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100 Days of London Flat Memories → (61/100)

Dan and Phil react to Teens React to Dan and Phil

a not-entirely-earthling stinky boy

anyway sam wilson has a nipple piercing and this is the barbell he usually wears


tag yourself i’m gay and kokomeme

like, what i love most about leorio is that nearly nothing comes naturally to him. he isn’t a naturally smart studious kid like kurapika, or a prodigy like killua, and he doesn’t have gon’s keen, abnormal instincts and tufts of brilliance; he’s unskilled and untalented, the things he’s good at are things he learned, and he’s mostly self-taught.

some speculate what he’d be if not for pietro’s death and to tell the truth, i don’t think he’d be anything of importance. he’d still be leorio as we know him, mostly, at his core, but the thing about him is that leorio rises to the occasion when he makes up his mind about something, and that thing he made up his mind about in canon just happens to be pretty fucking grand, but if he didn’t have that motivation to begin with, i don’t believe he would pursue anything greater than self-interest, or nobler than personal benefit.

he’d spend the rest of his life never knowing he has potential.


Fan art for @kazliin‘s fan fic Until My Feet Bleed and My Heart Aches!  I am honestly so in love with this story and I scream every time she updates!  This is what I imagined the scene in chapter 13 would look like, when Viktor *spoil alert* catches Yuuri taking his anxiety meds but thinks he’s doping.

Disclaimer: I can’t actually draw.  Or shade.  Or colour.  Okay let me just go burn my tablet now.

Seriously, I struggled so much with human anatomy for this one, I’m pretty sure I’ll never be able to get it right.  Hopefully kazliin won’t mind, with her being a med student and all.  This is probably the only thing I have in common with a med student: hatred for the complicity of human bodies.

Y’all celebrated the new year with NYE Skull Bash, y’all got lucky with St. Patrat’s Skull Bash, now it’s time y’all just have a regular fuckin’ Skull Bash! Yeah, the same shit’s exactly what ya can expect this time, ‘cept instead of fireworks or green n’ gold this party’s gonna be rave themed! (I just decided that last minute ‘cause the invite I threw together kinda got that aesthetic. Cool, right?) So show up to the big ol’ mansion in Po Town for a house party full of booze, snacks, video games, music, dancin’, glow sticks and whatever else. Team Skull is your host, and anybody’s invited! Like the other Skull Bashes, just for this party Skull’s not gonna give a shit who walks through our door! Really, there ain’t no special occasion for this, and y’all probs think it’s weird it’s gettin’ thrown on a Sunday, but just roll with it and get your asses over here!

PARTICIPATE:   This is just one big informal house party, so there aren’t really any rules and nothing to be organized. No real RSVP. If you wish to participate in this event, all I ask is at the very least please like this post so Guzma and I have an idea of who will be there! Reblogs would be greatly appreciated to spread the word, too.
TAG:   The tag for this event is #justcuzskullbash so you can track it and tag your posts with it when you’re participating! Be sure to check it for updates from me or interaction opportunities with others.
TIME SETTING:   Skull’s starting this Bash in the evening IC, and they’ll party until early morning. OOC this event will start at 3:00PM EST and it will continue into the 15th until it dies. Also note this party will be set ambiguously DURING Sun/Moon, NOT post-game. Muses not on good terms with Skull are still invited and Skull will be (relatively) civil for this night of fun.
QUESTIONS?:   Any and all questions can be sent to this blog (craniumaniac) either IC or OOC and Guzma and I will be happy to answer!


no lip synching for Boss Kim Jongdae, thank you very much

載 is possibly one of my favorite kanji that I’ve come across so far in doing the translations for nanbaka, for three reasons.

1. it’s completely fucking ridiculous

no one needs an entire kanji character for a number with that many zeroes. no number has any business having that many zeroes in the first place. get your shit together, 載.

2. it’s one of those crazy kanji with like a hundred tredecillion (heh) meanings for a single word, including what I believe to be a description of mitsuru’s entire state of being.

look at that shit. context clues can’t save you now.
(they can, actually, but shhh.)

3. when used as a name, 載 can be pronounced as both ‘Hajime’ and ‘Mitsuru,’ which I find to be absolutely fucking hilarious.

are you a Hajime sort of 載 or a Mitsuru sort of 載? the world may never know.

Every time someone imagines Daryl as jealous/angry/violent over the idea of Carol being with another man, I honestly wonder what show they’re watching.

He loves her with his soul. This is the man who lied to her for the first time in his life just because he couldn’t bear to see her hurting, even though confessing the truth would probably have alleviated some of his own hurt.

If Carol walked up to him tomorrow and said, “I love [fill in blank with literally any guy who’s good to her] and he makes me really happy,” Daryl would swallow every last ounce of his pain, probably force the most gut-punching smile any of us have ever seen, and say something like, “I’m happy for ya.”

he. loves. her. full. stop.

And he would never in ten million years hurt or be awful to someone with whom Carol was in a totally voluntary relationship. He’d go off and hide all by himself to lick his wounds, determined to let her be happy no matter how miserable he is, because her happiness is literally his top priority in life.

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Descendants Main Five + Auradon Students

its really angsty but we still dont know what really happened to them in vietnam i better get an angsty backstory in season 21 or ill be mad at matt and trey


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