probably bacon

all good things in life start with the letter b

- bacon
- birthday cake
- ben wyatt
- bouncy castles
- bo burnham
- blue raspberry flavored candy
- brendon urie
- boy, fall out
- bread served at restaurants before the food
- burnin’ up by the jonas brothers

Fragments - Part 5

Word Count: 5002

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Canon typical violence, canon divergence

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Ever since the night Cas told you parts of your soul were gone, you’d withdrawn from everyone. Dean hadn’t pushed you, even though you could tell he desperately wanted you to open up to him about whatever it was you were feeling. The absolute truth of it was, you weren’t sure what it was you were feeling. It was all so overwhelming; being thrust back into a world you knew nothing about.

Sam was right, you were good at research. You’d spent most days holed up in your room with your laptop relearning how to be a hunter. When night fell, you’d wait until you were sure everyone was asleep or at the very least in their own rooms and creep out into the library to read more lore. You fully invested yourself in it. You wanted to be a hunter again.

“Y/N?” Cas’ figure cast a shadow in the library and you lifted your head from your research, giving him a half smile. “Are you alright?”

“No.” You whispered, mostly to yourself. Cas was there instantly, sitting next to you and resting his hand on top of yours. “Why are you being so nice to me?”

Cas smiled and laced his fingers with yours. “Well, first and foremost, we were great friends. You understood me in a way nobody else ever did. You read people…and angels…well. I don’t know if that’s something you’ve noticed.” You nodded and huffed a laugh. “Second, I promised your father once that I’d look out for you. I failed once. I don’t intend to do it again.”

“Failed me how?” You questioned. “A lot of people feel like they failed me. People die. You can’t prevent it. It just happens.”

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Come Back Home [II]

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I had @trinitysroses read this for me a few hours ago and she had some very strong feelings about it, I can’t wait to hear what the rest of you think!

Prologue - Part One - Part Three - Part Four - Part Five

Plot: Pretending that you don’t care about Sehun is easy.

Genre: Angst - CanonAU

Pairing: Sehun x Reader

Word Count:  1k


I slowly opened one eyelid, the sun assaulting me with its brightness. I wiped my face with the back of my hand and stood up quickly, with purpose. I was dizzier than I had anticipated, and I nearly slipped on the smooth wooden floor. I steadied myself and turned my focus to my current mission: 

I need coffee. And eggs. And bacon. And probably another two hours of sleep. 

I had stayed out too late the night before. What was supposed to be a simple night of karaoke, soju, and bulgogi had turned into a drunken morning spent stuffing my face with rice in a feeble attempt to rid myself of my budding hangover. 

It didn’t work.

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Do you sometimes think about the fact that Eileen Gr*mshaw has known Harry for so long and she saw him grow up, had him over for Christmas, made him bacon sarnies, probably sat for long chats with tea and biscuits with him and let him charm her completely ? And like maybe she’s proud of him like she’s proud of her boy Nick for being a good and supportive friend to this lil Northern teenager who grew up into a good man ? Because I do.

Exo as dogs
  • Xiumin: loves walks. Loves frisbee and playing ball. Probably has blue show ribbons for obstacles courses. Thinks he's bigger then he is. Also a hunting dog.
  • Lay: I see him as being a black, German shepherd, looking dog. Patient. Loves the park but doesn't like the dog park?? Very kid friendly. Very respectful and does all sorts of tricks
  • Suho: family dog. The classic dog that you see the dad walking while jogging and pushing a stroller. Probably the dog in one of those family dog adventure movies.
  • Chen: your best friend. Goes everywhere with you. Constantly puppy like. Loves morning jogs. Has probably gotten into the bacon stash while his owner was away.
  • Baekhyun: chases his tale. Loves playing in pools. Very energetic and happy. Incredibly smart dog. For example you can tell him to find something and he will find it.
  • Chanyeol: the kind of dog that thinks it's a lot smaller then it actually is. Also kinda thinks he's a cat. Pretty chill dog. However you can't leave him alone for long periods of time.
  • D.O: adorable but doesn't like other dogs. He's great with people just don't expect him to like other dogs. Likes cats tho. You will find him curled up with the cat in the morning and it will be the most adorable thing tbh.
  • Kai: wolf like dog. Looks like a czechoslovakian wolfdog. Despite his appearance, he is the sweetest dog you will ever meet. Feeling down, guess who's gonna cheer you up by chasing his tale and snuggling.
  • Sehun: I see him as a very majestic looking white shepherd, looking dog. Probably needs a lot of bathes because he's constantly rolling around in the leaves or dirt. Has probably been caught with the jam jar stuck around his mouth while he was trying to eat it.

Pairing: Kim Seokjin x Reader

Word Count: 1.8k

Genre: Cheesy Fluff

Summary: You spend a day in with Jin and it turns out to be one of your best ever

Note: Y’all I think you should really owe it to my friends for all these concepts because my creativity is dead unless they ask me to make something for them and therefore making something for you in the process (im kidding) but yeah! This little baby was born because my good friend couldn’t find enough Jin fics on here and I wanted to change that <3

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“Jin… Jin wake up” you whispered, your chin perched on top of your folded hands, of which were resting on his shoulder as you watched the sunlight grace his face gently.

It was early, too early for people like you and Jin to be awake at all but you couldn’t contain your excitement for what the day held for you.

You moved closer, careful not to put too much weight on him as your lips brushed his jaw gently.

“Jiiiiin” you said a little louder, peppering his jawline and cheek with soft kisses and he began to stir from his sleep. “Jin, come on”

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Terrible Twos(Batgirls)


  • Honestly I feel she’s almost as good as Dick when it comes to children.
  • Kids just tend to feel calmer around her.
  • She has a whole list of what to do.
  • Man is this girl prepared.
  • She puts you to bed 8:00 at the dot. Sippie cup is already ready, nightlight is on, everything is in order.
  • She does like to take you out a lot too.
  • Mainly to relaxing parks or to the playground.
  • Sometimes she even goes to a museum with you.
  • When you point at things, she explains in detail to you, even if you don’t quite understand.
  • She gave you a tablet with dozens of learning games for Christmas.
  • She also memorizes everything you like, or dislike. 
  • (God i’m running out of ideas.)
  • Oh! She baby-proofs practically everything in the manor.
  • There’s a lot of things to baby-proof in the manor
  • Alfred is so thankful though.
  • If you have a nightmare, she’ll let you sit and sleep in her lap while she works.
  • In fact, she has a bunch of blankets and stuffed animals under her desk just for scenarios like that.


  • Dude this girl is a kid lol.
  • Best person to play with.
  • Want a dinosaur? Alright.
  • Or perhaps you want to save a damsel in distress, gotcha.
  • There isn’t even hesitation.
  • 9/10 of your toys are from her.
  • Absolutely loves to dress you up.
  • Matching outfits anyone?
  • Come on it’s adorable, admit it.
  • Probably bought you a castle bed too.
  • Dude i had one of those as a kid and the drawbridge was a freakin table and it was all fun and games till i threw up on it.
  • She also bought a play kitchen. Cause those are fun right?
  • Though if you ever ask for a toy that’s classified under “boys” she buys them.
  • I mean, toys are toys man.
  • Her and Carrie are the queens of pillow forts.
  • Like, is it even a fort anymore? This thing is like the incarnation of that one pillow fort from Adventure Time.
  • Probably overloads you with sugar though.


  • Did i mention this girl is the queen of pillow forts?
  • Also the best person to pick for pretend, or house.
  • Movie nights are very frequent.
  • She even provides the junk food.
  • There’s like, 5 bowls of nothing but junk food.
  • To be fair though, she doesn’t let you eat too much.
  • I mean, she knows her limits.
  • This may sound stupid, but I feel like she loves quizzing you?
  • Like if you know your numbers, she’ll count with you and stuff, or she’ll point to an object and ask for the color.
  • “Sissy needs you to hold her hand cause she can’t cross the street by herself~”
  • “Okay sissy!”
  • Temper tantrums? What temper tantrums??
  • Her and Steph both can’t say no to you.
  • That’s when Babs or Cass steps in.
  • When you are heading for a place you aren’t allowed, Carrie just tends to steer you away.
  • Loves loves loves to Carrie you on her shoulders.
  • Yes i just made that pun (fight me)


  • She’s honestly very quiet.
  • I mean she loves you though.
  • She opts for quiet cuddles teaching you to read.
  • She’ll draw with you too.
  • Even buys coloring books for you.
  • She’s the one to display your pictures on the fridge.
  • Bruce passes by his fridge one day to see a messy little scribble of the whole family and he nearly loses it.
  • Especially since you and Cass went to each Bat member to get their signature over their respective potato figure.
  • Idk when I was a kid I never drew stick figures. I drew circles with arms and legs and called it a day.
  • Maybe if I was feeling snazzy I put some bows on it. Which were in reality just triangles.
  • Bruce ends up stealing that photo and framing it.
  • He has 2 copies, one for the batcomputer, and one for his work desk.
  • Honestly, you’d probably expect Stephanie to be the best at hair.
  • In reality?? I think Cass is the best.
  • She lets you play with her hair too.
  • Whenever you talk to her in incoherent baby babbles, she just nods and responds back.
  • “dah! the guhuy dun!”
  • “Wow,that’s sounds cool”
  • Even though you sound like you’re a Sim lol. 
  • This girl is the pro at giving you baths too
  • Like holy carp, your hair is softer than a newborn kitty.
  • When she brushes your hair, she makes sure to go slow too


  • She takes you there everytime it’s around.
  • Holds you up so you can pop the bubbles floating around.
  • I love popping the bubbles at Pride okay-
  • I’m a literal kid don’t judge me
  • She also loves to exercise around you.
  • Like, she’ll let you sit on her back while she does push-ups and holds onto you as she does pull ups with one arm.
  • She’s always carrying around a first aid kit for whenever you get hurt.
  • everytime you get an “owie” she kisses it better, putting a silly band-aid on it.
  • One time Bruce walked into the living-room to find Kate dancing with you.
  • It was so adorable that he didn’t wanna interrupt.
  • So he just quietly took a video and walked away.
  • later brags to the whole Justice League.
  • Diana finds you adorable.
  • “Sissy got owie?”
  • Kate just smiles, bandaging the rest of her arm.
  • “yeah, sissy got owi-”
  • So of course, since she always kisses your wounds better, you decide to kiss her wound.
  • I swear I think this girl died.
  • “There! All better!”
  • She chuckles and agrees, ruffling your hair.