him at her locker and gave him the silent treatment. The rest is up to you…

AN:Thanks for loving my blog! Loved making this,thanks for requesting.Oh and I’ve got a thing for Theo and Italian food for some reason.

You were literally on the verge tears, you were in a stylish outfit, and you were sitting in a nice restaurant alone. Of course there were other people around you,but you still felt empty and completely alone. Most of all you felt anger towards Theo and anger towards yourself for trusting he would ever do anything out of his way for you.<. p>

A Week Before

“What’s your favorite type of food?” Theo quizzed smirking at you as you studied on your bed.

You raised a your eyebrow at him before answering,“Uh…Italian why?” you asked curious to why he wanted to know.

“I want to have a special night with you,and now I know where to take you exactly. So what do you say next Friday, 8:00?“ he asked you sweetly.

“Of course,“you giggled.


It was now almost nine and Theo was know where to be found. You two had planned a wonderful date night that you’d been extremely excited about. Theo had told he had a surprise after dinner that you were giddy about. But now it seemed like you wouldn’t make it through the dinner stage of the night.

“Hi,um are you still waiting for someone,“the waiters voice rang,snapping you out of you daze.

“No um actually they can’t make it,“you sniffled standing up. Before the waiter could say anything else you were walking out of the restaurant and into the cold night.

Theo and yourself had been dating for a little over 3 months,and those months had been bliss. Though,Theo had never took you to fancy restaurants. You’d both always just called date nights when you’d be cuddled up on the couch watching a movie. That was why tonight has been so special,Theo had actually tried to do something romantic. But now here you were walking to your car with tears falling on your cheeks. You’d been stood up,and Theo would probably tell you a stupid excuse for it. But not this time were you going to take him back just like that.You wiped away your tears with a straight face, Theo wasn’t going to be opened back into your arms that easily.

Walking out of your math class you smiled to your friend you had told a joke.

‘She’s so beautiful,’ Theo smirked at you from his locker. He’d wondered why you hadn’t texted him since the weekend,but he’d chopped it up to that you’d forgot. He watched you as you parted ways with your friend before walking to your locker and opening it. He rocked off his locker,making his way towards you. He propped himself against the locker beside yours smiling down at you.

“Hey babe,” he said leaning in closer to wrap his hands around your waist. You flinched away taking a book from your locker. Theo frowned at your behavior.

“What’s wrong,“he asked softly. Truly worried that something was wrong with you. He could of swore you’d rolled your eyes.

"Care to take a guess,"you said sarcastically. Theo huffed in response.

"Seriously what are you so mad about this time,” You froze. Anger bubbled up into your throat. You slammed your locker shut.

“Don’t pull that crap with me Raeken, you know what you did,” you said taking a few steps closer to Theo.

“What did I do now,forget to text you back?” Theo asked stupidly.Your blood boiled and you were sure you eyes flashed gold for a second.You reached your hand back putting all your force,supernatural strength included,into slapping the chimera in front of you.It was enough for his cheek to turn and make him stumble back into the lockers beside him.

“Well it might of had something to do with me being stood up at a date that you planned.”

Theo tensed. He’d forgot. Actually he’d fallen asleep. He stood back up off the lockers ready to try and work this out with you. But you were already walking down the hall away from him.


"Y/N! wait,” he called after you earning a few glances from ongoing students. He groaned raking a hand through his hair, he was so stupid. And now you were mad, which you had every right to be, but Theo knew how stubborn you would be. He turned shaking his head and walking to his last period. There wasn’t anything he could do until school was out.

Walking out of your last class you headed straight out the doors,you weren’t going to get a ride from Theo today and it was a long walk to your house. You started down the side walk walking at a steady pace.

Theo waited for you at his truck until he saw your figure walking along, nowhere near his truck. He frowned, you weren’t being serious,right? It was at least a 5 mile walk from school to your house, and he wasn’t about to let his princess walk all the way home. No matter how angry you were with him. He hoped in his truck and began to drive slowly along beside you, you didn’t act like you even saw him.

"Baby girl get in the car,"he told you through the rolled down window.

No response from you.

"I’m not letting you walk princess,"he said.

You still kept looking ahead.

"Fine,"he said before stoping the car and getting out. You stopped and turned to see what he was doing. But before you could blink, Theo was throwing you over his shoulder. You squeaked, trying to not giggle.

"Put me down!"you yelled from his shoulder.

"I plan to,"he said before opening the passenger door and sitting you in the seat. Closing the door and running to his side.

"Theo I don’t want a ride,"you said trying to open the door,but he’d already locked it. He just smiled before driving off. You rolled your eyes and turned to lean your head against the cool window. As the ride longed on Theo began taking glances over at you. And to him you were very hot when you were mad. He moved his right hand off the steering wheel and let it make its way down to grip your thigh. Without even moving your head you pushed his large hand away. He was fast to twinkle his fingers slowly back into place, letting them dance around until gripping it again.

"Theo stop,"you mumbled,but you didn’t move his hand away.

"Why?"he asked softly. Tracing patterns on your thigh.

"Because I’m still mad at you,"you told him lifting your head to look in his direction.

"I’m sorry,"he whispered softly,taking a glance in your direction.

Never had you ever heard Theo utter those meaningful two words. He’d normally just come up with a lame excuse. But now he was actually owning that’d he’d done something wrong. You’d got what you wanted out of him.

As he parked and turned the car off he turned to you with his mouth open.

"Look-” was all he got out before you were crawling over the console and into his lap,crashing your lips to his in the process. After an intense kiss he pulled back with a confused expression.

“I thought you were mad at me?”

“Your lucky I love you.”

“I love you too Y/N,"he smiled before attacking with another long kiss.

Special (Calum Hood) pt. 10

i’m sorry it’s been so long since part 9, but i’ve been ridiculously busy with my personal life. i’m getting back on track though, and i’m so ready to start updating this story weekly again! i love writing for you guys, and i hope you’re all just as excited for some more content within this story and more. request new stories, because i’m going to make more time for writing here, and request part 11!! xx

(i’ve decided to choose a new gif for this story from now on, simply because i can’t find the original one)

Originally posted by sexycliffconda

part 1 / part 2 / part 3 / part 4 / part 5 / part 6 / part 7 / part 8 / part 9

Pairing - bestfriend!Calum/reader

Requested? yess

Word Count - 2K :)

Summary - who shows up at the grocery store and causes y/n to reevaluate her relationship with Calum? what is her relationship with Calum?

Warnings - swearing, food mention, drug and alcohol use


“Nia, it’s nice seeing you here,” Calum responded as he went in for a hug.

“You too,” Nia spoke as they pulled away. “Hey, y/n!”

“Hey,” you spoke with a smile as you hugged her as well. Your eyes full of horror, mixed with a forced cheery expression, practically made you look like you were just about pissing yourself.

“Are you alone here? It’s unusual seeing you out without Rena,” Calum inquired.

“Oh, nope; Rena’s in the snack aisle. We’re preparing for a movie night.”

“So are we! How coincidental.”

“Wow yeah, what the heck right? Haven’t hung out with you and the boys like that in a while….Why don’t we just have a movie night altogether?” Nia’s hopeful demeanor grew.

You raised your eyebrows and looked at Calum, not knowing what to expect from his mouth. Who knew? The boy always managed to surprise you.

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Cuddling | Yoongi, You

You’re warmer this way

You hated your busy life. Going from tuition classes to tuition classes, hardly getting a snack in between. After the day was over, you went home to strict parents who would nit and pick in every little thing you had done that day. It was all too much for you. You never got any time to breathe.

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Lemme put up some 

Headcanons for when after a godfucking awful day MC feels shitty and just wants to curl up and die and the suitors want to cheer her up

because i had a shitty day 

So here goes:

Alyn - would start cooking a.s.a.g.d.p. because yes the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach but let’s be honest about who’s the real cook here. Would whip up your favorite dishes and sweets and make them extra special, like extra whipcream or extra spicy, that kind of thing. Would probably go out of his way to make the dinner setting romantic if he had a chance. Would pamper you and spoonfeed you too. And he’ll endure all your teases without poking you in the forehead. 150% chance he’ll let you be the small spoon for tonight (Alyn would probably be the type to want to be the small spoon so he’s making an exception for you)

Leo - he’d make a fort or put together the beanbags and you’d cuddle in front of your favorite nightlight and he’d distract you with all the stories he has in that head of his. He’d tell you all these over your favorite snacks. You’re going to be the little spoon the entire night. Would drape his arms over you and hug you real tight and whisper in your ear and make sure to tickle you too. Would read to you, if you wanted to. He’d probably do dub overs for the characters. Definitely lets you read his treasured comic books too. Would also share headcanons and talk about fan theories

Louis - he stands there and you just feel better already. Not kidding. THere’s something about Louis’ smiling face that makes you feel better all right but he knows you’ve had a shitty day so he takes you out to your favorite resto and orders for you and he just knows which dishes to pick and pampers you and never lets your glass empty even if you just ordered iced tea or something. Holds your hands and kisses them non-stop the entire evening. He takes you on a scenic walk through the city, treats you to ice cream, probably would even dare go to a seaside fair or something, and buy you cotton candy. Tries to make jokes to make you laugh but he’s so bad at making jokes but you laugh anyway because he’s just too bae. He smiles the Ultimate Smile at finally making you laugh and kisses you.

Giles - hot bath with the bubbles and the scents and the wine, and he does a sinfully good massage all the way from your toes up to *cough* your shoulders and all over and he’s just so goddamn good with his hands you melt. He should sideline as a masseuse I s2g. Would pamper you with kisses everywhere and I goddamn well mean everywhere. He’d run his fingers on your back and your hips and it’s just so relaxing like what the hell, you expect it to be sensual and sometimes it is but mostly he’s in mother-mode. Would also make you soup. And probably hum as he tries to make you sleep.

Byron - a scenic drive in the mountains overlooking the city and it’ll be beautiful and quiet and dark and just peaceful and he’d just hug you as you lean against him and listen to you vent and give a few remarks of his own and his voice would be so calm and soothing. He’ll nuzzle against you definitely and his fingers would be intertwined with yours and nonstop brushing of his lips against your fingertips (hey it rhymed). He brings along something he probably cooked on his own (you taught him and he’s been practicing) and of course his telescope and you’d just stargaze the night away. Of course there’ll be something extra too.

Robert - lets you vent non-stop without interruption and makes a mental note to “talk” with whomever made your day shitty the following day and make sure it never happens again. While venting, he’d preen your hair, running his hands over and through it. He’d also probably agree to murder if you suggested it. No one should be allowed to make your day shitty to begin with. Would also think of a solution to your problems and would also help you get back at whomever made your day shitty if it helped. Probably would rain kisses on you until you fell asleep. 

Nico - cuddles you non-stop and cracks his best jokes and brings out all your fave comedy movies or just your fave movies or shows and marathon them and popcorn and just chill and you even don onesies and he sends you the craziest snapchats ever even if you’re just two feet apart. It’ll be a night of smothering. And internet videos. And more cuddling and of course forehead touches and he’ll hug you non-stop and he’ll be super touchy-feely too. You’ll fall asleep because you’re too tired from laughing all night.

Albert - “not entirely sure why you let yourself be bothered by that shitty thing that’s bothering you. it’s all in the state of mind.” is what he’d probably say but he knows you already know that and he can’t stand to see you so mopey and glum so he whips out Benjamin because benjamin is a surebet ticket to happiness. He’d probably literally ask you what you want to do and he’d 10000% go with it. Whatever it is and he’d make sure that you get everything as specifically as you wanted it, no excuses from him. He’s not insensitive, just that he quite literally wants to do whatever it is you want to do to make you feel better. He will even let you wear those couple shirts if you wanted. Would also kiss you a whole lot more since he knows you enjoy being kissed and he’ll blush all the while and be super cute

Sid - whatever insult you throw at whatever shitty thing you hate, he’s gonna agree with you and double it. Would take you out drinking in a pub to let you vent even more and ohboy are both of you ruthless tonight. Would take you skinnydipping to cool off that hothead of yours too and stuff might *cough* happen. He’s gonna be extra gentle though, like not just in the cough stuff, but overall. Holds your hand, carries you if there’s a puddle or something, tucks your hair behind your ear, let’s you have that last shot of vodka even. Piggy-back rides are guaranteed.

Uh, Derek... A Young Derek Hale Imagine (Requested)

A/N This was requested by literally 12 people.. wow! 

1,076 words

You were cuddled up in your bed, ready to go to sleep. If only you could have actually managed the sleeping part. You were exhausted, and for good reasons. You’d been up all last night and had only managed to get four hours of sleep. Then you had school and after you’d spent a good five hours doing chores and just procrastinating in general and after that you’d had probably two hours of school work.

Usually, after a day like today you had no problem going to sleep, but tonight was different. Tonight, Derek wasn’t there. Derek, your boyfriend of a year, was gone. Stiles had somehow managed to track him as far as a little town in Mexico. Everyone had gone to get him, everyone that is, except for you. After all, you were only human, and Stiles had a bat. Everyone had made an argument against you going with them, pointing out how easily you could be hurt, how they might take you to hurt Derek, among about twenty other reasons. Really, Stiles had a list, written on several pieces of paper.

Eventually, they had convinced you with one reason. When they brought Derek back, he would go crazy if anything happened to you. You could have gotten sunburned, and Derek would probably find a way to blame it on Stiles not making you reapply your sunscreen. Derek was very good at controlling his shift, but around you, he tended to let his emotions come into play.

They had left three days ago, and you still hadn’t heard anything. You were almost physically ill from the stress of not knowing what was going on. You rolled over onto the other side of the bed. You threw off the covers. You shivered from the arctic temperatures in your house thanks to the thermostat your parents insisted on keeping at sixty-five degrees. After another pointless hour of tossing and turning, you were sure that you would never get any sleep. In an effort to warm up your bedroom, you rolled out of bed and opened the window. It was a warm night and you thought if you could get the room a bit more comfortable that you might actually have a chance of falling asleep.

A half an hour later, your room had warmed up significantly and your eyelids were beginning to get heavy. You snuggled yourself a bit deeper under your comforter and let out a contented sigh.

Of course, just as you were about to fall asleep, there was a loud bang from the other side of the room. You shot up out of your bed, landing firmly on your feet, expecting some kind of mass murderer. The giant heap on the floor in front of your window let out a small, almost familiar wince. Flipping on the lamp beside your bed, you saw a boy, about your age, breathing heavily.

The boy lifted himself off of the floor and turned to face you. You gasped when you saw Derek, or at least a version of him. Judging from what he had told you about his teenage years, this is exactly what you had imagined. 

“Derek?” you questioned, taking small steps towards him, trying to keep your heartbeat under control.

“How do you know my name?” he questioned, taking large steps backwards, until he eventually backed all the way into the wall.

Ignoring the fact that he climbed into your room, you decided to try and calm him down, and then have a very serious conversation with Stiles about this later. You didn’t want to scare him off, so you figured that lying was the best option. It wasn’t like he could tell from your heart beat, it was already out of control. “A… a friend told me about you. Don’t worry, I’m not going to hurt you.” There. You didn’t even technically lie, Derek was your ‘friend’.

“Why am I here?” he asked, which honestly, was a pretty good question.

“Okay. Listen, Derek. The next time you crawl through a girl’s window in the middle of the night, you might want to think about why you’re there before you climb in.“ You replied, crossing your arms. Derek looked terrified, and kept sneaking glances at the window, like he was going to dart off. "I’m sorry, that was mean.”

“I’m sorry if I scared you,” he started to apologize.“ I just started running. I didn’t know where I was going.”

You couldn’t help yourself as your natural instinct took over and you wrapped your arms around his neck. Derek was a bit shocked for a moment but then he did something that gave you just a sliver of hope. Derek wrapped his arms around you, drawing you closer to him.

After a few moments, you began to realize that this wasn’t your Derek, and stepped away, feeling awkward. You wrapped your arms around your stomach trying to think of something to say.

“Well, um, do you need anything?” you asked, refusing to look anywhere other than the ground.

“No.” he replied quickly.

You risked a glance at him, and after seeing him visibly shiver, you made the conclusion he must be cold. You’re practically Sherlock Holmes. “If you’re cold, you can take a shower.” You said, walking over and opening the door to your en suite. You grabbed a towel and handed it to him, guiding him to the bathroom. “Just yell if you need anything.”  

You attempted to give him a reassuring smile as he closed the door. After you heard the shower running, you pulled out your phone, dialing Scott’s number. “You have a lot of explaining to do.” You said angrily as Scott answered the phone.

“What’s wrong?” he asked.

“Well, you know, thanks for bringing my boyfriend back from Mexico.” You said snidely. “I just have one question, why in the name of all that is holy is my boyfriend sixteen?” you questioned him angrily, the sickeningly sweet tone you were using doing nothing to hide your anger.

“Wait, you found him?”

“More like he found me,” you shot back. “He’s in the shower now so you might want to hurry up.”

“Stiles! He’s at Y/N’s. We’ve got to go.” You heard Scott call to Stiles. “Well be there soon. Just… don’t let him leave.”

“Wasn’t exactly a part of my plan, but now that you mention it, it seems like a pretty good idea.” You snarked, hanging up, not bothering to wait for a response.

A/N: Wow, so I feel like I could go on with this… so if anyone is interested in a part 2 send me an ask HERE. As usual, the link opens in a new tab! Hope I didn’t disappoint any of the people that requested this! Thanks for reading. Lots of love!


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Can you please write anything triangle (kylux x reader)? Fluff, headcanons, smut, whatever. Pretty please??

An Anon turned to me in need and I have heard their pray!

K, but imagine Kylo coming back from mission after a few days. It’s late at night and you might be sleeping, but he decides to go to your quarters and say hi anyway.

The darkness of the room is unbelievably comforting. You lay in the bed, snuggled to Hux, which is unusual. He’s the one to cuddle up to you. Not the other way around. He runs his hand up and down your back, buries his face in your hair, pressing lips to your head from time to time. What got him in such a mood for caressing is a mistery, it’s more of Kylo’s thing, however, you decide not to solve it. Closing your eyes, you can feel your muscles relax. Hux’s natural smell makes the consciousness drift away. He’s mumbling something, too quiet to understand although, you have neither strength nor willingness to ask him to go louder.

The sound of the door opening snaps you out of lethargy.

“I’m back” a soft whisper reaches your ear. Kylo straightens back up, catches Hux’s eye and says: “Shoo now, Hux” he waves his hand at the general. “Once I’m here again, you are no longer needed.” Ginger man only snarls and tightens his grip around your waist. Kylo squints his eyes. “Oh, you don’t need to leave. The couch is probably comfortable and you’ll be able to listen to me and (N)” he bares teeth in a grin.

“You just got back and I’m tired of your arguments already” your growl is quiet but perfectly audible. “If you won’t shut your mouth, it will be you, who’s going to sleep on the couch tonight, listening to me and Hux.” Dark haired man pouts, Hux chuckles deeply.

“Fine” Kylo lays down on the bed, kisses your neck and gives Hux a fillip to the forhead. Their gazes meet, ginger man’s lips spell out *dickhead* soundlessly. Young Ren gives him his best cheeky smile and cuddles up to you. Your hand brushes through dark hair a few times before falling asleep. It’s been way too quiet without him.

Lautrec’s master list

EXO reaction to finding out their crush likes them back.

Anonymous said: EXO reaction to another member telling them that the girl they like told him that she likes him too?

Thank you for requesting! Without further ado~


“Oh, hello, Y/N,” Baekhyun calls out to you as you’re ordering coffee in your favorite coffee shop that you go to every single morning, “I didn’t know you’d be here!” You eye him for a moment because something seems off (apart from the fact that he knows you come here every day), but you shrug it off as you wait for your order to be prepared. When you turn back to Baekhyun with your coffee in your hand, he’s sitting down at a table for two, staring up at you with a weird grin and his chin is resting on his hands. You say nothing and sit down in the chair across him, trying to focus on blowing the steam off of your coffee when it dawns on you. “Who told you?”

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He hears you call him Oppa in a convo with one of your friends ~

Yugyeom: The pride this boy feels, omg yall. He will keep it to himself for now, but will tease you with it later.

Youngjae: Yes, very happy Youngjae yup. He will sit there happying to himself until you pay attention to him and then hugs you tight.

Mark: It is fine to Mark, good that you use propper terms, but that is about it.

Jinyoung: Yaaahaaas, so happy this boy. He will run up to you and cuddle you tight, bc he is your Oppa!

Jaebum: He will literally side eye you and think to himself you will call him daddy tonight and Oppa is fine for now.

Jackson: He relishes in it in a superduper cute way and your friend will probably think he is imitating an hyena while having a stroke.

Bambam: Just sits back in silence and basks in the moment, but when you are home he is not going to let you forget.

Who's That Boy? - Part 2!

Summary: Dan Howell is the shy, loser kid who nobody notices unless they’re picking on him. Nobody cares about him until they find out that he’s dating a mystery older boy on a motorbike, named Phil Lester. 

Genre: AU, Fluff

Word Count: 2,525

Warnings: Phil swears but that’s about it

Part 1 of Who’s That Boy

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