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Fic: Inheritance - Chapter 1

Title: Inheritance
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Five years after leaving town to see the world, a death in the family forces Belle French back to Storybrooke to deal with the estate. Never intending to stay very long, she nevertheless soon finds herself drawn back into old friendships, old dreams, and an old love that’s not as finished as once she had hoped. Belle might be back in her hometown, but after five years away from the wreckage she left behind, is it possible to ever really come home? Rumbelle with heavy side Red Warrior, and some Swanfire and Snowing.

A/N: So this’d be the massive fic I’ve been teasing for months. It’s complete at 30 chapters and 154,000+ words, and will be posted regularly from now on on Tuesdays. So you get a freebie two-for-one this week :D 

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Chapter 1

Game of Thorns was up for sale.

Mr Gold smiled to himself when he saw the sign on his walk home from work: it was about time, after all. Moe French had been dead for over a month, and the shop was starting to look shabby and bleak, its windows boarded up and the rose arbour outside growing out of control. Mr French had grown his plants outside as well as in, and under his patient care the place managed to look at least looked after, if a little overgrown. The oafish man had always claimed that was part of his little shop’s charm: ‘‘More the flowers’ than mine, really” he’d said, when asked.

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