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So what does that make him now? The thing that he had was his intelligence, and his ability to trick people, and outsmart people. And so he doesn’t have that anymore, so what is there? 

Give me a desperate sheith reunion hug or give me death tbh

Hey, guys.  I’m actually going to take the time to sort of explain what I think of Magnai and Sadu’s relationship as it currently stands, since I know this is one of those make-or-break topics for a lot of you.  I just want to clear things up a bit before I get any more asks pertaining to her, or what I believe about her and whatever her standing with him might be.

Now, I’m going to put this under a read more for a few reasons.  First, because it’s going to be long, and I ramble.  Second, because I’m sure a lot of people don’t care about this (and might be sick of hearing about it from others), and they have every right not to read it if they don’t want to.  Third, because I might simply be wrong, and as any of you who have prior experience with me may know, I’m always open for discussion, regardless of where you stand in relation to my opinion.

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If I could just find someone to take care of my hellhound for a day, that’d be great.

old people always talk about having a mid life crisis but ive already had like 5 and im not even 30

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Hey Ino, any Jounin catch your eye? ;-)

Ino: Dad, Mom, let him in!

Ino: …Wait, Dad, what is that shovel fo– oh my God, DAD PUT THE SHOVEL DOWN

sorry for the ugly format but I probably won’t be on much today, if at all. I’ve dealt with a lot in the last week from almost not being able to afford school this semester to things within rp and I kind of feel like either I’m going to break into tears or my head is going to explode. when I wake up I will do my replies that I do have, and they will be in my queue to be posted. I’ll be back and hopefully in full swing by tomorrow, but as of right now, I just need a day to myself.

i bet yall my soul that all those shei/thers who are always spouting about how important mlm representation is are gonna be jumping sail as soon as kl/ance becomes canon. ya know. the ship that would actually be good representation and doesnt consent of pedophilia and incest.

It’s super disappointing and unnerving to me when people ghost on me with our plots. I don’t mean like take a week to reply to a para, because I understand shit happens, but more like…bail on a plot without a word after you’ve been writing together for over a year, but still join groups. Or act extremely excited about a plot and then completely disappear from the chats after I’ve started a thread or created an OC.

It makes it hard for me to want to write with new people, because why put in all the time and effort just to be pushed aside and forgotten? Why get so excited just for it to turn into nothing? I like to think I’m a really understanding person and a simple “I’ve changed my mind” would just work wonders…

so i still have a few more of the kid memes to finish, but i should be able to get those done pretty quickly and then i’d love to get some new threads started and maybe continue some old ones ?? as of right now, i’m thinking of dropping all my current threads excepting my threads with @ofgilbertx, @jujubennett && probably @daviinaclaiire. if you’re someone else who has a thread going with me and you want to continue it, just let me know. otherwise, consider this post a starter call and please like this if you would like a closed starter from kol !! if you have multiple characters, please be sure to specify who you would like the starter for or if you’d like me to just pick one of your wonderful characters at random !! 

also y’know just sorry for ALWAYS taking forever with everything i always feel terrible about it yikes