probabbly not

Look, we need to talk about this Ok

This wasn’t some happy go luck episode, this wasn’t the sweet cool Starco episode everyone is trying to make it out to be or whatever. This was intense. This kid as been traveling and fighting for 16 years.

Marco traveled to every single dimension,(without sicors), He faced hundreds of monsters, he learned amazing things. He blew out every single flame of every single clone

Marco grew up guys. he grew UP. He built a life for himself. he lived for 16 years alone in the roughness of uncivilisation, with only himself to look out for. Constiantly tracking down clone after clone after clone.  He becomes a warior.

And yet, when he arrives at her doorstep, he doesn’t  attack her, and she doesn’t attack him. Infact, when he arrives, she’s already forming his scissors

She’s content, She’s plaesed. She has accept his work, and delcared  him worthy of the responiblility of having dimensional siccors. 

And marco has a similar reaction as well, he doesn’t immedetly take the scissors, doesn’t blow out her light as soon as possible. No, he sits down, gets comfy. he relaxs and tells his tales to her.

“you barley escaped me on the exploding flames of endor. And when I lost your trail in the mist of the never zone, I thought I’d never find you.”

They know eachother. This isn’t the first time he’s seen her. The REAL her since their first encounter when he was fourteen. They’e meet before, they’ve battled, and ran and talked formed an odd frenship out of their bond.

And then He rises to blows out her flame, and she lets him. She stands there, content as he softley, blows it out

“Not bad for a human. I underestmated you.”

And then, Star bust in….

And of cousre, Marco is happy to see her. He hasn’t seen her in over, and I’ll say it again, 16 years (reminder, normal people go to school for 12 years! First grade to senior. Marco has been working for those things, longs than the normal person goes to school.)

Now, I’m not here to go through this episode slide by slide, so lets move on. Marco finds out he’s only been gone from earth for 8 minutes, he get annoyed, ut then Star encourages him to come back home with her, so that everything can go back to normal.

Here’s the thing guys. Marco has spent the last 16 years matureing, fighting, living, He’s been spending the last 16 years BUILDING A LIFE. he doesn’t want to go back. he likes his life.

He likes the adventure, his sword and his dragon-motercikle pet thingy. The likes the life he’s build for himself here.

And this scares her. She pleads with him. BEGS him even. “But, what about your parents, your freinds….Me?” Star puts Marco in a position where he has to pick between his life, what he likes and her.

And here’s where this show gets really deep. he looks at his pet.

Guys you can feel that stabbing pain in your heart right? Right?  Oh man and then he looks at Hekapoo. This girl he’s chased for 16 years. 

“Don’t look at me, those siccors are yours now…you can come back here, anytime you want.”

So he makes his decision

But before he goes, he bids them goodbye. He asks Hekapoo to look after his pet. His one compainion on the road. And she agrees. 

Then he turns to her. Like when he entered, he greets her like an old freind, because that’s who she is. She’s not someone he resents, She’s some one he trusts. Someone he has faith in and who he know he can depend on.


I mean, I’m sorry, but have you SEEN the way they’ve been looking at eachother this entire time? Their eyes, relaxed, smiles oh so small.Serriously, go back through the pictures I have here. you’ll see what I meant Mabye I’m crazy, but it almost seems like they’re in love. 

ha hah hah just kidding…sort of.

 Back to buisness.

Look at this. This is her thing. She’s been doing this to him since they first meet. It’s a way she “shows [her] affection” in the words of Toph

It’s what she does. He has something simillar to that as well

“Later H-poo.”

“Don’t call me that!”

They know eachother. They’ve know eachother for 16 years. They’ve been teasing eachother all that time while he’s been chasing her and she’s been slipping through his fingers. I don’t know about you, but that sounds like some wicked love story. 

But it’s not, because she’s some, immotal being and he’s a human and he’s ment to be with Star…That’s fine. I get that but still!

I meanserriously, when Hekapoo  creates siccors, she makes them individually for the owner, and look at marco’s

The blade’s are thick, and kind of resemble a sword, given how that’s the wepon he’s been using all this time, and it’s part of his pasword..but look at the that little flame where the blade conects to the handle? Doesn’t that look like her flame crown?

no, actually, it doesn’t. But it DOES  look like her clone’s crowns. The clone’s he’s been chassing and fighting al these years. She placed a bit of herself in his siscores because she was that important to him. (or at least she was important to his mission)




Ok, Ok, Ok….now here’s 

The most important stuff. 

Marco is back in his 14 year old body. He’s back on earth’s time line, and Star thinks its all fine and dandy…but it’s not.

Marco isn’t the same guys. He’s been gone for 16 years. He’s 30 years old mentally. Watch as he takes in his room, observing it like some alein place.

And he walks over to his computer, almost scared to touch it. These last few years, Marco’s probablby survied off of whatever he could kill or make with his own two hands. This kind of advancement…it might make him feel uncomftorble, like he’s cheating at life. 

“Password..? I don’t remember my password.”

For last 16 years, Marco has  probabbly been sleepin gon rocks, on the ground in caves. watch how catius he is lowering himself onto his bed. After two years, most soilders in the army can’t handle sleeping on beds because they’re “too soft” Imagine how marco feels. I mean, his sandwitch is still warm, as if none of his life had ever happened

This isn’t some crazy Narnia junk where Pete, Edwin, Lucy and Susan half forget what their life was like in narnia when they de-age after walking through the wardrobe. Where they go back to being kids mentally as well, as though their entire adventure was a dream.


Marco remembers it all. And this is HUGE. The show brodened on that. they showefd how uncomftorble he looked as he stood in his room all alone, because it was essential to show the effects that were left on him. 

This isn’t some happy Starco episode. this isn’t some cool ‘lets drool over adult marco’ episode either. This is some dark, bittersweet life. And you guys need to stop trying to weasle out of these facts.

The 100 season 1: bellarke isn’t together

me: I’m telling you guys season 2 is our time bellarke is gonna be together

The 100 season 2: bellarke isn’t together

me: I’m telling you guys season 3 is our time bellarke is gonna be together?

The 100 season 3: bellarke isn’t together

me: I’m telling you guys??? season 4 is our time bellarke is gonna be together??? i thinkk

The 100 season 4: bellarke isn’t together

me to the100 writers: I SWEAR DO THAT AGAIN AND WE’RE DONE

My hijab story

When I first started wearing hijab it was around my head covering my hair and not my chest, and I was told “you’re not even covering anything”
When I first started wearing hijab everyone said “you probabbly take it off when you’re out on your own”
When I first started wearing hijab people said “it’s a phase”
When I first started wearing hijab, I still wore my regular pants with tops and people said “what’s the point of hijab if you wear pants”
Today my flowy abaya wearing self hears “Why do you dress like that? You’re too young to be dressing like that”

@ my hijabi sisters, I’m very proud of you for covering. May Allah accept your efforts, and reward you immensly.

Crossed wires

Imagine: Dean being angry all the time because he thinks you are into Sam. Full story!

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Pairings: Dean x reader / Sam (mentioned)

Warnings: Not really? Idk maybe a little fluff

Word count: 1673

A/N: As you probabbly already know, I love jealous Dean, so yeah… Also this is the first time I write from  character POV so let me know if you like it or not…

When you met the boys, you instantly had a special connection with Sam. You also were the youngest sibling, but in your case, your older sister died years ago while you were hunting. You spent a lot of time with him, laughing all the time and you even had special jokes that only you could understand.

And Dean… Well, that was different. You enjoyed his company, of course, but you felt completely different around him. With Sam, he was your best friend and you loved him like an older brother, but with the other Winchester… You couldn’t name the feelings you had. And maybe you were too afraid to accept you were falling for him.

Dean’s POV

Since we met Y/N, she had a special thing with Sam. She spent a lot of time with him, always together, always laughing and hell… They even had special jokes I could never get.

And without knowing or having control of it, I started to feel something for her. Of course, she’s beautiful, but she’s also a good damn huntress, she could take down the world if she wanted it and she makes me crazy without knowing it. And I was so jealous, yes, jealous of my own brother.

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Shadowhunters 3a Theory

Sooo… 5 episodes titles had been relesed plus the trailer… I think I can start to tehorize!

 Episode 3.01 - “On Infernal Ground”

Judging from what we’ve seen in the trailer… First of all let’s remember those events are taking place like a bit more than two hours after the celebration in the Hunter’s Moon. And because season premiers MUST start with something  strong my guess is that we will start exactly with the moment when some demon (?) attacks this person running in the rain. Then fastforward to the events that takes place in the mornining: Izzy’s and Jace’s scene in the Institute. Alec being Alec asks Magnus about it and I’m guessing we will end episode with Sebastian’s sudden apperance.

 Episode 3.02 - “The Powers That Be”

Something connected with magic? That ritual maybe? And MAYBE Asmodeus (though I feel like it’s FAR too quick for his apperance). I think this is also the episode with Jace and Maia at Hunter’s Moon. Counting on some serious talk with Ollie tbh… And Jace’s training with (i’m guessing) Izzy.

Episode 3.03 - “What Lies Beneath”

The Lightwoods meeting i think, because of someone’s tweet that says that Robert’s gonna be here… And also in that tweet was an egg mentioned… Idk how about you but this leads me to Malec cooking for Lightwoods? O.o (those would be dreams thaough, hah…) Plus could be this the episode with drunk Alec? Also isn’t this a episode when Raphael is supposed to “break our hearts”? And that’s worries me… Seriosuly the only thing that would somehow REALLY move him would be if something happened to Magnus or his sister, Rosa? 

Episode 3.04 - “Thy Soul Instructed”

Yo, local Shakespeare fan there thinks it’s a quote spoken by Iago from Othello. Here is a full quote: “Lay the finger thus, and let thy soul be instructed”. In this context it’s about betrayal. So you know what I have in mind? This MUST ne the epiosde when the consequences of Magnus’s siding with the Queen will strike up and he probabbly losses his title as The High Warlock Of Brooklyn. And I think Alec would convince him to go with him on a pool to Hunter’s Moon and the scene “All I care is how you feel” scene happens. And I’m HOPING this is the scene with forhead kiss and MAYBE aku cinta kamu?

 Episode 3.05 - “Stronger Than Heaven”

If this ain’t eh episode with Lilith rising then someone kill me pls… If they would go to Edom omgggg… *.*


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hope you liked it, please leave your toughts, my ask box is always open <3

2x20 Beside Still Water

Warning: This review contains spoilers


Moly motherfucking God! Boy! Damnit! Note to self - don’t piss off jace Herondale! Or don’t threathen Clary’s life! OMGOMGOMOMG, how I liked him in this episode! Now he was more heroic and less pain in the ass yesssss. Too bad he choose to lie to Alec… And the hell is happening with him? Like… Really… And I must admit I cried when he died… It may be beceuase of Dom’s and Kat’s acting but also beceause of the music… Damn…

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I’m both happy and mad. Happy because I’m really proud of her how she handled almost the whole sitiation. Like literally when she was about get to be killed she simply laid her haid on that tree… She was in fear but also she looked like… Okay with this. And woah girl, your fighting skills upgraded! nice! And she killed Valentine! yaay! But… FOR TO LOVE OF GOD REALLY?! I HATE the trope with that one wish. She could have pleaded Raziel for anything. I know, she loves Jace. But… She could wish for Jace being alive and something else too in one wish. She’s smart she could have sneek two wishes in one!

But okay… i understand that book readers would eat the writers alive if that wouldn’t happen in the show so I’ll give it a pass… 

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3. Clace

Nice. Sweet. A bit selfish but okay. I’ll give it a pass. It wasn’t forced at least. You could have seen that they truley do care for each other and that was sweet. I approve this ship :P

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4. Valentine

Hail and farewell, motherfucker. May the Edom demons make you suffer for all of this. Dad of the year I swear to God. I mean… What to say after killing your daughter’s bf? ‘ugh, I’m sorry,lol… wanna kill all the downwolders?”… I mean?? WTF?? But well he’s dead everyone’s happy yay. Valentine WILL NOT be missed. Alan will…

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5. Luke

yesss. My dad is happy! And carefree! Fina… OLLIE GTFO! It’s so refreshing to see Luke like this. First being extremly worried about Maia, beating Meliorn to get to her, speking up to the Seelie Queen… And then they are awardong him with being all happy and tipsy celebreating! Omg yes please, Luke deserves happiness! And well if Jace doesn’t wanna hug him I will! With a pleasure!

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6. Simon

Okay. But. What have you promised to the Queen? Boy, you KNOW that you CAN’t trust her! So why would you do that?! But… Putting that aside… I loved ho he was worried about Maia too. Like literally he would have done everyhing to get her out of this place… And he probabbly done this… God, I’m scared about him… And I’m super happy that he and Clary are both in peace now ^^

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Girl was so good today! 1st Malec shipper I swear to God! She knew EXACTLY what she was doing. Award for best sister goes to her definitley! And best freind! I mean her talk with Clary at the end was so, so sweet <3I love when they show Izzy like that ^^

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I am reapting myself. I’m doing this in EVERY review and I have no idea if i ever stop doing this. he. Is. An. AMAZING. Leader. And the Head of the Institue. He was VERY fast in his actions. And I really appreciate that he didn’t want to drag Magnus into this, even when it was for personal reasons. But ahhh he showed how of a warrior he is! Book Alec who? Never heard of him. Especially that he HAS felt Jace’s death and felt it rather painful… Btw… There’s no better feeling than walk into your parabati, who you supposed was dead, kissing his gf…

P.s. Alec don’t kid yourself you’ve never been able to think staright… :P

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Gotta love this Prince of Hell, At first I was slightly annoyed by how he had acted torwards Luke and Simon, but I understand. He got betrayld TWICE in a very short peroid of time. It’s understandable. And then… Holy f… Man he is SO powerful! I’m really happy that they’ve started to show that! And that quote “I’m a High Warlock of Brooklyn” is iconic alongside “Duh…” XD And i love how caring he is. OMG. That strong contarst between Alec’s words (Magnus is not intrested in helping Shadowhunters) and Magnus’ words and actions during the whole episode… *.* (Also, Magnus… i would KILL for this jacket!)

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OMG!!! I KNEEEW IT!!!!!! I knew that they will reunite! And be protectibe over each other even if they mad at each other! I mean look at Alec’s face when he saw magnus falling! Omg he looked so worried! So did Magnus when Alec was in pain! And how Alec reacted when they saw that Valentine summoned Raziel! And that talk outide and in Hunter’s Moon. Alec is SO in love with Magnus and vice versa. They DO love each other so y’all haters who bittched on Malec for 2 weeks can kindly shut up! <3 “I can’t live without you” *.* And Magnus being speachless… That’s love. That’s a real relationship: they have arguments but they still deeply care for each other and love each other so much that they will find their way back together *.* 9Besides this scene were so aestheticly pleasing omg)

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Your Highness kill yourself, how dare you. How dare you do all of this things! Omg. I’m so, so mad. What did Valentine promised you/ What have you made to Simon? Damnit. I hate her more and more. I want her to die, honestly… but on the other gand I know that I’m gonna struggle with her and her games for a loooong peroid of time… (Maia is me on this gif…)

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12. Maia/Saia

Kind of sad that this time I don’t really have much to tell about her… I enyoed having her on the screen. I love how she had none of Queens bullshit. And I agree with Jace, she and Simon look So cute together. He really cares about her *.* And she looked STUNNING.

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11. Sebastian

I knew that he wasn’t deeeeaaad!! it would be too easy!! But… Omg… how in the freaking hell he opened the pit? Like… literally… HOOOOW… But well…. he is… um.. “safe” in… Edom? And now we know that at least his mother cares about him…

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12. Ollie

Girl… Why… Would you… Destroy.. Luke’s… Happiness? You could easly wait a few days! But nooo you came to hunter’s Moon and demands answeres… And like… Why… Please don’t piss me off… I swaer, she’s gonna die like soon… Or she’ll get turned into something…

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13. Meliorn

I trusted you… But well… on the other hand… i could expect that… Like… I know how annoying he has been in the books… In the show I like him more… Ugh…. Why would you do that…

14. Malachi

Traitor. I’m glad you had die. Like seriously I was rolling my eyes during his passionate speech about how Valntine is right… I’m glad he died…

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15. Raziel/Lilith (?)

I really enyoed both of their apperances. Raziel’s voice was amazing. And I’m really glad we haven’t seen his face. It felt… Right. But one thing… I understand that he just calmly watched how father and daughter were fighting to their death? I’m… Okay…

Originally posted by shadowhuntersseries

And for Lilith… Yay Caring mother. Bravo Sebastian, someone trurley loves you! And I can’t WAIT to see more of her! I mean we saw only a bits, but I’m SUPER exited for her!!

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Woah that was a REALLY good season’s finale. I know that I’m gonna cry when I re-watch this ep with my friend on Agust 21st. Kat’s the winner of the best acting performance in this episode, really. So let’s sum our cliffhangers.

1. What’s going on with Jace

2. What Simon has promised to the Queen

3. Ollie cofronting Luke

4. Sebastian’s case

A lot to be expected in s3. And I simply can’t wait for it. The waiting is gonna be hell though… Especially adding school… Bet well. For an episode I would give this 5/6. But as a finale I’m gonna give it 6/6. I’m really glad to say that this show begins to spread it’s wings! Catch you guys later! Sonia’s out! ( And yes I love how retro I look on this gif XD)

Yes this shawl is too big for me (im only 5ft and the shawl is waaaaaaay more, maybe it’s 8ft) also this is a weird face. I’m in a car. That’s a seat belt. I’m pretty sure this shawl is from mardan, so I’m kinda bias.

ask-ghost-feli  asked:

Pls I need 2pitapan pls

So here we go!!

How they got together: In the very beggining, when they met each other, there was always a “thing” going on: They’re both arrogant, sadistic and ironical people, so a friendship was almost obvious. But, as the relationship started to grow, they realized that something more was there: Lust. A lot of fucking lust. So eventually, in a meeting where Lutz wasn’t present, they just… How can I say this in a polite way… Fucked in the table.

Favourite thing to do together:  They can’t choose between sex or judging people.

Fights: Eventually, because even if they have a lot of common, both of them have an unique way of dealing with situations: Kuro is very calm, he likes to watch a lot until having 100% sure that this way is the right way, and Luciano is a reckless motherfucker that is really easily affected by anger.

What they love about each other: Luciano admires Kuro’s wisdom about life in general and how he can always stay “chill”, while Kuro admires Luciano’s way of solving problems with charisma and cleverness.

Cute thing:  They’re both very short, so everyone who sees them together dies with cuteness… Until the moment that Luciano opens his mouth and Kuro picks the sword.

Funny thing: Lutz keeps asking them for a threesome, and once they accepted just to make him their dog for a night.

NSFW thing: Is very hard to decide who is going to be the dominant, and in a relationship where BDSM is involved, this is a very important decision. Usually they share the dominance, even though Kuro’d probabbly win this fight.

Well, that’s it! I hope you liked!!

Probabbly gonna do Bora’s info next… ;v; Feel free to ask questions about or for Jung as I want to start drawing more!

More info under cut.


Jung-Hwan Seonwoo (Hangul: 선우 정환)


Jung, Mr.Seonwoo (Work only; He becomes offended if it’s used outside his teaching job.)

Online Username:



Cis Male




6’5” | 198 cm


210 lbs | 95 kg

Birth Date:

February 21st

Zodiac Sign:



Language Teacher (High School)
Translator (Mainly books and most of his income)

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anonymous asked:

Lol. So softshumjr wrote this: "(because straight ppl only know two orientations… het or gay, there’s nothing in between)" and she is right. You probabbly are the same. All the starights are gross and doesn't understand anything about LGBTQ+. And all of you never want to learn. You are all gross. I hate you. I can't stand you. I swear the next time I'm gona see you praising Malec and I'm sure you're doing this just beceause the actors are hot I'm gonna block you, lil bitch

Wow. I mean, wow. You really made it your goal to make feel bad. And congratulations you’ve accomplished that. I can’t ignore it, sorry. 

Sorry, people who care about me but I need to stand up for myself. First of all, why won’t you come off anon? It’s considered polite to talk to people face to face, you know. And I prefer to know who I’m talking to. 

You’re accusing me of not understanding the struggle that people of the LGBTQ+ community go through every da because I’m straight. And I agree, I can only imagine. Or, just talk with my friends who are a part of the community. Oh wait, you didn’t know that I have friends in the community? Hm, why? That’s right, because you know nothing about me, jon snow. 

My parabatai is gay. The girl who takes care of me like a mother would for her daughter, is bi. Most of my tumblr friends are a part of the LGBTQ+ community. So when i’m not sure about something, or simply don’t know what something means, I ask them. I make sure to educate myself because I don’t think I could call myself a supporter if I knew only two sexualities. 

You’ve said that I like Malec just because the two actors are “hot”. Excuse you, but can you EXACTLY pin point the post, where I’ve put you under this kind of impression. Because this is why I love Malec.

  • What they represent for the LGBTQ+ Community
  • No matter what, they have each other’s back
  • Their story is amazing
  • Their love is even more amazing
  • I look up to them. Seriously. I hope that someday someone will love me the way they love each other.
  • I learn from them. Because (surprise, surprise) a straight person can learn a lot about love from a LGBTQ+ couple. 

Besides the accusation that I love this ship only because the actors are “hot” makes me think that either you’ve come across a lot of “fans” like this or you’re doing this yourself. 

I admit that both Harry and Matthew are really handsome (yes I’m going with handsome not hot, because quoting Caleb from PLL “Call the girl beautiful, not hot. She’s a person, not a cup of tea.” and that goes to the boys also, because we usually tend to forget men get oversexualized as well as women.) but I love them for what kind of people they are, how talented they are and I look up to them. I don’t like people beceause of their looks, I like them beceause of their personality and if that’s gonna change (and I strongly hope that this never will change) then feel free to punch me in the face HARD. So glad that we have this cleared out. 

You know what this whole thing remindes me of, Anon? You watch Shadowhunters right? Your hate has the same consequences like the agony rune had for Magnus. Made me relive my worst memories which in my case is being constantly bullied in primary school. You know getting thrown down the stairs or getting called a bitch for no particular reason. And I hope you are happy for making me feel even more pain.

But EVEN putting aside everything you’ve made me feel let’s talk about how your hate influences people around me, who cares about me, right?. Oh, you haven’t thought that would happen? Too bad, shame on you. 

So let’s start with the person who’s words you were trying to throw against me. @softshumjr. I don’t know if you’ve noticed but we know each other. What’s more I usually call her “mum” and she calls me “daughter”. So imagine how angry she got when I sent her a screenshot of your hate. Oh wait you’ve already seen it in her post, haven’t you? I hope you have. Beceause what you did is unforgivable. You used her words COMPLETELY OUT OF CONTEXT just to sent me hate. Wow rude af, Anon. From all ppl on tumblr you’ve chosen the worst person to use her words against me. Congratulations for your stupidity, really. 

Also you’ve made @spreadlovelikelegs feel bad. From what I know Gi felt bad even before I’ve sent the screen of your hate message in our chat. And this made her feel even worse. So wow you’ve hurt not one person but three. And I’ve almost done the worst thing I could. I’ve almost believed you that I really am this kind of person. I’ve started to blame myself for Marta’s angryness and Gi’s pain. If it wasn’t for all of the kind souls who actually care about me then I don’t know what I would have done. 

So from now on I’m shutting down anons. Marta’s right. Those anons have a bad influence on me. And I simply don’t want to be put through the pain all over again just because of who I am and what I like. I’m too tried. 

caninesmingyu  asked:

how would the members ( + v) dance when they're at a club ? (zen dances like a white dad even though he probabbly knows how to dance)

(a/n i know this says dance but i expanded it to just them being drunk at the club and i included dancing because its funny lolol pps i got invited to a party as i was writing this so)


  • initially he comes to pick you up from the club because he’s intimidated by the people at clubs because ‘they’re cool(they’re really not)
  • hes really scared walking in
  • but he’ll wants to make sure you’re home safe so he conquers his fear (ง'̀-‘́)ง
  • he sees people chanting for you to down a drink and he meets ur gaze and its just like yoosung h e l p
  • so he comes over and chugs the drink down and wow i saved her!!
  • buuuut he’s a lightweight so he starts giggling
  • a lot
  • he loves ‘sex on the beach’ 
  • its FRUITY i should take it to class it’s one of my 5 a day
  • no yoosung its really not
  • but i taste oranges and and 
  • :(
  • a hyper white man on the dance floor 
  • does the boogie and failed moonwalks and wow look at mee mc loook!!
  • he thinks he’s really good oh my poor child
  • he’s so addicted to LOLOL that he probably runs around screaming at one point because i am a drAGON WARRIOR
  • ends up being SUPER paranoid 
  • when you sober up you try find him but where tf is he where has he gone omg he’s lost call the cops
  • security finds him hiding under a truck what the hell
  • apparently he heard sirens and he thought they were after him??? 
  • …why would they be-
  • probably passes out in the car
  • cries the next morning because what is a hangover???
  • why am i dying call 999 i’d like a red coffin please tell my mum i love her


  • he’s planned this night out for weeks but he’s paranoid ur going to die or something??
  • remember if someone offers you a dri-
  • i know say i have a muscular bf that will beat u up blah blah lets gO
  • thats my mc
  • you enter the club and he literally pulls out a flask of his pants and ur just like ????
  • listen, drinks are expensive and i’m not spending that much on strong flavoured water 
  • true & me too
  • at first he’s super cool as he hangs out with his old biker friends in the smoking area and you nope outta there
  • but when he sees that you’re drunk he literally jets back into the club and drinks with you
  • drunk zen oh god oh boy
  • he’s either bussing out boy band moves or either jumping up and down like a freak theres NO inbetween
  • either way you run away
  • he definitely acts cute/flirty to get free drinks that girls buy him and ur hella pissed off at him
  • but you hear him rambling to the girls about how much he likes you and quickly takes his drinks and shares them with you
  • winks @ u because this mf knows how to get free drinks how sly
  • u scared the undying shit out of me you drunk cunt don’t flirt again :((
  • he somehow ends up talking to his vodka glass when you leave him to dance
  • and he’s reciting his lines and acting dramatically - its a full on performance 
  • wow…i have a v attentive audience thank you guys I appreciate it
  • oh he’s also the drunk person who takes 100 snapchats and everyone hates him cos of it i know i would
  • when he wakes up the next morning you find him watching a youtube video of his drunk self last night and he just groans smacking his forehead
  • my manager is going to kill me
  • pout


  • he’s still in his suit so he looks very out of place
  • ah- this is a commoner club 
  • dissapointed when he sees sweaty teens just grinding on each other
  • oh christ thats a lot of leg
  • whines A LOT
  • i thought it would be empty mc..
  • jumin - its a club why would it be EMPTY you dumbass
  • literally jets to the vip section where there’s less people and relaxes for a bit
  • but he ends up sipping a little too much wine
  • tries vodka in his tipsy state and he looks like a baby who’s tried a lemon 
  • oh god o non nonon o non why DO PEOPLE DRINK THIS noNOo 
  • … actually give me 7
  • he’s so out of it now
  • doesn’t dance he just bobs his head really out of time to the music 
  • talks to everyone and everything (yes he talks to objectsabout cat wine
  • and *hic* you know cat wine *hic* will make a profit *hic* of 3 million *hic* kitten pounds *hic*
  • wtf is kitten pounds oh god what are u planning
  • leaves his card in the normal club area and everyone uses his card to buy drinks
  • um sir.. ur bill is £9867.37…
  • lol *hic* i want another water drink please 
  • you drag him out because he’s a mess gET OUT TRUST FUND KID
  • no no no i have more clients to talk to i’m doing business
  • you were talking to a chair before i dragged you out movE IT
  • in the morning you show a video of jumin hiccuping and rambling and he just straightens out his suit and walks away in shame
  • whispers to himself…what have i become


  • the club has an offer where all drinks are half priced and u just drag her along but she vows not to drink
  • lol
  • a ranting angry drunk who lets every thing in her head just come out
  • it’s roast jumin night
  • listen i hat ehis damn *hic* cat wine and his cat i mean *hic* that cat isn’t even cut e *hic* that cat hair is everywhere *hic*
  • stops mid sentence
  • hey you’re *hic* cute
  • she realises what she’s said in her drunk state and covers her mouth and u just laugh because same ur still getting embarrased 
  • she just word vomits everything but her thoughts are so jumbled up that she can’t finish her train of thought so its just random phrases and you can’t get a word in at all
  • i would quit my job but the pay is go-
  • YEAH
  • i caught trust fund kiddo with a pocky stick in his mouth on the floor trying to get elly to ea-
  • omg
  • isnt that animal abuse???
  • what the number i’ll call the-
  • you have to grab her phone out of her hand or else jumin would kill her but damn she was close
  • doesn’t dance but she just stares at people from her seat judging people verbally nd really loudly - enough for them to hear
  • she’s awful
  • shut up jaehee where are your manne-
  • but she has 2 left feet an-
  • you just drag her out because the girls are so close to clawing her face 
  • tuts the whole way home mumbling about kids these days but jaehee ur like 5
  • int he future she doesn’t even let u bring up that night because she lost 5 clients and jumin managed to hear what she said and he was v.v.v pissed 
  • throws a shoe at your head when you mention going to a club together


  • takes you to some weird underground club for officals n shit with a secret password to get in and everything??
  • where are we saey- holy shit whY IS THE GUARD BREATHING FIRE
  • you learn that they’re robots that he created - well ofc that makes sense now
  • all the drinks in the club are just rainbow coloured and weird and theres blaring techno music where am I
  • recommends you every drink and he’s also one of the lightweights so soon enough ur both somehow singing to screamo (just screaming random syllables)
  • he’s that IDIOT who screams “DRINKS ON ME”
  • oh my god saeYOUNG NO
  • gets into a dance battles (does white boy dance moves) and he loses and breaks his glasses may I add
  • but its normal because he says he has 137 more?? wdym..?
  • when people hit on you he ends up joining in and hitting on you as well because u know.. drunk logic
  • are you a calendar because dATE ME
  • we’re already dating idiot wh-
  • oh well it did it hurt; when.
  • …when..?
  • when you fell for me
  • dies on the floor laughing at his own joke 
  • then after a while he’s literally really weird like
  • weirder than usual
  • if sunflower oil is made from sunflower seeds.. and sesame oil is made from sesame seeds.. whats virgin oil made from??
  • oh god th e government is giving us viRGIN DRIINKS
  • you cover his mouth quickly because theres probably government officials in here u IDIOT shut it
  • compliments random strangers while doing the finger gun action as u drag him out
  • points at stranger “u have.. nice shape d teeth *hic* me likey
  • probably laughs the next day because those drinks don’t give you hangovers (he created them) and he compliments his own shitty dancing on camera before pulling another pair of glasses out of thin air
  • bitch tf where did that come from?????


  • he tells you off for drinking at the club 
  • but ends up drinking himself
  • okay wow seriously the RFA have no logic - rika u hired idiots
  • he becomes really artsy and he acts knowledgeable 
  • but he don’t know shit
  • you know where rum comes from?
  • uh yeah isn’t it like a by product of some sugar process thing and its fer-
  • no. i’m going to tell you the unspoken truth.
  • you get a glass of water from the mountains, put it on the table, clap 3 times, spin around 4 times, say rummyrumrum and then it becomes rum.
  • (please bare in mind he says this super seriously with the straightest face and the calmest tone)
  • he’s wandering around the club and people think he’s sober but he’s really not he just looks normal
  • ends up taking thousands of photos on his phone until theres no more memory left
  • the photos are worse.. than jumins (collective gasps)
  • but at the time he’s genuinely freaking out because 
  • omg these pictures are golden i’m literally going to make millions
  • …they’re all blurry feet.
  • probably lets to bartender ramble about his job to him because thats v and he’s nodding his head slowly at him 
  • he’s not listening btw
  • suddenly gets up (srry mr bartender) and realises he has to take pictures of you because wow ur beautiful (he’s STILL cheesy when drunk)
  • those ‘pictures’ are just confused selfies because how do cameras flip again??? technology is hard :((
  • his form of dancing is nodding his head like jumin with some jazz hands from time to time 
  • zones out a lot at the club - everyone is convinced he’s high and avoids him
  • the next morning he erases all the pictures and literally pretends the night didn’t happen 
  • acts super clueless 
  • lol whats alcohol? i only know of green tea!!