probably already made a lot o well

If you DO NOT post about politics and don’t intend to do so in the future AND post content of the following fandoms then please like or reblog this post! I want to unfollow some people who post too much politics/negative stuff and need some other good blogs to follow instead. I’m mostly looking for:

- Sonic the Hedgehog

- Undertale


- Steven Universe

- Miraculous Ladybug

- Homestuck

Edit: Thanks for the likes and reblogs so far :D I think I get some good Undertale, Steven Universe, and Ladybug content now. Now I’m mostly looking for RWBY, Homestuck, and maybe also a bit more Sonic. You can still like/reblog if you’re part of the other fandoms though ovo

Edit 2: Wow thanks everyone, I’m really surprised at how much attention this got! Especially many Sonic blogs suddenly showed up! o: I didn’t expect to follow almost 20 new blogs since I made this post, whoops :D Maybe I will follow another Homestuck and/or RWBY blog or two, but apart from that I’m afraid I’m good already with lots of awesome new content on my dashboard. If you’re looking for more as well, I recommend checking out the blogs that responded to this :P

I’ll still try to look at every blog, but probably won’t follow that many additional people. Sorry about that but thanks for reading and responding to my post >u<