probably because it would be illegal


Thinking too much about Lady!Ford…. And the fact that I referred to her having a brother when she’s from a universe where everyone’s sex is reversed… So Stan must be trans there~ Then I just kept imagining Ford being sweet and supportive. So excited to go to West Coast Tech and taking Stan with her because she’s read about people like him in Cali. I imagine in this universe her invention isn’t destroyed but just isn’t taken seriously because she’s a woman. 

When Stan gets kicked out she goes with him and he ends up living in the Fidds and Fords’ dorm room. Probably ends up getting into illegal activities just to help Ford with her tuition. IDK… Ford definitely modded a corset for him~ Not sure if that’s a healthy way to bind your chest but I don’t think he would have have a lot of options in the 70s?? 

Here are some alive Noah headcannons because I hate myself

  • Noah was 17 right at the peak of the Emo (2006-2008 I’m not sure) so you cannot convince me he didn’t wear eyeliner on certain occasions. BUT it was tasteful and didn’t make him look like a raccoon (maybe he wore it bc it was pretty the world may never know) 
  • was actually really funny. when he was trying, and even when he wasn’t. he couldn’t go anywhere without making someone laugh
  • REALLY picky. probably only ate chicken nuggets. his mom always had to make a separate meal for him
  • also had a ton of food allergies but it was always weird stuff that no one eats anyways
  • he would use it as an excuse not to eat at friends’ houses though because no one knew if he was lying or not 

(more under the read more bc long)

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When Harry Potter characters look up their names on tumblr

Hermione : you know, i’m not the only one thats punched Draco, it not thaaat big a deal

Ron : ‘mine why is Snape, Draco and Harry put on boats with you ? gosh muggles are weird

Harry : You know its funny, i thought it was called the Harry Potter series and i’ve never been this under appreciated my entire life the lack of attention is swell

Dumbledore : lallalalalalalaalalala

Mcgonagall : These people have the wrong idea i never would help students do illegal things like turn into animaguses *sips tea* and let anyone know

Draco : This place would be brilliant because they love me so much if it weren’t for the fact that they think i’m in love with luscious green apples, Potty face and Mudblood

James : Snape with Lilly !?!?!?! you little piece of shit i swear you will die a most painful death

Sirius : dang! they got the hotness levels right [atleast for me, they probably exaggerated for everyone else]

Remus : Sirius and i? really ? REALLY?

Ginny : Draco and Harry now i’ve seen everything …oh shit no, Hermione and Draco OMG i’ve never laughed this much my entire life 

George : Its like this place wants me to feel worse

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Okay but imagine like a brawl going on in Zen's bar and unlike any usual bar owner whod be like Stop breaking my shit hes like FINALLY And jumps right in to break some noses (Probably jumin's too although theyre on the same team it was an "accident")

LOL yes this is exactly what would happen! Because they can’t have the damn cops showing up, there’s a bunch of illegal shit going on.
So he just jumps right in and takes care of it himself like the bad ass he is. That’s also why they picked Zens club.
I’m all for him and Jumin getting into it…always on “accident” of course and Saeyoung is so sick of it every time they start bickering like “are you two gunna kiss or can we get back to fucking business here.” Lmao

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It may make you angry, but I'm from Poland and I can't stand the fluffy-pinky-gay image of my country in Hetalia fandom. We're one of the most traditionalist country in the EU, a man would be probably beaten if he went outside in a fucking skirt. It sounds still ridiculous for me that two people of the same gender can marry, because it's illegal here.

Wow um, that doesn’t really make me angry i guess just?? a little taken off guard by this weirdly hostile ask out of nowhere lol. But here’s what I have to say:

I’m not sure how long you’ve been familiar with my blog or if u just decided to yell at a hetalian today and chose me at random, but I wouldn’t really classify myself as a fan of the “fluffy-pinky-gay image” of APH Poland either tbh. It actually makes me really upset when people just want to stereotype him as such based on the image that the fandom has dubbed for him, and instead overlook all of his history, struggles, triumphs, culture, and basically everything “Polish” about him. If you knew me you’d know I’m actually one of the most angry and disappointed people in the fandom at this because it constantly infuriates me with the way he gets categorized simply by the way hima drew him.

Idk there is so much to address in this ask I’m struggling to try and write this as eloquently as possible but forgive me i’m doing this at work so i may sound a lil jumbled. The deal is, it’s actually pretty problematic when people want to erase all that Feliks is and represents and just paint him up as “the gay character” or “transv****te cross-dresser” simply because he wore a skirt in a strip that made him fit that stereotype. There is so much potential to his character as far as depth and exploration goes that is often horribly skewed or ignored by other hetalians in favor of just reducing him down to “fabulous valley girl.” And to be quite honest its pretty ooc, but thats more of a different topic for another time.

Don’t get me wrong, I have a few qualms with hima myself and some of the problematic content that he’s decided to include in hetalia, but if you pay attention to Canon Feliks vs Fanon Feliks, you’ll notice alot of the “fluffy-pinky-gay image” has been forced onto him by young (lowkey homophobic) fans. The way Feliks acts in canon (if you take away the over-use of the “valley girl accent” that the translator chose to assign to him to match w/e Japanese dialect hima was trying to give him) you could actually interpret many things differently. By doing so, it’s much easier to see how strong, tough, charismatic, loyal, trusting, and deep he actually is. You see his strengths, his faults, his mistakes, his victories, his growth as a character, nation, and person over the years. You can see moments of happiness, sorrow, silliness, seriousness, moments of weakness, moments of power, moments of worry, moments of confidence, love, hate, regret, revenge, but above all…perseverance. So trust me, it makes me just as confused and angry when people want to ignore what a diverse -if not somewhat ironic/conflicting- character he is and instead change him around to fit what they want to see him as. I wish he was treated with more respect.


I understand how traditional the “real’ Poland is, believe me. I’ve been in this fandom for many years and you’re not the first “””real polish person”” I’ve seen get angry over aph poland. You’re not alone.

The thing about hetalia though, is that it is just an anime. All told through the views and thoughts of a japanese man. The story is intended to be a light comedy making fun of nationality stereotypes while simultaneously celebrating the history, culture, and people of each said nation. The intention, as I’ve also taken it (or choose to take it anyway), is to take the setup for these lovable, flawed characters, and kind of???? have fun with them per say…

People are free to interpret things, events, practices, and the characters themselves how they choose (generally speaking anyways). I think there’s nothing wrong with that as long as it’s respectful and not gross in anyway (again, another topic). So therefore, there’s nothing wrong with headcanoning Feliks as being gay. I understand how “the real poland” is set up and what their laws are (though I don’t claim to be an expert or openly discuss them as I am not polish nor do i live there, so i feel that is not my place) but there are so many other things to take into consideration before you come off as homophobic yourself.

One thing to consider, is how the same thing could be said for well over half the nations. To claim that a hetalia character “can’t be gay” because of politicians and a government party’s standpoint is pointless and irrelavent tbh. I’ve always felt it?? weird to try and tie a nation down to a specific time period or law when they’ve been around for literally centuries, and have witnessed and believed in all different type of social norms and morals and laws that evolve and change as time progresses. Its actually pretty closed-minded to expect thousand year old nations to buy into every single detail of present-day customs and viewpoints. Many of the more conservative viewpoints of many nations around the world are relatively new ideas as far as strict practice goes in comparison to the personified character themselves. Something that’s been an enforced idea for the last 50 years or so could just feel like a month or two to an immortal being lmao. But again, I believe most of it is up to interpretation.

I don’t want to speak for the lgbt in poland, or any polish lgbt throughout history as i don’t feel i have the right or enough adequate knowledge to do so, but a hetalia nation is supposed to be sympathetic to and feel the struggles and pain and happiness and glory of all their citizens. Regardless of what the political standpoint of the country is on (I personally believe nations choose not to align themselves with political parties in general as a conflict of interest would ensue) hima has stated time and again that the nations also have the ability to be their own person, and have their own views and standpoints on things that might not match the “majority” of the current political climate (ex. Germany himself was shown to be annoyed with and hated dealing with Adolf Hitler). So it’s not really fair to pretend like a nation has never-looked-at-the-same-gender allllll throughout history just like it’s silly to presume that all people are StraightTM until proven otherwise. 

Canon APH Poland, Feliks Łukasiewicz, the man who likes pink, the man who doesn’t care about gender norms or what kind of fabric he puts on his body because he’s old and has obtained a certain level of nation wisdom enough to know that not only is gender a construct and there’s nothing shameful about “””feminine clothing”””” (even though clothes are just pieces of fabric meant to cover your body and dont have genders lol), but has also seen all kinds or fashion and different types of clothing all throughout history and has worn frilly neck ties, jewelry, heels, makeup, and capes back when those were once considered to be “”masculine”” at that time period as well and remembers how fucking good he used to look in that shit and after all he’s been through knows that he has the right to rock w/e the fuck he wants, the man who historically, legally, culturally, and personally married to another man, the man who still remembers his childhood before he even heard of Christianity, the man who had one of the most tolerant and flourishing commonwealths in history, the man who has such strong ties to the romantic period and who, as a nation, is much more complicated than mortal humans could ever hope to understand…… absolutely wonderful.

Now I’m sorry that lgbt representation and rights is lacking in Poland at the moment, as it is all over the world. Truly I am, and it makes me upset. I don’t know if you share those same homophobic and hateful views (your tone implies that you do), but the fight and struggle of the lgbt people is far to complicated and powerful to use as a playing chip on a silly Japanese cartoon, and i think basing a headcanon off of prejudice and hate like that is disrespectful to the nation, and to bringing that into a cartoon is disrespectful to the lgbt struggle as well and belittles it all tbh. But as i said before, that topic is best left for another day.

I’m sorry you felt so insulted by a cartoon character to come to my inbox about it, as if i have any control of what this fandom does to him, but I try to just look past all the forced, fanon garbage to see feliks for what he really is. A strong, tough, talented, complicated, fearless, resilient, yet still endlessly sarcastic, funny, mischievous person.

Do you not think that is a good tribute to the Polish people?

[[Reminder that Techie has never eaten any candies, pastries, or other sweets because sugar is an illegal/controlled substance in the Dredd universe. It’s something that comes up in multiple issues.

It’s an interesting thing to think about in the context of writing, especially crossover pieces. I think he would like them if he tried them, but would probably be too apprehensive to find that out / actually do that.]]

I was talking with a friend about our RP and how there would be a road trip at some point. We both agreed that Hal and Barry probably won’t enjoy it that much though. Hal drives like a madman and Barry fears for his live, whenever Hal drives. He also complains a lot about Hals notorious illegal parking.
Meanwhile Hal can’t stand when Barry is driving because he is so slow. They take turns, but at the end of the trip they both are just really stressed and glad, they don’t have to take the car anymore and can actually enjoy their time together.

Top Overwatch Fanfiction: McHanzo Edition

Hang the Fool by  AlmaMeDuele

Chapters: 7/?
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings, Graphic Depictions Of Violence
Additional Tags: Angst and Humor, Slow Burn, Heroic Endeavors, Dad Bod McCree, Shimada Shuffle Makes Ya Rustle, Hate at First Sight, I Told You There Would Be Dragons, Angry Hanzo, Comrades in Arms, Romance Will Happen I Swear
Series: Part 1 of We Could Be Heroes
Summary: How the heroic organization Overwatch acquires the talents of one Hanzo Shimada, and how gunslinger Jesse McCree will probably suffer because of it for the rest of his days.

Tips For Expanding Your Business On An International Scale by 013

Chapters: 5/6
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Additional Tags: Pre-Canon
Summary: Twenty year old Jesse McCree is sent to Hanamura by the Deadlock Gang to broker a contract pertaining to the buying and selling of illegal arms from the influential Shimada family. He’s fairly sure the first rule of negotiation is not to hit on the boss’s son. That rule proves to be harder to follow than he anticipated.

Undercover by  lyriumveins

Chapters: 1/1
Rating: Mature
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Coffee Shops & Cafés, Pick-Up Lines, Fluff and Angst
Summary: Hanzo is a new member of Overwatch, working undercover in a coffee shop with a few other agents. He’s adjusting to his new life – and making good progress on his missions – when he starts finding ridiculous messages scrawled on coffee cups… Messages that are, apparently, for him. While he’s convinced it’s all just a ridiculous prank, D.Va calls them “pick-up lines” and insists that he has a “secret admirer.”

High Noon by cannibalsmut

Chapters: 2/2
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Additional Tags: Rimming, Hand Jobs, Blow Jobs, Oral Sex, Plot What Plot/Porn Without Plot, Anal Fingering, Anal Sex, Versatile McCree, Versatile Hanzo
Summary: They were two not quite strangers meeting for a simple get-together, to chat. But then McCree said something that he’d only meant to think, and suddenly his plans for the day changed quite drastically.

Best Years of Your Life by Illithid

Chapters: 6/?
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - High School, students plotting to get teachers together, Alternate Universe - Teachers, teachers plotting to get students together, Ratings will change as story progresses, Friends to Lovers, Enemies to Lovers, Trauma, Hurt/Comfort, Slow Build
Summary: “Whoever said these were supposed to be the best years of your life was probably drunk or delusional.” -Kami Garcia

Yep, it’s a high school AU. Hanzo is a the Archery team captain, McCree is a nuisance, Genji and Zenyatta are tiny freshmen, & 76 and Reaper are very gay teachers who’s students want them to just get a room.
Lesbians keep the whole place from falling apart.

An American Werewolf in London by FrostysaurusRekt

Chapters: 5/11
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Additional Tags: werewolf!McCree, Eventual Romance, Figurative Fluff, Kissing, Grinding (sorta??), Hurt & Comfort, Smut, literal fluff, Blood
Summary: They worked well together, that’s all Hanzo had ever been concerned about when it came to McCree. He’d be hard pressed to admit that every once in a great while, he would let his would-be killers get close, just to see that uncanny aim.

Terms of Endearment by ceasefire

Chapters: 1/1
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Additional Tags: 5+1 Things, Implied Sexual Content, Team Dynamics, Fluff, Light Angst, Warm and Fuzzy Feelings
Summary: Five times McCree gave Hanzo a pet name, and one time Hanzo gave McCree one.

A Losing Combination by manic_intent

Chapters: 9/?
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Additional Tags: That AU where Hanzo never quits the Shimada Clan, pre-game, Blackwatch!Jesse, Yakuza!Hanzo, Alternate Universe - Gangsters, Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence, Alternate Universe - Pre-Canon, NOTE: Most of this fic will be T-Rated, McHanzo is the main ship
Summary: “Do you know what you are here for?” Jesse scratched behind his ear, a little thrown. This, right here, was why Jesse fucking hated going undercover. Talk, talk, talk. Usually, Jesse got bored very quickly, and when Jesse got bored, his trigger finger tended to get itchy. Besides, they’d confiscated his goddamned gun. That was a downright depressing thing to do to a man, that was.

“I’m here as hired muscle, yeah?”

“Yes,” Hanzo said disdainfully. “‘Hired muscle’. What do you know about me?”

Down Time by ceasefire

Chapters: 1/1
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Additional Tags: Drinking & Talking, Smoking, Anal Sex, Anal Fingering, Nipple Play, Reunion Sex, Future Fic
Summary: Hanzo pauses for a moment. “Are you listening?”

“‘Course I am,” McCree says, words lisping around the tail end of his cigar. “We’ll both be in Hanamura a week from today. Meet in the usual spot at nine. Put hotel rooms on the company tab, the safehouse is in use.”

Some time into the future, Hanzo and McCree meet after spending time apart on Overwatch jobs.

Oh Simple Thing by Dahr

Chapters: 9/?
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: Graphic Depictions Of Violence
Additional Tags: Goodness I need a minute, Post-Canon, Not really an AU but kind of is I guess, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder - PTSD, Smoking, Alcohol, Alcohol Abuse/Alcoholism, Depression, Loneliness, Hurt/Comfort, Cuddling & Snuggling, Kissing, Implied/Referenced Suicide, Crying, Fluff and Angst, This is where it starts getting bad, Here we go, Graphic Violence, Blood, Blood and Gore, Broken Bones, Torture, Past Torture, Dismemberment, Vomiting, Non-Consensual Drug Use, Prosthesis, Bathing/Washing
Summary: Years have passed since Overwatch was recalled. Most of the older members have retired, wanting to live out their golden years in peace and doing as they please. Not wanting to sit idly, McCree travels the globe, visiting their old stomping grounds, where he chances to encounter Hanzo in Hanamura. The archer is not doing well; his dependency on alcohol has McCree worried, and makes the outlaw wonder if there’s more to the situation that meets the eye.

A fic in which McCree and Hanzo are in their late fifties, and have a lot more to talk about than what they used to do.

Stop Me If You’ve Heard This One by losebetter

Chapters: 2/4
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings, No Archive Warnings Apply
Additional Tags: Friends With Benefits, Friends to Lovers, jesse mccree: tender-hearted hero will be the death of me, Public Sex, or thereabouts
Summary: “Mmm. And, here, here is the best part of this, Jesse,” Hanzo slurs, afterwards, about oh-two-hundred by Jesse’s estimation. He’s standing around nude in the en suite, and Hanzo looks downright decadent lounging in the wrecked sheets back on the bed, all dark eyes, dark hair that cuts down over one shoulder like spilled ink. His long fingers shift on the flask propped up next to him, and Jesse swears some part of his tattoo ripples with the movement, too eye-catching to have come from the dim ceiling light. Maybe he’s still a little tipsy, but he can’t pretend he’s never seen Hanzo in action before, either.

Admittedly, the thought of magic makes him instinctively itchy - how’re you meant to fight something like that, how do you prepare? - but the idea of going to bed with someone who could destroy him by wishing does something to his spent cock that he doesn’t feel like acknowledging.

I’ll Drink To That by jinxedit

Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Overwatch (Video Game)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Jesse McCree/Hanzo Shimada
Characters: Genji Shimada, Angela “Mercy” Ziegler, Soldier: 76 | Jack Morrison, Lena “Tracer” Oxton, Hana “D.Va” Song, Tekhartha Zenyatta, Reinhardt Wilhelm, Aleksandra “Zarya” Zaryanova, Mei-ling Zhou, Fareeha “Pharah” Amari, Winston (Overwatch), Torbjörn Lindholm
Additional Tags: Basically the whole team is watching McHanzo get drunk together, And there are slight mentions of Genyatta as well

In which McCree convinces Hanzo to kick back with a beer, the rest of the team discovers that Hanzo is an utter lightweight, and Hanzo is a lot more open to cuddling with McCree while hungover.

whoaadreambigg  asked:

I think a lot of owners declaw because they don't realize how invasive it is (and that it's actually removing bone). I wonder if more vets educated owners on this topic (and it's possible complications), would less owners agree to it?

Probably, since most people say “It’s perfectly fine if a licensed/experienced veterinarian does it,” having more veterinarians stand up to say “Actually, it’s still not fine,” will eventually sway public opinion.

The fact that is that it’s illegal here, so I’ve never had to talk someone out of it, but in countries where it is legal vets are encouraged to thoroughly educate clients on the procedure before agreeing to do it.

anonymous asked:

Instead, we have someone who doesn't believe in global warming and is extremely racist, who is supporting bringing child labor back into America, removing environmental protection, and removing public schools

Trump isn’t racist, he just doesn’t believe ILLEGAL immigrants should be here because they are ILLEGAL, not because of their race.

Child labor is something I wish was around when I was in highschool, because I probably would have matured more quickly from working harder instead of being lazy and hating homework.

As for the environmental protection, it does cost a lot, but I believe that it should remain untouched. That’s something I don’t agree on.

The american education system in my opinion is a waste of time. I believe that instead of being in highschool when we’re 15, we should go into apprenticeship. It would get our minds more focused on the future and how to do our future jobs correctly rather than focus on which boy likes us the most and worrying about test taking skills that are never gonna be useful later on.

They Catch You Fangirling Over Their Band


Dance practice usually runs late, so you weren’t expecting him to catch you mid Astro dance fest in the living room. You try to play it off but he just laughs and pulls you into a bear hug, stating that you can fangirl in front of him from now on.

Originally posted by woojei


He walks into the apartment just to hear you yelling at the TV. He peeks into the living room to see the latest Astro broadcast playing on the screen and you yelling from the couch about how illegally attractive they were. He has the biggest smile on his face, but he doesn’t bring it up because he loves the fact that you secretly fangirl over his group.

Originally posted by irrational-obsessions-gottcha78

Cha Eunwoo:

He borrows your laptop one day to check his emails when he finds the tumblr page you’ve accidentally left open. He scrolls through your blog laughing at the Astro memes and your comments on them. Later, during dinner, he would probably quote one of your comments casually, causing you to blush and hit him teasingly while he laughs at you.

Originally posted by daddy-mj

Moon Bin:

Claiming he had taken an ‘ugly’ selfie on your phone, he goes into the gallery to delete it when he finds your Astro album. You basically had about a couple hundred pictures of them saved onto your phone. When you realize he had discovered your secret, you try to take the phone away from him but he just holds it out of your reach. He laughs at your struggle and says that as long as he is your bias, you can fangirl over them.

Originally posted by yvnchan


He’s looking up some new music on youtube when he realizes that you’re logged in to your account. Being cheeky, he goes through your history. To his surprise, all he finds are Astro videos. He keeps scrolling down and all he could see were more and more Astro videos. When he actually confronts you about it he teases you to no end, but he secretly loves that you support his group so much.

Originally posted by moonbinny


You got out of the shower when you realized you had forgotten your pants in your closet. Yelling out to Sanha, you tell him where your shorts are located. He is rummaging around trying to find the shorts when he finds your secret stash of Astro shirts. There were many official ones and even more hand-made ones. He probably wouldn’t mention it to you then but later on would buy you even more Astro merch, completely supporting your love for his group.

Originally posted by flowereunwoo

Requests Are Open!

-Admin R

If anyone ever pulls a Hangover and tries to convince you that they have no memory of the stranger they woke up with or where those rings came from, they’re probably bullshitting you. Drunk marriages are actually illegal in Vegas, and a blackout isn’t hard to spot, so no chapel that wants to stay in business would have served them. They used to be able to get away with it (actress Janeane Garofalo was unknowingly married for 20 years after one such adventure), but the law does a better job now. We even had our own personal breathalyzer if we weren’t sure. If a customer looked inebriated, I took out the BacTrack, and if it was over .08, no wedding for them.

Underage marriages can be trickier, because it’s not unheard of for young couples to lie about their age or forge their parents’ signatures. The bureau usually stops them, but a few slip through the cracks. These marriages are void … until both parties turn 18, at which point the marriage becomes legit, regardless of what’s happened in the intervening years (unless the parents have it annulled). Thankfully, teenagers are known for their rock-solid long-term decision-making, or this could be a very unpleasant situation.

5 Bizarre Things You See Working At A Vegas Wedding Chapel

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Would you ever consider writing girl exr fic again???

A Vignette.

“This feels illegal.”

Enjolras glances up. Grantaire’s leaning up against the school’s red brick wall, her dark green peacoat a stark contrast. Her hands are in her pockets, and Enjolras honestly wouldn’t be able to guess whether it was because her fingers were cold or if she just thought it made her look cool.

“It’s only mildly illegal.” Enjolras turns back, her hands starting again to pick the lock. It’s been years since she’s tried this. “Like, no worse than shoplifting. Probably.”

Grantaire snorts. “Breaking and entering is—”

“It’s a public school during daytime hours; three hours ago, this wouldn’t be breaking and entering.” Her knees are starting to ache from kneeling on the cold cement. “It’s not like we’re robbing a bank or something.”

Grantaire hums, which, knowing her, probably doesn’t mean acquiescence, but whatever.

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Here's an example of Trump being racist. In May of last year, Trump claimed that Judge Gonzalo Curiel would not be able to fairly judge a class-action lawsuit against Trump University because, and I quote, "he's a Mexican". He seriously believed that his race made him biased. Paul Ryan, the Republican Speaker of the House, came out and said, "Claiming that a person can't do their job because of their race is sort of like the textbook definition of a racist comment".

I think that he shouldn’t have said that. He probably meant that the judge would be biased because Trump was planning on building a wall and deporting illegal immigrants, many of whom are Mexican. I’m not defending him in any way, I just think he didn’t mean what it sounds like he meant.

anonymous asked:

I believe that if an immigrant doesn't learn minimum English within five years, they should be immediately kicked out of the country. I also support tax-payer funded language classes to help make this happen.

I don’t think taxpayer funded language classes are a bad idea, especially if we stop losing money because of too much illegal immigration. It would help integrate immigrants into the workforce and into our culture. And I’ve known a lot of immigrants struggling to communicate who would probably really appreciate having this offered to them. Language barriers make life so complicated and make people feel really isolated.

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I had a question... One night it was midnight and I was having a really bad allergy attack, and I needed to go to Walmart for medicine, but I was terrified. I have severe anxiety and it doesn't help that I live in a terrible neighborhood. I don't have my dog as a service dog, but I 100% want to, because I have some other issues as well....but I brought him with me that night anyway, is that wrong of me?

Honest, blunt answer? 

Yes. That was illegal. 

Longer, still honest but gentler answer?

You probably shouldn’t have done that but I understand why you did. It is illegal to do but lots of other people do it and get away with it. I would suggest that you make your own decision as to whether you’re going to take your untrained dog out or wait until he is in training or already trained. (Check your state’s laws- in Texas you’re allowed to take your service dog in training with you wherever you go just as if they were fully trained.) Just keep in mind that if your dog acts out or has any issues you will either be asked to leave or you will have to lie and decide if you’re going to feel bad about that or not. (Just to be honest there is still a chance that you could damage the way someone views service dogs.)

Don’t beat yourself up over doing it this time, okay? You were scared and your dog helped you! I would suggest leaving this in the past as a lesson learned and decide when/how you’re going to get your dog trained ASAP. You CAN owner train your dog and I would be more than happy to help you do that if you’d like! (I train other psychiatric service dogs as well as just basic training.) 

Again, DON’T BEAT YOURSELF UP OVER THIS. It’s done and in the past and you’re going to do better in the future! If you need someone to talk to about all of this my messaging or ask box are always open and I’m usually available to talk to whenever! :) Take care of yourself, okay, anon? And seriously, I’m here for you, I promise. Anytime.

  • how to convince remus to let his friends become illegal animagi
  • remus: you'd go to azkaban for being illegal animagi!
  • sirius: well, i'd probably escape azkaban because i'm an illegal animagi, hah!
  • peter: or, you know, i could hide before they can catch me or throw me into azkaban.
  • james: and i could impress lily when i turn into a majestic beast!
  • *cue glares from sirius and peter*
  • james: what? i thought were talking about how it would benefit us even though we're turning into animagi so remus would never have to spend those nights alone.
  • sirius: are you sure he wants to spend his lonely nights with us? or with some girls? because i know a few girls whoa re interested in the handsomely scarred gryffindor who's so smart and dreamy.
  • remus: *blushing* sirius!
  • sirius: oh, are you into guys then? well, you're in luck because this gorgeous hunk *gestures to himself* is always willing to spend the rest of his nights with you.
  • james: please. gorgeous hunk? maybe you mean humongous chunk... of flab!
  • sirius: *gasp* are you calling me fat!
  • james: why yes. yes i am.
  • sirius: you take that back, potter!
  • *sirius tackles james and they start rolling around on the ground*
  • peter: *tugs on remus' robes* but really, remus. it's the least we can do for all the times you helped us out.
  • remus: *shakes head* you don't owe me anything. you're... my friends.
  • peter: and you are our friend. so let us help you?
MBTI Types as Scientists

INTP: The Scientist. Practically invented science. Probably set the trend for oversized chalkboards covered in messy, illegible chicken-scratch formulas. The person they talk about when someone mentions “standing on the shoulders of giants”.

INTJ: The scientist who has their own secret lab with advancements far beyond the rest of the scientists’ in the lab. They would share their discoveries for the practicality because they truly do enjoy spreading the knowledge, but the advancements are so great that nobody else is ready. Not yet.

ENTP: The scientist who comes up with a theory to counter every theory you have just for the lols. Has some pretty good, original ideas when they’re not taunting the other scientists with their BS. Is one of the few scientists that brings out INTP’s goofy side; they’re kind of an annoying team but… certainly unstoppable, nonetheless.

ENTJ: The scientist who runs between different projects, pointing out the issues with each experiment, and working with the other scientists to perfect the desired outcome. Used to get into quarrels because people found them intrusive this way, but they’ve since learned that it’s really only because ENTJ is passionate about being factually confident, and genuinely wants to help actualise 

INFP: The scientist who secretly sets out to merge science with magic. Often draws inspiration from their favourite fantasy novels, and makes considerable progress toward concepts such as self-aware plants through the genome. Has somehow roped INTJ into the project; the two of them stay late at the lab to transition from day-science to fantasy-night-science. INFP calls their project “Operation: Follow your Heart”.

INFJ: The scientist who spends a lot of time sitting completely motionless, expanding a theory into great depths, envisioning its significance into its future, and final stages, whilst staring out the window, gazing into their slightly visible reflection. Often times expands on the ENxPs’ ideas (that were originally jokes), pointing out their likely public effects, good or bad. One of the most tolerant scientists, but things can get to be a bit much for them, sometimes. It’s not unreasonable that they gravitate towards the window.

ENFP: The scientist who accidentally finds their way onto a new groundbreaking theorem. Was probably messing around with one of the other scientists saying “what if we did […]”, then, as they thought about it, the conversation grew into “maybe we actually can […]!”. Causes a bit of chaos in the lab, as the research projects they start are often passed off to a more fastidious scientist to finished, whilst they go off and begin another one. Not the most practical, but every lab has its working parts, right? 

ENFJ: The scientist who shows the other scientists new ways to improve their safety within the lab, using important precautions that most people surprisingly overlook. Makes sure that everyone remembers to consider the data as it comes along to compare to their predictions, and how it might affect their conclusions. Simply wants to help everyone be the best that they can be!

ISTP: The scientist who really only shows up when they want to. Can be gone for weeks, but will show up again one day, like nothing happened. When asked to follow a specific method, they unbendingly refuse because they think those methods are pointless, and over-complicated. Somehow achieves spot on results using their own methods, bewildering the rest of the scientists. Whenever someone tries to ask about their methods, they’re gone for eternity!

ISFP: The scientist who decides to replace the common Greek variables with their own made up, more interesting, and pleasurable symbols in their formulas to help them remember the information better. Also doesn’t like being told to follow a specific method, but doesn’t want to stir conflict, so they secretly perform which methods they personally think will yield the best results on their own time. As long as their results are accurate, nobody has to know! Shhh!

ESTP: The scientist who tests all of their experiments on themself for science and for fun. They would have tried it on other people too (like their friends) but ENFJ said it was “unethical”. Contributes a lot to the presentations, often marking the differences between the essential and irrelevant apparent and understandable to everyone.

ESFP: The scientist that finds new ways to make things glow, and decorates the whole lab with the glowies as a surprise. Not everybody is amused or appreciative *coughENTJcough*, but there really is no stopping them now, so it’s best just to accept the glowies; at least they can save on the electric bill. Sort of.

ISTJ: The scientist who defends you against ENTP’s trollish-counter-theories by explaining how they contradict concrete, proven theories that all the scientists in the lab follow already because they’re sick and tired of hearing this nonsense. *Drops stack of books on the table* Read them.

ISFJ: The scientist who quietly worked on one of the lesser funded projects, because people “didn’t think it was as important”. Ended up discovering something monumental, like an effective way to communicate with plants and animals by observing the nuances in their reactions to stimuli. Doesn’t really take any credit, even though they were one of the only people on the project.

ESTJ: The scientist who heads the new research projects in the lab. If they’re going to be conducting new experiments, they’re most certainly going to do it the right way! Takes genuine pride in the way the lab is run, and values all of their subordinates for their specialities, enjoying the collective scientific air.

ESFJ: The scientist who revamps the stapled little pleasures of life to share with their friends. Experiments with different elements / components and invents a few different kinds of herbal and medicinal teas. They dominate the micro-scale scientific archive with their knowledge (take that, hellen!).

anonymous asked:

I think you may have already answered that, but I'm not too sure. So sorry, if I ask that again then. Would Barba and Chilton be okay with dating someone significantly younger than them? Not illegally of course. (I guess, it's pretty obvious Nevada wouldn't mind)

SO OBVIOUS THAT NEVADA WOULDN’T MIND. Nevada will fuck literally anyone, of any age (over 18) because he’s a trashcan. If he were going to actually date someone a lot younger though, it would have to be someone more mature because of his career. He’d always be making sure that the people he dates aren’t a liability to his career. But he’s gross and would probably love the image of his partner being a couple decades younger than him and it would inflate his head even more. 

Dating someone a lot younger would bother Barba the most. He’d be extremely aware of how the relationship might look to outside eyes and it would probably take a while for him to introduce his partner to the squad. His insecurities would come from his own age, feeling like he looked too old and not good enough for his partner and they’d have to work a little harder to convince him that they do love him and find him desirable. Eventually, he’d get over it though, instead deciding not to care and realizing that no one else was judging all along. 

Chilton would be happy to date anyone, period. And if his partner was a lot younger, it would help to stroke his ego. But at the beginning, he would be so clueless and insecure that he wouldn’t realize it when someone so many years his junior was actually flirting with him because it wouldn’t seem possible in his brain. But once they were together, he’d enjoy the ‘status symbol’ that comes with a younger partner, and love how they tend to turn heads when they enter a room together. 

i woke up laughing because the leak was a dubbed version and like.. why would there be a dubbed version before the uk airdate like who did it? who are the russian actors who recorded all of this? ppl who share series illegally make subs not dubs, and the official dubs take a lot of time, like the french dubs are probably not done at all since it will only air in france in a few months so why would a russian dubbed version even exist this early, especially if sherlock doesn’t air on russian tv lmao