prob spelled that wrong

I want Prince Lotor to be:

A) Prince Naveen (I prob spelled that wrong) from Princess and the Frog. A.k.a. spoiled rich kid who got cut off from the family but has a good heart or

B) Draco Malfoy from A Very Potter Musical. A.k.a. rolls around on the floor a lot, overly dramatic, has daddy issues

I definitely wasn’t Archie! I think I was more like Clay in the sense that I was a little naïve. There were girls I had crushes on who wanted nothing to do with me. And I’m pretty sure there were girls who liked me but I didn’t really pick up on it. I just thought we were good friends! I was like, “Oh, you want to see a movie, just with me? Cool.”
—  On a scale of Clay to Archie, how did you do with girls when you were in high school? {Ross Butler for Cosmopolitan}
Starkstrange idea/ Starkquill idea

Right so part of the Tony support/defense  group/squad  a friend and I decided that tony should have his own family away from the avengers so the family would consist of Bruce Banner, Peter Parker, Rhodey,Stephen Strange and Peter Quill. , so with that being said here’s the cute idea;

Tony dated Bruce once and it didn’t work out 

He then dated Strange thinking he’d be “The One” but he wasn’t , and its not bad they just saw themselves better off as friends in the end rather than lovers.

And finally he meets Peter Quill a man who shows him the stars , Space and the Galaxy within itself , which helps alot with his fear of space , Peter is there for him when he feels stressed or anxious hell they all help him but here’s the piece de resistance …probs spelled that wrong but listen XD

listen to Cool by Gwen Stefani and imagine it with Starkstrange and Starkqill 

imagine the cliche exes meet again after a certain amount of time the whole “ hey you” , “hey” smiles around and sweet thoughts of the past and good vibes going on and Strange introducing himself to Peter Quill and being kind to the new happy couple .


“I knew Bonnie would show up. She always comes back, all thirteen times. And I knew, with the right motivation, she’d be able to access her magic. Although, I did get a little worried with all your bickering that Damon’s life wouldn’t be enough motivation. But turns out it was. I guess that’s just how you two show your love.”

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How is Matt Bellesi(I probs spelled that wrong) an asshole?

You must be new or have selective memory, so let me tell you about Matt Bellassi and why he’s an asshole. He shaded Liam for being on the cover of Attitude but not showing skin, and he was praised by many larries for it because they were jealous it was Liam who got to be in Attitude - and then the article was a piece of shit but many took it to represent Liam (despite the blatant hypocrisy of that). Matt also had no issue with a hella racist article about Zayn. Is that clear now?

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For every @ I get, I have to tag someone I love/look up to!


Honest to god one of the best and glorious role player’s I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. I met Tala on her old blog Gravidsium or whatever. I probs spelled that wrong I am sorry. But like Tala’s writing is hands down the best mixture of all out or one liner’s i have ever seen. The fact Tala has like god know’s over 100 muses is like. WTF I can’t even keep two. Definatly would follow Tala. Plus I mean super sweet, I have never seen Tala super salty or mad before, I pray I don’t have to, but like. Just I have looked up to Tala forever. 


Gideon. Gideon is someone I just sorta followed like a yolo thing and I figured why not ya know. Well turn’s out Gideon was the real MVP and was super great and honestly spicy memes about cover’s it. PLUS YOUR SMILE COULD CURE WORLD HUNGER OKAY. Also super dork 10 outa 10 approve. 


Okay but like. Super bae <3 Her OC’s are my life and almost always create some cute shit together. Plus works so hard like. What even, you need to take some time and relax, like take a vacation plz. 



Alright buckle up ppl. You want a super great mun, super sweet, 10 outa 10 will ruin your life with DIno. Plz follow. Honestly every time I get to talk to you you make my day. Who knew a fucking ask would change my life and Katia’s because WHOOOOOOAAAAA boi. Did it ever. You are great and honest to god, I could spend all day talking to you because you are so sweet. <33333 

Allegiant Trailer

So, what are you thoughts?! What’d you think?

They are definitely changing everything. I don’t see it as a bad thing either. It looks great. However, I thought they were splitting the book. It doesn’t appear that way. It seems like the Allegiant movie will cover the Allegiant book. SO WHAT IS ASCENDANT GOING TO BE ABOUT?!

First thought/theory that came to mind: they will kill off Tris at the end of this movie. Half of the last movie will be without her, but she will suddenly appear. Something like that. I don’t know. 

They’re trying to put as much action as possible in Allegiant movie since Allegiant book lacked a lot of it.