Okay but what if Hux is a Tarkin’s nerd as Ren is for Vader?

Forgive me.


You probabily already seen this, but if you didn’t DO IT.

Don’t make Syco/Modest fool you.

I just wanted to say THANK YOU FOR +500 FOLLOWERS!!! I’m so happy!!!

Joining this fandom is probabily the best thing that ever happened in my life, i knew so many friends and so many wonderful artists and editors. To show my gratitude, I wanted to do this little drawing. Because I’m really proud to be a part of this fandom and proud to ship them, no matter what!


Based on this post (and a lot of headcanons-talking between me and @polafuka): Shinobu (TogaFuka baby) and Jin (Naegiri baby) in animal onesies, a gift from auntie Aoi. <3 Shinobu’s pig onesie is based on Ranma’s P-Chan, because is my fave manga ever \o\
I tagged this AU Adulthood AU, because i will probabily add more things. Hcs on Dadgami are hella fun :°D
(And we all agree that this fandom need some fluff right now, to survive the anime hell. *nods*)


Centaur!Lucy - step by step

Hello! I’m still alive! I wanted to apologize for my inactivity… the fact is that I wanted to upload the two requests I have to finish before posting anything else… but I have a sort of art block with both of them. So, meanwhile I struggle to force myself finishing them, I don’t want to let this blog drown in the inactivity…

I take the chance to introduce you my new Fairy Tail AU: Centaur AU. I always loved centaurs and I absolutely adore how FT girls looks like in that form *^* I hope you enjoy the idea as I do. I will probabily do other doodles from this AU soon O v < ) 9


robb stark | aesthetic | orange and forest green 

He is probabily the sweetest guy on the Earth, who falls in love always with the wrong people (Theon and then Talisa/Jeyne). He is, like “The wolf of wall street”, one of his favourite films that isn’t a romantic one, someone young and ambitious, but he doesn’t want money, power or other things: he wants freedom and he only does his duty. Orange like the Tully hair, that he has got, and forest green like the forest he lived when he was a child.

AU where Louis has a twin: Will.

Louis is the soft side: the androgynous, delicate side. Will is the hard side: the loud, aggressive, tattoo-clad side.
They’re both kind of Louis. In a way.

Inspired by THIS fic, it’s a Tomlinshaw (Nick+Louis/Will) sorry for this XD


Tonight me and the lovely Kara had the same idea to draw Louis’ twin (we didn’t even talked about it!), so you’ll probabily something similiar around :3