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Voltron as things I have seen

Keith: Jumped on top of a mechanical bull and immediately slid off other side

Pidge: Ate an entire bag of Halloween candy in 24hrs like it was nothing

Lance: Poured a liter of gasoline into a fire pit, resulting in fried eyebrows

Hunk: Stepped on a dead frog and started crying

Shiro: Attempted to use a tennis racket to get a wasp nest out of a grill

because of that one vine

You’ll fall for her. I’m warning you now. I can tell you this because everyone she’s ever kept in her life has thought at one point or another she might end up being the one. You won’t know for a while, thinking it’s just a usual friendship. But then you’ll realize you’ve never been this close to someone before. You’ve never been willing to be there for someone whether it be 3pm or 3am. You overthink everything and exaggerate every situation. So you’ll distance yourself, especially after she tells you that she thinks about you more than anyone else. But the thing is, you weren’t afraid that she might be falling for you, you were afraid you might be feeling the same exact way.
—  (j.e)