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Let Us Live: Intro to the Mafias


This is the intro to my chaptered fic, “Let Us Live.”

Pairing: Ten x Y/N

Rating: NC-17 for violence, suggestive language, explicit themes, and swearing.

Summary: Ten and you are from different gangs - mafias - and become intimately involved with each other. You quickly find yourself in over your head, but Ten teaches you how to wade through the lies. When Ten feels the world is dissolving around him, you teach him how to live.

The Calla Casablanca has a unusual system. The King, Lee Soohyuk, controls the Rooks, the Rooks control the Bishops and Knights, and the Bishops and Knights control the Pawns. There are exceptions, of course, but they’re rare.

Y/N is one of those rare exceptions. They’re a Bishop and  the head of the Calla Casablanca’s intelligence board. They deal with online affairs, recruitment, keeping confidential material safe, and are a key player to success. 

Their exception is the ability to ascend to the Queen’s position, AKA the only position that can bend the rules without repercussions. They’re to valuable to kill, to dangerous to let go, to loved to lose.

It’s all in the perks of being the King’s favorite.

Lee Taeyong

A Knight, goes mostly by just Lee. He works in the field, typically with drug trade and is ironically straight-edge. Expert at hand-to-hand combat. Insists he’s not in a relationship with Moon Taeil, but everyone knows their an item. He’s level headed, reliable, and could kill you in a second flat. He never breaks his orders. Never.

Age: 21

Jang Eunseong

A Rook. Manages internal affairs and takes on missions of importance. He is favored by the King, due to his unwavering loyalty over all his years. Don’t be surprised if he is by Joosuk’s side.

Age: 24

Nakamoto Yuta

A Knight. Got involved in the gang by seeing something he wasn’t supposed to, but the King decided to take him under his wing anyway. He’s trustworthy, the King likes that. No amount of pressure or torture could get him to reveal Casablanca’s secrets. 

Age: 21

Moon Taeil

A Bishop. He’s a wizard with code. If he doesn’t know something, he will find it out soon. His computer is kinda… sketchy, although. Don’t look over his shoulder, because you might get an eyeful of something unpleasant. Y/N knows this through experience. Doesn’t deny being with Taeyong.

Age: 22


A Bishop. Became part of the Calla Casablanca after hacking into their private servers and stumbling upon some confidential info. A rough first year, but they’re good now. The most valuable player, besides the King.

Age: 20

Lee Soohyuk

The King, but Y/N likes to call him “Old Fart.” He’s not even that old, he just talks that way. Has a soft spot for Y/N and Eunseong. Rumored to be fluent in eight languages, but it’s well know that he has Hispanic roots, even if it’s not his ethnicity. Hence the name: Calla Casablanca.

Age: 42

The Black Bloods are a more traditional Mafia. Led by their boss, Kim Jaewook, they have territory in Korean and Japan, and even connections overseas in America and Thailand. They are by far the most massive, but not necessarily the strongest. That title is in dispute between them and the Casablanca’s.

The bitterness from the Black Bloods to the Calla Casablancas originated around five years ago when a Casablanca -  a business partner at the time - shot and killed his right hand man. The Black Blood’s retaliated by raping and killing the King’s daughter.

Neither side was to ever be forgiven.

Ji Hansol

He manages the cash flow of the gang and has a fun time finding those who try to embezzle funds.  He’s a  talented actor, as well, having fooled people on multiple accounts in order to get out of trouble. Not to mention his cute face: It gets the ladies every time.

Age: 22

Yonai Ayane

She looks a bit on the older side, with one side of her hair shaved, but she is really, really good with knives. She also seems a bit ADD, but she never forgets a face.  Rumor has it that when some guy tried to have sex with her, she cut off his baby maker. Its just a rumor, though. Probably. 

Age: 33

Kim Jaewook

The Boss of the Black Bloods. He’s cold, cynical, and calculating. He views people as expendable, but has a select few that he deems valuable - Chittaphon being one of them. If you get in the way of the cash flow, you’re as good as dead. No one can replace the trust he had for his former right hand man.

Age: 45

Ten Chittapon Leechaiyapornkun

Nicknamed “the Prince” due to his status, Ten is never short of influential, and uses the hold he has over others wisely. Do what is necessary, waste no time, and get out. He’s the definition of efficient, and won’t hesitate to break you if you slow him down. Only Jaewook calls him by his birth name. 

Age: 20


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What ?? What are these rumours about Camila daiting Bruno's sister ? 😂😂😂😂 Can you explain ? I never heard this before

It’s because of this ask:

And since Camila is going on tour with Bruno Mars soon and he has 4 sisters, people connected the dots - it’s probably just a rumor though

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Do you have any "dirt" (no pun intended) on jerry cantrell lol

People have told me things about Jerry, yes. Most of it is unconfirmed though and is probably just rumors/hearsay. I’m not about to turn this blog into the Metal Enquirer or Hard Rock TMZ. Unless there’s something I know for sure about a musician and it would be something fun and safe to share, it’s not going on this blog.

For @funkytoes, who sort of asked for it?  And @oh–you–pretty–things, who might find it useful.  Some very archaeological guesses at Susan’s clothing.

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asoiaf au: thousands of years after westeros, close to two thousand years after the destruction of pompeii, and a century or so after the klondike gold rush, robb stark and jon snow move into an apartment together, expecting only to have to repair their new home, find a steady source of blood for jon, and a cage for robb for his “time of the month”.

in retrospect, they probably should’ve listened to the rumors of there being a ghost - though even if they did, it probably wouldn’t have prepared either of them for the ghost being a familiar face.

Why have so many people been shipping 5SOS romantically lately? Like to be honest I don’t ship any of them with another member bc ew. I’m not against gays or gay marriage but them together makes me cringe at the thought of another larry situation.

This fam needs to stick together but I’m already starting to see it ripping at the seams. Stop with the rumors and drama. Please.. for our boys.


summary: ashton was always well known for being the loner badboy who was always rude. but you find yourself curious about him and try to talk to him. he finds himself changing his mind about things

Plain tees, black jeans, worn boots, adorned with a plain black leather jacket. His trademark. He had countless stories of constant fights he got in and built up his own, intimidating reputation. He would usually be found crashing frat parties, if not committing small offenses. Most of which was vandalism and petty theft. It’s unsurprising that he didn’t really enjoy the company of friends. Whenever you saw him he was always either by himself or flirting with someone to hookup with. He never really had a person he seemed to at the least cherish, at least from your eyes. 

You were always persistent on talking to him though. A few months ago when you first attempted to talk to him, he was very standoffish and rude towards you. When you claimed you wanted to just talk to him and get to know him he laughed in your face for a solid 5 minutes. He then told you to leave him alone, and that he would never need a friend. 

You continued to hang around him, mainly because you genuinely wanted to get to know him. But partly because it was entertaining to watch him get really annoyed with you. Gradually though, the dirty blond had stopped demanding for you to leave him alone. He knew that there was no point since you were nearly as stubborn as him in this complication between the two of you. The both of you at first talked at parties and drank a little together. After some time together and him having the tolerance of your occasional presence, you began to talk to him after and between classes. 

You often tried to invite him for coffee. For the most part though, the stubborn boy nearly always refused to. At times when you were lucky and he finally agreed, although reluctantly. The both of you would go to the coffee shop right across from campus early in the morning. After getting coffee, the both of you would sit down together as you earned curious looks from others. What you wondered about was whether or not the stares was because of you or him. You tried not to let it stay in your mind for long since you still wanted to have a good time with him. 

Ashton and you would sit down and enjoy the warm atmosphere around you. You’d usually go on about your day and attempt to get to know him. In an effort to get him to at least hold a conversation with you, you would tell him some random things about yourself. Unfortunately, you usually ended up rambling on and on about something completely random. The first few times he’d seen you do it were pretty embarrassing, as he looked at you weirdly for the rest of the day. 

The dirty blond got used to you overtime, you were probably the only person he had actually considered as a friend. Especially because over time he opened up to you a lot more now. Because of you he put a halt to a lot of the illegal things he did. Although he did enjoy dragging you to crash frat parties with him on the Fridays after football games. Sometimes, it had ended with you having to care of him as he was absolutely wasted. You would have no choice but to drag him to your apartment and endure him rambling on and on about he could’ve hooked someone that night, until he had passed out cold on your living room floor. Occasionally, instead of complaining to you nonstop, he would go on and on about his own life and such. 

In the morning he would usually wake up from a major hangover, go into your room, nudge you until you woke up, and then ask for pain killers. Being the generous being you are, you would groan and lift the covers over your face, slowly falling asleep again, “The cabinet nearest to the counter sink.” you told him sleepily, whining.

“Thanks,” he muttered quietly, “sorry for crashing at your place again babe,” he grunted and left the room, shutting the door behind him. You half-awakedly heard his loud footsteps wandering around your apartment. Finally hearing your front door close before falling asleep for another hour or so. 

After spending even more time together you began to notice that Ashton was started to enjoy your company rather than just tolerate it. He seemed to look forward to you little coffee hang outs you dragged him to every week. The two of you also began to hang out at one another’s places for a few hours. And it was clear that he got excited whenever you agreed to go partying with him on Fridays. And he was beginning to ditch you less and less for a hookup at those parties. More significantly, whenever his friends talked or made remarks about you he always defended you. 

It was Friday again, there was a huge party tonight since it was right after a football game. The both of you went, but Ashton went warily. He wasn’t that interested in sports, but he went anyway since you wanted to go. After the game you expected him to want to go to the party, which was in about an hour. Instead, he was just walking around campus with you, holding your hand and staying quiet, “So you’re seriously not going to that party Ashton?” you murmured quietly, you head tiltied up to look at him. 

He turned to you, his hazel eyes studied yours briefly. He nodded slightly, “Yeah, I kind of want to take a break from the alcohol and weed to be honest.” he laughed lightheartedly and sheepishly, “What? Did you want to go to that party princess?” he called you by one of his thousand nicknames for you. At first it was just the standard “babe”, then gradually getting more and more complex and specifically geared to mock you. More or less, you somewhat enjoyed the oddly cute pet names, “If you wanna go you can babe, I’m not stopping you.” he claimed nonchalantly.

You blushed at one of the simpler and standard pet names he had given you, “I won’t go, it’s okay if i miss one party.” you flashed a gentle smile at him. 

He chuckled, “Are you sure? Oh darn, I was just getting you more into parties and now it’s all going to waste.” he joked as you laughed, “But thanks for not leaving me alone munchkin.” he chuckled, his hand patting the crown of your head. His lips turned upwards in a genuine and dimpled smile, one of which were the things you’ve grown most fond about him.

“I hate the name munchkin,” you muttered, your cheeks flushed. 

“Why? I like it.” He pouted at you. The both of you walked until you made it to the entrance of the campus, “So where do you want to go munchkin?” he teased, having a stupid grin plastered on his perfect face. He leaned against a brick wall, his arms crossed as he gazed down at you intently. The streetlight above him flickered on as dusk finally settled down. The dim light illuminating his eyes faintly. 

You rolled your eyes, “Shut up Irwin before I leave you for that damn party.” you threatened him. He pouted some more, nagging you nonstop on what the both of you wanted to do now. You thought to yourself, but you couldn’t focus with the just about 22 year old grousing childishly in your ear. You pressed your pointer finger at his lips, “Be quiet and let me think.” you directed, letting out a giggle. The sudden silence made it easier for you to think of something. 

You felt his hand wrap around your wrist gently and pull it away from his lips. The dirty blond remained quiet for the time being. He looked down at his rugged black boots and kicked them into the ground gently. His foot bouncing up and down a bit, scuffing the shoes some more. You looked over at him, he was lost in his own thoughts to notice what was around him. Your eyes scanned him up and down for a second. Ashton was extremely attractive, you’d be lying if you denied it. From his hair, which was dirty blond and were luscious curls. He preferred to have it slicked back slightly though. Likewise, he had a captivating smile that accentuated his dimples. Despite not being the tallest student on campus, his still towered over most people, which was something you and a lot of people found attractive. He was also muscular. To say at the least, Ashton was an exceptionally handsome person. 

“Well babe, any idea on where you want to go?” you felt his eyes burn on you.

You snapped out of your thoughts, “Uhhh…” you blushed, still not harboring a decent idea of what to do. You shrugged, “How about the movies?” you stared down at the cracked concrete. 

“No thanks, why go spend like forty to fifty dollars to watch a movie when you can buy a bootleg for way, way, less. Even better if you find an illegal website and watch it for free.” he rambled and laughed. He grabbed his phone from his jacket pocket and unlocked it, going back and forth between social media. Ever since you had became acquainted with him, he has always been a big topic of conversation for many people on campus. Both on social media and in real life. Unfortunately, when nearly all of the campus’ attention is drawn to one person or group a lot of rumors spread. You’ve heard countless rumors of who he has had sex with, his childhood, reasons he’s gone to jail, the people he hates, and strangely enough there was one where he was apparently a father. He denied the dad rumors though, probably more than a hundred times. Luckily he couldn’t care less about how most people thought of him. 

“But the movies can be fun if you go with someone who wants.” you retorted, pouting at him. You enjoyed going to the movies, and it wasn’t like there was any ideas that he had came up with. 

“Sex can be fun with someone too if they want to.” He chuckled, “But I don’t want to do either right now. Sorry princess, but going to the movies sounds boring. Nothing that spectacular is playing in theaters anyway.” he patted his large hand on your head yet again, resting it there. You protruded your bottom lip even more, and quickly tried to swat his arm off of you. He didn’t flinch though, instead he just continued to rest it there.  The aussie thought to himself, “How about the mall?” 

“The both of us already went shopping last weekend Ashton.” you deadpanned at him. He whined in response. 

“Y/n I will implode from boredom if we don’t do anything.” he huffed, “We really should’ve gone to that party.” he remarked and sighed. You stifled a laugh at his fit of whining from being too bored. Usually you were the one whining and complaining about something. It was entertaining to see the tables turned, and to see him be more overdramatic than he usually is. Ashton was one to always keep his objections to things to himself. Now that you think about it, Ashton usually kept all his emotions secluded within him. The thought made you giggle some more as you watched him whine and stomp his foot like a child, “Hey! Stop laughing.” he put his bitching to a halt and sighed. 

Your own fit of giggles ceased, “We could walk around downtown and get something to eat, go to some stores, and just hang out until we get really bored I guess. Then we can go home.” you suggested, “I know it sounds boring but it’s better than the mall.” you taunted, a playful smile on your face. 

He shrugged, “Sounds like a decent idea I guess.” the tall boy began to walk towards the crosswalk. You huffed, he was already several feet away from you and he didn’t allow you to catch up. You scurried behind his long strides until you finally paced with him. After a few minutes of walking the both of you arrived there. You tilted your head up to him, looking at him curiously. His eyes darted back and forth between the streets, “So where do you want to go eat love? I kind of just want to go to that pizza place, Dominic’s. How about you?”

“That sounds good.” you smiled weakly. It was rare for him to take you there, he claimed that he didn’t like how his friends (which he used as a relative term, they only hung out to do something stupid) were always there. At first, you thought that he actually meant that you were just embarrassing to him, but he quickly reassured you that it was his friends. 

He nodded, “If my friends are there just ignore them.” he advised. His constant worrying about his “friends” always baffled you. Then again, you’ve never properly met them to understand. You nodded in reply, and felt his hand hold yours gently as he led you inside. 

As you walked inside a warm atmosphere and the pleasant smell of fresh dough  and herbs greeted you. Ashton sat down with you in a surprisingly comfortable booth. He ordered a plain pepperoni pizza for the both of you and waited patiently. Your eyes drifted around the room as you absorbed your surroundings. Eventually, the waiter came back and served a steaming hot slice of pizza. You gawked at it, feeling you mouth water slightly. It was safe to say that you immediately dug in after the waiter left. The pizza was so good that you managed to finish your slice within 5 minutes. 

Ashton let out a laugh, “I guess you were really hungry or that the pizza was really good.” he observed, taking another bite from his slight. You blushed and shrugged, drinking your glass of iced water, “I can get you another slice if you want.” 

“No it’s okay, that slice was really big already.” you waved off honestly, “Take your time eating, we’ve got all night.” you giggled. You lunged over to the napkin dispenser, tugging out a napkin and wiping any stain of tomato sauce from your face. He chuckled watching you a bit, before resuming back to finishing his slice. 

Once he did, loud yelling and talking erupted from the entrance of the restaurant. You turned around and saw a whole group of people you recognize from campus. Most of which you’ve only known because they always crash parties or cause trouble with other people, especially the police department. You averted your eyes from them and turned back to Ashton, who was slumped in his seat and had a slight frown on his face. 

“Hey Ashton!” a male voice yelled and diverted everyone’s attention to the dirty blond. He slumped more into his seat, obviously dismayed by their presence, “And his friend!” the tone in the guys voice made the term “friend” seem more deeper than it actually was. A few of them walked over to your table. 

“So this is who you hang out with when you don’t want to do shit with us?” another guy questioned, eyeing you up and down, “I guess I understand why you’d rather hang out with her.” he laughed slyly. His comment making you and Ashton beyond irritated. You rolled your eyes at the immature boy and corssed your arms. 

“Firstly, if you think we’re doing some friends with benefits thing you’re wrong.” Ashton said, getting the words out through his teeth, “I’m also not hanging out with her because I think she’s cute. She’s actually a better friend than all of you and she’s a great person to talk to. Get your head out of your ass and realize that I don’t solely talk to people based on attractiveness. You shouldn’t either.”

“Wow, you’re still being this sensitive Ash? You’ve been like this for months.”  another one of them snorted. You slouched, upset and embarrassed at the whole situation. All of a sudden you watched as Ashton stood up immediately, grabbing one of them by the collar and towering over them. He hesitated a second before doing anything, but he still maintained a threatening expression on his face. His voice uttered something incoherent to you in the guy’s ear. But before you knew it he exhaled a deep breath and pushed the guy a few feet back.

He turns to you, his facial expressions softened and apologetic, “Shit.” he hissed to himself, “I’m so sorry,” he whispered, a slight nervousness in his voice, “let’s go.” he declaimed. You rose up out of your seat silently, rewinding and replaying what had just happened just a few minutes ago. Your footsteps quietly followed behind you faintly as you left with Ashton. Your eyes gazed at him momentarily, he looked distressed. This was one of the few times that you could distinguish a solid emotion without asking. His eyebrows were knitted together and his hand rested on his concealed from. He was most definitely thinking about what just happened earlier. It would be weird for him not to, he (and those boys) had caused a fairly disruptive scene. It was shocking that you weren’t kicked out.

A long silence filled the void between the two of you. With so many thoughts circulating in the both of your minds, none seemed to sputter out and fill the ever-growing silence. Footsteps synced together as you two walked around. Your eyes scanned the familiar area you knew like the back of your hand. The silence was unsettling to you, as it grew you grew more and more discontent. You finally broke the extending silence, “Do you want to get a drink or something? I heard that they renovated that one coffee sho-” 

“No thanks—But if you want to you can.” he replied abruptly. Once the both of you reached the entrance of the building he told you that he would wait for you outside, in the cold and drizzling weather. You waited patiently in line with your arms crossed and watching over him from inside the warm ambiance. The fact that he refused to engage in any type of communication frustrated you immensely, and overall made you upset. Although he was physically there, still responding to you a little, it felt like the Ashton you met at first. The one that had always pushed you away and you always had so much difficulty to simply talk to him. But what was most puzzling was that this time around it felt worse, the reason was difficult to put into words though. Maybe because you care too much for him now, or maybe last time you knew that all he found you was annoying and now you can’t tell. The only thing that you knew was that there was something deeper than just the dumb conflict he had earlier. 

You attempted to shake off the irksome feeling that pitted in your stomach and crawled up your spine. Swiftly, you paid and grabbed your drink, stabbing the flimsy sealed lid with the end of a straw. You strolled out of the exit and took a sip of the drink. Ashton was leaning against the brick wall deep in thought. It was funny, earlier he was cheerful and eager to go anywhere. Now it looked like all of that was struck down entirely. You stood in front of him as your foot alternated in stepping in front of one another, “Want to go home?” you waited patiently for him to finally comply in being responsive. 

He shook his head just a bit, “No, not really.” his soft and soothing voice finally spoke above a mutter, “I have a question…” he spoke uncertainly, be honest. You looked up at him, staring into his hazel eyes. Once again illuminated, this time by the screwed wall light from the coffee place, which was meant to attract customers over. You nodded, gesturing your cup over to him so he could speak, “Okay…” he paused, “Are you—Can I just—Do you think that I’ve gotten softer in your opinion?” he rushed out. 

You gawked at him and at one of the most stupidest questions he has ever asked you, “Why does that out of all things even matter to you?” you snapped. He flinched at your words easily, “I thought you didn’t care about how badass you were anymore…” you huffed, angry at him, “And why the hell do you care about what those people say anyway? It’s not like you like them so you shouldn’t have to care.”

“Sorry… That was stupid to ask, sorry y/n.” he sighed, regret clouded within his voice

“I just don’t get why you would even care about whether or not you were ‘soft’ or not.” you muttered, pissed off. 

“I don’t care y/n. I promise you I don’t.” he confessed, looking down at you with sincere and mysterious eyes, “I just want to know if you think so…”

“Well I don’t.” you stated without another thought, “even though everyone else I hear claims you do.” 

“Yeah I know they do.” he stepped forward away from the wall, “But I refused it every single time. They kept saying that I changed but I didn’t see it at all. It was always a repetitive thing that never stopped, and I often snapped at them,  kinda like what happened earlier….” he rambled.

“Where the hell is this leading to Ashton?” you sighed, exasperated. 

“Right, point is that I was only pissed because they were right. They were spot on when they said that I was going all shy and letting my guard around someone.” his cheeks reddened to a rosy tint. In return your curiosity grew, and you also still felt flustered for being so mad at him and not letting him explain, “And it’s pretty obvious that the person they claimed I had a soft spot on was you. They were right about that too.” he mumbled the last part timidly.

Your cheeks heated up within seconds, “R-Really?” you really couldn’t believe the words that were coming out of his mouth. Although you had suspicions to whether or not the leather-jacketed boy shared affection towards you, you would’ve never expected that he truly did. You had always took his eagerness for spending time with you as something similar to something your other friends would say. So you never considered his behavior and actions towards you as something more then platonic. Ashton was also an unemotional person externally, he rarely showed definite emotions. Even in his facial and body language was hard to read, so of course it would be difficult to determine one similar emotion from another, “You’re… You’re not joking right??” you demanded a clarification and looked up at him with a confused expression. 

He shook his head softly in reply, “No I’m not joking princess.” he called you by his most used nickname for you. A chuckle erupted from him at how thrown off and shocked you were at his words. Your cheeks became even more heated and red. Shock still coursed through you, the fact that he actually reciprocated feelings for you was still difficult to comprehend. He leaned forward and straightened up his posture. His hand laced around your arm and interlocked in between your fingers softly, “So you have nothing else to say?” his voice wavered. The poor boy appeared so apprehensive about your reaction to his confession. He slowly started walking with you, your strides and footsteps much shorter than his. His eyes gazed back at you desperate for a response, his bottom lip protruded in a sad pout. 

Your pace quickened so it didn’t feel like Ashton was dragging you against the sidewalk as he walked. You shook your head vigorously, “W-Wait… I just need to think this through.” you assured him, trying your best to correlate your immense and endless thoughts into the right words. A few minutes had passed and you still had trouble trying to figure something out to say. Ashton walked slowly with you, allowing you to take your time. Every so often he squeezed your hand gently to reassure you not to overcomplicate what you were going to say. Even though he probably knew that you were going to anyway, with you and rambling. Nevertheless, the sweet little gesture was enough to make you melt inside, “Sorry for taking so long,” you stammered, “I didn’t really know what to say first.” 

He nodded, “That’s okay love.” 

“I was just kind of surprised that you liked me out of everyone else in your life.” you blushed, “But I’ve been liking you for the longest time.” you admitted, barely above a whisper. “I never knew that you did too.”

“Oh.” his eyes widened surprised, “Princess I’ve been liking you since I realized you weren’t really that annoying at all.” he laughed sheepishly and looked down at you. his lips were tuned upwards into an adoring smile, “Why wouldn’t you think that there wasn’t a chance that I could like you?” he pouted, “You’re amazing y/n. You’re so smart, beautiful, and you know how to make everyone happy babe.” he looked down at his feet and smiled to himself softly, “I always admired that about you. You know sometimes I kind of envied that about you.” he blurted out, 

You tilted your head up at him and blushed, “Oh… But you’re like perfect Ashton.” you exclaimed, “I mean who wouldn’t want to date you? The’y’d spend time making out with, going on dates, cuddling, and just plain being with the greatest person in the world. Everyone would love to date you, and a lot of people who are way better than me have a better chance.” you frowned. 

He stopped in his tracks and dragged you to a nearby bench, “Hey,” he began, “don’t say that. I love you because you’re funny, gorgeous, sweet, and you make me happy y/n.” he engulfed you into a warm hug. His familiar and calming voice whispered endless compliments in your ear.

“I… I love you too.” you hugged him back and held onto him tightly. The words came out of you slowly and hesitantly. It nearly felt foreign, but afterwards it felt extremely soothing yet exhilarating to say. You felt a wave of happiness and content wash over you after talking it all through with him. The security of being in his arms faded away as he separated from you. 

Thunder cracked from the sky, rain falling down and hitting the both of you. The dirty blond rushed to get up and wiggle out of his jacket. He then draped the leather piece of clothing over your head, refusing to listen to your objections. You looked down at him, smiling widely and letting out small giggles. He was just in his black T-Shirt and signature jeans and boots.All of which were slowly beginning to become soaked in the rain, “As much as I would love to make out with you right now princess,” he paused, smirking cheekily as he referenced what you said earlier, “Can we go into that book shop? I’m not planning on walking home in the pouring rain.”

All of a sudden you felt his warm and soft lips pressed against yours. In which they moved smoothly and carefully against yours as you tried to keep up with his pace. Before you knew it, he had pulled away. The soft and sweet kiss from him that only lasted seconds was now only left with the feeling of faint tingles on your lips. You pouted at him, wanting a lot more than that, “Why’d you pull away?” you whined. 

“Not now princess.” he grabbed your hand and helped you up, “Let’s go inside and wait the storm out first okay? Maybe then we might be able to makeout at like the back of the store.” Ashton giggled and put emphasis on the word ‘might’ as the both of you entered the little shop. You finally relaxed from the constant worry of him liking someone else. Finding out that you were like him to him and made him happy was words that you most cherished within your head throughout the night. The fact that now the both of you know that he loves you the same was both a shock, but nevertheless an extreme delight.