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  • Isak: Making my way downtown walking fast
  • Emma: Oh hey, Isak!
  • Isak: Fucking sprinting

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I’ve been mulling over the idea of starting up a writing exclusive blog because I’ve been having things I want to talk about that I feel would be annoying or gratuitous on my main, but then I thought,

wait a second

I am forgetting something fundamental about having a blog.

I can post whatever I damn well please.

So, anyway, there might be more writing posts in the future. i.e. quotes from my favorite authors or me generally crying about how hard writing is and how one can simultaneously hate and love something and *gasp* maybe even stuff about profic I’ve been writing.

(Probably not. I’m hellishly shy when it comes to stuff that’s 100 percent from me and I’ve already told myself “You can’t bring any of that up until you finish at least one multi-chapter fanfic, you half-baked pussy chicken shit.” In those exact words.)

…what was the point of this post? I don’t really know anymore. I’m sure it’s around here somewhere.

culturevulture73 replied to your post “(you’ve probably already seen this but) i just really wanted to let…”

I’ve already been told it was because they want to keep Kylo’s look under wraps…whatever. I’m sure it’s because the merch didn’t sell with Kylo on it ;-)

It wasn’t five minutes before I discovered that Finn and Poe are being cropped out of the graphic already and half the fandom is freaking out because Rey has something black on under her robe which can only mean Dark Side Rey and Rey/no. 

Fucking Kylo isn’t on the box yet somehow it’s all about Kylo. 

Diamond City appreciation monster post!

Well, we’ve been here already, but what the hell.

And of course as soon as you get anywhere, there’s someone telling you that Your Country Needs You. Travel the world, meet new people, see the sights, get fried to a crisp in a glorified trash can, the works.

Probably just a coincidence. Can’t be the only dude with a spiffy hat.


Day and night in Diamond City. I like that the light seems to be provided electrically, which makes me hope for some reasonable darkness during the night.

Also, there’s lights in the box or loge or whatever the hell you call it (upper right), which should provide a good view. It may also imply surveillance. You can just imagine Harkness sitting up there, keeping a watchful eye on everything (and completely oblivious to the seven dead security personell around him).


While the place looks lively inside, it seems to be pretty much a sealed environment. Not unlike Rivet City or the Citadel. There are defensive structures all around it as well as on top. Comes with the postapocalyptic territory I guess, although it does mean that the environment is far from pacified, even locally.

The structure on the left side of the upper image reminds me of the post-dark-ages practice of erecting buildings right against the wall of medieval fortification. Which might indicate expansion, depending on what’s actually hidden from view by that barrier.

I’m pleased that the bunch of pixels that I thought was a woman did indeed turn out to be a woman. Not sure why I get so excited about that. Perhaps because someone standing outside a fortified city unarmed and wearing a pink dress implies some interesting story/dialogue.

“Welcome to Diamond City. The power noodles are perfectly safe. We promise.“

hey guys!! it’s been like, forever since i did a celebration to thank you guys, so i thought i’d do some user aesthetics for hitting 900!! 


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Alright, probably nobody is going back to school today in particular (idk, maybe?) But this post has just been into my head for so long I want to write it today. 

Hello, you’re starting school again (or college, or whatever). If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve gone back to school quite a few times already, and even maybe been to new schools and all. However, you’re also probably like me and every.single.time you are going to be involved in a “new” situation you get all nervous and dizzy and your stomach turns all around, you can’t sleep well, etc. It IS normal that new and/or stressful situations make us nervous, and that’s okay.

However, we can hopefully help with that:


In my opinion, being extra prepared is not gonna make you that less anxious BUT if you’re feeling nervous AND encounter a situation you coulld have been prepared for, but didn’t, it’s just gonna make things worse. 


  • visit the place beforehand. Some schools offer guided visits for freshmen/tell you where things are (maps/stuff) 
  • Keep in mind (or ask!) for the location of places like Administration, Nursery as soon as you can. 
  • talk with someone a year / few years above you that will tell you how it’s like to be in your year, gossip about the teachers and all that jazz.
  • If you already know the place / your classmates, talk with them! you can share your nervousness.


  • try to relax
  • seriously, read a book, watch a movie
  • Have a nice bath, wash your hair, prepare your outfit and bag
  • Be really clean please
  • Eat well and fresh, specially if it’s the night before and you start in the morning
  • Have a great breakfast 
  • Wake up with time to spare in whatever


  •  A random notebook to take notes of the names of the professors, timetables, materials needed, etc.
  •  Spare pieces of paper to hand in personal info (like when they ask you to write who you are, what you like).
  •  Of course, your pencil case.
  • If you know the materials required beforehand, take them with you.
  • Toilet paper, paper napkins, hand sanitizer
  • Medication IF you need it (or whatever is essential, your eyeglasses, etc) 
  • A snack. You don’t want to starve. 
  • Wallet with ID / schoo lD/ some cash / anything extra
  • some chewing gum (it helps my anxiety and helps me make friends!)


  • breathe please
  • try to be on time so you don’t get the looks lol, but if you’re late, keep it cool, apologize and keep going.
  • Build up courage to talk to people beforehand (it helps if you build up the courage on the way, so when you walk inside school it’s already built up) (does that sound weird? It’s what I do) 
  • Okay, a tip to make friends. Have something rather visible: a t-shirt, a necklace, a badge, from your favourite fandom. (I usually take my time-turner) Chances are someone will tell you: That’s cool! And that’s the ice breaker you needed to make a new friend with the same interests. 
  • Stay calm, you’re not alone, and it’s gonna be okay.


  • come to tumblr and blog the shit about your day! take pictures of your new messy notes, 
  • drop me a message if you need anything!

Just remember, it’s okay to feel stuff. It’s going to be okay.