probably because this order is wrong


Someone who realized the chapter came out early probably already pointed this out because it’s really obvious but…

Saiko seems to be mirroring the Hindu goddess Durga. From what I know and correct me if I’m wrong but she’s the Divine Mother and preserves moral order and righteousness in all of creation. She protects humanity from evil injustice, prejudice, the forces of evil…

Kind of follows what Amon told Saiko about “Doing what felt right?” Saiko’s a person who’s judgement will help protect human and ghoul kind in future??

The new mob psycho puzzle event got me thinking of some fun headcannons on them baking/cooking

Mob: decent but probably accidentally leaves things out of recipes or maybe doesn’t put things in order or measure them quiet right, he needs a little bit of guidance….

Ritsu: isn’t really the best at it either, he reads all directions and recipes thoroughly but they still don’t come out quiet right
He gets frustrated because hes not sure what hes doing wrong like “BUT I FOLLOWED THE DIRECTIONS SO WHY??”

Reigen: doesn’t use recipes….at all he kinda just… tosses shit in but it normally works out in the end? Ritsu hates him even more for this. (or maybe its more like he makes it look nice but it actually doesn’t taste all that  good?)

Teru: actually a god when it comes to baking, he’s one of those kids that stress bakes or whatever, he’s very efficient and cleans all his messes as he goes, he uses his psychic powers to multitask.

Sho: Sho is the absolute worst, hes the kid who’s like “oh you think I’m bad at cooking? you’ve never had my cereal than”  he just, he’s a mess just don’t let this boy in the kitchen he’ll probably eat all the raw cookie dough and get a terrible stomach ache…

Dimple: somehow just as bad as Sho at these things but not in the same way…

The Dark Brotherhood in Skyrim is supposed to be a contrast against The Dark Brotherhood in Oblivion.  We’re supposed to cringe when we get to the sanctuary and Astrid basically says “No Night Mother, no black hand, no tenets, no rules”, we’re supposed to cringe when she either breaks or orders us to break the tenets.  Lucien Lachance (who probably didn’t take the purification of his sanctuary lightly, considering he raised the two shadowscales) even says that sanctuary needs “a good purification”.  

It doesn’t feel like the brotherhood, because it isn’t, it’s wrong, and it’s written like that on purpose.

Five Tenets, and how Astrid broke them/makes the Dovakiin break them

Tenet 1: “Never dishonor the Night Mother.”  That’s mostly what Astrid does early storyline.  The Dovakiin can even call her out on this.

Tenet 2: “Never betray the Dark Brotherhood or its secrets.” She sabotaged the emperor’s assassination by giving information to Maro (which led to the sanctuary being ransacked)

Tenet 3: “Never disobey or refuse to carry out an order from a Dark Brotherhood superior.” She directly refused to hear out a contract from the Night Mother.

Tenet 4: “Never steal the possessions of a Dark Brother or Dark Sister.” She orders you to rifle through Cicero’s journals.

Tenet 5: “Never kill a Dark Brother or Dark Sister.” She orders you to kill Cicero, who also happens to be the sacred Keeper of the Night Mother.

Doing any one of these things is said to invoke the wrath of Sithis, and Astrid committed them all, the ransacking of the circle the wrath of Sithis, her death being her redemption.

The Skyrim Dark Brotherhood questline is about returning the Brotherhood to it’s roots, saving it from the sorry state you find it in.  It is a different kind of story than the questline in Oblivion, but I don’t think that makes it a bad story.

BTS Reaction: The boys coming home and seeing you curled up on the bed because of bad period cramps (Requested)

Jin: Usually when Jin came home, there would always be dinner on the table for him. But when he didn’t see any, he knew something was wrong. He went up to your bedroom and saw you were in pain. He would ask what’s wrong and when you told him, he would go to the grocery store and get you some chocolate and a heating pad to lessen your cramps.

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Namjoon: When Namjoon came home and saw you curled up on your couch, he was honestly confused. He would panic until he realized what was going on. He would order you pizza and make you take a warm bath to make you feel better because he’s a clumsy ass who would probably burn your house down if he tried to do anything.

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Yoongi: You talked to him earlier and told him about your situation. He would come with your favorite takeout meal and some chocolate cake. He would also bring you some extra strength Tylenol and cuddle you till you fell asleep.

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Hoseok: Ugh this angel. His presence would honestly make you feel better. In addition to bringing your favorite food and chocolate, he would shower you with kisses especially on your stomach. He would have a movie marathon with you, which would make you feel better eventually.

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Jimin: He. Would. Just. Cuddle. And. Kiss. The. Fuck. Out. Of. You. I’m just kidding… I’m not. That’s literally all he would do, in addition to chocolate and a warm bath.

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Taehyung: This cute little weirdo oh my god. He would bring video games and movies to distract you but he would bring you some chocolate and pain killers as well. Him being him, he would talk to your stomach saying “Stop hurting my girlfriend you’re being mean”.

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Jungkook: These poor little fetus. When he saw the position you were in, he would be so confused and shook. He wouldn’t know what to do. He would probably call his mom for help and she would tell him what do to. Other than that he would just cuddle you because he didn’t know anything before he asked his mom.

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you can disagree with me but I've been rewatching yoi, & I feel like Viktor's introduction to Yuuri in the onsen was kind of cringy. Don't get me wrong I liked it (because Viktor), but it was definitely cringy in the fact that Viktor is using his public persona in order to seduce Yuuri. Which is what basically happens until the beach scene where Viktor understands that he can just be himself, & doesn't have to use this public persona to get to Yuuri. I think it was meant to be like that (1/2)

Yeah I agree that it was probably meant to be like that when Viktor arrived. I want to and would go into detail but it would mean probably talking about Viktor a lot more? ((I’m also tired and I need to shower and go to bed I have school tomorrow smh)).

It’s possible that Viktor may have used his “public persona” in your words because he was still uncertain whether or not Yuuri wanted him or the Viktor everyone else sees. 

Everyone wants Viktor. This probably wasn’t the first request to have Viktor be a coach tbh. There were only a few outstanding things about Yuuri that made him worth while, so Viktor still had to protect himself a little? And if being a spot cocky was the way to do so then so be it. (Even though he cried after his first night in Hastetsu).

As for Viktor using his public persona to seduce Yuuri well that’s true up to the beach scene, (ep 4?) like you said. 

He probably realised then when Yuuri was unsure of what he wanted Viktor to be to him, that his methods of seducing him with his public persona weren’t going to work, Yuuri was better than that;
and if he wanted to get closer to Yuuri, then he was going to have to let Yuuri closer to him. 

This is probably obvious and stuff but I think you’re right; It takes more than one person to make a relationship and Yuuri wasn’t the only one new to love? Both Viktor and Yuuri had walls they had to break down and in the beach scene they did both open up more to one another. 

✿ have a lovely day ✿

Ok, so I don’t know if you’ve heard, but EPISODE VIII TITLE WAS REVEALED :) And here I am thinking..............

Knowing my luck it’s probably about Rey or Luke, BUT……

As I understand that (please, correct me if I’m wrong) - to be named a Jedi, you needed to be a part of The Jedi Order.
So technically the people like Ben/Obi-Wan Kenobi, Kanan Jarus (SWR), or Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader can be called “Jedi” because they were in the Order….
And following that way of thinking -  people like Luke, Rey or Ezra Bridger (SWR) CAN’T be called “Jedi”. They are Force wielders who belongs to the Light Side - but they never were a part of The Order.

So that leaves the question for me:

Who is (probably) the last living person “allowed” to be called a Jedi in the time of Episode VIII if it’s not Luke or Rey?

(Are you thinking what I’m thinking ?)

(not my gif)

Problem solved.
EDIT: Ok, I know she said “I’m no Jedi” but in my opinion, this is only the way she thinks about herself because she left. But the fact that she used to be part of the Order in the past makes her the only living person (assuming she’s alive at the time of ep VIII) who actually remembers The Jedi Order as it was. That makes her the only living member (former, but still).

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Thanks for clarifying Miu's motive, but I saw a scene in chapter 5 that was a flashback of her developing weapons for Ouma and wonder how that factored into her motive. Ouma said she caved to fear. What was your take on that scene?

Thank you for asking! This is also a really good point that needs to be clarified, because it’s true that seeing only the cutscenes in this scene without actually understanding any of the Japanese or what Ouma was saying would probably give people the wrong idea, and might well be responsible for some of the huge misconceptions still flying around about Chapter 4’s trial.

Basically, that scene ties directly in with the post I wrote about Chapter 4 earlier without contradicting it. Miu definitely decides to commit murder of her own accord because she is literally desperate to get back to the outside world, and she really doesn’t mind if she needs to get the entire group killed during the school trial in order to do so.

More spoilers for endgame stuff coming up, so don’t read too much further for anyone who doesn’t want to see things about Chapter 5 and onward!

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Okay, so, this will probably be the last thing I want to say on this topic.

I have no ill will to the people/angels who don’t agree with what we do on this blog. I’ve been thinking and like, while we have every right to post what we want because it’s our blog, I can see why it would be irritating to have to go through all of the memes and the non-serious topics. Fact is, everyone is so quick to come at us because of how large we are, but also, that doesn’t mean we’re not in the wrong.

We’re kids, we’re teenagers, we’re human now. The way I cope is by joking around in order to help figure myself out and to help with my anxiety and with my memories. I know the newer followers and the older followers are probably a little annoyed with all this joking, but again, that’s just what I do to help myself out. I’m not in a good homing situation right now, and all of you, our followers, is all I really have besides the other mods. This blog helps keep me grounded because all of you come here in order to find answers, and to seek help.

I’ve decided I will make that side blog, though, except possibly later on when I’m not so busy. It’ll probably be crafted in the worse way possible to make sure all the memes are a+, of course, so no need to fret there. As for this blog, it will continue to be run as it is now, with the newer tags being added every post (or, the ones that we don’t forget to tag). But besides that, I hope all of you have a blessed day. May father be with you and guide you through your day.

(I’d also appreciate if you’d like or reblog this, please, so everyone can know.)

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Like okay I could probably hold some opinion other than reflexive disgust to the idea that Peridot doesn’t ~*really*~ need her enhancers and it could be an experience for positive character growth to operate without them if there was ever a point where she had a say in the matter.

Because at this point the argument that Peridot doesn’t need her enhancers, in order for it to have any leg to stand on, relies on talking over everything Peridot has explicitly said about the subject and putting words in her mouth that she has never canonically said.

Because every time the subject of the enhancers has come up Peridot’s response, loud and clear, is that she needs them, there are practical reasons why she needs them.

And frankly? Amethyst, in Too Short To Ride insisting Peridot doesn’t need them? Is rich coming from her. Peridot pointed out back in Too Far that Amethyst is considered up to “normal” quartz levels of strength. She’s strong, she can shapeshift, she has a bunch of other powers.

Peridot? Has one, significantly weak ability, and we’ve seen that even with it she has to go through hell to accomplish something that would be easy for her enhancered self. (The Kindergarten Kid). The only reason why this works at all is Peridot has a hunger to prove herself and is an incredibly resilient, determined person. She ultimately took out Roady by raw exploitation of her own durability and came out much worse for wear.

Can people really look at this and think it’s fine how much Peridot got hurt in that episode? How annoyed she was the entire time? How long it took? Can they really justify continuing to deny Peridot perfectly viable resources that have no actual observed drawbacks?

Because that’s just it. The fandom has made up everything from the enhancers being a fusion chastity belt, to them being some kind of Homeworld surveillance, to outright claiming they’re shackles and I have never seen a shred of canon evidence supporting them. If they’re any kind of malicious control system YD would make a stink about Peridot not wearing them, if they’re intended as limiters they wouldn’t have high-power fully-functional blaster guns in them, if Peridot has only been taught to believe she needs them, then why does she continue to think so highly of herself with or without them, with Too Short To Ride being her only statement to the contrary?

So basically until we get a situation where Peridot actually chooses not to have her enhancers, without peer pressure, I don’t even want to hear about your theory of the enhancers being bad or unneeded. 

When you picture a serial killer, what do you think of? Do you think of Hannibal Lecter, a brilliant and sophisticated doctor who treats murder with the joy of a foodie at a gourmet mac & cheese bar? Or do you think of John Doe from ‘Seven’, a man who goes out of his way to create the most elaborately constructed crime scenes in order to make a thematic point to the police?

Either way, you’re probably imagining someone way more competent than an actual serial killer. Real murder is messy, and the real reason serial killers get away with what they do is because they’re brilliant at feigning human emotion. Evil, yes, but they’re not super-geniuses, laughing maniacally at a collage of pictures and string on a wall.

THIS WEEK: Jack O'Brien is joined by Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark, the hosts of the podcast 'My Favorite Murder’ to discuss the common assumptions we get wrong about serial killers, theories surrounding the JFK, RFK, and JonBenet Ramsey murders and, of course, some of their favorite murder stories.

Serial Killers And Famous Unsolved Murders

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Hetalia As Teachers
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>Australia:</b> The history teacher who is pretty chill with his students but they're all scared he's going to kill them if they look away.<p/><b>Austria:</b> The band teacher who is super nice to the new kids and those trying out instruments but really strict to anyone above the 3rd year mark.<p/><b>America:</b> The biology teacher who seems like he lives on a farm because he's always bringing dead animals to disect.<p/><b>Canada:</b> Actually a substitute teacher who is waiting to get his credentials in order to become a French teacher.<p/><b>China:</b> The really strict math teacher who doesn't let his students use calculators no matter how hard the question is. Probably teaches everything higher than Algebra 2.<p/><b>Denmark:</b> He teaches chemistry and sometimes mixes stuff in his hair without destroying it. He's that teacher you would accidentally refer to as your parent.<p/><b>England:</b> The ELA teacher who is really into grammatical correctness and will shout at you if you get it wrong.<p/><b>Finland:</b> Actually the principal of the school but none of the students believe it until they get on his bad side.<p/><b>France:</b> The French teacher that is pretty loose with how he runs the class but the students still listen because he's like a second dad to them.<p/><b>Germany:</b> Definitely the gym teacher who pushes his students to their limits.<p/><b>Greece:</b> Was the world history teacher but he slacked off too much and got himself fired. Now he works at the local antique shop<p/><b>Iceland:</b> Used to teach Icelandic but no one ever signed up for his class so the school took the class off the program. He isn't qualified to teach anything else so now. he works for Starbucks and occasionally subs for Norway.<p/><b>Italy Veneciano:</b> The art teacher who is really nice and huggable but is super strict with the students in the advanced art classes. Teaches during the first half of the day.<p/><b>Italy Romano:</b> Teaches art in the later half of the day but is still grumpy and hates his students because the beginniners can't draw perfect lines.<p/><b>Japan:</b> Video game programming teacher who mostly teaches how to program and test RPG stuff. Secretly teaches his students how to use Vocaloids.<p/><b>New Zealand:</b> The ELA teacher who is chill with his students and his students are chill with him. Gives homework rarely but they're worth lots of points and also does notebook checks every Friday.<p/><b>Norway:</b> The chemestry teacher who gives lots of homework and rarely does experiments. Students only stay since they know what he sounds like when he sings because <i>Denmark, you idiot, why did you show them that?</i><p/><b>Prussia:</b> Also a gym teacher. People think he'll be super cool and fun but he ends up pushing everyone <i>waaaaaayyyyyy</i> past their limit.<p/><b>Russia:</b> The math teacher who is super nice and sweet and huggable until that one student gets on his bad side and gets the calculator privilege taken away for the rest of the month.<p/><b>Spain:</b> The Spanish teacher who has a really sexy accent and people take his class just to hear it.<p/><b>Sweden:</b> The history teacher that accidentally scares his students into doing things. Has the most well behaved class and none of the other teachers can figure out why. He has probably brought Sealand and Ladonia in a few times in order to make the lesson more interactive.<p/></p><p/></p>

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Timehex + Coffeshop AU ahahahahaha

How am I not surprised? :P 

  • So, actually, neither work in the coffeshop in this AU. If they did, Rip would probably snap at a customer within a week and Jonah would get all the orders wrong. Rip was rushing into the shop, though, and he was impatient af because he was late for his first day at work and the woman at the counter was taking wayyyy too long to order and the young man at the front was trying way too hard to remember her name. 
    • “Cookie? No, Chayara? No, uh, wait maybe it doesn’t start with a C…..Edith?” “It’s Kendra.” 
    • She finally gets her order but there’s one person in front of Rip and he turns around and says, “Sir, you can go ahead if you’d like,” and Rip is floored because 1. The guy is hot af and 2. He speaks really weirdly as if he’s in a Western?? But Rip loves it and he goes in front and gets his order. It doesn’t even occur to him to say thank you until he gets his drink at the pickup area, but by then he’s lost track of the man. 
      • The next week he sees Jonah again, and they smile at each other, and then he sees him again, and they talk about their lives a little, but by the next week Jonah isn’t there and Rip is flustered as to where his coffeeshop friend went. 
  • So I really think Rip is demi so he doesn’t - have a crush on Jonah per se, but he’s fascinated by him and feels like he wants to know him more but he has nothing to go off of (beyond, “Hey, did you talk to a flustered demi-bi man in a coffee shop for multiple weeks??? CALL ME!!!!”) so what does he do??? He just goes back into the coffee shop every day at random hours. 
    • Finally Jax, the young man at the counter, asks him what he’s doing (”Look, are you going to rob us? Because lemme quit in advance; I really don’t get paid enough for that.”) and when Rip sheepishly tells him, Jax laughs and tells him that he can find Jonah usually on Saturdays at 5. 
  • Okay so Rip obviously goes and he sees Jonah and he gets really excited and then it hits him - he has no idea how he’s going to talk to him. He’s not even romantically interested in Jonah, and he’s pretty sure this is some form of stalking, but before he turns and walks away Jonah walks up to him and apologizes, saying that he was sick - and then, the next thing Rip knows,  Jonah is asking for Rip’s number and Rip is screaming (internally. He thinks). 
  • They’re texting buddies now and they meet up every Saturday over coffee and just talk??? Rip finds himself so at ease with Jonah and he’s honestly so surprised that they’ve been able to connect and over time he realizes there’s this fuzzy feeling in his chest when he talks to Jonah and that he may like him in a non-platonic way, and when he explains this to Jonah, Jonah grins and tells him that he likes him in a non-platonic way as well, and their coffee chats turn into coffee dates which honestly aren’t very different than what they usually did anyway and it makes Rip comfortable.
  • I DON’T EVEN HAVE A FIFTH ONE OKAY just biromantic demi Rip and queer Jonah lemme have this. 

Send me a ship + AU and I’ll give you 5 headcanons!

At the hospital, waiting on my mom to have another surgery. Tldr; she had her gall bladder removed a month ago, which caused her to get pneumonia, which caused her to get strep, which led to thrush. She’s been to the doctor 8? times since, always getting sicker, with nothing getting done. Fevers consistently of 102-103 for A MONTH, pain and swelling in her side, jaundice, and more than 35 pounds of weight loss.

They finally ordered a ct scan today, and guess what???? She has a freaking abscess on her liver. A big one.

So here I am, by myself in what is probably the wrong waiting room because the stress of today has made me non-verbal AGAIN, while mom has another surgery.

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But if they didnt shatter their enemies and just left them unbubbled how exactly did they planed to win the war?I mean the HW gems were probably ordered by the diamonds to shatter their enemies and since the CG were allready fewer in numbers they should have done something to ensure that their enemies will be stop coming or atleast stop multiplying otherwise I dont think that the rebelion would last long

Clearly you’re wrong, though, because it did.

Taeil As Your Boyfriend

In spirit of the new NCT 127 debut, I’ve decided to start up my blog with some “Types of Boyfriends” posts! This will be in age order, so please wait patiently for your favourite member to be posted.

What Would Taeil Be Like As Your Boyfriend

  • Firstly, at the beginning he would be a bit shy
  • You would probably have to make a lot of the conversation at first
  • Not because he didn’t like you
  • But because he was afraid that he would lose someone as pretty as you because he said the wrong thing
  • But he’d warm up to you pretty quickly after a few dates
  • Speaking of dates, he’d want to be a perfect gentleman
  • For you first date, he would have thought up everything well in advanced
  • The date would be a bit cheesy but you wouldn’t mind because you knew it came straight from his heart
  • But for dates when you guys were more comfortable, he’d be pretty cool with just chilling and watching Netflix
  • He would still be nervous about you coming over to the dorm, though
  • He’d make all of the members clean with him
  • Everything would be spotless
  • He would have gotten your favourite snacks the day before and had set them out on the table in front of the couch where you two would be sitting
  • He probably got some blankets and extra pillows so you guys could be comfy and maybe get a lil cuddle sesh in
  • But when he came back from getting the extra blankets, Taeyong would be sitting on the couch like he was ready for your movie night
  • But after a lil talk with taeyong, Taeil would be ready for you to come over an hour before the time you guys agreed on
  • Tbh it would probably be like two weeks into your relationship when you had your first kiss
  • We all like to think Taeil is a smol bean but the truth is he is probably ready to kiss you if he is dating you so
  • Get ready to be kissed
  • Cuddling would come pretty naturally for you two
  • It would switch between you and Taeil as to who would be the big spoon or the small spoon because he just wants to make you happy
  • He will probably sing for you on your one month anniversary
  • Jaehyun and Doyoung might be back-up vocals for it and it will probably feature TY Track
  • This man will remember the anniversary for everything
  • So you might as well get an app because he will get you flowers for the first month anniversary it has been since you guys went to that flower garden together
  • Truthfully you’d meet all the members pretty early
  • It wouldn’t be on purpose (on his part) but they’d chill around the dorm even when they said they were going out so they could see you
  •  And they were pleasantly surprised because they found you so attractive and cute
  •  And when you were magically allowed to sleep over at his dorm he would make sure you guys could sleep  in the same bed so he could cuddle you
  • And I picture him being an early riser so he’d just lay there for a bit and take in how you look with messy hair  and drool
  • But he’d see it so differently, because the morning sunlight would be gracing your features and your skin would be glowing and he wonders how he got the child of the gods to be with him
  • Basically, dating Taeil would be a gift from the heavens because he is such a cutie and he really cares about you. He would definitely be very coupley with you (in private because he is a lil shy and an idol) and would have a small couple item (like a ring) with you. He would be so grateful that you were dating him and he’d want to show you that every day. So you better treat him well because I am basically his mom and I will fight you if you hurt my baby.


During the first time I saw The Force Awakens, and probably during the five more that followed, I though Kylo/Ben was ANGRY at the mention of his father/family, but turns out he was just fucking pissing in fear. He knew what Snoke would ask him to do, he knew what he was supposed to do in order to get where he wanted to be. But then, all of a sudden, he is scared of doing it and he pushes himself to the limit. And, as we have already seen in the script, at the end he didn’t get what he wanted because it was wrong and he knew it all the time and now he has done the irreversible, he has killed part of himself and hurt one of the persons he swear he doesn’t love anymore (I mean, he even didn’t wanted to destroy the fucking base, hE FUCKING FEARS LOSING HIS MOTHER. Like for real what kind of lord of darkness is this? A Skywalker one, that’s it).


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It would have started slowly.

At first it wouldn’t’ve even been noticeable - easily passable as human forgetfulness, when a barista forgot her order and her friend-of-a-friend muddled up her name with someone else’s. Probably she hadn’t noticed anything distinctly WRONG with the portions of the galaxy growing across her skin because it had been flecks, at most, maybe she’d dropped glitter or brushed some charcoal or done any number of things. It would have washed away, at first, even, with cool water, because at first it had not taken hold so strongly that she could not escape it. And once it had earned that hold, and once the flecks had spread fully up her arms, and once she realised that it was not normal for her Uncle to forget her name, for the people of the small town - her small town - to forget, entirely, that she existed … once she realised that, it would have been entirely too late. 

She sat in the corner now, and the Doctor stared out across the coffeeshop at the woman with the Universe creeping up her arms. It was erasing her, the disease - taking up her body for space and the stars, and who knew the name of every star? Who bothered, at least on Earth, to even notice - let alone to be intimately familiar

He had seen this disease - Amudo Hyuktum - before; knew that it chose things so far and away from reality, things so impossibly unlikely that anyone actually KNEW about them – it chose those things to ensure nobody watched its victims suffer. A silent killer, or it tried to be. Built-in perception filter, and perception filters tended to work the best when the thing you were hiding happened to be nothing anyone noticed, anyway. But the Doctor noticed. Probably not one man in the Universe who knew the place better. 

And he knew her. It had caught his eye the moment he’d walked in - screamed out at him, even, because that was the Halorixan Helix System, decaying on her elbow, and he had been there just the other day to pick up cherries. Maybe didn’t know her name (it was on the tip of his tongue; it was; she was not only someone he knew, she was important - it bothered him how she looked, sitting there, alone) but the Doctor knew that she was there, at least. Knew that, as their eyes slipped right over her as they scanned the seats, nobody had seen her properly in… ohhh, it could have been months, really. Weeks or months. If they had seen her it would only have been briefly, and they would have forgotten. 

So the Doctor - figuring that this must have been why the TARDIS had landed him here - plopped himself into the seat beside her. “I know you,” he started out, to answer the question she would have been burning with, though he added: “What’s your name?”


So I literally finished Lady Midnight by the wonderful Cassandra Clare about 2 hours ago. Since then I’ve been doing a lot of thinking and a lot of theory forming
They’re probably all wrong and terrible but if you do for some reason think that these could be right please message me. Also just message me about the book in general because OH MY LORD WAS IT INSANE AND AMAZING!!

1. Diana actually left her hometown because she fell in love with her parabatai. She didn’t want them or herself to get punished and cause a scandal so she ran.

2. Malcolm Fade is the child of a Blackthorn or Arthur Blackthorn is dead

3. Diego is lying to Cristina in order to get her to come back to Mexico so his and his brother Jamie’s plan can continue.

4. Mark is using Emma as a rebound relationship because of Kieran and Cristina unknowingly.

5. Either just Ty or both Ty and Livvy will want to date Kit or just get closer to him which will throw a wrench in the twin’s relationship.

6. Kieran will get in some kind of trouble or will get hurt somehow which will cause Mark to have to sneak into faerie to see if he’s okay. This will remind Mark of all that he left which will be hard on him.

7. If Malcolm isn’t a Blackthorn, then he’s alive.

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MTL Date a Idol WHO sings slow Songs (ballads) vs. MTL Date an Idol who sings fast and Party Songs ???? ^.^

Woooow. this seems interesting actually.^-^

I will try my best to explain my order, but the topic is a little difficult to explain. It’s mostly just my gut feeling.

MTL to date a balladeer








Yoongi, Jin, and Jungkook would really love to date a balladeer in my opinion. Yoongi with his deep passion fo music would probably take a lot of interest in a person who sings ballads because those songs are much more focused on composition. Of course, interest doesn’t necessarily mean that he would date one, but if I were to generalize the type of character a balladeer would have (which I know is wrong, sorry) it would be a more calm and reserved type of person, I believe. and I feel that these three would totally date someone like that.

Jimin, Hoseok, and Namjoon would be generally indifferent to dating a balladeer. I think they would simply enjoy that he/she is a singer, but it wouldn’t make that much of a difference to them.

Taehyung I feel would be less apt to date a balladeer. ballads don’t seem to be something that fits Tae’s personality. he is a more uppity and energetic person, so if anyone were more “against” dating a balladeer, I think it would be Tae.

MTL to date a party song singer








Jimin and Taehyung would be excited to date an idol that sings party songs. Again, generalizing the type of person that would sing these songs, they would be more outgoing and fun people which would go well with Jimin and Tae’s personality.They would enjoy the excitement the person and their songs bring.

Namjoon, Hoseok, and Jungkook would probably just not care, not in a bad way, but it would just be their s/o’s job to sing these songs. Again, them being involved in music would be the biggest factor for them.

Yoongi and Jin I believe would prefer to not date someone who sings party songs. They would prefer someone less wild and in your face.

Because this is based off an occupation/hobby, take this with a grain of salt. It’s very generalized. :3

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