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he basically said (yesterday, during his speech) that if 1d had had a slogan, then zayn probably would have stayed, but it was so obvious it was an innocent joke that I don't understand why so many people are mad abt this. ztans now hate liam more than ever, I even saw someone of them say he should choke/die bc he never deserved zayn, they even pulled the race card LMAO why does it seem like they always do that even when it has nothing to do with it? for the love of god issa joke

isn’t it funny how us liam stans always get told that we should learn how to take a joke and that we’re too sensitive and whatnot but ztans are the ones that flip everytime someone just mentions zayn’s name…… like…….. maybe they should learn how to take a joke 👀


Ah yes, the most platonic of all friendships 

Conundrum Pt. 3

Part I / Part II / Part lll / Part IV / Part V

Summary:  The thought of a soulmate was never appealing to you. All you wanted to do was fall in love freely with a certain Chinese cutie named Sicheng. But that’s not how fate works.

Idol: Ten of NCT

Word Count: 1951

Warnings: Knowing me, some language was probably sprinkled in there

“I can’t believe you rejected her,” Momo whines, burying her face into her pillow. Sana shouts from the bathroom that she agrees with Momo, and that she thought he was being childish, to which Ten rolls his eyes dramatically and lifts his upper body from off the floor so he can look at her as he speaks.

“I don’t care if I’m being childish, I’m not going to let my supposed ‘soulmate’ break my heart again,” he huffs, laying his head back so that he’s completely lying on the floor again.

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What if Mark decided to roast you?What would be some of your comebacks?

I could dig super deep into insecurities if I wanted to haha but that would be mean so I’d probably go for some super obvious and cliche jokes like in Felix’s :P

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Stiles/Derek - “I’m personally offended that you didn’t get me to be your fake date.”

Also in response to this prompt: @prettyinsoulpunk​ #25 - Fake Dating and Sterek!

Going Full Gidget. Derek/Stiles. Teen.

Stiles comes up with a somewhat cliche plan to get Derek’s attention.

This whole plan is ridiculous. It’s the result of watching too many old movies on cable due to insomnia. Stiles knows he should just text Isaac and call the whole thing off, but he’s already at the coffee shop where they’re supposed to meet, so he figures he’ll wait and just do it in person. Isaac is going to make him pay the promised $150 regardless, after all, because he really is that big of a dick. It’s a good thing he never told Scott about this scheme because he can easily imagine Scott’s disappointed look followed by his best friend laughing his ass off when he realizes Stiles actually stole his idea from a fifties movie about a surfer chick.

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Jack, if I may offer some advice to you, you can't really just say "not to take things personally" Even if it isn't directed toward anyone in any way, comments like that will still sting and hurt. For example, I am a pansexual and when I was in school I would hear people in my classes and sometimes even friends talk about how they felt about gay people (usually bad things) and toss "faggot" around like it was nothing. I was not open but hearing that every day made me feel so unsafe and unwelcome

That’s when people are purposefully trying to belittle others, when they have a hatred towards them or don’t like them. Whatever I said (I still don’t know what it actually was cos no one has clarified) was probably meant as an obvious joke or just said in passing. It wasn’t meant to offend or belittle anyone or make them feel bad, taking something like that personally isn’t fair on me because people take them out of context.

Like when I always make fun of Irish people for pots of gold and potatoes and that kind of stuff, it’s a light hearted joke that doesn’t accurately represent what I actually think about the people in reference to. 

I am very sorry if I ever turn people off or whatever but I’ve learned in this day and age of the internet people are just waiting for an excuse to complain, once you give them that reason to go to town on you just because they can.

If people find what I say offensive or against what they know and like I’d advise them to reconsider me as a youtuber to watch. I’m not going to change who I am to please others the same way others are saying they shouldn’t have to change to be liked by others either. I’m a pretty damn nice guy all the time and never mean ill will against anyone. 

Harold Ramis sat on our Board of Directors here at my work. It was not uncommon to see him in the halls when I first started. I had no idea he was sick, but it makes sense that in the last few years I never saw him.

When I very first started out here I got to ride the elevator up with him, and he was eating a twinkie. It KILLS me that I didn’t go for the obvious joke, but it probably made his day that some schmuck let him eat his twinkie in peace. 


I had the recent opportunity to read a bunch of specs for A Thing™ and I noticed a lot of of the same things come up again and again and so wrote this handy-dandy (non-exhaustive) list of THINGS YOU NEED IN A SPEC. As this was written in a private group, I’m re-posting it here for those who want to read/share/etc.

This is obvi aimed toward spec pilots but this advice is pretty much usable anywhere:

- You HAVE to get them in the first two pages. Have to have to have to. I am committed to reading every page of every spec, but I understand why EPs only read the first five pages.

-Your specs don’t all have to be setup setup joke but they need to be funnier. Dig a little deeper. Go a little farther. Use your friends and family. Do a reading aloud. Have people pitch jokes.

-If you are going to make a joke about:
being gluten-free
omg I am so fat
and there are a bunch I am forgetting

You’d better have a unique take on it. It’s like Twitter – when an event occurs, the first joke that comes to you has probably been told. So has the second and the third. Obvious jokes are easy, so do not make them.

Now if kale murdered your family, I’m interested.

-Give it some character. Yes, it is not the most important part of the script but when you write description in your voice, it gives the reader a sense of who you are. It also entertains them when they’re not expecting to be entertained. Make them want to read to the end.

-Your script should be a sample of YOU. Who you are, what you think/like/hate/your outlook on the world. If a reader gets through your script and doesn’t get a sense of who you are, then chances are they’re not going to want to meet you.

-Don’t have your story start on the last page. Jump in right away. Your pilot shouldn’t be backstory.

-Watch the exposition. Figure out a way to get it out other than dialog.

-Use salty language but women or children saying “fuck” is not a substitute for a joke.

-Character names: make sure they are different enough because it’s easy to confuse characters, especially .

-Make sure characters sound different from each other. You should be able to pick a line out of your script and know who it is.

-MAKE SURE YOU ARE FORMATTED CORRECTLY. There were some multi cams that were formatted like single cams and vice-versa. I will still read (and did read) scripts but I promise you that no one else will. Don’t get weeded out before you even hit the starting line. There aren’t enough jobs for you to do this!

It’s okay to cry! Just cry and write.