Can everyone just understand this already?

hashbrownno-filter  asked:

Nope you still have no right whatsoever to ever discuss abortion because it will never impact you. No one will ever try to take away your right to your body or give a non-sentient fetus more value than you. Being inside a uterus doesn't mean shit, we've all been there. The opinions that matter are the ones who really know what the actual impact of an unplanned pregnancy is. The people who will actually go through it. You and your mom are disgusting.

Try again. Abortion has impacted me because I have been dealing with women and abortion and the healing ministry since before you were born. In fact, you could have been aborted if your mother just woke up one day and decided you didn’t need to exist.

As for the comment of my mother, please keep your trash manners out of my inbox.

Attacking a woman you do not know…my mom….

just shows how much you really honor the dignity of women.