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Gore Jasper?

I’m in a pretty foul mood lately and that usually means vent art. I had some ideas bouncing around in my head about early yellow diamond service Jasper conquering planets with other equally bad ass Quartzes but some of these drawings are going to be pretty fucking violent which may require a 18+ for reasons of gore and war etc. Should I make a sideblog and draw this shit eventually? Would people be interested? Thx.


fufufufu maid dragon cosplay is working out well!!! my roommate made it and i just finished up the neck tie and some fitting is all. shes going to 3d print the horns for me as well! so im thinking of making like chibi wings from craft foam. anywayssss #delete later cuz ill post actual photos in a week when i do a shoot! i just wanted to show off rn lol

my friend grp actually are making the whole fam and im really happy about it. i am so blessed to have friends who will watch an anime and cos with me and indulge me like this TT

rit dying a wig for the first time this weekend probably so gg at me anyways im sooo happy

why does tumblr always talk about “scary” mental illnesses but then waters down the symptoms? my intrusive thoughts aren’t “uwu eat cardboard”? they’re things that can ruin friendships or horrible disgusting things that, if I posted them on here would probably get my called out. my impulses aren’t to go eat dirt, I get impulses to stab my eyes out. sure people can get things like eat cardboard but that’s not what a lot of ppl have to deal with?

Stop staring at me with them big ol’ eyes

im sorry im really salty right now but i have to go on a gd rant bc im????

  • this fandom is so violently against thinking outside the lovesquare it’s crazy. go through every ship you can think of, count the amount of content in the tags for each, and then come back to me if you don’t believe me
  • like first off let’s start with the f/f ships
    • by far the most popular two are julerose and chlolya, a.k.a. ships that don’t include mari and don’t mess with the lovesquare
    • and before you pull the whole “oh but their dynamic is better”
    • chlonette and chlolya are both rivals to lovers ships in their simplest form. so why is chlolya more popular?
    • alyanette and julerose are both friends to lovers ships in their simplest form. so why is julerose more popular?
    • it takes clawing through alyanette, chlonette, lilanette, etc. tags to find content, meanwhile chlolya and julerose are everywhere bc they’re “safe ships”
  • m/m ships! 
    • this one’s even funnier bc mlm ships in this fandom are practically nonexistent
    • the most “popular” ones are adrinino and adrinath, but guess why you barely see content for them?
    • the only reason they’re more popular than kim/max is bc they either involve the main characters, or they involve nath (the only background character that people seem to give a shit about for reasons unknown????)
  • oh and it gets better bc let’s talk about het ships that don’t get any love
    • i’ve seen marinath used so damn often as a means to an end for lovesquare shippers. like if i had a dollar for every time i saw marinath used as a way for adrien to be jealous/confess his feelings, i could buy a fucking condo
    • nino x marinette? alya x adrien? no?
    • yeah. figured. kinda makes the lovesquare impossible, right?
  • the best part about this is that when you check which pairings get useless comments tagged on about ‘oh are you guys serious?’ ‘yeah but they’re just friends?’ ‘this pairing would never work’ and ‘x person loves y so they can’t possibly like z,’ do you know which ones you’ll see more often than not?
    • pairings that include adrien or marinette

im tired of seeing people be dismissive of alyanette, adrinino, and ninette. i’m tired of having to literally claw through the tags for chlonette or lilanette. im tired of seeing artists and writers get tens of thousands of notes on their lovesquare art and struggle to get 200 notes on art with pairings that disrupt the lovesquare. 

it’s disheartening. it’s annoying. it’s isolating. and it feels like a lot of people don’t even care so i guess im done

So let’s put this food debate aside for a second, and consider something else.

Say you want a dog. That’s fair. But let’s say you also have a work schedule that means you’ll be away from home for at least 72 hours straight every week, and you have no network of friends or family you can ask to look after them. Your dog would be alone for at least three consecutive days every single week. Would you still get a dog? Probably not, because it’s not ideal, and because while it’s possible that it wouldn’t cause major damage to your dog (with effort and good planning it’d at least survive it, if it’s normal and healthy) it’s still neglectful. It’s just not right.

So say you want a breed with specific needs. Say you want, idk, a malinois. But let’s say your work requires you to be out of the house for 72 consecutive hours every week, with nobody to really fill in. And you wouldn’t do that, because that’s ridiculous, that’s straight up cruel, because you don’t just get out and get a dog known for it’s need for physical and mental stimulation when you’re prohibited from reliably providing it. That’s selfish and abusive.

I’ve never seen anyone argue that correct stimulation and companionship are not key factors to pet welfare, and if we’re on the same page here, please explain to me how it’s then defendable to refuse to feed your pet a nutritionally ideal diet, instead choosing to rely on methods that are deeply controversial and deny them their most appropriate food source. How is it considered okay to base your pet’s entire intake on a diet where the chances of it being nutritionally sufficient to keep them alive are (at best) down to theoretical possibility?