Aaron Gordon Shows Off HANDLES & PASSING Ability at SF Pro Am! Orland Magic Got A NICE One!!!


ILHC 2013 - Pro Am - Kevin St Laurent & Idalia Ramos

Ugh, I adore this woman so much. What an awesome idea for a routine.


Gawd I hate Cali kids!

Top mount has been installed. Immediately the car breathes more and faster. So stoked. 413whp/373tq at 25psi. 20g feels like a gt2871r now but more top end and grunt. #koruworks #s13 ready for some #teamrowdy shenanigans this weekend. #streetlegal #proam and still with an #sr20 (at Koru)

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Collaborative, Creative Placemaking: Good Public Art Depends on Good Public Spaces

“More than ever before, public artworks are stimulating and inviting active dialogue rather than just passive observation, thereby fostering social interaction that can even lead to a sense of social cohesion among the viewers themselves. Maybe this is happening because some planners, artists, and architects are no longer afraid to see themselves as resources, facilitators, and collaborators, rather than as experts. In such cases, the design of art in public spaces moves away from reverence for textbook ideals and toward flexibility, changeability, evolution, and an appreciation for humanity.” - Cynthia Nikitin

Note: bolds are mine.