probably been giffed many times before


Josh talking with his mother about her suicide attempts:

The third time, you tried to kill yourself, there was, like, a day where we didn’t know if your stomach had been pumped in time. If it had been pumped in time, they assured me you would be fine. But if it hadn’t, you were gonna die slowly over two weeks.

How many times has this been done before?

Now how many times has this been done in a .GIF before?

That’s what I thought.

Speaking of thinking, I wasn’t when I mindlessly used Castiel’s old sprite instead of his updated one. Whoops.

I also chose the Candy that was in the Wiki since I didn’t really want to cut out half of the usual default Candy’s long hair.

So I got sick during “sin week” which is why I only finished two things. Maybe I’ll return to my one other thing eventually, but for now I should probably go back to making my game.

How to spot stolen gifs and graphics

I kept seeing people asking how you can tell if gifs/graphics are stolen so I made a list of how I usually check to see if the graphics are originally from the source.  As a regular blogger and gif maker, I can easily tell if something’s stolen but I understand that it’s not the case for most people so let me try to explain my process when I come across a gif I like from a blog I don’t recognize or feel sketchy about.

  • Check the tags.  

A good blogger and gif maker would tag their stuff accordingly (actress, show, episode, characters etc.) ESPECIALLY (x9999999999999) adding tags like #my edit, #mine, #my graphic, #my things, or something along those lines.  Check the source for those tags.  THIS IS THE EASIEST AND MOST LIKELY WAY TO FIND OUT IF IT’S STOLEN OR THE ORIGINAL.  THE REPOSTER WOULD NOT TAG STUFF AS #MY EDIT, UNLESS THEY ARE A SELFISH, CALLOW bitch PERSON.  How do you find the source?  It’s at the bottom of the post, on the left hand side on your dashboard then check the tags.

  • This method is specifically for gif sets:
  1. Does the gif set follow a theme or not?  
  2. Are all the gifs differently and randomly coloured (from sepia, to black and white, to coloured, to vibrant, to less saturated, different tint)?  
  3. Are they different sizes, ranging randomly from 540p, 268p, and 177p?  
  4. Are they all different qualities (some looking HD, others look blurry or some pixelated)?  
  5. Are the gifs set at different frame rates (are some slower or faster than others).  

Click on each individual gif to judge for yourself the above^.  If yes to MOST, if not ALL, of these, they’re probably stolen and likely come from multiple sources.


It’s a little difficult to find out if they changed URLs so keep reading if that’s the case or use the above methods.

  • Have you seen that blogger make gifs before?  

Not a good basis to go on as there are many contributors in a fandom.  However, you will notice that there are the regular gif makers if you keep up with a fandom.

  • Have you seen this gif before?  

There are a lot of times I can recognize a gif/gif-set and see the url and it’s definitely not the source.  That’s how you know I spend too much time on tumblr.  Again not a good basis to go on as the same scene can be recreated, BUT, gif makers have their own method of making gifs and they can vary by colour, sharpening, text, sizes, frame rate, etc. (Example: I tend to go with a blue tint, less saturated look, while some like vibrant more reddish look) After awhile, you can recognize the blogger who made the gifs just by looking at it.

  • Check the blog.  Look for links that says something like “My edits.” 


Example from my blog:

See how I have my own “My Edits” page?  Some might not have one so eeep more further investigation is needed. *x-files theme song comes on*

  • Not the most reliable method, but does it have a lot of notes? 

Usually, stolen gifs get less notes because the original gif had been reblogged many times before.  I say this isn’t reliable because a lot of casual bloggers (who aren’t really in the fandom) may reblog it anyways or a popular blog might reblog it not knowing it’s stolen.  Sometimes, reposted gifs become more popular than the original WHICH IS THE BIGGEST BITCH SLAP IN THE FACE FOR A GIF MAKER.

Final things:

I recommend to always reblog and/or follow bloggers who regularly make their own gifs/graphics so reblogging stolen gifs is less likely to happen (and they’re probably knowledgeable about reposts so they’re likely not going to reblog them).

If you see someone reblog a stolen gif/graphic TELL THEM SO THEY CAN TAKE THEM DOWN.  They 99% will, if they don’t, unfollow.

If you like a gif, REBLOG THE POST AND ADD YOUR COMMENT ON IT.  Do not save the gif, repost it on tumblr just so you can add your own comment or for selfish reasons *coughs* notes. (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ

Lastly, DO NOT REBLOG THE STOLEN GIF IF YOU KNOW IT’S STOLEN.   Tell the reposter to take it down and if they don’t, let others know it’s stolen.  I hate witch hunting people, but reposters need to learn their lesson BUT DO SO IN A CALM MATTER AND EXPLAIN WHY IT’S WRONG.

~Shoutout to gif/graphic makers for filling up the tags and making them more entertaining.  Without them, tumblr with be hella boring and wouldn’t be as popular as it was today tbh.  I wouldn’t have had discovered as many gay shows as I have if it wasn’t for gif sets of hot ass people or cute animations popping up on my dashboard. (◕‿◕✿)~

sorry this was long this is very important to me if you have any questions just send me an ask


Samantha had just gotten out from the shower after a long day at work, she was tired, even if she loved what she was doing, some days were just so long. She dried her hair off and let out a small sigh after wrapping her body up in a pair of comfy shorts and a sweater. Things were only getting harder lately, and she knew she couldn’t keep it to herself as much as she wanted to. She straightened up though, pulling her hair up in a ponytail. She would tell everyone after christmas, she could not do it during the holidays, what soft of person did that? Then there was Nick. Nick whom she had been secretly having a relationship with for so many years, what in the world would she tell him? He was doing so many great things and keeping himself busy, this would probably destroy that, and she didn’t want it. She sighed and ran a hand over her face, unable to come up with a decision. She looked at the time and sat down on her couch, picking up her phone before finding Nicks number and calling him on face time like they had planned.