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Hi! So, as a kid I could spend all day at school and then several hours in theater rehearsal (a 12-hour day) and never noticed any major physical or emotional strain, but now, as a 26yo, I feel like I can't work an 8-hour day (I work as a barista) without feeling really mentally drained. Could this be an ADHD thing? Is it my job? Both?? .. I feel like I should be able to work a normal workweek but I'm afraid I'll never be able to. Do you/other followers have any advice for me? Thanks!

I think it’s probably a combination. Where I expect ADHD is coming in is that at school, you change subjects regularly so you aren’t doing the same thing for hours at a time. Even then, when you went to theatre rehearsal, you weren’t there for eight hours. As a barista, you’re having to interact with the public, remember how to make drinks and then make them, and numerous other tasks that require executive functioning, working memory, social skills, emotional control, decisions… plus the physical demands of being on your feet all day. I’m not surprised it tires you out!

I wonder how many breaks you get and how long they are, and what you do during them? Making adjustments there could really help you get through your day feeling stronger and more on top of things.

Followers, do any of you do this kind of work? What helps you manage?


Writer Interview Tag

I was tagged by @logicheartsoul, thanks friend^^

1) What made you start writing for the first time?

I’m very new to the club since I only started writing a few months ago (and I’m almost 28, Tumblr decrepit amirite?). It think it was a combination of being in my dissertation semester with lots more unstructured time than usual, and wanting to read specific fics/tropes/smut that I couldn’t find in the fandom (or couldn’t find enough of). Also, something that kept me from trying for a long time was being self-conscious about writing in English, but I remember finding out that one of my all-time favorite fic writers is not an English native speaker either and feeling very encouraged!

2) If you could only write about the ocean, the forest, or the desert for the rest of your life, which one would you pick?

Probably none. I don’t think I enjoy writing per se, I just like writing about specific characters doing it, so take them away and I likely wouldn’t be into this at all.

3) Would you ever write a memoir?

Nah, it would be very dull. 
ETA: though a friend and I have been daydreaming about co-writing a screenplay based on life in our (now former) lab, and then making our male labmates read it to show them that yes, this is how the stupid posturing and passive-aggressiveness and ridiculous, petty competitions they engage in DAILY appear from the outside. Does that count?

4) Do you like writing by hand, or writing with a computer?

I’m not sure I can even write by hand anymore. Not cursive for sure. (i also can’t do long divisions or multiplications by hand i try not to dwell on it cause it’s scary)

5) Would you rather be popular among many readers, or unpopular, but loved by critics?

I would settle for being popular among few readers:)

6) Do you listen to music while you write? What is the best writing music?

90% of the times I listen to whatever my boyfriend is watching on Netflix/Hulu/HBO/Youtube or playing on the playstation/switch/whatever other gaming console. 10% of the times is blissful silence.

7) Do people you’ve met find their way into your writing?

Oh, yeah. I think I’m surrounded by very witty and sharp people and I steal lines from them all the time. I wrote a fic that was basically a reworking of a bunch of stuff that has happened to me/around me (which I really hope no one who knows me ever finds). I’m not a super creative/original person to begin with so I gotta make do:)

Mmmm I have no idea who to tag that wasn’t already tagged by A-chan? Maybe @trekdreams, @elisa-pie, @jessicamiriamdrew, @karlurbansvevo, @psicygni, @semperama, @rabidchild67. Maybe you’ve done it already? Maybe you have been tagged? Maybe you don’t even exist? Guys this tagging thing is stressful.

my queue has ran out and i haven’t had the energy to edit more to add to it and idk when i’ll get around to doing so. i started a new job on monday and that’s draining enough without having to deal with certain things on here. this will also probably the last time i share anything about my personal life and what i’m doing. this place is feeling less and less comfortable for me to share parts of myself with out feeling like i’ll be mocked or talked about. i used to feel so comfortable here but i’m sure some people will love the fact i’m feeling like this. you win or whatever congrats just remember there’s a world outside of this place. and the shit you pull here won’t get you anywhere out there. just please for the love of fuck go concentrate on something other than trying to make other people’s lives miserable. we all have shit going on. we all have to deal with our of shitty lives. that isn’t an excuse to treat others like shit.

So guys this is a little late but I’ve chosen the members to be part of the spnladiesstannetwork!! I know some of you probably won’t even remember signing up for this, and don’t fret because you are under no pressure to accept the invitation but please join us in a lady loving space!!

What to do now:

  • If your name is on the list below, shoot me a message/ask with the email address connected with your tumblr
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  • Just accept that and join us!

Accepted members:


Guys if you wouldn’t mind sending me your emails asap I would be very appreciative ^-^

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tag 20 followers you want to get to know better

name: emma

nicknames: emboo or em usually

gender: female

star sign: libra

height: 5 ft 

hogwarts house: gryffindor 

favourite animal: wolfiesss

average hours of sleep: um, probably 7-8

dogs or cats: doggos always

blankets you sleep with: just one

dream trip: japan definitely because i want to go to the pokemon center. florida so i can go to disney. 

dream job: i wanted to do something in maths but i never could so like idk following daniel around and holding his umbrella when it rains. or his grid girl

when i made my blog: ooo, 2010 maybe?

followers: 837 

why i made a tumblr: i honestly cant remember fdjgndfg


Tagging my babes @olliewatkins @ben-woodburn 

anonymous asked:

I feel like a tornado of emotions. Sometimes I'm loud, proud, happy and chatty. Sometimes I'm quiet, emotionless, just trying to avoid eye contact. Sometimes when I meet a new person I introduce myself nice and happy and loud Sometimes I say my name, blush and try and get out Continued ~ ¥¥¥

¥¥¥ ~ Only recently I’ve realised this is because the horrendous bullying I’ve suffered from nearly everyone my age… People have came up to me ask if I am “my full fucking name” and just insulted me “well you are a fat annoying whale, do yourself a favour and kys” People look in my direction and just laugh - I don’t even need to wonder if they know me if they are ages 14-20 they probably do ~¥¥¥

I can never remember how or why I have this reputation… a reputation where people constantly talk about me behind my back to others I don’t know But it’s one of the reasons for my maladaptive dreaming… imagining a world where I don’t have to worry if someone’s already talked about me, whether they are pre-judging me, whether they are going to be horrible or not. One where I’m so anxious Or where I have to tell people that “You are going to end up hating me so don’t get too close”~ ¥¥¥ Done



If you know me, you’d know that I am a highly visual person. I love learning from images and layouts, and my spatial intelligence is probably my strongest type of intelligence. Because of this, I often use mind maps to study, and so do a lot of other people. However, there are people who don’t really know how to make and utilize a mind map effectively. That’s what this post is for! Here’s how you can make your mind maps more effective and thus enable you to retain more information. (P.S. you might wanna zoom in)

By no means am I an expert in mind-mapping; these are just some habits I have when making a mind map that successfully does its job of helping me remember the topics I’m studying.

If you have any questions, feel free to drop an ask!

xx jo

Allura and Self-Sacrifice

“How can I allow others to risk their lives in battle and not be prepare to do so myself?” 

Gee Allura! Why haven’t you been risking your life in this war before now!? Oh wait…

Hey remember that time Allura launched herself into the atmosphere of the Balmera during the attack of a robeast in order to help lead the Balmerans to safety?

Remember when Allura decided to restore the Balmera and Coran was like “You may not live through it” and she was like “I know you’re scared for me Coran, but I must try”?

Remember when Allura essentially killed her own father in order to save the ship and the team?

Remember when Allura was like “I’m apart of this fight against Zarkon as much as anyone” and went on a mission everyone thought she’d be safer not going on?

Remember when she decided to infiltrate a Galra ship alone to gather information?

Remember when she tried to hold off a squad of Galra sentry bots in order to let Shiro escape?

Do. I. Even. Need. To. Say. Anything?! 

Remember when she nearly passed out on the bridge in order to keep the ship moving?

Remember when instead of getting the rest she needed, she decided to stay up and keep working?

Remember when all the paladins were reminiscing about their adventures and thinking about what they would do next, meanwhile Coran and Allura were discussing how she was probably about to die?

Remember how she almost had the life sucked out of her (again) getting the teludav to work? (She doesn’t even wake up till the next episode)

Do. I. Even. Need. To. Say. Anything?!

Remember when she wakes up like “I’m still alive? Most sufficient. Time for a witch hunt.”?

Remember when she launched herself out the castleship and into a dangerous area (again)?

Remember when she took on Haggar alone?
Cause I sure as heck do. Anyone who pretends she doesn’t risk as much as (if not more than) anyone else in this war can meet me in the quiznaking pit.

When Baby is on her Period

-she might be more little or less little than normal. Listen to your babies cues and hints. If she is feeling little, treat her little. If she is feeling big, treat her big. Don’t try and coax her into feeling big or little, just let her be where she needs to be. 

-She might be in a limbo stage. Not big or little. Give as many choices as possible, cup or sippy for example. But don’t force her to choose. If she cant choose, get her both. That way one minute she can be big, and the next little. This is helpful because just like mood swings are prevalent during this time, switching between big and little also happens, at least to me.  

-be understanding, give punishments less frequently and less harshly. Try to remember that she is probably in pain and is just trying to express it. If you would normally give spankings for doing something, try lines, or corner time, and if you do give punishments during this time, after care is so important! She is probably very emotional and vulnerable right now and need reassurance. 

-Get her some medicine and a cup of water or juice to help her get it down. Your baby is probably in pain and medicine helps so much. Basically the only time I ever take pain killers in during this week.  

-If baby wants cuddles, she should get them. If she wants to be left alone, leave her be for a bit. 

-LOTS of liquids. If your baby wants a special drink, try and get it for her, unless its alcohol. If you normal don’t let her have soda, consider it once or twice during this week. She is losing LOTS of fluid, and it needs to be replenished. Water and juice are the best, but any drink gets some liquid back in her system, except for alcohol. I always like to have like three cups at all times during this week. Three different drinks in three types of cups.  Maybe a cup of coffee, a bottle of juice, and a sippy of water. This way I can have lots of choices.

-Try to remind her to change her pad or tampon. I know this may be awkward for some, but if she is feeling extra little it might be hard for her to remember. Try to give reminders every two hours to be safe. 

-snacks and meals. Similar to drinks, try to be lenient.  She still should be eating healthy, but if she has a craving, try to get it. If she wants mac and cheese, try and make some, but also make her favorite veggie. She might not want it, but it will help if you get it ready. If she is not hungry, I never want to eat during this week, encourage her by making some of her favorite foods and snacks and give her the choices. Don’t force her to eat, but if you keep her favorite foods around and ready, it will help her find the will to eat. 

-Your baby might be more tired than usual, encourage naps and rest time. 

-Set up a bathie or shower for her. Warm baths are the best, but if that isn’t an option, get her a warm shower towel and help her get in. Getting the energy to get up and actually take a bath or shower is hard, but it helps so much! She will feel much better during and after. 

-If you can’t be with her, like if you need to go to work, send as many cute messages as you can. It makes us feel really special and loved. 

-If she needs to go to work, remind her that it’s very important. If she needs to take a sick day, that’s fine, but encourage her to only do it once. Usually for me its the first 24 hours that’s the worst.

-Set up her favorite show or movie and lay her down. If you have a TV in the bedroom, her bed is probably the best place. Lots of pillows and blankets, so she can sit or lay. I always get cold, and then hot, so try to have a fan and blankets so she can switch back and forth. Ask if she want to watch a big show, or a little show, but again don’t force her to pick. If she can’t make a choice try a teen movie or show, something she might like to watch no matter what she is feeling, or if you have a special show you two like to watch together do that. 

-Ask your baby if she needs anything. Try to be helpful in any way you can. 

-Remember that even if your baby is fussy she still loves you and really appreciates all the things you do to help her. Emotions always run high during this week. She might be really sad, really happy, really mad. It might switch every few minutes. Keep a level head. If you get emotional, it won’t help. 

-remind her constantly she is beautiful, cute, sexy, loved. She might be feeling really self conscious, bloated, or just ugly in general. -Never ever blame a littles behavior or emotions on her period, even if you know that’s why. Yes, we are more emotional or likely to act out, but NEVER say “are you acting out/being bratty because of your period?” Our feelings are still valid and very real.

pulls out a probably dead and maybe already done meme to demonstrate my current feelings on the recent public episode

Spam Video Alert

So another spam video is getting submitted anonymously to random blogs. It’s a music video titled “Crosa Rosa - Sweety (Official Music Video)”, and you might remember them from another similar stunt with at least one of their other songs. Whoever’s spamming this video is probably farming for views, so keep that in mind before you click play. If you do decide to watch it, please note the MASSIVE EPILEPSY WARNING

The thumbnail can be creepy to some, so if you wanna see a screenshot, it’s under the cut.

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game of thrones and misogyny

Okay so everyone and their mothers knows by know that Game of Thrones has a problem with misogyny, there’s been countless essays written about it, but watching the most recent episode 7.06 is making me start to try and pin down the certain type of misogyny, which to summarize think, is that they believe while misogyny in Westeros is real it is a choice to endure it and any woman who doesn’t is unworthy.

This is a problem for….so many reasons, in ASOIAF at least it is quite clear misogyny is a deeply ingrained social aspect of Westeros that causes women a lot of pain, we see how it affects women such as Cersei, Catelyn and Brienne and how it shaped a good portion of their lives and brought with them some very unique pain, for instance most of Cersei’s pain and trauma are deeply rooted in the patriarchal order of both Westeros and her family, and the degree on which she has been indoctrinated into that way of think has completely warped all relationships she has with other women.

“I’m not going to sit by the fire and knit while men die for me” Lyanna Mormont 7.01

“You probably don’t remember you were always inside knitting” Arya Stark 7.06

These two quotes are both very odd to me and reek of misogyny but also the idea that women have some choice in Westeros and are not born to fulfill very specific social roles they are taught to obey from the moment they understand how to, Sansa did not exactly ‘choose’ to say inside and knit while her brother did Cool Boy Stuff which Sansa didn’t want to do because she’s so lame and girly, Sansa would never be educated to fight, she is educated to run a household, which includes mending clothes, it is a skill that all medieval women had and was extremely important, this is the bloody north, do they really think those stylish furs just appear out of thin air?  Blaming Sansa and other women for fulfilling the social role they have all been taught to fill is misogyny plain and simple, it is not a critique that society needs to change it is a critique that any woman who ‘lets’ herself be oppressed by doing Stupid Girl Stuff is bad and not as worthy as the girls who do.

To summarize Arya knowing how to fight Like The Boys is not a story of feminism, it is the idea Arya is a worthy woman because she doesn’t let thing like institutionalized misogyny get in the way of her doing what she wants and therefor all women should do it, it perpetuates the idea that all women ‘choose’ to be victims and don’t have to if they don’t want to, that women abused by men put themselves in that situation and therefor deserve to be belittled and put down by the narratives chosen Good Women. 

hello! it’s jaymee (aka. lovebugi / minibugi / jjongibugi)

i’d like to thank the 100+ lovely people that follow me by doing my first follow forever for this blog!

it’s been around 3 weeks (?) since i’ve created this sideblog & i’m really glad to see all the people who continue to support the pd101 trainees since the show ended—whether or not their fixed pick has debuted. seeing all this positivity makes this website such a fun place to be on, and i’m glad to be a part of it.

so, without further ado, here’s a shoutout to all the people who radiate positivity:

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Being Tony Stark’s Daughter and Dating Peter Parker Would Include (Part 2):

Summary: Just dating Peter… and being Tony’s daughter.

Authors Note: This was highly requested in the comments and I really enjoyed making the last one, so here ya  go! <3

Warning(s): swearing and deadpool (again)

Being Tony Stark’s Daughter and Dating Peter Parker Would Include (Part 2):

•y'all “tis about to get wilD

•you and peter have a stable relationship™

-y'all don’t really fight

-if you do it’s something stupid


-“ I’m lactose intolerant Peter”

-“YOU ARE A TERRIBLE- wait you are?!?!”

-“HAHAHA SIKE” *cue you running away with the last brownie*

•Tony usually mediates your fights.

-he doesn’t want his spiderlings to be sad.

-not good for his representation in the ‘approving dad’ world

-“(Y/N) I suggest you give Peter back his brownie”

-“I ate it”

-*tony giving you the scolding parent look*

-“what do you want me to do? Shit it out?”

-*cap bursts through the door* “LANGUAGE (Y/N)

•peter still uses pickup lines on you

-“my Spidey sense isn’t the only thing that’s tingling”

-“peter do you know what that means?

-“yes it means I feel all tingly and happy when I’m around you”


-he clearly gets these from Wade

•peter going on dad dates with Tony

-“I can’t believe you remembered our anniversary”

-“I could never forget it Mr Stark”

-“um Peter…you’re dating me?”

-“This is an A B conversation (Y/N) leave”

-your dad and Peter have probably been on more dates with each other than Peter has with you.

•you and peter are always together

-the avengers freak out when you aren’t.


-“Thor chill… he went to the bathroom”

•Peter always has his hands on you

-whether it’s holding hands, or he’s touching your shoulder, wrapping his arms around your waist.

-he likes to know that you’re always there.

•hUgS frOm BehInD

-y'all this is the only time Peter feels like he’s the big spoon

-he’ll rest his chin on your head and your back will be pressed to his chest


•peter using his height to his advantage

-he’ll hide your things in high places

-so you call for help

-usually ends in you standing on him to get what you want.


-it happened when you first showed Peter your room

-Tony told you to leave the door open but y'all didn’t let that bother you ;)


-“ father why do you not express this concern for me”

-“it’s because you’re the devils spawn”

•finally perfecting that spiderman kiss



-“how do I get down?”

- *cue peter’s web snapping*

•stealing Peter’s clothes

-old and new

-he leaves a sweater at your place?

-BAM it’s yours

-buys a new shirt?

-BaM It’s yours

-he eventually runs out of clothes

-Tony buys him a new wardrobe

•having a meme group chat with Ned

-sending memes about spiderman

-peter regrets introducing you to Ned

•going on dates to the zoo

-Peter taking pictures of you admiring things

-a passerby reports Peter to the security guard for looking like a creep

-your dad has to bail peter out

•whenever peter loses you in a large group of people he always knows how to find you.

-“yo Pete where’s your girlfriend?”

-“hold on one sec” *shakes wallet*


-“found her”

•spoiling peter bc you’re filthy rich and he deserves the world

-“happy birthday baby!!”

-“(Y/N) is that a car???”

-*you smiling uncontrollably*

-”(Y/N) I can’t drive’’

-’’Its a keepsake’’ 

•convincing your dad to take peter on missions.

-instantly regretting it bc peter is a soft boi who needs protection.

-“If you die on this mission, I will kill you”

-updating the suit bc you must protec™

-“I’ve added extra padding to your suit to soften any falls”

-he literally cannot breathe now

•accidentally admitting that Tom Holland is your celebrity crush.

-“but we look exactly alike??”

-“don’t be ridiculous Peter, you look nothing alike”

•dates to museums and science exhibitions

-watching peter nerd out

-v cute™

•going out with Liz and Michelle for girls nights

-peter dropping in on you as part of ‘patrol’

-almost activating ‘instant kill mode’ when a guy talks to you

•you putting on the suit just to talk to Karan

-“am I the only one that thinks Peter smells like avocado? Like does he even eat avocado?”

-“I too have detected this unusual scent Ms Stark”

•Peter freaks tf out when you get sick

-like mental break down freak out

-he googles your symptoms

-which means he always thinks your dying.


-he brought like 50 tins of soup

-will not let you leave his sight

-“Peter I need to take a dump”

-“I’ll come with you”

•Wade is always crashing your dates

-he thinks you guys are friends

-“Wade will you ever leave us alone?”

-“Of course Peetie! When (Y/N)’s father accepts my adoption papers”

-“Why would a grown ass man need adopting?”

-“It’s to fund my expensive lifestyle”

-Wade also steals Peter’s wallet so he has an excuse to come along.

-eventually getting a restraining order on Wade.

•Star Wars marathons

-you thinking Luke Skywalker is hot

-Peter getting jealous

-he dresses up like Luke the next day.

•he finds your old spiderman fan account on tumblr

-when he does he just stares at you smugly from across the room.


-“oh nothing” ( ͡º ͜ʖ ͡º)

-he starts texting you the ( ͡º ͜ʖ ͡º) face.

-“so you bet spiderman is one sexy specimen under that mask?“ ( ͡º ͜ʖ ͡º)

-you want to die

-"I will delete you from my life”

•going to Starbucks for your anniversary dates

•peter insisting you have him on speed dial just incase anything happens

-you mostly use it to get food


-“(Y/N)??? Are you okay??”

-“I’ll have a double cheeseburger and fries please.”

-“(Y/N) pls”

-“what? I’m hungry”

-“may I remind you that I am  not supposed to be used for ordering take out”

-“then what the fuck are you supposed to be?”

-“your boyfriend”

-“oh yes that too”

•you wear matching outfits to school sometimes

-you are the power couple of the school

•taking Tony’s car for a joy ride

-crashing it bc peter gets nervous and webs up the windscreen

-it’s all good tho

-you use his card to buy a new one

-and blame it on Wade

•cute goodmorning texts

-“make sure to brush your teeth, you have terrible morning breath xox ~ (Y/N)

-"please brush your hair today, yesterday you looked like a yeti that had been run over and drowned in toilet water <3 Peter”

•everyone noticing how whipped Peter is for you

-except you

-peter doesn’t even know what that means he’s so outdated

•Peter has coffee mornings with Steve

-you’re never invited

•sending each other selfies

-your ugliest ones usually end up as your lock screens

-“who’s that horrendous looking creature?”

-“my fucking boyfriend bish”

•you die when peter speaks Spanish

-“pan caliente”

-“ I don’t know what you just said but please let it be the only thing you say at my funeral”

-he said hot bread

•Peter worries about your wellbeing

-he sets up daily reminders on your phone to drink water

-irl it’s just him texting you h20 puns and jokes

•you are very territorial

-if a girl so much as looks at Peter

-you will snatch the weave

-one time you actually pulled out some girls hair

-Peter thought it was hot™

-Steve and Tony did not ™

•stony are your parents tbh

•like your dad you have a lot of issues

-you’re scared peter will leave

-but he never does

-he always comes back

•arcade dates

-Peter gives you a promise ring from a vending machine

-the avengers freak out and think it’s an engagement ring.

-Steve gives you a lecture about patience and how you should wait.

-Tony on the other hand…


-“Uh Mr Stark, we’re 17 and it’s just a promise ring”

-“You are both disappointments and disgraces to the Stark name”

•caring for him after missions


-back rubs

-Peter is very clingy at this point.

•knowing exactly what calms each other down.

•Training with Peter

-having a run on the treadmill whilst he does weights.

-you trip and hit your head

-Peter drops a weight on his foot bc he’s shook.

-you both go to hospital and agree never to workout together again.

•carnival dates

-peter sees a game and insists he wins a price for you

-he loses

-3 times

-you end up having a go and you win a fish

-peter has the fish for 4 days of the week and you have him for 3

-the fish is your son™

-his name is ‘the fish™’

•stargazing and talking about a future together

•you both trust and love each other a lot

•you love peter a lot

-although you don’t say it often

-you show it though

- but he already knows it

A Little Dream

Summary: AU. What happens when a dream changes your reality?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: 3,778

Warnings: language, self-consciousness, fluff, mentions of cheating

A/N: Hi guys! I’m so sorry I’ve been off the radar for over a month now. I got wrapped up in some personal stuff + had really bad writer’s block. I hope you guys still enjoy my writing! This is my submission for @jurassicbarnes‘s One Year Blog Anniversary Challenge. My prompt was 27: “You don’t remember last night at all, do you?” Inspired by the song “Dream a Little Dream of Me.”

Originally posted by buckypupbarnes

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“Really, Peter, my daughter ?” - Peter Parker x Stark!Reader

Summary : Peter starts to date Tony Stark’s daughter and the Iron Man isn’t sure he’s liking it…Well, actually, he’s pretty sure he hates it. 

I wanted to write something else than Batfam or DC related for once sooooooo…Here’s a Peter Parker story yo. It has probably been written a thousand times, but after I watched “Spider-Man : Homecoming”, all I wanted to do was writing a story with Peter starting to date Tony’s daughter so…yeah. Here it is. Hope you’ll like it : 

My masterlist blog :


Peter didn’t really mean for this to happen. Far from it. Oh it would have avoided him a world of troubles if none of this ever happened. 

Nope, totally didn’t mean for this to happen. Besides, when he first met you, he had a massive crush on Liz and had eyes only for her. Oh he was head over heels for her. And, your first encounter wasn’t exactly…a smooth one. 


Months earlier, when Peter helped your father against Captain America: 

It was very soon after the big fight between “Team Iron Man” and “Team Captain America” that you met him. Peter was waiting for  “Mr. Stark” in the Avengers’ watchtower, in one of the waiting lounge. 

An annoying elevator music was playing and Peter was awkwardly sitting in one of the ridiculously fancy chair of the lounge, waiting for…Someone. Anyone really. 

He had been waiting for hours. Did…did they forgot about him ? Nooooo, Mr. Stark would never do that to him. 

And when the door opened, Peter’s heart leapt at the thought of talking to his hero again and…A girl he only saw on TV appeared, hurriedly closing the door behind her. 

You. It was you. The famous (Y/N) Stark, only daughter of the even more famous Tony Stark, and therefor, sole heir to the Stark’s fortune.  

You didn’t even notice Peter at first, as he was sitting in the chair furthest to the door, and when you did, the face you made made him flinch. You seemed so unhappy to see him…

-Who the Hell are you ?

You ask without any other preamble. Peter stands up and clears his throat…and oh he wanted to slap himself when instead of telling you his name he said : 

-You’re…You’re (Y/N) Stark ! 

You roll your eyes at him and approach him slowly, giving him a suspicious look before saying : 

-Thank you, without you, I think I would have never known my own name. I’m so grateful right now…

The sarcasm in your voice was so strong Peter thought he could feel it squeezing his heart and self-confidence. It took him way too long before he finally answered : 

-Peee…Pee…Peter Parker. 

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do you remember when they were all trying to come up with a prank to get back Jaebum and Bambam suggested to just scare him with chainsaws and Jinyoung was like “no were gonna do this month long project and everyone is gonna ask what’s wrong with me and I’m gonna be distant from everyone and Mark can threaten to go back to America wait yeah we’ll all act like Mark has a problem and hates us and Jackson is gonna get really angry and is probably gonna cry and we’ll even get other groups on it too and say there’s some bad rumor about got7 we’ll act like something is seriously wrong with us to do a hidden camera for Jaebum” like what is his damage holy shit