STOP The Lies And Attacks Against Planned Parenthood! 

Abortion on Demand and Without Apology!

Six Reasons Stop Patriarchy is Going to Mississippi for Abortion Rights

by Sunsara Taylor

Anti-Abortion As far as the eye can see.

Today in the City of Melbourne Australia, thousands marched against laws which make it legal to kill unborn and born children. To End abortion, To End abortion at birth, To end murder.

Victoria Police stood on the side of the Pro-Life protestors and prevented a recurrence of the anti-life assaults, terrorism against the elderly, children and others that occurred last year.

Stand for life. Stand for whats right. End abortion.

"Pro choice, not Pro abortion!"

Idk man, I’d say I’m pretty proabortion. I would rather a woman never have to make that choice, but If she has to, I think a lot of time it’s the better one of the 3 choices.

When people say “prochoice, not proabortion,” I feel like they’re saying, “I don’t think it’s the best choice, but I’ll allow it.”
And I don’t like that.
It feels judge-y.
It feels like they’re saying it’s an option for the weak or those with extreme circumstances.

And I think Abortion is a great choice for anyone that wants it. It’s most certainly just as valid as parenting or adoption.
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Mississippi, which has only one abortion clinic left, is a concentration of the whole vicious war on women.

Women travel to this clinic from hundreds of miles in every direction. Without this clinic, women face being forced to have a child against their will. Or these women would risk their lives and prison for self-inducing their own abortions.  

Stop Patriarchy recognizes that not only is it immoral to abandon these women, but it is delusional to think that what happens in Mississippi won’t affect women everywhere if we do not turn the tide. Already this year, more than 330 anti-abortion laws have been introduced across this country. In Indiana, a woman is serving 20 years in prison for allegedly inducing her own abortion. Everywhere, women are harassed, demeaned, and shamed for getting abortions.

This must stop!


For 10 days, Stop Patriarchy is bringing activists from around the country to Mississippi to Take Patriarchy By Storm. We will bring a spirit of defiance and shine a national spotlight on Mississippi. We will reach deep into the community to change people’s thinking and bring forward new fighters. We will disrupt business as usual and wake people up to the emergency.  We will nationally livestream a People’s Hearing with testimony of women who got abortions before it was legal, of what women are forced to go through in Mississippi today, and of the courageous clinic staff and escorts who battle every day to keep this option open to women. All this will culminate in a rally at the Jackson Women’s Health Organization on Saturday, August 8th – together with coordinated actions across the country for: Abortion On Demand and Without Apology!

Forcing women to have children against their will is a form of enslavement. This is why we will be on the ground in Mississippi – right on the front lines! And through it all, we will be taking on all forms of degradation and enslavement of women – popping up to protest at sites of women’s oppression throughout Jackson and projecting this nationwide.


$20,000 will help make possible for young activists and others from around the country to be in Jackson for 10 days.  Most of this amount is for airfare as well as lodging, living expenses, and car rental.  Also, thousands of flyers, palm-cards, stickers and more.  In particular funds are needed to produce a beautiful full-color brochure to be broadly distributed in Jackson which will provide a clear, accessible explanation on the fact that fetuses are not babies, women are not incubators and abortion is not murder.  This will also fund the livestream of the People’s Hearing on the abortion emergency.


  • If you can, give money. Give as much as you can, whether that be $2,500 or $25 or $5. It really matters.
  • Come to Jackson, for all or part of July 31-August 9 and join in with Stop Patriarchy on the ground.
  • Tune in on August 7, for the live webcast of the People’s Hearing. Spread the word about this and bring friends together to watch, thereby building communities of resistance.
  • Send in testimony for the People’s Hearing with your own pre-Roe abortion story or statement or story from today about what women are being forced to go through. Email text or video to be posted on to StopPatriarchy(at)
  • On August 8, as people are rallying at the Jackson Women’s Health Organization, take to the streets wherever you are in your own action for Abortion on Demand & Without Apology!
  • Send in a letter or message of support.

Occasionally I see pro-choicers who say that they aren’t pro-abortion, and I find it to be a bit contradictory. If you’re pro-choice, you need to also be pro-abortion.

Just because you’re pro-abortion doesn’t necessarily mean you’d have an abortion. It just means you support abortion as an option. 

So, “anti-abortion” pro-choicers, stop saying you aren’t pro-abortion. If you’re truly pro-choice, you’re pro-all of the options.

Abortion, where are you?

Pro-life- Believes abortion is murder and should be illegal. They not only think women shouldn’t have access but they typically condem those who do. Insisting that it’s murder and they should “take responsibility for thier actions”  whether that be adoption or raising the child.

“Personally pro-life” pro choice- Believes abortion is wrong and immoral but doesn’t believe that society shouldn’t be held to their personal standard. They support keeping abortion legal. “I personally think it’s wrong and would NEVER have one, but your body your choice.”

Pro-choice- Believes abortion is unfortuante but nessisarly and because of that, should be available to anyone who wants one. People who are pro choice often stress the idea of leaving the decision entirly up to the pregnant person, that you shouldn’t stress one option over the other.

Pro-abortion- Believe abortion should be legal and the negative stigma removed. Believes abortion isn’t “bad” at all but rather empowering. They stress abortion to ANY unwanted pregnancy or pregnancy with birth defects. People who “hate children and think they should all be aborted.” are under this catigory but don’t account for everyone.


TODAY at UT Austin, 5 Abortion Rights Freedom Riders, including intiator of Stop Patriarchy, Sunsara Taylor, were singled out and arrested when they joined with dozens of others in protesting the impending closure of abortion clinics in Texas, on the first official day of classes outside of UT Austin. 

Thousands of students gathered as the freedom riders blocked traffic for over half an hour. About a dozen people joined in the action on the spot, incredibly inspired by what was happening. Hundreds took videos and photos, and watched on in awe. 

There were many different reactions, both positive and negative. A few cars nearly hit some of the protesters, frustrated by not being able to get to lunch, or to work on time, etc. Yes, some people were inconvenienced today, but this is so much bigger than the day to day grind.

As we await the result of HB2 in Texas, it is still the case that most people do not even know that this law is scheduled to shut down all but 6 abortion clinics in the state. It is still the case that people think this is just a question of opinion, meanwhile this right is being stripped away, and affecting real women every single day. 

It is long past time that students, not only understand what’s going on nationally with this abortion rights emergency, but actually understand the implications of this, to half of humanity, and fight back. It is long past time that this complacency be challenged, that these lowered sights be raised, and that students throw in on this fight. 

Today, students were confronted with the reality of what it means when abortion is illegal or inaccessible. The question that poses itself in a moment like this: What will your life be about? What will your college career be about? Throughout history, students have always played a major role in movements against injustice. That needs to be the case today, in this abortion rights emergency.

Every single student, who does not want to see women forced to bear children against their will, who does not want to see women dying from self-inducing abortions due to inaccessibility, who does not want to see women’s rights be slammed back, and this backwards view of women be codified into law, needs to act NOW. It is not too late, we have not lost this battle. This is one of those moments in history where what we do really matters, and could have society wide impact. 

Utah Requires 72 Hour Waiting Period Before Abortion

On Tuesday, Utah Governor Gary Herbert ® signed a bill requiring that women undergo a 72 hour waiting period before having an abortion. Once the law goes into effect on May 7, Utah will have the longest waiting period in the country. Currently, Utah law requires a 24 hour waiting period.

Marina Lowe, an attorney for the American Civil Liberties Union of Utah, noted that the law does not make an exception in instances where the pregnancy is nonviable. She stated, “It’s just sort of cruel to tell a woman that” she must carry a nonviable fetus for 72 hours. “It also raises the question of: What is the state’s interest in requiring a woman to wait 72 hours if there’s no chance of the pregnancy resulting in a baby?”

In South Dakota, a similar law was signed in 2011 requiring a 72 hour waiting period; however, Chief Judge Karen Schreier of the U.S. District Court for South Dakota issued a preliminary block because she believes that it poses an “undue burden on women.” She stated that low-income women seeking abortions might not be able to go home and return 72 hours later to obtain an abortion.

anonymous asked:

What's one thing you'd like to see change within the pro-choice movement?

The notion that pro-abortion is synonymous with supporting forced abortions or antinatalism. It’s not. It means you support abortion rights. Part of being pro-choice is being pro-abortion. I consider myself primarily pro-abortion, because I focus on abortion rights more than anything when it comes to reproductive rights. 

It makes us seem like we think abortion is a dirty word or a bad thing when we get offended about being called pro-abortion or deny that part of being pro-choice is being pro-abortion. Like we have to skirt around it to make it seem acceptable. It weakens us.

If there is really nothing wrong with abortion, there should not be anything wrong with being pro-abortion.  

Feel free to disagree, these are just my thoughts.