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sometimes youve just got to hide your favourite local vandal from your overprotective cousin,, and sometimes you fail 


of all the Kanas i’ve acquired through multiple game files, i’m certain that the Kana my Corrin has with Niles is probably the oldest and also the strangest


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~just CW things~

the cw….. is out there…… doin some racist ass shit…… and none of yall open your mouths to say it so im gonna say it!! floriana lima is white. yet the cw brought back the POC maggie plotline even with the backlash after the viewers found out (which was well deserved) and responses from fans saying it upset them and again it’s super shitty. but no, they being the cishet white network, they make a whole episode centered around maggie’s heritage, might i mention the actor who played her father is…… also white. 

And here we have Ohmtoonz in their natural habitat: always wondering what the other is doing accompanied with flirtatious teasing 

After my search for new harries, I promised I’d do a blog rec of people who make my dash a lovely, kind place so here it is. Some are usual suspects but some are blogs I’d never heard of before I started looking. Not everyone is discourse free but they’re all respectful in their opinions.

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Mutual Appreciation!!

I hope everyone has had a good day so far with lots of chocolate! As the day winds down, I just wanted to remind my mutuals how much I have appreciated y’all sticking with me while I was on semi-hiatus with graduate school applications. It’s been slow getting back into the groove but every blog I follow puts a lot of wonderful content on my dash that makes me smile! I’m really close to my next goal of 1.5k and when we reach that I think I’ll do some name aesthetics and blog rates to show my appreciation to all my followers! <3 The mutual appreciation can be seen below the cut :D

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Happy birthday @luxjii I hope you had a nice day ;v;;

Haven’t had the chance to say that,, holy crap,, you’re my mutual thanks so much! You’re super cool and a huge inspiration!

  • Tanya: You’re right. I have no excuses. I was totally over the line.
  • Erich: Over the line? You… you… you’re so far past the line that you can’t even see the line! The line is a dot to you!

,,,, he’s back? (maybe)

The Breakdown.

Wayhaught AU where Waverly’s car breaks down, and Nicole happens to know just how to fix it. Warning: Smut ahead. 

Summers in Purgatory got surprisingly hot.

Waverly was about five miles away from town when her old jeep started to stall. “No. No no. Not now.” She sighed as she felt it get slower and slower until it came to a complete stop. “Shitstrumpets!” She yelled as she pounded her hands against the wheel.

She got out of the car and walked her way to the front where smoke was starting to puff out slowly from under the hood. She sighed. She knew nothing about cars. God, she wasn’t even sure if she knew how to open the hood.

Waverly pulled her phone out of the pocket of her jean shorts. She hated doing it but…he was the only person that knew how to fix this stuff.

“Champ…hey babe.” She smiled. “Can you come help me? My car broke down, I’m not that far out of town. Champ come on what could you possibly be doing?! I don’t know what a carburetor is! Champ. Champ? Hello! Fuck!” He hung up. She grunted as threw her phone into the desert land beside her.

“Damn, what’d that phone do to you?” A voice behind her asked. “You okay?” She asked with a hint of laughter in her voice.

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Who here likes my Sim AU and/or followed me for that AU specifically raise your hand

Happy birthday, Reyna!!!!!  I hope you had a great day!!!  I swear I was going to do pure, adorable fluff, but then it turned into this, so I hope you still like it!!  LOLOL

My long-time followers probably remember the Back To Us comic I drew based on the awesome fanfiction by @insanitysbloomings/ @insanitysscribblings from a few months ago, which featured Ladybug and Chat Noir, reunited after a 7 year separation. 

I had lots of people beg for me to continue the comic, but I just directed them to the fanfiction because I didn’t have the kind of time to dedicate to a comic of that magnitude.  But anyway, this is the closest thing you’ll probably get from me that could be considered a “sequel”!  This is from Chapter 20, where (SPOILER!!! sorta XD) things start to get better between Ladybae and Chat Noir.  <3

Edit: Fixed a cat ear.