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The boy has his “cool” face on.
Peter has his “Dad” face on lol. #godlovehim

Of note: he’s playing on the floor with him, the vest is undone and the tie is loosened. This is probably just Peter but wouldn’t it be great if we saw Sonny loosen up like this??

What if Peter was released from Eichen house for good behavior and he decided to turn his life around and now he’s just chilling in Beacon Hills, going to therapy twice a week and going to book club meetings at the public library with all these middle aged soccer moms and wearing nerdy little cardigans and sweater vests. 

Then one day Stiles is out in public, sees Peter and demands to know what he’s doing/what kind of evil stuff he’s up to and Peter is just like “Well. I was just on my way to get coffee with some of my soccer mom friends and then I was going to help them prepare for a bake sale at the elementary school did you want to come??” and that’s how Stiles ends up sitting in a coffee shop with Peter and his friends Linda and Becky while they talk about what an amazing read The Notebook was (Peter’s apparently read it three times now and admits it made him cry the first two times)

Jason tumbling through your window at like, 3 a.m. and it absolutely scares the ever loving shit out of you because who the hell does that? Oh right.

Jason Todd does that.

And you take a moment to process but the pisstivity level’s so high, he’s looking at you like there’s demonic fire in your eyes and tbh you’re pretty sure there’s demon blood in you too- “YOU LEATHER WEARING SHIT I HAD JUST GOTTEN TO SLEEP AND THEN HERE YOU COME, BRINGING YOUR CRASHING AND SHIT” and “DAMMIT TODD” but then he says he couldn’t sleep either and thought he could just snuggle on in and how can you be mad at that but “Calling is a thing.” Then he just kinda leads you back to your bed while you’re still going off and he just kinda tucks you in and snuggles into your side with a content sigh and-

And you’re just out like a fucking light switch - best sleep you’ve had in months.

Ok so I can’t believe that the official Doctor Who twitter pointed out this theory before I saw it anywhere else

I mean it took me a minute (and reading the comments) but

Oh boy.

Edit: ok the hand’s not what’s 45 seconds in but. Y’know.

update: confirmed for myself that I physically cannot get to Chicago by tonight. confirmed that it would be certifiably insane to try to get to NYC by tomorrow. stay tuned for the sure to be ridiculous conclusion of did I successfully purchase a ticket for the Roxy and make the [more sensible?] journey to my 2nd home of southern California.


panry au — How To Get Away With Murder. Peter is one of Regina Mills five best law students who get to work at her firm, where he eventually meets her teacher’s adopted son, Henry. 

Love Comes First - Part 2

Requested by: Anonymous & Anonymous

Words: 1,943

Prompt: #1: Omg. Hehe hi I was the one whom requested the recent imagine with Wendy and the ending though. The feels I have right now. It was amazing. But now i’m rather intrigued with what could of been. I was wondering could you write a sequel were he like stopped her from leaving or something. I know you said that was the last time she heard of him but please?

#2: Do you think you could wright a image where Wendy is jealous of Peter’s and Y/N relationship and Wendy pretends to be friends with Y/N and brings her somewhere and Kidnaps Y/N and beats her and tortures Y/N and Peter comes and saves Y/N can you put lots of fluff Thank You And I love your writing

Finally! By popular demand (pshh yeah right) and an unhappy anon, I have made a part 2 to this imagine. If you haven’t read it, I recommend you do so you get a little background info on the characters relationship, but I guess it’s cool if you don’t. Also I decided I would combine it with a different request I got because I thought it fit, and would be interesting to write that into the second part. I didn’t really add any fluff, but I did follow pretty much everything else in the second request. Anyway, enjoy!

There is more than one side to a story, it just depends on who tells it and where they decide to end it. Yours with Peter didn’t exactly end the day you left Neverland, like you thought.

About a year after you left, you were getting ready for bed like any other night when you noticed a dark figure outside your window. At first you disregarded it, assuming it was just a cat or the shadow of some tree moving in the wind, but it slowly sank in that it was all too familiar. After slipping into your nightgown you walked over to the window and slightly opened, just enough to poke your head out. There was nothing there, just the garden dimly lit by the street lights. You frowned, but decided to ignore whatever it was. It was probably just your imagination anyway. This wasn’t the first time since your return that you thought you saw Peter’s shadow, or even Peter, outside.

Not letting anything else distract you from a good night sleep, you slipped into bed and closed your eyes, letting yourself drift into a deep sleep.

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It’s not as black and white as the moms in the family are seeing it, and there’s no blueprint or structure for what makes a family anymore. Maybe there’s a way they can work it out so she can have both? They’re older and maybe she’s in the family through Brandon.

Maia Mitchell on Brallie

I do believe that Maia just basically confirmed that she isn’t leaving the Fosters or Brallie so honestly, I could not be happier. That’s probably what (was it Peter or Bradley that said it?) that everyone will be happy in the ending. People don’t want Brallie cause she won’t get a family, and some people want her to have a family cause they want Brallie at the same time. So I do believe they have discovered a solution for all of us thank you writers.

Why it sucks to be a Parisian Libs fan.

like I know Peter could be anywhere around my neighbourhood and I know his (at least before Thailand) favourite spots and they ‘re all like 5 minutes away from my house, so it’s like I could bump into him anytime, so I’m always nervous walking in these streets, also what if I take a walk in Père-Lachaise and suddenly meet him beyond Oscar Wilde’s grave? How should I react? Probably would scream and chase the crows away ha.

So every day off I’m anxious but end up disappointed and I know if I moved here a few years ago I would have basically been to a lot of his impromptu gigs and know his “friends” and all.


(ok this is all nonsense and humour don’t even try and tell me I should consider myself glad coz you live in Australia or Antarctic and never saw him live or whatever, I obviously know how lucky I am to live in Paris concerning any Libs related events + cool square city, chill the fuck out).