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We’re All Mad Here - Part One

(Part Two, Part Three)

Submitted by Alice

“You’re awfully quiet, Y/N. Anything on your mind?” Your uncle’s rough voice broke you from the reverie you hadn’t even realized you’d entered, and you glanced up at him. You’d been sitting silently in the passenger seat of his borrowed car, watching the landscape fly by—a Monet swirl of blues and teals and greens—thinking about how your village only seemed to look beautiful as you were leaving it. It was oddly disconcerting, going from admiring the Impressionistic eddies of scenery whip past, to staring at the grubby, country face of your uncle. It was an earnest, honest face,–true—but nevertheless grubby. Provincial.

“No. Nothing on my mind,” you lied.

Truth is, you’d been lost in your head, partly daydreaming and partly remembering. Imagining possible futures and dwelling on the past. But mostly, you were thinking about how wonderful it was to be driving away from your little village—how you felt like you could finally breathe freely again. Breathe freely away from your home and your childhood bed and all of the friends you’d had since you were in swaddling clothes.

Away from all of the things that suffocated you on a day-to-day basis.

But your uncle was born and bred in the village, and it would probably hurt his pride if you’d admitted to your train of thought. You weren’t supposed to be glad to be leaving.

Leaving like you and Henry had promised you would someday.


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