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Take a moment to thank this community for its precious vibes because there is so much nasty on tumblr that doesn’t need to be here and after being in different sections for 7 years I’ve finally found one that doesn’t kill my drive or make me feel like I don’t belong? Like this is probably the most welcome and valid I’ve ever felt on this damned site, you blessed users are my favorite. Thank you.


“…What’s the real reason you’re here, Santi? What’re you running away from this time?”
“Surprisingly…nothing. That’s the truth. I think this time…this time I’m running towards something.”
“Oh, yeah? Then what is it?”
“I’m not even sure yet…but being here is the start, I know that at least. Finally stepping over the border, seeing where half of me came from, where I could’ve ended up all those years ago…it feels like a long time coming.”


Hehehe, these are super old now (pre Suffering Game!) but since I’m on the road to probably revamping the way I draw Taako for maybe the 18th time I figured I’d toss up these sketch pages of good ol’ Tres Horny Boys™️

EDIT: Forgot that tumblr hates…. images…… click thru for hi res!

i have a dumb barry bluejeans hc

okokok hear me out

i think we all agree this guy has a dorky and kind of snorty giggly-laugh? its just kind of bubbly and nerdy and it probably equal parts adorable as it is embarrassing. but when he laughs too hard at, like, a dumb joke or something super dumb happening (”lup was shaving half of davenport’s mustache really necessary JUST because he ate the rest of your Fantasy Poptarts?!”)

he just sort of. forehead boops to someone’s shoulder. like whoever's next to him he just curls in and laughs and no one ever says it out loud but it’s easily without a doubt everyone’s favorite thing ever.

Sorry but I really don’t want this ship to sail canonically…

This is my favorite scene of the two of them because Touka’s standing over him so protectively. Like, I really love the entire panel because her kagune is so beautiful and amazing and it’s really easy to overlook this smaller part, but the way she also seems to be shielding him with her body is so touching. This was probably such a heartbreaking moment for her because she was finally reunited with her brother and he almost died right before her eyes. 

Ayato was so reckless in Cochlea and he was so lucky that Touka and Yomo were there or he’d have died like a thousand times. It’s also why I’m hesitant about Ayato showing up where Hinami and Touka are because he’ll just act on his impulse and rush straight in and it wouldn’t make anything better for any of them, unless he learnt some lessons from Cochlea of course.

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Can u show us more of your favourite moments from AA?

nonny, trust me when I say I’ve been thinking about this ask every day since you’ve sent it (which is probably like, at least 2 weeks now?). I’ve literally got post-its all over my desk with half-finished lists of my favorite AA moments because it was so hard to choose something to talk about

with that said, after re-watching several of my favorite episodes, I want to talk a little bit about Tony’s relationship with praise. Specifically: the gradual change in the way Tony accepts praise from Steve over the course of the series

Or, alternatively named: “why The Age of Tony Stark continues to be the best AA episode that ever aired”

So: as we all know, Tony has a complicated relationship with his sense of self-worth. That’s just a multi-versal constant. While he may be handsome, selfless, and a literal genius, he’s always expecting more of himself. Telling himself to be better, pushing himself beyond his limits, putting himself at risk if it means saving the world or sparing others. If he ever fails, Tony is his own worst and harshest critic. As such, it comes as no surprise that he’d be uncomfortable accepting praise and encouragement from others…especially from someone who he sees as a role model; someone who he believes is inherently better than him.

Enter Steve Rogers. It’s no secret to us that AA!Steve thinks the world of Tony. If Steve believes in anything in this new-fangled 21st century world, it’s Tony Stark. Not only that, Steve has no shame in expressing these feelings in what we all lovingly refer to as his inspirational Speeches™. The first instances of one of these speeches is “In Deep,” where Steve tells Tony he’s more than just his armor. However, what I’d like to point out is Tony’s expression while Steve is, in essence, praising him:

It’s no mistake that the animators chose to show us Tony’s face at the tail end of Steve’s speech. It’s clear as day how uncomfortable he is: his head is ducked, eyes averted, eyebrows furrowed, and he’s biting his lip. It’s as if Tony is physically shying away from Steve’s genuineness. Instead of accepting the praise, what does he do?

He deflects. He tries to lessen the gravity of Steve’s words with humor and false arrogance, though it comes out relatively bare. Steve, of course, maybe sensing that he needs to pick his battles, quips back “can’t you just take a compliment,” which ironically hits the nail right on the head.

Cut to the end of season 1, in “The Final Showdown,” where Tony has expended all his armors and is left with nothing to fight against the Cabal. Once again, Steve reaffirms his utter confidence in Tony’s abilities:

And again, just like in “In Deep,” Tony deflects, berating himself:

To which Steve replies: 

“Billionaire genius philanthropist! You’ll think of something!”

As sweet as that is, what interests me again is Tony’s expression as Steve runs back into the fray:

Everything about his posture screams defensive. His arms are crossed, and he has a pensive, slight frown on his face. Unlike in “In Deep” however, where Tony had literally no where to hide after Steve gave his speech, Tony now has a chance to digest Steve’s words privately, as the latter had thrown himself back into battle right after saying them. It’s not for long, but Tony actually gives himself a second. Reflects.

Now comes “The Age of Tony Stark,” which in my opinion is when everything changes. Not only do Steve and Tony spend a significant amount of time together in this episode, but they also have to fight Red Skull with Tony at his most vulnerable. After all, not only has he regained the physical limitations of being a child, but he also has to re-confront many of the insecurities he had as a child due to a father who held the “perfection” of Captain America over his head. Many truths come out, but by the end of the episode, Tony finally breaks down:

In this moment, Tony finally expresses what he constantly keeps bottled inside as an adult. He’s scared: that he’s not good enough, that he’s not strong enough, that he won’t be able to save the world when it needs him most. Not only that, he confesses this to Steve, who he looks up to, who he feels the need to prove himself in front of. The person who he felt he couldn’t be weak in front of.

But of course, Steve never thought Tony was weak. Tony never had to prove himself, because Steve already believed that Tony could do anything:

In that moment, Tony finally let down his walls and let Steve in. In a way, I think this is when Tony truly starts trusting Steve, because he realized that even though Steve had seen him at both his highest and his lowest, his confidence in him never wavered. How do I know this? Well, after “The Age of Tony Stark,” the next Speech™ that Steve really gives is the one we all know and love from “The Ultron Outbreak”:

And how does Tony react?

He smiles. He glows. He lets Steve’s confidence in him reinforce his own, and then he goes to save the world.

Liz Phair

every time I see your face I think of things unpure unchaste

Look at this little sunbeam.

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OK this may sound odd but what fabric shops would you recommend in the LA area. I know you no longer live here but any advice helps, since joanns does have its limits in fabric options and in your experience is it any cheaper than Joanns or am I paying just as much?

The garmet district is what you want to do. 

Shopping in LA Fabric District

What you want to do is – HIT UP MICHAEL LEVINES FIRST BUT DONT BUY ANYTHING. Maybe pick up your pattern. Check out how much fabric you need according to the pattern, etc etc. Search the store for the fabric you need, even if you see a perfect match, leave it, don’t buy it. Trust meeeee. You’re basically making this your garaunteed last resort. I know it already seems a great deal compared to Joanns’ money grubbing prices, but trust me.

Head out to the streets and start walking up and down 9th. From Maple to San Pedro. CHECK EVERYWHERE. North shops usually have the best SPANDEX and stretch fabrics, lace and sequins. SOUTH shops usually have upholestry, leather and vinyl (there’s exceptions but this is what I noticed.) 

I garauntee you any stock of fabric at Levines is avaliable in all the surrounding stores and they will sell it way short for a bargain! 

PROTIP: Never say yes first. If you ask one of the workers in the off stores “How much is this a yard?” and they say “12,” even if thats an amazing price, still just nod and say “Thanks” and start walking away like you dont want it. They WILL ALWAYS go lower. They’ll start telling you “11! 10– 8 for you!” Especially if they know you want 2-3 yrds or more.  But don’t get intimidated either, they’ll try to corner you into saying yes. Just wave them off, tell them “Ill take a picture and come back? I just wanna compare.”  Seriously, even if you see the perfect one at one of these places for the best price, just wait until you hit all the stores. You have no idea how many times i bought something and regretted it 5 minutes later when I saw an even better version. 

Second Protip: When they ask you how many yard you want, always say 2-3. Even if you need seven. Because they’ll give it to you for cheaper if you only want that much. Then when you say, okay, ill buy it for 4 bucks a yard, as he’s measuring it out, then say “ACTUALLY can I get 5?” 

Here’s some of my favorites:

L.A. Alex has the CHEAPEST notions. Zippers, elastic, velcros, thread, muslin, etc. They are AWESOME for all extra stuff you need. Way cheap. 

JOURNAL has some of the most interesting fabric on the block, unique textiles like dancewear or lace, usually exclusive to them. This is where I found that rare ass pre-pleated suede fabric for Kylo Ren’s sleeves and the awesome shimmer-non-sparkle spandex for Miraculous Ladybug. 

.99 Fabric a yard. Literally as it says. 99cents a yard biittcchhh. I ALWAYS hit this place up because you always need cheap ass broadcloth, poplin, CHIFFON or Taffeta. He’s got it all man. Its awesome for basic shit. 

City Fabric has the best FUR and FLEECE selection you’ve ever seen. 

Mora Tex is a favorite of mine. The guy here loves cosplayers and the fabric I get here is always rich and stunning looking. I bought my Astrologian Velvet, Dishonored purple and grey suede. Kylo’s outer tunic, Rey’s tunic and shoe wool, Lavellan’s trespasser tunic, and so much NICE suiting. Basically any heavier, richer type fabrics you can probably find here. 

Trim 2000 Plus is the place I found my Inquistor buttons. This place is like a gold mine for buttons. They have the most interesting shit for super cheap. I spent like 5 bucks on both Emily and Corvos diamond cufflinks and royal button getup here.

Jerry’s all Trims. My favorite trim store!!!  He has everything! Belts too! Great for any trims, tassles, or piping you made need. AND HE LETS YOU BUY THE WHOLE ROLL OR BY YARD. I bought all the leather cord here for our Solas necklaces. And every gold piece of my Astrologian cosplay.


-Parking in LA FABRIC district is hell on earth. The spots up by Jerry’s All trims is my secret spot, those are usually free (2 hr maximum). You can check side spots too, like between maple and san pedro, but don’t feel bad about pulling into a parking structure and paying the 7 bucks. Its not so bad. 

-Stores close around 6:00 on weekdays and saturdays. 

-WHILE PARKING IS FREE ON SUNDAY. A lot of these shops aren’t open. LA Alex and the the button store are closed for example. Button store is also closed mondays for some reason? AND EVERYTHING CLOSES BY 4 ON SUNDAY. 

-AWAYS bring cash. Lots of stores don’t take card. Or they will charge you extra for using it. There are ATMs inside some stores. But the service fee is like 3-5 bucks. YUCK. 

-Theres a random costume shop on 9th street that sells gloves. SKIP THIS. I know your tempted to buy everything at once, but this guy is way overpriced. Order your gloves on ebay for $1, trust me. 

-Best time to go is in the morning on a weekday, if you can manage it. Saturdays are hecka busy but that sometimes it a great thing cause the shops are ready to bargain.

-North of San pedro is NOT A GOOD AREA. Don’t park there. And if you’re leaving to go to Little Tokyo afterwards, turn around, take another street. 


Happy National Book Lovers Day, feat. my cyberpunk collection & second bookshelf

NCT 127 While Packing For A Trip
  • Jaehyun: Would write 'Jung Jefferey' on the label of his suitcase and tell everyone that he's actually called jefferey.
  • Taeyong: has to make sure all of his clothes are cleaned, ironed and folded properly into the case. But ofc making sure everyone is getting ready first.. fabreeze is suddenly missing from his case
  • WinWin: *sits in the corner eating ice cream and watches as his suitcase gets filled by the other members somehow???*
  • Haechan: the bitch who takes shit out of other people's suitcases and fling their shit everywhere just so he could be the 'first one to finish'
  • Yuta: has probably 60% clothes, 7% toiletries, 3% clean underwear, 20% mangas and the last 10% games for his Nintendo packed
  • Johnny: probably packed like 5 books, 3 suddenly disappeared (probably removed from haechan)
  • Mark: Running around like a crazy person because his stuff keeps disappearing, he knew he put his favorite hoodie in the suitcase but it's ???gone
  • Taeil: actually packed everyone small lunch bags for the trip to the airport; "where did my neck massager go?"
  • Doyoung: The hoe that catches haechan doing all mixing up and hiding shit, so close to whooping his ass bc hc forgot where he put Doy's instant coffee

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can i ask a question? how do you know that you have adhd? because i very much connect with the things described for type 1 adhd and symptoms in girls. for what i know i seem to suffer from depression and social anxiety (and i'm also a heavy maladaptive daydreamer), I can be very concentrated when i have to or really want to but it's true that i get distracted easily. I know that only a professional can really tell me but maybe you have some tips?

Hi! This is one of my favorite subjects, because I have type-1/inattentive-type ADHD myself. Type 1 is often underdiagnosed due to its less obvious and disruptive nature. Many people with this type are perceived as lazy, forgetful, careless, or needing to “apply themselves more.” This can cause anxiety or depression when the person with ADHD internalizes these messages and is unable to change on their own. I’ll probably think of more to add to this after I’ve already posted it, lol.

Here are some symptoms associated with inattentive-type ADHD:

• Inconsistent ability to focus- may be able to hyperfocus during enjoyable activities–such as playing video games, researching an interesting topic, etc.–but unable to concentrate during unenjoyable activities, like doing homework.

• Chronic procrastination- my understanding is that the ADHD brain’s internal reward system doesn’t function the same way as it does in a neurotypical brain. The ADHD brain doesn’t process things in the long term, so instead of working steadily to write an academic paper or fulfill a long-term goal, people with ADHD aren’t motivated to work on the given project until the last minute. When a person completes a task, their brain releases dopamine, which gives them a sense of pleasure and accomplishment. Since a person with ADHD is psychologically “rewarded” for finishing a task they procrastinated on, this ends up providing positive reinforcement for procrastination.

Chronic tardiness or showing up early- people with type-1 ADHD tend to lose track of time, which means they often show up to places late or overcompensate by showing up extremely early.

• Hyperfixations- having intense interests; this is basically the ADHD equivalent of the autism term “special interest.”

And some lesser-known symptoms of ADHD include:

• Decreased sensitivity to caffeine- there’s a trope that people with ADHD become extremely hyper after drinking coffee, but this isn’t true. Caffeine is a stimulant, and stimulant medications are prescribed to treat ADHD, so caffeine can help people with ADHD focus or even make them feel tired.

• Rejection-sensitive dysphoria (RSD)- hypersensitivity to real or perceived criticism.

• Sensory processing disorder- this is often associated more with autism, but it’s not uncommon for people with ADHD to experience sensory issues as well.

Edit: I forgot three pretty major ones! Disorganization, fidgeting or doodling to stimulate concentration, and forgetfulness (ahem… oops).