Stop Patriarchy mobilized forces to come out and STAND UP against the so called ‘March for Life’ yesterday in DC, and demonstrated what righteous resistance against those who want to bring women back to the dark ages should look like! Their march was brought to a halt, for nearly 40 minutes, with 8 people arrested. Bold, inspiring, courageous, and necessary, Thursday’s action need to be part of bringing forward a whole new wave of resistance to the attacks on women! Abortion on Demand and Without Apology!

In some states, this precious girl could have still been aborted without a second thought. Born at 35 weeks, she was just a “clump of cells” according to Planned Parenthood. But years later, this former “clump of cells” loves her older sister, the family bulldog, and napping in any and all places. What would have been a few hundred dollars to Planned Parenthood’s bank account is a vibrant, young spirit who continues to bring her family joy every day. This is why we fight to end abortion. All lives matter.


Yesterday, in the Bay Area, long time Revolutionary Carl Dix, a front line fighter against Mass Incarceration, Police Terror and Murder, and the Criminalization of a Generation, joined up with members of Stop Patriarchy and others to confront the racist woman-haters of who spread the LIE that abortion is the equivalent of a black genocide. 
Check out this video of Carl, debunking this vicious lie, and speaking to the REAL slow genocide going on in this country, of Black and Brown people.

PROTEST THE POPE!  Thurs NYC 11a.m. - Join the Procession of Unrepentant Women!

On Thursday, right before Pope Francis is scheduled to speak at St. Patrick’s Cathedral, join us for a powerful protest procession against the shaming, blaming, and vicious violence against women carried out by the Catholic Church.

11 am, Thursday, Sept 24
Herald Square (Broadway and 34th Street)

Procession of Unrepentant Women to St. Patrick’s Church to deliver a People’s Indictment
(men welcome)

Some people are celebrating Pope Francis’ “gracious” gesture of allowing women who have had abortions one year to repent.

This is total bullshit!  Women who get abortions have NOTHING to repent about.  Fetuses are NOT babies.  Abortion is NOT murder.  Women are NOT incubators.

In reality, it is the Pope and the Catholic Church who have committed great crimes. 47,000 women die each year for lack of access to safe, legal abortions.  8 million women are injured.  Their blood is on the hands of the Pope and the Catholic Church.

What about the 9-yr-old who was raped by her stepfather in Brazil.  Those who helped her get an abortion were excommunicated by the Catholic Church, but the rapist was not.  Now, this young girl is supposed to “repent”!?

Hell no!

We will deliver a People’s Indictment for the Pope and the Catholic Cathedral – calling out :

  • The Church’s condemnation of birth control, abortion, and divorce which has trapped millions of women for centuries in abuse, forced motherhood, degradation and humiliation
  • Condemning use of condoms with genocidal implications in AIDS-ravaged Africa
  • Condemning the right of gay people to marry
  • Pope Francis’ decision to canonize Junipero Serra, the enslaver of indigenous people in California
       and more…

Join us in taking a stand for women and oppressed people worldwide.  We will have bloody pants, bloody coat-hangers, and chains to wear – representing the Church’s enslavement of women.  We will have the faces of women who have died from illegal abortions.  We will have an indictment of the Pope to pass out.  

Join us.



Can everyone just understand this already?