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So who is best girl?

An annoying,

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and just over all obnoxious girl.

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Who knows how to feel lonely,

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and gets frustrated,

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doesn’t know how to feel about things,

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cares too much for the boy she likes,

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gets annoyed with her friends,

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doesn’t know how to express her feelings, 

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and doesn’t know her meaning in the world. 

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She loves the sky, 

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and aliens,

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and time travelers, 

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and ESPers, 

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and summer break,

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showing off,

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and helping out. 

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And man does she get excited, 

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I mean really excited, 

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about pretty much everything,

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and she gives you a smile

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that says you’re about to have a hard time

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about to order you to do something

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for some convoluted plan she’s totally pumped for. 

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So I guess she’s just like me. 

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That’s probably why I like her so much. 

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Because she’s just like me. 

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So to answer your question, 

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Haruhi Suzumiya is best girl. 

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The Best Picture mix-up wasn't a ratings ploy or white privilege conspiracy.

Y'all, save your brain cells and just scroll on by all of the thinkpieces that will hit the Internet today about what happened with the Best Picture announcement.  I have already been text messaged, tweeted at, and facebook tagged about how it was a stunt for ratings, about how it was a conspiracy to overshadow Moonlight’s historic win, about how white privilege just led Warren Beatty to assume the result.  Maybe because it’s 2017 and there are other things to worry about or maybe because it’s 2017 and I’m tired of the hyperbolic reactions to literally everything, but I’m not here for all the dramatic responses.  The simplest answer is usually the correct one.  I think the saying in med school is something like “If you hear hooves, it’s probably a horse, not a zebra.”  That pretty much carries through most areas of life and the simplest explanation is almost always the correct one.  Let’s break down three things real quick.

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|| stall me ||

[request prompt: Can you do a Peter x Reader where he chooses Michelle over you and then the reader ends up dying/getting hurt and he feels terrible for it and regrets his decision (I love michelle I just need angst! lol)]

inspired by {{stall me}} by panic! at the disco ♡ ♡ ♡

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warnings: minor spoilers for homecoming

**please don’t repost/plagiarize this story. Reblogs are fine**


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ok so i’ve just watched The Amazing Spiderman and i got Remus feels while watching Peter so here you go, a young Remus Lupin imagine

also, if anyone wants part 2, it could be their date, them already being together, smut, just request and i’ll write:)

i’m sorry i posted it again, tumblr was playin with meh

word count: 1204


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It was a cold day of winter at Hogwarts, snow covering the windows and the grounds, so it was safe to say that not one student was outside. Of course, there were a lot of things to do in the castle, such as annoying Filch, pranks, annoying Peeves (or him annoying you), playing chess, muggle-borns playing hide and seek, there was a lot to do. But with all these things to do, there were certain people that were extremely bored.

You and your friend, Lily, were in the common room, near the fire. She had her nose buried in a book, as always, and you were simply staring at the fire with a cup of hot tea in your hands, a blanket wrapped around you. You two were enjoying the silence, although you weren’t the only people in the common room; it was quiet, and that was what you both needed.

“Oi, Evans, Y/L/N, come here, let’s play a game!” you turn around and see four boys climbing out of the portait hole; Sirius, James, Peter and Remus, the four Marauders. Sirius, being the one who called you, looked at you with a smirk on his face. “Oh, come on, it’s not like you have something better to do,” he whined. It was somehow true, you didn’t. But Lily was.

You looked at the four boys, until your eyes lay on Remus and you look away quickly, blushing. It was alright, you could blame it on the fire. “Well, I don’t know… Lily?”

“No way, I’m reading.” She shook her head.“

“Please, Lily,” you beg. You could use come distraction from your thoughts right now.

She sighed and close her book, which made a loud noise. “Fine,” she said firmly. “But if you make us break the rules…”

“We won’t, Evans, now come on, let’s make a circle,” Sirius says excitedly as he sits down on the carpet, along with the others, so you were sitting between him and Lily. James, being head over heels for Lily, sat next to her, and took out of his pocket an empty bottle of firewhisky. “I start!” yells Sirius as he spins the bottle, all of your eyes watchin it intently.

It landed on Sirius and James. “Truth or dare, young man?” Sirius cocked an eyebrow at his bestfriend.

“Dare,” he said, looking at Sirius intensely.

“I dare you to go to Filch and ask him girl advice.” He smirked, as you all let out a laugh. James agreed, and soon enough we were all in wandeing the corridors in search for Filch.


“Oh, my God,” you laugh, trying to catch your breath as you enter in the common room again.

“He said to stick a dung bomb up her arse,” James laughed so loud it echoed through the corridors.

They sat back in the circle and James spun the bottle, it making an annoying sound as it spun, everyone curious who’s going to be the next one. It stopped on James and you. “Truth or Dare, Y/N?” You quickly glanced at Remus, although you didn’t know why and catch him already staring at you.

“Truth,” you answer, moving your glance back on James.

“Do you fancy someone?” You roll your eyes at the stupid question, although a blush appears on your cheeks, knowing that the person was in the room.

“Maybe,” you answer.

“That’s not how you should answer!” James exclaims, smirking.“Who is it, Y/N?”

“Yes, I do fancy someone. I’m not telling you who it is, you’re only allowed one question,” you say as you spin the bottle. It stopped at you and Sirius. “Oh, are you joking!” you cried.

“Well, Y/N, I give you two options. Truth, you say who you fancy. Dare, you kiss him.”

“How do you know it’s a he? Maybe it’s a she, maybe I’m a lesbian,” you look at him with your eyebrows raised.

“We both know you’re not. Now, your choice.”

You sigh dramatically. You thought this was gonna be fun, you never thought you were going to be forced to admit your feelings towards Remus, or worse, kiss him. Not that it would be bad to kiss him, because quite frankly, you played your first kiss in your head a million times, but not in these circumstances. Either way, you weren’t exactly forced to do any of those, you could easily leave. But you didn’t want to be a coward. “Fine, you wanna know who I fancy?” you throw your arms in the air with exasperation, as they all looked at you curiously. Lily obviously knew, as she was your bestfriend, but the four Marauders didn’t, and you weren’t keen to tell them. “It’s one of you.”

“No, Y/N, you have to tell us-”

“Says who?” you say as you get up.

“T-the game? Y/N, come on! Don’t leave us like this,” Sirius whines. “It’s not fair. At least give us a clue!”

You thought for a bit. You had to say something that none of them would get it, only Remus. He’d be the only one who would get it, because of course, it’s about him. There was something that he onle shared with you. “It’s the one who has a stack of chocolate,” you smile playfully and go towards the girls’ dormitories.

“But none of us has that!” you hear Sirius yell after you, but you were already in your room, ready to sit on the bed, when you hear steps rushing up the stairs and then the door opens, Remus standing at the entrance, panting.

“Y/N,” he said breathlessly. “I mean, I-um, there is no one else with a stack of chocolate by any chance, is it?” he asks looking at you hopefully, a slight blush covering his cheeks.

You take a step closer as you were both a few inches away from each other. “From all I know there’s only you.” You shrug.

“Well, I-I, um, I… don’t know what I’m saying,” he laughs and clears his voice.

“Just say it.”

He opened his mouth to say something, but decided against it and closed it. Instead, he placed his hands on your waist and brushed his lips against yours, pulling you into a deep kiss. As you weren’t expecting that, you took a few seconds to answer his kiss and move your hands to cup his cheeks, enjoying everything you ever imagined these past few months.

As you pull away, your hands still remain on his cheeks and his on your waist. “The boys are probably mad because I have a stack of chocolate and I didn’t tell them,” he said and you laughed. “If you haven’t noticed yet, I like you too, Y/N.”

“I do now.”

“Then go out with me! W-we could go to a bookshop, I know you love books, we could also get tea and we could just read-”

“Remus,” you said firmly. He looked at you concerned. “That’d be amazing, but don’t stress that much for me, please. It’s just me, Y/N.”

“The fact that it’s just you, Y/N, absolutely drives me crazy,” he whispers before pulling you into another kiss.

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I can't help but imagine Jon pacing around his cabin talking to himself and planning exactly what he's going to say to Dany when he goes to her door. Then, when she answers, he forgets everything(probably his own name even), but it doesn't matter because words weren't needed.

Hi anon! Gah I love remembering boatsex and thinking about the before and after. 

You just know that Jon was DEFINITELY anxious about going to Dany’s room. He was 100 % pacing around in his own room and running over the possible scenarios in his mind. He would be going over the pros and cons of seeing her, worrying about what it would mean for their alliance (especially after seeing Cersei withdraw from the truce due to his pledge), worried about any rejection and how to continue an alliance after that, worrying about how to even open up to Dany about his feelings because he’s never had to be the one to pursue someone before. 

Even up to the point of knocking on the door, you can see him going over it in his mind and recalling what he’s going to say and how. 

I’m pretty sure they both forgot to breathe in that moment when she opens the door. Seriously, if either Kit/Jon or Emilia/Dany was at my door, I’d just stare too to be honest. Remember how overwhelmed they were about holding hands?! Jon just kept staring at their joined hands until Dany spoke.

Look at how vulnerable they look on the boat once she opens the door! He took off his direwolf armour and she’s not wearing her dragon brooch. Both have shed their titles for this scene. He’s not the King in The North or The White Wolf and she’s not the Rightful Queen of the Seven Kingdoms or The Dragon Queen. They’re just Jon and Dany. Nothing more, and nothing less. Just two souls in love, reaching for one another. 

it’s a beautiful acceptance of a wordless … yep - Emilia Clarke

It’s easy to compare ourselves to our idols. Here is why you should not do that: 

Today I saw an ask on my dash. It went: “I love (popular YA author’s) writing! But my writing is so bad, I’ll never write like (popular YA author).”

The writing blog who answered did so with grace and encouragement. But my first thought was Good. Because frankly, I’ve read (popular YA author’s) work, and I didn’t like it. No matter what I read by (popular YA author) I just can’t get into it. So hearing someone say they would never write like that, all I could think was Great News, I Will Probably Like Your Writing

Just remember, for everything you do that reads nothing like an author you admire, there will be readers thinking oh thank god. 

So don’t let it get to you, friends. 

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If you fancy it, maybe the house of Finwë for the clone-fucking meme. It seems like your cup of tea, in the nicest way possible :-)

I was gonna do this with art but I ran into the ‘which dark haired mopey-looking fucker is which?’ issue so….

  • I don’t want to fuck my clone because it would be gay sex and I’m not gay - Turgon
  • I’m not gay, but I would actually totally fuck my clone - Maglor
  • ‘I’m gay, but I still don’t want to fuck my clone, that’s gross and weird’ - Gil-Galad
  • ‘I don’t want to fuck my clone because my self-loathing is THAT strong’ - Maedhros 
  • ‘I’d totally fuck my clone because I want to know if I’m good in bed’ - Fingon
  • ‘I’d fuck my clone because who would know better how to fuck ME than ME?’ - Celegorm
  • ‘I’d totally do all sorts of weird things to my clone I’d be embarrassed to ask someone else to do’ - Caranthir
  • ‘To be honest, fucking my clone has always been my fantasy’ - Galadriel
  • ‘It’s basically the same as masturbating, right? So no big deal’ - Aredhel
  • ‘It’s not the same as masturbating; it’d be like having sex with your twin. Wrong and bad!’ - Elrond
  • ‘I would not have sex with my clone because what if my clone is evil’ - Celebrimbor
  • ‘Not only would I have sex with my clone, I’d probably make a bunch of clones and just get it on with all of them at once because that’s how pro-clone fucking I am’ - Finrod

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Cami.... Are you ok? It's like everyday you get even more angry (at least I think) I'm getting kinda worried about you 😥

A person can only take so much BS…

Especually when people lacks empathy towards me. Acussing me of false things.

Cus if you have a dude who’s like a stick on your butt, you can’t really ignore it. And when you answer people go with a counter argument and add something else to the table like.

Wow you shouldn’t have answered like that!


Is this how you handle the situation? Unbelieveable.

And now you don’t have only 1 stick up your butt, now you have 2. The initial argument and the guy who tells you that you’re rude for responding in a certain way.

And go on and on and on. Now these people usually don’t have a stick. They have the entire tree trunk up their butt and they think they’re doing the right thing by adding more problems to the situation instead of treating them by one.

I think the only times I used “rude” words in my answers was to, describe the situation in general or a group of people in general. But never to one person specifically.

Because I like to treat people woth as much respect as I can possibly do. I either sound rude because I’m joking. I love sarcasm, is like my favorite way of humor. And most of the times I don’t mean my sarcasm, is just a lot of fun to read. But the people that have a trunk up their butt will take offense. And make a huge deal about it and cry harder than a 5 years old kid that can’t get the toy they want in the supermarket.

And this is not regarding “THE ISSUE” is regarding everything else.

So, whenever I’m done saying my point of view AND answering everyone’s counter-argument. I’ll probably start joking about it since I have nothing else to say in the matter and I hate repeating myself.

Not because I’m “RUUUDEEE” but because I’ve already answered everyone

stopping for gas (1306 words)

based on the snippets of footage from 13x03 we’ve already seen, here come the angsty scenes between dean and jody you never wanted (but they were in my head nevertheless so now you can suffer, too!!)

having jody sit next to him in the impala has to be one of the strangest experience dean has ever had to live through. she doesn’t fit naturally like sam who spent most of his life in this car; she doesn’t have the same terrifying yet calming presence that cas has.

used to have. he chokes back tears. no use thinking about that now.

they’ve been silent almost the whole drive – what started as a forced conversation about the case soon became an uncomfortable silence. thankfully jody doesn’t ask, doesn’t press, just accepts dean’s unwillingness to talk and scribbles down some notes for the case.

still, it’s different. her presence reminds him of everything that went wrong in the last few weeks: sam taking off with jack, jack being there, having no leads on his mom, and cas –

well, cas.

at this point, he’s too tired to even think about it. it’s like running the same laps for years before finally collapsing and giving up; he won’t reach the finish line anyway. not that there ever was a finish line, because a happy end has never been an option for them.

he taps on the steering wheel and sighs. jody looks up and frowns at the fuel gauge. “we should probably stop soon,” she says. “we’re almost out of gas. i thought you’d take better care of your lady.”

it’s a joke, it’s a joke, it’s a joke, he knows this when he grips the wheel tighter. “i know,” he answers curtly. i haven’t taken care of anything the last few weeks would be the better answer; i couldn’t.

the truth is, as pathetic as it is, stopping for gas used to be easier when not everything reminded you of your dead – whatever. he knows it’s bullshit, he knows that all these gas’n’sips aren’t out there to hunt him down, to mock him, to remind him of one of the worst mistakes he’s ever made, but somehow his brain and his heart don’t connect all that well these days.

sam has taken care of filling up baby the last few weeks and every single time dean had sat in the front seat, hands curled so tight around the wheel that they started to hurt by the time sam went to pay.

thinking about the time he let cas go when he was his most vulnerable, without – almost – without a second thought, he wonders how different it would have been if cas had just been able to stay. how different they would have been.

maybe cas would still be human. hunting with them. being with dean (in every sense of the word). at the very least, he probably wouldn’t be dead, stabbed in the back because he thought that he isn’t worth anything to anyone.

because dean never told him. anything.

he almost misses the next gas station because he’s too lost in thought – if not for jody’s disapproved humming, he probably would have.

then, he just sits there, frozen in place.

asking sam – or rather, commanding him – to fill up the tank had been easy. sam knows that asking questions is futile. jody? not so much. the most terrifying thing is, he probably would answer if jody asked the right questions.

when he feels jody’s gaze on him he knows he’s been silent too long for it to not be weird. he’s pathetic.

“you okay, friend?”

and there it is, the million dollar question.

no would be the easiest and the hardest answer.

“could you, um,” he says instead. “would you mind filling up the tank?” please don’t ask, please don’t ask, please don’t ask. “i got cash,” he continues and pulls out his wallet. jody puts a hand on his arm.

“i got this,” she says. “but would you mind telling me why you want me to do this?” of course she would ask.

dean takes a deep breath. “never mind,” he panics and is out of the car in one swift motion. jody sighs and gets out of the car, too.

“dean,” she says forcefully when he fumbles with the gas pump. she sounds so scarily like a mom – not his mom per se, which makes it even worse – that he can’t help but stop and listen to her. he’s terrified.

“i don’t… want to say that i know what you’re going through. because i don’t. but i want to say that i’m there for you. for whatever you want to tell me. trust me, i’ve got two teenage girls at home, whatever it is that’s eating you up it can’t be worse than this.”

i bet it could, he thinks and for a moment he contemplates just breaking down and emptying his heart out right here, right then, in this dingy gas’n’sip, but he can’t. if he breaks down, he’s done for good and that’s not an option.

he tries the next best thing. “cas used to work here,” he says. “i mean, not here specifically, but – you know.”

jody’s face softens and he wants to cry. “oh, dean,” she says, slowly approaching him and taking the fuel hose out of his hands. when she pats him on the back, his entire body tenses and relaxes at the same time. “i’m sorry.”

they fill up the tank, dean just standing next to her, helplessly – he doesn’t know what to say and he isn’t entirely sure what she may already know.

“i wish i could have met him,” she says after a few moments, cautiously. “you should have brought him over to dinner sometime.”

it’s not an accusation, far from it; it’s more an acknowledgment of everything dean can’t say. he swallows. the thing is, he would have loved to bring him over to dinner. his mom is gone right now and the truth is that she was gone long before that – jody is the closest thing he ever had to a mother.

although it wouldn’t have meant anything, he would have loved to bring him over. fake it for one night. just one. “yeah,” he agrees hoarsely. it’s getting harder and harder to choke back his tears.

“well, maybe you can make good for that when he comes back.” she smiles. he wants to object, wants to say he won’t come back, but she doesn’t let him, already knowing what he’s about to say. “aww, come on, don’t be like that. you know i saw my own son come back from the dead. and you two brother have died more times than i can count. nothing’s final. you just have to have confidence.”

she doesn’t say hope nor faith, and he’s eternally grateful for that. she also doesn’t expect an answer which makes his heart swell up even more.

“alright, i’m gonna go pay,” she says. “you want any snacks?”

he shakes his head and watches her shrug and make her way to the building before surprising himself and saying: “wait!”

she stops in her tracks and turns around. “you’re worse than alex,” she says. “what do you want?”

he can’t say anything; if he says something, he’ll cry, and that’s not an option. instead, he takes the few steps and pulls her into a hug. she needs a moment before leaning into the hug, putting his arms around him and embracing him firmly.

“it’s going to be okay,” she says softly. “you can tell me anything when we get out of here, okay?”

he nods. his face is probably a grimace by now, strained from the efforts not to cry, but the prospect of maybe – just maybe – telling jody everything is making it harder to bear all the shit that’s currently going on in his life.

after a few seconds, she pulls out of the hug and nods towards him. “i’m gonna bring some ice cream,” she says. “the monsters can wait.”

BTS Reactions: Getting Mad/Making Up


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If you do something bad enough to make Jin truly angry, it’s something that’s been building bit by bit for a long time. He’d yell some nonspecific phrase (like “I can’t take this anymore!”), then stop talking to you completely. The best way to let Jin know you’re truly sorry and want to fix it is with small kind actions. Make him a cup of tea, or iron his shirt, or rub his shoulders. Eventually, he’d look up and smile at you, or take your hand and kiss it; neither of you would say anything, but you’d know things were okay. There will be a talk about the issue… just not right now.

Namjoon/Rap Monster

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Namjoon would catch himself right as he started to raise his voice, then take a couple of steps back and a couple of deep breaths. He’d get you to sit back-to-back with him and link arms while you discussed whatever had caused the argument, because he read on the internet that physical contact without eye contact can help you resolve problems. Above all, he’d do his best to listen and address your concerns, as long as you did the same. “See, we can talk these things out. Do you feel better now?”


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Being a passionate person, Yoongi is the type to really air out whatever’s bothering him, and he’ll probably start shouting if it goes on for too long. He’d realize he was losing his temper, though, and probably go to another room or walk around the block to calm down. When he was sure he wasn’t going to yell any more, he’d come back and sit beside you on the couch and bump you affectionately with his shoulder until you looked at him. Yoongi isn’t the kind for elaborate apologies, but when he looks you in the eyes and says “I’m sorry,” you’ll know he means it.


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Hoseok doesn’t like direct confrontation. If you did something to make him angry, he’d just shut down. He’d reply with one-word answers or noncommittal noises, because he isn’t sure how to express what he’s feeling and would rather act like everything is fine than have an argument. Making up with Hobi would be pretty easy, though; you’d just have to hug him and say “I’m really, really, really sorry I hurt you.” Be warned: he’ll probably cry a little when he says “I know, I’m sorry too!” 


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Angry Taehyung would get his digs in with sarcasm rather than yelling or directly talking about what’s bothering him. “Oh, it’s fine that you were late coming home three times this week– I always love sitting at the table by myself.” You’d really have to press him to get him to admit something is wrong. Once he drops the defense of being a smartass, though, he’d be really open about his emotions. “I get lonely when you’re not here, and you aren’t here a lot. I was wrong to act like that. Can we figure out a way to make this easier on both of us?”


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A fight with Jimin would turn into a parade of self-abuse on his part. He’s more insecure than he appears on the surface, and he would immediately get defensive. “If I’m so untrustworthy, then why are you even with me?” In this case, you would be the one to walk out, but he’d be ready to actually talk when you got home– and there would be a frankly ridiculous amount of flowers and candy lying around when you got there. Jimin would write his apology: “I love you, and I’ll do whatever I can to make you happy again. Forgive me?”


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Poor Jungkook, he’d get really irritated really fast and say something hurtful before he stormed out. He processes his anger physically, so he’d go knock around a punching bag or a sparring dummy, or run on the treadmill, or do push-ups, until he exhausted himself. This might take hours, but when he finished, he’d come and find you, wherever you were. You wouldn’t care that he got you all sweaty when he hugged you from behind and whispered, “Let’s not fight anymore, okay?” Prepare to sit still– he wouldn’t want to let you go for a while.

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Hello! I was wondering if you weren't busy and if you don't mind, could you write a fic where Bruce walks in on Jason and Tim kissing or something like that and they have to come up with an excuse?

Tim’s laying on top of Jason, pressing him into the blankets with his whole body. His hands wrap around Jason’s wrists and pin them to the bed while his tongue licks at Jason’s bottom lip, light and quick and gone as soon as Jason reaches for it. Jason tries to chase after Tim’s mouth but Tim pulls up, away, smiling, and Jason whines. A little. Maybe.

Tim keeps doing that, teasing, over and over until Jason is squirming, feet tangling in the sheets and he’s panting, making these desperate little noises that he really can’t be assed to be embarrassed about, especially when Tim finally, finally leans down and stays there, tongue falling into Jason’s mouth and Jason groans happily.

Tim kisses him, and kisses him, and Jason hasn’t ever felt so perfectly blissful in his entire life.

And then the door creaks open, and the bliss is instantly gone. In its place now is dread, and fear, and Jason didn’t think he was truly afraid of anything anymore, but suddenly there’s Bruce, standing in the doorway, looking at them with wide eyes and Jason panics. He tosses Tim off of him and jumps up from the bed.

“Um, hey! Bruce. B. B-man. We were, uh, practicing CPR. You know, brushing up on the old life-saving skills. Super important. Okay, I’ll see you, bye!”

And then Jason runs out of Tim’s room, out of the manor.


“Mouth-to-mouth resuscitation practice?” Dick crosses his judging arms over his judging chest and looks at Jason with his stupid, judging face. “Really? That’s what you went with?”

“…Tim told you?”

“Yeah, he came and asked me why you were such an idiot about it.”

“He did not.”

“I swear, those were his exact words.”

Jason groans, a weak, pathetic sound. He rubs his face. His stupid, idiotic face. “Is he mad?”

Dick tilts his head. “Not mad, exactly. He was a little pissed you left him on the floor-”

“Oh, god.”

“Way to go, by the way. Really nice.”

“I panicked!”

“But why?

“I- I… don’t know,” Jason sighs.

“Well, figure it out and then go talk to Tim about it,” Dick says. “And then maybe Bruce.”

Jason grimaces. “So I’m guessing he didn’t buy the CPR thing?”

Dick laughs.


Jason finds Tim in his bedroom, sitting on the bed with his computer in his lap, typing away. He glances up from his work as Jason enters.

“Careful,” Tim warns with exaggerated concern, “Bruce is home. He might see you in here.”

“I know.”

“Oh, so brave.” 

Jason comes up next to the bed and asks, “Can I sit?”

Tim keeps typing, not giving an answer one way or an another, so Jason stays standing.

“I’m sorry, Tim.”

The clicking of the keys stops and Tim sighs. He closes his laptop and sets it aside. He looks up at Jason, his hair messy and baggy clothes rumpled, like he’s been sitting right there working for hours, days, non-stop. He probably has.

“What the fuck happened, Jason?” He doesn’t sound very angry, just… confused. Irritated.

“I panicked,” Jason says, again, because that’s the only way he can think to describe it. He’s been trained to think before he acts, even when he only has a split-second to make a decision. But he wasn’t thinking when he pushed Tim away.

“That’s not really an answer, Jay.” Tim scoots over to make room and pats the open space.

Jason takes the invitation and sits down. “I know, I’m sorry. I just. I saw Bruce and in my head I heard everything he might say, and I. Couldn’t. I couldn’t stay and hear him say it out loud.”

“What did you think he was going to say?” Tim asks.

Jason forces his teeth to unclench. Swallows. “That… that I’m not any good for you, and that I should leave and stay away and. And we just recently got to a point where Bruce doesn’t glare at me every time I come over, or watch me like he thinks I’m suddenly going to freak out and shoot everyone. I don’t want to go back to that- or worse, not be allowed in the manor at all.”

Tim is silent for a minute, and then, “You want to know what he said to me after you ran out?”

Jason doesn’t move, doesn’t speak. He’s scared to hear it.

Tim says it anyway. “He asked me if there was anything he needed to be worried about, and I told him no, and he accepted it. Then he asked me if I was happy, and I said yes, and he accepted that, too.”

“He did?” Jason asks, and his voice comes out too soft.

“Yeah.” Tim smiles. “And then he told me to wipe the spit off my chin before I came down for dinner.”

Jason laughs, startled, and a little disbelieving. He looks at Tim’s chin. He wants to kiss it. “I’m sorry for throwing you on the floor.”

Tim moves, quick and strong, and when Jason blinks his eyes open again he’s on the floor, on his back, and Tim is straddling him, looking down at him triumphantly. “There. Now we’re even,” he says, and then he leans down and kisses Jason.

“The door is still open,” Jason reminds him.

“I don’t care. Do you?”

“No,” Jason answers. He pulls Tim down for another kiss.

Stages of heartbreak: When they leave without an explanation.

Heartbreak is probably the most painful thing anyone can possibly go through. It could have been a fling, or a long term relationship, but the brash reality that the person doesn’t want you anymore is absolutely mind changing and you’ll probably spend the next 6 months wondering what the hell is wrong with you.

But the reality is, there is nothing wrong with you and you couldn’t have done anything different. I can tell you this right now and your friends can tell you this when you’re crying in your room at 2 am wondering how this happened and your mom can tell you this when she asks why you’ve been so down lately after you were on such a high because of a single human being. Don’t even bother asking him “why?” Because you will never get the real answer. It’s really scary how much a single person can effect you.

I’m not going to say that “everything happens for a reason” because that’s the last thing you’ll want to hear right now.

“Well, what’s the reason?”

And really, no one can tell you that except time itself and that’s the worst possible advice ever.

Having your heartbroken is so tragic, but so beautiful. And I know that sounds sick and twisted and that’s probably because it is. It’s like saying someone died and how beautiful the death was. But it’s crazy the way the mind works.

A friend of mine studying psychology told me that psychologically, the mind tends to remember scent more than anything else. More than touch, more than sight, I don’t know what it is about it, and neither did she.

You’ll catch yourself remembering the smell of his cologne when you buried your head into his neck. And maybe you’ll remember the smell of his car where you ended up in the back seat one too many times. It’s all mind games, just like how he played you.

And you don’t deserve games.

“Why can’t everything be easy?”

If he was easy, if your situation was easy, you wouldn’t have wanted him as bad as you did. The sad reality is that we always want the people we can’t have. And we always want the people who don’t want us. And then when someone finally comes around and treats us the way we deserve, it’s “creepy” or “annoying.”

But it’s not at all. We’re so used to being used and treated like we’re like any other girl who will do anything to be with someone. But you’re NOT that girl. He must have you confused with someone else if he thinks you’ll take any shit he throws at you.

If he doesn’t want you anymore, fuck him. He’s missing out on something truly incredible. You’re incredible, and just because one dumb-ass guy doesn’t realize it, doesn’t mean your anything less. You’re going to wish you regretted everything that happened between the two of you, but you won’t. And you’re going to hate it.

It’s almost scary how much a person can change your life in such a short amount of time. And you’ll never really understand it until you go through something so real and raw that you feel his imaginary fingertips trailing down your spine at 3 am when you’re laying in bed wide awake staring at your ceiling and asking anyone in the world who is listening to your thoughts why he had to do this because he was “so different.” And maybe he was different, but maybe he just wasn’t for you.

You’ll still feel the burning in your stomach whenever you see him, and you may spend some nights crying into your pillow while blaring the playlist he made you called “songs that remind me of you” as loud as you can and then you’re going to realize, through all the tears, that everything he said was absolute bullshit and that you were so used. And then you’re going to regret everything that happened between the two of you and every time someone tells you that “you’re over reacting” and “it was a learning experience,” you’re going to want to puke. Just do it honestly, I don’t blame you.

You’re not over reacting, and you’re not obsessed, and anyone who tells you that doesn’t know what it’s like. People think you can switch your feeling like a light switch, but it reality, you can’t. And you’ll learn that. And it’ll suck.

The good news is that you will be past the stage of being depressed and you’ll be into the stage of complete anger.

Deleting pictures and texts won’t get rid of the memories so don’t even try. He may delete anything that ever showed you guys had any contact with each other, but don’t do it. You don’t have to.

A piece of advice is to avoid wearing your heart on your sleeve and expressing your emotions to just anyone. I know it sounds awful, but people will take advantage of the drama and somehow it will be made into a huge ordeal and trust me, that’s the last thing you’ll want.

Don’t talk to him, I know you’ll want to come up with every excuse in the book as to why you have to text him and it’s all out of routine, but don’t put yourself through that for your own sake.

Eventually, with time, you’ll come to the realization suddenly when you see him talking about his music with that glimmer in his eyes he gets when he talks about something he loves and you just won’t feel it. You won’t even realize it until you don’t have the urge to stare at the way his lips move and the way his lips will curve into the little half smile he does.

At that point, you’ll see that you could live without him.

There will be times you’ll see him with other girls or people will bring up what the two of you had and claim they know “exactly what happened” and it’ll be so fucking infuriating and you’ll want to go through the stage of crying whenever you even saw him again, but you don’t want him, because you know he’s not what you deserve. And it’s a weird concept to understand, but you’ll get there eventually.

And then, he’ll be out of your life for good with a final goodbye when he graduates with a “good luck with everything! Keep in touch!” But you know you’ll never talk to him again. And it’ll be a sad reality at first, but it’s something you need. You’re never going to get the closure you want. There’s no point in asking for an explanation even months after the fact. But you don’t need closure anyway, you just need time. The point is, he’s just a person, he just happened to change a lot of things, now it’s time for you to take those changes and broken pieces he left for you to handle on your own, and fix them.

—  Things I wish I knew when going through it
John Murphy Imagine: Back

Not requested but inspired by @aya-fay

Summary: After Murphy ran away from grounders reader takes care of him. The next day when nearly whole camp gets sick reader does as well. Once she’s better she reassures Murphy that it’s not his fault and finally reveals how she feels about him.

Word Count: 1569

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“He’s back!” Harper bursted into our shared tent interrupting my peaceful moment since I was silently lying on my back starring at the ceiling.

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[The truth behind Asian Media and Entertainments]

Hello guys. Long time no see haha x But now I’m back with a fresh material.

Not really an analysis about ChanBaek but it directly touches them too.

So, many fans ask me about relationships announced by the companies, mostly by SM Entertainment and I’ve always answered that those are practically stunts or cover ups for this or that issue.

Today, I was reading a really interesting interview and wanted to share with you all as well; the one who answered the questions works under one of the Asian Entertainment companies as well. From her answers I concluded that she’s probably a long time trainee, staff manager or maybe PR manager. As she just answers, without revealing her idientity, nationality or any other personal information, I think we can be sure of this article which touches not only the issue mentioned above, but also things like idol’s behaviour and image on stage, what are they allowed/what not, and so on.

Lets go~

1 Question; Is everything scripted? What idols say on interviews are scripted?

Answer: Not all the time. Expected and general questions are usually half scripted; half scripted because we only say the gist of what they have to say, we don’t require them to memorize everything, of course. This is for PR (public relations) purposes. It’s for their image and the image of the company. The artists know it anyway, that they have to keep their reputation good no matter what. Also, it’s the company’s decision if the artist will have to keep quiet about a certain topic.

2 Question: Are idols really packaged? Aren’t they showing their true personalities?

Answer: Not all the time.We only do this to artists who are considered important for the company, or the company’s favorites. One example is this actor-singer under our company, we debuted him with a manly image, a lady’s man type (because he really is handsome and looks manly). But in real life, he’s actually gay. There were scandals about him being gay because he was caught two times (he’s so stubborn about going out at night, I’ll talk about this later), 1st; with another actor of the same company, 2nd; with a male singer from the same company, but our company remained silent about it (it’s actually a strategy as well; keeping silent about scandals, because we refrain from talking about it, then people will forget about it eventually).

So the company continued on giving him projects as if no scandal has ever happened. The journalist who reported both incidents later apologized in public, she/he received a lot of hate actaully because the public really loves this guy whom they truly believe is straight. There’s also this one singer whom we debuted as a ‘’sexy-type’’ lady. But she’s actually the girly and shy type in real life.

3 Question: Does the company have control over everything involving the artist?

Answer: Basically yes, since the artist has to ask permission before doing anyting that company didn’t ask them to do. Like, even if the artist has free time, they still have to ask for permission if they can have a vacation on a certain place, or if they can hang out with this person. There are artists who are stubborn about asking for permissions actually, they sneak in and do what they want. Because of their stubborness, scandals may arise (it happened with a few artists actually, like I mentioned earlier). If that artist is very important for the company, we still keep him/her even if he/she is very stubborn. But of course, we will warn him/her, but we will offer some benefits for them to obey and stay with the company. If the artist is not so important, we will have to ask him/her the question ‘’This or the company/contract/career?’’

So yeah, company’s favorites are pretty much treated very differently than the others.

4 Question; Is fake dating really a thing/marketing strategy?

Answer: Yes. If we see that a lot of people love seeing them together, then we will show what the public wants to see. But we mostly do this to create hype for both artists and their future activities, and of course, the profit that the company can get from it. How about the fans who would be brokenhearted?This will be bad for both artists. Honestly and unfortunetly, the company doesn’t care. It’s true that we consider all publicity, as good publicity. We actually have this phrase: success from scandal. After the scandal (any kind of scandal) arose, we will not bring that up ever again. We’ll continue giving the artist their activities to still promote them and proceed as if nothing happened. This is very effective actaully.

5 Question: But why would they do this? They’re already famous, right?

Answer: Because we only use the ‘’reporting/confirming a fake relationship strategy’’ for artists who are already famous. We will never get the attention we want if we suddenly report that there are two not-so-famous artists dating.

In conclusion: here’s a famous saying. ‘’truth is stronger than fiction’’ which is true in so many different cases. Remember that NOT EVERYTHING shown is TRUE especially about celebrities who are under a contract with very big companies and agencies. We will never truly know the full truth about these artists, especially their true feelings, personalities, relationships, sexuality and their private life. As for BaekYeon and KaiStal and others, as the Chinese insider info was posted and confirmed in 2012, stated they were practiced in the entertainment industry, there’s a high possibility that the couples are fake.

There’s also possibility that they’re real and SM just took advantage of it, but it’s less likely. But we will never know if they actaully felt something for each other or not. Maybe they did fall in love with each other, or are single, maybe they actually have other romantic relationships that the public doesn’t know. Once again, I have nothing against SM, any people, any ships. The sole purpose of this is to be eye opener for those who aren’t familiar with the media and entertainment industry in Asia. I’m not claiming that everything I said is hundred percent evident and true in all of the companies, but everything I said is a common practice in Asia and is true os my country and our company. What I said is true and is based on my experiences. I didn’t include links, pictures, other proofs because I don’t want to give in my idientity, nationality and the company I work in. I’m a lazy but a busy person, I wouldn’t waste my free time writing this if they were all lies. But I know there are still people who will choose not to believe, but who am I to force you? Just remember that media and entertainment industry is very manipulative. Don’t let the media control and fool you. There are many studies, research and theories regarding the media and its efforts on the public (when I was in college, we memorized a lot of theories regarding media and its effects, just search about it if you’re interested, you’ll understand media even more. And even though media has negative effect on the public, they will still continue with their doings. Because it’s business. It’s the industry. It involves money.

-Credits to the owner-

Translate from Korean language to English by: yeolspuppy

Grammar edition and correction by: yeolspuppy 

So guys, this is it. I’ve mentioned this all many times and I hope at least now you’ll understand that not everything you see on your screens is true. Because it’s showbiz,

SHOWbiz SHOW + BUSINESS = a dirty industrial field where wealthy people that own this or that company and agency use idols in their own interests, control them, and keep the artists as money creating machines. SHOW and DO A BUSINESS. The word itself says it all, don’t you think so? They show what you are eager to see and in conclusion, they earn money. This is not a place for feelings, for emotions. SM Entertainment, YG Entertainment….. Exactly.

E N T E R T A I N M E N T. 

These people working under such big companies try hard and work their asses off every day to make a show, to entertain all your fantasies about your idol, to make useless merch with this or that popular idol’s/group’s name, just to make fans buy it. Scandals as well. Attention is what they need.

So tell me, what could catch your attention more than scandals and rumors that involve your favorite idol? I’ve said it a lot and gonna repeat it now too; as you see the relationships that are revealed by a company are nothing more but stunts. They pop out to trigger fans, to make them furious. That’s how a certain agency balances the popularity and the ratings of a certain idol.

It’s like: They talk a shit about the artist? They are furious, they are interested? = they remember the artist. The artist is needed. The artist is still able to attract people and help the company to get money. 

As long as this strategy works and the artist is popular among people, the company puts all the efforts to “sell” his image. When it stops working, because the certain artist already old, the concerts are less, the profit goes down, they just throw him/her away as well used handkerchief.

This is one of the biggest reasons why suicide, self harming, narcotics and drug overdose is widely spread among the popular artists and idols. We all are human and not everyone can be strong enough to go through all of this difficulties and stay in his mind.

As I started the article, I’ve mentioned that this all directly touches ChanBaek too because they’re idols as well and everything said above revolves around them too. Baekhyun already went through one scandal, which as we can conclude was fake publicity-stunt as well, and it’s not impossible that Chanyeol or any other EXO member (solo idols, artists, members of other groups) can be involved in that kind of scandal in future too. 

Of course, it might not happen, but better be aware and not be surprised or hurt. 

Remember, that it’s only for the media.

Don’t turn away from your idol, it’s hard for him to participate in it too, it’s hard for him to hurt you and disappoint you too. Instead, give him support and believe in what YOU see and YOU analyze, not in what the media and the companies feed you.

Remember, that it’s showbiz, where everything they do is kind of performance, a theater, where the actors are, sadly, your idols.

Remember, that relationships are real ONLY if the idols talked about it at least ONCE too, not only their agency.

Remember to have your OWN beliefs and follow them. The company doesn’t reveal your idol’s sexuality, but

Remember that not everyone can be straight and fit in your standards. I know most of my readers are ChanBaek shippers, so please guys;

Don’t leave the fandom if you see something that you don’t like.

Don’t jump into conclusions, no matter what you hear.

Don’t turn you back away, if ever any scandal happens with them, because then they’ll need us most. It’s okay to have doubts, but remember that your doubts are YOUR doubts and they don’t define reality. Love and believe regardless of the situation :)

With love, Lil (yeolspuppy) xx.

[If you post my translation of the interview and my views, please give credits. Thank you].

let’s remember that isak has no idea what went down with mikael. he tried to mention him last season, and even didn’t seem particularly affected, he joked about him being the former man of his life, and then reminded isak that he was the only one. perhaps after seeing the picture on sana’s computer he briefly mentioned him again, and even was very good at dodging the question, but once again it didn’t seem like too big of a deal. isak probably just got very curious about this, but not in the way, let’s say, we are. because he doesn’t know as much as we do, he doesn’t know how much this all might’ve meant to even. to him, it’s just this little one thing that he thinks doesn’t matter anymore now, but isak is very curious, isak likes to find out, get answers when he wants them. it’s understandable that he’d feel at least a little curious about this 

ideally, he wouldn’t ask sana about this and he’d find out everything through even. but once again, i think he probably views this one (in his opinion, little) information he wants to have as something that’s not really important, because if he did, i doubt he’d approach sana that way, casually and with humor. the thing is that isak has had this seed planted in his head since wednesday, and it’s become this itch he wants to scratch. he just wants to know for the sake of knowing, not to start or trigger anything and turn this into something bigger. he and even are doing very well at the moment, they’re living their life and enjoying themselves and still loving each other very much. isak is not doubting any of that at all, he’s just looking to quench his curiosity 

Well, Shit. (A Voltron Fanficition Chapter 10)

Hey everyone! Thanks for the love and support, this is sadly the final chapter of this story! Enjoy! 

Want to read from the beginning? Here you go!

The day has come for Lance will the procedure kill him or save him from the last of Prince Lotor’s influence?

Chapter 10: Well, Fucking Hell.

Everyone stared at Allura in stunned silence for a shocked minute before they all started yelling at once.

WHAT THE FUCK ALLURA?!” Keith shouted.

“WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?!” Pidge shouted, outraged.

“NO WAY I WILL NOT ALLOW THAT!” Hunk shouted, panicked.

Princess, PLEASE explain!” Shiro begged.

The only one who didn’t say anything was Lance who was still absorbing Allura’s statement.

Allura raised a hand and everyone calmed their voices and became silent, Lance doing everything he could to focus on Allura’s words.

“When I say Lance needs to die, I mean he needs to be in a death-like state.” Allura said, sighing.

“Quintessence is life energy, Lance’s quintessence has been changed from his time on Lotor’s ship. Each quintessence has its own unique signature which can be tracked if one knows that specific signature. But since quintessence is unique this is very difficult to do unless you know that signature very well. So we need to strip Lance of his quintessence, much like the Galra do to planets. We’ll be getting rid of the majority of it. However taking life energy like that will kill him, which is why we’re not taking all of it… just most of it.” Allura stated.

“That’s where the danger comes in.” Coran said, “It is an extremely fine line between leaving a small amount of quintessence in Lance and outright killing him.” Coran said, face grim.

“Yes that’s the danger. After we take his quintessence it will be replaced by quintessence from the Blue lion.” Allura said, “In the battle with Zarkon, Voltron’s quintessence was stolen from its body. But you were quickly able to recover your energy despite this. That’s because while piloting your lions you share quintessence and when your lion needs quintessence you can use your own bodies to give it. It can also be done the other way. Your lions can provide you with quintessence when needed. So that’s what we’ll do.” Allura paused, “Of course we need to repair and allow the Blue lion to fully recover before doing this.”

Allura turned to Lance who had been silent through the whole discussion.

“Lance, this may not be our only option, it’s alright to say no. We can find another way.” Allura said sincerely.

Lance looked at her, blue eyes a little too wide for her liking before shaking his head.

“No, we’ll do it. After Blue has recovered. It’s the best way. And… I trust you. You guys definitely won’t kill me.” Lance said with a small smile.

“Alright.” Allura said. She wished she had as much faith in herself as Lance did in her.

She looked at the rest of the team, faces grim and pale but no one disagreed.

The team helped Lance into the healing pod and like Allura said he was only in there for half an hour. The work on Blue began right away once Lance was recovered. Lance did most of his own maintenance but Pidge and Hunk silently helped him since the damage was rather severe. He knew they didn’t like this plan, the look on their faces said so but neither of them disagreed. So they helped to make sure that Blue was in top shape so that everything went as smoothly as possible.

The Castle was never in one place for long. Now knowing how Lotor found Lance was good. Every day they were in another galaxy, wormholing in a haphazard way so that no one would be able to catch up. The strain it put on Allura was clearly showing but she rested more often to maintain her stamina, needing to be at her best for Lance.

Lance couldn’t really think of anything, just hearing Allura say those words made him numb.

Well first you’ll need to die.

His chest tightened at the thought. Lance had never feared dying when in a desperate situation, it was a quick thought or a moment of realization. But now he had time to think and his only thought was I don’t want to die. It made him wonder, what was dying like? Was it like falling asleep? Was it painful? But he kept reminding himself, he wasn’t going to actually die. He trusted Coran and Allura to keep him alive and save the team. But doubt was at the back of him mind, he supposed that that was part of being human.

He stayed up late as he normally did now. He wondered if he would go back to sleeping once this was all over. Would he return to normal? Lance wasn’t sure. He couldn’t stop the thoughts in his head. It was useless to just worry by himself in his room. So he made his way to the deck and turned on the hologram, projecting Earth in front of his eyes surrounded by stars. He had done this many times before but it felt a little different now. Maybe because it might be the last time he saw it.

He was so absorbed in staring at the hologram that he barely registered Keith sitting down next to him, staring at the projection of Earth also. They didn’t say anything at first.

“Do you miss Earth?” Keith asked quietly.

“Yes, I do.” Lance said.

There was a silence.

“Do you?” Lance asked.

“I’m not sure, I miss somethings but I don’t really have a desire to go back either.” Keith said, sounding a little ashamed.

Lance smiled.

“That’s okay, man. You like space better then Earth, I get it.” Lance said with a smile.

Keith looked at Lance, a bit surprised before staring at the projection again.

“What do you miss about Earth?” Keith asked.

Lance was quiet for a bit before he answered.

“I miss the beach, the sound of the waves, my family, the way the fresh air smells. I miss the rain… I miss a lot of things.” Lance said sadly.

“But there are also things that I’ve seen in space that I wouldn’t trade for the world. Trees so big that they almost touch the sky. Crystals of so many sizes, shapes and colors. Strange foods and stranger people. You guys, laughing, crying, arguing and… talking like this. The experiences that I’ve gotten here… I wouldn’t trade for anything.” Lance finished.

Keith nodded.

“Are you scared?” Keith asked quietly.

“I’m terrified.” Lance admitted without any hesitation.

He surprised himself a little. Although it had become a lot easier to talk to Keith these last couple of weeks so maybe it was natural to admit that to him.  

“It’s okay to be scared.” Keith said.

Those words, for some reason hit Lance like a ton of bricks. Lance finally turned his head from the hologram to look at Keith, Keith looking back. Lance bit his lip, eyes filling with tears. He simply nodded. Keith put a gentle hand on Lance’s back, hard and firm and warm. Lance took in a deep breath, he knew he could cry, that it was okay to but he didn’t want to.

“You can tell me anything, buddy. If you want to that is.” Keith said.

Lance took a minute to breathe slowly before the words came tumbling out of his mouth.

“I’m scared. I’m scared that I might die. But I still want to do this. I do, really. It’s the best option but I’m still scared. I trust Coran and Allura to take care of me.” Lance took a breath.

“But what happens when you die? Do you go somewhere? Does it hurt? Is it like falling asleep? What happens? The questions just keep going through my head and then I think of…. Earth and everyone I left behind. If I die up here, they’ll never know. They probably think I ran away or was captured or dead but they’ll never know the truth and that’s. That’s really cruel. But at the same time maybe it’s better that way, for them to not know. But I don’t know… these thoughts just keep swirling around in my head and I just can’t stop.” Lance finished.

Keith rubbed his hand over Lance’s back, trying to comfort him because tears really were falling down his face now.

“I can’t answer any of those questions, Lance. I’m sorry. But all I can say to you, which might not be that comforting, is that I and everyone here, we’re here for you. Everything will be okay. We’re going to do our best to make sure everything is okay.” Keith said quietly.

Lance smiled.

“That’s actually more comforting than you think.” He said wiping his tears away.

He and Keith sat there. Keith’s hand never leaving Lance’s back as they stared up at the hologram of Earth in silence. Just sitting and watching.

The day came sooner than they all thought. Allura announced that morning that she and Coran were ready to perform the operation. Keith watched Lance grow pale before setting his jaw and nodding with determination. Keith hated this.

Allura and Coran moved equipment from the healing room to Blue’s hangar which had been repaired since Lance destroyed it. The Blue lion sat in her normal position, Lance leaning his head against her leg in vigil. But the action seemed to relax him and although Keith didn’t know all the details he knew that Lance was ‘talking’ with Blue.

Allura and Coran finished their preparations the rest of the team gathering around in support. They all looked nervously at Lance, not wanting to pull him away, not wanting to do this at all. But Keith took a breath, heart pounding painfully in his chest before walking over to Lance and gently putting a hand on his shoulder. Lance barely moved.

“We should get started.” Keith said quietly, sadly. He hated this.

Lance stayed with his head on Blue’s leg before pulling away slowly. He nodded.

“Yeah. Let’s do this.” Lance said, straightening.

To Keith surprise he didn’t look afraid. He looked determined. Lance made his way to the examination table which was also brought down with the other equipment and laid on it. Coran and Allura put wires and other devices on him, readying him for the life energy to be ripped out of him. Lance stared at the ceiling.

Once they were ready Allura came close to Lance’s face. She hesitated before putting a gentle hand on his face, cradling it and talking to Lance in a low voice.

“You can still back out of this if you want to Lance.” She said gently.

Lance smiled and shook his head lightly.

“No, we’ll do this. I trust you.” He said firmly.

Allura swallowed and nodded, withdrawing from Lance before explaining to him and everyone else what was going to happen.

“Alright. This machine will drain the quintessence from Lance’s body.” She pointed at the machine hanging above Lance. It looked like a floating light suspended by nothing and casting a blue glow down on Lance.

“When I activate it it will slowly drain the quintessence from Lance’s body. Coran and I will monitor his vitals and the amount we are taking. Right before Lance is completely drained we’ll stop the process and the Blue lion will give Lance quintessence to replace what he has lost.” Allura stated.

Lance spoke up softly, “This… Is this going to hurt?” He asked softly.

Keith heart gave a painful thud against his chest. He hated this.

Allura looked at Lance shocked before her eyes got glossy, shaking her head.

“It’ll be like falling asleep.” She said back, grabbing Lance’s hand and giving it a squeeze.

Lance looked at her and nodded. He laid his head back.

“Are you ready?” Coran asked softly.

Lance nodded, “Yes.” He closed his eyes.

Allura and Coran backed away from the table, the blue light growing brighter, completely engulfing Lance. Lance had his eyes closed and his breath got slower and slower. Keith hated this.

Shiro didn’t realize how agonizing this would be to watch. The process was slow and with each minute Lance’s breathing and heart got slower and slower, softer and softer. Shiro was barely able to take it. Allura and Coran watched the screen in front of them intently. Allura’s hand floating just above the button to stop the whole process, Shiro mentally begging her to hit it now.

He could feel the tension in Hunk coming off of his body in waves, fingers wiggling in a nervous dance. His face was pale and he was biting his lip. Keith wasn’t much better, although he paced behind all of them unable to keep back the nervous energy. Pidge was pale and like Shiro her eyes never strayed from Lance, watching his breath and she grew paler, if that was possible.

Soon it was getting to the line, that thin line that would either save Lance or kill him. Hunk stayed to watch Lance while Shiro made his way over to the screen and saw the numbers. He nearly gagged. Lance’s heart rate was impossibly low, struggling at a good 20 beats per minute which was amazing considering that his heart hadn’t given up yet. His breaths were even slower at an amazing 5 breaths per minute. Shiro didn’t want to scare Allura and Coran knowing they were concentrating but those numbers terrified him.

“Please, stop he’s nearly dead!” Shiro said in shock behind him, prompting the others to join him at the screen.

“Oh my god.” Pidge said, covering her mouth.

Neither Coran nor Allura moved.

Coran spoke very softly, “Just a bit more.” He said.

They turned their attention to the screen that monitored the quintessence. Five percent. But that number didn’t matter because the screens went haywire. Lance’s heart had stopped for the second time.

Allura hit the button so fast that it was almost lightning speed. She ran to the table, everyone following behind. Before they could get there the Blue lion came to life, stepping in their way. Everyone stopped not wanting to get crushed by her giant claws.

The Blue lion gently rested the tip of her nose against Lance’s forehead and the two of them began to glow. The glowing got so bright that they had to shield their eyes from the intensity. Suddenly, as quickly as it began it stopped. They blinked away the bright spots in their vision and the Blue lion stepped back from her paladin. They ran to him.

Allura grabbed his face. Shiro had his shoulder, Pidge his hand, Hunk his other hand and Keith grabbed a knee. Coran was watching the monitors with great intensity. They looked down at their companion, fearing they had killed him until Lance’s eyes flew open and he sucked in a huge breath.

They all cried out in relief. He looked at them all, a little shocked and confused.

“Hey guys!” Lance said with glee.

The team didn’t hesitant to fling themselves at Lance, hugging him close. Lance couldn’t breathe but he didn’t complain. He was back, they were safe and everything was going to be fine.

Things returned to normal, or as normal as a team of space protectors can get really. Lance went on patrols. Lance felt better and looked better. Everyone noticed. He began to eat normally again and sleep too. He was happier and healthier and overall was getting back to the Lance they all knew and loved. He still had scars and some hallucinations but those things wouldn’t disappear overnight, although one thing did.

They were in the middle of training with their shields, one of the protection exercises and they were about to start. But everyone turned when they heard Lance’s shield clatter to the floor. They saw Lance looking at his hands, blinking, shaking his head before finally staring at them. Shiro and Keith were closest and closed the distance between themselves and Lance in two steps. Hunk and Pidge quickly following.

“Hey, Lance, are you alright?” Shiro asked, worried.

“Is he having a stroke?” Pidge said half-joking and half-concerned.

“Lance?” Keith asked.

Finally Lance looked at all of them with such happiness that it rolled off of his body in waves. He was so excited that it took him several tries to articulate what exactly he wanted to say.

“I- I can see! I CAN SEE!” Lance shouted.

They all took a second to look at him in pure shock before Hunk had Lance by the waist, lifting him off the floor and doing a spin. They all shouted with glee. As soon as Lance was released he was attacked by Pidge hurling into him, nearly knocking him over, hug tight and he gave her an even tighter one back. Shiro was next catching Lance in a full frontal hug, Lance feeling very small next to him. But the man gave really good hugs, to Lance’s surprise. Keith was last, after Shiro was done he went up to Lance but hesitated for a moment, unsure what to do. Lance laughed and pulled the mullet into a tight hug, Keith arms wrapping themselves behind his back. It was nice, a little awkward sure but nice. They backed away before he was assaulted with questions.

“Can you see see or like only a little?” Pidge asked.

“Yeah did this happen suddenly or has it been gradual?” Shiro asked.

“Anything else seem new or different?” Hunk asked.

Lance laughed.

“So far I can only see a little, it’s been gradual and not anything else besides sleeping and eating like normal!” Lance answered dutifully.

After he realized that his left eye was getting better, it gradually did. After a week or two he was able to see out of it like before and the world seemed new again. It wasn’t like he was blind before but only being to see out of one eyes really cut him off from part of the world. He went on and on about how beautiful everything was and the team was so happy for him that they never complained. Lance’s scars became better as well, although they were still there they became fainter and Lance felt more like himself then he had in a long time.

Sometime Later…

Lance’s face appeared in the screen of the recording. He sat down in front of the camera, with new scars and a big smile.

“Hey there!” He said waving to the camera.

“I found this recording device on Blue a while ago, although I didn’t know what it did until a little bit ago when I asked Allura.” Lance scratched the back of his neck.

“What I just said probably doesn’t make a lot of sense without some context.” He said mostly to himself.

“Well guys, let start off first with the fact that I didn’t run away from the Garrison. I was kind of recruited by an alien to help defend the universe.” He smiled.

“That didn’t make much sense either.” He admitted.

He thought for a moment, looking at a corner before looking at the camera again.

“Well I’m the Blue paladin of Voltron and I defend the universe from bad guys with some really cool people.” Lance said with a big proud smile.

The End.


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A bouquet of daisies

For @zombiisheep as a continuation to this ficlet because of what they said

Give me all the soft, super self-conscious Harry. The Harry who is bad at dating because he hasn’t done it much and the Harry who has no confidence outside the field. Sure he can seduce anyone on a honey pot, but place him in a real date and he doesn’t know why someone would date him.

And then give me Eggsy making it his mission to show Harry all the reasons why he’s so amazing.

A bouquet of daisies

Eggsy sighs with contentment as he gets off of the plane and sees Harry waiting for him on the tarmac. His last mission didn’t go so bad, but one of the goon did get a lucky hit and his black eye means he’ll be confined to HQ for a bit if he doesn’t want to worry his mum.

Not that he thinks she doesn’t suspect he’s more than a simple tailor, but he sees no point in rubbing it in her face.

But if he can’t go home, getting to hug Harry first thing is a more than adequate substitute and he would feel bad to lean all his weight on him, but Harry just wraps a possessive arm around his waist and draws him a bit closer.

He spends a long time with his face just smashed against Harry’s collarbone, letting the smell of his cologne calm him that tiny bit more from the stress of his mission. It takes a moment before he realises that there is another scent around them, this one light and floral, before he notices that Harry is keeping his other arm at an awkward angle so they don’t crush the bouquet he’s holding.

“What’s this?”

“Ah,” Harry seems slightly embarrassed for some reason, but after a couple of months of dating, he knows better than to try and dismiss it. “It’s daisies. It’s for you.” He aborts a movement, probably because he wanted to offer him the bouquet but realised it would be impossible in their current position. “You mentioned you missed Daisy and were rather bummed you couldn’t see her straight away. I understand that the flowers are a rather poor substitute to actually being with your sister, but I- This was a stupid idea sorry. I’m ridiculous and-”

Before Harry can fall deeper into self-doubt and try to flee, Eggsy cups his cheeks with his hands and drags him down just enough so he can press their lips together without having to get on his tiptoe.

“You’re ridiculous if you think this is anything but the sweetest thing anyone has ever done for me. Seriously Harry, I know you don’t believe it, but you’re probably the most romantic guy I’ve ever dated.”

“I am?”

Eggsy rolls his eyes before giving him another kiss but still answers him truthfully. “Yeah, you are.”

It could get tiring having to reassure Harry all the time that he’s not fucking everything up between them, but the thing is, it’s not all the time. And if he sometimes gets into fits of anxiety, he always believes whatever Eggsy tells him because Eggsy never tries to be anything but honest. If he’s displeased about something, he’ll say and Harry has come to trust him.

And to be honest, Eggsy gets a little thrill in knowing that Harry Hart who could seduce the panties off of anyone’s granny (or gramps probably), gets all nervous about the simple fact of dating him. That even if he should know that Eggsy is completely gone on him, he still doesn’t take him for granted and worries about losing him to some imagined slight.

He gets a thrill whenever Harry realises he’s done good and offers him one of his brilliant smile, eye crinkled with profound affection, delighted at being the cause of his lover’s happiness.

Eggsy got no choice but to have a taste of that smile.

Can we at least pretend to be civilized?
We’re supposed to be civil?
Now, please… invite me in.
Come in before I change my mind.
You do realize that everyone hates you.
Tonight, we celebrate our truce.
So, you’re throwing a fake party in honor of a fake truce and your guest of honor is in a dungeon.
Have fun with that.
So, talk to me about this.
This is the ebb and flow of violence and tragedy.
What does it want?
You think this person might be at your party?
I’m counting on you to help me find them.
Speaking of which…
Late start to the day, ______?
Hi. Creepy.
Normal is boring.
Are you here to kill me?
My priorities have changed.
So, you know, one plus one equals captured.
I like her, for what it’s worth.
Well, you can make up for it by doing me a favor.
I don’t think I have a choice.
Well, you’ve outdone yourself.
I’m inclined to agree.
Violence must only be seen as a last resort, or it will only weaken our position.
Yes, well, I’m a creature of of very specific habits.
No bloodshed.
Bloodshed is inevitable.
And should any turmoil arise, should anyone dare to disrupt our kingdom, let them answer to me.
How the mighty have fallen. How the tables have turned. Still trying to find the right idiom.
You ransacked my place. Classy.
If you think that waving that blade around is gonna scare me, you’re more desperate than I thought.
Threatening my friends. That is… that is low.
So it’s just business with some pleasure.
Let this evening be a respite from past grievances and and an opportunity to forge new friendships.
Stiff drinks. Hot waiters. Seems like a cool shindig.
You got a plan?
It was a nice speech.
Well, your concern has been duly noted.
You positive this will work?
I always wondered what my parents might have been like, what they might have thought of me.
Might I suggest we begin before the evening ends?
You can start by locating our enemies.
You ready?
What does any of this mean? Our suspect is a hanged magician with a penchant for hanging swords?
Well, then by all means, let’s go find the viper in our midst.
This is the one.
I think I need to do this part alone.
You seem confident.
Remember the deal we made.
I spy a lady in need of accompaniment.
I’m so glad the lack of invitation didn’t deter you from attending.
You should try not to be so clingy.
Well, given your reputation, one can never be too careful.
You seem to have made up your mind about me.
Let’s start again.
You’re bluffing.
Go ahead, call my bluff. See how that works out.
I’m good at finding what I want.
And I would so hate to see you become their next blood sacrifice.
Of course, there is another way.
He’s either cutting a deal or killing somebody. Either way, we really ain’t got nothing to talk about.
You know, I can’t say I blame you.
Don’t try to justify what it is that you did: you know you were wrong.
Have all your battles been free of casualties?
You know, in my experiences, I’ve learned that survival comes at a price, just like love and family and basically anything else.
You probably tell yourself that because you haven’t got anybody else.
Is everything okay here?
He seems nice. Want me to break his legs?
Tell me what it wants.
Regardless, my terms are set.
It’s a good thing one isn’t judged by the competence of one’s enemies. I’d be rather insulted.
I was you once.
Now, that right there should show you just how bad your master actually is.
I’m gonna take that as a compliment.
I ought to flay the skin from your bones, but these are uncommon times, are they not?
I must say, it is a compelling offer. Murder in exchange for clemency.
You’re even more perceptive than your reputation suggests.
And in what fairy tale do you think that I would allow that to happen?
My offer was a courtesy.
You have quite the one-track mind.
Tell me, do you hate me on general principle or was it something I said?
I hid and watched what you did.
Careful not to overplay your hand, _______.
I did what I had to and you’re quite welcome.
So, am I supposed to thank you?
An alliance between you and I is essential.
I don’t bargain and I’m done with reason.
I owe you an apology.
I get the sense that’s kind of par for the course with your family.
Well, the night’s still young.
Of course you’d enter in the creepiest way possible— again.
I try to avoid bloodshed; you become the town executioner.
Tell me what you know.
And it will come for us all.

MBTI types answering to “How are you?”

Answer “Fine” because it could be worst, somehow optimist: ISTJ, ESTJ, INFP, ENFP, ISFJ, ISFP, ESFP

Answer “Fine” randomly: INTP, ENTP, ISTP, ESTP, INTJ, ESFP

Short but sincere answer: INFJ, INTJ, ENTJ, ISFP, INFP, ESTJ, ENFP, ENTP, ISFJ

Answer explaining a bit and ending “… but i’m doing fine”: ENFJ, ESFP, ESFJ, ENFP

Their expression say everything: INTP, INFP, ISFP, ISTP, INTJ, ESFP, ENFP, ENFJ, ESFP

Answer “I’m okay” because what it’s inside it’s too complicated to explain: probably all types