probably blog it time ago but it is still awesome

hello babes! i hit 2k not that long ago. it’s very difficult for me to keep going with this blog because of college. i know i probably shouldn’t care so much but it’s very important for me and i am working really really hard. anyway i have some time (while i’m waiting for starboy to drop i’m so excited fuck) and i want to do this as a thank you for following me and for being so awesome <3 i know i don’t really talk much to y’all but i’d love to <3 again thanks so much for everything - you are the fucking best!

ps. sorry i forgot anyone -  i still love u very much <3

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Guys I am always amazed when I discovered some artist I like ages. I am 24. I only just graduated from animation school and got my first job in a studio to work as a background artist. I only got into drawing seriously when I was 17 or 16. 

I see people on my dash who are 14 and are freaking so freaking talented. Like omg.  You don’t realize. + some are still learning and I feel them being sad about their art and I just want to tell them how fantastic it is to see them doing that!

I mean I still look at how I drew 5 years ago or even 3 years ago when I started this blog and I am cringing. 

ALL of you out there who are starting or drawing for a long time don’t give up! Internet is probably one of the most awesome things to motivate us and open us to new art style and reference. I wish I had that when I was 14 and starting discovering comics and manga and how much I liked to draw. 

Take your time learning, try new things and style so you can draw a thousand different things and learn from them and enjoy what you do.