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callout post for jeremy dooley
  • so nice????? what a legitimately nice guy whats up with that
  • when he smiles u will be left gasping for air be careful
  • somehow makes all hair colours look good??? what kinda shit is that??
  • probably gives the best hugs,, how dare he
  • so funny?? hes hilarious???? who does he think he is with all his great jokes?????
  • actual adorable and flawless being,,,, sets my irl standards too high,,,
  • hes just a great person and i cant take it

                              I love going undercover!
                             Because it’s fun and exciting!

Hansol - Topp Dogg

Hello fellow K-Pop fans of tumblr, I’d like to make an announcement.

Recently, a member from a group that I occasionally listen to had an Instagram live. On his live he was discussing how he wanted to kill himself, and was walking dangerously close to the edge of a busy road. Some of you already know who I’m talking about. If you don’t, I’m talking about Hansol from Topp Dogg.

If you don’t know about Topp Dogg, I don’t blame you, I didn’t know about them until early last year.

Topp Dogg have been around since 2013, and I don’t think a single music video of theirs ever reached past 1 or 2 million views ( sometimes not even that many ). They also had 4 members quit, one went on Produce 101. They’ve never done well popularity wise and they’re about to disband.

This is seriously depressing if you remember that these boys have probably trained their whole lives to be apart of the idol industry. Gave up having normal teenage lives maybe even childhoods, training, dieting, loosing sleep, being separated from family for long periods of time. They did all of that, and they didn’t even know if they were going to make it into a group or be kicked out.

I feel terrible for not taking more time to get to know this group better, because they are big sweethearts who are very talented and hardworking. When I heard about Hansol, I felt my heart break. I was close to tears. He’s such a beautiful boy with a contagious smile and laugh, and hearing that he’s suicidal is nothing but scary.

I ask that if you are religious please pray for Hansol, leave positive comment on his Instagram.

If this group does end up disbanding, I don’t want them going out like this. Please check out their music, stream it, watch their mvs. If you don’t like them, that’s fine, but these boys deserve so much better. I want to give them better.


Destiel AU: Dean Winchester leaves Lawrence on a whim to go to visit his childhood best friend, Castiel Novak, at Stanford. He breaks in, intending to make this a surprise visit. but things don’t quite go as planned when Castiel initially mistakes him for an intruder. [read the ficlet on ao3]

Dean didn’t know what possessed him to get in the Impala and drive across the country. Or maybe he did, but he was too much of a chickenshit to admit it. It certainly hadn’t been an easy trip. Stanford was thousands of miles away from Lawrence. Twenty-six hours of drive-time if you followed the speed limit (which he didn’t). So like it or not, ending up five states away at his best friend’s doorstep at 1am was not something he could brush off as an accident, and that scared him.

It scared him that Cas might look at his presence and know exactly what Dean was scared to say.

It was a good thing he had a lot of practice ignoring his own feelings, because if he’d really let himself appreciate the gravity of what he was doing, he probably wouldn’t have been able to get out of the car. He made his way to the front door, double checking the address on his phone. He could feel his heart rate speeding up in anxious anticipation. He couldn’t believe it had been months since they’d seen each other without the aid of computer screens.

Thinking about the last time he’d seen Cas wasn’t really something he liked to do. He knew he had no one but himself to blame for that day Cas had driven off, his long suffering Pimpmobile full to bursting with clothes and furniture for his new apartment.They’d exchanged goodbyes on the sidewalk. Dean had so many things he wanted to say but he’d swallowed them down so Cas wouldn’t hear the lump that was stuck in his throat.

“I’ll see you at Christmas,” Cas had said, trying to smile at him.

Dean wanted to remind him that he could call anytime he wanted, that they would Facebook message every day, that Dean would be thinking about him…but instead all he’d done was nod solemnly. Cas grinned at him like he understood and opened his arms for a hug.

Dean was usually the one who held back from physical contact but this time he’d surprised himself, pulling Cas in tight, breathing him in for what promised to be the last time in a long time. He’d patted Cas’s back, instead of burying his head against Cas’s shoulder the way he wanted.

After a moment they’d pulled away and Cas had given Dean that look he reserved for the times when he knew Dean wanted to say something but wouldn’t. That look that promised not to judge him, if Dean could only lend himself the same courtesy. But Dean wasn’t that much of a dick. He might have been in love with his best friend, and sure, he might not have admitted it to himself until the worst possible moment, but he certainly wasn’t going to ruin this day for Cas. His friend had a long day of driving ahead of him today, and yet another one tomorrow. He didn’t need to spend it thinking about how Dean was a giant cry baby who didn’t want him to leave. Cas had great opportunities waiting for him at Stanford, with even greater people, of this Dean was sure.

So after they’d said their goodbyes, as Cas was getting into his car, Dean had dropped his hand on Cas’s shoulder. For a moment he searched for the right words that would encompass everything he wanted to tell him.

That Cas was the best friend he’d ever had. That Dean was proud of him. That he was loved. There was nothing that could quite do the job, or at least nothing he could let himself say. But Cas was looking up at him with those big guileless blue eyes and Dean had to say something.

“Don’t ever change,” Dean told him, annoyed by the way his voice grew rough with emotion.

He’d thought about that moment a million times in the months that followed, going over it again and again and wishing he’d done it differently. But now was not the time to dwell on the past, now was the time to remember everything he’d ever read about picking locks.

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When you want your friend to see a new weird show that you love:

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When you get asked to go to your #1000st’th’nd high school reunion:

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When it’s Dual Mic Karaoke night, you and your best friend are white, and “Don’t Stop Believin’” comes up on your list of choices:

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When you try to go for the harder stuff later that has rapping in it and you’re so drunk that you don’t care if you fail but you both fucking NAIL that rap section:

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When you ran out of costume ideas for the Halloween party and decided to just dress as a fucking hippie by tying a bandanna in your already-crazy-long-hair:

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When you cosplay as David Bowie in Labyrinth and nail the balls hand motions:

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When someone mentions making an unhealthy breakfast trip and you want in:

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When you literally can’t afford any of the clothing store items so you’re just trying everything on while you can until they literally make you leave:

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When you’re at a metal concert and it’s going great until you start getting serious whiplash from all the sweaty crowd hair in your face:

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When Youtube takes down episodes of your favorite show on the barest of so-called copyright infringements:

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When a movie trailer look so unbelievably stupid that you KNOW you are going to drag your friends to go see it once it comes out:

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When you have enough time in the day for a Grumps marathon:

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When you hear someone (white) saying that they’re ‘neutral’ on Donald Trump:

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When it’s Netflix and chill and your go-to flick is the -1 star rated Leo the Lion:

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When you don’t know any sports but you look super hot wearing the outfits:

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When you’ve reached a point in your life where your high friend makes sense:

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When your dairy free friend tells you personally to lay off dairy to ‘lose weight’:

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When you see people living their best life and you celebrate it and are literally the cutest happiest person in the world:

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When any white girl hears that you’ve never seen Pretty Little Liars:

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When you see a friend about to make a really bad decision and you don’t know whether you should stop him or laugh at him with your other friends:

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When your shrink finally gets you tickets to that Pitbull concert:

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When you’re into cheesy pop songs but your friend prefers only metaldeath ska: 

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And when you completely run out of fucks to give:

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