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Ohmygosh SO many of the tags on that post of mine are things along the lines of ‘I used to have a Sonic OC’ ‘maybe I can use them’ or ‘I haven’t thought about my OCs in years’ and things to that effect.

SEE? THIS. THIS IS WHAT I WAS TALKING ABOUT! Look around you! Look at how many people are suddenly thinking about the OCs they made when they first got into Sonic and it’s not necessarily with shame and revulsion… it’s suddenly with NEW APPRECIATION. All these people who had OCs, once upon a time, but who probably put them aside out of shame because of the stigma surrounding it.

Now SEGA has said ‘Hey! No, that’s okay! Your OCs are valid and awesome! Make them! They can do what you always dreamed of and help Sonic save the world! They’re canon! They’re in the story! They’re important!’

And suddenly all these fans are rising from the depths, shedding the shame and embarrassment and thinking ‘Maybe that OC is okay after all..?’and ‘I should revamp them and try again…’

THIS is how it’s going to change things! THIS is why it’s important! THIS is what I’m so thankful to SEGA for!

So, again and again, thank you, SEGA. For giving us the one thing the Sonic fandom has needed for years.

Acknowledgement that this is 100% acceptable and okay. ♥

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u making metadora pilot? **^^** hype for that!

Yes! I have  finally an idea for the pilot haha.

Probably some people will get angry because Underverse will be on hiatus again, but I had no choice. The stress was destroying my motivation, and watching the content of my Youtube channel made me think that I should make new stuff. Undertale is amazing and all, but I need a creative breath, 

I mean, the last speedpaint about an old OC of mine has many comments asking for the next episode. That’s really exhausting dude D: 

I want to improve my skills in more animations, also it’s about an original story developed for more than 7 years and it’s about time to show it to the world. Metadora got a nice reception here on Tumblr, now it’s time to see if that works on Youtube!

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I'm watching the new gem anime and there's a Cinnabar and I never even fucking read tourmaline but it was the first thing that came to mind ajshdajgd (paused the anime to say this, haven't seen actual cinnabar yet). Im taking it as a sign to read it soon

So I went to go and look up what anime youre talking about and my conclusion is this

(soup-erb always delivers)

I will forever have a place in my heart for Cinnabar–the Villain OC of mine who sucked and hated life and deserved better but probably not because she was a terrible person anyway, her life just sucked around that. 

Howlite deserved better tho

At the same time I rly wanna get back into drawing fanart but somehow it’s also really scary to think about…

IM AT 500 FOLLOWERS OMG. thank you !!

I CANNOT BELIEVE I’M ALREADY AT 500 FOLLOWERS ?? I mean how the hell do you even keep up with me? I’m such a turtle when it comes to replies… Worst than that, even. When I started this blog, I didn’t think that I would go this far and be lucky enough to talk to all of you? When I first started I never thought that I would love indie that much ?? I was always used to group rp so this new set was quite new to me. Now though, it’s like my favorite thing and I love every single person I met on here ?? Anyway I’ve been wanting to do a milestone since forever but always forgot about it ??? This though, I can’t forget so… Let’s do this !!! Under the cut will be the people I appreciate the most here !

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Cason x Dawn|Supernaturals 

Cason- 24,Demon/vampire,kinda rude,Is 101% fed up with everyone's shit in this house,Likes plants,Very in love with Dawn

Dawn- 22,Extremely sweet,Vampire/witch,Will probably suck out all your blood if provoked,Really likes tacos,Very in love with Cason

Piggy Slippers. Chapter 2

Pairing: Jensen Ackles x Reader

Characters: Jensen Ackles, Reader, Jared Padalecki, Misha Collins, Cliff, other cast members mentioned, Dalena (oc), Martin (oc), Nathan (oc), Lauren (oc)

Warnings: Mild Violence, language, alcohol and drug use (nothing heavy), fluff, possible implied smut, I don’t know yet

Disclaimer: No hate to Danneel or the Ackles family, strictly fiction.

Summary: Jensen, Jared, Misha and Cliff embark on a little excursion to a random city and experience a week none of them would soon forget.


“Hey buddy! Fancy seeing you here.” Misha smiles widely. I faintly hear, probably, Martin let out a choking sound. “I’d like you to meet a new friend of mine. He happens to be a fan of our little job.” I usher him over to the counter where the British, tattooed man and the blonde sit. “Martin, this is Misha Collins.” I pat Misha on the back and turn back toward Y/N.

“Hey, um, how long are you working? I’d like to take you up on that offer….. If it still stands.” My hands won’t go any deeper into my pockets. She climbs off of the step ladder she had ascended seconds before to hang a new sign on the wall. “Tell you what. We’re gonna be at the bar across the street tonight. Meet us there around 9. Upstairs.” She turns to face me.

“Sounds good. See you then.” I smile back and meet back up with Misha. Before we leave, Misha buys something, probably for his kids, an idea pops in my head. I snag a pen from the jar next to the register and a flyer that had been on display. I scribble a little note on the back and hand it to the blonde. “Will you make sure Y/N gets this?” She nods. “Thanks sweetheart.” I wink and we depart.

“Did you get a load of the red head?” Misha nudges me with his elbow. He’s so awkward. Shaking my head, I walk ahead down the street. “Okay speed racer where’s the fire?” I swear this man can make any statement sound like a lame dad joke. “It’s not my fault you have tiny legs.” I laugh at his tongue shooting out at me.

We ended up checking out a museum of the town’s history, which despite the illusion of a snorefest, it was quite interesting. The birthplace of Route 66, the old architecture, it was something. One thing kept picking at the back of my mind…. Y/N. I have no clue why this stranger is having such a massive effect on me, but to be honest, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Misha and I wasted enough time to where Jared and Cliff were texting us to meet them for lunch. The waitress had just left with our drink orders when the blabber mouth spilled his guts. “We found this pretty cool store around the corner. They sell all kinds of stuff. Even stuff with our faces on it!” Jared grins and thanks the waitress upon her return to the table.

“And Jensen made a few friends already.” He continued. “Really?” Cliff begins. “Yeah, one of the employees is a fan, and another invited us to a bar tonight. At that exact moment, my phone vibrated signifying that I had a text. I glance at the screen to find an unknown number.

‘A classic rock cover band is playing tonight. Possible cover at the door. Just a heads up. -Y/N’

I must’ve been smiling because Jared waved his hand in front of my face. “Do you mind sharing with the class? You’re smiling like an idiot.” He skoffs. “Must be Y/N. He slipped her his number before we left. She’s the one who invited us out.” Misha nonchalantly mumbles around a mouth full of fries.

“Oh now we have to go.” Cliff leans his elbows on the table. “I haven’t seen you like this in ages.” Jared agrees with a nod. “Shut up. Just because she’s a beautiful woman doesn’t mean anything.” I have said too much. Time to deflect. “She says a classic rock cover band is playing.” Good job.

“Oh yeah? What else did she say?” Jared wiggled his eyebrows. “Oh Jensen I love you!” Misha trying to get his voice high enough to sound feminine. I guess I spoke too soon. “Really? Are we 12 now?” They are ridiculous.

The hours ticked by so slowly. 5 minutes felt like 2 hours. After dinner, we all got ready and met up in the lobby of the hotel. A brief walk and up a flight of stairs, we were in a large open room with a small stage near the entrance and a bar in the back. I check my watch and it reads 9:07.

We all make it to the bar and order our preferred drinks when a familiar accent made me turn around. “Glad you could make it!” Martin. Such a happy guy. “Hey man! You already know Misha, this is Cliff and Jared. Guys, Martin, from the store.” The conversation flowed smoothly. I turn back to the bar amd finish my beer.

“Whoa, slow down there turbo. The night’s just begun. Better pace yourself.” A giggle drags me away from my thoughts. Standing to my right was the one person I wanted to see most. A form fitting Jimi Hendrix shirt, faded jeans that hugged all the right places and her dark red hair laying gently on her shoulders.

“I was wondering if you would show.” She grins and signals the bartender in the best way. She hops up, her torso pressed against the bar and throws a straw in his direction. “Wilber! Help a homie out! ” she yells.

“Hey there cupcake. How’s it hangin?” The bartender asks with a smile. “Oh you know, long, hairy and hard to carry.” She brushed off. The exchange between the two was fairly amusing. Anyone would be able to see that they have known each other a while. “I need 5 coronas, and 5 tequila shots.” She all but demands. The husky man raises an eyebrow at y/n’ s request.

“Hook a bitch up man.” She emphasized her order. “Yeah, Wilber. Hook a bitch up!” Another man walks up behind us with a rag draped over his shoulder. Shorter, of African-American descent. “Eat a bag of dicks Wallace.” Y/N flips him off. They laugh and “Wallace” helps “Wilber” fill shot glasses.

“So, Jensen. Tour starts now.” The grin Y/N expressed so devilishly as she handed me a bottle and a tiny glass. Before I was able to get out a peep, y/n motioned for me to follow her with a jerk of her head. We get to a table right next to the stage where Martin, the blonde introduced as Lauren were seated with another woman introduced as Dalena.

Y/n and I pass out the drinks. I send out a text to the guys to let them know to join us. Introductions were painless, no one asked for an autograph or a picture, though I’m sure some will be taken and posted by morning. With the company I was in, I sure as hell didn’t mind.

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Adam plans on giving many hugs now. I never expected to reach 100 followers to be honest. So thank you all

@ofkeysandswords you are the longest running rp partner I have. And I still enjoy doing threads with you! Thank you so much for helping me feel welcome, even after all this time. (It’s been what, two years now?)

@youwinatball another long time partner of mine and probably the only connection I still have to undertale as I dropped sans (still need to change my name come to think of it…) it is impressive how well you’ve won at ball, in the sense of how well you’ve adapted your character to other fandoms.

@sphinxsmuses i can’t mention this wonderful person without pointing out: you have a very fun and broad spectrum of OC’s. I’ve enjoyed our many threads quite a lot. (Also I intend on writing the new starter soon!)

Those were all of my long time rp partners and friends. Some of the more recent friends/partners include:

@fckin-cuties I agree, they are cuties.

@lightinmismatchedeyes cute ships here, I’m just going to come right out and say it, Kare and Hikari are very cute together. I also get a kick out of her connection to Sammy.

@goddessofpower THANK YOU! Seriously I love LoZ so freakin much and your blog is an amazing outlet for that. Also, Anita, as a child, is SO adorable.

@corrupted-warrior (one of the only people who can consistently work with Zeus) Zeus will never admit it, but he’s grateful that you put up with him. Not many people do that.

@scarredassassin Kare is the only person that Adam has interacted with and actually struggled in combat with. I personally love their “friendship” even though they fight so often xD

@the-dragon-of-the-apocalypse Adam loves Ragnarok, the only dragon he’s ever met and an impressive one at that. I love both Raggy and her mun as Raggy is such an interesting character, and the mun is very kind. I look forward to their trip around the world. Hahaha!

@ice-ice-minami this friend has two of Adams newest friends on their side blogs. (Cookies-and-justice and misericxrdiam) Hiro is fun and Elian is cute but let’s be honest, Bibonne is the real star. Hahaha! I’m kidding of course. Elian is a very fun character in my eyes and Hiro is as well.

I’d also like to mention @winters-prism box child is adorable and one of Sammy’s “momma"s. OO! I shall now refer to her as box momma.

(I only just realized how many friends I’ve made on tumblr and it makes me very happy.) LASTLY! In the course of one day three more people followed me, putting me at 100. I want to thank them and I hope that we can be friends and Adam can have a few more people to interact with. (Of course, if it doesn’t happen I understand. Thank you none the less.)

@forsakengold (reading up on your muse was very interesting for me, I mean it.)

@peopleoftheshadows (many interesting muses. I love it. I can’t stress that enough xD)

@travellingyagyu (with the help of the mun I got to read up on their muses. And I’m probably starting to sound like a broken record here, but seriously, I love what I saw, their muses were all so interesting.)

Thank you all so much. In all honesty I consider you all friends, and I’m so thankful that so many people were here to make me feel welcome in all this. I hope you all have a wonderful day/night.

Okaaayyy so I’m doing like a survey I guess?

So I’ve gotten a lot of asks about Tera, (for new followers I’ll link her tag here) and she is somewhat of an OC of mine, therefore I’m wondering how many people actually would like to see Tera be canon for this blog? I know sometimes OCs and canon ask blogs don’t really mesh well together so I will ask you all!

Just like this post (or give me a reply if you wanna I love reading your replies) if you would like me to make more asks with Tera or let me know what you think I should do! 


Originally posted by awkwards-no-jutsu

What a shiny noodle
She was originally supposed to be based off a white lipped python but I obviously went waaaay off course with that >.>
Anyway, she’s a possible new hydra oc named Mirage :D Idk much about her other than she sticks around the desert and probably spends a ridiculous amount of time terrorizing the poor locals. Help them.

Well, here’s a new OC of mine, DeCaY. She’s one of the leaders of the Corrupted Ones, main antagonist/s of Nature’s Sons and probably Project Excalibur, and she’s known for corrupting nature, rot anything really fast, and make the rotten as her knights and weaponry. She might not have any trump cards like the other leaders, but she’s deadly af.

Well I hope you enjoy and share your passion.

Feel free to reblog.



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i really love your art and your a huge inspiration i love your character designs and id live to see more! I wanna ask if you'd talk about any oc's? I'd also wanna see if you had made any designs of the foxhole court characters even if there just sketches im super curious on how you envision andrew. anyway your a lovely artist and an artist i look up to i hope you have a lovely life <3

Hey! First of all thank you so much for dropping this ask and stoking the fire that is OCs in my heart. I will do that in this ask but first to let you know that I do not have any other designs really for TFC characters tho I’d love to draw some more of them at some point. I have a very special place in my heart for Renee because she looks very specific in my head and will probably draw her at some point!!

Now, on to the OCs. : ))))

The two that you see a lot of on my blog are Os and Liam. Os is mine and Liam is @schwarzbrot‘s, and they were originally created for the Harry Potter universe. Since then they’ve kind of spread out over probably a hundred aus, most of them just developed out of specific dynamics that we both like and stumbling on a new or an old favourite media. For this post (since I haven’t really specifically talked about any of them in other posts), I’ll make some brief summaries of the fave universes they crop up in.

Hogwarts Verse

The original universe they formed in. I pressured @schwarzbrot into creating an OC with me, and slowly dipped feet into probable situations until they ended up an entangled mess. 

Os comes from long lineage of bad (goth) wizards who are now mostly unaffiliated with dark wizards but very apt at conforming to ensure survival. Liam is muggle born meme kid who loves anime and magic and can be a little bit callous. They met during first year and managed to somehow develop mutual crushes, break each other’s heart, and don’t fully come to terms with themselves until they become embittered adults post-war. Lots of doing homework together in sunlit corners of the castle, inviting each other over to their respective houses over the summers, and many many letters via owl when they don’t see each other for a while. If you think Os looks like off brand Draco Malfoy, you’re not the first one to think so.

Hooligans au (in which alex turner is always playing in the background)

Kiosk kid Liam meets shitty guitarist / shoplifter Os and promptly puts him under love lockdown. The gist of the au can be conveyed by listening to Arctic Monkey albums and watching The Misfits (but ignore the superhero aspects of the series). On again and off again fucking/dating, Liam’s doing something with his life despite hardships while Os is a deadbeat who’s just trying his best. Also comes in lesbian flavour here, and here. Has a playlist, and a sad end.

Mystery Brothers

A pair of step-brothers and their friends find their small town is full of more mysteries and supernatural elements than they thought. Os and Liam really didn’t get on well during their childhood but gradually became closer due to brushes with death and monsters of the week encounters. The two eventually roped in Dan and Pete as partners in crime. Together they solve ghostly mysteries, discover witches and magic, Os becomes a werewolf, and Liam falls in love with his brother, Dan taps into witch orgies, and Pete reveals himself to be that urban legend kid who lives out in the forest with his van. Some girl versions and age reversals also available for exploration.

Fashion blogs (those tumblr kids) au

OCs! On Tumblr! Liam runs a fashion blog and posts ootds, selfie shoots, risky pics, while Os is a young business guy who jacks to them and takes nice photos sometimes. As the physical manifestation of a metaphorical train wreck, Liam makes a deal with a follower (Os) on his blog to come and cook for him, take care of him, maybe cuddle with him for a while for the opportunity of taking some pics of him. Os gets some extras jollies in getting to see the intimate side of Liam, while Liam is trying to work out the UST between them. Good end, though not without a lot of bumps in the road in between.

Criminals au (a.k.a. that boy is a KILLER, or, a tale of two Oses)

Hapless gang lackey Os gets swept along in a murder spree with his boss of all boss’ younger brother, who seems bent on destroying his brother’s hard wrought empire. Liam, the younger brother of a powerful mob boss, doesn’t realise that perhaps his fateful meeting with this lackey (who resembles his older bro) might be planned. The Boss Os, a ruthless criminal whose only weak spot is his younger brother, hires a hapless lackey to break his brother’s heart in order to prove he’s the only one Liam can count on. Available on HBO. Featuring some seedy taboo brotherly love, co-dependent brothers, some death, and a lot of hubris. Dan features as Boss Os’ right hand man who has a severe distaste of Liam’s lifestyle, and a not so subtle unrequited crush on his boss. Pete makes an appearance as a flower shop owner who runs a grow-op and is pretty keen on that tightly wound consigliere who keeps coming by his shop for flowers.

Anyway sorry for this long post, but it’s been a while since I’ve been wanting to catalogue some of the major plots for the OCs. Among these are various movie/other IP based aus, several versions of the same au, plots where the ideas start to merge and cannibalize each other, but all of it a lot of good fun.

Again, thanks for giving me a platform to spew all of this vague info about my kids. 8′ )

When I created these OCs, I was pretty young. A lot of the content I had already written can be explained if taken into consideration how young I was: no genetics, no realism, massive incest, pedophilia, etc. In my search of creating OCs that resembled the characters of Erin Hunter I created a clusterfuck that should never be seen by any eyes but mine.

The stories and characters I have been submitting are inspired on my old OCs but they have been changed to such degrees that it is difficult to see the connections between them.

When I started rewriting them, one of the things that bothered me the most was the medicine cat rank. Cats are entirely carnivores, if they were to eat half of the herbs used in the books they wouldn’t probably live to tell. At first, I decided that the best I could do was to completely sweep away this rank and add a new one completely related to religion but then, surprisingly, I found a little book that I didn’t remember writing. While I hadn’t done any kind of research into cat anatomy or genetics when younger, I had researched the medical use of thousands of plants. It surprised me how “well” it was written and it made me feel nostalgic. After a lot of thought I decided to keep the medicine cat rank untouched.

Yesterday night I started to read a book that I recently bought. While the book mostly focusses on the correct caring for cat pets it did have a really cool part where it talked about veganism in cats. Of course, the book was completely opposed to it showing multiple anatomical and scientific reasons as to why a cat cannot ingest most plants. It got me thinking about my own worldbuilding.

Today, after rereading most of my Seaclan OCs, I’ve decided to change multiple things.

For starters, I shouldn’t have started writing the characters so fast; the worldbuilding should have come first but since it is already started there isn’t much I can do.

The changes I’ve decided to implement are:

-The exchange of the medicine cat rank for the rank of Seers. Cats will no longer have medicine knowledge, a seer’s job is to care for the spiritual and learn and remember as much stories and myths as they possibly can.

-The exchange of the suffix –leaf for the suffix –feather. Since birds play a huge role in the mythology of my clans, it only makes sense that a bird suffix should be used. Feathers touch the sky too; they keep a close connection to the sky while they live in the earth too, perfectly mimicking how the cat’s gods live.

-The addition of the suffixes –path and –throat. -Path used for acknowledging skilled mentors and –throat for acknowledging cats skilled in the art of storytelling.

-The addition of the suffix -light. (more will be added when I write about the clans’ culture).

My idea was to finish writing the whole of Seaclan and then start with Clayclan whose design and genetics have been completely done by now but then I thought that, in order to relate every character personality to their environment and culture, I should write the worldbuilding first. So, to sum up:

A lot of characters have rewritten again. Blackleaf is now Blackthroat and Rainface is now Rainpath. Their character sheet will be changed soon too.

After finishing with Seaclan (almost ready by now) I will write down culture and religion/mythology followed by biology (most common traits, environment, prey, ecosystem, etc). More will be written but, since university starts soon for me, I am not sure what will exactly happen.

So that’s all. A lot of new characters will be posted today so look forward to that. Thanks for listening to my incoherent cat stories. Have a nice day!!