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Dear anons, it's hella creepy to ask a known minor why they don't draw nsfw. If they wanted to, i guess they would already? Holy shit.

Yeah my thoughts exactly, since there is plenty of nsfw pharmercy artist out there, hell one nsfw pharmercy art blog is being advertised on my own blog! (And it won’t go away Acacsvs)


“The F*** you starin’ at, PUNK?!

Yuta was hit, Doyoung was pushed and Mark looked like he was seconds away from a panic attack. You are not a fan if you think causing any kind of harm to your idols is ok. NCT give us so much and this is how they’re treated? Just because they’re famous doesn’t mean they’re not entitled to basic human rights.

because of that one vine
What musical should I do animatics of?
So I'm pretty much done with making Heathers animatics (rip in pieces) and I wanna do more musicals! Which one do you wanna see me do first?

Here’s a short survey I encourage you all to take, especially if you watch my youtube, or just want to see more animatics from me! Any contribution is greatly appreciated!


some quick doodles of a bungou stray dogs & boku no hero academia crossover <3

Voltron as things I have seen

Keith: Jumped on top of a mechanical bull and immediately slid off other side

Pidge: Ate an entire bag of Halloween candy in 24hrs like it was nothing

Lance: Poured a liter of gasoline into a fire pit, resulting in fried eyebrows

Hunk: Stepped on a dead frog and started crying

Shiro: Attempted to use a tennis racket to get a wasp nest out of a grill