How Bill turned into a terrorist
  • Bill: aww..!come on Pine Tree! What can I do for you to love me???
  • Dipper: nothing! I won't love even if you explode an entire town!
  • Bill: ...
  • Dipper: What?
  • Bill: then what's about I burn down a whole country?
  • Dipper: What?!?? Bill no!
  • Bill: Bill yes! Just wait here and I'll be back!
  • Dipper: Bill no!!!

helloooo, my sunshines !! my name is dallas, i am from the gmt+1 timezone & i love dogs. just saying. very … important … information … to get down to business: meet my son aka MAX CALDER. your resident mess of a person, but low key sunshine ( when he feels like it ). there’s more info about him under the cut, i hope y’all like him. if you wanna plot / talk, feel free to like this or hmu !!

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  • Victor: Yuuri and I are the main characters, so that means we're the love interests!
  • Yurio: Oh yeah? What does that make us?
  • Victor: You boys are the homosexual supporting cast.

I accidentally left my ps4 on and forgot about it and left the boys standing there, and by the time i came back four in-game days had passed and the last photo i got was this picture of prompto

He looks so upset


“Wtf dude. Four days without food. How could you?”

Director: ok Katie look at her like she’s yet another annoying reporter
Katie: ok so like I’m in love w her

Director: ok Katie look at her like you just popped in to visit your only friend
Katie: ok I’ll look like I popped in to ask the girl I love on a date and I will bite my lip to further my point

Director: ok Katie look at her angrily, she just accused your mother of something terrible
Katie: ok so I’ll look like the girl I love just broke my heart

Director: no Katie
Katie: yas Katie

im watching the swedish competition to decide who is going to represent us on eurovision and the hosts just said “Ladies, gentlemen and non-binary folks, welcome!”

on a public service channel

for all our faults, sometimes being swedish is quite nice too