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Rebel With A Cause (Pt. 3)

AUTHOR’S NOTE: I hope you guys weren’t expecting anything but super-angst. Also, there’s Rogue One spoilers at the end in case you haven’t seen it (but idk why you’d be reading this if you hadn’t seen it). Merry Christmas :)))

Person / Character: Cassian Andor
Premise: Cassian rescues you from the Death Star.
1st Person Perspective


I thought I was dead.
It certainly felt like it.
At least, this is what I assume it feels like to be dead. I wouldn’t actually know, as I’ve never died before.
But it wasn’t the numbness or the darkness or anything that made me feel dead. It was the dreams about Cassian.
We were so happy. We danced in a kitchen that belonged to us to some discs Cassian had found on a mission - Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra. I made cookies while he stole kisses and bites of dough. We were in a walk and he hit me in the back with a snowball, so I shoved him into a snow bank. I laid in the bathtub and he read me his favorite book from the window sill where he perched. He lifted me in his arms and carried me into his U-Wing; we went on adventures in his ship. We watched the stars from the roof of the Rebel base and he made a fire for us to toast marshmallows over. He fed me a s'more and wiped the crumbs off my cheeks. We went skinny-dipping in a huge ocean on some far-away planet. We rested in a field somewhere together in the morning summer light. I put flowers in his hair while he sang songs to me in a language I didn’t know.
That’s why I thought I was dead - surely this was Heaven.
That’s why, when his face appeared above mine, I didn’t realize that I was still alive, and that he was saving me.


“Y/N,” I shook her gently. She was slumped over in her chair, her head lolling downwards. I knelt at her feet with my hands resting delicately on her knees. “Y/N, I need you to wake up.” The feeling of her in my hands again made me feel complete. But I couldn’t relax yet, not while we were still in danger. I began unstrapping her wrists and ankles.
The knife wound in her chest was deep. It didn’t seem to have punctured her heart or her lungs, but Jesus, it had to have been close. I would take care of that as soon as we got away.
She shifted slightly. “Cassian?”
“Y/N!” Her eyes were finally open, even if slightly. “Oh my god. Oh my god, you’re awake.” My heart nearly exploded as I threw my arms around her. “Oh my god, I was so afraid - ”
But she pulled back, disgruntled. She looked confused. “I don’t understand,” she coughed. “I thought - what are you doing here?”
“I’m rescuing you,” I said, concerned. She stared at me like I was a ghost. I pressed my hand to her face. “Y/N…I’m here to take you home.”
She closed her eyes and pressed her cheek into my palm. “You’re real?”
My breath caught momentarily in my throat. “Of course I’m real.”
When her eyes opened, they were filled with tears. “Oh my god. I thought I was dead. Cas - oh my god.”
I grabbed her waist and pulled her into my lap. She buried her face in my neck. “Baby girl,” I breathed, running my fingers through her hair. “You’re here. You’re alive. I’ve got you. I’ve got you.” I felt I needed to hold her closer, but I couldn’t possibly. I pressed her against me as hard as I could. I kissed her shoulder and let her take a moment to recuperate before I said, “Okay. We need to go. I gotta get you out of here.” She lifted her head up, sniffing, and nodded. I helped her to her feet and she grimaced in pain. “Can you walk?”
“Yeah, yeah.”
She stumbled instantly.
“Are you sure?”
“Alright.” I grabbed her hand. “Follow me.”
We took off through the halls. I wished I had time to look around and see this weapon the Empire had created, but I needed to get Y/N out of here.
Explosions rocked the base. The X-Wings had managed to blow a big enough hole in the shield for my U-Wing to squeeze into a docking bay. As we hurried through the doors, I stopped short.
Darth Vader stood in between us and my ship.
Y/N fell sideways, and I caught her. She was clutching her chest; fresh blood was curling around her hand. “Cas…” she whispered.
I couldn’t waste any more time - I had to get her and my fleet out of here before anyone died. But Darth Vader was in front of me.
“You,” Vader breathed. “The Rebels brave enough to take on half of the Galactic Empire.”
The utter lack of emotion in his black, soulless eyes gave me pause, but Y/N said, “And you’re the one stupid enough to stand in our way.”
I turned to her. “What are you doing?” I hissed. “Don’t provoke him.”
Her eyes met mine, and I was surprised. They were glittering with rage. Blood dripped from her lips. She looked fearless.
Vader took a step forward, and I lifted my blaster instantly. “Stupid?” Maybe I was crazy, but he sounded humored through his voice filter.
“Let us be, Vader,” she demanded.
Vader didn’t say anything. I had no idea what he was thinking, which terrified me. Until he stretched his hand out towards her, and she doubled over in pain, crying out. “Y/N!” I held her upright. As I watched, the cut in her chest began to rip wider.
I fired. Vader deflected the shot, but it was enough to get his attention off of Y/N. Or perhaps, he stopped of his own accord. “I should rip her in half,” Vader said with menacing serenity. “But instead, I’ll send you back to the Rebels as a warning, that you may know you cannot win.”
Vader flexed his fingers again, and I heard the sick snapping of bones. Y/N collapsed, gasping heavily. Her ribs were visibly caved in.
My heart stopped beating for the next hour, until hers did too.

The second I was in the ship, I gave the fleet the command to return home. I didn’t get a single reply. Everything had gone silent. “No,” I whispered. I laid Y/N down on the padded bench. She had gone completely white. I had no idea how much blood she had lost total. “Y/N,” I whispered. “Can you hear me?”
I viciously wiped the tears away from my eyes. “You - you listen to me. You can’t - you can’t die, okay? Just give me a minute. Please, Y/N.”
“Sure.” I ran to the console and searched the scanner. Nothing. Everyone was gone.
I didn’t have time to grieve. I had to get Y/N home.
I took off as quickly as I could and immediately blasted into hyper speed.
I returned to her side to find her eyes closed.
“Y/N,” I said anxiously. She looked up at me. “Please just hold on a little bit longer.”
“Cassian.” Her voice was practically inaudible. “Kiss me one more time.”
I shook my head. “Don’t talk like that!”
I took a deep breath and knelt down. Her lips tasted like blood, but they were hers. I kissed every inch of her face, willing myself to remember every square inch, because I knew deep down inside what was about to happen. I was still desperate.
“Y/N,” I said in her ear. “Wh - what am I supposed to do without you?”
She sort of laughed. “You know.”
“No, Y/N - help me. Please.”
She nodded vaguely. “Do not,” she said, “forget hope.”
“I see none without you,” I replied, brushing hair out of her eyes.
“Cassian…” She took a shuttering breath.
“Y/N - no - please,” I whispered. “Please don’t leave me.”
“Finish this,” she muttered. “Destroy the Death Star.”
“I will, I promise.”
Her final words were, “I love you, Cassian Andor.” She went still.
I pressed my face into her chest. “I love you,” I sobbed.

I loved her. I loved her bravery, her emotion, her desire to fight and to do good, her endless strength. And I hated the world for taking her away from me.
But soon after, I met Jyn Erso. I nearly couldn’t look at her the first time we spoke; It was almost like she was the reincarnation of Y/N. I saw her soul through Jyn’s eyes, and I saw her smile on her lips. I knew that she had been sent here for me. I knew that it was Y/N staying by my side, like she had always said she would.
Jyn believed in this idea of hope, like Y/N. She fought for this idea. Together, we died for this idea. I kept my promise, though, and together, Y/N and I - with our fingers intertwined - watched the Death Star explode from far, far away.

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I had three worst-case scenarios with the CS proposal:

1) Emma finds the ring and the surprise is totally ruined.

2) Killian proposes without telling Emma the truth about what he did first.

3) Emma initially says no when he asks.

Two of my worst-case scenarios happened.  I can’t even believe this.  


You can’t just kill everyone you don’t trust.
Yes, I can. […] Octavia is a threat


anonymous asked:

What is your pet peeve?

Shit like this:

Come on, I don’t burn everything.

…But I did burn his entire front yard. And four or five cop cars. And the cops. And a bit inside his house.

I probably traumatized his parents, but fuck them, they were assholes. Cat was cute, though.

Play Me A Song, Write Me A Story

alternative title was ‘i’m aggressively aromantic but i tried really hard to write this and it actually turned out okay so I’m proud of it probably’ but that didn’t quite have the same ring to it

Genre: FLUFF, teacher AU

Word Count: 12.5k wow @ me

A/N: This was supposed to be under 8k but then I got too invested in the little world I wrote and then I really wanted to postpone writing my other fic above 10k (coming soon I promise) and so this was born.

Summary: Dan is an English teacher who loves words but doesn’t quite love his job, and Phil is the new band conductor/music teacher with bright blue eyes that Dan loves to describe.Their friendship blossoms instantly, despite both of them wanting more right from the start. 

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viewer discretion advised.

writing snowbaz (fluff)

So, I normally never post anything I write about snowbaz. I have this document on my laptop ‘carry on with carry on’ where I write the most random scenes about Simon and Baz. I don’t post any of them because most of them are crap and I just mainly write in it because I like spending time with Simon and Baz (idk if that’s weird)

But I randomly wrote this really small blurb, and I’m kinda nervous about posting it because I’m not an experienced writer, but I thought it was cute so now I’m posting it. 

Cuddles, giggles and sneezes 
Simon laughs with his mouth against my neck.
He is curled up against me on the sofa, his arms around my middle and mine around him. 
“It’s really not that funny, Snow.”
He giggles again, “Well, it kind off is, you have the highest and absolute cutest sneeze.”
I sigh.
“How is it that I have never heard you sneeze before? If you sneezed when we were still in school, I wouldn’t have been that intimidated by you for all those years.”
I grin, but only for a second. “That’s exactly why. Can we please stop talking about my sneeze?”
Simon tightens himself around me and pushes his face in back in my neck. I feel Simon shake a bit and I know he’s giggling again. 
I roll my eyes but I tighten my arms around him and give him a kiss on the top of his head. He’s lucky I love him as much as I do. 

Anonymous said:(Hey Mun can we see older frisk chara and asriel in your style?)

you can see I am trash for:

-trendy kid frisky with one thousand friendship bracelets


-big buff indie composer asriel. kill me. i love. the big goat. im heading to the trashcan now.

Shiva is so exceptionally picky as to whom summons her, she will appear at times and not do anythingbut stand there, ESPECIALLY if they have hurt her feelings, or the feelings of someone she has personally taken an interest in.
i.e. Any given time regis upset cid, (vice verse) she would give regis the cold shoulder and make sure cid was feeling better before helping The King.

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AU where instead of the death eaters, Severus joins the muggle British Army Forces

I don’t see him doing this, though.  He really does not like living in the Muggle world- it’s just a reminder of the poverty he was born into.

I completely forgot to talk about this but we had school gala last night and it was A M A Z I N G!!!!

I’m going to take this time to remind you guys I wrote an outlast fic a while back

I’m probably never going to update it again but it was just sort of me wondering what happened to Miles after Whistleblower. 

You can read it here, though do mind the warnings.