probably do a couple of these and get bored

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Hello, I am the one who asked about the Soulmate AU, I was wondering when you will start making it, and when it should be done.

It’s in my next batch of requests! (because i love the idea so much plus I might make it into several parts if people like it enough?) so In a couple days! I’m hoping to get the few requests I have left in this batch done by tomorrow or Thursday. then I’ll start on it! (So probably will post it by Friday or Saturday?) 

That or I get bored with the requests I have now and sometimes I just pull a request I like and do that instead. Then it will be sooner. 


I really hate those days when you see happy couples and you get jealous because even though you’re aro/romance repulsed you still want romantic love because society has ingrained so much bullshit into your head and it sucks. It really fucking sucks.

i’ll make your aesthetic

hey guys so i already did this a couple weeks ago and i really want to do it again since i really want to play photoshop today lol. 

the pictures would be like this :

rules : 

must be following your ultimate trash

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tell me your name, your pronouns, and how was your day

and thats it! 

anyway it’ll probably take some times so please be patient okay i promise i’ll finish all of them:)

also if it doesn’t get more than 20 notes i’ll just die in shame bYE

block “ajey aesthetic” if you dont want to see this

format under the cut: 

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